"Trouble in Paradise"
Part 1
By: KJ Holland

The girl ran back into her house realizing she had forgotten her wallet and that she wasn't going to get anywhere without it. She was quickly followed by her friend, whom she was heading out with.

"Come on, we're going to be late!", exclaimed Jason Lee Scott

"I'm sorry! But you know me.", Carri Hillard apologized as she went to get some money

Jason sighed. "Women.", he joked

Carri and Jason were getting ready to leave when the phone rang, and by habit Carri answered it.

"Carri!", Jason exclaimed

"Hello?", she asked

"Hello.", the voice on the other end replied. "Carri?"

"That would be me.", Carri told the voice

"It's Kim.", the person told her

"Hey! Haven't talked to you in a while. How are you!", Carri exclaimed

"Doing good. Been busy getting ready for the games.", Kimberly Heart told her, "And speaking of the games, have you gotten your mail yet?"

"No.", Carri told her

"Go get it.", Kim requested

Carri put the phone down and went to get the mail. She came back with a letter in her left hand and the rest of the mail in her right. She threw down the mail, opened the letter and then picked back up the phone.

"Seven plane tickets to Florida.", Carri said

"Yup. All five rangers, Jason and Emily are invited to see me compete in the Pan Global Games at the beginning of next week.", Kim told her

"Thanks for the notice. It's Friday and we leave Monday.", Carri said

"No problem."

Carri held the phone away from her ear to talk to Jason.

"What are you doing next week?", she asked

"Nothing. Why?", asked Jason

"Wanna go to Florida to see Kim?"

"Kim's on the phone! Let me say hello.", Jason said

"Did you hear Jason?", asked Carri

"Yes I did. I'll talk to him.", Kim said

"Alright.", said Carri

"Bye.", Kim said

"Talk to you later.", said Carri before she handed the phone over to Jason

"Hey Jason.", greeted Kim

"Hey! How's Florida?", asked Jason

"Hot.", Kim replied

"Just hot? What about the games?", asked Jason

"Number one qualifier.", Kim informed him

"Kim, that's great!", exclaimed Jason

"I'm hoping all of you, including Emily can come catch the games.", Kim said

"Count me in.", Jason said. Then Jason looked at his watch. "I hate to cut this short, but Carri and I are going to be late as it is."

"Oh? Where are you going?", asked Kim

"We're meeting the others at the fair.", Jason told her

"Ok. I'll see you Monday.", Kim said

"Monday it is.", said Jason as they hung up the phone

"Are we ready?", asked Carri

"Let's hit it.", Jason said as the two left the house


Jason, Carri, and Adam all ran late and they were greeted by Tommy, Kat, Rocky and Emily.

"And we thought we were going to be late once our classes ran over.", Rocky DeSantos said motioning to him and Tommy

"Guess who I talked to.", both Carri and Adam Park said at the same time

"You go first.", they said to each other

"Slow down.", ordered Tommy Oliver

"Ok. Ladies first.", said Adam

"How kind.", replied Carri. "I just got off the phone with Kim. She wants all of us to go to Florida to see her compete."

"That's great!", Tommy exclaimed

"Are we all going?", asked Jason

"Count me in.", Rocky told them

"Me too. This will be great.", Tommy told everyone

"I'll be there.", Katherine Hillard agreed

"Wouldn't miss it for the world.", Adam said

Emily was the last to reply. "I can't go with you. I have to work all next week."

"Florida won't be the same without you.", Jason told her

"I think I know somebody who I'm sure Kim would love to meet that can come with us since Emily can't.", Adam said

"Who?", asked Kat

"Tanya.", Adam replied

"But isn't she in New York?", asked Tommy

"She'll be in town for almost two weeks starting tomorrow.", Adam told him

"That's great!", Kat exclaimed

"Oh, she wanted to me to check with you and make sure that her room's still available.", Adam said to Kat

"Of course it is! Why wouldn't we let her stay with us while she's in town.", Kat said

"What a week. Tanya's coming down and we all get to go visit Kim.", Rocky said

"I finally get to meet Tanya. I've heard so much from Adam.", said Jason

"Yeah, me too.", agreed Emily

"Well now that all the excitement's over with, let's head over and start playing games.", suggested Carri

"Come on then.", said Rocky as he and Tommy led the way


The teens spent all Friday night at the fair. Then they all got up Saturday morning to meet Tanya's plane.

"Which gate is it?", asked Kat

"5 A. This one right over... here.", Adam told her as he pointed to a gate and they walked over to it

"I can't wait to see Tanya again.", Tommy said

"Me neither.", Adam agreed

"Flight 106 from New York now arriving.", announced one of the air line employees

"That's hers.", Rocky said

They all stood their anxiously awaiting for the passengers to get off the plane.

"Do you guys see her?", asked Kat

"Nope. Half of New York must've come to Angel Grove today because I couldn't pick out one person if my life depended on it.", Carri said

"There she is!", Adam exclaimed

"Maybe you just weren't looking hard enough.", Rocky said teasing Carri

Tanya ran to meet her friends and the first thing she did was go to Adam and give him the hug she had been wanting to give him for a while now.

"It's so good to see you again.", Tanya Sloan told her boyfriend

Adam gave her a kiss. "It's good to see you too."

Tanya then broke away from Adam to greet everyone else.

"Kat!", exclaimed Tanya

"Tanya!", exclaimed Kat before the two hugged

"How have things been?", asked Tanya

"Fine. A little more hectic the last two weeks now that it's summer time. You know how that is.", Kat told her

Tanya smiled as she remembered rangering. "I know how that goes."

"What about you? How's the record deal going?", asked Kat

"Well, I've almost finished working on my album. I have two more songs I have to record. It will be out by Christmas.", Tanya told her

"That's great!", Kat exclaimed, "I know you'll be number one the minute it comes out."

"Thanks.", Tanya said as she walked over to Tommy

"Well look who's back.", Tommy said as he gave her a hug

"I know you missed me.", said Tanya

"Things were much more normal with you here.", Tommy told her

"As opposed to what?", asked Carri

Tommy smiled in her direction to let her know he was teasing her then he turned back to Tanya. "Anyway, we do miss you. Not having you around sure took some getting used to."

"I'll bet Rocky got used to the change really fast.", Tanya said walking over to him

"I saw nothing wrong with change.", said Rocky as he gave Tanya a hug, "But don't get me wrong, I missed having you around."

"Well I missed all of you.", Tanya told them

Tanya turned to talk to Carri. "How's it going?"

"Pretty good.", Carri told her

"Did you enjoy Angel Grove High?", asked Tanya

"So much more than I would've Westside County.", Carri replied

"Speaking of Westside, I met several of your friends, or should I say people who know you, in New York.", Tanya told her

"Sheesh. I think I knew everybody at school. So that doesn't really narrow it down.", said Carri

"Well we'll have to talk sometime.", Tanya said

"Sure thing.", Carri told her

Tanya looked over at the last remaining teens.

"Hello.", she said to them

"Tanya, I'd like you to meet our friends Jason and Emily.", Adam said

"Nice to meet you, considering I've heard so much about you.", Jason told her

"All good I hope.", Tanya said

"Well it came from Adam.", said Jason

Tanya smiled. "Well in that case."

"So you're Tanya.", Emily said

"That would be me.", Tanya told her

"You're no immortal goddess or anything are you?", asked Emily

Tanya looked confused. "Not last time I checked."

"Just making sure. Because the way Adam talks you are.", Emily told her

Adam blushed.

"Aw look, you're making him blush.", said Tommy

"Shut up man.", Adam requested

"Looks like love to me.", Kat said

Tanya went over and put an arm around Adam. "So what do you have planned?", she asked him as they started to walk away

"Let's see. Today we'll go around as a group, tomorrow is our day and on Monday we leave for Florida for a week.", Adam told her

"Florida?", questioned Tanya

"Courtesy of Kimberly Heart and the rest of the gymnastics team.", Adam said

"That's right the Pan Global games are this week!", exclaimed Tanya. "Sounds like fun."

"Are we all ready to go skating?", asked Tommy

"Skating? Kat can't go.", Tanya said

"Why?", asked Kat

"Because.", said Tanya, "You're a dancer. You'd make us normal uncoordinated people look bad."

"But she'll be the odd ball. Because the rest of us will be uncoordinated and she'll be perfect so she won't fit in.", Tommy said

"Tommy!", Kat exclaimed. "I don't know whether to kiss you for the compliment or hit you for the odd ball comment."

"I'd prefer the kiss.", Tommy told her

Kat then leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

Jason turned to look behind him for Emily. Only she was nowhere to be seen. Neither was Carri.

"Hang on here a sec guys, we're missing two.", Jason said

The group turned around and saw them all the way down at the spot where they had originally met Tanya.

"Hey! We're over here!", Rocky yelled

"You're just now noticing we're missing!", Emily yelled. "We'll catch up."

Then the group turned and continued walking.

"I knew it was too quiet around here.", Jason said

"So tell me, what interesting stuff did I miss while I was gone?", asked Tanya

"These two hooked up.", Rocky said pointing to Tommy and Kat. "Man, you should've seen him trying to ask her out."

"I wasn't that bad!", Tommy exclaimed

"Oh really? If you didn't hurry up and ask her to the Hawaiian party I was going to do it for you.", Rocky told him

"Come on Rocky, don't pick on Tommy like that.", Tanya said

Rocky threw his hands up in the air. "I'm not picking on him."

"But you are right.", Jason said

As they approached the top of the escalator they turned around and saw the two girls slowly making their way in that direction.

"You guys go ahead. I'll wait for them.", Jason said

"Are you sure?", asked Tommy

"Go before I push you down the stairs.", Jason said

"Look at that. Jason's trying to act all tough.", Adam said before he made sure he was the first one on the escalator, followed by Tanya at his side

"I see how it is. Make fun of me and run. But you can't hide. I know where you live.", joked Jason

"Jason.... aw never mind.", Rocky said as he stepped onto the escalator

"That's right Rocky. Don't say anything. Be afraid. Be very afraid.", Jason told him

"Give it up bro.", Tommy said as he and Kat stepped arm in arm onto the escalator

Jason looked satisfied. "Now that I've scared all of you away.", he said crossing his arms

"We'll pretend we didn't hear that.", Rocky called up

Jason just smiled as he turned his attention to his girlfriend and his friend, who were both still making there way over.

"Hurry up!", yelled Jason

Neither one of them acknowledged his request.

"Don't you guys know that when I say hurry up you run?", asked Jason

"Is Jason talking?", Emily asked

Carri shook her head no.

"Ok. I didn't think so.", Emily said

A few minutes later they arrived at the escalator and stepped onto it walking right past Jason.

"Hey wait a sec here.", Jason said hopping on the escalator right behind him

"I think there's someone behind us who want's to talk to you.", Carri told her friend

"Talk to me? I've never seen him before in my life.", Emily joked

"Aw come on.", Jason said as he wrapped his arms around Emily's waist and leaned his head on her shoulder

"You two look might cozy for people who don't know each other.", Carri pointed out

"Well you know me. Jumping from one loser to the next never really knowing any of them.", Emily joked

"So that would make me the loser of the day?", asked Jason

"Actually the minute. And since your minute's up I'll see you later.", Emily said

"I'm glad you love me so much.", Jason told her

"I know I love you.", Emily said as she turned around and kissed him

Carri hopped of the escalator. "Come on guys the others are over there."

The threesome walked to the baggage claim, with Emily and Jason hand in hand, where Tanya was getting the last of her things.

"It's nice of you to join us.", Rocky said

"We had very important issues to discuss.", Emily told him

"Actually we just didn't want to be seen in public with you guys.", Carri said

"You not want to be seen with us? Well what do you know I always thought it was the other way around.", Tommy said

"Come on guys, let's get going.", Adam said as he carried both of Tanya's big suitcases, and Tanya was beside him carrying her smaller one

"Are we going straight to the skating rink?", asked Tommy

"Yes. Unless of course you need to go home first.", Adam said to Tanya

"No, skating's fine.", Tanya told him

"Ok so how about Carri, Jason and Emily go with me and Tommy and Kat can go with Adam and Tanya.", suggested Rocky

"Sounds good to me.", Kat said

"All right then. Let's go.", said Adam


After they went skating the group ventured over to the Youth Center.

"Well guys that was fun.", Tanya said

"Kat made me look bad.', Carri complained

"Kat made everybody look bad.", Jason said

"What? Is it because I'm talented and your not?", questioned Kat

"Yup. That would just about cover it.", Carri said

Kat smiled as they sat down at a table.

"Tanya! You're back!", exclaimed the owner of the Youth Center, Ernie

"Just for a while.", Tanya said

"How are things in New York?", Ernie asked

"It's going good. In fact it's going better than I expected. The only thing is I miss Angel Grove. And your burgers.", Tanya said

"That's right. Because my burgers are sold here and nowhere else. How about one on the house for you.", Ernie offered

"Thanks.", said Tanya

"I want one too.", Rocky said

"Not free.", Ernie reminded him

"Ya know I have bought so much food here that I should have a special discount. Or get some free food. Or something.", Rocky said

"Stop complaining.", Carri ordered, "And I'd like one too."

"Me too.", Adam said

"Does everybody want one?", asked Ernie

Ernie heard a chorus of yes's.

"I'll be right back out with your food then."

Ernie left and the teens started chatting.

"I can't wait to go to Florida and see Kim.", Carri said

"Me neither.", agreed Tommy

"You've only talked to Kim once.", Kat pointed out

"Not true. We've talked on the phone and we've been writing.", corrected Carri

"Oh.", Kat said, "I didn't know that."

"It's too bad I won't be able to meet Kim, again. I worked while she was here and I'll be working while you go see her.", Emily complained

Jason put an arm around her. "Don't worry about it. We'll drag Kim up here one of these days so you can meet her."

"Well I'm excited. This will be fun. I've never been to Florida before. And I've heard so much about Kim.", Tanya told them

"I'm just glad you could come with us.", Adam said

"I'm glad I could too.", agreed Tanya

Ernie then came over and sat their burgers down in front of them.

"Enjoy.", Ernie said as he walked off

It was silent for a few minutes as everyone started eating.

Tommy finished swallowing. "I've finally figured out how to get peace and quiet around here. Shove food down everyone's throat."

Carri took a sip of her soda. "Rocky always eats. Therefore Rocky is always quiet."

"I don't always eat. I do other things.", Rocky said in his own defense

"Sorry. I left out sleep.", joked Carri

Rocky got this goofy grin on his face right before he hopped out of his seat and pounced on her back, wrapping his arms around her tightly and leaning in over her close to her face.

"Now what were you saying?", he asked

"I was saying all you do is eat and sleep.", she told him

He leaned in a little closer and started tickling her.

"Come on Rocky!", she exclaimed

"Let me try this again. What were you saying?", he asked

Rocky stopped tickling her so she could regain composure and answer him.

"You are the coolest person I know. And you have a life which doesn't revolve around eating and sleeping.", she told him

"That's all I wanted to hear.", Rocky said as he sat down

Carri smiled. "I had my fingers crossed."

Rocky jumped up like he was getting ready to start tickling her again.

"Just kidding!", she exclaimed

Everyone slowly got up but Jason.

"Where are you guys going?", asked Carri

"While you two lovebirds were fooling around we ate.", Tanya told her

"So now you and Adam can go fool around.", Rocky said

Adam turned slightly red.

"Well we already had plans for tonight. We'll talk to you later.", Tommy said as he and Kat headed out

"I figured I'd take Tanya home. She's been on the go all day.", Adam said

Tanya shook her head in agreement. "I'm ready to lounge around for a little bit."

"Bye guys.", Rocky said as the others waved

"And my shift starts in ten minutes.", Emily said as she headed to the other side of the counter

"I'm just here to watch.", Jason said

"Jason! You loser.", teased Carri

Carri and Rocky sat there silently finishing their food while Jason watched Emily work. And when Rocky and Carri left Jason did too so he didn't look too terribly stupid sitting there alone doing nothing.


Adam arrived at the Hillard's house around lunch time the next day.

Ding dong!

"I'll get it!", exclaimed Carri as she walked to the door

"Hey.", greeted Adam

Carri turned around. "Tanya your man is here."

Then she headed up the stairs to here room so she could paint her nails. She was passed by Tanya who was on her way down to meet Adam.

"Hey Adam.", Tanya said as she walked down the stairs

Adam greeted her by putting his arm around her waist and leading her out the door.

"Come on, I have a lot planned.", Adam told her

"Starting with?", asked Tanya

"You'll see.", Adam said as they left

"Well they look mighty cozy.", Kat said to the person on the other line as she watched from the kitchen what was going on

"Who? Adam and Tanya?", Tommy asked

"Those would be the two I'm talking about.", Kat said with a smile

"Let's go out this afternoon.", suggested Tommy

"Out where?", asked Kat

"I don't know. I'll come over and we can go from there.", said Tommy

"Alright. Sounds good."

"See you in a few."


"Bye.", Tommy said as he hung up the phone

A short while later Tommy arrived and the two left giving the house a quiet appearance.


Right after the sun set on Angel Grove Adam led Tanya down the beach and to a table and two chairs which Ernie had kindly let him borrow. The table had two white candles on it and two places set. Beside the table was a picnic basket full of food. Adam pulled a chair back and let Tanya sit down. Then he got out the food and sat down himself.

"It's beautiful.", commented Tanya

"Just like the woman I'm with.", Adam said

They ate in silence for what seemed to them to be forever before Adam spoke again.

"Tanya, we haven't seen each other in almost a year yet we're hardly saying two words to each other."

"It's just... I've got a lot on my mind that's all.", Tanya told him

"About what?"

"About us."

"What about us? You sound depressed. You don't want to break up or anything do you?"

"No, nothing like that. Well maybe."


Tanya sighed. "You're right. We haven't seen each other in almost a year. Do you know how hard it is to keep a long distance relationship going."

"Of course I do.", Adam said

"Sometimes I just feel so bad I want to end it. I love you so much but it tears me apart to be so far a way and never get to see you and hardly get to talk to you."

"What is this getting at?", asked a now worried Adam

"I... well... as much as I don't want to say this I think we either need to find a way to be together or end it.

"End it!", exclaimed Adam. "But Tanya I love you! I can't end it."

"And I love you too. But I think it would be best to do so. Unless you come up with a better solution before I leave."

"If I only do one thing during the next two weeks it will be to figure out how to keep us together. Because I have never had a relationship that I cherished as much as this one and I refuse to lose it."

"But Adam I..."

Adam interrupted her. "No buts. Just give me time. I'll think of something."

Tanya smiled. "You always do."

The two continued their meal in silence for the most part, trying to figure out what the future held for them.


"Flight 307 to Florida now boarding.", boomed a voice over the intercom

"Would that be us?", asked Tommy

"I sure hope you're not asking me. Because numbers and words and even my own name don't quite have meaning yet.", Carri told him

"Yes that is our flight.", Jason said

"I can't believe it's not even five am yet.", Kat said

"But if we're gonna make it in time to get settled and get to the team competition we have to get there around two pm eastern time.", Jason pointed out

"I got it!", Carri exclaimed, "We call Rita and Zedd, ask her to attack Orlando around 1:15 then we just hang around for the games. That way I can go home and get to sleep."

"Ok. You can be the one to talk to Zedd. I'm sure he'd be more that willing to do something for you.", Rocky said sarcastically

"She'll be our sacrifice.", Tommy said

Everyone laughed. Except for Adam and Tanya. They had hardly said two words since their conversation last night.

"Tickets please.", said the lady at the counter

Carri pulled out the envelop which held 7 plane tickets. "Here you go."

A few minutes later they were on the plane. The plane was set up so that there was a row of two seats on one side and a row of three on the other. Jason climbed in and sat beside the window. Carri sat beside him then Rocky beside her. Tommy and Kat sat across from them and Adam and Tanya were behind Tommy.

"Welcome to flight 307.", said the flight attendant as she started to tell them the basics

But before she could ever finish her speech the passengers hand thrown their seats back and were sound asleep.