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Power Rangers Strike : {1}
by: Lightie

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Episode Title: A New World, Part 3

-=*=- The Power Chamber -=*=-
All in the same places as last episode:

-Justin- Alright guys let's do it! -ALL- STRIKE!!!! -DJustin- Alright Dark Strike Rangers! -Dall- DARK STRIKE!!!! The Rangers get into postion -Justin- The Dark Strike Rangers are going down! -Alpha- YAYAYA!!!! Don't fight in the Power Chamber!!!! -XILA- Rangers we will teleport you outside of the Power Chamber. -Justin- Wait..... -Dax- What is it Justin? -Justin- The Power Chamber is destroyed. -Dax- So? -Justin- How come were in the Power Chamber? -XILA- HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! What a nice trick! XILA turns into Kick The Power Chamber turns back into rubble -Justin- I thought so. -DDax- Yes but....how are you going to get away now? -Justin- Easy, We become one. The Rangers join together -DJustin- We can do that. The Dark Strike Rangers join together -Kick- HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! -All- LETS GROW!!!! -Kick- You won't be able to destroy my Rangers! -All- Yeah well we'll see about that! The Rangers Attack The Dark Strike Rangers -Kick- Oh no I never took some of the grow power out of the Power Rangers! -All- Well I guess were gonna have to destroy the Dark Strike Rangers! -Kick- Oh no you won't! Kick and the Darke Strike Rangers vanish -All- SHRINK! The Rangers shrink The Rangers seperate -Sarah- Alright! -Justin- Yeah! -Dax- We did it! -David- what are we going to do about The Power Chamber? -Justin- What I want to know is....what ever happened to XILA and Alpha? The Rangers vanish -=*=- The Strike Center -=*=- The Rangers appear -XILA- Welcome to The Strike Chamber Rangers. -Sarah- Wow! -XILA- This is the Power Rangers new home. -Justin- Umm before we go on, what ever happened to The Dark Strike Rangers? -XILA- They are still around. -Justin- When they took some of our Strike Powers out of us wouldn't that make us weak? -XILA- No. -Justin- So we still have all of our Power in us? -XILA- Yes....Now on with they other things. -Dax- And what are they? -XILA- I will tell you them some other time. -Justin- Why? -XILA- Just wait for the time to come for me to tell you. -Sarah- We should be glad we survived. -Justin- Yeah! -ALL- POWER....RANGERS!!!! All pause [*]Closing Titles[*] -=Music: Power Rangers Strike!=- -Justin- You may of noticed that everything has changed well as I said last season Lightie wanted to change the look of PRS (only after 3eps of season 1) but next ep we start the first of many interviews with Lightie. -Voice- POWER RANGERS STRIKE! [*]End Closing Titles[*]