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Power Rangers Strike : {2}
by: Lightie

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Episode Title: New Powers New Rangers, Part 1

-=*=- The Strike Center -=*=-
[The Rangers appear]
-XILA- Rangers Angel Grove is under a big attack.
-David- What do you mean?
-XILA- The Dark Strike Rangers, Kick, and a few other monsters are at
the attack.
-Dax- So, all we have to do is fight them.
-XILA- You don't understand, there full size.
-Justin- And for us to be full size.....we've got to be joined together!
-XILA- That's right Justin.
-Sarah- So that means we've lost.
-XILA- NO! we have no lost, I have contacted some aliens that can give
you some power to be able to grow on your own and have bikes to ride on.
-Justin- Cool!
-XILA- They have arrived.
-Justin- When do we meet them?
-XILA- Now.
[5 aliens walk out from the dark]
-XILA- These are the Speed Racers.
-Justin- If there going to give us some powers, then what are we going
to give them?
-XILA- You will give them your Strike Powers, and they will give you
there Speed Racers powers.
-Dax- Okay!
[The Rangers walk up to an alien (each)]
-Bucla- I am the Red Speed Racer I give my powers to you Justin.
-Dula- I am the Pink Speed Racer I give my powers to you Sarah.
-Gala- I am the Blue Speed Racer I give my powers to you David.
-Panla- I am the Yellow Speed Racer I give my powers to you Dax.
-Sala- I am the Green Speed Racer I give my powers to you Andrew.
-Pona- I am the Gold Speed Racer and I will say with you, Power Rangers
until you find a person to be the Gold Speed Racer.
-David- But wouldn't that mean you wouldn't be a Strike Ranger?
-Pona- No, there has always been a Gold Strike Ranger, just it has never
been found.
-Justin- And that's what your going to do when we find someone to be the
Gold Speed Racer.
-Pona- Right.
[The Rangers swop powers]
-XILA- Power Rangers....I now make you Power Rangers Speed, you should
look after these powers like you did with the other powers.
-Panla- We will take your powers and use them in our world.
-XILA- Rangers.
-Justin- Yes XILA?
-XILA- It is time for you to fight the monsters.
-Justin- Alright let's do it guys!

-=*=- Angel Grove -=*=-
[The Rangers arrive at the scene]
-Ponla- Okay Justin you take your Racers over were the Dark Strike
Rangers are and we'll attack those over there.
-Justin- Right, wait one thing don't use my real name people down there
may be able to here you.
-Ponla- Okay.
[The Speed Racers Vanish]
[All Pause]

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-=Music: Power Rangers Strike!=-


-Justin- Well I'm here with Lightie.
-Lightie- Hello!
-Justin- I understand that you are going to continue Power Rangers
Strike even when the Power Rangers are now Power Rangers Speed.
-Lightie- Yes well I'm going to actually continue Power Rangers Strike
with the aliens as the Power Rangers Strike since of course they now
have the powers.
-Justin- What will happen to the Power Rangers Speed?
-Lightie- If you mean the series then I can tell you it starts soon but
if you mean where did the Speed Racers go I can't tell you that.
-Justin- Okay, then what's going to happen in the next episode of Power
Rangers Strike?
-Lightie- Well I can answer that one, well It's going to start with a
new stroy line as if nothing ever happened, now I'm just going to give a
little bit away about Power Rangers Speed but thats because in the first
ep and maybe second it's all worked out so actually the next ep is after
the first and second ep of Power Rangers Speed.
-Justin- Well thank you for the first interview of interview with
-Lightie- Your welcome.
-Justin- I'll be seeing you lot in the next episode of Power Rangers


[*]End Closing Titles[*]

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