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Wedding of the Century
Part One
by: Emerald J

Divatox was more depressed then usual, not only was her birthday, the first one she would ever celebrate, coming up, but all she wanted was the Yellow Ranger's ex-boyfriend Adam. How she kept longing for the Green Ranger, wanting him to be hers.entirely.mind, body, and soul. He had the best of everything. If there was only a way to get what she wanted for her birthday.

"Hey, Auntie D., what you thinking about? Another plan to destroy the Rangers?"

"No, Elgar. I was just thinking about what I want for my birthday."

"What's that? The destruction of the Rangers? Come on. TELL ME!"

"Oh, all right, Elgar. If you must know. I want a husband, and not just any husband. I want the Green Ranger as my mate. Pity there isn't a way to perform the Nutac on him."

"I don't think he'd come to you free and willing to you Auntie D."

"True. I'll be in my quarters." Divatox leaves Elgar, Rygog, and Portos standing alone on the Bridge. Both wanted her happy, but somehow knew it wouldn't last very long.

"There may be a way to make her happy. I found this formula that causes a memory block. If I could somehow get it into the Green Ranger's system, he would be Divatox's forever."

Rygog turned and hit Portos upside the head. "Then do it! This will be a birthday Divatox will NEVER forget!" ***

Adam sat in the park looking over the plans that he and Tommy had come up with so far. He wanted to make this a special party. Not only because it was for a fellow Ranger, but it was a farewell party for Katherine. Now if he could just get the image of Divatox out of his head. Man, she was still beautiful, in a weird and perverse way, but none the less she was beautiful. He would love to see her purple hair cascading down over her peach complexion of her face. Man, I gotta stop that! Tommy's giving me a weird look. I must be redder then red!

"Hey man! You okay, or are you thinking about Tanya again? Man, you still love her, don't you?"

Adam just stared off in the distance. For some reason, he didn't really feel like talking about this. "Can we change the subject?"

"What's the matter man?"

"Nothing. We just got company. Piranatrons!"

"Great! Just what we don't need." The two friends split up and start taking on the five Piranatrons. Three of them go after Adam. Two of them quickly pin him down, while the third one injects the potion into Adam's arm. There is no immediate effect on him, but the Piranatrons don't seem to care. They let him go and are quickly defeated, but before he can go to help Tommy with the two that are attacking him, he passes out.

"ADAM!" Tommy quickly makes mince meat out of the two, and runs to his friends side. "Man, you better be all right. Tommy to the Power Chamber. Prepare to teleport. Adam's been hurt!" Tommy looked back down to see Adam reviving. "Adam? You okay? Come on, answer me man."

"What.uh.happened? Who are you?" Adam looked at the long haired boy, but couldn't place him. Apparently he knew him, but from where. Nothing was making sense. It started making less sense when he disappeared in a flash of light. The room he found himself in was High Tech to say the least. It's too clean. I don't know why, but I just don't like it. Why are these people staring at me? And what is that walking metal thing doing? Man, he's coming towards me with it! NOOOO! Adam started backing away from Alpha 6 as he came near him with the diagnostic device.

"Yo, Adam, calm down man. I ain't gonna hurt ya. Jeez, talk about being apprehensive."

Man, I need to get out of here! He's not going to stick that needle in me! I HATE NEEDLES! "GET AWAY FROM ME! I DON'T WANT YOU NEAR ME!"

Rocky and Tommy quickly moved behind Adam to restrain him. Tanya came over and tried to talk to him. "Adam, honey, he's not going to hurt you. He just want's to find out why you can't remember anything."

Why in the world is she calling me honey? I am seriously going to hurt these two if they don't let me go! "LET GO OF ME! I DON'T WANT YOUR HELP!" Adam struggles to break the grip of the two guys holding him.

"Adam, face the fact that we are only here to help you. You gotta remember that we are your friends. Come on man! THINK! We've had a lot of good times together. Try to remember the day we became Rangers. Do you even remember being a Ranger?"

What in the world is he talking about? Adam finally got a little annoyed with being held onto like a little child. He lifted his left foot and brought it down hard on the young Mexican's foot, causing him to let go of his left arm. Adam then balled his hand into a fist and hit the long haired guy right in the nose. "I'M LEAVING!"

By this time Kat and Justin, who had been watching from the sidelines, had gotten a little fed up with the Green Ranger's new attitude. Justin ran up to him and pushed him down, then literally sat on him. Kat walked over to Tanya and whispered something into her ear. By the smile on Tanya's face, Adam was starting to get worried. Tanya and Kat walk over to him and kneel next to him.

"This won't hurt.much! If you cooperate, we'll let you go. Agreed?"

Oh someone help me! He turned his head away from the blond girl, and faced the one who called him "honey". She was getting to close to him. There was no time for him to argue, or struggle. She kissed him full on the lips. She's a good kisser, but I don't wanna be kissed right now!

Alpha saw the diversion he needed. He ran the diagnostic device over Adam, and went back to the computer. Tanya, Kat, and Justin moved away from the stunned boy. Adam quickly picked himself up and turned away from the others. Do I usually get this embarrassed. I wish I could remember something.

Rocky went over to his friend and placed a hand on his shoulder. Adam jumped at the touch. "Come on. You can't tell me that you forgot all the times we shared together in Stone Canyon, or that day we moved here to Angel Grove? How about Mr. Johnson, and the Team Ninja Contest? Don't tell me you forgot about Billy, Aisha, and Kim? Man, try to remember something!" It was really bugging him that Adam had forgotten him, but what hurt worse was that he had forgotten about the Rangers.

"Look, when can I get out of here? I don't know who any of you are, and I seriously doubt you can help me!"

"Why are you fighting your friends and allies? Is it not true that a human is the sum of his memories?"


"If that is what you want Adam, none of us can hold you here. It is your own free will, but decide carefully. Without your memories, you will be in danger."

"Look, I appreciate your concern over me, whoever you are, but I think I can take care of myself. Please, just show me the way out!"

Alpha 6 looked up at Dimitria, and watched as she nodded her head. There was no questioning her judgment at times. He quickly turned to Adam for a final word of advice. "Your watch is actually a communicator. Use it to contact any of us, and to teleport back here in case of an emergency. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, I do. But I seriously doubt I will be using it." Adam said as he was teleported out of the Power Chamber. Tommy glared up at Dimitria.


"Tommy, would you in all good conscious be able to keep him here against his will?"

Tommy looked at her questionably and then down to the ground, ashamed. "No, I don't think I could've done it."

Kat could see how hurt he was about the whole mess. There was nothing she could do. This was something Adam had to figure out on his own. She looked over to where Tanya was sitting and noticed that near the back wall was Adam's Turbo Charger. "Tommy. I think there's something you should see." She said as she walked over to the wall, and picked up the Charger.

"What is it, Kat?" Tommy asked as she noticed what was in her hands. "Is that Adam's?"

"Yeah. It is. I think we really lost him." ***

Britney was sitting behind her favorite tree. It was rare that she was in Angle Grove, but it had been a special occasion. She was getting transferred to Angel Grove, and she wanted her favorite cousin, Adam to be the first to know. She glanced behind the tree trying to see if he was coming. She wasn't expecting what she saw instead. ***

Adam was teleported down to the exact spot he had been before. He looked around trying to find something familiar. Nothing! I knew it!

"WHAT!" Adam yelped as someone touched his shoulder. He turned around half expecting to find those people there again. This time, he was wrong. He didn't recognize the.thing. "Who.uh.are you?"

"Allow me to introduce myself! I am Portos! I am the Scientific advisor to Captain Divatox. Your presence is requested in her submarine. I believe I can help you with your memory loss. I won't try to push you into remembering anything, unlike those Power Rangers. My technique is a slow one, and non-painful way for retrieving memories. There will be no needles, and I won't do ANYTHING you don't want me to do. Will you come?"

Adam was a little taken back. He seemed to be a nice guy. Maybe I should go with him. "All right. I'll go."

Portos smiled at Adam, and held out his hand. This is easier then trying to hide one of those blasted detonators! "Take my hand. I promise, I don't bite!"

Adam hesitantly placed his hand into the giant marshmallow man's hand, and the disappeared. ***

"Adam. Please, say it's not so! How could you?" Britney had always suspected that her cousin was a Ranger, but this confirmed it. The only thing she couldn't figure out is why he went off with the bad guys. Maybe he's under some kind of spell! Now what! She watched as six other teens teleported into the park. Them? I thought that there was only five Rangers. Two of them must be a former Ranger or something. But which one. I gotta go talk to them. She ran out from behind the tree towards the confused teens. "TOMMY! ROCKY! BILLY!"

The Rangers quickly turned as three of their names where called out. "Man, this is NOT what we need. Britney!" Tommy said as she reached their positions. "What are you doing here?"

"Adam.he.just." she said trying to catch her breath. "got.kidnapped!"


"Some kind of giant marshmallow. Look, I know you guys are the Rangers. I saw you teleport. What I want to know is, WHY my cousin went with them willingly?"

"Willingly? He went with them willingly?"

"Yes! Look, I really want to help find him."

"I guess we have no choice. Will you come with us?"


"To our command post, the Power Chamber."

"Okay. I'll come." ***

"Adam, sit down right here. Let me go get the Captain. She doesn't know that you are here yet, so if she acts surprised, you'll know why. Okay?"

Adam took the seat that Portos had offered him. "Sure. I don't see why not." And Adam was then left alone. ***

Divatox was sitting by her desk looking at the picture of Adam that she had stolen from Tanya's bedroom, when the knocking began. "GO AWAY! I'm not in the mood to talk to anyone."

"Captain. There was a delivery made. Your birthday present from me has just arrived. I think it should brighten your spirits, and make the Rangers Green with envy!"

What in the world is he talking about? "OH, all right. I'm coming! This had better be good!"

The two walked silently back to Portos's work area. He let Divatox after him. He just had to see her face when she saw Adam sitting there. He was right. PRICELESS!

"Whhhaaat? How did he get here?"

"He asked me to come."

"And you came? Out of your own free will?"

"Yeah. Just one question though. Who are you?"

"I'm Divatox. You should know that."

"I think I forgot to mention that. Young Adam here seems to be suffering from AMNESIA!"

Part Two

"He's got what?"


"I don't believe this! You sure he's the real Adam, and not some clone you made up for me?"

Portos looked hurt at her comment. "I tell you the truth Captain! He can't remember who he is!"

"This is too perfect. How did you get him to come here?"

"I asked him to!"

"Tell me Adam, what do you remember of your life?"

"Nothing." He just stared at her. She was curiously beautiful, but he somehow knew he shouldn't be feeling this.

"My name is Divatox. I am a space pirate." She didn't want him to find out that what she was saying were lies, so she opted to telling him the truth. Somehow, it didn't seem right to lie to him. Not with how she felt for him. "I'll make you a deal. While you are trying to get your memory back, I won't attack Angel Grove. How does that sound?"

"Fine, if I knew where Angel Grove was."

She smiled. He truly had lost his memories. ***

Britney helped Billy trace the Earth, hoping for some kind of sign of her cousin. Her mind was running through what could have been happening to him while with Divatox.

"What did she do with him?" She muttered under her breath.

"I wish I could tell you. I really wish I could." Billy's hand landed on her shoulder. She had fallen for him the first time she had met him. They both returned to their work, their hands brushing against each other. Looking into their eyes, there was a slight glint of nervousness.

"Sorry." Britney told him, her hand retreating from his.

"It's okay." He turned and went back to work. Damn you Billy! You are seeing someone else, and falling for your best friend's cousin!

Britney sighed as he looked away from her. The man of my dreams, and doesn't even LIKE me! This is so unbelievable. I fooled myself into thinking he would like me, and he can't stand to look at me. BRITNEY! Get your mind back on finding your cousin and off your hormones! ***

Adam watched as Divatox walked into the room. The past three weeks, she had become softer. Her clothing was starting to become more feminine, she had ditched the mask, and wore less makeup.

"How is my little amnesia patient doing today? Any memories pop up?"

He couldn't resist, he got up and pulled her into a hug. "Nothing. Right about now, I don't want it to come back. Not if it means losing you." He pulled her a little closer to him and kissed her softly on her lips.

"You sure know how to sweet talk a girl."

"That's not what you said last night. I believe you kept saying.WOW!"

"I want to try something. If you will let me."

Adam smiled, last time she said that they ended up exhausted. "What?"

"I was able to find some images from your past, and was wondering if you'd like to see if they stir up some memories."

"Okay. I'm willing to try anything."

Divatox sat Adam down in front of a monitor and turned it on.

Adam walked into the room with his mother. He looked around and clung tightly to his mother's arm.

"Your going to like it here, Adam." She tried to detach his hands from her arm. All he did was nod and look down. "Adam."

Adam looked up at the gentle woman's face. "Yes Mom?"

"It's not so bad here." Adam looked around and noticed two people sparring and glancing over to him every once in awhile. He overheard some of their conversation.

"Look, someone new!" The young girl looked at Adam.

"Let's go say hi!" The two ran over to him. Adam's mother smiled at the two friends. "Hi! I'm Rocky! Who are you?"

"Adam." He replied softly.

"Hi! I'm Aisha!"

Adam looked at the two friends then looked down at the ground. Rocky tried to break his shell once more.

"You joining the dojo?" All Adam did was nod. "That is so COOL!" Rocky watched as his Sensai walked up to the group.

"Hello Mrs. Park. I take it that this is Adam?"

"Yes, this is Adam."

Adam looked up at the gentleman, he looked like he was in his late teens. "Hi."

"Let's go get this class started then." He ushered Adam to the front, Rocky and Aisha followed and grabbed two spots in the front. The class watched, murmuring amongst themselves.

"Who's the new kid?" One of the student's asked the Sensai.

"Class, I'd like you to meet Adam Park. He'll be joining us."

One of the kids that had been teasing and bulling Adam at school let out a silent laugh and whispered to his friend. "Great, the wimp is in our class!"

The Sensai looked at the young man and politely asked him what he had said.

"Nothing." The student hadn't believed that their teacher had heard him.

"I don't believe that is what you said. You know the rule here. We never say anything bad about another student. Is that understood."

The entire class answered with a quick, but confident, "Yes Sensai!"

"Okay, everyone work on the kata I taught you yesterday. Rocky, Aisha, would you mind helping me show Adam some of the basics?"

The two rushed over and started showing Adam some of the basic moves. Adam grasped them within minutes.

"Your good." Rocky himself hadn't been able to master the moves this quickly. Adam was only three classes behind the rest of the group, but would have little problem catching up.

"I'm not." Adam responded to Rocky's praise quietly.

"Yes you are!"

"Your going to be a black belt in no time."

Adam shrugged the compliment off. He knew that this was for his confidence, but he wondered if he really wanted to continue after seeing who was in his class.

"You are a natural!" Aisha smiled as the Sensai got to his knees and looked at him.

"But first, you must work on your confidence!" Adam smiled at his teacher.

Adam watched the scene with pure interest. Could that little boy be him? He remembered none of it. Looking at that then into Divatox's eyes, his hand in hers, he simply smiled. "Was that me?"

"Yes, that was you." She had hoped that it would bring some kind of recognition back into his mind of the life he held outside, but his eyes were void of any memories. How can I love a man this much who can't remember anything about his past? I do, but how?

Adam sighed. He knew this was hurting Divatox that he couldn't remember anything, but none of her techniques weren't working. He leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. "I could spend an eternity with you."

"Adam? What are you saying?"

He smiled softly at her. This was something he wanted for three weeks now. "I want to be with you forever! If you want me?"

Part Three

Britney leaned against the wall. It had been almost a month since her cousin vanished, since Divatox even attacked Angel Grove. What is she up to? What does she want with my cousin? What the heck am I doing letting Billy stay with me?

"Britney? Are you going to be okay?" Billy came over to her and sat on floor next to her. Her apartment was almost bare, except for three pieces of furniture, she had hardly anytime to shop.

"I want my cousin back so badly. Among other things."

Billy smiled at her. In his deepest heart, he hoped he was one of those things. "Like furniture?"

"That would be nice. I guess I should go buy some." She looked into his soft blue eyes, wanting nothing more then gaze in them forever, and smiled. "Would you like to help me go furnish this apartment?"

"Love to." His heart started beating ten times faster. It does that for Cestria too. How can I love two people at once? He watched her as she went for her purse and keys, dropping half of her purses content on the floor. They both worked as quickly, but as he looked up at her, he found himself pulling her into a deep and passionate kiss. She quickly pulled away from him.

"What are we doing? You have a girlfriend! A girlfriend who loves you, just like I do."

"I know. I feel bad, but there is a huge part of me that wants you. Right here and now. I don't know how to explain it." His hands ran through her hair and rested on the small of her back just under her hair. "I fell in love with you the moment I saw you again."

"What about Cestria?"

"We aren't doing so good. She is talking about me staying on Earth. I think I will, if I know that there is some reason for me to stay." He looked down into his lap.

"There is one."


"Me." This time it was her who did the pulling, and she pulled him to her room. ***

Adam watched as everyone hustled and bustled around the sub. The wedding was being planned and he was so excited. He looked over to his bride to be, there was something different about her today. She glowed. Must be the excitement about the wedding.

"My love, why aren't you partaking in the planning?" She asked as she kissed his neck gently.

"I was just admiring something of great beauty."


"You. Divatox, you have made me very happy." He kissed her as a memory flowed through his brain.

He stood watching her through binoculars. He tried to focus them on a small caged creature, desperately ill by the look of it.

"No!" He whispered then started to run. Lerigot needed his help.

Adam couldn't help but pull away from his beloved.

"What is wrong, Adam?"

"Memory. You had this small creature in a cage, and he looked like he was dying. Was that true?"

"Yes. It was. Lerigot is now free though. I kidnapped him to release my fiancé, but you rangers destroyed him. I'm glad you did now." Her lips sent feathery kisses down his neck. Adam returned her kisses.

"Day after tomorrow we will be married. You are the woman I love." He looked over to the dress that hung on the wall. "You will look beautiful in that."

"Shall we give all this up after that?"

All Adam could do was nod. He didn't like the.things.that were on this ship. He wanted just him and Divatox in a small cabin in the woods with two horses, raising their children.

"I know where we could live."


"You shall see. It is my wedding gift to you." ***

Alpha glanced at the results from his latest test. This couldn't be right. "That potion didn't erase Adam's memories?"

"What?" Tommy ran over to the newest Alpha.

"He got a bump on his noggin, and that's what wiped his memories!"

Tommy started looking at the viewing screen. Adam and Divatox had just left the confines of her sub, and were now enjoying a stroll on the beach. "Wait a second. That can't be Divatox! She looks nothing like her!" The woman Adam held hands with had dark brown hair, no mask, feminine looking clothes. Nothing about her reminded him of Divatox, the only woman in the galaxy besides Lucy Lawless who could pull off the Xena look.

Alpha 6 looked at the scans once again. "Sorry, Tommy. That is Divatox. Should I alert the others?"

Tommy nodded his approval of that statement. He watched as one by one the others teleported in, with Billy and Britney arriving together. "Adam's on Earth, but Divatox didn't cause his amnesia."

Part Four

Adam placed his hand into Divatox's. Never had he thought he would be in love with the woman who was helping him back to health.

"There is something you should know, Adam. I'm switching careers." Her hand gently squeezed Adam's. "I'm giving up the sub and the whole shebang."

"What will you do?"

"Help the Turbo Rangers. They're going to need it once Set shows up."

"Whose Set?" Adam pulled her under a tree and held her tightly.

"He's the Most evil person in the universe. He has no allies. Everyone is scared of him, and he's heading towards Earth. I know of a power, but I don't know where it is. It is the only power to help defeat him." She said running her hands through his hair and noticing that the bump that had been there only this morning was almost gone. Will he still marry me if he gets his memories back?

"Why wouldn't I marry you?"

"How did you do that?" Her eyes went wide as he answered the question she asked herself.

"You asked me a question. I just answered it."

"You don't understand Adam, I thought that and you heard it." Her smile reached new lengths as she realized that they belonged together. He was the one who would love her till they died.

"Guess I'm physic."

"Or we belong together." She said as she rested her head on his chest. I can get use to this feeling. ***

"What do you mean `Divatox didn't cause Adam's amnesia'?" Britney demanded to know.

"When he lost his memories, he hit his head on a tree. He was then injected with something but, since he had already lost his memories, it didn't work. What we are dealing with is a simple case of amnesia. Alpha is hoping that once the bump he got starts to heal, his memories will start coming back to him."

Tanya stared at the two people in the viewing globe. Tears wanting to stream down her face at the sight of her ex-boyfriend in love with their worse enemy. This had to be stopped, even if she had to do with her own hands. "How do we get them back?"

"There is a way to get his memories back! It's going to be difficult, but it could work." Alpha uttered the words to the other Rangers.


"There is a powerful Crystal out there that can not only return anyone's memories, but give that person the choice of who holds it's Ranger Power. It shouldn't be too hard to find. It's on Aquitar, and in the possession of the Aquitian Rangers."

"The Seylandra Crystal?" Billy asked. He had heard of it, but not much about it.

"You've heard of it?" Rocky asked. "Why didn't you say something earlier?"

"Because of one reason. I forgot about it till Alpha said something about it."

The Rangers were taken back a little by Billy's admitting that he actually forgot something, but then again, with everything that had been happening they didn't blame him for forgetting. "Let's get this Crystal then." Tanya almost growled as she watched Adam kiss Divatox.

"I'll go. I have a little more pull with the Aquitian Rangers, and there is one little matter that needs to be settled before I move back to Earth." The others nodded as he teleported back to Aquitar. Kat quickly pulled her fiancé off to one side.

" I know who I want to have my powers when I go to England." She said as she looked straight at Britney.

"She'll be a terrific Pink Ranger. IF she agrees to it."

"I'm wondering who Adam will chose to take the powers of the Crystal. I'm hoping it's Billy."

"I think we all are. Man, they sure look like they're in love." Tommy noted as he looked into the viewing globe. "I hope that if he does love her, she has the sense to stop attacking Angel Grove."

Kat nodded as he wrapped his arms around her. They all feared for Adam. Divatox was playing with his emotions this time. ***

Adam watched as Divatox tried on her dress. He smiled as she turned around, modeling the tight fitting white dress with a slit up to her hip on the left side. "I can hardly wait for tomorrow morning. We will me Mr. and Mrs. Park and on our honeymoon."

"In our wedding present." She hugged him and slipped out of the dress and into the skirt and loose top she had worn earlier. "Would you care to see it? We can finalize any plans that need to be finalized there."

"I'd love to." He said as his arms wrapped around her waist. "I'd go anywhere with you." He smiled as they teleported to a small cottage just outside the city. "It's beautiful. Wonderful view. Mainly of the way the light plays with your skin."

"We have to finish discussing the wedding. How would you like to perform it right here?"

"Sounds wonderful. Let's do it. Just you, me, and the minister. Tonight your `staff' goes back to your parents, and tomorrow we are wed." ***

Billy looked deep into Cestria's eyes. This wasn't easy for him to say, but they both agreed the break up would be under Aquitian traditions. "Cestria, I love you and will always hold a special place for you in my heart. I wish our love was meant for the here and now, but it wasn't. I shall always look upon you as a wonderful friend, and my lover. For all we have shared together, I will hold you in a special place in my mind and heart."

Cestria smiled at Billy's testimony. "Billy, you are still my soul. I cannot hold you back from what and where you are needed the most. The Rangers need you, Britney needs you, and most of all Adam needs you." She placed the Seylandra Crystal into Billy's hands. "Take this now and remember your time here on Aquitar. Remember me as I will remember you. Live a full life William James Cranston."

Billy kissed her lightly on the cheek and held on tightly to the Crystal. "I will always love you Cestria. I will miss you all." He said as he looked upon the Aquitian Rangers. "If you ever need the Turbo Rangers for ANYTHING, don't hesitate to call us." He looked upon his home one last time and teleported to Earth. He hated good-byes. ***

Britney ran to Billy as he reappeared in the Power Chamber. "You got it?"

"I got it. Any luck finding where Adam is yet?" No one had been able to track Adam or Divatox since they teleported to Earth and her Sub Craft had departed. They had informed Billy of this right before the ceremony.

"Nothing. Look, why don't you two go settle into your apartment. We'll call you if anything shows up on the scans. Okay?"

"Sounds like a plan to me." Billy said as he held onto Britney. "Teleport us there."

Tommy smiled as the young couple left the Power Chamber. Hope she's the right one for you, old friend.

Part Five

Kysana watched as her daughter’s sub docked. It had been over a hundred years since she’d seen her adopted daughter. "I cannot wait for you to meet Divatox."

"I am certain I will enjoy her."

"Maybe." She couldn’t help grabbing him and running her hands all over his back. To think, in two days he and I will be lovers and he will be married to my daughter. "I can't wait for the TOTAL agreement to come into effect."

"It won't be long." Set smiled, sometimes it paid to be the most evil man in the universe.

"I will be your mistress." Her laughed changed into a loud shriek as she saw her nephew step off the sub instead of her daughter. "Where is Divatox?"

"Uh, on Earth, Grandma!"


"She's getting married! sent all her stuff back here with us. She's gonna marry the Green Ranger."

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" She scream almost shattered the whole planet, making all those in her presence to wince in pain. Even Set. Her daughter had brought humiliation to her family name for the last time. "Are you SURE she is going to marry him?" Elgar nodded quickly and explained everything that had happened during the whole ‘amnesia’ situation. Kysana’s growl was proof enough that she did not approve of the marriage. "Come Set, let us go to my ship and RETRIEVE my daughter." The two set off to Kysana’s luxurious ship and towards Earth. Set refused to be jilted out of a wife. Even if it was only to gain the mistress he so desired.

*** Adam smiled at his bride as they stood in front of the Justice. The day they had waited and planned for was her. Divatox now had a new identity that she would be using from now on, that of Diana Tox, soon to be Diana Park. The woman of his dreams, how she glowed, how she…No. She can’t be. We…oh MAN!

"Do you Adam Park, take Diana to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health. For better or For worse?"

"I do."

"Do you Diana Tox, take Adam to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health. For better or For worse?"

"Forever do I take this man as my husband." This man who my former employees took his memories, but he still loves me even after I told him what I’ve done. How in the world did I luck out?

"Then, by the powers invested to my by the city of Angel Grove, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Adam pulled his now wife into a deep and passionate kiss. To him, it didn’t matter that during the middle of the night before he had regained his memories. This was the woman he loved and was going to stay with for eternity. Now to just let her know that!

*** Set walked across the bridge of the luxurious ship. Kysana was a beautiful, but married, woman. To get her into his bed, he would have her adopted daughter. No matter the cost. His smile grew as he watched the screen where his Kerzics, his noble warriors, were fighting a judgment match for the best warrior.

"That is it. My Kerzics will attack at sundown. Young Green Ranger will not live through their wedding night.

*** Divatox, who was enjoying her new role as Mrs. Diana Park. Her heart was filled with joy as she watched her husband fill the pantry with food. There was something a little different about Adam, something more to him now. Surely he isn’t hiding things from me already. We’ve only been married two hours.

Adam knew she suspected something as he looked over. He knew he would have to tell her now that he remembered his past. Now, before I lose my courage to tell her. "Honey, there is something I need to tell you. About my memories…"

"What about them? Did you remember something else?" His nod encouraged her spirits. "What do you remember?"

"Everything. From the day I was born to marring you. Don’t think that my feelings for you have changed, because they haven’t. Do you think I would have married you if I didn’t love you with all my heart? I knew who and what I was before we married. I remembered the night before. You are the holder of something very special to me. My heart."

The tears streamed down her face as she listened to his words. His arms wrapped around her gently and pulled her into their lovers’ embrace and kissed her gently on the mouth. Everything in her being caught on fire. Never in her life had anyone made her feel this way. Time mattered not for them as they both found themselves in bed, enjoying each other in every single way possible.

*** Billy sighed as he watched the ship pull closer into sensor range. It definitely was Kysana, the most evil space pirate in the universe. "Why is she coming here for?"

"Who?" Tommy glanced over to his friend curiously.

"Her name is Kysana. She is the Queen Pirate who has plundered half of the galaxy, and has had her family plunder the other half with her assistance. If you so much as breath in a way that she doesn’t approve, she will take no time in removing your head. She thinks absolutely nothing of cutting the throats of the men and women she’s raped. Before and after raping them. Heck, if a day passes without her killing at least 3 people, she considers it a wasted day."

"I’d hate to rumble with her."

"You’re going to get your chance. She just put in an orbit around Earth. We’re her next target."

*** Adam smiled as he felt his new wife’s mouth nibble down his body. This night was the greatest he ever had with her. So focused on her was he that he did not notice the squadron of Kerzics enter his room. Although his attention was brought back to reality as he was pulled out of the bed, as was Diana, and pushed down to his knees. Adam watched as a young man entered the room. His pale white skin made him look like a ghost. His eyes were the deepest onyx that matched perfectly with his shoulder length hair and clothing. This must be the Set that Diana told me about.

"So, you are the young man who steals other men’s wives? Bad choice young Ranger. She is mine. I have a Matrimonial Contract on her, so legally your marriage is null and void. Unfortunately, I know she is going to try and get back to you. That only leaves me one option. To kill you." With one flick of his hand, a small silver ring appeared attached to the ceiling. Set’s main henchman, Taleria, entered the room and threaded a silver chain through the ring. Placing the cuff’s on the chain, she lifted Adam’s head and planted a deep passionate kiss upon his lips.

"You are going to wish you never met Divatox." She pulled the whip off her belt and lashed it across his face. "Be thankful that this is off. Because if I turn it on, you will get 80 volts of pure energy ripping through your body. Tearing apart slowly at your insides. Eating away at everything you are till you are withering in pain. Begging for me to stop. But I won’t. I won’t ever stop." She let the whip tear his skin up a little more then, very slowly and carefully, turned the knob at the base of the handle till the whip was glowing a bright purple but also hummed in the early evening silence. "Time to die." She let the whip run down his skin. His scream was heard throughout the know universe.

*** Billy’s fist hit the computer with a resounding thud. "She’s not alone. Zordon, according to this information, Set is with her." He was thankful that the others had been ordered to go home and rest a little while Billy continued his search for Adam and Divatox. This time, he was successful on that. Although, deep down, he wished he wasn’t. "To make it worse Zordon, he’s with Divatox and Adam."


Billy quickly grabbed his communicator and punched it, informing the Rangers at once of the current situation.

"We’re on our way. Don’t worry, we’ll get him back this time."

Billy smiled. Soon Adam. You will have your memories back and be here where you belong. With your friends.

*** Adam’s head hung down low, his body was almost dead. Diana watched in pure horror as Taleria started running her hands and mouth over his open wounds. She knew what Taleria was like. The woman liked to seduce her victims before inflicting the final blow. Making them feel even more vulnerable then ever.

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY HUSBAND!" Her words echoed throughout the room as Diana started to fight off his warriors. She no longer recognized the name of Divatox. Never will I be this monsters wife. NEVER! I love Adam, and I must save him. "NOW!"

"And just what are you going to do about it Divatox? You are contracted to me. You have no choice but to marry me."

"That is what you think!" She broke the grip of the Kerzics and ran to Adam. Protecting him, shielding her husband with her own body. "I don’t care if I die. As long as Adam lives, I know that I am loved."

Adam smiled faintly, feeling what little strength he had draining from his body. His hopes grew a little more at her words, and even more as the Rangers appeared during her testament of her love for him. He knew that they would understand that he wanted to remain with her.

Set turned and laughed at the group of five Rangers. "KERZICS! ATTACK!" He grabbed Diana away from her husband and pulled her towards him. "You aren’t fully wedded yet. There is one last thing for you to perform. No one on this planet can do that ceremony. So give up now and come to your true husband."

"NEVER! You’re going to have to kill me first. I love Adam! I will ONLY LOVE HIM!"

Tommy grabbed Diana from Set’s arms. "I think the lady told you to buzz off. Now either you leave or have the Turbo Rangers to deal with."

"I leave for now, but I will have my bride back. Mark my words. She will be mine!" With that said, Set and his crew left the small cabin. The Rangers got Adam down from where he hung as quickly as possible and called Billy and Britney in with the Crystal.

"Can you save him?" Diana’s words were filled with worry and love for the man that laid on the bed. The man who would be the father of her child, if and when she had one.

"I think I can. It’s all up to this." Billy placed the small amber stone on his heart and waited. They all watched as an amber mist formed around Adam’s body and his flesh looked like new again. As the mist vanished the stone levitated and flew inside Diana’s body. There she stood in an Amber Ranger outfit. She was the Seylandra Ranger, or better…she was the Amber Ranger.

*** Set stormed onto the bridge, not even smiling at the beautiful Kysana. He didn’t love Divatox, but she was the only way he could have the woman he truly did. "Those BLASTED Rangers will PERISH for intruding!"

"That they will." Kysana’s words whispered in his ears as her lips danced down his neck. Oh how I can’t wait to be his lover. "I want you in my bed as soon as possible. I want your child growing inside me."

"Why wait for the contract. We could always just do it, and still destroy the Rangers."

"A deal is a deal. I am married, and without that contract I cannot sleep with you. You know that."

"We are two people who care less about laws. Why bother with a legal contract? I will still try to bring Divatox back to the proper side, and we can sleep together before that."

He’s got a point, and I DO want him in my bed. Her smile was all the answer he needed as he swept her off to her room and the giant 9 foot bed that awaited them.

*** Diana looked around the cabin once more. It had been three days since Set showed and tried to kill her husband. Three days since becoming a Power Ranger. All she could do was sigh. That morning’s Doctor appointment told her that bumpy roads lay ahead for the newlyweds. Now her problem was just how to tell Adam when he got home from town. She knew in a heart beat what she would do and set about preparing.

Several hours had passed as she finished the final touches. Adam should be home soon, she thought as she looked over the living room. A romantic picnic in front of the fire. Soft candles making the room glow. Everything was perfect, she decided, as the front door opened and Adam entered their little house.

"What’s all this? Trying to win my heart?" His arms wrapped around the waist of her velvet dress and held her close. "Cause it’s too late for that. You already won it."

Her smile sent chills up and down Adam’s back. It was now or six months down the road on telling him. She had to. "Adam, we may need to redecorate one of the two guest rooms."


"I’m expecting a baby."

Adam’s smile went from pure joy to pure shock. Me? A father? WOAH! His arms loosened around her waist and his hand brought her head up to meet his lips in a passionate kiss. When it was over he merely stated, "looks like we’re going to be busy till the baby arrives. Not only with your training, but with preparations for the little tike." His smile showed her that he was ready, and more then willing, to have this child with her. "I love you, Diana Park."

"And I love you, Adam Park." The two melted to the floor and enjoyed the evening in front of a roaring fire.