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Dedication: To Kay, Cynthia, and Kahva, who caught me when I stumbled, encouraged me when I struggled, and smiled when I succeeded.

Author's Note: Remember what was happening? Purple Ranger swung her sword at the Rangers, and you *heard* a scream. Well? Did they die, or did they survive? The only way to find out is to read this story!

Rise of a New Enemy
by : Kris

Blue Ranger watched as Tow Dancer hefted the sword over her shoulder, then swung it at Rescue Megazord's cockpit. He saw it all in slow motion. The gleaming purple blade flashed in the bright sunlight, and then everything went black.

Justin opened his eyes. "Huh? What happened?"

Ashley leaned over him. "You passed out."


"Don't worry, Alpha teleported us away."

"But, what happened to Kris?"

"She and Tow Dancer are ripping up the park. We better get going." They morphed, and teleported to the park with Rescue Megazord.

* * *

"Chickens! Bok bok bok bok bok!" Purple Ranger shouted through the comm. "I guess I'll have to make it so you can't teleport." Tow Dancer threw a pouch of some sort at Rescue Megazord, and a powdery stuff flew from it and enveloped them.

"Teleportation systems are offline!"

While the Rangers were preoccupied, Tow Dancer again pinned them on the ground under her foot.

"Well, does this not look familiar?" she chuckled dryly.

She swung the shining sword at Rescue Megazord's head, and...

...The blade struck right where she wanted it to - in the dirt right next to Turbo Megazord. If it had been a hair closer, Rescue Megazord would've had its paint scratched.

Kris must have issued the command for Tow Dancer to go back to her hanger, because the zord disappeared, and the purple-clad youth tumbled through the air.

Justin tried to make the Megazord catch her, but he was too slow. With an audible smack, Purple Ranger landed in a clump of juniper bushes. "KRIS!" Justin shrieked, and teleported himself out of the zord, thanking God that the powder had worn off.

He Turbo-ran to the bushes, and picked up the unconscious girl laying among them.

"Alpha!" he yelled into his communicator, "Teleport Kris and I to the Power Chamber, pronto!"

"Right away Justin!"

* * *

"This doesn't look too serious Justin." Alpha was saying as the other Ranger materialized in the Power Chamber.

"How serious is it?"

"Her left arm is broken pretty badly. It's a clean break and all, but it's still bad."

"A-alpha? J-justin?"

"Kris! You're awake!"

"Yeah, I am!" she tried to move her arms to hug Justin, but yelped in pain. "Ow! My arm!"

"You broke it. You sent your zord back, but you stayed. What happened?"

"Well, for some weird reason, I heard Divatox's voice in my head, and I was able to control myself again. In the early seconds of release I accidentally must've told Tow Dancer to go home. She did, and when it hit me I knew I was screwed. I hit the ground, and that's all I remember from that."

We'll keep you safe, Kris. It'll be fine..."

* * *

"Auntie D! The Purple Ranger has gone to the Power Chamber!" Elgar yelled.

"I know you nitwit!" the purple-haired pirate screeched, "And it's all your fault!"

"My fault? Why do you always blame stuff on me?"

"Because you're an idiot!"

Elgar decided to end it with that, and stomped out of the main room.

"You get stay here when I'm talking to you!"

"Get bent, D."

* * *

The five villanesses boredly played the human game called Monopoly, as they flew through hyperspace to Earth.

"This game sucks!" Rita scowled, as she and her partner Scorpina went bankrupt, "It has no point!"

"You're only saying that because you're losing!" Archerina giggled, placing yet another hotel on Boardwalk.

"Archerina, my dear, you cheat so well!" Machina exclaimed to her partner and daughter-in-law.

Scorpina's eyes narrowed. "Cheating's not allowed in this game. Read the rules."

Astronema, who was acting as referee, had to agree with the Oriental-ish looking creature. "She's right, it says so right here."

"Oh well, this game is lame anyway." Machina quipped, shoving the game off the table.

"What do you want to play next, Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Checkers, or Chess?" Archerina smiled.

"None!" came the unanimous reply.

"OK, we can just sit here!"

* * *

On the Space Base, alarms were blaring and lights were flashing. "Porto!" Divatox howled, "What is going on?!"

"An unidentified ship has breached security in sector 600!" Divatox looked into her periscope. "Shit!"

"What is it, my Queen?"

"That ship is the RAMSA!"

"The what?"

"The RAMSA! It belongs to Rita, Astronema, Machina, Scorpina, and Archerina!"

"Oh my!"

Suddenly the alarms and lights faded from Divatox's perception, as she flashed back to a time several centuries ago...

* "Diva! Diva!" Her sister Dimitria called, "Come play tag with us!"

"OK Dimi! I'll be right there!"

Divatox clasped the necklace she had been looking at, her half of a planet- shaped pendant shared by her and Dimitria around her neck, and ran over to her twin, and their friends.

"Tag! You're it Diva!" one of her friends who was 'it' grinned. Divatox loved being it. She raced at Dimitria, because Dimitria didn't like being it, and Divatox was a normal, teasing twin. "I'm gonna get you Dimi!" she hollered, closing the gap between them.

Something shimmered into being in front of Divatox, and she couldn't stop her momentum, so she skidded right into the glowing thing. The last thing that she heard, was her sisters voice shrieking, "DIVA!!!" *

The flashback ended, and when she opened her eyes, she wasn't wearing her normal attire, instead she was dressed in a white gown, and her gold mask had become the same white material. She was no longer Divatox the evil Space Pirate, she was Divatox of Inquirius. "Oh my Lords, what have I done?" she gasped, and teleported from her Space Base, to the Power Chamber.

* * *

Kris moved her arm again, and had to smother a yelp of pain, but the other Rangers could tell that her ordeal was anything but fun. Justin opened his mouth to tell her to stay still and it wouldn't hurt, when a brilliant white flash lit up the Power Chamber.

"Dimitria?" It was Divatox! But she looked so different... And her voice wasn't harsh. She sounded almost exactly like Dimitria!

"Divatox? Is it really you?" There were tears in the eyes of their mentor, as she looked lovingly down on her sister.

"Is it true you do not believe it is me?"

"Uh, Divatox, Dimitria stopped talking in questions quite a while ago." Ashley commented.

"It is hard to stop a habit, is it not?"

"There you go again!"

"Rangers, my sister will break her habit soon enough."

"Sister?!" the Rangers chorused.

Dimitria and Divatox were about to explain, but were cut off by the alarm.

"Oh my! I was going to tell you, but I forgot!" Divatox gasped, "The RAMSA Empire has come to Earth!"

"Rangers, the RAMSA Empire is very powerful. It was created by Rita Repulsa, Astronema, Queen Machina, Scorpina, and Princess Archerina."

"Hold up a second!" T.J. exclaimed, "Who's Astronema?"

"She is the new Queen of Evil." A chorus of groans met that statement.

"If they're as powerful as you say, won't we need new Powers?" Kris asked.

"Why don't we give them a taste of Turbo first?"

"Because they would destroy the Turbo Powers, Ashley."


"Shall we, Divatox?"

"Do you believe it is wise, sister?"

"They need the Powers, Diva."

"Right you are."

Dimitria flew down, out of her tube, and solidified.

As one, the sister each pulled half of a planet-shaped medallion, on a chain, from under her white gown.

"Spirit of Questions, Spirit of Answers! When we were born, we were each given half of the key to the Cosmo Powers! It is now, here on Earth, that we call upon you to make the key whole, so we may attempt to locate them!"

There was a flash of bright white light, and the two pieces were joined as one. They now held one medallion, a planet-shaped silver disk.

Divatox and Dimitria took off the chains that held the medal, and handed them to Kris and Justin.

"You are the Key-carriers. You shall lead on the quest."

Dimitria handed a scroll to Ashley, and one to Carlos. "You are the Map- bearers. You shall be in charge of directions during the quest."

Divatox smiled as she handed T.J. a massive broadsword, and Cassie a pair of sickeningly sharp daggers, both that appeared out of nowhere, "T.J., Cassie, you are the Guardians. Your job is to protect your fellow Rangers."

The six Rangers stood, grinning like idiots, until an exasperated girls voice broke the silence, "Are we gonna get going on what? Jeepers, and they call ME immature!"

T.J. laughed, "Alpha can you teleport us to a starting point?"

"Teleporting now, Rangers! Be careful when you get to Phaedon!"

The familiar feeling of teleportation gripped them, as they dissolved into their colored streaks.

* * *

"Rita! Sensors detect six teleportation beams headed to Phaedon!"

"Are you sure Astronema?"

"Would MY equipment lie?"

"No, of course not. We shall send a squadron of... What should we send?"

"Cogs!" Archerina and Machina chimed.

"OK, Cogs it is."

"Those Power Rangers won't know what hit 'em!"

* * *

As they materialized at their destination, they noticed a very important fact.

"Guys! This isn't a planet!"

"It's a hollow comet!"


"Hey, anybody know why my arm isn't broken anymore?"

"Your Ranger healing probably kicked in."

Kris smacked her forehead, "Duh! I am SUCH an idiot!"

"No, you're not! Just a little disoriented."

"I have an idea!"

"What's that Carlos?"

"Let's go and work on this quest."

"Good idea! Why didn't I think of that?"

"Because cheerleaders aren't supposed to THINK, Ashley."

"Ohh yeah!"

"Let's go already!"

The six rambunctious Rangers set out on a dirty pathway, following the course Carlos and Ashley interpreted for them.

* * *

"Hey, Carlos, check your map for a sec."

"OK Cassie, but what for?"

"Is that hill supposed to be there?"

Carlos consulted his map. "Actually, no."

A low hum began to issue from the mound, and to the Rangers' horror, at least two dozen Cogs leapt out from under it.

"YAHHHHHH!" Kris shrieked. "What in God's good name are THOSE?!"

"Cogs." Justin replied shortly, and launched himself at several of the metal marauders.

"Oh OK. I was just gonna call 'em Tinheads."

"That works too!"

One of the Cogs held what looked like a metal-detecter wand, and it approached each Ranger and 'scanned them'.

"Those two are the ones we want!" The Cog yelled in metallic monotone, pointing at Kris and T.J.

"I think not! I've been the object of attention long enough!" Kris shouted, triple-spin kicking a couple of Cogs sneaking up on her.

"We gotta finish our quest, guys!"

"We know, we know, but we're a little BUSY right now, Ashley! Now get off your big butt and help!"

"But I might break a nail!"


Ashley and the other argued back and forth, back and forth, until the Cogs were gone.

"Wow! Once Ashley startled yelling at us that got easy!"

"Yeah, because we imagined it was HER we were kicking instead of the Cogs!"

"Hey guys, what is THAT?"

"According to my map, it is called the 'Temple of the Cosmos'."

"Cool, wanna visit?"

"Isn't that kind of delaying our quest?"

"I wanna see what's in there!"

"Me too!"

"Let's go!"

The six Rangers sprinted to the Temple, rushing headlong toward what would change their lives forever...

* * *

"Rita! They're going to get the Powers!" Scorpina whined.

"I take it the Cogs failed?"


"Hmm... What do you guys say we send some Tengas, Quantrons, Putties, and Cogs down there to ambush them?"

"Yeah!" came the unanimous reply.

After the Cogs were teleported, the five gathered in a huddle.

"What should we do with our two chosen Rangers when we have them?"

"Let's have them destroy their loved ones!"

"Good plan!"

* * *

A short stream of multicolored clothing dashed into the Temple, and suddenly stopped.

"Whoa!" was all they could say.

The huge gold sphere hanging from the ceiling caught their attention immediately.

"I bet someone could make a LOT of money offa that."

"No duh."

"Hey, what's this for?"

"It looks like the medal!"

Kris and Justin took the medallion, and placed it in a notch.

It fit perfectly.

The entire Temple began to quake, prompting startled screams from the Rangers.



"What's going on?!"





Six pairs of eyes swiveled around to the find the mysterious voice.

"YAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Kris screamed when they found the source of the voice.

"Hi Zordon!" the other five smiled.

"You guys! It's a big FLOATING HEAD!"

"It's Zordon, he was the first Rangers mentor, kinda like Dimitria."


"Me? I'm Kris. I'm the Purple Ranger."


"Yep. I got 'em because I found the key."

"Kris, you never told us. How DID you get your Powers?"

"Well, I collect weird keys. I went to this garage sale, and they had a whole bunch of cool keys in a sandwich bag. I saw them, and of course, I bought them. When I dumped them out at home, I found this really awesome one. It was so strange, it didn't even look like it would fit anything, and when the light hit it, it glittered with a purple glow. I picked it up in my hand, and I became the Purple Ranger. That was DEFINITELY the coolest day of my life."

"Who'da thunk the Purple Ranger would be created from a garage sale?"


"What do you mean?"


"Because... Because... Hey, you're right!"

"I hate to interrupt, but we came here for something a tiny bit more important."

"Yep. We came here 'cause Dimitria and Divatox sent us to find the Cosmo Powers."


The six complied.

"OK, we're in a circle, now what?"


They closed their eyes, and concentrated. One by one, they fell into deep trances. The first to go was Carlos.

He opened his eyes to say that the 'concentrate on your galaxy' idea wasn't working, but instead got a rather freaky surprise.

He was broiling hot, and the very ground was burning through the soles of his shoes. "Guys?! Guys?! Where are you?!"

Receiving no answer, he searched the surrounding area. There! A few yards away was a large black cave.

Carlos sprinted to the cave, taking longer than usual since every stride he was catapulted into the air thanks to the low gravity, and ducked inside. Glad to be out of the heat, he sat down on the shaded surface to catch his breath.

"Man, it's HOT! Where am I, Mercury?"

"You called?"

The second was Cassie.

"OK, this is really -" Cassie began, opening her eyes. "Oh MAN! What happened? Where is everybody? Are we playing hide and seek, or did the guys ditch me? Yuck, the sky sure looks gross."

Indeed it did. The clouds were a sickly yellowish-green, and the smell was nauseating.

"I wonder if there's anywhere to get away from those nasty clouds... Hey, that looks like a good spot!"

Cassie dashed to the rocky outcropping, gladly taking shelter from the rain that began to fall.

A drop of rain fell on her pink shirt, and where it landed, a small hole appeared. "Oh crap! Acid rain!"

She plunked herself down in the smelly dirt, and waited for the rain to stop.

Tying and retying her pigtails got REALLY boring after about forty-five minutes. "Man, will this rain ever stop?"

"I wonder where I am. Hmm... That 'key' Justin and Kris had was a planet... What planet is like THIS? I know! Venus!" Cassie cried.

"Yes? What would you like?"


Down went Justin.

"Can I open my eyes yet? Aww, who cares, I'm opening 'em."

"Whoa! I'm in the rain forest or something! Cool! No, hot. This place is HOT."

The roar of a jungle animal caught his attention VERY well.

"That sounded close! Maybe a little bit too close!" Justin bolted straight for a tree, and tried to climb it. Instead he smacked face-first into it. With a pained "Ow..." Justin passed out.

Clunk! That was T.J.'s head hitting the floor.

"OK, enough is enough!" T.J. exclaimed, opening his dark eyes. "Holy crap! I'm in a red dust storm!"

"How'm I going to get out of this?" he sighed, examining the walls of grime.

"Looks like I can't. There must be a way though! I should probably try to figure out something else first though. Like where in the universe am I?"

"Hmm, where would I be if I'm in a big red dust storm? Zordon did say something about focusing on our galaxy... Mars? No, Mars doesn't have this much gravity. Uranus? No, that planet is greenish-blue. Jupiter?"

"Yes, sir?"

"What in the..."

Kris curled up like a cat, and drifted off.

"Jeepers Zordon, this isn't -" carmel eyes snapped open, "working? Where am I?"

Kris smacked herself on the forehead, "Girl, you are talking to YELLOW DIRT. Are you crazy?"

Again she smacked herself, "Great, now I'm talking to myself. I must be INSANE. Well, after all I've been through this past month or two, I don't blame myself! How many things have I been through? Lemme see. One, I met Divatox and the boy of my dreams. Two, I was forced to work for evil. Three, I join the Power Rangers. Four, I couldn't sleep, so Divatox took advantage of that and took Justin. Five, I was forced to be evil again to save Justin. Six, I fell out of Tow Dancer and broke my arm. Seven, I came to Phaedon, and my arm was healed. Eight, I meet a big floating head named Zordon, and he tells me about my powers. Nine, I came to THIS weird place. That's what's happened, MAJORLY summarized. And I'm STILL talking to myself. Might as well look around this place."

Kris studied her surroundings. "Not much to see. Just layer upon layer of yellow crap. Hey, what's that in the sky? It's too flat to be the sun!"

She gazed at the object in the sky, trying to place it in her mind. "I know! Those are rings! I'm on Saturn!"



Aww man, Ashley's snoring!

"Yuck, the dirt is WET. Justin, was that you?" Ashley's eyes opened with a start. "Uh, Zordon? Yoo hoo, Zordon! Oh MAN! Where am I?" Ashley looked at the blue-green dirt at her feet. "Well, we're definitely not in Kansas anymore Toto."

Ashley struggled to her feet, and brushed the oddly colored dirt out of her clothes. "I love this dirt! It's cool! It's the same color as my eyes."

She shoved a handful of the stuff into one of her pockets, and gazed at the landscape. "I wish this was on Earth... Wait a sec! How do I know I'm not on Earth?" she answered her own question by saying, "Because it's not you idiot! It's Uranus!"

"Yes ma'am?"

"Eeek! What are you?"


"Ai yi yi yi yi yi! Forming energy barrier now!"


"Yes, Zordon?"


"I won't Zordon!"

"AHHHHH! Who are YOU?" Carlos yelled, staring at the man who stood before him.

He was very thin, and he was nearly a head shorter than Carlos. A sleeveless green tunic and shorts was the man's outfit.

"Don't you know? You're the one who called me!"



"What am I doing here?"

Mercury tapped one of his fingers against his head in concentration.

"Hmm... I

got it! You're here on a quest, aren't you?"

"Well, yeah, but how can you help me?"

"Follow me!!!"

Mercury dove deeper into the cave, and as Carlos followed he noticed a major change of climate.

Carlos' strange guide stopped at what appeared to be a dead end.

"What now?"

"Carlos, do you expect me to tell you?"

"Uh, actually, yeah."

"You're right! I knew you were a bright boy."

"How do you know my name?"

"You are the One! Everybody knows about you!"

"The One?"

"Yes! You are to be the Green Mercury Ranger!"


"Do you accept the dangers of its power?"

"Yes, of course!"

Mercury handed Carlos a small green box. The teenager opened the box, revealing a golden pendant on a green cord. The pendant was the planet Mercury.

"What now?" Carlos asked after putting on the necklace.

"Trust in your new Powers, and walk through the wall."

"If you say so!"

"One more thing. When you go through, you may have a while before the others join you. Use your time wisely."

"Good-bye Mercury. Thanks." With that, Carlos strode through the sand-colored wall, and disappeared from sight.

"Take good care of those Powers, lad. I wish I had."

Carlos stepped out of the dirt, and into a patch of lush green grass. "Wow! That was amazing!"

He touched the pendant around his neck, and words he had never heard before bubbled up in his throat.

"I call upon the power of the Cosmos! Green Mercury!"

Instantly his dirty, sweaty clothes were turned into a green costume, with a helmet to match. The helmet design wasn't too much unlike the one he had as a Turbo Ranger. It was a rectangle, only it was cut into two equal sections by a small strip of green bordered by gold. There were few decorations on his costume. One was the golden 'badge' over his left breast of Mercury, second was the gold border on the edges of his gloves and boots, and third was his belt, a black strip of leather. The buckle was golden, and the image in the middle was the same as his 'badge'.

"Whoa! These Powers are awesome!"

Cassie stared at the thing that had spoken to her.

It was a beautiful women in a long, pink satin dress, and she held her hand out to Cassie. "I am Venus."

"So I figured." Cassie smiled, shaking her hand.

She laughed lightly, "Welcome to my planet. I am sorry the weather is not better."

"Oh, it's OK. I needed a new shirt anyway."

Venus smiled, "Come, let us get out of this retched rain." She pressed a stone in the wall, and a doorway slid open.


"After you."

Cassie entered the cavern, followed closely by Venus.

Once the two women were inside, the door slid back into place. Cassie, awed and amazed, stood gaping at the many tunnels. "How do you know the right way to go?"

"I've lived here a long time. I know my way around."

Immediately Cassie was embarrassed at asking such a question. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound rude!"

"Do not worry, I do not mind."

Cassie heaved a sigh in relief, "Thanks."

Although Cassie didn't know it, she and Venus were doing the same thing Carlos and Mercury did only an hour before, as they reached the dead end.

"Venus, are you sure this is where we should be?"

"Yes, my dear Cassie."

"Wait a sec, you know my name! How?"

"Because you are my Chosen One. Do you accept the dangers of becoming the Pink Venus Cosmo Ranger?"

"Yes, of course!"

Venus produced a small pink box to Cassie, who opened it, a smile on her face. She took out a Venus shaped pendant on a pink cord, and slipped it around her neck.

"Cassie, trust in the Pink Venus Powers, and walk through the wall. Take good care of the Powers."

"Thank you Venus."

Cassie passed right through the gritty wall, and vanished.

"Good luck. I couldn't handle them, but I hope you can."

Cassie stepped into the peaceful garden, but when a sword pressed up against her neck. She flicked her eyes toward who was holding the dangerous weapon, and saw Green Mercury. She didn't know him, so she was freaked.

"Cassie!" It was Carlos! He lowered the blade, and Cassie began to breathe again. "Sorry about that! I didn't know it was you!"

"Carlos, what's with the suit?"

"This? This is my new uniform! I'm Green Mercury!"

"Cool! How'd you morph?" Carlos was about to explain when she answered her own question. "I call upon the power of the Cosmos! Pink Venus!" Suddenly she was clad in a costume similar to Carlos's. The differences were easy to spot. Her suit was pink, and her belt buckle and 'badge' were of Venus. The last difference was in her helmet. The design wasn't much different, except it was two ovals instead of two rectangles.

"Cool!" Cassie and Carlos chorused, and moved to a place to spar a little.

"Oww, my head..." Justin moaned, sitting up slowly, opening his eyes.

"What the heck are you?!" he demanded, staring up at a Ranger he had never seen before.

"I'm the Amber Ranger, chosen Ranger of Earth in another dimension. Zordon asked me if I'd help you out, so here I am!"

"Amber Ranger? I've never heard of an Amber Ranger."

She grinned at him, "I'm not surprised. Like I said, I'm from another dimension, just here to help out."

"My name's Justin. What should I call you?"

"Call me Aura."

"OK Aura. Where are we supposed to go?"

"I'm to take you somewhere... I remember!"

"Tell me!"

"Nahh, follow me and you'll find out."

"Aww, pleeeaase tell me?!"

"Nope, sorry!"

"Come on, Aura! Tell me!"

"Nope. Just follow me, kid."


Aura walked over to the tree he slammed into, and pulled down on one of the branches. Part of the trunk gave way, revealing a staircase. "C'mon Justin."

"I'm comin'." Justin grumbled, following her into the tree and the tunnel beyond.

Amazingly, Justin was quiet for a long time, not saying a thing. When they reached a dead end, he finally spoke. "We're lost, aren't we?"

"I think this is the place. I'm not sure. Justin, do you accept the dangers that come with being the Blue Earth Cosmo Ranger?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Justin, what's with the attitude?"

"Why won't you tell me? I'm responsible enough!"

"Justin, like I said before, I can't tell you. I don't really even know myself!"

Justin grinned, "Really?"


"I'm sorry! I thought you just weren't telling me because you didn't think I was old enough or something!"

"It's OK Justin, I forgive you."

"Cool! So, how about those Powers?"

"Oh, right! Justin, do you accept the Blue Earth Cosmo Powers, and the dangers that come with them?"

"Of course!"

Aura handed him a blue box, which just happened to contain a golden Earth pendant on a blue cord.

Justin put the necklace on, then turned toward his new friend. "Will I ever see you again Aura?"

"I don't know Justin. Maybe. Now, step through that wall, and the Powers will be yours."

"G'bye Aura!" Justin sprinted at the wall, and went straight through.

The garden Justin saw made him a bit wistful. "I wish Kris was here. She'd love this place."

"Justin? Justin!"

"Justin! You got 'em too!"

As the two Rangers dashed up to to him, Justin was a bit scared. Who were those people in the costumes?

"You're here!" the one in pink exclaimed, "Call your Powers and let's spar!"

"Cassie? Carlos?"

"Yep, that's us!"

"I call upon the power of the Cosmos! Blue Earth!"

Justin looked down at himself, at the Earth 'badge' and the Earth buckle.

"Whoa! Justin, you have an AWESOME mask!"

His was a rectangle, that looked like something with a V shaped mouth took a bite out of both ends.

"Cool! I wanna try this out!"

"Let's go!"

"Am I going crazy?"

"No, you are going 'round and 'round in the dust storm."

"Is there any way out?"


T.J. scurried after the man who spoke to him, barely glimpsing his red tunic in the dust.

When they finally did get out, at a dead end, the man turned to T.J. "You must be the one who seeks the Red Powers."

"Well, yeah. Let me guess, your name is Jupiter, and when I said Jupiter you popped up?"


"Cool. Let's go find these 'Red Powers'!"

T.J. began to walk away from the dead end, but Jupiter called him back. "T.J., that is not the way. The way is trust."


"Do you accept the dangers that come with the Red Jupiter Powers?"


Jupiter handed him a red box, and T.J. put on the Jupiter pendant on a red cord.

"OK T.J., go through the wall and claim your destiny."

T.J. dashed through the wall, disappearing from sight.

"Take care T.J."

The green grass squished under T.J.'s foot, but he wasn't phased. The thing that grabbed his attention were the three colored figures sparring.

"T.J.!" the Blue one cried, and dashed up to the young black man.

"Justin?" T.J. asked in disbelief.

"It's me! And there's Carlos and Cassie! Call your Powers and come on!"


"It just comes to ya!"

"I call upon the powers of the Cosmos! Red Jupiter!"

Red Jupiter looked at his outfit through a black star, but the star was cut in sections. Each 'leg' of the star was cut from the center. The Jupiter 'badge' and buckle were there, and everything seemed to be right. "Let's go J-man!"

"This might sound rude, but who the hell are you?"

The woman gave a tinkling laugh, "I am Saturn."

She smoothed her long purple dress, and smiled at the inquisitive youth. "You have come seeking the Purple Saturn Cosmo Powers, correct?"


"Come, we must go to the ceremonial chamber."

"Here it's the ceremonial chamber, but back on Earth, it's the Power Chamber."

Saturn laughed again, "We do not have Power Rangers here. In fact, I am the only dweller on this planet."

"Really? Doesn't that get boring after a while?"

"Not at all! I can see everything going on on Earth, Aquitar, Triforia, and Edenoi. I always root for the good guys." Saturn grinned.

"Now, we must go. Follow me please."


Saturn trotted up a flight of lavender marble steps, with Kris trailing behind, like a shadow.

"Here we are."

"THIS is the ceremonial chamber? Looks like a dirt-filled cavern if ya ask me."

At the hurt look on Saturn's face, Kris quickly commented, "But what's wrong with that? Looks aren't the most important thing! It's sentimental value that counts!"

"Fully correct."

"Well, what now?"

"Kris, do you accept the Purple Saturn powers, and the dangers that come with them?"

"I do! Does this sound like a wedding or what?"

Saturn's face wore a grin that mirrored Kris's own, as she handed the girl a purple box.

Kris took the gold Saturn pendant strung on a purple cord, and set it around her neck. She laughed, "I love it! Thank you!"

"Now Kris, go through the wall, and practice with those Powers, so you don't hurt yourself in battle."

"Thank you again! Bye!" Kris sprinted at the wall and did an ariel somersault as she passed through.

Black and purple Nike's bit into the grass as Kris landed perfectly. "THAT was one hell of an experience."

"Kris! You're here!"

"Justin? Is that you?"

"Yep, it's me! Carlos, Cassie, T.J., and I are are sparring. Morph and join us!"

"I call upon the power of the Cosmos! Purple Saturn!"

Kris looked down at her Saturn 'badge' and buckle, and laughed. "This is awesome! I feel so... Powerful!"

Her faceplate was like Justin's, only opposite. "Let's go!"

"Get away from me!!!!!!" Ashley hollared, throwing big handfuls of greenish sand at the woman who had spoken to her.

"Ashley, calm yourself."

Ashley froze. This strange woman in a long yellow dress knew her name!

"My name is Uranus, but of course, you probably figured that out already."

"What am I here for?"

"You are here to claim your Powers."

"Zordon said something about Powers. Cool!"

"Come with me."

Uranus and Ashley began loping across the rugged terrain, and rushed down a flight of stairs. The stairs led to a dead end.

"What? Come, on, let's go back."

"No, Ashley, this is our destination."

"Huh? An ugly dirt-covered wall is what we were running to?"

"Not just any dirt-covered wall, but you will learn its secret soon." Uranus grinned.

She was suddenly serious. "Ashley, do you accept the danger that will surely come with the Yellow Uranus Powers?"


"Here. Take this." Uranus handed her a yellow box.

Ashley put on the yellow-corded Uranus pendant.

"Now, pass through the wall, and practice with those Powers."

"Go through the wall? Are you NUTS?!" Ashley had a 'you are the most stupid person in the world' look on her face.

"Trust the Power."

Ashley took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and daintily walked through the wall.

"Hey Ashley! Come join us!"

"Huh?" Ashley whipped her head in the direction of the voice. "Guys? Is that you?"

"It's us alright! Come on, I wanna show you what I can do!"

"OK! I call upon the power of the Cosmos! Yellow Uranus!"

Ashley stared at her new costume, Uranus 'badge', buckle, and all.

"Uhh, Ash?"

"Yeah, what is it Kris?"

"You have the FUNKIEST helmet design I have ever seen!"

Her faceplate was like the Gold Zeo Ranger's, only it was laying on its side.

"Man, why'm I always the one that gets the stupid stuff? Like Uranus as my planet, and a funky faceplate?"

"I have an even better question. Why aren't we leaving yet? And why don't we have a Mars Ranger?"

A flash of black answered one of Justin's questions, as a Black Ranger stepped out of thin air.

She had a Mars 'badge' and buckle, and her helmet design was a T shape, that Kris identified as a Mandalorian design, like Boba Fett's in Star Wars.

"Whoa! What a ride!" Black Mars exclaimed, and reached up to the hidden latches on her helmet. Shaking out semi-long light brown hair, Kay Thomas, Kris's sister, grinned at the shocked Rangers.

"Kay? You're a Ranger?"

"I'n't it awesome?"


The seven Rangers began to shimmer, and they knew what was happening.

"Here we go!"

Seven colorfully dressed youths awoke from their trances, and gazed up at Zordon.

"That was awesome!"


"Can we do that again?"

"Did you know that you're a big floating head?"

"When can we go home?"

"I love these new Powers!"

"How did I get here?"

Zordon chuckled, "QUIET PLEASE, RANGERS."

Immediately they shut up.


"Turbo Powers?"


"You really think so?"



"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go home!"

"Nice to meet you Zordon!"




In seven colored streaks, the Rangers, old and new, teleported back to Earth, to defend it once again, with their newest and strongest Powers. They were, the Cosmo Power Rangers.

Is this the end, or the beginning?