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Viva La Vie Immortal
by: Emerald J and Kahva

Billy stared at the church, the same one he went to as a little boy was now the hiding place of his best friend. Adam? An Immortal? This isn’t happening. He quickly followed the two women up the steps and into the church, the familiar buzz surging over them.

Kahva held hers for a moment, then shook it. "Gotta get used to that I think. Wish it would tell you who's here, and how many, though."

"So do I." Elizabeth looked at the three people in the front of the church, one of them catching both hers and Kahva’s eye.

"Umm, ok, who's who here, Billy? And I'm hoping we are all friendly?"

"The one with the long hair is Tommy, you know…" Billy’s voice gained a rather nasty edge to it as he looked at the eldest of the group. "Duncan, and the one sound asleep on the cot is Adam Park."

Kahva looked at the sleeping immortal. He looked so peaceful lying there, his hair under a bandanna. "So he's the new one? Kinda cute." She also noticed the deadly stare Billy was giving to Duncan. "Ok, do we go and talk to them now, or are you going to shoot flames out of your eyes at Duncan?"

"I’d rather take his quickening for what he did!"

"Billy, you can't seriously mean that you want to kill him! He's your friend, he trained you!"

"He is the one who killed my cousin."

"Have you tried talking to him about what happened?"

"There isn't anything to talk about. He told me he killed him. Richie wasn't even looking."

Kahva frowned at him. "Sounds to me like there's plenty to talk about."

"I don't think I ever will."

Kahva turned towards him. "Then you'll be killing him without knowing the reason why."

Billy glared at the young Immortal. There are things you don’t understand about this. Duncan told me what happened. He told me every single detail. "I know why I'm going to kill him."

"Keep saying that, maybe one day you'll believe it." She looked over at Elizabeth, the one Immortal besides Methos she was closest to. "I guess this proves immortality doesn't provide instant wisdom, or good sense."

"Kahva, he's grieving. He's been through a LOT this past year. First the loss of Grace, then Amanda, now his cousin. Also finding out that two of your closest friends are Immortal doesn't help anything either."

"And I guess my becoming Immortal was a piece of cake for him, then? Well, I guess that means I'm not his friend, since it has been so easy for him to accept mine! Richie was my friend too!! Maybe I haven't known Duncan as long as the rest of you have, maybe I can't call him friend, but I know what you all have told me about him, what Methos has told me, and from that, I know that Duncan wouldn't have deliberately killed Richie, not ever!" She screamed as she glared at Billy "Since this is just for 'close friends', I'll wait outside!!" Storming out she left the immortals to their duty.

Elizabeth sighed and went after her. Sometimes her boyfriend and new friend could be stubborn. "KAHVA!" She went outside to see her friend wandering around outside, but not off of holy ground, though

"You can't take my head here for being honest, Elizabeth."

"I just wanted to talk. The reason it was easier for him to accept yours cause he was there for your first death. Maybe I slipped when I said two when I should have said three."

"I'm beginning to wonder. He hasn't talked to me at all about what happened. Not my death, Tommy's, Adam's... I don't know a thing about them. But Richie... Maybe I didn't know Richie as long, but he was my friend too, his death hurt me too! I wanted to wring Duncan's neck when I found out, but I feel I know him through you guys. I can't believe he killed Richie in cold blood, not on purpose. It had to be an accident. Why can't Billy use those vaunted brains of his and see that?"

"Because sometimes, emotions are stronger then brain power."

"This isn't emotion anymore, Elizabeth, this is for blood, and Billy is going to hate himself if he does get Duncan's Quickening." Kahva couldn’t help but sigh as she looked at Duncan’s car parked in front of the church. "As for right now, his need for revenge isn't going to help his friend Adam one bit."

"I know that it won't, but you have to face the fact that Billy needs to learn how to deal with loss."

"Billy has had a year to deal with Richie's loss, more than that for Amanda's death, and Tommy becoming Immortal. But his blaming Duncan isn't going to solve anything, and neither will his taking Duncan's head. If he does that, he's going to hate himself forever, I can feel it."

Elizabeth: I know. I'm scared about him, but there is just so much he bundled inside of him, it's not even FUNNY. I can't begin to understand. He won't even begin to tell me about a lot of the stuff that happened to him in Angel Grove.

"If he doesn't talk to somebody, we're going to lose him. That's my greatest fear right now, that his need for revenge is blinding him. It's going to get him killed, or his two friends in there."

"I'm going to start on Adam's training." Elizabeth stated as she and Kahva hugged each other briefly.

"You're going to train Adam?"

"Why not?" She was almost shocked at the surprise in the young immortal’s voice.

"I - I just sort of assumed that Duncan would do it... if Billy lets him anywhere near him after today." smiles "You're a good teacher, Adam will be in good hands... and maybe it's just me, but I think you're probably the best one to help him deal with his new life. That and a few centuries gave you some wisdom and patience, too. I don't know what I would have done without you and Methos these past few months. With Billy not talking to me. Without you two, I would have gone nuts."

"Did Methos tell you" Please tell me he did.

Kahva looked at her carefully. "I know that you two there something else I should know?"

"No. Nothing." Seems he didn’t tell her everything. Elizabeth’s face looked down into her lap, her hands scrunched the material of her jean skirt.

Kahva wasn’t sure if something was being held back from Elizabeth’s little statement, but she intended to find out. "If you say so. I've told him that there is only one thing that could ever possibly destroy what we have."

"That would be?" This little subject really fascinated her.

"If he lies to me about something... or just isn't honest with me about his past. He may have done things in his past that I won't like, but I love who he is now, he's a good man. But I want him to be honest with me about everything. It's a matter of trust... I've put my complete trust in him, and I want him to do the same for me. I love him...."

"There are things that some of us don't want ANYONE to know about." Like some of the things Methos and I did together. Then Duncan and me. Then…she stopped herself before she listed the long list of her former lovers. They were nothing to me. Not like Billy is.

"Those are the things that come back to haunt you... and to wreck your life. When it comes to the ones closest to you, you need to tell them... or risk losing what you care about the most. I'm not asking him to take out a full page add to announce who and what he is, I'm just asking him to tell me, as his lover... and as the woman who wants nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with him...everything."

"Sometimes, it's easier not to face it till you have to. trust me, I know."

"We'll just have to agree to disagree on this one, Elizabeth." Her sigh almost filled the air with a fine cloud of breath. "I doubt they are going to want me back in there, maybe I should just wait out here?"

"Oh no you don't! You can get sick you know."

"Yes, Doctor Elizabeth," teased as her smile fades. "But I'm going to stay in the back of the church, just the same. Billy probably hates me right now."

"Probably nothing. I want you to meet Adam. He's sweet."

Kahva sighs and gives in as they go back inside. "If you say so. But I'm really glad we're on holy ground right now. Here, Billy can't take anybody's head."

"You, young lady, are paranoid." She couldn’t help but the tease the young woman as she dragged her up to the front.

Kahva muttered jokingly under her breath to Elizabeth "Hi, I'm Paranoid, and you are?" Smiling as her friend burst out laughing. "Umm, is there a shorter way to pronounce that?" Elizabeth was thankful that at least she was smiling again as the two emerged on the front of the holy building.

"How is sleeping beauty there?"

"Still sleeping, but he should wake up soon." Tommy said, glancing down as his friend in green started to moan.

"Right on cue." She watched as Adam opened up his eyes and quickly backed away from everyone...grabbing his head.

"Easy, Adam, easy. Your head is just telling you that there are other Immortals nearby, it will ease off soon."


"Yes. You’re an Immortal. Tommy and Billy and Elizabeth here. And this young lady as well... " He quickly glanced over to Kahva, wondering if the two had been introduced. Adam’s rubbing of the temples didn’t go unnoticed by anyone.

"Believe it or not, it does get a bit easier to deal with over time. I'm still getting used to it myself, if that makes you feel any better. I'm Kahva, by the way."

"This can't be happening."

"I wish I could tell you differently, but it's true. You're an Immortal now, just like the rest of us."

"No. I'm a watcher. Watcher's aren't suppose to be Immortal."

"It doesn't matter what your job is or isn't, Immortals come from all walks of life, my friend."

"How did I die?"

"Divatox planted a bomb and it went off. You didn’t even have a chance to get out of there." Adam listened closely to Tommy’s quick tale. From the explosion to being found and brought here.

"Divatox? Umm, I'm not from Angel Grove, who is Divatox? Is she a new villain this nutty town has or what, the last guy I ever read about in the papers was King Mondo."

"Yeah. She likes to blow things up. She placed a bomb at the stunt show. Adam was the only one there."

"Oh man, I'm sorry. That can't be a pleasant way to go."

"I don't think it was."

"Why was Divatox planting a bomb there, anyway?"

"Probably to draw out the Rangers."

"That's one job I don't envy at all. The Rangers are responsible for the safety of the world, it takes a pretty incredible person to take on that kind of responsibility." The others listened to Kahva’s little statement as Adam removed his communicator and stared at it.

It’s not like I can ever do that again. Not with the Watcher’s around watching my every move. What about Tanya?

"Your watch get broken in the explosion?"

"Yeah." Adam whispered, knowing that the communicator wasn’t the only thing broken in that explosion. His heart was too.

"Well, you know Billy is a genius with mechanical things, maybe he can fix it."

"Maybe he can...but there are something’s that CAN'T be fixed."

"Who is the walking fashion disaster?"

"I am the one who killed him. Now, I want him as mine."

"You can't have him!!" Billy growled, taking up a fighting stance between Adam and the purpled hair freak.

"Oh, but I think I can and will."

To Be Continued