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Author's Note: The name Kilika (pronounced Kee lee kuh), is a Hawaiian name I found when I went to Kauai this year. I also want to say that I MIGHT write a sequel to this, but please don't hold your breath waiting for it. One of the reasons I don't write much, is that the only mail I've gotten for my work was two really mean flames. If you don't like my writing, then don't say anything. If you do like it, please take time to write an email. Even if it just says: "That was a cool fic.", us authors really appreciate it.
Time Frame: Zeo.

Clear Skies
By: Kris

"Zeo Ranger I, Pink!"

"Zeo Ranger II, Yellow!"

"Zeo Ranger III, Blue!"

"Zeo Ranger IV, Green!"

"Zeo Ranger V, Red!"

"Gold Ranger Power!"

As the six Ranger teens morphed and teleported out of the Youth Center's hall, a lone figure shook her head. "They need to get a more private place. Bad."

In about fifteen minutes to half an hour, the battle was over; the Rangers had once again beaten King Mondo's monster.

Once everyone had come out of the monster shelters, Kat, Tanya, Rocky, Adam, Jason, and Tommy joined the crown milling around the Juice Bar.

Instead of Ernie, a teenage girl was running the bar. The tag clipped to her purple v-neck t-shirt clearly stated that her name was Kilika James.

The group wandered over to the counter, seating themselves on six of the stools.

"Hi, what can I get you guys?" Kilika smiled, a pen poised over her order sheet.

"How about some sodas?" Tommy asked the rest of the Rangers. They nodded.

"Six sodas? Coming right up!" The energetic girl quickly set to work making their drinks, her brown ponytail bobbing behind her.

Once the drinks were set in front of the teens, they swiftly downed them, and paid Kilika.

She smiled as the six-tone beep went off. A Ranger's work was never done. They stood up, and walked into the hall, trying to look natural. As always, they didn't come back inside.

Kilika wiped down the counter, her necklace swaying with her motion. She grasped the star-shaped purple crystal pendant in her hand, and tucked it under her shirt. It would be no good to have it distracting her.

Red Ranger fought diligently, but to no avail. He was easily knocked aside. The Rangers were dropping like flies; Mondo's newest creation, the Electronator, was too powerful!

It laughed. "You will all bow to my master! Hahahaha!"

"Tommy, this thing's too strong!" Pink Ranger gasped, trying desperately to climb to her feet.

Red Ranger sighed, "I know, Kat...I know..."

Kilika was wiping tables, when her head suddenly snapped up. "I better hurry, they need my help." Like the Rangers, she too ran out into the hall. "Sorry, Ernie, it's really important," she whispered, unclipping her necklace. She held the purple crystal above her head "Purple Ranger Power!"

A formfitting purple Spandex suit replaced her street clothes, and a purple helmet decorated with a black heart that served as a faceplate encircled her head. Immediately after morphing, she teleported in a bright streak of purple.

Electronator laughed, shooting bolts of electricity at the Rangers. "You will be destroyed, and King Mondo will rule the universe!"

"I don't think so, buddy!" Exclaimed Purple Ranger, attacking the ugly monster from behind. As it fell flat on its face, she sent a stage whisper to the other Rangers. "His personality is just a leeettle bit too shocking!" She giggled.

She helped the Rangers up, her smile evident through her helmet. "Let's kick some monster butt, then we can work on formal introductions, 'kay?"

"Right!" Chorused the Rangers, falling into their fighting stances. Electronator merely laughed at them.

The fight resumed, though now, with seven Rangers, the robot was losing; and losing bad.

When the fight escalated to zord height, to the others' disappointment, the Purple Ranger didn't call one of her own. Instead, she teleported inside the metal monster.

"Hmm...if I've got this right..." She whispered, holding a set of red, blue, green, yellow, and white wires. Purple Ranger snipped the red, green, and white wires, and twisted them together.

A tremendous shudder rippled through the robot, knocking Purple Ranger to the floor. She didn't mind, instead she jumped to her feet, laughing "Good old universal shut down code!"

Seeing a flash of purple land on the ground near them, the Rangers destroyed the motionless monstrosity, posing as it erupted into an incandescent fireball.

The Rangers sent their zords back to the holding bay, jumping out to land next to their purple companion.

She approached them cautiously, her gaze fixed on the Gold Ranger. "Trey?" she asked quietly, a hopeful note in her voice.

Gold Ranger shook his head. "No, not Trey. How do you know him?"

Purple Rangers sounded close to tears. "He's my brother. I've was looking for him, when my ship crashed here. I was able to slip in under your scanners while you were being attacked, but when I saw the Zeo Rangers on the news, I knew I had to help you...do you know where my brother is, Rangers?"

Red Ranger looked at his team, who all nodded slightly. "Come with us." He said, touching her shoulder lightly. They all disappeared in multicolored flashes of light.

Zordon of Eltare looked down at the seven Rangers, listening to the young Triforian's story. He was sorry that she had been unable to locate Trey, but he knew he could help her.

The Rangers had powered down, but Purple seemed not to be surprised. She, too powered down, sighing softly. "Before you ask, I was working at the youth center because if Trey came in, I'd recognize him. But from what you guys tell me, he came in when it wasn't my shift."

"The last time we saw him, Trey left for Triforia." Jason said slowly. "Maybe he's there?"

"When did he leave? Do you know?" she asked eagerly.

"I don't know...about a week ago." Tommy shrugged. "He was in his triple-form state, that's why he left."

Kilika winced. "Poor Trey. That's happened to him several times." she looked at the giant floating head. "Zordon, do you think maybe we could call Triforia? Please?"

Zordon nodded. "Alpha, please contact Triforia.

After a few moments, the viewing glode came to life. The image made the Triforian Princess smile.

Trey of Triforia answered the call from earth, knowing it would be his friends. He allowed the communication to be patched through to his quarters. "Greatings, Rangers of Earth." He began. "How may I help you?"

"Trey!!" shrieked a very familiar voice.

Trey stared at the screen. "Kili? Is that you?"

The Triforian teen grinned at the Rangers. "Thank you. Thank you so, so much. I'll call you some time, okay?"

They nodded, glad that she would be reunited with her family.

"Clear skies to you, Rangers of Earth!" She laughed, waving as she disappeared in a sparkling streak of purple.

The End