The Wonderful World of Oubliettes
by: Emerald J

Billy fell into the darkened room. "Where am I?" The noise in the corner surprised him. "Kat? Rocky?"

"I ain't either one of those two. I'm Hoggle!" Hoggle lit the lantern that was near him. "You'se in an oubliette. The Labyrinth is full of them."

Billy looked around the room. It looked like someone lived here, or had at one time or another.

"Your looking around aren't ya! No, there isn't any doors."

"I was just wondering who lived here."

"Some freaky guy. He took his solitude seriously. Kinda why he stayed in here from time to time. Names Lord Zedd, I think. Whatever it was, he was Jareth's Uncle till he exhiled him."

"Lord Zedd?" If Lord Zedd is Jareth's Uncle, that makes him Zordon's uncle! "How is that possible?"

"He ain't spent all his life wrecking the universe! Here. This should make for some interesting reading while I try to find that dang doorhandle." Hoggle hands him a leather bound book. Then goes about looking for the handle. "Read the parts marked off with a bookmark. Some interesting stuff in there!"

Billy smiled at the little dwarf and started glancing through the book. Eyes widening in pure abhorrence, "That's disgusting!"

"It is, ain't it! Read the one with a blue bookmark." Billy turned the pages till he found the blue bookmark and he read:

Diary Excerpt:

Today, I asked Tesenisis to marry me. For some reason, she turned me down. I do not understand why? I am a good looking man. She said something about being in love with my nephew Jareth. Just because she is the holder of the Crystal Ranger power, she thinks she should marry someone who is entirely good. She is too young to understand true love. Jareth will never love her after I am through with him. Tonight, I try to kill Jareth. I want him to live, so he can exile her from his life forever. Planting the evidence will be easy, it is getting him to find it that will be hard. I so love her. She will have no choice, when I am done with her, but to marry me!

"Have you shown this to Jareth?"

"Can't. He's closed the case, and once a case is closed, there is no way for a Labyrinthine to reopen it!"

"What happened to this Tesenisis person he keeps talking about in here?"

"Well, the official story is that Zedd showed Jareth the evidence against his true love. Jareth was all set to have her killed, but realized quickly that he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he did. He exiled both Zedd and Tesenisis. Although Tesenisis still lives within the Labyrinth, she can only take human form once a day, for an hour at a time. Zedd was striped of his skin and sent on his merry way. Jareth still hasn't forgiven himself for that either. Found it. Come on." Hoggle placed the doorknob on a metal part of the wall, and opened it up revealing a long tunnel. "Hold onto that. You may need it. You, however, can reopen the case against Tesenisis, and that's your proof!"

"How would I do that? I thought you said it can't be reopened?"

"It can't be reopened by a Labyrinthine, but you are not a Labyrinthine. You can reopen it. Just show this to Jareth."

The two walked down the dark path. Billy listened to Hoggle's tales of life in the Labyrinth. They came up to the stair case and Billy looked at the old rickety steps. "Is it safe?"

"Yeah. It's safe. I reinforced them the other day."

Billy cautiously stepped on the first step, following Hoggle's lead, and made his way to the top.