"A New Ranger" Part 3
By: KJ Holland

Everyone stayed at the airport until they saw the plane leave. Rocky noticed the look on Adam's face and he walked over and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey, I promise everything will work our for you guys.", Rocky tried to comfort him

"I hope you're right.", Adam said

"I know I'm right.", Rocky said, although he wasn't completely sure. Then he walked back to Carri and left Adam to his thoughts.

"Hey, as long as we're in the area, let's go out to eat.", Rocky suggested

"Food? Jeeze.", Carri joked with Rocky. "Why not.", Carri agreed

"Well, I'm there.", said Tommy

Kat brightened up when Tommy said that. "I'm coming."

"Hey Adam, you coming?", Rocky asked

"No. I think I'll just go home and eat.", Adam declined the offer

"Hey, I expect to see you at my house at 7.", Rocky said

"I might come.", Adam said

"Hey, a little Astro crushing is enough to cheer every one up.", Rocky told him, more to tease Carri than to cheer up Adam

"Excuse me little Anti-Astro, don't get your hopes up.", Carri said

"I don't know. I'll think about it.", Adam said

"Ok.", Rocky finally gave in

Carri threw one arm around her cousin. "Well Kat, like it or not you're coming with us."

"Great.", Kat sarcastically teased her

Carri and Kat walked ahead of the boys and to the car.

Tommy and Rocky walked slower, hoping Adam would at least catch up and walk with them. Instead, he stayed behind and watched the planes come and go.

"Adam's worrying me.", Rocky said as he and Tommy sped up to catch the girls

"He just needs a little alone time. He just lost the one girl he loved the most. Tomorrow morning, he'll be his old self.", Tommy told him

"I guess your right.", Rocky said


It was the 9th inning, and the score was tied at zero. Adam, of corse, hadn't shown. But Tommy, Kat, Billy, and of corse Rocky and Carri, were there.

"Ha. The bases are loaded.", Carri bragged

"So. Two out, Worell vs. Spires. No contest.", Rocky said

"Statistics point to Worell on this one.", Billy pointed out

"That's what you said yesterday.", Carri reminded him

Spires hit the ball, and it went really, really far.

"Keep going.", Carri said

"Come on wind, stop it.", Rocky muttered

"Keep going.", Carri repeated

"Stay ball.", Rocky pleaded

"Oh no.", Tommy whined as the ball sailed over the fence

"YES!", Carri yelled

"Well, statistics aren't always right.", Billy told them

"Any statistic that points against the Astros is totally off.", Carri told him

"Whatever. Your team just gets lucky.", Rocky said

"Isn't that the truth.", Tommy said

"Luck has nothing to do with it.", Carri boasted

"Look, he struck Ausmus out." Kat let everyone in on what happed while they argued

"I see. Now you decide to use the heater.", Rocky complained

"Hey, there's still hope.", Tommy started, "Karros, Piazza, and Gagne are coming up."

"Not with Wagner in.", Carri said

"Actually...", Billy started

"Don't say it.", Carri interrupted

"Eric, Eric," Rocky started to chant

"Eric, Eric, Eric, Eric.", Tommy joined in

"Billy, Billy, Billy.", responded Carri with emphasis on that last "y"

"Why did he swing at the ball in the dirt?", Kat wondered aloud

"Cause he sucks.", Carri said

"Come on Eric!", Tommy yelled

"Hey, that was a ball!", complained Rocky, extemely ticked with Kellogg's call

"K, K, K.", whispered Carri

Rocky put a hand over her mouth. "Us Dodger fans are sick of hearing your negative remarks."

Carri just shrugged her shoulders and let Rocky keep his hand there. Everyone watched as Karros struck out. All Carri was able to do was pump one fist in the air.

"Much better, don't you think?", Rocky commented on Carri's involuntary silence

"Now I can put down the Astros in peace.", Tommy joked

Carri stepped on his foot.

"Guys, you may have stopped her from talking, but you didn't stop her from listening.", Billy reminded them

"Oh.", Rocky said. Then he put his free hand on her ear. Tommy put a hand of his on her other ear.

"Better.", Tommy said

Carri was extremely ticked off. Shutting her up was one thing, but not letting her hear? Carri put her hands behind the boys arms, and with one sweeping motion, pushed their hands away.

"Now, I think I'd like to finish the game from over here.", Carri said as she got up and walked to the other side of the couch. "There, there's a couch between us."

There was a few seconds of silence before Rocky cried out, "Mike! You are my idle! How could you do this to me."

"Statistics, statsmistics.", Carri said, "Hey Billy, what were the chances on Mike striking out?"

Billy told her, "Well, 2% if Billy is having a good day and 0.5% if he's not."

"2%.", Carri muttered

"We've still got Greg. He's good.", Tommy said

By this time everyone had tuned around and was looking at Carri, except for Kat.

"Um Tommy, I hate to break this to you, but unless you call striking out good...", Kat got interrupted

"Yes! Billy, Billy, Billy!", Carri yelled

"Pure luck. I'm telling you, this has been your week. Any normal week, this wouldn't have happened.", Rocky said

"I'm afraid Rocky's right. After all, the statistics do say...", Billy was cut off by Tommy

"That the Dodgers rule and the Astros are at the bottom of the food chain.", he finished off

"Well, next time I'm watching what team I bet on.", Kat announced

"That's right, you guys owe me money.", Carri told a bunch of dejected looking teens. "Come on, pay up."

The four grumbled and growled as they slowly put the money in her hands. Carri turned around and counted her money. When she saw she had it all, she folded it and put it in her back pocket. Then, someone came up behind her and grabbed her.

"You know, I think you and I need to have a little talk over who to cheer for.", Rocky whispered in her ear

"Oh, so you're converting?", Carri asked

"Nope. But I bet I can convince you to.", Rocky informed her

"I doubt it. Come, sit, let's talk.", Carri said walking toward the couch

"No, not here.", Rocky whispered, "I was thinking a little more like a walk along the beach. Then maybe we could go grab a bite to eat. Your treat of corse.", he joked

Carri rolled her eyes, then she got serious. "I'd like that."

"Then what are we waiting for?", he said aloud as he grabbed her hand and led her out the door, "Oh, you guys can stay as long as you want.", he yelled while he was walking out the door, "Just be out before I get back."

"Be home a little later Kat.", Carri yelled as she walked out

Kat almost asked a million questions out of curiosity, but she declined. She and Carri both knew she was going to play 20 questions when she got back.

"I wonder where they went?", Tommy asked

"Who knows.", said Kat

"I'm headed back to the Power Chamber. You guys want to come?", Billy asked, then he noticed the why look on their faces, "I was working on something really superb for the zords and it would help if I had your input."

With that, Kat and Tommy's looks changed from why to why not.

"Sounds good. Let's go.", said Kat

"Ok. So are you going to tell us, or keep us in suspense?", Tommy asked

Billy replied, "Surprises are good for the soul." And with that, he was gone.

Tommy and Kat exchanged looks and quickly teleported after him.


Kat morphed home around 10:30. She sat up and waited for Carri to come home. It was about 11:30 or so before Carri finally wandered through the door.

"So?", Kat asked

"I think I'm in love.", Carri said as she sunk into one of the couch pillows. "No, I don't think, I know."

Kat's eyebrows rose a little. "Love you say?", she asked

Carri nodded her head yes. Carri looked so happy that anyone who happened to walk into the room would know how she felt.

"So? Are you going to tell all or what?", asked Kat

Carri remembered what a great night she had. Then a smile crossed her face as she began to tell her cousin all.


The next day Carri and Kat got up early and went to the mall for a shopping spree. Rocky and Tommy took their supposedly down friend out for "guy" things. You know, the annoying little stuff that would have Carri and Kat going "how immature".

This didn't hurt the girls feelings one bit. They hit every store in the mall, and it only took them until 3 p.m. (They started at 10 a.m.). After they were done for the day, they headed over to the Youth Center, hoping to find the boys.


Guessing that they would find the boys at the Youth Center was right on the money. But, where else would they be after spending the majority of their day doing "guy" things.

Carri and Kat wondered into the Youth Center at around 3:30. Both girls were wearing their new shades. They noticed that Tommy and Rocky were sparring, as usual. Adam was sitting at a table, having no real interest for sparring at the moment.

Carri and Kat both pushed their shades on the top of their heads when they were well in the door. Kat walked over to watched the boys spar and Carri decided she could do the most good cheering up Adam.

Carri went over and sat beside Adam, who was facing the fight. "Hey Adam, what's up?"

Adam looked up, as if Carri had just yanked him out of a deep trance. "Oh, hi Carri."

"Hey, cheer up. It's a new day.", she said

"There's not to much to be cheerful about.", Adam told her

"So you didn't have fun doing quote, guy things?"

"Well yeah, but.."

"And you have to admit today has been an awful calm day."

"True, but..."

"And all of you Anti-Astros get to keep your 10 dollars today."

That got a smile out of Adam. "Ok, so today hasn't been that bad."

"Come on Adam, I know you're down. Talk to me."

"I don't really want to discuss it."

"Come on Adam, that's what I'm here for."

"Thanks for being here, but I really prefer not to talk about it."

"You know that's not good."

"Well, I talked to Rocky and Tommy..."

"Then you can talk to me."

Adam just shook his head no and looked away. Carri shrugged her shoulders and went over to watch Rocky and Tommy, who were just finishing up round three of their "fight".

"Gotcha that time.", Rocky said triumphantly

"Yeah well, we all get lucky.", Tommy said

"Way to go Rocky.", Carri said

Rocky looked over, so absorbed in his sparring that he didn't even notice before that Carri and Kat had come in.

Rocky walked over to Carri and put his arms around her. "My good luck charm has arrived. You don't stand a chance Oliver.", he announced

"Only time will tell.", Tommy said

Rocky noticed the new shades on Carri's head and removed his arms from her waist so he could take them off. Rocky put her glasses on.

"What do you think?", Rocky asked her

"You could pass by in those, I suppose.", Carri told him

"Yeah, I know. I look great in everything I wear.", he complimented himself

"That's not exactly what I was headed to.", Carri muttered

"What?", Rocky said

"Nothing.", Carri replied

Rocky handed Carri back her glasses and she put them back on her head.

"So where did you get these?", Rocky wondered

"The mall.", Carri replied

"You were at the mall?", Rocky asked

Carri rolled her eyes. "I was just there for 5 hours."

"Oh.", Rocky said

"Ready to go for round 4?", Tommy asked

"You betcha.", Rocky said as he stepped back onto the mat

The boys shook hands and then jumped into fighting position. Carri walked over to where Kat was standing and they stood together and watched.

Carri started talking about nothing in particular. "I can't believe Camelot has jacked up the prices, again. If it weren't for Blockbuster, I'd be living at Best Buy right now. And can you believe we ran into Bulk and Skull in the food court? Of all the people we could see. And was it just me or did Skull get awfully nervous when he said something directly to me. I think he has a crush on me."

Carri looked over at Kat and noticed that she had been nodding her head yes and saying uh-huh the whole time. Carri followed her gaze and, not to her surprise, it ended up on Tommy.

Carri leaned over and whispered something it Kat's ear. "Someday."

Kat looked away from Tommy and over at her cousin, who by that time and turned all of her attention to Rocky. She took at minute to process what she had told her. She didn't realize how obvious she was being.

"Alright, nice going!", Carri cheered for Rocky

"Score one for the blue guy.", Rocky said

"Ok, no more mister nice guy. It's me and you, right here, right now.", Tommy informed Rocky

Rocky was heading for water but he turned around at the sound of his friends challenge.

"Your on.", he said

Both boys jumped right into their fighting stance and had at it. After all it was the 5th round, winner takes all.

Tommy really kicked into full force. He and Rocky went at it for what seemed like forever. Rocky was beginning to look like he had the edge, but Tommy pulled out a new move and a surprised Rocky went down.

Kat clapped for her friend and Carri made a face. Tommy helped Rocky up and they both shook hands.

"Nice try.", Tommy said

"Hey, there's always next time.", Rocky told him

Rocky went over to Carri and put an arm around her, but she pushed it right back off.

"You're ten times sweatier than you were a few minutes ago. Take a shower, and then you can put your arm around me.", Carri informed him

Rocky apologized. "I didn't know I was sweating that much."

"It's ok.", she accepted his apology

Rocky looked at the clock, which now read 3:55. "Oh man, I have to go take a quick shower before 4:30!", he exclaimed

"Why?", Carri questioned

"Because I've got to go to work.", Rocky explained

"Oh.", she said

Rocky looked over and noticed Adam was still depressed looking.

"I really should go talk to Adam before I leave.", he said

"I tried to talk to him, but he's not really willing to open up to me.", Carri told Rocky

"I wouldn't worry about that to much. He's extremely shy. He still has problems with telling Tommy everything.", Rocky told her

"That makes me feel a little better.", Carri thought aloud. "So, if he's shy and you're loud, how did you guys ever hook up?"

"That's a long story. Remind me, and I'll tell it to you when I have time. But, now I don't. I've really got to run. See ya.", Rocky said as he gave Carri a quick kiss and ran out the door

Carri walked back over to Adam's table where Kat and Tommy had migrated.

"Hey guys, let's go to the beach.", she suggested

"Why?", Kat asked

"Because, I need to do 2 things that New York just doesn't provide me with.", Carri said

"Rocky and?", Tommy asked

Carri hit him. "A tan, and a surf.", she told him. "You've still got my surfboard and my body board, don't you?"

"Right next to mine.", Kat said

"Well, I'd like to do some body boarding, what do you say?", Carri said

"Why not. This will be my chance to prove to you once and for all that I am the better of the two.", Kat said

Carri snickered. "Keep dreaming."

"You should use your own advice.", said Kat as she walked out the door

"We'll see.", said Carri as she followed her

"Body boarding. Sounds like fun. You in?", Tommy asked Adam

"I don't know.", he told him

"Adam...", Tommy protested

"Ok. Besides, it'll be interesting to watch the girls settle the score.", Adam said

"Wanna put money on it?", asked Tommy

Adam stood up. "Sure."

"I've got 10 on Kat. I know she's the best in Angel Grove.", Tommy claimed

"That's Angel Grove my friend. I have a feeling Carri has a few tricks up her sleeve."

"I take it you've got your 10 on her?"


Just then Carri ducked in the door.

"You guys coming?", she asked

Tommy and Adam nodded their heads yes as they headed out the door.


The first of three stops on the way to the beach was made at Kat and Carri's house. Tommy and Adam sat in the jeep while Carri and Kat went in to get their stuff.

Both of them walked up to their rooms and changed into their bathing suits. While Kat was in her room, she grabbed her wetsuit and Carri's, which she had kept for 3 years.

Carri was the first one dressed. She went downstairs and sat on the couch. When she saw Kat come out, with the wetsuit in hand, she was surprised.

"I can't believe you kept this.", Carri said astonished that Kat had held on to it for so long.

"Did you think I was going to trash it?", Kat asked, "Besides, I knew you'd be back."

"You kept my suit for 3 years. I don't know how to thank you.", she said

"The look on your face was enough.", Kat told her. "Come on, I've got one more thing."

Carri, knowing what this thing was, grabbed her wetsuit and join Kat in the basement.

"Here you go.", Kat said as she tossed Carri her body board

Carri caught it, and examined it for a few minutes.

"Let's do it.", she said as she walked up the stairs

Kat was quick to follow. They rushed out to the jeep where Tommy and Adam had been waiting for 20 minutes. The both hopped in and got the greeting they expected.

"It took you long enough.", whined Tommy

"Yeah. Stuff like this only takes us men a minute or two.", Adam agreed

"That's because we care enough about what we do to take our time.", Carri said

"Yeah. Life isn't always a race.", Kat informed them

"But getting dressed...", Tommy started but decided not to finish

Soon enough they were at Tommy's house, then Adam's. The boys took a total of 10 minutes to get ready.

"It's off to the beach.", announced Carri once Adam climbed back into the jeep

"Combined, me and Tommy took the time you guys took.", Adam said

"Nobody asked you.", said Carri as Tommy laughed and headed toward the beach


"We're here.", said Tommy as he parked the jeep

Carri was the first one to leap out of Tommy's jeep. She reached around back and grabbed her body board. Kat jumped out with almost as much enthusiasm and Carri did. Tommy and Adam got out of the car keeping their "cool" composure.

After everyone was ready to go to the beach Carri said, "Well, what are we waiting for?"

The four teenagers walked down the coastline. It was only 4:20, and they didn't expect to see Rocky, but Carri was looking anyway. Eventually though, her thoughts were concentrated only on the beach. She was interrupted only by Tommy, claiming he'd found the perfect spot on the sand.

"What's so special about right here?", Carri asked

"You play volleyball?", Tommy questioned

"You know it.", Carri told him

"Well, I've got us a spot right by the net.", Tommy said

"So, we don't have a ball. That might help a little.", Carri said rolling her eyes

"This is the net that the lifeguards set up. The lifeguard in the tower in front of the net, in this case tower 12, has the ball.", Adam explained

"Oh.", said Carri feeling rather stupid, a feeling which she quickly got over

"I guess since the court's free we should take advantage of it.", Tommy said

"I agree.", said Kat

Both Adam and Carri nodded in agreement.

The teens threw their towels and wetsuits onto the beach. Carri elected to be the one to go into the tower and ask for the ball.

Carri walked up the ramp and ducked her head into the tower.

"Excuse me.", she said politely to the 2nd best looking guy she'd seen since she arrived in Angel Grove.

The guy turned to face her. He was tall, with an awesome tan. Must've been working all summer. He had dirty blond hair and blue eyes.

"Can I help you?", he asked

"My friends and I are looking to play a little volleyball.", Carri told him

The guy went to get the ball. He started to hand it to her. When Carri went over to grab it he yanked it back.

"Can I trust you with our sacred volleyball?", he joked

"We won't kill it. Promise.", she said

"Ok then. Here you go.", he said handing it to her

"Thank you.", she said

Carri turned to walk out the door and who did she run into but Rocky.

"Hey.", she greeted him

"Hey. What are you doing here?", he asked

"Jeeze. Come for a little fun in the sun and you make it sound like I'm not wanted.", Carri said

"I didn't mean for it to come out like that, I meant...", Rocky started before he was interrupted

"I know what you meant.", Carri said., "You know, out of all the towers on the beach, we picked the one where you were working. How about that."

"It's a pleasant surprise.", Rocky told her

"So you've changed your mind, you want me here now.", she teased

"I guess you can stay.", Rocky jokingly said, then he noticed the volleyball. "You any good?", he asked

"That's for me to know...", she started

"And me to find out.", Rocky finished

"Ah hem.", said the lifeguard behind them

"Oh, I'm sorry. You going on the beach?", Rocky asked him

"Yeah.", he said

Rocky walked all the way into the tower and threw his stuff down beside the other guy's.

The other lifeguard started to speak, but Rocky interrupted him.

"I know, keep an eye on your stuff. After a year of rookie school working under you, one would think you wouldn't have to keep telling me that.", Rocky said

"Actually I wanted an introduction to this lovely lady you keep talking to.", he said

"Oh, sorry. Cody, this is my girlfriend, Carri Hillard. Carri, this is my closest friend on staff, Cody Madison.", Rocky introduced them

Carri and Cody both extended their hands and were engaged in a handshake.

"Nice to meet you.", Cody said

"Nice to meet you too.", said Carri

"I guess I'll be seeing more of you around here.", Cody said

Carri responded, "As long as I'm in Angel Grove, you'll be seeing me."

"Ok then. See ya.", said Cody as he left. Then he yelled back up to the tower, "Hey Rocky, Jake has us down working some overtime hours out on the water, from 7 to 9."

Jake of corse being the boys boss of 5 years.

"Unrequested overtime?", Rocky yelled back

"You got it.", Cody said "Hey, for what we get paid for going out on the water, it's worth it.", Rocky said

"You know it.", Cody said

"See ya at 7.", yelled Rocky

"Ok.", Cody yelled as he jogged on down the beach

"Well, I was only supposed to be up here long enough to get the ball, so...", Carri's voice trailed off

"I'd hate for Tommy to have Alpha doing a search for you.", Rocky joked

Rocky leaned over and gave Carri a quick kiss then she proceeded on down the to the beach.

"I got the ball!", she yelled

"It's about time.", said Tommy

"Hey, I was chatting with Rocky. Give me a break.", Carri defended herself

"Rocky's working here?", said Kat

"Did you guys not see him walk in?", Carri said

"Nope.", said Adam

Carri muttered, "Hopeless."

"What?", asked Tommy as he went to grab the ball

"Nothing.", she said

The group split up 2 on 2. Carri and Adam went up against Tommy and Kat. Carri had first serve. When she looked up, she saw Rocky sitting on a chair outside of the tower, watching his water, and every once in a while, her.


"Game point!", Carri yelled as she threw the ball up. Carri brought her arm up and completed her best serve of the day.

The ball went flying over the net. Kat, who was playing back, got on one knee and yelled, "I got it!"

And she did, with not a second to spare. Tommy the spiked the ball, which had been bumped high enough to have been set, over the net.

The move caught both Adam and Carri off guard, but not long enough to matter.

Carri made a leaping stab at the ball. Thankfully, she dove for it with just enough time to spare. She hit it up into the afternoon air, but not high enough for Adam to spike. Adam had to set the ball. As soon as Carri realized what was going on, she leaped to her feet and came through with the best spike of her life.

Both Kat and Tommy dove and fell to the ground attempting to get the ball.

"Ha! We win!", yelled Carri

Tommy and Kat were both sitting in the sand at this point, neither one really wanting to get up and face defeat.

"Aw, poor Tommy.", Carri said putting our her lower lip

"You know, if you guys could just play half as well as we did...", started Adam

Tommy hopped to his feet. "Aw, shut up!", he joked

Kat got up seconds after Tommy. "We, we, we... let you win, that's it!", she exclaimed

"Yeah!", Tommy agreed

Adam and Carri looked at each other and at the same time said, "Whatever."

From what seemed like out of no where the four heard clapping.

When they turned around, it was Rocky making all that noise.

"Way to go.", he congratulated from the tower

"For future references, you were not a witness to this embarrassing event.", Tommy said while pointing his finger at Rocky

"Yes I was.", Rocky told him

Carri stuck her tongue out at Tommy, who was jokingly muttering something about Rocky.

"I love you too Rocky!", Tommy yelled at Rocky

"I'm just lovable like that.", he replied

Tommy yelled back, "Just watch your water!"

Carri looked out at the ocean for a few seconds. "Well, the waves look good. What do you say we go for it?", she asked Kat

"You're on.", they both grabbed their boards and headed for the ocean before Kat stopped and said, "Wait a minute, how are we judging this?"

"The most creative wins.", Carri said

"How do you suggest we judge this?", Kat asked

Carri thought for a moment. "You can go first. Me, Tommy and Adam will judge you. Then I'll go."

"Ok.", Kat agreed

"You know what to look for?", Carri asked the boys

"We know enough to get us by.", Tommy said

"Then it's settled. Wish me luck.", said Kat as she ran off into the ocean


"Well boys, what do you think?", Carri asked

"I liked it.", said Tommy

Kat started up the beach towards her friends, but Carri motioned for her to stay.

"I'll have to admit, it was pretty good.", Adam said

"Not quite a 10, but not a 9 either.", Carri said

"That move she did on that wave was pretty awesome.", Tommy said

"It was. But I think, now Carri correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that we must mark down a little for almost falling off the board.", Adam said

Carri looked deep in thought for a second. "You're right. I think we should give her a 9.2."

Tommy argued, "That's a little low. I think it's more like a 9.6."

"Way two high. She had some small flaws in her performance.", Carri said

"Let's compromise. How about a 9.4?", said Adam

Tommy and Carri nodded in agreement. Then Carri motioned to Kat to come back in.

Kat approached the group and said, "So, what did I get?"

"Kat!", exclaimed Carri, "I'm surprised. You know the rules."

And with that Carri ran down the beach to show off her own skills.


Carri hopped out of the water but was motioned by Kat to stay put.

"So?", Adam asked

"Not bad. She looked as though she'd been practicing. But she left a lot out. She used to have a ton of more tricks up her sleeve.", Kat informed them

"There's more?", a surprised Tommy asked

"You know I don't blame her for not preforming them all. After all, she hasn't done this in 3 years.", Kat told them

Adam asked, "Did she compete with you?"

"Once. She one first when she was 13. Then she decided she had more fun pitching in baseball and left the pro body boarding to me.", she told him

"She plays baseball?", Adam asked "

She did. She played on rec teams. You know, I think the year she beat me was one of her last years playing.", Kat said

Tommy stood there for a second. "You're the best body boarder in Angel Grove."

"Thanks Tommy. As long as she doesn't compete, I may be able to pull that off for a few more years.", Kat joked, "Anyway, scores?"

"9.7.", Adam said

"9.5. She did have a little mistake. It's one of those you'd have to be a pro to notice.", Kat said

Tommy thought for a moment before deciding. "9.6. I didn't see any flaws, but I trust Kat, so that's why I think what I think."

"Then it's settled. 9.6 it is. Come on Carri!", Kat yelled waving for her cousin to come forward

Carri ran up the beach to her friends. "What did you think?", she asked

"You go first.", Kat said

"Ok. Well, the boys and I reviewed your performance very hard. We have come to the decision that you should receive a 9.4 because of your one slip up in technique.", Carri informed her

"Sounds fair. Now for you. You could've had a perfect 10. One big flaw with a few little ones tied in.", Kat started

Carri pouted. "I know, the, um, what did we call it? Oh yeah! The thrid wave routine!"

"3rd wave routine?", Tommy questioned

"We had wacky names for our routines when we were kids. Don't ask.", Carri told him

"Anyway, that's the one. I won't doubt that you can still do it to perfection. But trying to do it on your first time out was, well..."

"Risky?", she filled in

"To say the least. Anyway we have given you a 9.6.", Kat announced

"A 9.6? Well what do you know. I've still got it.", said Carri as she walked over to her towel and set down her board

"Surfing tomorrow?", Kat asked as she joined her cousin

"You betcha.", Carri said

Tommy and Adam came up behind them. Tommy put his head down and looked like a little puppy dog.

"Yes, you can come too.", Carri told them

"Alright!", Tommy exclaimed as he and Adam exchanged high fives

Kat giggled. "Over excitement."

"Seriously.", Carri said

"So, what next?", asked Adam

"Next," Carri started as she took off her wetsuit, "Kat and I are going to lay here and tan."

"Well what about us?" asked Tommy

"Um, let's see here.", said Kat as she flung her wetsuit on the ground

The girls threw down the towels and sat on them.

Carri thought of some ideas. "Well, you could grab the ball back from Rocko and practice or play. Or you could spar."

Adam and Tommy looked at each other. "Volleyball.", they said at the same time

"Why not spar?", Carri asked

"Well, we can do that at the Youth Center." said Tommy

"True. Alright then. Have at it.", said Carri as she threw on her shades. Then she turned over on her stomach and buried her head in her hands. Kat lay down on her back while Tommy and Adam went to get the ball.

Kat turned her head toward Carri. She was dying to know her secret. "How do you get Tommy to listen to you?"

Carri answered. "Easy. Speak with authority." And with that she dozed off.


Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

Carri was jolted awake by the sound of her communicator going off.

"How long was I asleep?", she asked

"15 minutes.", Kat told her

"Not long enough.", Carri said as she flipped over to tan her front side for a while.

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

"So that's what woke me up.", muttered Carri

Carri jumped up and walked over to join Adam, Tommy, and Kat, who had gotten up just a few seconds earlier.

"Let's hear it.", Carri said

"Hang on, we're waiting for...", Tommy said but was interrupted

"Me. Sorry I took so long. I had to talk Cody into covering for me for a few minutes.", said Rocky as he rested his arm on his girlfriends shoulder

"Good, we're all here. Come on.", said Tommy as he led the group to a deserted spot of the beach behind a rock

"Go ahead Alpha.", Tommy said

"King Mondo has sent a hideous monster named Octi-Man into Angel Grove along with the cogs.", Alpha informed them

"We're on it Alpha.", Rocky said

"It's morphin time!", Tommy yelled after looking around to make sure they were still alone.






And with that the 5 friends were off to save the world.


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