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New Enemy
by : KJ

"So, where we going on vacation?", asked Bobby Lazzarini

"I don't care, as long as it's somewhere hot.", said Winnie Barnes

"Some place where I can work on my tan.", added Lauren Fontaine

"Well, since this is our first vacation as a group, why don't we do something fun, like a cruise to the Bahamas.", suggested Ashley Elliot

"And where do you suppose you're going to come up with the money for that?", asked Winnie

"The money. Right. I hadn't thought of that. Never mind then.", Ashley said

Lauren laughed at her friend.

"I don't care where we go, as long as I'm with you.", Christian Muller said

"Aw, Christian, how sweet.", said Winnie as she leaned in to give him a kiss

"Guys, I've got it!", yelled Jackson Green as he ran into the room

"What?", asked Lauren

"We can go to Angel Grove, California.", suggested Jackson

"Angel Grove? One question. Why?", asked Laz

"My dad has a business acquaintance there... something Hillard. His daughter Kat and her cousin... I can't remember her name either, but anyway they would make sure that we were shown around town and had everything we needed.", Jackson explained

"I thought you said all the girls you dad knows are dogs.", Laz said

"They are, and these two won't be an exception. But think about it. They take us to the beach and we meet all sorts of hot California girls.", Jackson told his friend

Laz smiled. "I'm liking it. I'm in."

A smile came across Christian's face but Winnie elbowed him.

"What was that for?", asked Christian

"You know good and well what that was for.", Winnie said

"Winnie, I would never cheat on you.", promised Christian

"I believe you.", said Winnie as she leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek

"I'll go to California. I can work on my tan, and I'm getting excited just thinking about all the hot beach boys I'll meet.", Lauren said

"I think I'd like California.", Ashley said

"Then it's settled. I'll go call my dad and let him know. By this time Saturday, we'll be in sunny California.", Jackson said

* * *

"How much farther is it? Because if it's too much farther, my feet are just going to stop doing anything.", Winnie asked

"It can't be too far. We just passed the school, and it's not far from that.", Jackson told her

"Don't worry Winnie, if I have to I'll carry you there.", Christian said

"I'm going to end up taking you up on that offer.", Winnie told him

"So what's the name of this place again?", asked Laz

"The Youth Center. It's some type of after school hang out.", Jackson told him

"Like Cafe USA?", Lauren asked

"I don't know, I guess so.", Jackson said

"I'm excited. I can't wait to meet all the nice Californian people.", Ashley said

"Listen to that fake accent.", said a skinny black haired guy

"Come on, you know that now that we are detectives, we aren't supposed to make fun of people.", his over weight friend said

"But you can't help it. That accent sucks.", said the skinny one

"You're right.", his friend agreed

"Are you making fun of my accent?", Ashley asked

"Yeah.", said the over weight one

"Who are you to make fun of my accent?", asked Ashley

"I'm Skull, this is Bulk.", said the skinny one

"Well I'm Ashley Elliot from England and I'll have you know that my accent is one hundred percent authentic.", Ashley told them

"Whatever.", Bulk said as they walked away

Jackson laughed. "Are those your nice Californian people?"

Ashley didn't reply as the group kept walking.

"Is that it?", asked Laz as he pointed to a building

"I hope so.", Winnie said

"Well, let's see.", Jackson said as they walked up to the building

"Angel Grove Youth Center. This sounds like the place.", Lauren said

Jackson opened the door and they all walked in. Across the room they saw a table with two un- popular, uglier girls from the high school.

"That's got to be them.", Laz said

"Unfortunately, you're probably right. But let's go ask them.", said Jackson as he pointed to the brown headed and blond girl who were sitting at a table watching four guys spar

"I'm with you buddy.", Laz said as all six of them made their way to their table

Jackson and Laz walked over to the table checking the two girls out. One was wearing a yellow tank top, jean shorts and sandals. The other had on a white shirt and a light pink skirt.

"Excuse me, could you tell me where I could find Katherine Hillard and her cousin.", Jackson asked the girls

"I'm Katherine, but please call me Kat. And this is my cousin Carri.", said the blond, Katherine Hillard

"Hi.", greeted Carri Hillard

"Woof woof.", said Laz as he stared

"Excuse me?", asked Carri

Jackson hit Laz. "Ignore my friend."

"So you must be Jackson Green.", Kat said

"That's me. And these are my friends Laz, Winnie, Lauren, Christian and Ashley.", Jackson said doing the introductions

"Nice to meet you.", Lauren said

"Yes and it's nice to meet someone who's not going to make fun of my accent.", Ashley said

"Who would make fun of your accent?", asked Kat, who had an Australian accent

"Two guys, Bulk and Skull I believe their names were.", Ashley told her

"Bulk and Skull? Ignore them. They aren't worth it.", Carri told her

"I suppose your right. But they gave me a wrong impression of all you California people.", Ashley said

"Hey, I'm from California.", Jackson reminded her

"And you're a prime example.", Lauren joked

"Can I get you guys anything?", asked, Emily, their waitress

"Oh so you've stopped staring long enough to come serve the customers?", Carri joked

"Well I do have to, make that need to do my job. Jase understands.", Emily said

"Do you have any meat?", asked Laz

"We have hamburgers and hotdogs.", Emily told him

"Ok. I want a soda, two burgers and a hotdog.", Laz ordered

Carri nearly choked on her drink. "Remind me never to say anything to Rocky again."

Kat smiled.

"Are you making fun of me?", asked Laz

Carri and Kat both shook their heads no.

"Anybody else want anything?", asked Emily

"I want one burger, fries and a soda.", Jackson ordered

"A soda.", said Winnie

"Same here.", agreed Lauren and then Ashley shook her head in agreement

"Nothing for me.", Christian said

Emily walked away to get them their food. The gang from France was still standing up around the table.

"Go ahead, sit down.", Kat said

Jackson quickly grabbed a chair and squeezed in between Kat and Carri. Laz sat on the other side of Kat. Then Lauren sat beside Carri, Ashley beside her, Winnie beside her and finally Christian between Winnie and Laz.

Jackson then put his arms around both Kat and Carri. They just rolled their eyes and looked away.

"Don't mind him.", Lauren said

Jackson kept his hands right where they were and started flirting with both of them.

"So, are you two ready for a week of fun?", asked Jackson

"Sure.", Carri said

"I guess we are.", Kat told him

"Just think about it. Me, you and you", with each of the you's he looked at one of the girls, "on the beaches of California."

"Ah-hem.", Laz said

"Oh I guess you can come too.", Jackson told him

"That's right. I'll be there. On the beach. With all you hot women.", Laz said

"And you think you'll actually find one who will date you?", Winnie asked

"Hey, it will happen. You watch.", Laz told her

"Uh-huh.", Winnie replied

"Anyway, back to our conversation. So when shall we go to the beach?", asked Jackson as he pulled them in a little closer

Just then the guys approached the table fresh from sparring.

Rocky and Tommy gave Jackson a dirty look, but he paid them no attention.

Tommy didn't want to come across rude, but Rocky really didn't care and he went over and gave Carri a kiss.

Jackson quickly removed his hand from around Carri once he realized she was taken.

"Don't you know what a shower is?", Carri asked

"No hellos, you just comment on my need for a shower.", Rocky DeSantos said

"Sorry. Hey Rocky. Now go take a shower.", she told him

"We all will as soon as we meet your friends here.", Rocky told her

"You'd better.", she warned

Rocky just smiled as he laid a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey Kat, what did you think?", asked Tommy Oliver

"Of you moves? As good as ever sweetie.", Kat said with emphasis on the sweetie

Jackson moved his arm off of Kat's shoulder while Kat's friends smiled. They had never heard Kat call Tommy sweetie.

"Strike three.", Lauren said to Jackson, who was looking kind of dejected

"Here's your food.", Emily said walking up to everybody

Emily gave everyone their food then saved Laz for last.

"You're going to eat all that!", Rocky exclaimed

Everyone looked at Rocky. It was strange hearing that coming from him.

"Yeah I am, you got a problem with that?", asked Laz

"And people say I eat too much.", Rocky commented

"Now we've found someone who beats even you.", said his best friend, Adam Park

Emily started to leave when her boyfriend stopped her.

"Come on, you know I'm working.", Emily said

"Just one hug?", requested her boyfriend, Jason Lee Scott

Emily smiled as she gave Jason a quick hug then left.

"Excuse me, but I don't know any of you nice people.", Ashley pointed out

"That's right. Sorry about that.", Kat apologized. "Guys, meet Jackson, Lauren, Ashley, Winnie, Christian and Laz. And these are our friends, Rocky, Tommy, Jason and Adam."

"Nice to meet you.", Lauren said

"Yeah.", agreed Jackson although he wasn't sure he meant it

Rocky and Tommy could tell why he was down and they looked at each other and smiled.

"Now don't you four have somewhere to be?", asked Carri

"We'll be back later.", Rocky said as he and the others took off for the locker room showers

"I know what we can do.", Ashley said after they left

"What?", asked Kat

"Go around the table and everyone tells us about themselves.", Ashley suggested

"Why not. I'll start.", Carri said. "I'm Carri Hillard, I was born in Australia, Sydney to be exact. Then I moved to Angel Grove when I was around one, to New York for three years then back to Angel Grove this year. I love baseball, the Astros to be exact and I can pitch."

"Jackson Green's the name and I was born and raised in San Diego, California. Then I went to Paris to go to the academy. I love surfing, that's one of my favorite things to do next to dating.", Jackson told them

Kat spoke next. "My name is Katherine Hillard, but everybody calls me Kat. I was born in Sydney, Australia and I lived there for a while. Then my dad got a new job and I came to the states my junior year in high school. I used to dive, I almost went to the Pan Global games. And I dance. Right now I'm teaching classes to little kids."

Laz swallowed his food as he started to speak. "I'm Laz. I'm from New York. I go to the academy.", he took a huge bite of his burger, "And I love meat.", he said as food pieces came flying out of his mouth

"Laz! Disgusting!", Lauren exclaimed

Kat and Carri exchanged glances.

"Never again do we say anything to Rocky.", Kat vowed

The two laughed as the introductions went on.

* * *

"We have to find some way to get rid of those rangers.", said Lord Zedd

"If we beat them, that'll get rid of them.", Rito said

"Silence!", yelled Lord Zedd

"But it's true.", Rito replied

"For the past four years those rangers have been beating monster after monster. We need a new plan. Something really good.", Rita said

"I will go down there and ensure the destruction of the power rangers.", Goldar said

"If only I had a penny for every time you said that.", Zedd mumbled

"I am working on some new ideas for monsters that I believe would be quite sufficient in destroying the power rangers.", Finster told him

"I want something now!", exclaimed Rita

"Perhaps I could help.", said a voice

Everyone looked up to see a figure standing there. She was tall with long blond hair and she was wearing leather.

"You? I thought you were dead.", Zedd said

"Bad hinds blood.", she said offering no further explanation

She walked in front of Goldar and Rito and up to Zedd.

"Hey Goldie look, it's Callisto the warrior princess.", Rito said

Callisto was furious and she turned, held her hand up and sent Rito flying towards the wall. But she didn't let him drop, she used her power to hold him up.

"Warrior princess is reserved for Xena. I am the warrior queen. Understood?", asked Callisto

"Got it Calli.", Rito said

Callisto let him drop then she threw a fireball in his direction and he quickly jumped out of the way.

"My name is Callisto."

"Where have you been the last few centuries?", asked Rita

"I was off on another planet. Keeping myself amused.", Callisto informed her

"What brings you here to earth?", asked Zedd

"I heard from a good friend of mine, Astronema, about the power rangers.", Callisto said

"Why would you care about the power rangers?", asked Rito

"The two people in this world I want revenge on the most are dead. And now their ancestors will have to pay for their mistakes.", Callisto said

"Hercules and Xena are your two greatest enemies. But who are their ancestors?", asked Rita

"None other than the red and yellow zeo rangers.", Callisto informed them

"Tommy and Carri!", Zedd exclaimed

"Yes and I want them dead.", Callisto said

"What's the plan?", asked Rito

Callisto looked at him. "The plan, which you have nothing to do with, is to administer a love potion to the girls."

Lord Zedd busted out laughing. "A love potion! What good will that do?"

Callisto shot him a look. "The love part is only a side effect of the potion. While they're trying to figure out how to cure a love potion the real potion will be taking effect."

"Which is?", asked Rita

Callisto smiled. "It will tear apart their body. Once the initial stages have run their course, they will collapse and the final stages will begin, and won't be over with until they're dead."

"Brilliant. But please tell me there is no antidote.", Zedd requested

"Oh there is. There are only two ways to get it. From me directly or you have to go into hell and back to get it.", Callisto said. "Many have tried, none have made it. And the rangers that don't go get the antidote I will kill personally."

"So all of the rangers will be dead!", exclaimed Goldar

Callisto nodded her head yes.

"Brilliant. I can't wait to see the look on Zordon's face when his precious power team is finally destroyed.", Zedd said as he laughed

* * *

"We're back.", Rocky said as the boys approached the table

"Well, since you guys are our guests, what do you want to do?", asked Kat

She was greeted with 6 different answers.

Carri put two fingers in her mouth and whistled.

"Here's a thought. There's six of you and six of us. How about if we just split up and let each one of us walk one of you around.", Jason suggested

"Sounds good.", agreed Jackson

"Alright. Then we'll do this numerically. We'll number off and then you guys each pick a number. Whoever has your number is who takes you around.", said Tommy

"That's fair.", said Lauren

The six from Paris waited a second for them to number off, but there was no need for them to. They already had numbers assigned.

"Looks like you guys know your numbers already. Well, I'll go first.", Jackson said. "I want number... two."

"That would be me.", Carri told him

Jackson smiled happy with his choice.

"Ok, I want number four.", Winnie said

Adam raised one hand. "Right here."

"How about number... five.", said Laz

"That's me.", Tommy told him

"Man. How come I couldn't get stuck with the blond.", Laz whined

"Is it my turn? I would like to pick number three.", Ashley said

"I'm three.", said Rocky

"I think I'm going to have to go with six.", said Lauren

"I'm six. And that leaves you,", Jason pointed to Christian, "With Kat."

"Let's head out then.", Carri said as she hopped up

The group got up and went out the door together, then headed their separate ways.

* * *

Carri and Jackson were walking along the shoreline.

"The beaches of California. It's been a while since I've been down here.", Jackson said

"You're the one who was a surfer, right?", asked Carri

"That's me. I need to bring my board out here and surf some."

"Maybe you and I could come out here once before you leave."

"Do you surf?", asked Jackson

"I've been living by the ocean almost all my life. What do you think?"

"We have something in common. That's the basis of a good relationship."

Carri laughed. She knew what he was trying to hint to. "Let me call Rocky and see if he would mind if I dated someone else along with him.", she joked

"I didn't mean a relationship like that.", Jackson lied

"Look at all the girls on the beach. Take your pick from them.", Carri said

"Oh I get to pick? Let's see here, I want...", Jackson was getting ready to point to a blond laying on a beach towel when Callisto appeared in front of them, but invisible, and sprayed them both with the potion, "You.", he finished turning towards Carri

"Good answer.", she said as they started to kiss

* * *

Kat was walking with Christian through the park to get to the basketball courts.

"I'm a very good basketball player.", Christian told her

"I can shoot and dribble. But I'm not that good.", Kat replied

"Well at least you have some skill.", Christian said

"Yeah, just some.", Kat told him

"You live in Angel Grove. You know what I really want to know about?"


"This may sound silly, but ever since I heard a story about them, I've been trying to follow them."

"Go ahead, what is it?", prompted Kat

"The power rangers.", Christian told her

Kat smiled. If he only knew what she did.

"Your smiling. Go ahead and laugh.", Christian said

"No, I'm not laughing at you. Most people in Angel Grove are intrigued with the power rangers.", Kat told him

"My favorite is the pink ranger."

Kat blushed but turned her head quickly so he couldn't see her.

"Mine is the red one.", Kat admitted

"What do you know about the power rangers?"

"Let's see. Currently there are five of them. They're pink, yellow, blue, green and red. Nobody knows exactly where they're from. But we do know that they are here whenever Angel Grove needs them."

"I would love to meet the power rangers. Especially the pink one."

Callisto then appeared, invisible, in front of them and Kat got this weird feeling right before she sprayed them with the potion.

Kat leaned up to whisper into his ear. "Well guess what. I'm the pink ranger."

"No your not. But if your saying that to get me, it worked.", Christian told her as he put his arms around her and they walked off

* * *

Callisto reappeared at the Lunar Palace and sat in Zedd's chair. Zedd said nothing, he didn't want to anger the person who could prove to be his most beneficial ally.

"Now what?", asked Goldar

"We wait.", Callisto

"Aw! I don't wanna wait!", whined Rito

"Do you dare question my methods?", asked Callisto with a look powerful enough to send chills up anyone's spine

Rito ran and hid behind Zedd.

"Ed help.", Rito asked

Zedd pushed Rito out from behind him. "How long is the wait?"

Callisto smiled. "By tomorrow afternoon their systems will be completely shut down. Then we wait until those heros try to save their friends."

"But what if they don't?", asked Rita

"An ancestor of Hercules not try to save somebody?", Callisto said shaking her head no

"By this time tomorrow the world will be ours!", Zedd yelled triumphantly

* * *

Later that evening all of the teens returned to the Youth Center, but with a few changes. Both Kat and Christian, and Carri and Jackson came in hand in hand.

"Come on, let's go.", Rocky said as he grabbed Carri's arm to lead her away

"Don't touch me!", Carri exclaimed

Rocky jumped back, not used to being snapped at like that.

"Now if you'll excuse me, Jackson and I have a date to go on.", Carri said as she and Jackson left

"Homerun.", Jackson whispered to Lauren as they passed her on their way out the door

"Well what do you know. Not everybody has a perfect relationship like me and my Christian.", Winnie said as she through her arms around Christian

"Get off my man!", exclaimed Kat

"Your man? Honey I think you've gotten a little confused.", Winnie told her

"I'm not the one who's confused.", said Kat

"Please. I suggest you stay away from my man.", Winnie threatened

"Your man? I don't remember saying I'd be your man.", Christian said throwing Winnie off of him

"But Christian..", Winnie started

Christian cut her off. "Come on Katherine, let's get out of here."

Kat and Christian left. Winnie left after them in tears.

"We had better go comfort her.", said Lauren

"Yes. She was madly in love with Christian.", Ashley told them

Then the last three people from the Paris group left.

"Let's find what's wrong with this picture.", Jason said

"They were fine when we left the Youth Center.", Rocky started

"And they got back and we're madly in love with others like they totally forgot about us.", finished Tommy

The boys looked at each other. "Zedd.", they said at the same time

Then they walked off in search of a place to teleport.

* * *

The boys arrived at the command center and walked over to Alpha.

"Ai ai ai! Is something wrong?", asked Alpha

"We think there is. Scan the girls.", Tommy said

Alpha pressed a few buttons then the results of the scan came up

Alpha sighed. "It's a love potion rangers."

"Another one!", exclaimed Rocky, "Will they ever learn?"

"Can you get us an antidote?", asked Adam

"By this time tomorrow I should have them back to normal.", Alpha said

"Ok. Thanks Alpha.", Tommy said

Then the boys left, totally unaware of the danger their friends were really in.

* * *

Adam, Rocky, Tommy and Jason were all sitting around the kitchen table at Tommy's house playing Monopoly.

Rocky picked up a card. "I hate waiting. Oh wow, now I get to wait in jail."

"Have fun.", Adam said as he took the dice

"By tomorrow everything will be strait.", Tommy paused, "Again.", he added

"I mean, a love potion, come on. Adam you owe me money. Fork it over. Have they never heard the phrase been there done that.", Jason questioned as he counted Adam's money, "Your one hundred dollars short."

Adam reluctantly handed over another bill. "I'm close to broke. You're right Jason. But then again look who we're talking about."

"They have had a few good ideas. Take Rita for example. I have to admit the whole evil green ranger idea was pretty good. And the green candle was even better.", Tommy admitted reaching for the dice

"But still Rita failed.", Jason pointed out

"Has Rita ever won?", asked Rocky

"She came so close with the whole thing with the power coins.", Adam reminded him

"True. Hello Tommy. Welcome to jail.", Rocky said as Tommy placed his playing piece next to Rocky's

"This is getting boring.", said Tommy

Jason laughed. "Yeah, now that you're in jail the game's no fun."

"That's not why.", Tommy protested, "It's just not fun."

"Fine. We'll quit. Besides I have a date with Emily in 10 minutes.", Jason said as he got up

"I want to have a date.", commented Rocky

"Me too.", agreed Tommy

"Me three.", said Adam

"You have no say in this conversation.", Tommy told him

"What do you mean? I can't have a date. Tanya is all the way in New York.", Adam reminded him

"Yes but if Tanya was here you could go on a date. Our girlfriends are here but they're under a spell so we can't go on dates.", Tommy pointed out

"Don't your lives just suck. I'll be thinking about you while I'm on my date.", Jason said with emphasis on the word date. "Then again I'll be too busy thinking about my girlfriend who I'll be on my date with."

"Get out of here.", Tommy joked

Jason smiled at his three friends as he went out the door.

"What now?", asked Adam

"We can go see a movie.", suggested Rocky

"Why not. I've got nothing better to do.", Tommy said

"Me neither.", agreed Adam

"We have to clean up the game before we go.", Tommy pointed out

"Why?", joked Rocky as he started to pick things up

Once the table was cleaned up the boys headed out the door and for the theater.

* * *

"I should've known better than to let him leave the room with that tall blond.", Winnie said

"Come on Winnie, don't be upset.", Lauren tried to comfort her friend

Ashley made an attempt at making Winnie feel better. "I'm sure he was thinking of you while he was on a date with Katherine."

Winnie started to cry. "But Christian's not supposed to be dating other women!"

Laz entered the room, eating a turkey sub. "You know, something's not right. I mean, she had a boyfriend, he had a girlfriend, they were in love and now they're dating each other."

"You know, for once Laz is right. Why would Kat dump Tommy and Christian dump you all of the sudden? I mean, Kat obviously had no interest in Christian to begin with. And just look at Jackson and Carri. Carri was into her boyfriend and she showed to interest in Jackson what-so-ever.", Lauren pointed out

"Something fishy is definitely going on here.", Ashley agreed. Ashley lowered her eyebrows. "I believe it's aliens."

Lauren busted out laughing. "Aliens!"

"Oh you can laugh all you want to", started Ashley as she made a serious face, "But I think it's aliens."

"Oh yeah little green men are running around California trying to mess up peoples relationships.", Lauren said sarcastically

"Fine. Don't believe me. But when you all get picked up by their space ship then who will be laughing.", stated Ashley as she walked out of the room

The door opened and they turned around to see it was Jackson.

Jackson came in with a smile on his face. "Lauren you've got nothing compared to Carri. Why I ever went after you is beyond me."

"What happened man?", asked Laz

Jackson threw an arm around his friend. "There is so much to tell."

Then Jackson led Laz off leaving only Winnie and Lauren to chat.

"Aliens I tell you.", Ashley said as she re-entered the room

Lauren sunk down in the seat beside Winnie. "That would explain everything."

Winnie, who had been sitting quietly, started to cry again, "Why did my Christian do this to me. I don't..."

Winnie stopped when she heard the door open.

"Hello.", greeted Christian. "I have not been in this good of a mood in a long time. Who needs hot headed bossy women when you can have a blond goddess."

Winnie got up and fled from the room, not wanting Christian to see her starting to cry.

"What's wrong with her?", asked Christian

"What nerve!", exclaimed Lauren as she quickly followed Winnie out

Christian just shook his head as he left to find his buddies.

Ashley found herself all alone. "Those aliens might come after me next. Lauren! Winnie! Wait up!"

Then Ashley left, clearing out the girls hotel room for the moment.

* * *

Adam, Jason, Rocky and Tommy walked into the Youth Center and found Winnie, Lauren, Laz and Ashley.

Winnie looked like she was crying all night.

"I feel so bad for them. They have no clue what's going on. And it's tearing them apart.", Adam said as they walked towards their table

The other three nodded their heads yes as they went to sit down.

"You guys seem in, well, a rather good mood.", Lauren said to Rocky and Tommy. "Doesn't it bother you at all that your girlfriends ran off with other guys?"

"Yes, well, today's a new day. Anything can happen.", Tommy informed her

"Nothing is important unless my Christian comes back to me.", Winnie said

Laz grabbed Emily when she walked by. "Excuse me, could you get me a hamburger."

"Sure can. Be back in a second.", Emily said

"Hello to you too.", Jason called after her

Emily stopped and turned around. "I was coming to talk to you, but somebody stopped me and ordered something so now I'll catch you on my way back." Emily walked off to the kitchen.

Ashley looked around suspiciously then she leaned over the table. "I know why they're all cheating on each other.", she whispered

"Why?", asked Tommy

"It's aliens.", she told them.

The four boys looked in shock, wondering what she knew.

Ashley continued, "I suspect it's little green men here to destroy the world."

Once they realized Ashley had no clue as far as the big picture goes, they laughed.

"My reaction to.", Lauren told them

"Alright. Fine. Nobody has to listen to me.", said Ashley as she sat back in her seat

"Here you go.", Emily said as she walked over and sat the food down

"Now do a get a minute of your time?", asked Jason

Emily grabbed a chair and set beside Jason. "You can have as much of my time as you please."

"So you can spend the day here?", asked Jason

"Well just the next five minutes.", Emily told him

"Good enough for now.", said Jason

"You make me sick. All couples make me sick.", Winnie said

"Winnie! Come on you know you don't mean that.", Lauren said

"It's alright. Jason told me about what happened. I'm sorry.", apologized Emily. "Rocky, Tommy, would you guys like me to go talk some sense into your girlfriends?"

"Thanks for the offer, but I think I'd like to save it for some other time.", Rocky said

"Same here.", agreed Tommy

"Alright, but if you ever need someone to talk to them, I'm here.", Emily told them

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

"What was that?", asked Lauren

"Our pager.", replied Adam

"Must be a page from our baseball coach.", Rocky said

"You all play?", asked Ashley

"Second base.", Adam told her

"Right field.", said Rocky

Tommy hesitated. "Um... left field... yeah."

Rocky and Adam tried hard not to laugh at their friend as they went over to the corner.

"It takes three people to answer one page?", asked Laz

"If it's their coach it does.", Jason told him

Jason looked out the window and saw three streaks of light. Then he heard Ernie say something about a report of a monster and the power rangers on the scene.

"Well we're sure having a blast in Angel Grove. Who's idea was it to come here anyway?", asked Lauren

"Mine.", Jackson said proudly as he entered the room along with Carri, Kat and Christian

"Look who's here.", said Emily

"You don't sound to excited.", Carri told her

"Boy she's quick. How did you ever find such a smart one?", Lauren asked Jackson

"Hello Christian.", Winnie said trying hard to talk to him without crying

"Oh. It's you. Hello.", Christian said

"I don't feel to welcomed here.", Kat complained

"I wonder why.", said Laz

"Let's get out of here.", Jackson said as he led his crew out the door

About halfway to the door, Jackson and Carri stopped.

"I feel so light...", but Carri never got to finish her sentence because she had collapsed to the ground along with Jackson

"What's wrong with them?", asked Kat right before she and Christian joined them as unconscious beings on the floor

Jason was the first one to spring out of his chair and run towards them.

"This isn't supposed to be happening!", Jason exclaimed

"What's wrong with them?", asked Emily as she joined Jason's side

"I... I don't know.", Jason said

The group from Paris ran to the bodies but were to shocked to say anything.

Ernie rushed over to the group. "I've called for an ambulance. Let's back off and give them some air."

"There's no need for an ambulance.", said a voice

Everyone turned to see the green, blue and red rangers.

"The power rangers? What are you guys doing here?", asked Ernie

"We have reason to believe that Lord Zedd is responsible for this.", Tommy told him

"Excuse me, who's Lord Zedd?", asked Ashley

"An alien out for world conquest.", explained Rocky

"An alien! I knew it!", exclaimed Ashley

"We need to take the bodies to our base so we can create an antidote.", Adam said

"Please, go ahead.", Ernie told them

The three rangers surrounded the bodies. Then Tommy raised his hand to his mouth. "We're ready.", he said

Then the onlookers saw 6 colors of light, red, green, blue, yellow, pink and 2 white, flash through the sky as the rangers went to face something that they never had before.

* * *

"Alpha what happened?", Rocky asked once they had gotten their friends situated on the medical tables

Alpha quickly ran to scan them. "Aye ai ai! Rangers it looks is though we have a serious problem on our hands."

"From a love spell?", Adam asked as Jason was teleporting in

"The initial effects of the spell were meant to be a love spell but now that it's taking full effect it's ripping apart their bodies.", Alpha explained

"Which means?", Tommy asked although he was pretty sure he knew

"They're dying rangers.", Alpha told him

"Can we cure them?", asked Rocky


"And that's me.", said someone as the alarms started to go off

"Intruder alert!", exclaimed Alpha as he went to shut off the alarm

"Who are you?", asked Jason after Alpha shut the alarm off

"I am Callisto, warrior goddess. Sounds so much better than warrior queen. And I can certainly do the job much better than Aries. But he did get what he deserved. Along with all those other fools on Olympus.", Callisto said as she walked behind the medical tables. "And you are getting what you deserve.", she said looking down at Carri

"Why are you here?", asked Tommy

Callisto looked up at him. Then she walked in front of the tables to be closer to her captive audience. "I'm going to offer you a chance to save your friends."

"You know how to save them, which means you did this to them.", Rocky pointed out

"Yes and I'm very proud of myself.", Callisto told him

"Then why do you want to help us?", asked Adam

"Believe me I want you dead. And what better way to do it then to send you after the cure.", Callisto replied

The four guys huddled.

"Let's do it.", Tommy said and Rocky shook his head in agreement

"I'll stay back.", Adam volunteered, "If Zedd attacks someone will need to be here."

The rangers turned to face Callisto. "Where do we go?", asked Tommy

"I was hoping you'd ask that.", Callisto said. Then she brought her hand back and threw it forward, opening a portal.

Rocky and Tommy went to the portal.

"MAY THE POWER PROTECT YOU.", Zordon said right before they jumped

Then the portal disappeared along with Callisto.

"I hope they hurry.", said Alpha

"Why?", asked Jason

"Because their bodies are working to a complete shut down faster by the minute.", Alpha told him

* * *

Rocky and Tommy landed on the ground with a thud.

"We have to hurry.", Rocky said

"Right.", agreed Tommy

The two walked up to the locked metal gate.

Rocky looked up. "Abandon all hope ye who enter here.", he said reading the sign above the gate

"My kind of place.", Tommy said sarcastically

Rocky started looking around.

"What are you looking for?", asked Tommy

"I was kind of hoping that Virgil would show.", Rocky told him

Tommy smiled. "I'm afraid we'll have to do this on our own."

Suddenly the gates opened, and Rocky and Tommy walked through, starting on their journey.

* * *

"It won't be long now.", promised Callisto as she returned to the Lunar Palace

"As soon as the last of the rangers are gone, the earth will be ours for the taking.", Zedd said

"Hey Ed, let me lead the tengas in for the takeover.", requested Rito

"There will be no technical takeover. Once the power rangers are gone there will be no need for fighting. But you can lead the tengas in as you carry Rita and myself down the streets of Angel Grove.", Zedd told him

"Ed can I be in charge of that boot country? I've always liked it's shape.", Rito asked

Zedd laughed. "You couldn't run a lemonade stand, much less a country."

"The first thing I want to do is visit England. The royal jewels would look great on me, don't you think?", asked Rita

"I'm sure they would.", agreed Zedd

"I want to terrorize innocent citizens.", Goldar said

"Soon we will all get what we want.", Zedd promised. "What about you Callisto, what do you want?"

"Tommy and Carri dead.", Callisto told him

"And after that?", asked Zedd

Callisto shrugged as she created a small flame on one of her fingers and started looking at it. "You know fire is a wonderful thing. With one little spark you can burn down a whole city. But I've never tried it with one little spark. It always has to be a big show."

"Burning down a city. Sounds like fun.", Rito said

"I never said I was going to be burning down any cities. But then again who knows.", Callisto said putting out the flame

Zedd was a little agitated that Callisto never directly answered his question. But then what did it matter. Everyone was going to get their way eventually. As soon as the rangers were dead.

* * *

Rocky and Tommy walked into a cave.

"Which way?", Rocky asked as they saw what they were faced with

In the center was a huge lava pit. And on both sides were paths which led to completely solid ground again.

"Decisions decisions. I'd say.... left.", Tommy finally decided

"Let's do it.", Rocky said as he started out ahead of Tommy

Five feet into their journey the lava started moving rapidly in all directions and then an army of soldiers created from the lava appeared in front of them.

"It's morphin time!", Tommy yelled upon first sight of these creatures

But to their surprise nothing happened.

"Our powers must not work in here.", complained Rocky

"Well we've got to do this on our own then.", Tommy said

Rocky and Tommy ran full force at the lava creatures. They quickly found that these creatures were the toughest things they'd ever seen, much tougher than the cogs or tengas.

Rocky ducked a punch from one of them. "Missed me.", he said as he kicked it

But instead of going flying back and knocking into it's friends, the lava creature stood there.

Tommy punched one of them, but it hardly moved. "Oh man. This isn't looking too good."

Then the lava creatures pushed both Tommy and Rocky backwards. They had to try hard not to fall into the lava pit.

Once they were securely on the ground they stood up and faced each other.

"We need a new plan.", Rocky said

"I believe so. Got any ideas?", asked Tommy

"What if we knock them back into the lava?", Rocky thought out loud

"That might work. But how do we do it if we can't even move them?", asked Tommy

"Let me think on that.", Rocky said as he and Tommy had to deal with the attacking lava creatures

The boys starting out fist fighting the lava creatures, but they saw much the same results as before. So they tried to run to get away from them, switching directions every so often.

After switching directions for what felt like the millionth time, Rocky noticed something.

They're following us around like a bunch of trained dogs. Rocky thought. Rocky turned to Tommy. "You feeling adventurous today?"

"I guess.", Tommy replied

"Good. Then follow me.", Rocky said

Then Rocky jumped into the lava pit, grabbing onto the jagged rock side on the way down.

Tommy looked at him wide eyed and, against his better judgement, followed him.

Not to Rocky's surprise the lava creatures followed them down, and they were destroyed upon impact with the lava.

"Now what?", asked Tommy

"You any good at rock climbing?", Rocky asked as he started his way back up

A few minutes later Rocky and Tommy had made it back to the top and finished getting to the other end of the lava pit.

"This looks pretty safe.", Rocky said of the cave that was ahead of them

Tommy and Rocky entered the cave and as they did they triggered something. All of the sudden several different objects started flying back and forth in the cave making getting through it a task.

"Looks can be deceiving.", Tommy reminded him as he led the way through the now treacherous cave

* * *

Callisto slammed her fist down on the armrest on Lord Zedd's chair.

"Nobody has ever made it past the Lava Patrol.", she said

"But you've never sent a couple of rangers through it now have you Calli?", asked Rito

Callisto lifted her hand and through Rito against a wall. Goldar snickered.

"No matter. Even if they were to make it all the way to the antidote I have my own little surprise planted there for them."

"And that would be?", questioned Lord Zedd

"It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you.", Callisto said

Rito got up and looked around. "That hurt."

"Stop your whining.", Callisto ordered

Rito stood straight up. "Got it. No more whining."

"I love the power you have over him.", Zedd said

"If you were the ultimate goddess you could have that kind of power too.", Callisto told him

"As soon as the rangers are out of the way I will have that power over all the earthlings.", Zedd said as he turned to watch the rangers some more

* * *

The Paris teens were sitting around a table at the Youth Center dazed and confused.

"Is this normal for Angel Grove?", asked Laz

"You never know what's going to happen when you've got aliens trying to take over the city every day.", Emily told him

"So where did the guys run off to?", asked Lauren

Emily shrugged. "Who knows. They always seem to be running of somewhere."

"Do you think Christian's going to be ok?", asked Winnie

"What is this, twenty questions!", Emily exclaimed. Then she sighed. "If he's in the hands of the power rangers he'll be fine."

Ernie walked over to the table. "I'll tell you what, every time we turn around something new and even more exciting is happening. That's Angel Grove for you."

Emily nodded her head in agreement.

"Come on, let's keep things going here.", Ernie said

Emily nodded her head yes and the two walked off.

"I don't believe it. I was actually right. It was aliens.", Ashley pointed out

Lauren laughed. "Yes Ashley, you were right."

"Now it's my turn to be right.", Laz said

Lauren and Winnie looked at each other.

"It'll never happen.", Winnie promised

"Come on let's go.", Laz said getting up

Ashley looked at him. "And where would we be going?"

"For a walk. It's too depressing here.", Laz told her

"I agree.", Lauren said as she got up bringing Winnie up with her

"Oh alright.", Ashley gave in

The four left the Youth Center and proceeded to take a nice long walk through Angel Grove.

* * *

Tommy and Rocky made it safely through the cave.

"Oh boy.", Tommy said once he saw their next task

In front of them was a room that was not made of solid ground, instead it was made of ice.

"We can do this. I mean just look at the ice, it looks pretty solid.", Rocky pointed out

"We have to do this.", Tommy said as he looked into the cave across the ice room

A smile crept across Rocky's face as he saw the end of the journey. About twenty feet into the cave was a gate. And on the other side of the gate was a four foot column, which had a pillow holding the antidote on top of it.

"Come on let's go.", Rocky said

Rocky and Tommy stepped onto the ice. When they saw it was holding their weight they continued to walk. About fifteen feet into the journey across the ice, they heard a crack.

"What was that?", asked Tommy although he thought he knew

Both boys turned around and saw the ice collapsing starting with the ice farthest behind them and quickly moving forward.

"I think we had better speed it up a notch.", Rocky said as they started to run

To their surprise the ice farthest in front of them started to collapse and move back towards them. Eventually there came a point where they were standing on a piece of ice a foot wide.

"Jump!", exclaimed Tommy

Both boys jumped. However the distance was Tommy jumped was shorter than the distance Rocky jumped. Tommy managed to grab on to the edge of the floor, which was sticking out but Rocky had no edge to hold onto.

"Rocky!", Tommy yelled as he watched his friend fall

Tommy pulled himself over and looked down.

"Shit!", he exclaimed. "We were almost there!"

Tommy stood at the edge and looked down and closed his eyes in a moment of silence for a fallen teammate.

Suddenly someone grabbed his foot. Tommy opened his eyes shocked.

"Hey man you gonna stare are you going to help me up?", asked Rocky

Tommy reached down and lent him a hand.

"Man I thought...", Tommy started

Rocky cut him off. "Don't think man. It's dangerous."

Tommy smiled as Rocky stood up and the two of them turned around. They started walking into the cave. Then they heard a growl.

"Any guesses?", asked Rocky

"Well... I could guess but you wouldn't want to hear it.", Tommy told him

Then a three headed dog jumped out between them and the gate.

"I'm not big on mythology, but isn't the only three headed dog Hades dog?", asked Rocky

Tommy nodded his head yes. "Down Cerberus."

Cerberus started walking toward them until he had them on the ledge.

"Here's the plan.", Tommy said

"Go on.", Rocky told him

"We wait until he lunges forward at us. Then we jump over him.", Tommy said

"Well since I don't have anything better, I'm all for it."

For a few minutes Cerberus stared down the rangers. Then he lunged forward. And just as Tommy suggested, the two jumped over him.

Rocky and Tommy turned around.

"It's sure a long way down.", Tommy said

"At least you didn't attempt to see exactly how far.", Rocky pointed out

Then they turned around and headed for their next task, the gate.

* * *

"My look at them. They've made it all the way to the gate. No matter. Once the gate is opened I have a little surprise for them.", Callisto said laughing evilly

"Hey Call...isto.", Rito had started to say Calli but realized the idea was stupid once he saw the look he was getting. "The green punk is all alone. Whatcha gonna do about it?"

Callisto looked around. "You're right I haven't paid earth a visit yet."

"Can I be in charge while your gone? Can I? Please?", begged Rito

"I would chose to put a ranger in charge over you. Besides last time I checked this was Zedd's place, not yours.", Callisto said. Then she created another small flame on her finger. "Time to go have some fun." Then Callisto left.

"You idiot.", Zedd said to Rito. "Can I be in charge? Of course not!" Then Zedd took his throne back.

"I hope she has something good up her sleeve. Because beyond that gate is the antidote.", Rita said

"I'm sure she does. Now come on I want to watch those rangers squirm.", Zedd said

Then they turned to watch the rangers new task.

* * *

Rocky and Tommy had been searching around for a way in through the gate, a way which they couldn't find.

"Damn gate! Open already! What are you waiting for, an open sesame?", asked Rocky

Then the gate opened. Tommy and Rocky looked at each other and laughed.

"There it is come on.", Tommy said

But the minute they entered three figures materialized in front of them.

"Welcome. I am Theodorus. And these are my men. We're the last faces you'll ever see.", said Theodorus

Then the small group drew their swords.

"Ok Tommy I believe we're screwed.", Rocky said

"One rule here. Fight without dying.", Tommy told him

"No problem.", Rocky said as they separated to go into battle with their new foe

Tommy was greeted Theodorus' two men. He engaged in battle with them, but he wasn't quite as good as they were. He was having trouble managing the soldiers. He was having so much trouble that several times he got flung across the room.

Rocky went to take on their leader, Theodorus.

"You and your friend have met your match.", promised Theodorus

Rocky smirked. "Ya know everybody likes to say that to us." Then he kicked Theodorus and Theodorus stumbled backwards.

Theodorus got up. "You'll pay for that." Then he quickly flung Rocky up against the column which held the antidote.

Theodorus walked over and pinned Rocky with his sword. Across the room, Tommy was getting pinned as well.

Theodorus lifted up his sword and was getting ready to kill Rocky. During this whole time, they were shaking the column back and forth, until finally the antidote fell into Rocky's hands.

Just as Tommy and Rocky were about to meet their end the room glowed with a bright white light and they both disappeared.

* * *

Callisto appeared in the middle of Angel Grove park.

"How beautiful it is here. So peaceful and calm. But that's all about to change.", Callisto said as she walked around with a flame still on her finger

"Look at her! She looks stupid!", exclaimed a kid up in a tree

Callisto looked up to see two younger boys and one younger girl up in the tree.

"I think I know what to burn first.", Callisto said. Then she set the tree on fire.

The screams of little children filled the air. Then their mothers came running over yelling for help. So Callisto threw a fireball at them burning them instantly.

Callisto saw a woman trying to help lead an older man out of the way. So she walked over to them.

"Please don't hurt us.", begged the woman

"Is this your father?", asked Callisto

The woman shook her head yes.

Callisto smiled. "Well I'll just burn him first then. So you can watch."

The woman got a horrified look on her face.

"Oh don't worry. You won't feel a thing. The worst part will be having to listen to your fathers screams as he burns to death.", Callisto told her

"Stop right there!", a voice yelled

Callisto turned around to see the green ranger.

"Well look at what we have here.", she said leaving the father and daughter alone and moving closer to Adam. "One lone power ranger."

"Just because there's only one of me doesn't mean that you are going to win.", Adam told her

Callisto smiled. "We'll see about that."

Then the fight began. Adam came running at Callisto and with a flip of her wrist she sent him flying back. Then once again Adam flew at her and got knocked back.

"This is boring.", Callisto said as she drew her sword and advanced at Adam

Adam looked up and saw her coming so he called for his zeo sword.

"You're no match for me.", Callisto said

Adam and Callisto's swords clashed as hand to hand combat began.

* * *

"You're back!", exclaimed Jason once the two figures materialized

"Finally. Here's the antidote.", Rocky said handing it to Alpha

"Oh rangers I hope it's not to late.", Alpha said administrating the antidote as quickly as possible

"How are they?", Tommy whispered to Jason

Jason looked at his two friends. "Not good I'm afraid. Not good at all."

The three boys exchanged worried glances. Then the alarm went off.


"Right. It's morphin time!", yelled Tommy



* * *

"Zeo five power weapon!", Tommy yelled as soon as he and Rocky appeared in the park

Rocky then called for his zeo sword and the two boys attacked Callisto giving Adam a temporary break.

"You're back!", Adam exclaimed

"Looks like we made it just in time.", Tommy said

"Oh goodie some more rangers to play with.", Callisto said

"Play with this.", Rocky said as he and Tommy both attacked her with their swords

Rocky and Tommy engaged her in battle. Quicky Adam jumped up to join his teammates hoping to bring down Callisto.

* * *

"Is it working?", asked Jason

"It appears to be working. But if there's no change in there condition soon, well I hate to say it but we may have lost them forever.", Alpha told Jason

"That's not going to happen. And if it does I will tear Callisto apart limb from limb until there's nothing left, powers or no powers.", Jason promised


Jason had an angered look in his eye. "I'm not getting carried away. I'm stating the facts."

Then Carri and Jackson started to move ever so slightly.

"Thank God.", Jason said

"IT WOULD BE WISE FOR YOU TO LEAVE NOW.", Zordon said to Jason

"Right.", agreed Jason

Carri sat up just as Jason was teleporting out. "Jason! Hey Jase don't leave. Come on... aw never mind. He can't hear me now."

Jackson then sat up and looked around. "As in your friend Jason. I think you were hallucinating. He wouldn't be here, wherever here is."

Carri looked over at Jackson. "You're right."

A few seconds later Kat and Christian woke up.

"Where are we?", asked Christian


"What happened?", asked Kat

"The last thing I remember was walking with Jackson on the beach.", Carri said

"And I was getting ready to hook myself up with someone.", added Jackson

"We were checking out the basketball courts.", said Kat

"While talking about the pink ranger.", Christian finished

The alarm started going off like crazy.

"Aye ai ai! The rangers aren't doing very well!", exclaimed Alpha

Carri and Kat exchanged glances.


Callisto! Thought Kat. I felt her presence.

"It is necessary for me to teleport you back home.", Alpha told them

All four teens nodded their heads yes. So Alpha teleported Jackson and Christian back to their hotel.

"Alright it's morphin time!", yelled Carri



* * *

Callisto threw all three boys back. Her sword fighting skills were much better than all five rangers put together.

"This isn't working.", Adam pointed out

"Hang on a sec. Let me go call Superman.", Rocky joked

"Come on guys we can do this.", Tommy said

"What about...", but Adam got interrupted battle cries

An unsuspecting Callisto was hit from behind by the two female rangers. Callisto fell forward.

"You're alive. No matter I will just kill you myself.", Callisto said

"Alright!", exclaimed Adam

"Nobody messes with the power rangers.", Tommy informed her

Then all five rangers charged Callisto.

"But me.", Callisto told Tommy as she flung all five of them out of her way

Carri stood up. "Zeo two power sword!"

Then she walked over to Callisto.

"You tried to kill me. You tried to kill my cousin. You tried to kill our friends from Paris. And you put everyone else through hell. Now you must pay.", Carri told her

Callisto smiled. "I hurt your friends. Now you want me dead. You remind me so much of her... and that's why you have to die."

The other four rangers jumped up. But Carri stuck a hand up telling them this was not their fight.

"But Carri...", Rocky started to protest

Carri said something to Callisto which cut Rocky off. "Let's do this."

Callisto and Carri both ran at each other swords in the air. A clash was heard all through Angel Grove as their swords met.

"You were destined to fight with me.", Callisto told her

"I was destined to kill you.", Carri said

"You don't have the guts.", Callisto informed her. "And even if you did you couldn't. Because I'm a goddess."

"You being a goddess has nothing to do with our fight.", Carri reminded her

As they were clashing swords Callisto used all her power to throw Carri out of the way.

"Now it does.", Callisto said

Carri flew until she hit a nearby tree and she hit the ground hard.

The other rangers quickly jumped back into the fight.

"I can't believe that I'm related you someone like you in any way.", Kat said as she jumped to attack her

"Well believe it.", Callisto snapped as she flung all four incoming rangers in different directions

Kat was flung into a tree a long way away. Tommy hit a car in the parking lot. Adam found his way into the bushes. And Rocky went rolling in the grass.

Callisto, satisfied with what she had done, walked over to Carri.

"Well well what do we have here.", Callisto said looking down at her

Then she stepped on the other side of her so she could make sure to make eye contact with all the rangers. Then she then pushed the tree over onto Carri.

"Oopsies. Did I do that.", Callisto said before she started laughing an evil twisted laugh

"Zeo two power kick!", Carri yelled as she kicked Callisto sending her flying across the park for a change. "You can't get rid of me that easily."

Callisto stood up and hissed. Then she raised her hand taking herself back into space.

* * *

"Where is she going!", exclaimed Lord Zedd

"Finster!", yelled Rita

"Yes Rita?", Finster replied

"Send a monster down now!", Rita demanded

"But Rita I don't have any molds ready yet.", Finster protested

Rita made a face and stormed off.

"Next time rangers.", promised Lord Zedd

* * *

Jackson, Christian, Kat and Carri all walked into the Youth Center and up to the table that Rocky, Tommy, Adam, Jason, Emily, Winnie, Ashley, Laz and Lauren were all sitting at.

"Hi guys.", Jackson said

Everyone around the table managed a hello.

"So, we were kinda hoping you guys wouldn't mind filling us in a little here.", Carri requested

Rocky went over and wrapped his arms around her.

"No, I think this is one thing we all want to put behind us.", he told her

Then he led her out of the Youth Center so they could have some together time for a while.

"Winnie it's so good to see you.", Christian said walking over to give his girlfriend a big hug

Winnie returned the hug. "It's great to see you too Christian."

"Do you want to go out?", asked Christian

"Of course I do.", Winnie told him

Then the two lovers walked out of the Youth Center.

"Tommy can we get out of here?", asked Kat

Tommy went to grab Kat's hand. "Of course we can."

Tommy and Kat then left reducing the number in the Youth Center.

"Well, guys, how's it going?", asked Jackson

"Fine.", Laz said getting up. "Come on man. Let's go site seeing."

Ashley and Lauren joined them.

"It'll be fun. Even though it won't be as interesting as Paris.", Ashley said

"We'll need a guide.", Lauren pointed out

"Come on Jason.", Adam said

Jason got up and kissed Emily. Then they left leaving Emily to do her job.

* * *

About 9:30 that night two figures met on the beach and started walking.

"What's wrong?", questioned Jason

"It was all wrong.", Carri told him

"It? What it?", asked Jason

Carri sighed. "The whole evening with Rocky."

Jason looked alarmed. "Why? What happened?"

"I don't know, it's just.", Carri paused. "It's just that he spent the whole time holding on to me like he was afraid to let go. And he was kind of distant. It bothered me."

"I think you deserve to hear what happened.", Jason told her

"And that will answer everything?"

"Yes. But you have to promise that you won't ever let anyone else know or tell anyone that you know. Because as a group we made a pact not to let it out."

"Jase you know me. Do I ever go around telling everybody what we talk about?"

Jason smiled. "No, your a true friend."

"Unlike some other people who can't keep their mouths shut."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Come on, I talked to Kim."

Jason opened his mouth to start to defend himself but then he just laughed and turned away.

"Yeah you know I'm right.", Carri said

Jason's expression got serious again. "Back to the events of the last twenty four hours."

"Let's start from the top.", Carri said

"Ok. You and Jackson came in the Youth Center, blew off Rocky then left. Kat and Christian came in and blew of Tommy and Winnie then left. Us guys, being as intelligent as we are, figured out it was a spell. And we went and got Alpha to confirm it."

"Let me guess another love spell."

"That's what we thought. But we found out this afternoon that it was a life draining spell and that you guys were dying. To save you Tommy and Rocky went into Callisto's hell and back. They almost didn't make it. They are the only persons ever to make it. When they did make it back with the antidote the biggest fear was that they were too late. You were moments from being dead when you got the antidote. Lucky enough, it worked."

Carri looked up at Jason. "So that's why he was so... different today."

"Feeling better now?", Jason asked

"Much. Thank you."

"No problem.". Jason said as he looked up. "The Beach Club. Come on, let's go sit over there."

Carri followed Jason and they sat at one of the tables.

"Think if I sit here long enough Emily will come?", asked Jason

Carri smiled. "Yeah but I hope you don't expect me to sit here with you.", she paused for a moment. "Speaking of Emily, how's it going?"

Jason smiled as he proceeded to tell her about Emily. The two of them sat under the stars and talked the whole night. Or it would've been the whole night had they not fallen asleep.

* * *

Winnie and Christian were sitting beside each other very closely and they were whispering stuff to each other and laughing and carrying on. Lauren and Ashley were on their right chatting. And Jason and Carri were on their left.

Carri was whispering something in Jason's ear. He laughed and whispered something back. Then Emily came up behind him and put her arms around him.

"How's it going girl?", she asked Carri

"It's going good. Today's a new day. And I intend on taking advantage of that.", Carri replied

"Glad to hear it.", Emily said as she moved closer to Jason. "Guess what?"

"What?", replied Jason

"Ernie gave me today off.", Emily told him

"Really? That's great.", Jason said looking up

"So now you know we have to spend some time together.", Emily said

"Defiantly.", Jason said as he kissed her

Kat entered the Youth Center along with Rocky and Tommy and they approached their friends table.

"Where were you last night?", Kat asked

"Who me? Out. I made it in early, took a shower and left.", Carri told her

"But...", Rocky started but was interrupted

Carri hopped out of her seat. "Shh! It's a new day! Let's put everything behind us. Out with the old in with the new." Then she went and threw an arm around Rocky. "What do you say?"

"Sounds like a plan to me.", Rocky agreed

"Well whatever you did it seemed revitalize you.", Tommy told her

"I spent a lot of time thinking, talking, but that was yesterday this is today.", Carri said

"Girl you're practically bouncing off the walls.", Winnie said

Adam slipped in to the Youth Center.

"Hey Adam.", greeted the only one who saw him enter, Lauren

"Hi Lauren.", Adam said

Jackson and Laz quickly entered the Youth Center making their presence felt.

"Everybody ready to hit the beach today?", asked Jackson

"Beach? You never said anything about the beach.", Ashley pointed out

"We'll were saying it now.", Laz told her. "Hot girls here we come."

"Shirtless guys laying on the beach.... I'm in.", Lauren said

"It sounds like fun.", Kat agreed

"Yeah. Maybe we can play a group volleyball game. Six on seven.", Tommy said

"Girls versus boys.", suggested Emily

"Aw come on, that's not fair.", teased Jason

"Excuse me but are you hinting that we would lose?", Emily asked

"You sure do pick up on things fast.", Jason kidded

Emily took her arms from around him and gave him a look. "Come on girls. We have to start thinking about strategy." Then Emily left, grabbing Kat and Carri on her way out. The other three quickly followed.

"They don't honestly think that?", Rocky stopped the question

Tommy looked at him. "No, how could they."

"Well you know how they think.", Jason said

"But don't they know by now?", asked Adam

"This will be interesting.", promised Jackson

"I just hope we don't embarrass them too badly.", said Laz

"Guys, what are we waiting for?", asked Christian

Then the seven guys ran out the Youth Center after the girls ready for some fun in the sun.

The End... for now