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Power Rangers Strike : {3}
by: Lightie

[Opening Titles]

It had been a long time for the Power Rangers.
The Power Rangers had been fighting monsters for Centurys,
The Rangers were getting older and were not able to do as much fighting
as they could do before, so now they are going to give there Powers to
other people.
But something is going to happen.....

[End Opening Titles]

Episode Title: A New World, Part 2

{All in the same places as last ep}
Justin: Alright guys let's do it!
Dax: Do what?
{Justin looks at Dax}
Dax: OH!!
}The Rangers join together}
All: Alright now try and get us.
Kick: Oh yeah!
{Kick grows}
All: Let's grow!
{The joined Rangers grow}
Kick: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! What ever happened to your Zords?
All: They were to out of date.
Kick: HA! well anyway I am going to destroy you!!
{Kick hits the rangers in the face}
All: ARGH!!!!
{Kick shoots lots of beams at the rangers}
All: ARGH!!!!
{The Rangers shrink and seperate}
Justin: What?
{Kick shrinks}
Kick: Now to take some of your powers.

Kick: Well thank you rangers!
{Kick vanishes}
Justin: What did he do?
Dax: That beam.
Sarah: What did it do to us?
Justin: Lets get back to the Power Chamber.
{The Rangers teleport to the Power Chamber}

{The Rangers appear in the Power Chamber}
Justin: XILA what did Kick do to us?
XILA: He took parts of your powers to make his own Strike Rangers.
Dax: Has he called those rangers any names.
XILA: He has called them the Dark Strike Rangers.

All: ARGH!!!
<5 people appear from the bright light>
DJustin: We are the Dark Strike Rangers!
Justin: Oh no!

{All pause}

[Closing Titles]

[Music: Power Rangers Strike!]

Justin: Power Rangers Strike Season 1 has only 3 eps in it....that is
because Lightie decided to do a few changes.

The series will now show [FanFic]<2>Power Rangers Strike : ep1.


[End Closing Titles]