Disclaimer: Nope, this isn't one of those song fic. Those never work out well enough to post. As usual, the Power Rangers and all related stuff isn't mine. However, Kilika James, the Purple Ranger, does. It's all right with me if you want to use her, just ask permission first.

Hard Knock Life
By: Kris

Kilika James skipped out of the apartment complex in which she lived, shouldering a dark purple backpack. "Earth is definitely better than Triforia, that's for sure. Although school is still a major drag, it's better than protocol and etiquette!" With a light laugh, she took off running down the sidewalk.

At lunch, Kilika met up with Rocky, the only Ranger who shared the same lunch break with her. "So Rocky, how'd you do on that surprise math quiz?"

The Ranger in question winced visibly. "Not good, let me assure you."

Kilika grinned. "How about we meet at the Youth Center sometime, and I'll tutor you? That'd be fun!"

"Okay, sure." Rocky smiled. "Is tonight all right with you? I need to study for the actual test."

"Sure thing. How does three sound?"

"Great! See you then."

Kilika waved and vanished into the crowd of students in the lunch line. Rocky grinned.

Rocky tapped his fingers on the table, waiting for Kilika. It was three-thirty. She surely couldn't have forgotten, could she? The familiar beep issued from his communicator. He trotted out into the hall, and tapped a button. "Rocky here, what's up?"

"Rocky, the Purple Ranger is fighting the Machine Empire's latest creation," Alpha explained. "The other Rangers are busy; I can't get through to them. You need to get down to the warehouse district, fast!"

"I'm on it. Zeo Ranger III, Blue!"

The Blue Zeo Ranger found himself face to face with an ugly machine monster. He promptly kicked it's butt, and when it got to zord level, he called his zord, and sent the monster off to never never land.

Turning to Kilika, he saw her staring at him through double black eyes. He grinned behind his helmet. "Rocky," she said hoarsely, "remind me never to go into battle without morphing."

"Right-o Ms. Raccoon. Whatever you say." Rocky demorphed, and grinned at her.

She narrowed her eyes and playfully slapped his shoulder. "Aww shut up. So, we still on for that study date?"

Kilika shook her head, and pointed at the math problem again. "It's really easy, Rocky. I'm sure even you can understand it!"

Rocky tapped her on the head. "Hey, I resent the fact that you're calling me stupid!" He joked.

She glanced at her watch. "Man, I told Trey I'd be back by eight, and it's nearly nine! He's gonna kill me!"

The Blue Ranger closed his book and stuffed it into his backpack. "Mind if I walk you home? It's on the way to my house."

Kilika grinned, and chuckled softly. "Sure, Rocky. Knock yourself out." She knew very well his house wasn't anywhere near the apartment she shared with her brother, but she was flattered that he'd go so far out of his way to be with her.

They stood outside the door to the building in nervous silence. "So, uh, thanks, Kili. Will you help me tomorrow, too?"

She smiled. "Sure, Rock. Let's just hope Mondo leaves us alone next time."

"Yeah, definitely."

Kilika opened the door the to the apartment, and stepped inside. "Thanks, Rocky." The door closed behind her.

Rocky sighed, and turned. He knew he shouldn't have expected anything, but still...

"Stop right there, Rockwell DeSantos!" Rocky froze in midstep at the voice. Two sets of footsteps pattered up to him. He found himself staring into the scarred face of Trey. "You aren't going to drop my sister off without a goodnight kiss, are you?"

Kilika blushed redder than a tomato. "Trey!"

"Um, right, Trey, uh, sir." Rocky leaned over and quickly kissed Kilika's cheek, then blushed, and ran off.

"You didn't have to do that, Trey, really." Kilika complained, punching her brother's shoulder lightly. "I could've done that myself, and you scared the poor guy to death!"

Trey grinned. "Best big brother you ever did see."

"Oh shut up!"

The End