Enter Tesenisis
by: Emerald J

Rocky and Kat stared down the hole that Billy had fallen. Rocky searched for a safe way down, and continued calling his friends name, in hopes that he would answer. "Billy!"

"Oh, man. . . we need to get him out of there!" Her Australian accent was filled with fear. She wouldn't be able to stand it if another of her friends was hurt.

"Your telling me. BILLY! CAN YOU HEAR ME?"

"He cannot, but you are certainly making enough noise to wake the dead."

Rocky looked up to see ghostly lady. "Hummana." Sweaking as he pointed a shaking finger towards her.

Kat followed his finger and found herself staring at the apparition. "Ummmm.immm.oh.ghoooost!"

"I am NOT a ghost, please don't call me that."

"What are you then?"

"Just someone without a body, for the moment. My name is Tesenisis." She smiled at the two as they both gazed upon her. Truly, she was one of the most beautiful women Rocky had ever seen. Indeed, 'beautiful' didn't seem to be a word fit to describe her. 'Beautiful' was what you used to describe mortals. Long curling strands of chestnut brown hair flowed in a waterfall of light to her waist, caressing a figure wrapped in a gown of gossamer and light. Eyes that spoke eloquently of love, loss, pain, and joy were set in a face so perfect every inch seemed to be the life's work of a master sculptor. Sun-touched beige skin was visible where the gown did not touch. The only word that seemed adequate, that even approached a proper description was 'flawless'. Even that wasn't good enough, he though. He noticed the ivory leaves that were woven throughout her hair, wanting nothing more then to touch her and them. "If you have lost someone down there, I can take you to where he will emerge."

"Thank you. We're going to need his help."

Tesenisis gracefully gestured to the path near them. "You know my name, yet I know not yours."

"I'm Rocky, and this is Kat." He was amazed that he did not stutter over the words.

"It is nice to meet you. I wish I could shake hands, but that is impossible at the moment."

"You said that you're without a body, for the moment. What happened that you lost your body?" They followed as her body hovered down the path.

"I was falsely accused of a crime, and this is my punishment." Tears could be heard in her voice. Her knowing that it was her love who made the judgment hurt her even more then being bodiless.

"Couldn't you appeal or something?"

"Here in the Labyrinth once a case is closed, no creature of the Labyrinth can reopen it."

"Who made up that stupid law?" Whomever it was committed a beautiful woman to this fate is an idiot!

"The last king of the Labyrinth and Goblins, Jareth's father King Emrick of Eltar"

"That law needs to be changed." And changed FAST!

"True, but there is nothing I can do about it in this form."

Kat looked at a peach tree. Deep down she knew that they would need food for their journey. "Those look good." Kat said as she reached for one to eat later.

"Be careful, Kat. Some of the fruit of that tree can make one forget everything they know."

Kat stopped, looking at the fruit carefully. "I guess I'll just have to wait for Rocky's cooking back at camp."

"There is food that you may eat, if you are hungry, near where we are going." ***

Jareth sat looking out window, three crystal twirling around in his hand. He didn't even notice when his little sister entered. "Jareth?"

Jareth glanced over, his mind on the three Rangers in the Labyrinth. "Kathleen." He nodded his head as a hello, then smiled as he realized she was back. Running over, he grabbed her in a big hug. "You're home!"

"Yes, I'm home from school. What is wrong?"

"Three humans teenagers are attempting the Labyrinth."

"Why? Who did they wish away? Their teacher?" Her curiosity was almost always her downfall.

Jareth shook his head, pointing quickly to Alpha 5. "He wished himself away, actually!"

Kathleen looked over and recognized Alpha from when she brought him to her brother Zordon. "ALPHA!"

Alpha: Lady Kathleen!" The two old friends hugged each other for a moment.

"How is that brother of mine?"

"As fine as anyone can be trapped in a time warp, I guess."

"How did you do this to yourself?" The two of them listened as Alpha spun his tale. Kathleen glanced at Jareth, whispered a little quieter then her usual tone. "You know you can't turn him into a goblin. What are you going to do if they don't solve the Labyrinth?"

Jareth whispered, loud enough for only her to hear. "I want them to, and I think they will."

"Brother? Would you mind if I helped? I know the rules say that you cannot, and you must try to stop them, but it says nothing about me helping them."

"It is your decision." He knew, deep down, that they would if she helped them.

"Then I'm going, maybe my mystic skills can help them."

"Perhaps." He shrugged. His mind filled with the fear that they would be too late.

"Do not fear. I believe they will." With me and my best friend helping them, they will!. ***

"Is this it?" Kat asked, pointing to a big pot in the middle of the clearing..

"Yes that is the Oubliette's exit."

Kat and Rocky both stared at the pot, almost curious at it's small pedestal bottom. "I hope he can fit through the bottom."

"That will not be a problem. The Labyrinth is a realm of MAGIC." Tesenisis waved her hand around them, and stopped as a beautiful young woman appeared.

"Hello Tesenisis. Long time no see."

Tesenisis smiled at the sight of her dear friend. "Hello, Kathleen. It has been too long."

"I have missed you so much." Kathleen's eyes gazed upon the two strangers that stood near Tesenisis. "I thought Jareth said that there were three of them."

Tesenisis gestured towards pot she stood next to. "One fell into the oubliette."

Kathleen quickly looked into pot. Recognizing some of the markings inside. "Wait a second, this pot is the one that leads from.doesn't it?" Kathleen couldn't even bring herself to mention her uncle's name. She saw the pain that shone in Tesenisis's eyes. How she hated him for what he did to her, I don't blame her either.


"Hey!" A familiar voice to them all shouted as his head met with Kathleen's face.

"Greetings, Hoggle." Tesenisis was the first to greet the dwarf. Kathleen's greeting was quick to follow her friend's. Kathleen's eyes met upon another strange face, one that was as handsome as the rest of the body climbing out of the pot.

"Billy! You're safe!"

"Yeah." I'm safe, but is my heart? He thought as he gazed upon the young woman. Smiling, he knew it was love at first sight. Kat watched as Billy's emotions shone from his baby blue eyes.

"I will help you as much as I can. Will you aid us in this quest?" Her eyes fixed on Tesenisis as she asked her question.

"As much as I can in this form."

"Good. Where did you get that?" She asked, noticing the book in Billy's hands.

"Down there," he said as he gestured towards pot.

"May I?" Holding her hands out, she waited as Billy carefully placed it into her waiting hands. "It is his," she stated as she opened the book. Looking through several of the more graphic entries, Kathleen was ready to throw up, until she came upon the entry she knew she'd find in it. "I KNEW IT!"

Tesenisis looked at her friend, the puzzlement upon her face was reflected in the Rangers' as well. "What is it, Kathleen?"

"My uncle is both a PERVERT and the man who tried to kill my brother Jareth!"

Everyone heard the growl that was emitted from Tesenisis's throat, and wondered what it was all about. "What?"

Kathleen quickly showed her the entry. "He wanted Jareth to blame you, so you would go to him willingly." She handed the book back to Billy, giving him some instructions on what to do with it. "You must talk to Jareth, and show him this."

Billy stared at the spector. "Wait a second, YOU'RE Tesenisis?"

"Thank you for finding this, it could clear me. I hope."

"It better, or Jareth will find himself in the Bog of Eternal Stench."

"Please, I ask that you don't do that."

"You still care for him, don't you?" She asked as they walked away, leaving Hoggle to go about his business.

"Yes, I do care for him. With all my heart."

"Then he'll listen, with his heart, because he still cares for you." Her eyes kept stealing glances at Billy. It is amazing how Eltar's sun makes him glow like the purest crystal.

Billy glanced over to Kathleen, in enough time to see her look away. "How much further do we have?"

"We're nearing the Bog soon. We should reach the Castle in approximately five hours. You'll have an hour to spare. With that time, you can present the new evidence. There is something that I must warn you of. Jareth has to try to stop you, or else." She let that threat loom over them for a minute. Letting them ask the questions.

"Why's that?"

"If he doesn't follow the rules of the Labyrinth, he could lose his life and so could all those who live in the Lab."

Tesenisis shivered as the thought of her love losing his life entered her mind. "Kathleen and I will help you, though."

"Out of curiosity, how would he try to stop us?" Rocky almost feared what was waiting for them on their journey.

Kathleen laughed as the silly pranks he's pulled on people crept through her head. "He'd probably do something at the Goblin City, like sending out the guards and then hiding Alpha. Then theirs the all famous having Hoggle lead you back to the beginning."

Tesenisis finished her thought. "Don't forget the poisoned fruit he's used before."

"How could I forget? The fruit of AMNESIA!"

"We'll have to be careful." Kat said, almost shocked at the fact that this man was Zordon's older brother.

Kathleen slowed her pace a little so she could walk next to Billy. "I'm sure we can all be careful, but somehow, I don't think Jareth is going to make it that difficult for us."

"Why is that?"

Billy listened to the two friends closely, his eyes kept peeking over to the beautiful woman next to him. Her hand reaching for her own nose, he noticed the horrid stench.

"We're coming close to the Bog. He wants you guys to solve it, he knows he can't turn Alpha into a Goblin."

Rocky took a deep breath of air, and regretted it soon after. Kat joined him in regretting breathing at ALL. "That.that is just HIDEOUS!"

Kathleen: It's the Bog of Eternal Stench. If you step in it, you will reek like the bog itself, for all time"

"Okay! Who let my Uncle into the Labyrinth?"

"Great, we have now entered the Bog of Eternal POOP!" Rocky exclaimed as the others laughed, a bit weakly, as the smell started to over come them.