Disclaimer: Viva Forever is by Spice Girls, even if you don't like them the lyrics are nice. So don't get a heart attack. Silver Tiger also has a fic called Viva Forever. I started this fic a year ago, (So I don't write in order) and I did not steal this song from her. Thanks.

Viva Forever
By Luellon

She was falling to her death. Trini felt her heart beat get slower. Much slower. Blood was barely circulating. Lightning cracked above her. The lightning had ripped a wide opening in the sky. The opening was yellow. A large face appeared in the rip. The face roared. Its eyes shot out yellow energy and Trini was floating toward the opening. The gap closed and she was floating in what seemed to be a yellow sky.

Trini heard the distant sound of singing::

Do you still remember, how we used to be

Feeling together, believe in whatever

My love has said to me

Both of us were dreamers

Young love in the sun

Felt like my Savior; my spirit I gave you

WeÕd only just begun

Sabrina, the Defender, and Dulcea sang as they blew the Breath of Life on her. Air swirled around her; it seemed to seep into her body. Trini glowed.

Hasta Manana, Always be mine

Yellow fabric twisted and twirled as it headed toward Trini.

Viva forever, IÕll be waiting

Everlasting, like the sun

Live forever, for the moment

Ever searching for the sun

Trini began to glow brightly. Her wounds were slowly being healed. She felt her bones in her arm crack and go back into place. The energy dulled the pain. She felt a sharp pain as the energy went to her ankle.

Yes, I still remembered every whispered word

The touch of your skin, giving life from within

Like a love song that IÕd heard

Slipping through our fingers, like the sands of time

Promises made, every memory saved

Has reflections in my mind

Trini began to see visions. Images fluttered through her mind. She thought of everything that had happened. She thought of her friends, her mother when she was still human, all of the members of her family, Zordon and Alpha. But most of all, the person she thought of most was Billy.

Hasta Manana, Always be mine

Viva forever, IÕll be waiting

Everlasting, like the sun

Live forever, for the moment

Ever searching for the sun

But weÕre all alone now, was it just a dream

feelings untold, they will never be said

And the secretÕs safe with me

Billy will never know how much you love him, Trini heard another voice say. The Yellow fabric swirled around her. It began to enfold itself around her body. Once the fabric was done it looked almost exactly like the Ninja outfits, but the gold center circle was engraved with the head of the panther. Trini saw on her arm the face of the Saber tooth tiger and on the other arm the PantherÕs face.

She was both. Trini was still herself, like she had been years before. Still peaceful, calm, and protective. But she had also changed. She now knew how to lead, how to take control of any situation. SheÕd learned when to fight and when to back down.

Hasta Manana, Always be mine

Viva forever, IÕll be waiting

Everlasting, like the sun

Live forever, for the moment

Ever searching for the sun

" Trini, lithe and elusive, your innate spirit is the Panther." Trini's head shook as she became consious.

"Mom?" she asked as she looked at a blurry ninja mask.

"Hey, honey." Her mother helped her up and hugged her.

Sabrina embraced the warrior. "Hi, Trini. Glad you're ok." Sabrina felt Trini's ankle. "Your ankle's broken."

"Trini, I am glad you are safe." Dulcea hugged her aswell, "The ankle must be healed by human methods. It is the price for entering the Nemsis Grid. Your first wound must be treated without magic."

"Well it's better than being dead."

"Yep," the Defender agreed.

The following day Trini laid in her hospital bed after a cast had been put on her ankle. Her friends rushed into the room blurting a thousand questions at once. Trini told them the entire story and the whole time Billy was holding her hand.

Trini sat looking out the window at the bright stars. She heard a teleporting beam and turned her head to see Sabrina. "Hey."

"Hey, how are you?"

"I'm fine."

Sabrina looked at her feet.

"What's wrong?"

"I told Zordon the complete story."


She lifted her head and smiled,"He wants to get remarried."

"Yes! I knew it!"

"Thanks for giving me the courage to do it."

"You found that. I just helped you look for it." The two friends embraced.

Later that evening, they all met at the Temple. " Billy, you are the Wolf, cunning and swift. Your power is to physically change into a wolf.

" Adam, you are the Frog, protective and quick. Your power is jump high distances, breath under water, and can withstand extreme tempuratures.

" Alex, you're the Owl, wise and courageous. Your power is telekinesis, telepathy, flight.

"Trini you can change into the ghost of a panther."

"All of you still possess the normal powers of Ninjetti and nightvision," the Defender said," We are sending you to Manchester, County, a few miles from New York, to learn how to develop your gifts. It is called Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. But first we will send you to Angel Grove to settle a few things."

A few minutes later they landed in the Power Chamber. They explained everything to the Rangers. " Zack, here. Take my Turbo powers," Adam said.

"Are you sure, man?"


" Thanks," He took them.

" Here's my Power Coin," Alex said. " It's been fun."

" No one can use your coin. it was made for your telekinesis," Rocky said.

" Then we'll keep it here, until she needs it again," Jason replied.

" Okay, so Zack's green, Kim's pink, Jason's red, Rocky's blue, and Tanya's still yellow. That takes care of everything. Tanya you'll be hearing from me within the week to help pay for your house," Trini said. Tanya nodded.

At midnight, the four of them met in the Zord hangar; They'd said their goodbyes earlier. " Does everyone have everything?" Adam asked.

" Yep," Trini replied.

" I have all my bags," Alex added.

Adam rolled his eyes," Yeah, all forty seven of them."

" I only have fifteen."

" Alex don't feel bad, I have six," Trini replied playing along.

" Every one aboard!" Billy hollered from inside the cockpit; they loaded their bags and got inside. Adam and Alex went to bed. Billy and Trini flew Artemis. She glanced at her hands. " Trini, what's wrong?"

" Nothing," she whispered.

" Don't tell me that. I know that look."

She sighed, giving in. " I'm just worried about the school."

" So am I. But we'll have eachother. As long as we're together, nothing can shatter our happiness there." She smiled and snuggled up against him. He kissed her lightly.

Meanwhile, the X-Men were having a special meeting in the War Room. " Prof, this better be good," said Wolverine.

" It is, Logan. We have four new recruits coming in tommorrow. They all just graduated High School and are former Power Rangers."

" Very interesting, Professor. I am reading Cerebro's readouts of these four teens--" Hank McCoy began.

" Get ta da point, Furrball," Logan said impatiently.

" One of them has the capability, if provoked, to destroy us all.."

" I know that, Hank. She's extremely powerful."

" But that's not all. If all four of them combine their powers, well to put it frankly, we'd run like hell."

Professor X said, " They also have the ability to link their minds together which would make them telepathic. We must be on our best behavior, tommorrow. Meeting ajourned."

" Guys, we're here!" Billy yelled.

" We're ready!" Alex called back.

" What in the world is that?!" Scott Summers shouted outside the mansion.

" Chuck, what is that?" Logan yelled as the giant metal bird landed in their driveway.

" I have no idea," the Professor responded. A wide door opened and four people dressed in Ninja outfits came out; each wore a different color and symbol. " Hi, you're Charles Xavier?" the one in yellow asked the bald man in the floating yellow cart. Professor Xavier noticed that she had crutches.

" Yes, and you are?"

" My name is Trini Kwan. We were sent here by the Defender."

" We were expecting you, but we didn't know you had such transportation."

The one in purple said, " This is a Zord, sir. Her name is Artemis. My name is Alex Jamison."

" Adam Park," the one in green said.

" Billy Cranston," the one in blue said.

" Welcome. We'll put your Zord in the hangar with our Blackbird. We have rooms for all of you, or if any fo you want to share, that's fine too."

Trini said, " Thank you, sir." He nodded.

In the hangar, they unloaded their bags from a side storage compartment as Professor X, Cyclops, Beast, and Wolverine watched.

" Alex, I can't believe you brought these many bags!" Adam declared.

" Aren't you going to help me carry them?" Alex teased.

" I am not helping you carry them. You're the telekinetic, remember?"

" Fine, I'll just do all the work."

" Funny, Alex." Adam playfully tossed a bag at her, " Trini, your eight bags are grouped over here. Billy your ten are in the back of the storage compartment. Alex has all her stuff that fell on the floor. And my stuff is in the middle."

" The other members of the X-Men won't be arriving for a few days from Muir Island," Cyclops announced.

" Tell me why they're on vacation and we're not?" Logan said.

" We didn't mean to keep any of you from vacation," Trini said feeling slightly guilty.

Professor X protested," No, no you didn't." It was obvious he was being polite. " I'm a work- a- holic. I would have stayed here anyway."

That evening, Trini lay her head on Billy's chest as they sat on their bed. He carressed her hair. " Trini?"

" Yes?"

" Why did you tell me flat out that you still cared for me? I could have broken your heart if I hadn't felt the same way."

" The chance of having your Love is worth the risk of a broken heart." He kissed her deeply as they fell into the sheets and let the night unravel their passion.