Fall of Green Turbo
By: Emerald J

Rocky paced in the hospital's waiting room. He couldn't believe that Adam had trusted her again. She had almost killed him once before. I hope she wasn't the one driving. The nurses and doctors were coming in and out of the waiting room. It didn't help the Rangers calm down at all. One of their own had fallen, because of a drunk driver. What they couldn't figure out is why the acting as if it was Celina who caused the accident. Rocky looked over towards the ER door one more time. Dr. Cranston come through the door. He walked straight over to Adam's parents. He could tell by the look on their face that it wasn't good news. Adam's older brother Jonathan looked up at Rocky and started walking towards him.

"Rocky, guys, I've got some bad news. Adam is in critical condition. The doctor says that it doesn't look good. He said that if Adam doesn't come out of the coma in two days, they may have to call him brain dead."

Tommy and Kat did their best to catch Tanya when she passed out, but missed. She landed on the couch to their relief. One of the nurses that had been in the room rushed to her side. Justin held back from the Rangers. He couldn't believe that another important person in his life might be leaving him as well. He wanted to cry, but held back. What would it look like for a Ranger to cry. Adam wouldn't want me to cry. I'm going to pray him better. It might work. He looked on as they tried to comfort each other. Adam's parents had already gone into to see him. Adam, you better pull through! I'll never forgive you if you don't!


Jason paced the Chamber's main room. They were having difficulty getting through, and he had to get 'em before it was to late for Adam.

"YO, YO, YO. Jason, I got a hold of one of 'em."

"Bring it up on the viewing globe."

"That's what I'm doing. Shish, can't a robot get any respect around here?"

"Sorry Alpha, it's just I'm really worried about Adam. From what Tommy just told me, he doesn't have much time left."


Rocky began pacing again. He couldn't get his mind off of what happened to Adam the last time he trusted Celina.

***Stone Canyon…The Past…General Hospital***

Aisha and Rocky sat listening to Jonathan. Neither of them could believe that they might lose Adam. Rocky couldn't help but be mad at Celina. She shouldn't have even tried to get behind the wheel of that car. He knew about her problem. Why did Adam want to be her friend for? She is nothing but trouble. I bet there was drinking going on at that party he went to. Man, if I find out that he was drinking, I'm gonna personally kill him myself.


The doors to the waiting room exploded open. Jason rushed in followed by another man. He was a tall, well built man, but stayed in the shadows. Rocky knew him, but from where?

"Any more news?"

"Not yet bro. I take it you were able to get a hold of someone?"

"Yes, he did." The man said as he stepped out into the light.

"Billy!" Tanya and Kat cheered. Rocky and Tommy went over and greeted the original Blue Ranger.

"How bad is Adam?"

"Pretty bad. They don't think he's going to make it."

Billy sat down on the chair he was standing next to. Of all the Rangers, Adam was the one he got along best with. Now he was losing one of his best friends.


Adam watched as his parents came into the room. He could see them, why weren't they acknowledging him being there?

"Mom, Dad, it's me! I'm right here! Why won't you look at me." Adam winced from the pain in his body. "Man, why am I in so much pain?"

"That's an easy question to answer. Your dyeing."

Adam turned around to find a man who looked incrediably like Alex Guinness. "Man, I've been watching one too many Star Wars marathons."

"No, Adam you haven't. I knew you wouldn't recognize me. I am Zordon."

"Zordon? But how? Your on Eltar. Aren't you?"

"Yes Adam. I am. What you are seeing is my psychic energy. My spirit so to speak."

"Why are you here?"

"Adam. When you became a Ranger, we became psychically linked. Some of the Rangers link to me are stronger then others. You are one of those whose it is stronger. I never had any reason till now to contact you. Adam, you are dying. That is why I am here. I can help you live, but you must help yourself. You must let go of this conflict you've had with Rocky all these years."

Adam turned around to see that his parents had gone. Probably went to talk to the Doctor. He watched as Billy crept silently into the room. They called him. I knew it.

He walked closer to where Adam lay. "Man, you gotta wake up. I move back to Earth, and your dying. Man this can't be happening. You are my best friend."

Adam looked at Zordon. He couldn't hide his tears. His friends words hit him hard. "What about my power? What will happen if Divatox attacks? With out all five of us, the Rangers are going to have a harder time defeating her."

"Adam, it is up to you!" He held his Charger up for Adam to see. "This is your decision. Choose whomever you see fit to hold onto your power." Adam looked at Billy. This time he wasn't alone. Jason stood in the doorway, watching him.

"I made my choice. I'm going to give Billy my powers." The chargers began to glow.

Both Billy and Jason stood there in amazement as the Charger appeared out of nowhere and moved over towards Billy. Billy opened his hands and the Chargers where placed there. Jason placed his hand on his shoulder. "I guess this means that you are taking Adam's place on the team."

"Only till he recovers. Only till he recovers."

"Come on. Visiting hours are almost over. We'll come back in the morning."

"I'll be right there. Go ahead with out me." Billy watched Jason leave, and then turned towards Adam. "Why choose me? Jason and Rocky are both better fighters."

"Cause, I trust you with them Billy!" Billy glanced around the room. It was almost like someone just whispered something incompressible to him, but the voice was Adam's.

"You better wake up soon man."

***A.G.M.H….ROOM 321***

Celina gazed at her sister. Adam had seen that car coming. He must have. If he hadn't made me duck, I would have been dead. She smiled as Tessa started to mumble. She's got to stop that. It's starting to get annoying. "Tes? Sissy? Time to wake up! I need to know something."

Tessa awoke with a start. "WHA?" Her soft Irish accent floated across the room.

"Do you know how Adam is?"

"As far as I know, no one knows."

"He's dying! No thanks to you!" A masculine voice rang from the doorway. With the lights being so dim in her room, she couldn't make out a face, but knew who it was.

"ROCKY DeSANTOS! You have a lot of nerve blaming this one on me. If you would get your information correct, you'll find that Adam was driving, and that it was US who got hit." Celina said, with her accent getting harder by the second. She started saying things only her sister would understand. By the time she was finished speaking Justin had joined them.

The small Ranger looked at Tessa, whose face was as red as Tommy's Zord, and simply asked. "What did she say?"

Tessa laughed at the young boy. "I don't think I could repeat it! It wasn't very nice."

"It sure seemed funny to you!" Rocky glared at her.

"I haven't heard her speak Gaelic in such long time. You must have done something to really piss her off." Tessa turned her attention quickly back to her sister. "You okay?"

"I'm fine. I just need to sleep." Celina turned her back to the two Rangers and her sister and cried herself to sleep.


Tessa stood in the doorway watching her sister. I am going to have to teach Rocky about manners. She turned to him, and snarled, "There was a better way of telling her about Adam!"

Rocky turned away from Tessa. The whole situation was stressing to him. "I didn't mean to snap at her. It's just that, I can get so irritated with her."

Tessa put her hand on his shoulder. "Look, I know that you two don't get along, never did. All I ask is that you show a little tact when it comes to the subject of Adam. I know how she feels for him, and how he feels for her. This is eating her up inside. If he dies, I am so scared about what she'll do."

"I'll apologize tomorrow. I promise. Right now, let's let her sleep."


Adam sat looking at the door. Billy had left minutes earlier. "Forty-eight hours to solve this problem? That's not enough time."

Zordon put his hand on Adam's shoulder. "It's time. We must start."

"What are we going to do?"

"First, a new Ranger is to be selected."

"But Zordon, I picked Billy to take my place."

"No Adam. A new White Ranger. It is time for the Prophecy to be fulfilled. The three chosen ones are to be picked."

Adam listened as they headed down the hallway. He floated more then walked. They entered the room to see a sleeping form on the bed. "Celina! Is that the new White Ranger?"

"Yes Adam."
Zordon said as he placed a communicator around her wrist. On the night stand he placed a black box with a note saying "To be opened when you are alone!". Zordon moved to the door. "Come Adam."

"I don't get any of this Zordon."

"That will be explained in time. First I must deliver a message to Dimitria."

***Power Chamber***

All the lights were low. Alpha was hooked up to the wall, recharging. Dimitria was no where to be found. Zordon and Adam appeared in the center of the room. Adam watched as Zordon placed a crystal on the computer. He then turned to Adam. "Your time is now. We must go to the past. To when your conflict with Rocky first started."

"Where going back to the day Celina and I started hanging out more?"

"No, the night of the first accident."

***Stone Canyon…The Past***

The party was in full swing. Adam sat in the corner talking to Celina. It had been a whole year since they last saw each other. Two empty Guinness bottles sat on the table next to them. Both had been drinking. It wasn't the first time they shared conversation over Guinness. They both had troubled lives, and sometimes it helped to talk to each other. Neither knew when the Guinness came into the picture.

"Man. I am going to need to call my dad to give me a lift home."

"Yeah. Don't want you getting into any accidents."

Adam looked at his friend, and laughed. "You know, I'm probably going to get grounded tonight."

"Of course. What kind of parent wouldn't yell and ground their kid for drinking."

Adam's spirit watched the scene unfold. "How could I have been so stupid?"

"Many times, people learn from their mistakes."

"I know. But this was one mistake that could have caused someone their life!"

"But, after the accident, you haven't had anything to drink? Have you?"

"No, I haven't."

Celina watched as Adam called his parents. The look of shock ran across his face as he hung up the phone. "They weren't made I take it?"

"Not that I could tell. Dad said he'd be here about 8:30 to pick me up, and that we'd talk about it in the morning. What time is it?"

"It's about 7 right now."

"Well then, let's dance!" Adam swung Celina out into the middle of the room. People were getting ready to leave. The next morning meant getting up early for their camping trip.

***A.G.M.H…Room 321***

Celina bolted upright in her bed. Something didn't feel right. She looked around the room and noticed the black box sitting on the nightstand. Wonder who left that here? Picking up the box she examined it. Out loud she the card. "To be opened when you are alone!" Carefully opening the box she was shocked at it's contents. "What is this thing?" She looked at the Charger a couple of times, then noticed the note. She read it:

Dear Celina,

I know that this is a shock to you. There is great need for people of your abilities. The time has been come, the Prophecy must be fulfilled. Please contact Tommy Oliver. He will know what to do. It is time to become a Power Ranger, to be one of the three Chosen ones!


Zordon of Eltar!

"Power Ranger? Me? This can't be right." She got out of her bed and went straight to her closet. Good thing Adam asked me carry his dayplanner. Flipping the book open, finding the "O" section of his phone numbers, she quickly found Tommy's. Going back to her bed, she noticed the watch on her wrist. It's not mine, maybe…Zordon left it? I've seen Adam and his friends wearing similar ones. Let me test this out. She pressed one of the buttons, and said, "Tommy?"

***Angel Grove…Oliver Residence***

Tommy bolted upright when his communicator went off.


He didn't recognize the voice at first, but it quickly came back to him. "Celina? How did you?"

"You aren't going to believe this! I need to talk to you. How quickly can you get here?"

"Let me get dressed, and I'll be there in a flash of light. You've got some explaining to do." He said as he jumped out of bed, grabbing his jeans and a T-shirt of closet, he teleported to the Hospital.

***A.G.M.H…Room 321***

Celina didn't think Tommy was being serious about appearing in a flash of light, but he did. She had explained everything to him, from the note, the Charger, to finding the communicator on her wrist.

"…and that's why I contacted you. This is all to weird for me to understand."

Tommy looked over the note once more. "Zordon must have a good reason for wanting you as a Ranger. I think my job to see that you fit in. How quickly can you get dressed?"

"Well, that's going to be kinda hard. My clothes aren't in the closet, and I really don't think getting out of this bed in this outfit is such a good idea. I can't get it to stay shut in the back!"

"That's one problem I can easily solve. I'm going back to my house and teleporting some clothes to you. Contact me once you get dressed, and I'll teleport back."

"Sounds like a good idea to me."

***Stone Canyon…The Past***

Celina waved bye to her last guests. It felt great to be back in Stone Canyon. She looked around the room, grabbed a Guinness, and noticed a black jacket.

"It's not mine." She examined and noticed the name on the jacket. "Adam!"

She ran out of the house and got into her Grandmother's car. Wait a second. I can't drive. Been drinking too much. She ran back up to the house, and heard the noise. When she turned around she saw what had happened. Her Grandmother's car had rolled out of the driveway and hit someone else's car. In a moment of pure terror she realized who's car it was. "ADAM! NO!"

Adam screamed as the car rolled down the driveway. "NO!"

Zordon placed his hand on Adam's shoulder. "It is hard to see the past. Maybe it is time we saw what the Ranger's are up to. We have time, maybe that will settle your nerves!"

"No. I am going to stick with this. When I wake up, Celina will tell me everything, and I'm going to do something I should have done two years ago."

The words of the young Ranger where heartfelt. "And that would be?"

"I'm going to tell Rocky the truth."

"You know he will be mad."

"I know, but the truth hurts!"

"Maybe you should watch this first."

***Stone Canyon General Hospital***

Aisha and Rocky sat listening to Jonathan. Neither of them could believe that they might lose Adam. Rocky couldn't help but be mad at Celina. She shouldn't have even tried to get behind the wheel of that car. He knew about her problem. Why did Adam want to be her friend for? She is nothing but trouble. I bet there was drinking going on at that party he went to. Man, if I find out that he was drinking, I'm gonna personally kill him myself.

Celina sat in the corner crying. Tessa held her tightly. All the dreams she had of a life her and Adam might have known where being washed down the drain. "Why did this have to happen? Why?"

"I can't answer that one, Celina. It's something that may never be answered. Adam will be fine. You'll see."

"But he'll never forgive me."

"Never say never, my dear sister."

"I can't believe this even happening. I was sparring with him after school. He was looking forward to our class trip, now he's laying in a hospital. Rocky, what's happening here?"

"I wish I knew, Aisha, I wish I knew."

Adam watched as his friends gathered together. "I never knew they found out so quickly."

"Does this shock you?"

"No, it doesn't."

"Tell me Adam, what happened next?"

"I was in that coma for two months. My parents sent me to my grandmother's for the summer. She helped me with the recovery. When I came back for school, I found out that Celina's parents had moved her and Tessa back to Vancouver."

"What happened between you and Rocky?"

"Not much. Rocky kept asking me if I had been drinking, but I avoided the subject. Eventually he just stopped asking."

"Do you think he knows?"

"If he does, he hasn't said anything about it. Things got back to normal after he stopped asking. Things really started getting tense about two weeks after Tanya and I broke up."

"That is when Celina moved to Angel Grove, right?"


***Angel Grove…the present…Power Chamber***

"Alpha, please contact the Rangers. It is time they met the newest member of the team."

Celina was still in shock. She kept her hands on the sweat pants Tommy had leant her. Even tied they were to big for her. She had read the message Zordon had left them. What made her so special? Why is she one of the Chosen ones? Her life's been nothing more then one screw up after another. She watched as the multicolored beams shown in the room.

"Divatox had better have a good reason for attacking in the middle of the night. Tommy, what's Celina doing here? And WHAT is she doing in your clothes?"

"Guys. We got six Rangers again."

"What do you mean, we've got six Rangers again?" Billy was a little shocked by Tommy's statement.

"Guys, Celina was chosen by Zordon to be the new White Ranger."

Celina leaned on the console, her hand brushing against the crystal that was there. "Greetings Rangers. It is I, Zordon of Eltar. As you have probably have just been informed, there is again Six Rangers. This is true, but at the same time not true. Celina is one of the three Chosen Ones. The other two will be revealed in time. There is something you Rangers must know. The Chosen Ones are the only three Rangers that can save the universe from a great foe. That is all I can say, except, that it is now time for the prophecy to come true. I pray I am wrong on the outcome."

"What does he mean, I pray I am wrong on the outcome?" Celina looked up at Dimitria.

They watched as a tear formed in her eye. "The prophecy goes like this. In a time of great need, the universe will be in danger of being destroyed by an all mighty villain. There will be three people, chosen because of the goodness in their hearts, to defeat the him. There will be great loss in this battle. Blood of the Chosen ones will be spilt."

Celina stared wide-eyed at her. Blood of the Chosen ones will be spilt? Does this mean I'm going to die? I find Adam again, and now, I'm going to lose him again. The tears swelled up in her eyes.

Tommy looked onto the newest member of the team as her tears started to roll down her checks. "You going to be okay?"

"Yeah, I just need to get some sleep."


Celina looked at Adam's still body. She couldn't sleep, and sneaked into see Adam. She had so many things she wanted to say to him, but couldn't. The only thing she could bring herself to do was sing.

If this world is wearing thin,
And your thinking of escape
I'll go anywhere with you
Just wrap me up in chains
But if you try to go alone
Don't think I'll understand

STAY...Stay with me... Stay with me

In the silence of your room
In the darkness of your dreams
You must only think of me
There can be no in between
When you pride is on the floor
I'll make you beg for more!

STAY...Stay with me...
Stay with me

You better hope and Pray
that you make safe it back to your own world
You better hope and Pray
that you wake one day back in your own world
Cause when you sleep at night,
they don't hear your cries in your own world
Only time will tell
if you can break the spell back in your own world.


STAY...Stay with me...
STAY...Stay with me...
STAY...Stay with me
STAY...Stay, Stay, Stay, Stay, Stay
STAY...Stay with me...
Stay with me

***Angel Grove…The Youth Center…The Next Morning***

Rocky listened as the Rangers told him what had happened the night before.

"…she was actually in tears before she left. I hope she's going to be all right with everything. I mean, it must have been hard to hear Dimitria say that about the blood of the Chosen ones being spilt."

"Probably." This was one of the last things he wanted to hear. Zordon, why did you chose her? She's been nothing but trouble!

"I've seen her spar with Adam. She's good." Kat's words stung Rocky's heart.

"I've got to get going." Rocky jumped out of his chair and stormed out of the Youth Center.

"What's his problem?"

***Angel Grove…Three months earlier***

Adam sat in the Youth Center looking at his now ex-girlfriend Tanya Sloan working out with Tommy. It was still hard for him to believe that she had dumped him to go back out with Shawn. Rocky had tried his best to cheer him up, but nothing seemed to work. He just wanted someone to talk to, like in his days in Stone Canyon. No, I'm not going to touch that subject. Too many bad memories. Adam looked up to see a familiar person walk into the Juice Bar. Her thick, wavy, red hair just passed her shoulders, her green eyes glowed with all the passion of Emerald's. The smile was the one thing that gave her identity away. Adam got up and moved closer, Rocky's eyes followed him. "No. It can't be!"


The young woman looked into Adam's eyes, her thick Irish accent filled his ears. "Adam Park! It is so good to see you again." She said, running over to him, and hugging him. "It is so good to see you after all these years!"

"Same with you. When did you get back from Ireland?"

"Tessa and I got back last week. I wanted to come sooner, but I had to move my stuff over to my new apartment. I got a job here in Angel Grove."

"That's great! We'll be able to hang out. Almost like old times," he leans closer to her so no one else can hear the next part. "without the Guinness."

"I see Rocky still can't stand me." Adam followed Celina's gaze to see Rocky. He looked totally ticked off.

"I guess not."

"What is the problem between Celina and Rocky?"

"I don't know. He's never really liked her. Probably because of her old habit. Rocky never trusted her because of that."

"Do you blame him?"

"Not really, but I got to know the real Celina. The one who doesn't need Alcohol. Rocky never knew her."

"Maybe they are…
" Zordon waved his arm in front of the unfolding scene and watched as Celina stood where their car had crashed. Rocky was moping about nearby.

"Rocky?" Celina said as she glanced up. "Can I talk to you for a moment?"

"I'm not really in the mood to talk to you Celina."

"I need to know something. All these years, we've never gotten along together, and now that I am a Ranger, why do I get the sudden urge to smack you?"

Rocky couldn't help but laugh a little. "Don't know. I know I've felt that way about you since that first accident!"

"Now don't go blaming that on me! You know very well that the police reports said that no one was driving my grandmothers car. How could it have been my fault that the breaks went out on it?"

"The report also said that you got behind the wheel, but got out just seconds before the car hit Adam's. Also said something about you drinking."

"I wasn't the only it said that about!"


"If you read the entire statement, you would have found that traces of alcohol was found on Adam as well."

"What?" Rocky stared at her in disbelief. Adam had never mentioned this to him. "Your joking, right?"

"No Rocky, I'm not! Adam and I were both drinking that night. Be it only one or two Guinness each, but still, we were both drinking!"

"Adam would have told me!"

"Would he? Think about it. I was never one of your favorite people, and you expect him to tell you that he was drinking? Did you not tell him that if you found out he was drinking that you would, let me see if I remember, 'Bash his head into a wall!'?"

Rocky couldn't believe she knew all that. "How did you know all that?"

"He told me. We keep very little from each other. We are in love Rocky. I'm sorry if you can't accept that, but I truly love him." She said as she walked off towards the Youth Center. Rocky headed towards the hospital.


Rocky stared at the still body of his friend. Wanting to cuss him out, but not being able to. All he could manage was, "why didn't you tell me? I wouldn't have done that. I thought we were friends. I guess, I should give Celina a chance. I promise, I'll be nicer to her, and I'll get to know her. Why didn't you tell me? Why?" The tears where streaming down Rocky's face.

"Because, you wouldn't have believed me."

Rocky stared down at the young man laying in the bed, whose eyes where now fully open. "Your…your awake?"

"Yes." His voice was horse from the time he spent in the coma. He eyed Rocky curiously, wondering what was going to happen next.

"I should be mad at you. You know this don't you? But for some reason, I can't pull myself to get angry. I guess I'm so happy your awake."

"There is so much we need to talk about. Like what happened that night."

"We don't. Celina told me everything. I'm guessing it's everything. I guess I knew somewhere in my heart that you did that, but I just couldn't accept it. Now that I had the facts shoved into my face, I have accept it."

"It still doesn't make up for me not telling you."

"What happened…happened. There is no changing it. We've both grown up a lot since then. Man, face it, we both made mistakes in our life. Some really big mistakes, but mistakes none the less. You forgave me for mine. It's time I did the same. I don't care why you did it, I'm just glad that you are alive, and are on your way to a full recovery." Rocky looked at him with his trademark impish grin, and just blurted out the news. "Celina is a Power Ranger!"

Adam couldn't help but smile. The others wouldn't believe what happened to him while he was in the coma. Maybe one day he would tell them. "Let me guess, the White Ranger?"

"How did you know?" He asked as his eyebrows furrowed over his squinting eyes.

"An old friend told me."

Rocky stood up and looked at his friend one more time. "I'm going to go tell the others your back in the land of the living. Think you can stay with us till I bring them over?"

"I'll try. I really need to see Celina the most. There is something I need to ask her."

Rocky smiled and walked out of the room.


Celina ran into the room and grabs Adam's hand. "Oh Adam! It's so good to be able to see your eyes again."

He looked over to the others and smiled. Might as well do it with them here. I can't wait anymore. "Celina? There is something I need to know."

"What is it Adam?"

"Marry me?"

Celina stared at him for a moment, then looked at the other Rangers. Rocky had the biggest smile on his face. "Oh Adam! I WILL!"

***AG…Two Weeks Later…Youth Center***

Tessa sat in the Youth Center, looking for something to do. Celina was off making arrangements with Adam about the wedding. She looked up as a young man, with blondish hair, the bluest eyes she had ever seen, and well built walked in. Man, someone tell me I'm dreaming! No one is allowed to look THAT good in real life!

He smiled and made his way towards her. There was no other spots opened anywhere in the Juice Bar. "Mind if I join you?"

"Not at all." She smiled as he took the seat across from her.

"Your Celina's sister? Aren't you?" He looked at her. She bore a striking resemblance to her sister. The only difference was that her hair was a warm chestnut color, while her sister's was red. They both had green eyes, that shown with all the passion of the world. How could you not fall for this woman.

"Yes, I am. My name is Tessa Sioban McGann, and you are?"

"Billy Cranston." He reached out his hand and took hers into a friendly shake. "Tell me something. Would you care to join me for dinner tonight?"

"I'd love to Mr. Cranston." She couldn't believe her luck. The man of her dreams just asked her out! She felt like passing out from the happiness that was swelling up inside her.

***AG…Adam's Apartment***

Celina sat next to Adam in what was soon to be their apartment. It was hard to believe that a little over two weeks ago, she was scared for Adam's life, and had never dreamed about being a Power Ranger. Adam kissed her lightly on her cheek.

"You have made me happier then you could ever realize."

"As you have also." She turned to him, leaning over him as she planted the kiss on his mouth. Pulling away, she looked down at him. "I love you Adam." She wrapped her arms around him, and he did the same, accidentally rolling over and landing on the floor.

They awoke the next morning wrapped in the blankets that Adam had brought out the night before. "Celina, that was incredible!"