Trouble in Paradise
Part 2
By: KJ Holland

The teens arrived in Florida a little after two. They got off the plane and looked for Kim.

"Where is...", Tommy started scanning the crowd

"Kim!", yelled Carri as she waved

Kim saw them and waved back. Then she and the girl she was with ran to greet them. They came to an abrupt stop once they got within 2 feet of the group.

"Oh my gosh it's so good to see everyone!", exclaimed Kim

"It's good to see you too.", Tommy told her

Kim turned to Carri. "Did you bring the plastic?" Carri held up a credit card. "Good. Because we have got this killer mall I just have to take you to after the games this week."

"Mall? I'm there.", Carri said. Then she and Kim hugged. "Hey Kim."

"Hey.", she said. Then she moved over and hugged Rocky. "Rocky how's it going?"

"And hello to you too. It's going pretty good if I do say so myself.", Rocky told her

"That's good.", she said as she went and hugged Jason. "Hey Jase. Sorry Emily couldn't make it."

Jason sighed. "What bad luck. But she says to tell you hello."

"Well tell her hello back for me.", Kim said before hugging Kat. "Have you been keeping everybody in check for me?"

"I try my best. But I'm no miracle worker.", Kat joked

Kim then hugged Tommy. "It's really good to see you again."

"Yeah, you too.", Tommy said

They both stared at each other for a moment. Then Kim quickly went over and hugged Adam.

"Hey Kim.", greeted Adam

"Hey. So who's this?", she asked

"Kim I would like you to meet my girlfriend, Tanya Sloan. She flew in from New York this week. Tanya this is Kimberly Heart."

"Nice to meet you.", Kim said extending her hand

Tanya stuck her hand out. "Nice meeting you too."

"Ah-hem.", Tommy said looking at Kim's friend

Kim made a face at Tommy. "I was getting to that. You guys I would like you to meet Kelly Milosovichi, no relation to the Romanian gymnast but she is my roommate and an American gymnast. Kelly this is Carri Hillard, Rocky DeSantos, Jason Lee Scott, Katherine Hillard, Tommy Oliver, Adam Park and Tanya Sloan."

Kelly raised an eyebrow at the mention of Tommy's name. "Hello.", she said

She got a chorus of hello's in reply.

"Well why are we still here? Some of us have gymnastics practice.", Kim said grabbed Rocky and Jason's hands in an attempt to lead the group off

"Excuse me but who do you think you are grabbing my man's hand?", questioned Carri in a defensive tone

"Don't you remember I'm his woman on the side.", Kim told her

"Oh. Yeah. Sorry about that.", Carri said

"Wait a second here you're not gonna fight for me?", asked Rocky

"No. You're not worth it.", teased Carri

"I'll fight for you. Right here right now.", said Kim

"Hey you don't need Rocky. You've got me.", Jason pointed out

"That's right.", Kim said then she dropped Rocky's hand

Rocky then lifted up his other hand and put it around his girlfriend.

"So I've heard a lot about you all.", Kelly told them

"Coming from Kim? We had better watch out. Everything she told you was a lie. Promise.", Tommy was quick to say

"Listen here Oliver...", Kim started but she couldn't think of anything good to finish it with

"Hey. This is a no fighting zone. That means no fighting.", said Kelly

Kat smiled. "That's right. So you just stay over on that side of Kelly with Jason and we'll stay over here with the normal people."

"Hey!", exclaimed Rocky, Carri, Jason and Kim

"No offense of course.", Kat said smiling

Adam and Tanya had remained quiet throughout the walk through the airport. They were holding hands and looking straight forward both in deep thought.

"Hey Adam you look like you're going to a funeral. Lighten up.", Kim said

Adam was quickly jerked back into reality. "My mind's just on other things."

"Like what?", asked Rocky

"Nothing.", Adam replied

Rocky didn't want to push him to hard in front of all these people. But they were best friends so he knew he had to make him talk later.


"Come on guys let's head down the escalator and get out of here.", Tommy said

"Are we all accounted for this time?", asked Jason as he glared at Carri

"I hope that wasn't meant for me.", she said

Jason continued to glare just to get on her nerves. Then they approached the escalator.

"Alright. Everyone go down. Now. Because I said so.", Jason said

Nobody moved.

Jason frowned. "It worked last time."

The Angel Grove crew laughed as they got on the escalator.

"Give it up bro.", Tommy said as he got on

"Hey I know...", Jason started

"Yeah we know. You know where we live. Big deal.", Rocky finished for him as he got on

"No fair.", Jason said as he was the last to step on

Then the group headed downstairs and got their luggage and left to prepare for the first night's event.


"Ok here's the deal. With the games all the hotels were booked. So we split you guys up and put you in rooms with one or two of the gymnasts.", Kim said as they walked into the lobby of the building where the dorm rooms were

"No problem.", Tommy told her

"So Carri you're going to stay with me and Kelly. And Kat, you and Tanya will stay in room 520 which is right down the hall from us. Rocky and Adam, you guys are on the floor below us in room 436 and Tommy and Jason are right down the hall from you in room 445.", Kim said

"So where's the gym?", asked Kat

"Adjacent to this building. You take a left, go down the hall and through the door conveniently labeled gym. Then go down the stairs, through the door at the bottom and you're there.", Kelly told her. "It's coach's way of keeping us in check."

"Too close for comfort.", Carri said

"Trust me we know.", Kim assured here. "So we're going to get you guys settled in then we have to go to practice. So Kelly can take the girls up and I'll take the guys. Do you want to come with me Carri?"

"Sure. Why not.", she replied

"Well come on then. Let's go.", Rocky said

Kim led her group to the elevator. Once they had gotten in Kelly and her group headed for the next one.

"I'm surprised Kim didn't ask you to go with her. After all you've known her longer.", Tanya pointed out

Kat frowned. "Yeah I know. But I guess they had one of those instant friendship type things."

Tanya heard the sadness in the voice of her friend. "Sounds like I hit on something. You know you need to talk about this."

Kat quickly got defensive. "No, it's nothing. Don't worry about it."

Tanya just shrugged as they got on the elevator.


"So this is the team competition?", Tommy asked as they all sat down

"Welcome to the Pan Global Games. First up is the team competition.", said the announcer

Tommy made a face. "Never mind."

Kat smiled as she put an arm around her boyfriend.

"First we will have the Russians on beam, the Australians on floor, Germans on the bars and French on the vault.", the announcer said

"Fish girl!", exclaimed Carri pointing to Russian gymnast Svetlana Khorkina

"What?", asked a confused Rocky

"With all her makeup on she looks like one of those cartoon fish.", Carri explained. "I mean come on, look at her."

Rocky took one long look and then he started to laugh.

"What?", asked Adam

"Carri's cartoon fish theory.", Rocky told him

Adam looked confused. "Um... no comment."

"Lemme tell ya. That's my life for ya. No comment.", Carri said

"What are you talking about?", asked Jason

"I have no clue what-so-ever.", admitted Carri

The gang settled down watching and waiting for the Americans turn.

After almost four hours and viewing eight teams it was time for the Americans to have their go at it.

"Allow me to introduce to you your all American team, who will be starting the evening on the floor. First up, our team leader and the first qualifier, Kimberly Heart. She is followed by team members Jennie Thompson, Vanessa Atler, Kristen Maloney, Jamie Dantzscher, Dominique Moceanu, and finally Kelly Milosovichi. They will be joined by the Romanians on beam, the Chinese on the bars and the Ukrainians on vault."

The whole crowd erupted as the Americans walked out and onto the floor.

"Come on Kim!", Tommy cheered, then he whistled

Kim was first up on the floor. The crowd silenced so she could concentrate.

She spent 90 seconds doing a routine to some of the music from a song titled, "That's the Way I Like It". As soon as she threw her hands up in the air the crowd erupted. A few moments later her score was announced, a 9.85.

Kim's score was only the beginning of a strong run for the American team. When it was all said and done they came in first, blowing away second place Romania and third place Russia.

Kim's friends ran to greet her.

"That was great!", exclaimed Tommy

"I couldn't have done better myself.", said Carri

"Better? You would've done worse.", Jason told her

"Shh. I know that. And you know that. But it'll be our little secret.", she said. "But anyway Kim you killed them out there."

"Thanks guys. But you know we couldn't have won without everyone else.", Kim said

"Exactly. That's why on behalf of the Angel Grove crew I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the event and did their best scoring high enough for the United States of America to be able to outscore everyone else and bring home the gold medal.", Rocky said finishing his speech

"Are you done now?", asked Tanya

"Yes I am.", Rocky told her

"That's good. Because if you didn't shut up I would have shut you up.", teased Tanya

"Well Kim we're all proud of you. We couldn't have won without you.", Kat told her

"Come on, let's go celebrate.", Tommy said as he put his arm around her and led her out

"Not so fast. No celebrations just yet. We have practice from 8:00 until 3:00. And then you have to be back here by 5:00 for the individual event finals.", Kim's coach called from behind

Tommy frowned. "I guess I'll just settle for walking you to your room."

The group then went to the dorms to get some sleep before the next day's events.


Around one-thirty the next day Adam and Tanya came walking through the gym. They stopped in front of the mat where Kim was practicing.

"So, Adam, have you...", Tanya started

Knowing where the question was going Adam cut her off. "Not yet."

Tanya frowned. "Adam I know you said you could think of something but would it not be easier on both of us to just end it now instead of a last minute sloppy break up which would hurt us both?"

"I... I know you're right. But I strongly believe I can come up with the answer.", Adam told her

"But I want to be friends Adam. And I'm afraid that if we wait that won't happen. Can't you see the awkward silences between us now that never used to occur between us that are happening now. And it's because I'm too far away from you."

"I don't want friends. I want lovers. I want to be with you."

"We had this conversation the other night Adam. I want to be with you too. I want to be able to be close to you. I want you. It's just, well I'm not sure how much longer we'll last if it continues like this."

Adam was greatly upset by the situation at hand. "We have to make it last. I have to find a way to make it last. This just isn't fair."

"I know.", agreed Tanya, "Believe me I know."

A few minutes of standing in silence went by before Adam started to head out the door.

"Where are you going?", asked Tanya

"I need some fresh air.", Adam told her

Tanya leaned over and kissed him. "I'll be in my room if you want to talk."

A few minutes after Adam left Kim took a break. She went over to one of the benches and grabbed her water bottle and a towel.

"Hey beautiful.", someone called from behind

Kim turned around. "Tommy! Hey."

"How's practice going?", he asked

"Pretty good.", Kim told him

"That's good.", Tommy said. Then he started to sound nervous as he continued. "So, um, well, ok I'll just come out and ask you. Which one is he?"

"What are you talking about?", asked Kim

"The guy you dumped me for.", Tommy replied

Kim got embarrassed as she turned around.

"What's wrong?", Tommy asked as he walked over and put a hand on her shoulder

Kim turned back around and right into his arms. Then she sighed. "Tommy there was no other man."

"What? But in the letter you said...", Tommy started

"I just said that as an excuse to break up with you.", Kim said as she stepped away from Tommy

"But why? I thought we had a great relationship.", Tommy told her

"Because... well because after everything that happened with Kat while I was there I figured you two would be getting closer. And I didn't want to be in your way. Or to have you feel guilty for cheating on me. So I figured it was best if we broke up."

"I won't lie and say I never once thought about Kat, or about being with Kat while we were together, but Kim I love you and I would never have cheated on you. You are the one I think about growing old with. But that's all in the past now."

"You talk like it's the here and now, not the past."

Tommy turned to leave. "I shouldn't be here."

Kim grabbed his arm and turned him around. "Tommy don't go."

"Look at me. I'm telling you how I feel, interrupting your practice, and now I feel like an idiot because I just wasted your time by telling you how I feel."

"Tommy don't be so hard on yourself. I feel the same way. I hated myself forever after the letter. And I think I should get back to practice. Look at me, I'm agreeing with you and ruining your relationship all at the same time."

A tear started to run down Kim's face. Tommy wiped it away, then he leaned in and kissed her. Both of them were suddenly lost in each other. So lost that neither one of them noticed Kat walk in, cover her mouth in shock and run off again.

Tommy pulled back. "I shouldn't be doing this. I don't know what I'm doing."

"I really need to get back to practice.", Kim said as she rushed off

Then Tommy went to sit on the stairs as he watched Kim practice from the side, trying to get his thoughts in order.


Carri was walking down the hallway when she ran into Kat.

"Kat, hey, I was just going down to watch the end of practice then me and Kim were going to grab a bite to eat. Care to join us?", Carri asked

"What is this a pitty invitation? No, why would I come bust in on yours and Kim's fun. You guys wouldn't want to have anything to do with me anyway.", Kat said

"What are you talking about?", Carri asked as tears started to form in Kat's eyes and she ran off. "Kat wait!"

Carri's first impulse was to run after her but something told her to leave it be this time. It sounded to her that Kat really didn't want to have anything to do with her at that time anyway.

Continuing on down the elevator, through the halls and finally down the stairs she found herself almost tripping over Tommy. She took a seat beside him.

"So Tommy what's up? Any reason you're in here instead of out there?"

Tommy looked like he snapped out of a deep trance. "I kissed her.", he said flat out. "I told her I still loved her, she said she still loved me and we kissed."

"And that's what made Kat so upset.", stated Carri

Tommy got a horrified look on his face. "You mean she saw us?", asked Tommy

"Did you not see her?", asked Carri. "Look all I know is I saw her running through the hall in tears and at the mention of Kim's name she went off on me."

Tommy scrunched down low and put his head in his hands. "I screwed up. I screwed it all up."

Carri put an arm around him. "I know this all looks bad now. But Tommy you need time to think. Kim needs time to think. And so does Kat. And most importantly once Kat cools down you need time to talk to her."

"And I need to do it before we leave.", Tommy said groaning

"I believe this is one of those things that is going to take a while to figure out. You're going to need space and you're going to need time."

"I need to think. I'm going up to my room. I'll talk with you later.", Tommy said

"Bye.", said Carri as she walked over to the stands and sat down

Carri sat down and watched practice. She noticed that Kim was a little shaken. And she wasn't paying a lot of attention to what she was doing. Someone came and put an arm on Carri's shoulder and sat down beside her.

"Hey you.", greeted Rocky

"Hey.", she said as she slid her arm around him. Then she sighed.

"What?", he asked

Carri stayed silent for a moment before answering. "I have this belief that there is one person for everyone. And when you meet this person you know they're the one. And if you're separated from this person, and you think you have found someone else to love, you will one day run into your true love again and you'll still love them no matter what. Even if you don't think it can work out you'll love them."

"May I ask what brought that on?", Rocky asked

"You'll find out soon enough.", Carri said glancing over at Kim

Rocky followed her glance. "Wait a minute, Kim and Tommy... together?"

"Something like that."

"But what about Kat?"

"Tommy's got a lot of things he needs to work out before we can say anything about anybody."

They heard the coach call and end to practice.

"Well I'd hate to impose so I'll talk to you later.", Rocky said as the both stood up

"Later it is then."

Rocky and Carri kissed then Carri walked off the bleachers and waited for Kim to get out of the locker room.

"Are you ready to go?", Carri asked

"Yes.", Kim said before they walked out

"So what's bothering you?", asked Carri even though she knew the answer

"It's... well nothing really.", Kim lied

"Look Kim I know, I mean I saw Tommy on my way to the gym and we talked."

"So then I guess you do know. Well it's all, kind of complicated. I know you know a little of what happened before you came but, ok here's the story. So Kat moves to town and is put under a spell by Rita. And then she started to get close to Tommy. And that kind of made me jealous. And I started gymnastics, and Kat became good, I went to Florida, and Kat took my place. So I came to Florida and I realized that Kat and Tommy would probably try to hook up. So I figured it would be easier on everyone if I just broke up with Tommy, so I wrote him a letter telling him I had someone else even though I didn't and I broke up with him in the letter and today he confronted me about it and he said he still loved me and I said I still loved him and we still loved each other and we kissed, ohmygosh we kissed and we shouldn't..."

"Kim calm down!", exclaimed Carri. "Now let's talk about this rationally. So you and Tommy kissed. Why?"

"Because, well because we still love each other.", Kim told her. Then before Carri could say anything Kim started up again. "It's not fair. Not fair to me, or to Tommy, or especially not to Kat."

"So do you want to hook back up with Tommy?", asked Carri

"Yes I do. And I know he wants it. But then there's Kat."

"Kat's my cousin, and I want her to be happy, but I think you and Tommy were meant to be together."

"Oh I don't know what I'm going to do!", exclaimed Kim

"Well I trust that Tommy is coming up with a really good idea as we speak."

"This may sound selfish but I hope it puts me and him together."

"Well we all put our own needs first sometimes."

Kim smiled as she opened the door to Jersey Mikes, the local sub shop. "Hey I'm Americas best gymnast. My needs always come first."

Carri laughed at her friend as they both when in to get a quick bite to eat before the individual event finals later that night.


Jason, Carri and Rocky were the last three from the group to arrive at the event finals that night. They saw Adam and Tanya sitting there together. They looked like glass dolls, and if they moved at all they'd break. And neither one of them was talking. But still they were doing better than Tommy and Kat. Kat was sitting on the right of Tanya, and Adam was on the other side of her. Then there were three saved spaces before they saw Tommy, all the way at the other end of Kat.

"Hey bro how's it going?", asked Jason as he sat down beside Tommy

"I'm afraid it stopped.", Tommy told him

Carri sat down beside Jason and Rocky filled the last seat.

"Look we're just in time.", Rocky said as they began the evening with the floor

Unlike the day before, Kim's performances were not up to par. The floor exercise was just the beginning of a long night with a hard struggle to get any medals. She managed to get a silver medal on the beam. And she got bronzes on both the floor and the bars. However on the vault she didn't even medal at all.

After the last event Tommy flew up to his room to avoid confrontation with Kim and Kat. Kat stuck around until everyone went down to talk to Kim.

"It was bad enough I had to watch her.", Kat muttered

"What?", Tanya asked trying to get Kat to repeat herself

"Nothing.", Kat said before she went up to her room

Kim had a frown on her face.

"It's alright. Tomorrow is a new day. I know that you'll blow everyone else away and take the gold medal.", Jason told her

"Thanks Jase.", she said

"I really need to get some sleep. So tonight instead of hang around and talk I'd prefer that we'd go to our rooms if you don't mind.", Kim said

"Sure Kim no problem.", Rocky told her

"Thanks guys.", Kim said

Then Kim silently led the group to the dorms. For once hardly anyone said two words during the trip. Adam and Tanya were still torn up, Jason couldn't help but worry about Kim's sudden change of mind, and Rocky and Carri were wondering how it would all turn out.

When they went past the guys floor Kim whispered good-night. And while Tanya and Carri were wishing the guys good-night Kim silently slipped up to their floor where she slipped into the room and went to sleep.


At 11:30 the next day Tanya went to wake Kat up. She was worried, her friend and never slept in that late unless she was sick.

"Kat?", she asked as she shook her

Kat's eyes fluttered open and she looked up at her friend. "Leave me alone please.", requested Kat as she turned over onto her side

"What's wrong?", asked Tanya, "Are you sick?"

"I wish it was that simple.", said Kat as a tear slid down her cheek

"I've always thought of myself as one of your best friends, so I would hope that you can tell me what's going on."

Kat sat up in her bed and looked at Tanya. "It's so hard to talk about.", she said before she burst out in tears

Tanya put an arm around her friend. "You can talk to me. I'm here for you."

Kat continued to cry for a few minutes. Then once her cries turned into sniffles she was able to tell Tanya her story.

"Do you remember when I told you Kim came to Angel Grove?", asked Kat

"Vaguely.", Tanya said

"Well what I didn't tell you was that almost everything went wrong in those few days. I was captured by tengas and held captive by Rita and Zedd. The others lost their powers and they had to go on a quest. Since I wasn't there Kim took my place on the quest and she went to gather the pink power and she received the pink crystal necklace thing. The crystal necklace that would only glow for her. In fact because the stupid crystals would only glow for six people in the whole entire world Tommy gave Kim his piece, you do know what necklace I'm talking about she had it on a few times and Carri had hers on but it's blue and yellow, and it now seems like I'm the only one without one, but anyway so now she has the pink and red pieces which is like putting her and Tommy together which is like..."

"I hate to interrupt your tangent here but it sounds to me like you veered off topic there.", Tanya said

Kat took a deep breath before continuing. "So the temporary ranger team, which included Tommy and Kim together, went on this quest. And as a result Kim got to be the pink zeo ranger. And Tommy and Kim got to be together a lot. But afterwards Tommy assured me that he loved me. He promised me he loved me."

"But he does love you.", Tanya said

"Then how come when I went to be with Tommy yesterday and check out practice I saw Tommy and Kim kissing as if I didn't even exist?"

Tanya didn't know what to say. "I'm sorry.", is what she finally came up with. "So are you going to let the two of them get back together?"

"I... I...", Kat started through her sniffles. Then she suddenly got very quiet, wiping the tears from her eyes. "I won't let it happen. I can't. She dumped him and he asked me out therefore he is my boyfriend now."

Tanya smiled. "That's the attitude."

"Come on Tanya. Let's go somewhere."


"Wherever the day takes us. I'm going to get dressed and then we're leaving.", Kat said

"I'm all for it.", Tanya said

Kat hopped out of bed and went to get changed so she and Tanya could go out that afternoon.


Kim was taking a water break when Tommy slipped into the gym.

"Kim do you have a minute?", asked Tommy

"Tonight's a big night and I really need to practice so...", Kim started

"This won't take long I promise.", Tommy said

Kim sighed before she walked over to join him.

"I did a lot of thinking last night. I wanted badly to figure something out for today so you wouldn't do poorly again and so I'd have something to tell Kat one way or the other.", Tommy told her

"And?", prompted Kim

"And I decided that as much as I want to, and believe me it's a lot, that as long as you're in Florida we shouldn't have a relationship."

Kim frowned and turned around for a second, then she turned back to face Tommy. "I supposed you're right. After all that is what prompted me to write the letter. But I.. I still love you Tommy."

"I love you too Kim. But I just don't want to be forced into the same situation. And as long as your in Florida that's where our relationship will be."

"What about Kat? Are you going to get back together with her?", questioned Kim

"I'm going to try. But I'm going to tell her that I don't want a serious relationship. Because I see a future with you Kim, and I don't want to hurt Kat. And I'm afraid if we get as serious as we were I could really hurt her. But Kim I want you to know that I will never stop loving you."

"I can accept it, I see the reasons, I understand, just as long as you know that there's no one in Florida that I love, just you."

"One day Kim. One day you and I will be able to be together. There won't be any distance separating us, or anybody including Kat and imaginary boyfriends," Kim smiled at that comment, "it will just be you and me."

"I'm waiting for that day Tommy.", Kim said. Then she kissed him on the cheek and went back to practice.

Tommy walked outside and ran into Kat and Tanya.

"Kat, hi.", Tommy greeted

"Hello Tommy.", said Kat

"Kat we need to talk.", Tommy told her

"I'll be heading to my room now. I'll talk to you later.", Tanya said as she left them

Tommy and Kat started walking.

"I know I must have hurt you a lot when I kissed Kim.", Tommy started

"Yes, yes you did. Tommy you hurt me more than a lot. You told me once that what you and Kim had was done, was over with."

"I know I did. Then I came here and found out that the letter was a fake and that Kim still loved me."

"Do you still love her?", asked Kat

Tommy hesitated before answering. "I can't lie to you Kat, I do love her still."

Kat looked down at the ground. "So I guess that means you're going to be with her."

"I want to be with her but she's here and I'm in Angel Grove, and that's what started this all. We both know that it can't happen while she's in Florida. Which is why I want to try to patch it up with you."

"What is this? You can't be with Kim so what the hell, come on back to little old me until Kim becomes available."

Tommy kicked a rock when he realized how he sounded. "I don't mean it like that! Kat I love you too, it's just that..."

"Kim was your first love therefore she's the one you love more.", Kat finished

Tommy nodded his head. "I still want to date you, but I don't want anything serious. Because I'm afraid that Kim would come back into my life and I'd end up hurting you. And I don't want to hurt you. But I still want to try and be with you. Only if you want it too."

Kat sighed. "Tommy I understand, I think. I want to be friends, but if we get serious and then something happens between you and Kim that won't happen. But I still want more than that friendship. I still love you even though I know you love Kim more. In fact I've known it from the beginning. Why someone like you would love someone like me more than someone like Kim is beyond me."

"No Kat hold on a second. If I had never asked Kim out in the first place we wouldn't be in this situation and there would be no one who could hold a candle to you in my heart."

"So this whole thing is your fault? Tommy Oliver you just mess up everything.", Kat said then she smiled for the first time since they got there

"What do you say?", asked Tommy

"I guess I'll try to have something. After all, something is better than nothing.", Kat told him

Tommy smiled. "That's the spirit." Then he stopped her and hugged her, giving her a kiss on her cheek.

Then the two continued on their walk, ending up back at the gym just in time to freshen up before the games.


"This is close.", Carri said

"Come on Kim!", yelled Jason

"It's down to the last event.", Adam pointed out

"I know Kim can do it.", Kat said

Rocky and Carri glanced at Kat, who was sitting beside Tommy that night.

Carri made a face as she leaned in to whisper to Rocky. "I don't know what happened yet but I do know that nothing is over. As long as Kim and Tommy are both alive it will never truly be over."

Rocky nodded his head in agreement before he jumped up and started yelling and clapping. Kim had just jumped of the beam, completing a nearly flawless routine.

"It's all up to the judges now.", Tanya said

"Wait here it comes.", said Jason

"I don't believe it!", exclaimed Carri

"She won by a tenth of a point!", Tommy exclaimed

After the presentation of the medals Kim's friends swarmed around her.

"First place in the all around. Way to go Kim.", Jason said

"We all had faith in you.", Kat said

Kim glanced at Kat then she glanced at Tommy, and Tommy nodded at her as if to answer her unasked question.

"Tonight we celebrate.", Tommy said

"Yes. No practice tomorrow so we can celebrate now. Then me and Carri are gonna go celebrate at the mall tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after. Well maybe not all those days but it'll be a big party.", Kim said

Carri nodded. "A big expensive party.", she added

"You guys, I hate to be the one to tell you, but you can't spend Monopoly money at the mall.", Rocky told them

Kim and Carri looked at each other and frowned.

"We can't?", asked Kim

"Aw man. But that's why Rocky was going to give us money.", Carri said as she reached into his pocket

Rocky pulled her hand out. "Oh no you don't."

"I can and I will.", she joked

"Don't make me start tickling you again.", threatened Rocky

"Ok then I can't and I won't.", she said

"Come on guys. I hear a party calling our name.", Jason said

"Wow bro you've got pretty good hearing then.", Tommy said

"I hope we're all in high spirits tonight.", Kim said

Everyone smiled. Even Tanya and Adam managed a fake smile.

"Good then. Give me two minutes to change and then it's off to the party.", announced Kim

Everyone cheered for the idea of a party. Kim quickly ran and got changed.

"And we're off.", she said when she returned

With that they capped off their first three days in Florida with an all night party, or what should've been an all night party had everyone not worn themselves out and fell asleep on the floor.