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Unexpected Delivery
By: Emerald J

Diana went through the Kata once more. Things were moving along nicely. Dimitria had set her up with a wonderful identity, and Adam had found her a job at a plant nursery. She quickly glanced over at her dozing husband. He must have fallen asleep while I was doing this. He's been so tired since we started redecorating the guest room. Four more months and we have ourselves a baby.

Her smile vanished quickly as a group of Kerzics appeared in front of her. "ADAM! WAKE UP!"

Adam's eyes shot open as he let out an ear piercing scream as he was thrown from under the tree. "Some nap that turned out to be!" He snarled as he pulled himself to his feet. "Need some help?"

"Always!" The two ran towards the already charging pride of Kerzics. The lion-type beings pawed at them, making Diana fearful of the child within her. If they so much as HARM this baby…they won't live to regret it. "What do you say to calling in the Rangers?"

Adam only nodded as he pressed the button on his communicator. "GUYS! HELP! NOW!" Was the only thing he had time to yell as he was sideswiped by a Kerzic, falling down to the ground unconscious!

"ADAM!" Diana ran towards her husband as he was teleported off. "Please, Dimitria, tell me you have him." She prayed, more to herself then anything.

She looked around as the other Rangers appeared and the Kerzics vanished. "Adam's safe, but you may want to come to the Power Chamber," Tommy stated as he came over to her.

"What's going on?"

"You'll see once you get there." They vanished from the glen.

* * *

Set growled and whacked each and every single Kerzic that went on the mission. "I thought I told you to bring her back here! Is that NOT what I told you to do?"

The Kerzics only nodded. None of them had the ability of speech, but had on several occasions had to use their tongues to clean the deck. This would probably be one of those times. To say that they were surprised when the were vaporized would have been an understatement, if they had the time to be it.

"What you need is a monster to crush the Green Ranger," Kysana said as she pulled out her catalogue from Lyle's Palace of Monsters: No matter what kind of monster you want, we guarantee it to be a sure fire winner for your evil needs, or your money back. "What a long name for a company. Here we are. The Gerbilizer. It's fur is made out of spikes that can pierce the human heart in a matter of nano seconds. Sounds like fun!"

Set nodded as he quickly placed the order for the Gerbilizer. Hanging up, he kissed the woman in the chair. "Soon, your daughter and I shall be married, and we can go on like nothing EVER happened."

"How true." She pulled him off the bridge and to her quarters.

* * *

Diana looked around the command center, wondering what was going on. She looked over to where Adam was being bandaged up. What was so important that she had to come to the Power Chamber. She knew that Set and her mother weren't happy with her change of heart, but there was something else. Why would they stop her baby from being born? "Dimitria?" She looked up at the woman in the vortex, some reason the two looked alike.

"Yes Diana?" Could she be the one that Viseron told me about? My sister was once the Rangers' enemy? "Is something troubling you about the fight?"

"A great deal of things are bothering me, but the main one was that those Kerzics. When the attacked, the focused their attack on my stomach. Why would they want to destroy my baby?"

Tommy looked over. "Maybe it was just a coincidence that they did that? I mean, they've never stooped so low as to destroy a child before."

"Tommy, has there ever been a female Ranger that has been with child before?"

"No," he sighed. This was a first for them. Then again, having their former enemy as a Ranger was something else they never had done before. Guess we're going to get use to the firsts around here again.

"I believe I know why they wish your child gone. Have you ever heard of the Orion Prophecy?"

"Orion? As in the one that says that there is to be a child born that will save the universe from the most evil of evils? Yes, I have heard of it."

Dimitria smiled. This was not going to be easy to tell Diana or Adam. Their child was the one spoken of in the prophecy. Their child was to save the universe in sixteen years.

"What has the Orion Prophecy have to do with our kid, Dimitria?"

"Your child is the one spoken of in that prophecy."

* * *

Set paced the bridge, the package should be arriving any moment now and he was like a child on Christmas morning. Just waiting to tear open the package and see what he got. Racing to the door, as the doorbell rang, he threw it open. Looking down, he gazed upon the small box on the ground.

"What the hell is this?" He picked the box up and read it. "This better be a first shipment."

Kysana peeked her head inside the room and looked at him questioningly. She glanced down at the box in confusion. "It's food?"

"It better be!" Set opened the box and growled. "Remind me NOT to get another monster from them again."

Kysana nodded as she pulled out the instruction manual and read it. "This is interesting. They sent you the newest model. It's one of those, fool your enemy type monsters. You just sneak in, put a drop of the Instant Monster into it's water dish and it turns into the Gerbilizer. Clever, don't you think?"

"I suppose. Guess Diana is getting a little surprise gift." Set laughed wickedly as he prepared the 'Gerbilizer' for shipping.

* * *

Part Two

Adam and Diana entered their house, things were moving too fast for the both of them to handle at the moment. To be told that their child, which should be born in a little less then four months, would get rid of the worst villain in the universe was more then a parent-to-be wanted to hear.

"Honey, did you order something?" Adam asked as he picked up the box from the back porch. "I think it's alive too!"

"No, and alive?"

"Alive," was all Adam said as he opened the package and read the note. To the Parks, good luck with your new bundle of joy. This little tyke should liven things up until then! A friend. "A friend? Shish, this was nice of them, and he is cute." Adam carefully picked up the small gerbil and showed it to Diana.

"That it is, but I think your HE is actually a SHE." Diana quickly corrected her husband and fellow Ranger.

"Whatever. The little tyke is cute." He couldn't help but put the gerbil down and scoop her into his arms. "How did I luck out with this vision of beauty?"

"I don't know, I ask myself how I lucked out with you?"

"I think I know. In a past life, I must have did something to help some very powerful Gods or Goddesses and this is how they paid me back. With the one thing I wanted since the minute I laid eyes on you."

Diana could do nothing but blush as he finished his little speech and kissed her gently on the lips. So much for getting some work done, she thought as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

* * *

Set laughed as he watched the two honeymooners kissing in the middle of their dinning room. "Is that all they ever do? Make out?"

"That's all we ever do!" Kysana stated from her bed, the sheets barely covering her breasts. "It's something in our blood. Then again, she was adopted but it's still there."

"She was adopted?"

"Yes. She was found as a baby on the steps of my house on Inquaris. My then husband and I adopted her right away. No one had reported her missing, so it was rather quick, easy, and totally Unlawfull!"

"That sounds so, delightful." Set sat down on the bed next to her, looking deep into her eyes. "Tell me, did you ever find out who left her?"

"Of course. Shortly after the adoption. She is the sister of Dimitria," a pregnant pause filled the air. "To be more precise. . .her twin sister."

"Let's hope they don't figure it out!"

"If they do, it could spell trouble. Those Inquarian twins contain a special power. One that could spell DANGER for US!" Set sat and listened to what could happen if the two sisters did find out about eachother and their powers.

* * *

Dimitria sat in her private quarters underneath the Power Chamber and looked over the scan results that were taken from Diana after their fight that morning. Something about these scans are not quite right. Her biology's been changed somehow. But why? She stared endlessly at the readouts, trying to understand what had changed in Divatox, what and how and perhaps most importantly, why and who. After three days of long and almost constant work…victory was in her hands.

"Divatox is my sister, I knew it!" Dimitria smiled as she started working on her newest problem. The problem of how to tell her former foe that they are sisters.

Part 3

Jeremy sat in his truck, relaxing in the sunshine of a beautiful Friday afternoon. Two more cables to install and I can finally go dancing and spend the night with Jennifer Roberson, my sweet little elf. He sighed and hurried along to his next job. The DeSantos's shouldn't take long, it was really just an upgrade on service to digital. The one right after was the one going to take the longest, his best friend's. Tomorrow, I might just bring Jen along to my installations, he thought as he got out of the van and headed to Rocky's parents house, the Parks live in one of the most beautiful sections of town, hardly populated and FULL of trees. Then I'll ask her to be my girlfriend.


Kysana watched Jeremy enter the house. Her smile grew as he worked in the plain brown work outfit he wore. Even through his shirt I can tell he is built, and has some cute pecks. He is the PERFECT SPECIMAN for my husband to gain access into the Park's… "SET!" Her shrill voice filled her ship from bow to stern, making everyone duck for cover the second they heard it.

"What is it?" Slowly making his way onto the bridge from their quarters. "Did you find the host?"

"That I did! His name is Jeremy and he's going to be at the Park's installing something called Cable."

"I like it. I go now…for this man to regain my wife to be," with that, he vanished into the dark of the night.


Jeremy wondered home from work. Three hours on the last install was more then he had anticipated, and almost cost him his job over and above it. Oh the joys of friendship. Why couldn't Suzanne put someone else on that job, like I asked her to? At least she was there, or Jeni would have fired me for sure.

"Excuse me, but would you happen to be Jeremy Logsdon?"

"Um, yes, I am." Jeremy told the strange looking man. Something deep down told him that he should make a break for it, and soon. "Who are you and what do you want?"

Set glanced up and down the man. Yes, he shows potential for a new body. I might just keep this look after I am done with him. Kysana seems to like it. "I want you to work for me."

"That's it? Where do you work? Some rival Cable Company or a Satellite company?"

"Neither. I am Set, the future ruler of the Earth. You are going to help me regain my bride," he stated as he pulled a small controller out of his pocket and slammed it against the young man's skin. Jeremy's screams were heard all over the neighborhood as the pair vanished into the thick of the night.


Jennifer watched from her apartment window for her best friend. This is going to be the hardest thing I have ever told him in my life. I hope he won't mind finding out that I am marring his best friend in less then two months. She watched for two hours from that window, two hours past the time that Jeremy should have arrived. With a quick call to his house, her worries grew far worse. No answer what so ever. "Where are you Jeremy? Where?"


Adam sat in his living room, watching the young man installing the cable to his television. Something about him is wrong. Maybe I should get Dimitria to run a check on him and see if it is…nah, I'm being paranoid.

"What are you doing Adam?" The voice of his sweet bride filled the room with the pure essence of…annoyance.

"Watching him install the cable. He came early."

"That's no excuse for not calling to tell me you weren't going to pick me up from work!"

OOPS! I knew I forgot SOMETHING! "I'm sorry Diana," he whispered as he rushed over to her and scooped her up in his arms. "Let's go into the kitchen and talk about this a little?"

Set watched the two lovebirds stepped into the other room, and quickly deposited the instant monster into the gerbil's dish. "Time to grow and destroy the Rangers, while I retrieve my Divatox." Set slowly returned his features to normal as the Gerbilizer grew to full size. "ATTENTION RANGERS! IT IS TIME TO DIE…"


Tommy sat in the university's computer lab, typing up his homework that was due that afternoon. I have got to stop putting off typing this stuff up. Then again if I had a computer back at the dorm, this wouldn't be necessary. He watched as his classmates talked about on the Internet and busily typed up their class assignments. What made me want to go into computer programming? My love is karate and racing.

"Tommy? Are you okay?" The voice of his current dorm mate echoed in his ears.

"Huh? Yeah, I guess. Why?"

"Your watch alarm is going off again and you've been totally ignoring it for the past five minutes." Jordon smiled as his friend grabbed his stuff and bolted out of the computer lab, leaving his homework and disks behind. Jordon smiled and politely typed up his new friend's homework and printed it out.


Why am I still doing this? Tommy wondered as the others began to call on the Turbo Zords. He'd been part of the Ranger life or almost four years, never failing, never backing down from the chance to get new powers, leading them tirelessly since Jason had left, doing everything he could to make up for the damage he had caused as the evil Green Ranger. Haven't I done enough? He called on Red Lightning and joined his friends in the battle. For the first time in years, he thought he just might have.

His life had changed from when he'd first accepted the power. None of them were children anymore, they were young adults, on the verge of a whole new world and a new adventure that dwarfed anything they'd ever done before. It was getting harder and harder to get away and fight the battles they needed to.

He shook his head for a moment. He'd think about all of that later. For now, a fight was raging, and he was needed. This creature would be no match for the Rangers. They never were. This one was no exception.



Adam watched his lovely wife as she dozed under the tree. Any day now the two would become the proud parents of a beautiful baby. Two weeks passed the due date, the parents to be waited—anticipated—the birth of their new-born baby. I can't wait to hold them in my arms. Rock them to sleep at night. Show them off to all the people I work with at the dojo. Finally I get a chance to be a proud father.

"Adam," Diana's words cut through his words like a knife through butter. Her form was already trying to get off the chaise as she grabbed her stomach in pain. "I think this kid wants to be born," was all she had a chance to say as she was rushed to the hospital.



Adam stepped out into the waiting room. All the Rangers, past and present, were there. He slowly made his way over to Tommy, now former leader of the Rangers, and extended his hand. "Congratulations Tommy. You are the proud godfather of Raven Janette Park."

Tommy shook his friend's hand then pulled him into the biggest of bear hug the universe had known. None of them could have been happier for the young man as they were right now. After four and half months of peace, the youngest member of the Ranger team was born. Now, if only they could wake up the young man Set had taken over.


(Sixteen Years Later)

Raven stepped out into the cold hallway of the school. Sixteen years previous, her parents were the Turbo Rangers. Today, she was a Ranger. The Purple Galactic Ranger—purple like her mother—sworn to defend and cherish all life. Ten years earlier they had banished her grandmother and the man her mother was suppose to marry, now they face Geocorn. There are times I hate it, but I enjoy sneaking into the Power Corridor and watching my sleeping hunk, she thought as she went into the women's restroom and teleported there. One day, he'll wake up and I'm sure he'll love me like I love him.

Her footsteps were quiet as she snuck past Alpha 7 and Jenna to the room that held Jeremy. Something was different about the room today—as she looked around—and found Jeremy's casket type bed open. Gently, she tiptoed over to his bed and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead.

As Raven stepped away from his bed, a soft deep moan filled the room. Turning, she watched as Jeremy awoke from his sixteen year slumber. Running over to him, she quietly asked if he was okay.

"I guess. Where am I?"

"You are in the Power Corridor. I am Raven Janette Park."

"Power corridor? What exactly is a power corridor?"

"It's the base for the Galactic Rangers," she said as she sat on the edge of his bed. "You've been asleep for sixteen years."

"Sixteen years? What happened to my family?"

"They were told most of the truth, without giving away the Rangers identity. They visit you every day. They'll be thankful to know that you are awake."

Jeremy looked this young woman over. She's probably only 16, but she is very pretty. Jennifer probably married someone else by now, and I should get on with my life…he didn't know what urged him on, as he leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips.

To Be Continued in
The Prophecy Fulfilled