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Tale of the Feather
by: Emerald J

He stood looking out over the room, his dark eyes seemed to gaze at the young teens brought to him. One of them looked up, her eyes wide in shocked. It couldn't be her? Could it? She would pay for her betrayal. He walked down as she called a name he hadn't heard in ten years.


"My name is Cheshire. Lord of the Children of Vurt. That name holds NO MEANING to me!" His eyes flared with anger at the sound of his former name. He reached the bottom of the steps and kissed a woman dressed in tight leather, smoke surrounding her. "You are intruders to our realm, and intruders must be KILLED!"

"What?" The red clad member of the group looked at him. "Adam, don't you recognize us? What's happened to you?"

"I knew you once, but three of you BETRAYED ME! You also parished because of it!"

Cheshire hands snuck behind the woman's back, and gently caressed her with a lover's touch. His cousin, how he longed to see Game Cat once again, taught him that a woman is the best companion to a cat of any kind.

"Remember my Kittling! Revenge is not a noble thing!" A voice from out of no where sounded, and Cheshire knew it immediately!

"GAME CAT! Where are you my cousin?"

His voice loomed over the great hall. "These are from an alternate plane! They know not of what our ones did to you! Don't take revenge on them!"

Adam looked at the four carefully. "You say in your world I know you?"

"You are my best friend. We're Rangers in our universe." Rocky couldn't believe what was going on. He took the powers back while Justin had his appendix taken out, and now this happens.

"In my world, it was YOU who betrayed me first. You also died a slow and painful death." He looked at Tanya. The woman who he had been bed partners with, the woman who tried to kill him. "And what are we in your world?"

She looked into his harsh eyes. Not the eyes of the man who was visiting his Grandparents in Stone Canyon. "We dated for awhile."

"I dated you? Not too hard to believe." His hands softly caressed her check, and a burning desire he felt for only one was brought to his mind. The girl shrouded in smoke, who moves no more. Her stillness scared him, she hadn't moved in three months, yet lived still!

"Take them AWAY!" He watched as his friends, his now family pulled them to a small room at the far end of the hall. He couldn't believe they had returned from the grave, it was almost impossible. Not much longer though. ***

Tommy struggled against the bonds that held him. None of them had expected this when Divatox's monster attacked. To be sucked into an alternate timeline, where they were all dead, and may just end up that way once more.

"Someone PLEASE tell me this isn't happening!"

"I wish I could tell you Tommy." There was pure fear in Rocky's voice, a fear that had never been there in their worst battles.

"You don't think he's going to kill us, do you?"

"He will." The Rangers all looked up to see someone coming out of the shadows. He was tall with blondish hair. His blue eyes were harsher then they had ever remembered them being.


"That was once my name." Billy's smile was almost as harsh as his eyes. The years of being here had caused him great stress. Being one with the Vurt cased him even more. He took four pure yellow feathers out of his pocket. "They call this Curious Yellow. No one ever returns from there. You have FIVE HOURS before you go there!"

"We're going to to death?"

"No." He looked around the room: his eyes resting on Kat, going wider then they had ever gone. She was like he. ONE WITH THE VURT! He turned to go talk to Cheshire, hoping to spare her life. She could take on the Curious Yellow. ***

Adam sat in his chair, staring at her still body. How I long to touch your soul again! How I want to feel your lips gently caress mine playing their lover games with each other! He watched as his oldest and truest friend walked out of the prison. "What is wrong?"

"What makes you think that there is something wrong?" His emotionless face actually shone with fear.

"You look scared about something. Or should it be someone?"

"One of those is of the feather like I am!"


"Katherine, the one we once called Kamas."

"Kamas? The one that shouldn't have died." A single tear flowed as he remembered how she had told him that she was forced into betraying him. Remembered how she and Billy loved each other with all their hearts. How she was the closest thing to an Angel in what use to be Angel Grove. "Devils Lair doesn't sound a good name as Angel Grove did." Her words haunted him.

"Maybe this is Kamas? My Kamas?"

"Kamas was one who should not have perished. Bring her to me. I will take her into the VURT to my cousin. We will find out the truth."

Billy turned to go to her. If it was her, they would be together in the Pink Feather like old times.

"Bloodster, do me a favor."


"If it is her, I want you to test out a new Pink Feather!" He held the feather in his hand as if it where the most precious thing that had ever existed.

"We will." ***

Kat stared at the door. There was too many familiar things about this world, as if it had been created in a dream. This world's Billy intrigued her, and she found herself longing for his gentle touch against her soft skin. Why am I thinking this? I'm dating TOMMY!

Billy entered the room and uncuffed Kat's arms. "Your coming with me. Something has to be found out."

Tommy flew up and knocked Billy into the wall. "LEAVE HER ALONE!" No one, but no one touched his girlfriend.

Billy's hand backhanded Tommy's face. "All I am going to do is ask her something. You do NOT have to get uptight about it!" He left with Kat in tow.

Kamas. That word popped into Kat's head. What meaning does it hold to me? Why do I always think about that name? Is that Billy's other name? ***

Kat stood in front of the man she knew as Adam Park, the one she felt was truly the Cheshire. Her eyes traveled over to Billy, the warmth entered her heart as she gazed into his eyes. "Bloodster," she whispered, knowing his other name.

"How did you know?"

"I just did. It's like all my dreams of this place are coming true. You and me are lovers." He felt her hand wrap around his, her eyes made his soften. No one else had ever been able to tame his heart like she could.

Cheshire knew that she was in fact Kamas, but they had to be positive. "Come, we must go to the Game Cat!"

"She is Kamas! Why do we have to see Game Cat if we know?"

"To find out HOW she got into their world." His eyes left his friend and went over to Kat's face. "Do you wish to remain in our world?"

Kamas's hands never left Billy's. "To be with the one I love the most, I would go anywhere!"

"Then we go to Game Cat!" ***

Game Cat watched the dreams of all the pleasure seekers in the VURT. How the dreams get stranger and stranger. Then again, Scribble had the weirdest adventure with the Vurt. Wonder what color he is in this day.

"Game Cat."

"Hello Bloodster." He turned to see the trio, with Bloodster's hand around the one from the other world. Yet, something about her. "Kamas?"

"Hello Cat. I have missed you." She gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek and smiled warmly.

"So the princess has returned. I knew you would." Soon Sariana, my cousin's dear love, shall revive. The four of them shall be happy. He held up three turquoise feathers. "Give these to the three that are not of this world."

"But how did Kamas end up in their world?"

"When she entered the Yellow, she didn't survive it. Only, the Vurt felt that she deserved another life. It sent her back in time and she was reborn in Australia to the Hillard family of that world. She lived there and remembered nothing of her life here. When she moved to Angel Grove however, the Vurt awoke inside her. That is why Rita chose her. The problem was, she was attracted to Tommy in that world, not Billy. This was mainly due to Rita."

"But I dreamed about Billy. At least I thought I did, but instead I was remembering my time with Bloodster?"

"Exactly. Deep down, you still loved Bloodster here. You knew you belonged here."

"And here is where I will remain." She gazed into his eyes, so full of yearning. "Pleasure Pink," was all she had to say to him.

"Marry me."

"Forever in Pleasure Pink. I will marry you there."

Bloodster smiled. Forever in Pleasure Pink was one of the most erotic feathers around and here Kamas wanted to be married there. "Think we can keep our mind on the ceremony?"

"We better, if only for a short time."

"Just don't pull out on me."

"I won't. Let us tell the others." With that, the trio vanished from Game Cat's lair. ***

Kat entered the cell looking happier then ever. "Tommy?"


She placed a finger on his mouth and held three feathers. "To return you to your home. I thank you for returning me to mine."

"What are you talking about?"

"This is where I belong. Here, in Devil's Lair." She laughed softly. "I do like the name Angel Grove better then Devil's Lair. Always have."

"Kat, this isn't your home. I don't know what they did to you, but you don't belong here."

"I do. My name is Kamas, at least that is what I am called here. It means `lovely Angel' to us. I found the man I was destined to be with. Those dreams I've told you about, they weren't dreams. They were memories. Here, open your mouth." Tommy did as he was told, almost surprised when the feather was placed inside and he slide out of their dimension. Tanya and Rocky followed him shortly.

"It was the right thing to do. You'll see."

"I see already. Let us go." She pulled a pink feather out of her pocket and gently slide it inside Bloodster's mouth. "Forever Pleasure Pink." She slide the feather inside her mouth and soon the two were riding the Vurt. Riding it to their marriage. ***

Tommy awoke in the Power Chamber. He looked around and saw Tanya and Rocky laying on the floor near him, Justin and Adam were kneeling over them checking their vital signs. "Where's Katherine?"

"She stayed behind."

"Why?" He looked up at Dimitria as she answered his question. For the first time, she didn't use a question to answer it.

"That is where she is from. She did love you, but she loved the one she is with even more. That is her destiny, as yours is to be with someone else."

"How did we even end up there?" The question came from Rocky.

"Divatox used a special laser to send you. Fortunately, it blew up after one use."

"Good. I hope she's happy there."

"She is, Tommy. She is very happy." ***

Cheshire looked at her once more. She moved into a sitting position and looked somewhat dazed.

"My love?" She asked as she looked at him. "What has happened to me?"

Cheshire smiled as the smoke vanished from around Sariana, and all that remained was her extreme beauty. "You were frozen in smoke. I don't know how you were or why, but you have returned to me. After so long."

"I will never leave you. I am in your heart." She placed a sweet kiss on his lips. She was a beauty even though she, in the Ranger universe, was known as Scorpina.