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Author's Note: This fic is the sequel to Clear Skies. I know I said I might not write a sequel, but a really nice letter helped me decide.
Special Thanks: To Rachel Lynn, for the nice email, and to my muse, Jewel, for finally getting her butt back in gear.
Rating: Umm...some bad language...I dunno, PG?

A Royal Pain
By: Kris

Kilika sighed, and switched off her computer. Being a Princess had its bad points. Like etiquette class. She shuddered as she stepped out of her room, and into the hall. Her teacher practically begged her to wear dresses and skirts, but she ignored her. After living on Earth for a month or two, she had learned that blue jeans and a t-shirt were much more comfortable.

She opened a door on her left, and strode into the room, where her etiquette teacher, Miss Frouchy, was waiting. When she saw the Princess, a frown creased her fat face. "Miss Kilika, are you not a Princess?"

Kilika sighed. "Hai, Miss Frouchy, I am a Princess."

"Then why do you not dress like one?" Miss Frouchy sniffed haughtily. "Earth clothes are not suitable for a young woman of your stature!"

"Is that so." Kilika sighed, looking awfully boyish. "Well then, if you don't like it, Grouchy Frouchy, then tough shit."

The obese teacher's beady little eyes narrowed. "You do not talk that way, young lady. You are a Princess; you shall wear dresses and take etiquette classes!"

Kilika raised an eyebrow. "You are in no position to order me around. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to see if Hawkins will give me a fencing lesson." She whipped around, sending her long dark brown hair flying, and walked calmly out of the room, leaving an angry Miss Frouchy to fume.

Cautiously, Kilika opened the door to her brother's room. "Trey? Are you in here?"

"Yeah, Kili," Trey looked up from his book. "What's wrong?"

She sighed, sitting on the floor. "After being on Earth...I realized how much I can't stand being a Princess...you've so lucky you're a guy."

Trey smiled knowingly, patting her shoulder. "It's not that easily, Little Mouse, believe me."

Kilika glanced up at him. "How would you know? You're a guy, you get to do anything you want!"

Trey was surprised. She was really upset, otherwise she would've said something about the nickname she despised. "What do you mean, Kili?"

"I want to go back to Earth, Trey. I like it there; I'm just another teenager, not a Princess, not a young lady. Just an ordinary person."

"Kili..." Trey began, then looked down into her chocolate brown eyes. "I love you, little sister. How about we take the trip together?"

Her eyes lit up with happiness, as she hugged him close. "Thank you, Trey, thank you so much!"

Trey tapped a sequence into his computer, and brought Pyramidis online. "Two to teleport." The two Triforians disappeared in flashes of their respective colors, and reappeared on the zord's bridge.

"I hate being a Princess. It's just a royal pain!"

The End