"Oh Brother"
By: KJ Holland

Katherine Hillard walked inside after getting the mail. "Here.", she said throwing her cousin a letter

Carri Hillard was sitting on the couch watching TV. "For me? Wow.", said Carri as she opened it

"There's no return address. Who's it from?", asked Kat as she sat down beside her

"Hang on a minute! I'll get to that.", she told her as she opened the letter. "Dear Carri. Ok, so it's been a while since we've talked. I guess it's all my fault. No, wait a minute! You could've written me you know. But this letter is not to place blame. Just to see what's up. And to let you know I'll be coming for a visit. Us college kids have a week off and for some off of the wall reason I'm coming for a visit down there. I can meet the friends you guys claim you have. And I was hoping I could crash at you guys' place. Hey, I'll sleep on the couch - whatever. So, I'll be there Friday, arriving on the plane that should get there about 5. See you then - Josh."

"Friday? Tonight's Wednesday. Well, at least we got some notice.", Kat commented

"Hey, it will be good to see Josh again. I haven't actually talked to him since I moved here.", Carri said

"I haven't talked to him since the last time I visited you.", Kat told her

Carri hopped up. "Well, we'd better get going if we want to make the movie.", Carri said

"I suppose your right. You know, I've heard it's really good.", Kat said

"Me too.", Carri agreed as she grabbed her jacket and they left


The gang was having their daily after school meeting at the Youth Center. For once, nobody was sparring. Adam was going to, but he was waiting on Billy.

"Oh guys, guess what.", Carri said

"What?", asked her boyfriend, Rocky DeSantos

"Josh is coming for a visit.", Carri told them

"Josh? Your brother?", asked Tommy Oliver

"The one and only.", Carri replied

"I'll bet your happy.", Adam Park said

"Well, I haven't seen my brother in a while. So, yes.", Carri told him

"I don't know if I want to see him. He's so obnoxious!", joked Kat

"Probably just runs in the family.", Rocky teased

"Are you trying to tell me something?", questioned Carri

"Come on! You know we all love you.", Tommy told her

"Uh-huh. Whatever.", Adam whispered low enough to make it look like he didn't want to be heard but high enough for Carri to hear

Tommy laughed as Billy was approaching.

"What's so funny?", Billy Cranston asked

"Nothing. Us. You know, the usual.", Rocky told him

"Picking on Carri again? Aw, come on. One day you're going to traumatize her for life.", Billy joked

"Why do I even bother saying anything anymore! Am I that easy to pick on!", Carri exclaimed

Tommy nodded his head yes. Rocky put an arm around her.

"You do know that it is really out of love, right?", Rocky asked

"Yeah. Besides, my brother is coming to town and he'd beat every single last one of you up if I thought otherwise. So it doesn't bother me.", she told him

"Come on Adam. I'm ready. I've been working out at the gym lately. And I've been practicing some of the moves Tommy showed me. I think I'm ready to take you down.", Billy said confidently

"I'm glad to hear that. You can sure give it your best shot. I'd like to see you try to beat me, but...", Adam's voice trailed off as he finished the challenge

"I accept your challenge. Come on, let's have a go at it.", said Billy

And with that, both of the boys jumped up ready to go.

"Ok, so, where's every one heading this afternoon?", asked Kat

"Home.", Tommy told her

"I have to go watch my siblings. My mom wanted to go somewhere, and that leaves me in charge.", Rocky said

"I have to.... to...", Carri said as she shrugged her shoulders

"Come with me?", Rocky filled in

"Eh. Sounds good.", Carri said

"What about you?", asked Tommy

"Me? I'm going to help the dance school set up for a recital.", Kat informed them

"Well, have fun.", Tommy said

"I will. I always do. I love those little kids. They're so cute.", Kat said

"Then they grow up. And, well, we're prime examples of what happens then.", joked Carri

"Come on. Let's get going.", said Rocky as he stood up

"I'm going too.", said Kat

"I guess I might as well go. On second thought, I want to see who wins the Cranston - Park showdown.", Tommy said changing his mind about his plans

"Let us know who wins.", said Rocky as he, Carri and Kat walked to the door

"Alright.", Tommy agreed


"Well, I'm heading this way, I'll talk to you guys later.", said Kat as she walked off

"Ok, see you when I get home.", Carri said as she waved bye

"Bye Kat.", said Rocky

Rocky and Carri walked towards Rocky's house.

"So, your brother's coming here.", Rocky said

"Yep. He wants to come meet my friends, see what's going on down here.", Carri told him

"I don't know if I really want to meet your brother.", Rocky told her

"Why not?", she asked

"Well, I'm and older brother, I know how it works. Big brothers don't really like little sisters' boyfriends. We're very protective. And I know when my sisters start dating I will probably have problems with a lot of the guys they go out with.", he explained

"What, you think Josh won't like you? Come on, you guys will become quick friends. He has never really had a problem with any of the guys I've dated. Except the last two...", Carri's voice trailed off

"See, the last two. Now that you're older, he's more protective. I'm telling you, we're going to be on that sparring mat by the time this is over. And we will be throwing real punches.", Rocky warned

"You are making a big deal out of nothing. He won't hate you. And if he does, he can deal with me. In fact, I'd be surprised if he hated you. You're very charming. And cute. And I like you.", she told him

"I don't think he'll see the same quality's in me.", Rocky said

"Well, maybe not the cute part. His girlfriend would get jealous.", Carri joked

"You think what you want to think. And I'll know what I know. And we'll just see what happens.", he said

"Ok. Fine. You'll see. Then I'll be right and you'll be wrong.", she told him

"You wish. I'll be right. Once again.", he said

"Uh huh. Sure. Whatever.", she said

"Let's not argue over this.", Rocky said as he put an arm around her

"Right. We'll just wait and see.", said Carri as she and Rocky made their way to his house


"Oh, Adam, Billy really got you with that one.", Tommy pointed out

"One lucky shot.", Adam said

"One, two three...", Tommy's voice trailed off as he continued to count on his fingers

"See, sparring is all about science. The right angles, force, and moment all combine to help influence the win.", Billy told Adam

"That or the strongest person with the more skill.", Tommy pointed out

"Well, if I win it will be science.", Billy said

"That's right. Because I'm the strongest with the most skill here.", Adam said confidently

"Um, hello. Adam, over here. Now, what were you saying about strongest and most skill?", asked Tommy

"You just wait Oliver. One day I will be better than you, and you will fall.", Adam challenged

"Maybe. But by that time I'll be dead and you won't be able to test your skill out on me.", teased Tommy

"Guys, arguing will get us nowhere.", Billy said as he threw a punch at Adam

Adam ducked. "You're right. Let's just fight."

"Hey guys, can I charge admission?", questioned Tommy

"Not last time I checked.", Billy said as he ducked a punch from Adam

Billy and Adam went at it for a few more minutes. Finally, in one triumphant movement, Billy got Adam down.

"Science my friend, it's all about science.", Billy said as he stepped off of the mat

"Come on, let's get a drink.", said Tommy as Adam was getting up

"Ok.", said Adam

Billy, Tommy, and Adam went over to a table to grab something to drink. Billy and Adam sat there catching their breath for a few minutes.

"I told you science was better than skill.", Billy said

"Luck. Not science. I just had an off day.", complained Adam

"Science.", Billy said

"Luck.", said Adam




"Lu..", Adam started but was cut off

"Enough! I can beat both of you so it doesn't really matter who won that sparring match. Now I'm getting out of here before you two drive me crazy.", Tommy said

"I think I'll come with you.", said Adam

"Me too. Alpha isn't expecting me for a while. So, I'm free.", Billy said

"Ok, you can come. But only if you promise not to say a word about science or luck.", Tommy told them

"Ok.", they both promised

And with that the three boys left the Youth Center.


Carri, Rocky and Adam walked toward seventh period together, as they usually did.

"I'm telling you, it was luck.", Adam said as he approached their classroom door

"Adam, you lost end of story.", Rocky said

"You got beat by the better party.", Carri told him

"I didn't get beat. He got lucky.", complained Adam

"I told you he was getting annoying.", Tommy said as he passed them while going into the classroom

"Adam, give it up. You've been telling us this since lunch.", said Rocky

Bing, bing, bing, bing.

"Besides, you now have a minute to get to class.", Carri informed him of what the minute bell just did

"Bye guys.", Adam said as he rushed off to class

Carri and Rocky walked into class and sat in their usual seats.

"One more period. Then it's the weekend!", Carri exclaimed as she took her seat

"And what an exciting weekend it will be. Since Josh will be here.", Kat pointed out

"Five o'clock.", Carri said

"You know....", Tommy started before he was cut off by the bell

"Ok class. Today we're going to learn some new gas laws.", Mrs. Applebee told them

"Alright!", exclaimed Rocky sarcastically as the class leaned back in their seats getting ready for the lesson


"So, what time are you leaving?", Kat asked Carri while they sat in the Youth Center

"About four twenty.", Carri told her

"Sounds good.", Kat said

Carri looked over at the guys, who were doing some type of tag team sparring. Tommy and Rocky had taken on Adam and Billy.

"Looks like they're having fun.", Carri commented

"Yeah. Even Adam and Billy are enjoying themselves. And they're getting crushed.", Kat said as they both laughed

Suddenly, somebody new busted through the door of the Youth Center.

"Ok, I'm here, you can leave now. Bye.", the guy said as he entered the Youth Center

Carri and Kat got up and walked towards him.

"Newsflash. I live here. I am a high school senior here. Which makes this my Youth Center, not yours.", Carri informed him

"But I'm still bigger than you.", the stranger said

"Now that I'm the one here with friends, I don't care.", said Carri

Both Carri and the stranger dropped the tough act and hugged each other.

"I thought you weren't getting in until five.", she said

"I caught and earlier flight. I figured it would be more fun to come in here and make an entrance then to have you pick me up at the airport.", Carri's brother, Josh Hillard, told her

"Well, you did make an entrance. Just like when we were kids.", Carri said

Josh noticed his cousin standing there. "Kat, it's good to see you.", he greeted as he gave her a hug

"Good to see you too. It sure has been a while.", Kat said

"You should have come and visited us in New York. That's your fault.", said Josh

"That's my brother. Always blaming someone else.", teased Carri

"That's my speciality.", Josh joked, "Now, let's meet these friends of yours."

Carri and Kat led Josh back to their table. The three family members sat down.

"Where are your friends?", Josh asked

"Over...", Carri turned to point to the mat but they were gone

"They probably went to change. They'll be back.", Kat said

"Sure they will. You know I come all the way down here and I find that you guys are only friends with each other.", Josh joked

"You can't forget about our invisible friend Bob.", said Carri

"Oh yeah. Hi Bob.", Josh said extending his arm across the table to meet "Bob"

"What can I get for you?", asked Ernie as he approached the table

"The usual. If you remember it.", Josh said

"Are you kidding? I can name everything you and your friends came in here and ate. You were only here every day of the year asking for the same thing. What about you girls?", asked Ernie

"Nothing.", said Kat

"Me neither. But wait until Rocky comes over here. He'll order.", she said teasing her boyfriend

"Ok. Nice to see you again Josh.", said Ernie as he walked away

"Nice to be here again.", Josh commented

"Hey guys.", said Tommy as he, Adam, Rocky and Billy approached the table

"Hey.", Kat said

Rocky came in and sat beside Carri. Then Adam was beside him, Billy beside Adam, and finally Tommy between Billy and Kat.

"Guys, I'd like you to meet my brother, Josh Hillard. Josh this is Tommy Oliver, Billy Cranston, Adam Park, and my boyfriend, Rocky DeSantos.", Carri said doing the introductions

"Nice to see my sister actually has friends.", joked Josh as he shook everyone's hand

"Actually Kat made us hang out with her.", Tommy joked

"Not again. You guys are so mean.", Carri complained

"Mean, truthful, same thing.", said Adam

"So, who won?", Kat asked

"We did. I told you strength was better than science and now I've proved it.", said Tommy

"I still lean towards luck.", said Adam

"Well I have to say, strength one over science this time. But I want a rematch.", demanded Billy

"Same place same time. But on Monday.", Tommy said

"Sounds good.", said Adam

"I have nothing planned.", said Billy

"Me neither.", agreed Rocky

Ernie came back with Josh's food. "Anybody else want anything?", he asked

Everyone turned to Rocky. "Why are you looking at me?", he asked

"Because usually you're the one to order.", Carri told him

"I'm not hungry.", Rocky lied

Carri shrugged her shoulders. "Whatever."

The truth was Rocky was too nervous to eat, or talk or do anything else for that matter. Especially get near Carri. He's looking at me funny. I hate this. I hope she doesn't make us hang out together. I can't wait to get out of here. I hope I don't do anything stupid. Then Josh will hate me and in return Carri will hate me. Rocky worried.

"So Josh, how long are you in town for?", asked Billy

"Until next weekend. College kids have a week off.", Josh informed him

A whole week! I have to act like this, a perfect gentleman, a smart person, and someone Josh would like, for a whole week! Rocky thought.

"That's great. Then you'll be here to watch strength over science part two.", Tommy said

"Huh?", asked Josh

"Don't worry about it. It's something that Adam and Billy won't let die.", Carri told him

"Don't blame this on us. Tommy had to throw his two cents in.", Adam said

"That's because I'm the leader and the leader always has to throw his two cents in. And the leader is always right too.", Tommy told him

"Leader of what?", asked Josh

"Tommy's a pig headed person who thinks he's the leader of us all.", Kat said quickly making an excuse to cover up the truth

"Sounds like me.", joked Josh

"So, Rocky, are we still going out tonight?", Carri asked

"Yes.", he replied

"Ok. What are we going to do? I don't care. Just as long as we don't do anything stupid or pointless.", she told him

"I would never do anything stupid or pointless. We'll do something you'll like.", Rocky told her

"Ok. I'll just have to wait.", said Carri

"Well, I think we should head home and get Josh settled in.", suggested Kat

"You're probably right. Come on.", said Carri as she hopped up

"Alright. Nice meeting you.", he said to the boys

"See you later.", Carri said as she leaned over to hug Rocky

Carri was expecting a kiss too. But what she got was the worst excuse for a return hug ever.

"Bye.", Tommy said as they left

Adam watched until they had left the Youth Center. "Ok Rocky, what's the deal. You've hardly said two words and you've been acting kind of funny since, well since we got done sparring."

"I didn't feel like talking.", Rocky lied

"That's not the Rocky DeSantos I know.", said Adam

"Wait a minute. It's Josh isn't it. You're nervous because you're sitting here with her older brother.", Tommy accused

Rocky naturally denied it. "Why would I be?"

"Because the older brother is always protective of the younger sister. Especially when it comes to dating.", Billy pointed out

"Well, you guys are way off target. Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go to work. I have to be there by four thirty.", Rocky said as he left

"I wouldn't blame him. If I was him, I'd be nervous too.", said Tommy after Rocky left

"You know Rocky. He'll be over it soon.", Adam said

"Either that or Josh will leave and it won't matter.", Billy told them

"Oh well. That's why I'm glad Kim didn't have an older brother.", Tommy said

"Neither did Tanya. We had it lucky.", said Adam

"I am heading off. I had a few modifications I wanted to make on... something.", Billy finished after realizing how loud he was talking

"Alright. Bye Billy.", said Adam

"Bye.", said Billy as he left to find a secure place to teleport

"Well, I guess we should go too.", said Tommy

"I guess so.", said Adam

And with that, they both left.


"My gosh we suck.", Josh said as he and his sister were watching one of the Dodgers - Braves playoff games

"At least you're in. We got booted out after that loss to St. Louis way back in early September.", Carri griped

"I know. I was sitting in my dorm room laughing at you.", Josh told her

"Jeeze thanks.", said Carri

"No problem.", said Josh

Ding dong!

"That must be Rocky.", said Carri as she jumped up to answer the door

"Hey.", she said as the door was opened

"Hello.", said Rocky as he greeted her by putting his arms around her and kissing her

Rocky quickly backed off when he noticed Josh sitting there watching.

Carri was a little confused, but quickly got over it. "Where are we going?", she asked

"I have brought dinner. And a picnic basket. And a blanket. And I think we would make the best use of that on the beach.", Rocky told her

"Sounds romantic.", said Carri

"It will be.", Rocky assured her

"Well Josh, I'm off.", she said

"Shh! The commercials are over, and now I have to listen.", Josh said waving her off

"Men.", Carri said as she headed out the door

Rocky heard what was on the TV. "Strike one to Piazza.", an announcer said

"I guess you're a Braves fan.", said Rocky

"Yeah right. Dodgers all the way.", Josh told him

"Really? I'm a big Dodger fan myself.", Rocky said

"Oh? Well, we will have to get together sometime. Not like we weren't going to anyway, since you are the one dating my sister.", said Josh

"Ok.", Rocky said even though he wasn't looking forward to that event

Rocky shut the door as he and Carri left.


Rocky and Carri arrived at her house later that evening.

"That was fun.", Carri said as she opened the door

"Yeah, it was.", Rocky agreed as he followed her in

Rocky draped his arm over Carri's shoulder as the two made their way over to the couch, only to be greeted by Josh, who was mourning the loss of his beloved Dodgers.

"Jeeze, I don't know who's worse, you or Rocky.", Carri said

"Me probably.", Rocky admitted

"I don't know. You have to talk to Josh. He may have you beat on that one.", Carri told him as she stood there giving her brother the cold stare

Josh quickly noticed. "I suppose you two want a little privacy. Hm... I don't know."

Carri continued with the stare.

Josh finally gave into it. "Alright. You win. I'm going to bed now.", he said as he got off of the couch and headed upstairs

"Finally.", muttered Carri

Josh stopped and turned around when he got on the first step. "Oh, Rocky. I was thinking after you guys left, if you're free tomorrow we should do something. It would give us a chance to talk."

Rocky got nervous as he came up with the reply. "Well.. I'm working in the morning. Um.. I guess the afternoon's fine."

"Sounds good. Come by here. Since I don't know where you live. But I'm sure Carri could give 101 different ways to get there. But still.", Josh said

Carri threw a couch pillow at her older brother. "Go to bed!"

"Fine. I can see where I'm not wanted.", Josh said as he headed up the stairs

"Well, I guess you'll have fun tomorrow.", Carri said to Rocky as he slipped his arm from her shoulder to around her waist, with the other arm to follow

Rocky smiled. "Sure I will."

"Aw, come on. You guys will be the best of friends by the time the day is over.", she told him as she put her arms around his neck

"I doubt it. But, If it's for you, I'll give anything a shot.", he told her

"Thank you.", she said

Rocky leaned in and shared a long, passionate kiss with his girlfriend.

"I'd better go. It's nine o'clock. And I promised mom I'd lend a hand with the kids tonight. She's been so busy lately it's the least I can do.", Rocky told her

"Ok. I'll talk to you tomorrow then.", Carri said

"Bye.", said Rocky as he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and left


Rocky reluctantly walked up to Carri's house. Well, here it comes. The moment of truth. He either likes me and we have a smooth relationship or he hates me and I'll have Carri hate me and my life will be screwed. He thought.

Ding dong!

Josh finished jumping down the stairs and opened the door.

"Hi Rocky. Nice to see you. Come on, let's head out.", said Josh as he walked out the door and shut it behind him

"So, where too?", Rocky asked

"I was thinking you would tell me. Let's go do something that you would do with your friends.", Josh suggested

Rocky and Josh got into Rocky's car.

"When we get together we usually spar. Or something along those lines.", Rocky told him

"I'm not much for sparing. When I attended Angel Grove High we went to Manny's Arcade. Ever been there?", asked Josh

Rocky chuckled. "Once. Billy and I went there one time about a year and a half ago. Billy wanted to show me what true video game junkies look like."

"Let's go then. I want to see how that place is.", Josh said

"Ok.", Rocky agreed as he started up the car


Rocky and Josh wondered into the arcade.

"Manny. Long time no see.", Josh said greeting the owner

"Well look who's crawled through my door.", Manny greeted

"So, what have we got?", asked Josh

"We've still got the ice hockey table. And we just got two new games. And one Pachinko Machine...", started Manny

"No Pachinko Machine! No way no how!", exclaimed Rocky

Josh looked at him funny. "What, you think the Pachinko Machine will attack you?"

Rocky stiffened up as he remembered what happened the last time he played on a Pachinko Machine. It wasn't exactly his favorite memory. How he felt like he let everyone down... not something he'd like to go through again. "Of course not. It's... well it's a long story. Let's just say the Pachinko Machine and I just don't get along."

Josh shrugged his shoulders. "Whatever. You know, I think we'll head to the ice hockey tables."

"So he want's to take you on in ice hockey. Brave. Very brave.", said Manny

"What are you talking about?", asked Rocky

"Oh, so he doesn't know.", Manny said as he raised his eyebrows

"I'm using him to warm up on.", Josh told him

"Good luck. You're going to need it.", Manny told Rocky

"What was that all about?", Rocky whispered to Josh

Josh smiled. "You'll see."

Josh and Rocky went to the first open ice hockey table. Josh threw in two quarters and went to his side.

"You must have the puck.", Josh said as he checked for it on his side

Rocky got to his side and checked. "Yes.", he told him

"What are you waiting for? Let's go.", said Josh

Rocky put the puck onto the table and they started hitting it back and forth. Josh started out easy on him.

"So, do you play much ice hockey?", asked Josh

"Nope. Baseball is my sport.", Rocky told him

"I love baseball. She won't admit to it, but I taught Carri most of what she knows.", Josh said

"Really? You taught her how to pitch?", asked Rocky

"Yup. I taught her the mechanics. But don't think I'm a pitcher. I'm a drifter. I'm most comfortable at first, or in the outfield, preferably right.", Josh told him

"Rightfield is where I play.", said Rocky

"Well, what would you know. Speaking of baseball, how about those Dodgers?", asked Josh

"Let's not talk about that. They're embarrassing me.", Rocky told him

Josh smiled. "Join the club. If they don't start beating the Braves soon, I'm going to have to go into hiding until April."

"Look on the bright side. At least we have sense enough to cheer for the Dodgers.", Rocky told him

"As opposed to what?", asked Josh

Oh no. He sounded angry. I hope he isn't an Astro fan. Then he probably won't forget that. Rocky worried.

"Um, well, being an Astro fan.", Rocky said as he awaited a response

"Oh, so you pick on Carri for that too?", asked Josh

"You mean I'm not the only one?", Rocky asked

"Are you kidding me! She and I used to go into long debates about who was better. And of course I'd win. You do win those too... don't you?", Josh wanted to know

"Actually we have one long dragged out fight which will never in.", Rocky told him

"Don't give in. I know how she tried to persuade me. I can only began to imagine what she says to you.", Josh said

"Blue is the only color.", Rocky told him. Which was very true in Rocky's case. Not only because of LA but because of being the third zeo ranger.

"That's the truth. Look. No score. Well, my arm is warm now. I hope you weren't planning on winning this or anything.", Josh told him

With that, Josh went on his usual scoring rampage. With in minutes he had put seven quick scores on the board and had won it.

There was clapping heard from the front of the building.

"It sure took you long enough.", Manny said

"You must bow down and kiss the feet of your king.", Josh told him

"Oh yes, king of ice hockey in all the land.", said Manny as he bowed down from behind his counter

"Do you want another shot at me?", Josh asked Rocky

Rocky looked at him like he was crazy. "I think one beating like that is enough to last a lifetime. If you want someone to beat up on, give Tommy a call. Or Billy or Adam."

"I'll talk to them the next time I see them. So, if you don't want to play ice hockey, we'll hit the true arcade games.", said Josh

"Alright.", said Rocky as the two of them went over to an arcade game