"Best In the Bigs"
By: KJ Holland

Beep! Beep!

The alarm went off. A very sleepy Carri Hillard woke up and looked over at her alarm clock, which read only 6:00 am. Carri was not a morning person. She reached over and slapped her alarm clock, accidentally turning it off. At least she claimed it was an accident.

Over in the room next to hers, Katherine Hillard, Carri's cousin, was waking up at 6, like Carri should have. Kat got up and took her time taking a shower like she usually did. She got dressed, did her hair, and felt refreshed. By the time she was done it was 6:47. Kat walked out of her room and saw Carri's room closed. Hearing no radio, she realized that Carri had done it again.

Knock Knock!

Carri threw the covers over her head. "Go away.", she muttered

"Carri it's 6:50!", Kat yelled

Upon hearing Kat's yell Carri sat straight up and looked over at her clock. Seeing that Kat was right, as usual, she yelled, "Again!"

Kat shook her head. Carri needed to get used to this early thing. But as long as Kat was there, Carri would be alright.

Carri jumped into the shower for 10 minutes, which she didn't like. The warm water usually woke her up, but this morning, like all the other ones she woke up late, she couldn't even tell what she was doing she had to go so fast.

Carri finished her shower and got out to get dressed. She threw on a top and some pants, then, seeing it was 7:05, she parted her hair and pulled each side up in a yellow clip.

Carri grabbed her backpack and flew downstairs to meet Kat. Grabbing a beagle, she ran out the door and into Tommy Oliver's car, who had been nice enough to pick them up.

"Carri, when are you going to learn?", Tommy asked

Carri hit him on his shoulder as she buckled her seatbelt and they were on their way to school.


After walking in as the bell was ringing for first period, Carri took her time getting to history class.

She slipped into her usual seat, getting glances from Rocky DeSantos and Tommy.

Rocky put his arm around Carri. "Again.", he said and sighed

"Shut up.", Carri said as Rocky leaned over and kissed her on the cheek

"Nice to see you too.", Rocky said

"You told every one, didn't you?", Carri asked

"Now that Adam and Rocky know, that would be every one.", Tommy replied

Adam Park is Rocky's best friend and he is the fifth and final member of the Power Rangers team.

Carri put her and on Rocky's arm, which was still around her shoulder. The bell rang, and Rocky and Carri separated themselves from each other.

"May we please have your attention for the morning announcements.", asked the usual announcer, Jennifer Bostic.

Carri shrugged her shoulders, as if she was answering the question.

"Attention all baseball players.", Jennifer started, "Tryouts for the spring team will be tomorrow so that the team will be able to have fall practices."

Rocky leaned over and whispered into Carri's ear, "You are coming, right?"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world. I'll be there cheering you on.", she told him

Jennifer continued, "The German Club will be holding a meeting tomorrow. All members must attend. The Debate Team will be competing tomorrow in San Francisco. Please come and support them."

"In San Francisco? I don't think so.", Tommy whispered

"The last announcement for the morning is just a reminder that the football team is at home tonight. We are going for our third straight win. Please come out and cheer us on. That's all for this morning. Thank you.", Jennifer concluded

The class started cheering. Jennifer could easily win the award for biggest stuck up snob on campus. Some say the only reason that she's even on the announcements is that her parents talked the principal into it.

"Alright already. Enough clapping. I don't like the girl either but I don't show it so why don't you follow my example.", said their history teacher, Mr. Wilson

The class settled down and got ready for their 45 minute lecture on Romanian history. Yay.


The gang made it threw the day, as usual. Well, not as usual. They didn't have any Mondo attacks, but that was a good thing.

Like they did every afternoon, they met at the Youth Center to chat and snack.

The gang came in and sat at their usual table in their usual order of Rocky, Carri, Kat, Tommy then Adam.

"I'm hungry.", Rocky announced

"What else is new?", asked Carri

"I'm going to get something to eat. You want anything?", Rocky asked Carri

"Nope, I'm fine.", Carri responded

With that Rocky got up and went to get his food.

"So who's coming to tryouts tomorrow?", asked Adam

"Me.", Carri told him

"You're only coming to cheer on your man.", Adam told her

"If I think about it I can yell and occasional Go Adam.", Carri teased

"What about you two?", Adam said, referring to Tommy and Kat

"I haven't started my language paper yet.", Tommy said

"A ten page paper due Monday and you haven't started it!", Carri exclaimed, "Ai de me!"

"What?", Rocky asked after returning with his food

"Bozo over there hasn't started his paper yet.", Carri informed him

"Ai de me.", Rocky said shaking his head at Tommy

"Well, I've been meaning to.", Tommy said in his own defense

"Anyway. Kat?", asked Adam

"I have my dance seminar tomorrow. Sorry.", Kat apologized

"If I had known you both would have plans I would have had coach tell us about this years tryouts last year.", said Adam

"They would both still have something that they had to do since they're both lazy procrastinators that....", Carri looked up and saw every one staring at her

Carri got up and in frustration said, "I quit", as she walked over to the counter and sat down in one of the stools.

"Hello Ernie.", she said

Ernie just shook his head realizing that Carri was having another one of her over dramatic spells.

The gang just sat there ignoring Carri. They knew once she'd gotten her foot out of her mouth she'd be back.

"So, who's going to the football game tonight?", Tommy asked

"I'm going. I love football. A bunch of guys running around in tight pants. Yup, football is the sport.", Kat said

The boys laughed.

"I'll be there. Although I shouldn't go, practice starts at nine and I can be there no later than 8:30, but I'd like to see our football team continue with their first winning streak.", Adam said

"I guess I'm coming. I've got no other plans.", Rocky informed them

Carri came back and sat down. "Ok, I'm cool, calm, and collected."

"Good for you. Are you coming to tonight's game?", asked Adam

"I don't know.", Carri replied and she sat there looking like she was deep in thought

"You know you want to come.", said Kat

Carri thought for another second before her eyes lit up. "You're right. I do want to go."

"Why?", wondered Rocky

Kat and Carri made eye contact and they both cracked up.

"You don't really want to go to the game.", said Rocky

"Yes I do.", Carri responded

Rocky put his arm around Carri and the group looked like they were just getting comfortable when a noise interrupted them.

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

"All I ask for is a lame 24 hours.", Tommy muttered as the rangers got up and migrated to their usual quiet spot in the Youth Center.

"What is it Alpha?", Tommy asked

"The cogs are in the junk yard. It appears that they are looking for something.", Alpha informed the rangers

"Alright Alpha, we're on it.", said Tommy. Then he looked around to make sure they were still alone and he yelled, "It's morphin time!"






And with 5 flashes of light the rangers teleported to the junk yard.


The cogs saw the rangers appear as they found what they were looking for. They grabbed it and turned around in fighting stance.

"Whatever it is that you've got, we're here to take it back.", Tommy yelled

The cogs quickly advanced toward the rangers. As usual, they fought. But instead of the cogs staying until the end, they left in order to protect whatever it was they came for.

The rangers, who had been fighting the cogs, were left in awe.

"Well that was no fun.", said Carri

"There was something not right with that.", Rocky thought out loud

"I agree with you. Come on, let's go to the Power Chamber.", Tommy said

With that they were gone.


"I don't get it", Kat started as she took off her helmet, "what's so special about whatever it was that they grabbed."

"In all actuality, I don't know. It was just like every other piece of junk down there. The only logical explanation I can come up with is that they have some major project in mind.", explained Billy Cranston, an ex-ranger and the genius of the group

"BILLY IS RIGHT.", said Zordon, the Power Rangers leader, "I'M AFRAID ALL WE CAN DO NOW IS SIT AND WAIT."

"I don't like this.", said Tommy


"So what now? Just go sit and wait?", asked Adam

"YES.", answered Zordon

"Ai ai ai.", said Alpha

"Don't worry, I'm sure it's nothing that we can't handle.", Carri comforted their nervous robot pal

"I guess we might as well get out of here.", said Rocky

"You're right. We only have an hour before we have to leave for the game.", said Kat

The others nodded their heads in agreement.

"See ya Billy.", said Carri before she transported out

"I'll talk to you guys later.", Billy said to his friends who transported out behind Carri


"Come on!", yelled Adam

"Yes yes!", yelled Kat

"No!", Tommy screamed, followed by "Yes!"

"Watch out.", Rocky said before he yelled, "Keep it up!"

"Keep going... touchdown!", yelled Carri

"Yes!", Tommy exclaimed

"For a second there I didn't think he was going to make it.", Adam said

"If we can just hold them.", said Rocky

"I'm glad I came.", Kat said to see what Carri's reaction would be

Carri refused to look over at Kat. She knew if they made eye contact that she would double over laughing.

"Just under two minutes to go. The kick. Looks like it's going to end up in the end zone folks. Wait a second, #24 on our very own Angle Grove team appears to have stopped it at the 1 yard line. It would take a miracle for the Panthers to score. What away to end an amazing 21 point come back.", said the announcer for Angel Grove, Mark Peterson.

"I've always wanted to see a miracle, but today is not the day.", said Carri

"Don't worry. It would take the mother of all miracles to let them win.", Rocky assured her

"29 seconds, and they've made it to their own 47 yard line.", Tommy told everyone, not like they didn't know already

The Panthers quarterback took the ball and went back looking for an open man. Thinking he had found one, he brought his arm back and hurled the ball forward.

"Picked off! I can't believe he picked it off!", Adam yelled

"And that will do it for the Panthers. Angel Grove is going to let the clock wind down and they will take this one 37-33.", announced Mark

Everyone in the stands roared. The first three game winning streak in the history of Angel Grove football.

"We've got to jet.", Adam said looking over at Rocky

Rocky looked down at his watch. "You're right."

Rocky leaned over and kissed Carri. "See you in the morning."

"Bye.", she replied

Adam and Rocky ran up the bleachers and yelled good-bye. The three remaining rangers waved.

"You guys want to go get something to eat?", Tommy asked the girls

"Why not.", answered Kat

"I've got nothing else to do.", Carri told them

The three left with the crowd and went out for burgers at an all night cafe.


Rocky and Adam were standing on the baseball field watching the coach audition pitchers.

"I wonder where Carri is.", Rocky asked, "I told her to be here by 9."

"She'll be here soon.", Adam said, "Besides, it's not like she's missing anything."


"So who do you think will get the pitchers spot?", asked Adam

"None of them I hope.", Rocky answered, "My little sister could hit the best one's fastball"

"My grandmother could hit the best one, Kevin's I guess, fastball."

"I thought your grandmother was dead."

"My point exactly."

"Alright boys, listen up!", yelled Coach Anderson, "This is what we're going to do. I want some of you to go on the field. Kevin, who will be our best starter, is going to try his stuff out against Shawn. The ones on the field will field the balls that are hit and throw them in just like in a real game."

Then the coach muttered, "If Brown actually gets one across the plate." Luckily for him no one caught that.

"Alright I want the first timers out on the field. 1st - 3rd will be... Norris, Fink, Wilkinson, and Littrell. Left - right field will be.. Madison, Dye, and... and... you mean to tell me that out of the rest of you rookies none of you is comfortable in right. Rocky come here.", Coach Anderson yelled

"Yes sir.", Rocky said as he walked over to the coach

"Do you mind playing right for me? You don't even have to try. I'm only looking at the rookies right now anyway. I'll audition you boys from last year's squad later.", the Coach asked in a low voice

"Sure.", said Rocky as he went back and grabbed his glove, then headed for right field

Coach Anderson went back to his loud voice. "The catcher will stay the same. He's been working with us all morning." The coach looked around only to see some boys still standing around making shapes in the dirt. "What are you boys waiting for? Move!"

And with that the rest of them went where ever they were supposed to go.

4 or 5 pitches into the exercise Carri showed up. She came in and saw a few parents sitting on the sidelines. Not really caring to sit with them, she went and laid against the fence behind and to the right of the catcher. That was a good position to be in if you wanted to see the pitcher get yelled at.

Adam saw Carri come in and went over to say hi.

"Hey, where have you been?", he greeted her

"Well, see, I set my alarm for 8 and, um...", she started

Adam rolled his eyes. "I'll leave it alone this time. I think this is more Rocky's business."

"Speaking of Rocky, where is he?", Carri asked

"In right field."

"Ooops.", said Carri, "I was too busy watching the pitcher get yelled at. Who is that idiot and why is he even on the mound?"

"He's our best pitcher. His name is Kevin Brown, and before you say anything it is just some wild coincidence because for his pitches to make it safely across the plate he has to throw them under 20 miles per hour."

Just then Kevin threw one of his wilder ones that came within inches of Adam's head.

"Watch it!", yelled Carri as she stuck her hand out to grab the ball. "I see what you mean."

"Hey girl, throw that to me.", Coach Anderson

"Hey girl?", Carri muttered before she threw a fastball at his head. "Well, what do you know. I've still got it."

"Kat was right.", Adam said


"You being pretty good at this."

"Oh. Thank you."

While Carri and Adam were chatting Coach Anderson was busy shaking his bare hand that was unfortunate enough to catch Carri's ball.

"Hey you!", he yelled toward Adam and Carri and they looked up, "Come here."

Adam started to jog toward his coach but his coach stopped him. "Not you Adam, her."

Carri pointed a finger at herself. "Me?"

Coach nodded his head yes.

Carri made her way up to the mound. "Yes?"

"I'd say that pitch was 40 miles an hour. Have you ever played before?", Coach Anderson asked

"I used to pitch, but it's been 4 or 5 years.", Carri told him

Coach pushed Kevin off the mound. "Why don't you throw one.", he said handing Carri the ball

Carri shrugged her shoulders. What could it hurt? Carri stepped onto the mound.

"Unbelievable.", muttered Kevin

Carri bent over, put her glove hand behind her back and but the hand with the ball in it in front of her. Then she stood there.

"Am I going to get a sign or what?", she asked

Kevin snickered. "You don't even know what the sign's are for."

The catcher, looking confused, finally put a one down. Carri saw it and she leaned back and fired the ball. Shawn tried to hit it and missed.

"For the first fastball I've thrown in forever that isn't too bad. Strike one.", Carri announced, proud of herself

The boys stood there with blank looks on their faces. Even Rocky looked a little baffled.

"Do that again.", said Coach

"Ok.", Carri said as she caught the toss from the catcher. "Same pitch?"

Coach nodded his head yes.

Carri drew her arm back and then flung it forward, releasing a pitch much better than the first one.

Shawn didn't bother swinging at that pitch. He just stood there in awe, staring at the ball as it went by.

A few seconds passed while Coach Anderson got over what he had seen.

"Can you pitch anything else?", Coach asked

"My curveball is ok, so is my slider. My changeup is decent, and I used to have a breaking ball... yeah right. Like I could pitch that now.", Carri informed him

"Let me see the other 3. Shawn, swing at them.", Coach said

Carri bent over and the catcher gave the sign for the curveball. Carri leaned back and then lunged forward. The ball started out like it should've, but then it took an extra curve toward the end. However, Shawn didn't know that and he chopped the ball foul down the 3rd base line.

Carri got a new ball and threw a slider that got the same result. Then she threw the changeup which Shawn popped strait up.

"Not bad.", Coach Anderson said. "The question is, can you bat?"

"The girl can't bat.", Kevin said

"My name is Carri.", she said looking at Kevin, "and I can bat."

Carri went and took the bat from Shawn. "Pitch me one.", she called to Kevin

Kevin got the ball and threw one that was high. Carri refused to swing.

"If you're gonna miss, do it down low. I like to fish.", Carri said

Kevin decided to grant her wish, and he pitched a low fastball.

Carri hit a line drive into the gap between center and right. "Thank you.", she said

Kevin threw her 10 more pitches. 3 of them were solid hits, 3 fly balls to the outfield, 2 grounders and 2 foul balls.

"I'm impressed.", Coach Anderson said. "Come pitch to Kevin."

Carri went and threw Kevin 10 pitches. 1 was a hit, 4 flies to the outfield and 5 ground balls.

"Carri, stay here for a second and Kevin, you go sit down. Carri I want you to pitch to Shawn for a while.", Coach Anderson said

Kevin was ticked. He went to the bench and slammed his glove down before he sat.

Carri and Shawn played for about 30 minutes. They worked fairly well, 50% of the pitches were strikes and 50% of them he got a piece of. Towards the end, Shawn was hitting Carri's 10 mile and hour pitches right back to her, possibly to short or second.

"You both look tired. Adam, why don't you come in and hit and.... Cory, come pitch.", Coach Anderson said

Carri was standing on the mound working her shoulder when Coach approached her.

"How would you like to be our starting pitcher?", Coach asked her

"I don't know. Can I have some time to think about it?", she asked

"Sure. You can have all afternoon if you need it.", he said

"Sounds reasonable.", Carri said as she walked over to the bench

Carri passed Adam who was getting ready to hit and he gave her five. Then Carri joined Shawn as they walked to the bench.

"You know, I've never missed a pitch by a girl before.", Shawn told her

"There's a first for everything.", Carri said

"Well, I'm sure I won't be the only guy with that problem. Hi, I'm Shawn Stevenson. I figure if we're going to be playing together, we should at least get to know each other.", he said extending his hand

"Carri Hillard.", she said as she shook his hand

Shawn and Carri walked into the dugout together and they sat on the opposite side of the bench from Kevin, which was the far right side.

Carri just sat there debating joining the team or not while she watched the so called action on the field. About the same time Coach Anderson called the players in, Kevin came over to talk to Carri.

"You know I'm not about to loose my starting role to a girl.", Kevin said

Carri stayed seated and looked up at him. "Looks to me like you already have."

"I wouldn't join the team if I was you. Wouldn't want you getting hurt by us big strong guys.", he said

"Well you aren't me. And if you wanna know the truth, not one of you quote big strong guys scares me.", she said

Kevin got sick of looking down at her. "Do you mind standing up when I talk to you? I feel like I'm chewing out my little sister."

Carri stood up. "Better?"

"Lots. Now where was I? Oh yeah, reasons why you don't want to be on the team followed by reasons why we should frighten you."

Carri tuned him out and concentrated on blowing bubbles. Kevin didn't like that too much and he stopped mid sentence.

"You know, whoever invented bubble gum was a genius. Especially the guy who came up with watermelon Bubble Yum. That's the best. The little gum rectangles even look like watermelons. They're red and green and...", Carri started but got cut short

"Shut up!", Kevin yelled as he took his left hand and grabbed the right side of her shirt and then moved his right hand around

"Do you mind? I'm not in any mood to iron this shirt.", Carri said

He slightly raised his right hand, then put it down again.

"Oooh. What are you going to do now, hit me?", she asked

Carri didn't appreciate all of the hand movements so she took her right hand and knocked his left and free.

"Hey!", said a startled Kevin

"Ooops. My bad.", Carri said and started to sit back down

Kevin was so mad you could almost see smoke coming out of his head. He grabbed Carri exactly how he had her and pulled her up. He raised his right arm with all intentions of hitting her.

Right as he was swinging his arm forward Rocky came over and grabbed his arm, stopping him from hitting Carri.

"I think you'd be better off down there. You're lucky coach is over there or you could kiss this team good-bye.", Rocky said letting go of his arm

Kevin let go of Carri and turned toward the other side of the bench.

"Oh and one more thing", Rocky said and Kevin turned around. Then Rocky got up in his face so to keep what he was saying between them, "if you ever raise a hand to her again you won't live long enough to be able to regret it."

Kevin backed out of Rocky's face and headed toward the other end of the bench, cursing and kicking things the whole way down.

Rocky turned around and went to sit down on the end of the bench beside Carri, who had already taken her seat.

"I can't believe that creep was about to hit you.", Rocky said

"Actually I was kind of hoping he would.", Carri told him

Rocky sat there with a blank look on his face.

Carri had to explain. "You see, California law states that a woman can not hit a man without reason. However if a man hits a woman, the woman can do whatever she wants without punishment, which for me would be suspension. I was going to let him have it."

That got a smile out of Rocky. "I can go along with your logic.", he said

"You know what?", Carri asked

"What?", Rocky said

"I think you're looking at Angel Grove's newest pitcher."

"Great!", Rocky exclaimed

"Stay right here and I'll go tell Coach.", she said

Carri got up and went to let the coach know of her decision. Then he gave her the standard forms for participation in sports and Carri took them back to her seat to fill out.

"Just out of curiosity, where were you this morning?", Rocky asked when she came back

"Um.... well... my alarm... you see....", Carri started, or at least tried to start

"2 days in a row! Unbelievable.", said Rocky

"Um, sorry.", Carri said

"That's ok. You didn't miss much.", Rocky told her. "You're really good. I never knew you could pitch like that."

"Thanks.", Carri said as she picked up the pen to start filling out the form, then she put the pen down. "I wonder what Kat is going to say when she hears about this." Then she started to fill out the form.

"Hillard, Carri L.', Rocky read out loud. "What does L stand for?"

"Lauren.", she told him

"Carri Lauren Hillard. How did that come about?"

"When I was born my mom wanted to name me Carri. My dad was obsessed with Laura. Finally they compromised. Dad said my first name could be Carri as long as it it was spelled C A R R I and not C A R R I E or something else. Mom liked that and she said she would go for it and have Lauren be my middle name. So, what's you're middle name?", she finished

Rocky leaned over so no one else could hear him. "Javier.", he told her

"Oh really. Your story?", she asked

"My grandmothers dying wish. My parents had to respect it.", he said

"Nifty.", she said

Just then Coach Anderson came over and called last years players onto the field.

"Talk to ya later.", said Rocky as he walked out onto the field

"Bye.", said Carri, then she waved bye to Shawn who had waved first

While Coach took the boys through drills, Carri sat there and filled out her forms.


After practice, all of the boys got dressed and quickly ran to see who made the team. Carri watched as the boys crowed around the posted sheet to scan for their names.

After Rocky and Adam were done looking they walked over to her.

"Starting right fielder.", said Rocky

"Starting 2nd baseman.", said Adam

"Way to go.", Carri congratulated them

one of the guys who was on the team, the starting 1st baseman Mark Matthews, stood up on a bench to make an announcement.

"Attention all boys," he said then he saw the evil eye from his new female teammate, "I meant all people," then he saw the look of approval, "who were lucky enough to make the baseball team, I will be holding the annual congrats party tonight at my house. Be there at seven. And as you all know the cheerleaders are invited so bring a date at your own expense. Unless, of corse, you don't care for the cheerleaders, and I hope for the sake of this team getting along there's only one of us falling under that category."

Everyone laughed at that last comment.

Mark hopped off of the bench. Carri looked over at Rocky. "I hope for your sake there are 2 of us who don't care for the cheerleaders."

"Who are the cheerleaders?", Rocky asked

Carri nodded her head in approval.

Carri walked over to the gate. Rocky stayed back for a few seconds talking to someone then ran to catch up with her.

"Hold up!", he yelled

Carri stopped and turned around.

"Where are you going?", Rocky yelled

"Youth Center probably.", she said

"How would you like to go to grab a burger over at the diner with me and the boys?", Rocky asked

"Sounds like fun, but I would much rather go hang out at the Youth Center, with anyone who happens to be there. Like Ernie. Then I have to go find Kat. She'll get a kick out of this.", Carri said

"Fine, have it your way.", said Rocky

"Bye.", said Carri as she waved and walked out of the gate

"Bye.", said Rocky as he waved back


Carri walked into the Youth Center beaming. She went over and sat in a stool.

"Someone looks in a good mood.", said Ernie

"Well, I'm sure if you were back in the game you'd be happy too.", Carri said

"The game? As in baseball?", Ernie asked

"What else?", she said

"You coaching little league?", he asked

She shook her head no.

"Don't tell me you're playing rec."

Carri shook her head no again.

"I give. What is it?"

"I am the pitcher for Angel Grove High.", she told him

"Wow. That's great. I'm proud of you.", Ernie said, before asking, "What made you try out anyway?"

"I didn't try out. I was there, cheering on my friends when I threw back a loose ball. Coach thought I was strong had had me pitch. The rest as they say is history.", she explained

"Oh. Well, good luck.", Ernie said as he smiled and walked away

Carri realized that she was so hyped up she had to go tell more people about her good fortune. Tommy was writing a paper, Kat was dancing, Adam and Rocky already knew, so that left... Billy! Carri left the Youth Center and found a secure place to teleport.


The handful of boys from the baseball team walked into the diner. There wasn't as many as they had expected. Only Kevin, Rocky, Adam, Cory, and the two other outfielders, Mike and Craig showed up.

"So, looks like we have a pretty good team this year.", said Craig Jones, the center fielder

"Seems like we've adequately replaced our missing positions.", the left fielder Mike Avery

"Except for the pitcher.", said Kevin

"I think one of us would've done quite nicely.", Cory said pointing to himself and Kevin

"What is your problem?", Rocky asked as the waitress arrived at their table

"Hello boys. What can I get for you?", she asked

The boys quickly placed their orders and the waitress rushed off to fill them.

"Come on, she's not here. We can talk about how we really feel.", Kevin said

"I feel that you have a real problem.", said Adam

"Am I the only one who noticed that our new pitcher was a girl?", Kevin asked

"Nope, I think the rest of us are very aware of that.", Rocky said

"I'm gonna have to go with my boys on this on this one.", said Mike

"See there.", Cory said

"No, see our boys are Rocky and Adam. Not you two rookies.", Craig said

"Baseball is a mans game. She should have no part in it.", Kevin stated his opinion

"Says who?", Adam wondered

"Says us.", said Cory

"Whoop de do.", said Mike

"Look, if I was you, which fortunately I'm not, I would shut up. 2 against 4. Those aren't good odds.", Rocky threatened

Kevin and Rocky both glared into each others eyes for a few seconds, which seemed more like minutes, until Adam broke the silence.

"Look guys, our food is here.", he said, "Let's just drop it for now."

The boys started eating in silence, but eventually the silence turned into fun conversation, almost like they had forgotten about Carri. However, Kevin never completely forgot.


Carri popped into the Power Chamber unexpectedly and caused both Billy and Alpha to jump.

"Carri, is something wrong?", a long time ranger and friend of the group, Billy Cranston asked

"Wrong? Just because I come unannounced doesn't mean something's wrong.", Carri said

"Then why grace us with your presence?", Billy asked

"Guess what?", Carri said

"I've never been any good at guessing games.", Billy said

"Come on, guess.", Carri pleaded

"I have no idea.", Billy said

"Fine then you're no fun.", said Carri as she walked over to Alpha. "Guess what?"

"Because of a freak accident Mondo is dead and there are no more bad guys.", Alpha said

"You wish.", Carri said, "Try again."

"Ai ai ai! I don't know!", said Alpha

"Alright. Fine. If you don't wanna guess I'll tell you.", Carri said

Carri wondered over to be in the center of the Power Chamber and the center of attention.

"You lucky people are blessed enough to be in the presence of Angel Grove's newest pitcher.", announced Carri

"That's the best news I've heard all day. Other than what I made up.", said Alpha

"Let me be one of the first to congratulate you.", said Billy

"Thank you. And, before you ask, I made the team because I threw a wild pitch that went my way back at the coach and he thought I was good.", Carri explained

"We weren't going to ask.", Billy informed her

"Oh. Well. You two will be the only ones not shocked. Well, except for Kat.", said Carri

"It doesn't surprise us. You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it.", said Alpha

"I AM PROUD OF YOU.", said Zordon

"Much thanks.", said Carri as she looked at her watch. "Wow, look at the time! Kat should be home any minute. See ya!", yelled Carri as she teleported out

"So where were we?", asked Billy

"Reconfigurating the electronic charge of the zeo cannon to give it more power." Alpha reminded him

"Right.", said Billy


"It took me until 3:00, but I finally finished!", exclaimed Tommy as he walked into Kat's house

"Good. If it had taken you any less time, I wouldn't have been here.", Kat told him. "Go ahead and take a seat. I'll grab some sodas."

"Ok.", Tommy said

Kat walked over to get the drinks and Tommy sat down on the couch. Quickly Kat came over and sat down on the other side of the couch from him.

"So, I guess we can watch TV.", Kat said

"Fine by me.", Tommy said

Kat flipped on the TV just as Carri teleported in. Carri saw the space between them and sighed.

It's amazing that neither one of them has any clue what so ever. Too bad. They'll eventually hook up She thought as she jumped into the vacant spot in the middle.

"Hey Carri. What were you doing at the Power Chamber?", asked Tommy

"Oh nothing. Guess what?", Carri said, wanting someone to guess, although she knew the chances were slim anyone actually would.

"I don't know. What?", asked Kat

"Don't any of you people like to have any fun! Someone guess!", Carri exclaimed

"Ok. I've got one. You got excepted to a school far, far away, like on Aquatar, and you're leaving and never coming back.", Tommy teased

Carri hit him with one of the couch pillows. "No! People of Angel Grove. No matter how smart they look, they really don't have a bit of common sense between them."

"Ok Mrs. Wise and all knowledgeable. Tell us.", Tommy demanded

"Not only am I Mrs. Wise and all knowledgeable, but I can also be referred to as Mrs. All important, Mrs. All that and Mrs. Can pitch better than anyone else at the school so she stole the role of starting pitcher.", announced Carrie

Kat and Tommy sat there for a second, taking it all in. After they'd had a few seconds to come up with a response, they finally congratulated her.

"What do you know. Little Mrs. Thinks she's all that really is all that. Good going.", Tommy praised

"I'm happy for you. I've never seen you have more fun or be more competitive than when you're pitching. Except when you're fighting bad guys. And I guess you enjoy time with your man more. Well, ok, you do have more fun and are more competitive elsewhere. But still, you do enjoy it. And everyone that watches you enjoys it too.", Kat said

"That's because you have a big mouth and act stupid. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but people laugh at you, not with you.", Tommy teased, which promptly got him hit again

"Well, it's been so long. Something like 4 or 5 years. I hope I don't screw up.", Carri worried

"I'm sure you won't.", Kat assured her

"So, how did you do it?", asked Tommy

"I was there and a threw a wild pitch back. Coach though I was strong and he had me throw a few. Not much more to it.", Carri said

"Well, the team is looking at a winning season this year.", Kat said

"Thanks.", Carri replied

"Suck up.", said Tommy.

Once again, he got hit with a pillow. But this time it was from Kat.