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Stealer of Rangers
Part One
By: Emerald J

Adam sat under the tree, writing in his journal. His thoughts flowing onto the paper. He glances up to look at his surroundings quickly. I sure picked a beautiful place to spend the weekend, he thinks to himself as he goes back to his writing...

From the journal of Adam M. Park...

Tanya and I are having problems...again. There are times I wish we'd just break up, but I just don't think I can. We are growing so far apart, but she wants to hold on. That's why I'm camping this weekend. She doesn't know that I am, but by now, my mom has already told her. I left a note with Tommy telling him where I'd be this weekend, so in case an emergency (N.P.R.) he can get a hold of me. I think that sometimes I've been one too long. I can't help but fight the feeling that I'm being watched.

Divatox sat in her sub watching the Ranger write.

"This is too easy. Kidnap the Green one, and the rest will be sure to try to come to his rescue. But, send a monster to Angel Grove, and they won't be able to do a thing about it, especially when their Green friend is attached to the monster. They destroy the Monster, they destroy the Ranger. PORTOS! Get me a monster, and create something to connect it to the Green Ranger. Elgar, take a group of Piranatrons to capture him. Don't hurt him, too badly!"

"Right away Auntie D.!"

Adam looked up one more time. Just in time to see the Piranatrons coming towards him. Great. Just what I don't need. "Come on fish faces. Try to get catch me!" He ran towards a more open clearing up ahead. I just bought that tent! NO WAY am I going to let them trash it!

Elgar runs after the Piranatrons. He quickly addresses the Green Ranger. "You will surrender! Your fate is already sealed!"

"That's kinda hard, since I don't believe in fate!" Adam yelled. So, it's a lie. He won't know that! He started to kick and punch the Piranatrons. He turned around a little to late to see one of them swing a pan towards his face. BLACKNESS!

* * *

Adam woke up on a bed. There was something extremely cold on his head. "where…"

"Shhh. Rest."

Adam listened as he heard Dimitria's voice, but for some reason, it didn't feel right. He didn't recognize this room. He tried to sit up, but found himself restrained to the bed. I must have been hit worse then I thought! His right side of his face felt like it was on fire from where he was hit. I don't like this! "Dimitria?"

"No, Adam. I am not Dimitria. Just rest. All will be explained in time. Just sleep."

Adam could think of nothing else as his eyes got heavier. Finally he relaxed enough to fall fast asleep.

* * *

Tanya stormed into Rocky's Dojo. Of all the idiotic things her boyfriend has done, this one took the cake. She called him that morning wanting to hang out with him. Next thing she knows, his father is telling her that he left that morning for some place, which he had no idea where, and wouldn't be back till late Monday night. She tried getting a hold of Tommy, but he was running some laps at the track. Justin and Kat where at the High School. Which left Rocky. After Billy left, he and Rocky had started hanging out more and more. As Rocky had said, it was like being reunited with an old friend you haven't seen in many years. He had to know where he was.

Rocky looked up from his desk. The one part of this school he didn't like to do was paper work. He saw Tanya coming toward him, full speed. She knows. Man. I hope I can do this with a straight face. Adam needs this time alone.

"Tanya! What a pleasant surprise! What brings you here?"

"Cut out the pleasantries. You know why I am here! Where is he?"

"Where is who?"


"Don't know. Haven't seen him in a couple of days." So far, so good!

"I don't believe it! I want to know." She said grabbing his ear and twisting it. She knew what it took to get him to tell the truth. Pain!


"Not until you tell me."

"Okay. He went camping. Something about wanting to write. I wouldn't bother him. He can get kinda moody when he goes off to write."

Tanya let go of his ear and stormed out. Rocky rubbed some of the feeling back as he went to call Tommy.

"Tommy. She knows. Warn Adam."

Adam awoke in a totally different room. This one was more like a cell. What the heck is going on here?

"I see my prisoner is awake. I must say, you were easy to capture."

Adam looked up to see Divatox standing there. "What do you want?"

"You. I want you to join my crew. You would be the perfect addition, my first mate, so to speak. What do you think? Will you join me?"

"When hell freezes over!"

"That can be arranged! Tell you what. You change your mind, and I'll spare your life."

"I'd rather die then join you."

"That too can be arranged. Portos! The gas! We'll see how willing he is, after his friends almost kill him."

"Yes Captain. May I suggest a monster to use?"

Roles eyes. "Yes Portos, suggest a monster."

"Captain, I'd like you to meet the Destroyer! I did some research on young Adam's old Zords, and the Destroyer is a mixture of all but his Turbo Zord."

"Why leave out his Turbo Zord?"

"It just didn't fit anywhere."

"Good reason. Let's see him."

The doors open and in walks the Destroyer. He was the ugliest of all the monsters. Part Mastodon, part Lion, part Frog, and part Bull, the monster raised to approximately seven feet tall. Adam almost wanted to throw up when he saw him.

"Portos. The gas."

Adam watched as a purple gas started to fill the little cell he inhabited. What is with this lady and purple? Adam started feeling himself falling towards the floor. Grabbing the wall he steadied himself against. No help! He fell to the ground in an unconscious heap.

"This is perfect. Send Destroyer to the closest active volcano. I want Adam feeling the heat. He will join us!"

"Yes Captain. Come Destroyer!"

"I hear and obey."

* * *

Adam woke up a couple of hours later. He took off his jacket as he thought, It's too hot in here. It feels like it's 100 degrees, if not hotter! What happened to me?

"I see my guest is awake. Have a nice nap?"

Divatox! I should have KNOWN! "LET ME GO!"

"My, aren't you a little hot under the collar! I could cool you off a little bit, would you like that?"

"What do you mean by that?" Adam nervously backed away from the approaching form of Divatox.

"You are burning up. I can make it a little cooler for you. Would you like that? It's a simple question, no strings attached."

"Yes. Please."

"I'll go see to it. Are you still thinking about my earlier proposition?"

"I already gave you my answer on that one."

"So be it!" Divatox walked over to the communication console. "Portos, release the Destroyer on Angel Grove."

* * *

Tommy sat looking over the results of the latest test. He glanced over at Justin. "Any luck getting a hold of Adam?"

"Not yet. He might be swimming or something."

"Probably just swimming." Tommy went back to looking over the list when his communicator off. "Man. This is Tommy, what's up?"

"Yo, Tommy, Justin, Divatox sent down a new monster. Tanya and Kat need your help. I can't seem to get a hold of Adam."

"Keep trying Alpha. We're on our way." He reached into his back pocket. "Ready Justin?"

"You know it!"

"Okay, let's do it! SHIFT INTO TURBO!"

* * *

Tommy and Justin flipped in and kicked the monster in the head. For some reason the monster seemed familiar to Tommy. Where have I seen it before? The monster hit Tommy and sent him flying.

Tanya ran over to their leader. "You okay, Tommy?"

"Yeah, but we really need Adam here. Alpha, any luck locating him yet."

"Yo, I'm doing the best I can."

* * *

Adam laid in the cell, his stomach felt like it was on fire. What is happening to me? He felt a welt growing on the back of his head. He could barely keep conscious. What is Divatox doing to me?

* * *

"Turbo R.A.M.! FIRE!" The Rangers shouted. They watched as the monster moved backwards.

"We got it guys! One more blast and it's a goner!" Kat shouted out. Little did she know how that statement tied into the missing Green Ranger.

* * *

Adam looked around the cell, his body in more pain then he had ever experienced. I'm dying. I must be! There is no other explanation for it! How? Why? The answers never came as he lost consciousness.

* * *

The Rangers stood in the Power Chamber hoping for some good news. The monster had ran. There was one mystery to be solved. Where was Adam? And why hadn't he answered his communicator?

"Yo! Rangers! I found his communicator. Unfortunately there isn't a life sign with it!"

Tanya looked at Alpha with a worried look. "What do you mean there isn't a life sign with it?"

"Simple. He's not wearing it."

Tommy and the other Rangers breathed a sigh of relief. "That explains one question. He didn't answer us cause he wasn't wearing it."

"But it brings up the question, why did he take it off?"

Dimitria looked down at the Rangers. "Is it not advisable to go to where Adam was last and see if you can find some clues?"

There were times that her questions drove Tommy up the wall, but this time she was right. "Alpha, send us down there."

* * *

Tommy looked at the notebook Adam had left open. Glad I found this. Tanya would've had a fit if she read what he wrote. Closing the book he noticed something in the field near him. What the heck? Walking closer to the item, his eyes grew wide. "NO!"

The other Rangers ran to Tommy. "What is it?"

Tommy held up the communicator and frying pan. Tanya noticed the blood on his hands. "ADAM!"

"Guys, I've got a bad feeling about this!"

Tanya stared at the frying pan and communicator in disbelief. Alpha had scanned the blood on the frying pan, and it was Adam's blood. Who would do such a thing? Why would they do it? Would Divatox actually stoop so low as to almost kill one of us?

The other Rangers watched each other. No one could believe that they would be without Adam, or that any of this was happening. None of them had answers to the questions running trough their heads.

"I can't stand this anymore! Alpha, you sure you can't locate Adam's life signature?"

"I'm positive! It's somehow either too weak for me to see, or it's not within our scanning range." He hadn't wanted to worry the Rangers that Divatox might not have been involved with the whole situation, and that Adam was gone.


Two days passed slowly for the Rangers. None of them could relax. Adam was gone, there was no telling where he was. They hadn't wanted to give up hope, but part of them was telling them that it hopeless. Tommy and Tanya were sitting in the Youth Center when she just burst out into tears again. Tommy pulled her close to him, like the last couple of times she did this, and rocked her back and forth. "It's going to be okay. Adam will be just fine." By now, a lot of people in Youth Center were starting to worry about Tanya, but Tommy told them that she had a death in the family, and was taking it pretty hard.

"Is there anything I can do for you Tanya?" Lt. Stone, the new owner of the Juice Bar asked. He was more concerned about this then any of the Non-Ranger friends they had. Bulk and Skull had gone, where, no one knew. The search for them had never ended, one of the reasons why Lt. Stone left the force. He blamed himself for their disappearance.

Tanya wiped away the tears from her eyes, but you could tell that she was going to start again any moment. "No, I'll be fine. I just wish Adam was here."

"Still no luck finding where he went? This is to weird. First Bulk and Skull, now Adam."

Tommy stared at Lt. Stone in disbelief. He hadn't even taken that into consideration. "You don't think that Adam's disappearance has something to do with Bulk and Skull's? Do you?"

"I hope not. They still haven't found Bulk and Skull."


Adam awoke in his cell. It was still to hot for him. Each day he got more of his energy back, but was still lacking a lot of it. He saw her boots in front of him. Man, she's got great legs! What am I thinking? I must be delusional!

"So, Adam, have you changed your mind? Will you join my crew?"

"No." Was all he could manage to say. He wanted to sleep, but knew that was impossible. Visions of the battle still haunted him. Whatever Divatox had done to him, made him be connected to that monster, and he was in FULL contact with him. All his senses where the monsters as well.

"Then we shall see how you fair in another battle! PORTOS! Prepare the Destroyer for his next attack on Angel Grove."


Tanya had finally stopped crying. She missed Adam with her life, but knew that unless Alpha could find his life signature, there wouldn't be anything that they could do to find him. She glanced around the room as her communicator went off. Let it be good news! She signaled Tommy to join her in the hallway. Tommy and Rocky followed her into the hallway. "This is Tanya. Any news on Adam?"

"Sorry Hon, but no news yet. Although you may wanna morph and help Kat and Justin out. They are being attacked by that Destroyer thing again. Rocky, teleport to the Power Chamber. I may need some help here!"

"You got it!" They watched as Rocky dispersed in black light. "SHIFT INTO TURBO!"




The battle was already in progress. Tommy called forth the Robotic Arsenal. They each went on attacking the Destroyer.

"HA! The four of you aren't at FULL strength! I can easily defeat you!"

"Just because we are missing one of us, doesn't mean he's not here in spirit! You will be defeated Destroyer!"


Adam lay watching his friends. "No Tommy! Don't do it! Don't hurt me anymore!" His eyes grew heavier with each blow, and his breath became more still.

The Rangers couldn't figure it out. Why was Divatox pulling her monster back when they had hardly a chance to make a scratch on it. "Man, what is that thing made up of?"

Rocky stopped pacing the floor at Kat's question. "Frog! That's it!"

"What's it?" Tommy rushed over to look at the screen with his friend.

"Mastodon, Lion, Frog, and Bull. What is the one thing they have in common besides being animals?"

Tommy turned his attention from the screen to Rocky, then back to the screen. "Of course!"

Tanya, Kat, and Justin just stared at their friends. Tanya was the first to speak. "Would you guys mind filling us in?"

"Mastodon, Lion, Frog, and Bull. The one thing they have in common is Adam! Those were his Zords!"

The lights in the Power Chamber flickered on and off, ending in a flash of light behind them. "Greetings Rangers! Oh, what's the matter? Lose something, green?"

The Ranger's spun around to see the holographic image of Divatox standing in the room. Tommy walked up close to it, looking ready to strike it. "Divatox, what have you done with Adam?"

Tanya followed Tommy's suit. "Where is he?"

All Divatox could do was smile. "My, my, aren't we demanding? He's right here." She steps aside to reveal the still Green Ranger. "See."

"What have you done with him?"

'Nothing! You did it all! How appropriate for a Ranger to be killed by his own kind."

Justin looked the most confused of the Rangers. "What do you mean we did that to him?"

"Wouldn't you like to know, you little pip-squeak! I'll tell you, on one condition!"

"What do you want?" Kat wanted to strangle the lady, if she could be called that.

"Your Turbo Chargers! You have one hour to decide!" And she was gone.

Tanya growls as the image fades away. "What do we do now?"

"Rangers, is there not a way of making her believe that she is getting what she wants?"

The Rangers look confusingly at Dimitria. What was she talking about?

"I think I know. We can make fake Chargers, and try to fool them!"

Tommy quickly patted his young friend on the back. He so much reminded Tommy of Billy. "It could just work. Heck, it worked with Zedd! How fast can you get those things done?"

"Less then an hour. I'll have to work fast!"

Justin worked as hard as he could. The time just flew, the hour came to an abrupt halt as he finished the last one. "There! That should do it." He handed the fake Chargers to Tommy.

"Man, these look like the real ones. Good job Justin!"

"Thanks! Let's just hope they fool Divatox."

Tanya looked at the Charger's in Tommy's hand. "I should hope so. They can't look anymore realistic then the real one!"

The Rangers waited patiently for Divatox's newest message.

"Well? What is your answer? Are you going to give me the Chargers or are you going to face killing Adam again?" Shows them Adam's unmoving body.

Tommy felt the lump returning to his throat. Man, you gotta keep it together for him. "We…we'll give you our Chargers. You win." He places the fake Chargers on the console. "There ready for teleportation. Now keep your end of the bargain!"

"Very well. Think about the Destroyer! The key is there!"

"What do you mean by that?"

"Very well! Adam is connected to the monster! Every time you beat him, Adam comes close to losing his life!" She looks at the faces of the Rangers, then snaps her fingers. "By the way. Adam is staying here. FOREVER!"


"Save the profanities for the locker room Red Ranger! Releasing Adam was NEVER part of the bargain!"

"Your never going to get away with this, Divatox! We'll get Adam back!"

"How? You don't have your Powers!" She looks towards Rygog. Her jaw looks like it should be hanging on the floor. "What do you mean by that?"

The Rangers tried to make out what the henchman was saying but couldn't quiet figure it out.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEIR FAKES! THAT DOES IT! Your friend is as good as DEAD!"

Adam found himself sitting in a beautiful garden. This one surpassed the one in Angel Grove that he and Billy had visited two years earlier, the garden leading to the Ninjor's temple or the one he visited when he was on his Zeo Quest. How did I end up here? Last thing I remember was…his thoughts trailed off to seeing Tommy come at him with a sword. Was I dreaming all that?

"Welcome Adam Park!" A voice out of nowhere said. There was something familiar to it, but something he couldn't place.

"Where am I?" Man, I must be dead!

"Your mind. You are not dead in any form of the matter."

"This is too weird."

"Why is it weird? You are confused, you were brought here. You love Tanya, but you love also love another." Adam looks at the portal opening up in front of him, there she stands. Hair pulled back into her usual ponytail. I wonder what she would look like without the ponytail?

"Your joking! Right?"

The voice slowly forms into a body. Adam is a little taken back by the form he has taken. "Yes Adam, it is you, or I. Whatever way you want to look at it. After all, this is taking place in your mind. You are falling for her, am I not correct?"

"I…uh…I guess I am."

"What about Tanya?" Adam gazes at the portal once more. There is a scene from his Karate tournament against Shawn, Tanya's ex-boyfriend.

"Man, I don't know what to think!"

"Did you not write that you sometimes wished you two would just break up?"

Adam watched as he wrote in his journal. I hope she hasn't found that! "Well, yes."

"So what is stopping you from leaving Tanya, and being with her?"

"Something along the lines of wanting to keep my friends and my life!"

"Have you ever wondered what she would look like without her mask? With her hair down?"

Looks down at his shoes. He couldn't face himself on that point. "Yes, I have wondered those things, but that doesn't mean that I am in love with her."

"Look within yourself for the answers! They will come to you in their own time! It is time to return to the land of the living Adam. Be careful."

"I will!" Adam turns quickly as the field begins to fade into the darkness he was once in. What I am I going to do?

The Rangers stood staring at the screen. The Destroyer was on a rampage, heading straight towards the Beach. "We can't fight that thing! We do, we risk hurting Adam!"

"Somehow we have got to get Adam out of there!" Tommy said looking up at Dimitria for some kind of answer, or question.

"Would it not be wise to surprise Divatox?"

"Surprise? How?"

"Rangers, what is the one that would surprise Divatox the most?"

The stood there, befuddled. Justin was the first to catch onto what Dimitria was trying to tell them. "Of course. If one of us went in to rescue Adam, and got out with him, she would be really surprised."

"Great. Now the question is, how do we get in there and out again? And whose going to go?"

"Got it!" Alpha yelled, almost scarring the Rangers. "I locked onto Adam's life signature. It's weak as all get out, but I got it none the less!"

"Can you get one of us in there?"

"Yeah, but it'd have to be Justin. You guys are to big to fit through that hole with Adam."

Tommy glances over to Justin. "You think you can handle it?"

"I'll bring him back!"

"Okay. Shift into TURBO!"

* * *

Adam awoke back in his cell, and in enough time to see Justin teleport in. "Justin," he managed to say weakly, "get out of here."

"I will, as soon as I get you out of there!"

"Divatox," Adam pointed his finger to right behind Justin.

"My, my, my, what do we have here? Is the little blue Ranger trying to save his friend? Pity you won't be leaving now. Piranatrons, seize him, and lock him up with his friend. Let them spend what little time they have left together!" She turns and walks back towards the main bridge, leaving the two Rangers in a cell together.

"Adam, what did they do to you?"

"Don't know. Last thing I remember before passing out last time was Tommy coming at me with a sword."

"What? Tommy was going after the monster with the sword, not you."

"I can see everything that happens during you battles."

Divatox watched from the doorway. What happened to him, he was handsome. His hair was beginning to mat itself to his face, but he was still handsome. His eyes, that had once shined with the brilliance of the stars, now where lifeless. His face was not as white as a ghost. It was all her fault, and she felt the ping of guilt build in her heart. "Portos, give me a monster to attach Justin to." She said with very little emotion. "Portos, cancel that order. I shall not connect the Blue pest to a monster."

"What? Why my Captain?"

She turns towards him, anger flashing in her eyes. "Did I hear you questioning me?"

"No Captain. I was just curious about your decision."

"I don't pay you to be curious, just to obey!"

"Yes Captain. I shall not connect the Blue Ranger to a monster."

Divatox turned and looked back into the cell. Adam's fever looked like it had gotten worse. "Portos! Break the connection between Adam and the Destroyer!"

Portos looks questioningly at her. This was the first time she had ever changed her plan at the last second. "Yes my Captain!"

Justin looked at Divatox in surprise. "What? I must have heard wrong. Did she just say that she's breaking your connection with the Destroyer?"

Adam's weak body looked up at the youngest Ranger. "I…think she did."

Justin helped the Ranger sit up against the wall. "I thought she did, but I can't understand why she said it."

Divatox listened as the two Rangers talked. Not letting them know this she quickly turned back to Portos. "While your at it. Release the Rangers!"

"Yes my Captain, right away Captain, anything else Captain?"

"If I had wanted anything else, I would've told you! Wouldn't I?" Divatox screamed.

"Yes Captain! Releasing force field and disconnecting Adam."

Adam felt more of his energy return to him. Although not a whole lot as Justin helped him stand up.

"I want you two off my ship! NOW!"

"You don't got to tell me twice!" Justin said as Divatox teleported him and Adam back to the Power Chamber.

* * *

Tommy and the other Rangers teleported back to the Power Chamber only seconds before Justin and Adam did.

"I don't get this! The monster dissolved, and they aren't back yet!" Rocky said from the station he had commandeered. There were times like these he started to realize exactly what Billy went through during their Zeo battles. None of the Rangers had time to offer an explanation when two beams of light appeared in the room. One blue, one green!

"Yo! Justin, I see you didn't forget him!"

Tommy ran over and took the barely conscious Ranger from Justin. "You must have caught Divatox sleeping on the job!"

"Actually, no. She caught me, then decided to let us both go!"

Tanya stared at the young Ranger. He was one who rarely told a lie, but this had to be one major joke he was pulling. "What?"

"I couldn't believe it either, but she just up and decided to let us both go!"

Tommy glanced back at his friend and smiled. "Guess she wants us wondering about this one!" He glanced back at Adam as Alpha ran the medical scan. "What's the prognosis?"

"Not good. His temperature is too high, but I may have something to take it down a peg or two." Alpha quickly walked out of the room, returning a minute later with a needle filled with a green liquid. "This should do it," he said as the liquid went into the sleeping Ranger.

The Rangers watched as Adam slowly recovered from the connection. "what…where am I?"

"Your back at the Power Chamber. You feel up to telling us what happened here?"

Adam told them almost all the details, being sure to leave out anything that might have made them wonder about his sanity. When he could no longer keep his eyes open, Alpha kicked everyone else out and let him alone to rest.

It had been almost a week since he had been free to walk about. Today was the day he was going to tell her. He couldn't live like this anymore.

"How you feeling?" Tanya said as she met up with him in the park.

"Better. Still got a lot to think about though."

"Like what?"

The two walked to the Youth Center. "What happened on the ship. Some of the things that went on in my head while I was connected to the Destroyer. My feelings about certain things," he paused not wanting to go any further, but knowing he had to, " and people."

"Like me?"

"We've been growing apart recently." He struggled to get the words out of his mouth.


"Maybe we shouldn't date anymore."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure!"

"All right Adam. Maybe you're right."

"I hope this isn't going to affect our friendship."

Tanya could barely keep her tears from flowing, after all this time to lose Adam this way was almost unbearable. "It won't," was all she managed to get out. She quickly noticed that they had arrived at the Youth Center. She couldn't go in, her feet wouldn't move from the spot they were in.


"In a minute."

"I didn't mean to hurt you like this." He pulled her into a hug and whispered into her ear. "I still love you. I always will." He quickly released her and ran into the building, leaving Tanya stand there. She leaned against a nearby tree, sinking to the ground crying.

* * *

Adam found himself leaning again one of the rows of lockers. He hadn't meant to hurt Tanya like that. He wondered if she would ever talk to him again.

"Adam? What's up man?"

Adam turned to find Tommy standing behind him. He wiped away the tears he didn't remember shedding. "Nothing. Nothing at all." With that said, he left, heading back to his house. Wanting to be alone.

The End