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Immortal Transitions
by: Emerald J

Billy finished packing up the last box. Most of the stuff in the house now belonged to other Immortals. Mostly Methos and Duncan. It felt weird for him to own her house, heck, it was big enough to be a four star hotel. "That's the last of it. I'll go take this down to the truck. Kahva, wanna give me a hand with some of these."

Kahva looked up from the box she was taping. Surprised that Billy had even invited her to Paris with them, but more surprised that his ex-girlfriend was dead. He hadn't taken it well at all. "Sure. Let me tape it up first. Whose stuff is in this one anyway?"

"These are Mac's. Adam is at his barge waiting to unload them. Mac already went ahead to Angel Grove to start Tommy's training." Kahva had known some time of Billy's Immortality. It was hard for her to accept that her friend had died, and that Billy couldn't, but their new found friendship made up for any resentment she felt towards him. She quickly taped up the box and followed Billy.

They stood outside. Kahva watched as Billy placed the last box in the moving truck, shut the door, and told the driver that it was safe to go. She knew it was hard for him to look at her. She knew he saw Amanda every time he saw her. "We should get inside, it looks like it's going to rain again."

"If France has any more rain, it's going to flood." They laughed.

The man looked at them through the binoculars. "She has let her hair grow long in the past few years. New boyfriend too. It's time. Start up the car. We attack."

The driver started the car and moved out. Jean-Luc brought out the gun and cocked it. "Today, they both die for what she did to me."

Billy quickly turned around as the sound of squealing tires approached them in the drive way. He tried to push Kahva out of the way, but was a little too late. The man opened fire, firing two bullets. One landed in Billy's heart, the other in Kahva's.

* * *

Kahva awoke with a start. The last thing she had remembered was seeing Billy rush towards her, and hearing the screech of tires. Now she was in one of the many rooms of Billy's house. Everyone but Billy was there. There came a strange rush through her body, it made her nervous. She started looking around and fidgeting.

"Calm down. You'll get use to that. Kahva, there is something important I need to tell you, but you need to calm down."

Kahva stopped her fidgeting, but kept right on looking around. "Where is Billy?"

"He's in the other room. Connor, Duncan's cousin, is with him. You two where shot. You both died. Kahva, there is no easy way to tell you this."

"Tell me what?"

"You are Immortal."

"Welcome back to the land of the living. Well, land of the Immortal living."

"Hello Connor. When did you get back?"

"Last night. Elizabeth and Adam are in the other room. Kahva is Immortal, you know that?"

Billy looked at Duncan's cousin. His features where nothing like Duncan's. While Duncan had a friendly face, Connor's was more like Zedd's, if Zedd had skin, and was a little nicer. "I do now."

"Get some rest! It shouldn't be long before she begins her training."

Billy laid his head back down on his pillow and was fast asleep. Death still wasn't easy, and took a lot of energy out him.

Two months had passed and Kahva had begun her training. Methos showed her the basics of sword fighting, but Elizabeth quickly took over the training when he almost took his own head. The cops had come and gone, it seems that two guys where found dead, in a ditch near the house. There was evidence that the gun they had had been fired recently, but at who or what, they weren't sure. Soon it would be time for her to leave the sanctuary of Billy's house. Amanda had thought ahead in her building of this place. The house was big enough to be a four star hotel, and was built on holy ground. No Immortal could fight another there, but they never said anything about training another Immortal to fight there. Learning the rules had been easy, it was obeying them that would prove to be difficult. Would she be able to watch her friends killed and be able to do nothing about it?

Billy watched from the doorway of the building's gym. Man, Tommy would love it here. Maybe once Duncan gets further in his training, he can come over and we can spar. Pity I had to miss their High School Graduation! He noticed her looking at him.

"Care to test out my new skills?"

"As long as you remember, this is only part of your training, and you can't take my head."

"I know. This is holy ground, and we really shouldn't be doing this."

"True, but no where in the rules did it say that we can't train on holy ground."

The two readied their swords and went at it. Somehow, their friendship had grown in the past couple of months. She knew it would be time to return back to Seacouver, and it meant she would lose Adam, if only for awhile. He would have to stay there to finish up some research. "Billy, what is Adam Pierson like?"

"What? You haven't been spending enough time with him? I thought you two would have become best friends by now."

"He doesn't talk much."

"So I've noticed."

She smiled as he knocked her down to the ground. "You talk, you get distracted. Getting distracted could cost you your head." Was all she heard from the figure in the doorway.

"Thanks loads Adam."

Billy notices that Methos's hand is staying behind his back, and the look on his face made enough of an impression on Billy that he finally said. "I think I'll go find Elizabeth. We've got some last minute arrangements to make before tomorrow's flight."

Methos watched to make sure Billy was gone from the general area before bringing his hand out from behind his back. "For the most beautiful female Immortal alive, or dead!"

Kahva looked at the roses and smiled. "I'll take that as a compliment. I'd be afraid not to."

"I wouldn't behead you if you took it the other way. Hardly anyone else knows that I am Immortal. There is something I want to tell you first. I think you are the most beautiful, sweetest people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, and." He couldn't get the words out of his mouth. You'd think after 5,000 years, I'd be a pro at speaking to women!

"And what Adam?"

".I think I've fallen in love with you!"

* * *

Billy looked through the mail pile one last time. Bills for Amanda, letters to Amanda, letters of sympathy about Amanda's passing, letter from Angel Grove, more letters of sympathy.wait, letter from Angel Grove! He opened it up and recognized Adam's handwriting.

Dear Billy,

Sorry you missed the graduation! I know that the bomb threat kinda put a damper on things, and now with the onslaught of rain there, you must be starting to wonder if you are ever coming back to the US at all! Saw Tommy and Mac yesterday. His training is coming along just fine. I've sorta been promoted. I'm Tommy's watcher. Duncan tells me that you now have a Watcher, by the name of Joe Dawson. They are trying something new with us. Letting us write down the more "personal" stuff about you guys! Don't worry, the secret is safe!

The rest of the gang says hello! Rocky is still recovering from his back injury. Justin can't wait to met you! The stunt show is awesome. It's weird having two paying jobs. Kat is going to be going to England this fall, to study at the Royal Academy of Ballet, or something like that. Tanya is working at the Radio Station as a DJ Tommy is between racing and training, guess you can say he's busy. Bulk and Skull are still missing. They totally missed out on the graduation. Justin is getting ready for the fall. He's been taking summer school courses. Yes, like you, he can't get enough studying. Heard you changed your major. What to?

Okay, enough already! Once again, I'm sorry about Amanda. See you when you get back to Angel Grove!

Your Friend,

Adam Park

Billy thought back to that dreaded night. He feared to close his eyes to sleep at times. The nightmares where still there. Amanda's body laying there still made him ill. Her memories where inside him now, her strength was now part of his own. Her death was his sorrow.

* * *

The two Immortal lovers stood on the balcony of Kahva's room. The sun setting of the little pond in the back was a beautiful sight, but not as much for Methos as the woman in his arms. "Kahva, there is something I need to tell you."

"What's that?"

"I fell in love with you the first night we met. Back at the Dean's dinner, the one you got sick at. You were so cute when you covered your mouth when the Dean Haggis got sick. It was to adorable for words!"

"You are the only person I know who can think getting ready to lose ones dinner is adorable!" She said as she hit Methos. "I can't believe we're leaving tomorrow."

"That's why the night belongs to lovers!"

She looked into his eyes. There was something there she never noticed before. Centuries of knowledge shone brightly, along with the love he shared with everyone he had ever been with. "Exactly how old are you Adam Pierson?"

"I do not know. I died over 5,000 years ago."

"Then your real name isn't Adam Pierson, is it?"

"It's Methos. I am the oldest living Immortal, and please, not a mention of this to anyone outside of this house, well, besides Joe and Duncan."

"I won't," Kahva said as Methos picked her up and threw her onto the lounge chair. "Hey!"

Methos, looking like an innocent little boy, turned and kneeled next to the chair. Bringing her face closer to his, he kissed her mouth ever so lightly.

* * *

Billy paced in front of the living room window. Kahva wasn't ready yet, the handle on Elizabeth's luggage broke, and the taxi was late. Thankfully their plane wasn't for another four hours. "Maybe I should call Methos and ask him to take us." As Billy reaches for the phone, it rings. "Bonjour?"

"Is Billy Cranston there?"

"This is. Tommy?"

"Man, I'm glad I didn't miss you. Duncan said you were coming here today. There's been an accident. Adam's been hurt. Anyway you can catch an earlier flight?"

"I'm sure there is. I'll be there as soon as I can. I'll call when we land. Where will I be able to reach you?"

"I'm heading out the door to Holy Angels Church. Duncan told me to tell you to call him on his cell phone."

"Okay. I'll go call Pierson. Bye!" Billy hung up the phone and called upstairs to Elizabeth, telling her to get done as soon as possible, then called Pierson. "Adam? It's me. I need a favor. Think you could swing by and pick us up? I need to see if we can get an earlier flight back to Angel Grove. Adam Parks has been hurt."

"I'm on my way."

The End... for now