"Best In the Bigs" Part 3
By: KJ Holland

Kevin was having trouble opening his locker. He knew he had to hurry so he wouldn't be late for practice. The late penalty was running three laps around the field. And Kevin didn't really feel like doing that.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone appeared. Well, not really someone but something.

"Hello Kevin. My name is King Mondo.", Mondo introduced himself

"What do you want?", Kevin asked

"I've heard you would like revenge on the whole baseball team, especially Carri Hillard.", he said

"Yes I do. But what can you do for me?", asked Kevin

"Come with me and you'll find out.", said Mondo

Kevin just shrugged his shoulders and went with Mondo.


"Now to unleash the humans own evil. The one thing that can motivate humans to kill. Or at least think about it, and with a little help from an evil genius like me, do it. I am going to release Kevin's own jealousy and use that as my weapon against the rangers.", King Mondo said explaining his plan

"Yay! We finally get a monster with motive. There's no way he'll let us down dad!", exclaimed Sprocket


Rocky was sitting on the left side of the bench with Carri curled up beside him, and Adam leaning his head on her shoulder. They were all asleep. They were the first ones out on the field and they had been asleep for a while before anyone else joined them.

"WAKE UP!", yelled Mark

"Huh? What?", said Carri as she opened her eyes

"You guys were asleep.", Mark told them

"Aw man. Did anybody else see us here?", asked Rocky

"Nope. I was the first one out here.", Mark informed them

"Good.", said Adam letting out a sigh of relief

Five minutes later everyone else was there and the coach blew the whistle for practice to begin.

"Alright guys, one lap!", Coach Anderson yelled

Everyone reluctantly started on their lap. They had gotten about halfway through it, with Carri at the lead and Mark jogging right beside her. Rocky and Adam were so tired they were lagging and they were about in the middle of the pack. All of the sudden, a monster appeared on the middle of the field.

"Oh man. Tell me I'm hallucinating.", muttered Carri

"That makes two of us.", Mark said

"I am Green Eyes and I have been built off the ultimate human weapon. Jealousy.", the monster announced

"Whoopee. Was that supposed to thrill me?", asked Carri

Some of the baseball players stood there in fright. Some of them thought they'd be big men and try to fight the monster. The rangers just stood there yelling at them to get out. They needed to morph.

"Come on, let's go!", Rocky yelled

"Don't just stand there! He looks dangerous!", yelled Adam

Carri snickered.

"Wait! You all aren't going anywhere!", Green Eyes exclaimed

Suddenly about two dozen cogs appeared around the baseball players.

"Oh man!", yelled Carri

Some of the cogs grabbed the most frightened players. The rangers started fighting the cogs. Some of the ball players helped out, like Mark and Craig, kicking the cogs and trying to fight.

The rangers were able to get the cogs off of the scared players who then looked to some of their teammates for protection.

Jake fought. He fought for only one reason. I don't want Carri to think I'm a looser. She's fighting them. So are the others. I can't look like the big ‘frady cat that I am.

The cogs were wearing out the rangers. And Tommy and Kat where no where to be found. The rangers needed to morph, but they couldn't do it with all the other players there. Carri was the first one to break free of some of the cogs and she immediately charged toward the monster.

"Ok, you've had your fun. Send the cogs back.", Carri demanded

"Nope. I don't think so. I need to keep the others busy while we fight.", said the monster

And with that the monster charged Carri. Carri couldn't do much. She wasn't morphed, so a true fight wasn't such a hot idea.

Green Eyes and Carri exchanged a few punches. Green Eyes shot a blast at her which caused her to go flying backwards.

"I'll be feeling that one for a while.", Carri muttered as she got up off of the ground

"Now to finish you.", the monster said

"Dream on.", said Carri, although she feared he may be right. Without any morphed rangers on the scene, and with Rocky and Adam still busy with cogs, she had no idea how long she could hold up.

Carri walked out to the monster. He came up to greet her. Instead of throwing punches, he grabbed her. And as soon as he had a grip on her she disappeared.

"Carri!", Rocky yelled pushing cogs out of the way

Adam was quick to follow, taking out the cogs as fast as he could.

"What have you done with her?", Rocky asked

"That's for me to know and you not to.", said the monster

Rocky and Adam charged for the monster but Tommy and Kat appeared and held them back.

"No! Don't touch him!", exclaimed Tommy

"Look, it's 2 of the Power Rangers!", Mark yelled pointing at them

"Where were you?!?! Because of you, Green Eyes got Carri!", Rocky yelled

"I can't believe you two! Let the innocents do the work, we'll come when we get around to it. And now you won't even let us fight! At least there were people here taking care of this monster problem! You rangers make me sick!", Adam said exploding in anger

"Yeah!", the players echoed

"Come on, everyone get out of here.", said Tommy still having to hold back Adam and Rocky

The players ran off, followed by Rocky and Adam. They were too angry to even deal with the others.

By this time, Green Eyes had left and taken the cogs with him.

"Hey, where do you guys think you're going?", asked Tommy

"Anywhere, as long as it's away from you!", yelled Rocky

Suddenly they were all teleported to the Power Chamber.

"What?", asked Adam confused and still angered

"If you guys stand down there and bicker, you'll never get Carri back and you'll never destroy Green Eyes. Is that what you want?", asked Billy

"No.", said Kat

Tommy and Kat took off their helmets. Rocky went and got in Tommy's face.

"What do you think your doing? Where were you the whole time? We fought the cogs for almost ten minutes by ourselves. You have a lot of nerve you know.", Rocky said

"Hey man, let up a little. We were here. Zordon didn't want us to go fight the monster. He is dangerous. One touch sends you to a virtual reality world.", Tommy informed him

"Then why didn't you at least come and warn us?", asked Rocky

"Zordon said not to. He was afraid we'd blow your identity.", Kat explained

Rocky backed down out of Tommy's face. "Maybe I could possibly grow to believe that.", he muttered

"Rangers, observe the viewing globe. This is the virtual reality world Tommy told you of.", Alpha said

The rangers looked and saw Carri wandering around, confused, tired and alone.


"Zordon never mentioned that this could happen when he asked me to be a ranger.", Carri said

Carri was walking to see where this place extended to. She noticed grid lines as she walked.

"I must be in some sort of virtual reality world. Hmm. They should've at least tried to make it look real.", Carri said

Carri was walking along the land when all of the sudden the land beneath her feet disappeared and she was falling. She managed to catch herself on a rough part of the cliff. Slowly, she pulled herself back up.

"I guess I found the end.", she commented

Carri continued to walk around in different directions. Occasionally she would try her communicator or try to morph, but it never worked.


"Poor Carri.", said Kat

"We've got to do something!", exclaimed Rocky

"But what?", asked Adam

"We have to...", started Tommy but was interrupted by the alarm


"On our way. It's morphin time!", yelled Tommy






The rangers arrived on scene and they saw Green Eyes running around trying to grab people.

"Remember, don't let him grab a hold of you, or touch you!", warned Tommy

"Right.", said the others

Their first matter was to take care of the cogs that Mondo sent with Green Eyes. They took out the cogs quickly, as usual.

"Now it's your turn!", yelled Tommy

"I don't think so. Don't forget, I control the fate of your friend!", he yelled

"Should we get him with our blasters?", Adam asked

"I don't know.", Tommy said before contacting Billy. "Well?"

"Blasting him will not destroy the VR world. However, to get Carri back you want to destroy the VR world. But be warned, Mondo has ultimate control over it. If he thinks he could loose, he might transfer the VR world somewhere else, which means you might loose Carri forever.", Billy told them

"Got it. So, what do you say?", Tommy asked his fellow rangers

"Well?", Green Eyes asked getting inpatient with them. "I'm waiting on you. Having you start the fight makes it much easier for me to lure you into my VR world with your friend."

"Let's blast him!", yelled Rocky

"Right!", yelled the others in agreement

The rangers pulled out their blasters and let Green Eyes have it.


Carri was walking around, wondering when the rangers were going to get around to save her. Just as the rangers shot Green Eyes, there was an opening in the grid. Carri tried to teleport, but that wouldn't work. So she decided to see if the opening was weak enough to at least let her morph.

"It's morphin time!", she yelled


And she was right, she could morph, the opening had given her enough energy to morph.

"Now to figure a way out.", Carri said


As Carri morphed, extensive amounts of energy were drained from Green Eyes and he collapsed.

"Do you think?", Rocky asked Tommy

"Go for it.", Tommy replied

Rocky looked at Adam and he nodded his head as if to say, "I'm with you."

Rocky and Adam decided to seize the opportunity and they ran for Green Eyes. Unfortunately, Green Eyes wasn't down as long as they hoped he would be. When he regained some strength, he reached up and grabbed Adam and Rocky, who had been violently attacking him, and sent them off to VR world.

"Rocky!", Tommy yelled but it was too late

Tommy started to mindlessly charge Green Eyes.

"Tommy no! We have to retreat!", Kat yelled

Tommy stopped when he realized she was right and he went back to join Kat.

"This isn't over!", he yelled as they teleported away


Rocky and Adam appeared in the VR world.

"Aw man! We were doing so well!", exclaimed Adam

"Never mind that. Let's go find Carri.", said Rocky

Adam and Rocky walked around the strange VR world looking for Carri. Eventually, they found her.

"Carri!", Rocky yelled to get her attention

Carri turned around and saw who it was. She ran up and gave him a hug. "How did you get her?", she asked still holding on to him

"Well, Green Eyes was at a temporary loss of energy and we thought we could take him.", Rocky started

"Then he was back at full power. And you can guess what happened.", Adam said

"Oh. When I was able to morph, that must have knocked his energy down.", Carri explained

"Why didn't you morph earlier?", asked Rocky

"I couldn't until there was a sudden energy loss.", she told him

"Our blasters.", said Adam

Rocky and Carri were still standing there, embraced in a hug.

"Um, you guys. You can do that later. I think we have a problem we have to address.", Adam said

Carri and Rocky broke apart from each other.

"A problem that I might have an answer to.", said Carri. "Come with me. Let me show you what I found after the blast."


"What are we going to do now?", asked Kat

"I don't know, but what I do know is that blast you administered destroyed our viewing globe connection.", Billy informed them

"So we can't see them?", asked Tommy

"I'm afraid not.", Billy answered


The rangers sulked but nodded their heads in agreement.


"Look.", Carri said pointing to a mountain

"What about it?", Rocky asked

"Can you not see the obvious outline of a door?", Carri asked

"I see it.", said Adam

"Well, if you look hard enough...", said Rocky

"I think that's our ticket out of here.", she said

"And I suppose you have the key?", Rocky asked

"As a matter of fact, I do.", said Carri. Then with one swift kick, she kicked the door open.

"How did you know that would happen?", asked Adam

"I didn't. I just hoped it would so I could shut Rocky up.", she said

The rangers looked through the door. All there was was black, empty space, with no sign of a floor.

"I say we jump.", said Carri

"Are you nuts!", exclaimed Rocky

"Got any better ideas?", asked Carri

"Well, no, but..", Rocky started but couldn't think of what to say

"I think I'm with you on this one.", Adam said

"Ok then. It's settled.", said Carri as she walked up to the edge of the door. Then she extended her hand for Adam to grab it and he did.

"Rangers stick together.", said Adam

"Even though sometimes we don't agree with each other.", said Rocky as he join the others and grabbed Carri's other hand

"Well, the only thing left now is to jump.", Carri said

"On the count of three. 1..2..3!", Rocky yelled as they all jumped to what they didn't know

The rangers fell to the bottom of... of where ever they were falling to. As they got close to the bottom, they saw green grid lines they hit them then...

"Hello.", said Carri as she realized that she was in Mondo's place and they had gotten out of the VR world

"How the...", started Mondo

"Well, gotta go.", said Rocky as they all hit the button on their communicator which would allow them to teleport home

"Get them!", Mondo yelled and immediately cogs head their way

But it was to late. The rangers had already teleported.

"You let them escape! Go down to earth NOW and fix this!", yelled Mondo

"Yes sir.", said Green Eyes as he left


"Hey guys.", said Carri as they arrived in the Power Chamber

"How did you get out?", Tommy asked

"Long story. Right now I think we have a monster to destroy.", said Rocky

"Ai ai ai!", exclaimed Alpha

"What?", asked Kat

"It looks like Mondo is using Kevin from your baseball team as the life for his monster. His jealousy is what is the driving force behind this.", said Alpha

"Aw man!", exclaimed Carri

"If we destroy the monster will it destroy him?", asked Adam

"I don't think so. I believe that destroying the monster will put things back to normal.", said Alpha

"Then it's settled. We destroy it.", said Tommy

Suddenly the alarm went off.

"It's back to action!", yelled Tommy


"Hahaha!", Green Eyes laughed, "You won't get me!" And with that, Klank and Orbus made him grow.

"We need zeo zord power, now!", yelled Tommy

All of the rangers jumped into their zords and Tommy brought them together to form the mega zord.

"All I have to do is touch you and I win!", yelled Green Eyes

"Not so fast! I have a bone to pick with you!", yelled Carri

"Oooh! You pathetic rangers really scare me!", Green Eyes said sarcastically

"Zeo sword, power up!", Tommy yelled

And with one swift motion, the zeo sword took Green Eyes down for good. Immediately, the rangers got out of their zords and went to get Kevin.

"Are you ok?", asked Tommy

"Yeah. But I don't remember anything after meeting King Mondo.", Kevin said, then he looked up. "Wow! The power rangers!"

"We had to come in and take care of you because you let jealousy run your life which made you an easy target for Mondo. He used you and your jealousy to make a monster.", explained Carri

"Oh man. What ever I did, I didn't mean to.", he apologized

"That's ok. I just think you need to work out this jealousy issue so something else bad doesn't happen.", said Rocky

Then the rangers went back to the Power Chamber. Adam, Rocky and Carri went to practice and Kat and Tommy went back to the Youth Center.


"Hey Carri!", everyone greeted her

"Are you ok?", Jake asked

"Yeah. Thankfully the Power Rangers rescued me.", she said

"Wow. You were rescued by the Power Rangers!", exclaimed Mark overcome by it all

"Hey, I was the monster and the rangers had to rescue me to!", Kevin yelled as he came up to the team

"Come on man, that's the biggest lie we've heard all year!", yelled Craig

Then the team laughed at Kevin. All except for Rocky, Adam and Carri. Kevin looked like he was going to blow up. Then he calmed down and pulled Carri aside.

"Yes?", she asked

"I'm sorry for saying you sucked. I was jealous of your talent.", he said

"Wow. I'm shocked. But thank you.", she said

Then they walked away as practice started.


After practice, Jake finally decided to go ask Carri out.

"Hey Carri.", he greeted her

"Hey.", she said

"So, that must have been quite an experience.", he said

"Yeah, it will stand out in my mind when I'm old and grey.", she joked

"So, anyway, um, I was wondering if you'd like to go see a movie with me Friday night.", he said finally asking her out

"Let's see. Am I doing anything Friday? Um... nope I can go. Wait a minute! I almost forgot! I can't go, can we postpone this until another night?", she asked

"Like when?", he wanted to know

"Maybe next weekend or something.", she said

"Sure. I'll talk to you later.", he said as he walked away

"See ya.", she yelled to him


Thursday and Friday both went by interruption free. No cogs, no monsters. The rangers were enjoying their Friday night activities. Rocky and Carri were going to the movies, and Adam Kat and Tommy had rented a movie and fixed popcorn for their entertainment.

"Well guys, we're outtie.", said Carri as she and Rocky left

"Bye.", said Kat

"Ok, you are about to watch the classic parodies.", said Tommy

"Like?", prompted Kat

"We've got Robin Hood: Men In Tights and Spaceballs. And if we have time we can watch a classic comedy, Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail. What do you want to watch first?", asked Adam

"Spaceballs!", yelled Tommy

"I was asking Kat.", Adam said

"I was answering for her.", said Tommy

"Spaceballs is fine.", Kat told them

"Alrighty then. Spaceballs it is.", proclaimed Adam as he put the movie into the VCR


"Back two seats?", asked Rocky as he and Carri walked into the theater

"Last seats on the right. The ones we always get.", said Carri

Rocky and Carri were about 5 minutes early. They sat down and watched the ads.

"Why in the world are they trying to get us to go to San Francisco to go shopping?", asked Rocky

"Because they don't think that our rinky dink little shopping centers are good enough.", said Carri. "Which they aren't. So bye.", said Carri as she started to get up but Rocky pulled her back down

"Where do you think your going?", he asked

"Shopping in San Francisco.", she replied

"You and Kat can do that tomorrow night. Tonight we're on a date.", said Rocky

"Nope can't. Tomorrow night we're going to go ice skating at the mall.", Carri told him

"Ice skating?", Rocky questioned

"Hey, don't diss it. I haven't done it since I was a little girl. I wanna see if I can still balance.", she told him

Rocky just shrugged his shoulders. "Whatever floats your boat.", he said

Carri snuggled up to Rocky as it was getting closer to time for the movie started. As he leaned over to kiss her, Jake walked in.

After they were done kissing, Carri looked up and saw him there.

"Hi!", she said

"Hello. I thought you had plans.", he said

"These are my plans. I had forgotten Rocky and I had talked about going to the movies on Tuesday.", she apologized

"That's because you were too busy whining about the Astros to remember.", Rocky said

"You're right.", she agreed

"So, I take it this isn't a team thing.", Jake said

"What would it be?", asked Rocky

"Wait a minute, did you not know we were dating?", Carri asked

Jake shook his head no.

"I thought you knew. That was the only reason I was even there on try out day.", Carri told him

All Jake could say was, "oh" because he felt like he was going to break down. He went to get front row seats so Rocky and Carri couldn't see him.

"I think I should go talk to him.", Carri said

"You're right.", Rocky agreed

I can't believe it. I am probably the only one in all of Angel Grove who didn't know that Rocky and Carri were dating. How could I have been so stupid! Jake thought

"Hey.", said Carri as she approached him

"Go away.", Jake said, not exactly believing he'd said that

"Look, I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I thought you knew. If anyone should be beating themselves up, it should be me.", she apologized

"I'm not beating myself up over it. It's just... well, I'm upset that I didn't figure it out. I mean, why else would you have been there last week. And then there was the clue that Rocky was the one who defended you the most against Kevin.", Jake said

"I'm sorry about the mix up, can we still be friends?", Carri asked

"Yes.", said Jake as he accepted her apology

Jake stood up and they hugged each other.

"Wanna come join us?", Carri asked

"Nope. It's your date, I don't want to feel in the way.", Jake said

"You wouldn't be.", Carri assured him

"I'll sit here. You go ahead.", said Jake

Carri just shrugged her shoulders as she walked back up to Rocky.


"So, what do we do?", asked Kat

It was Saturday morning, and Kat, Adam, Tommy and Carri were sitting around board. Rocky was at work, he had the 9-noon shift.

"Oh, idea.", said Carri

"Yes?", asked Tommy

"How about we go to the Youth Center!", she exclaimed as if that were the first time ever anyone had suggested it

"Wow. The Youth Center. When was the last time anyone went there.", Tommy played along

"I say we go. I don't remember too much about it and I'd like to see if it's changed at all.", said Adam

"I agree. We can talk, and you guys can do that thing you do.", agreed Kat

"You're right. Because Oliver, you owe me one.", Adam said

"One what? Butt whopping?", asked Tommy

"One round. I'm the one who owes you the butt whopping.", said Adam

"I don't think you'd win Adam.", stated Carri

"Great. Another pessimist.", complained Adam

"Well, come on. The quicker we get there the quicker I kick your butt.", said Tommy

"You got it.", said Adam

Adam was the first one out the door. Then he was followed by Tommy, Carri and finally Kat who locked up as they went to the Youth Center for the "first time in a while".

The End