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Alpha Did What?
by: Emerald J

Rocky, Billy, and Kat were enjoying their weekend off together. No Rita and Zedd, no school, and most of all, no clouds in the sky. The three were setting up one of the many campsites that Billy's Uncle owned. The others would have liked it here, but Adam and Tommy had a Karate match to get ready for, and Aisha was working at the Animal Shelter.

"Let's eat!" Rocky said as he finally set down the last of their stuff. They had everything they would need for the weekend. Food, two tents, wood, communicators, and various other camping supplies. Kat and Billy were setting up her tent, when Rocky made is announcement. The both agreed that they were hungry, but told Rocky that he would have to make the lunch, as they were a little busy at the moment. Rocky didn't seem to mind. "I can cook some mean hamburgers!" he said as the tent fell down on Billy and Kat. They all had to laugh.


The three friends sat around a campfire talking. This had been the first time in a long time that they had been able to do that. Billy saw Kat looking really worried about something. What is going on with her? I hope she's not still upset with what happened to Kim.

"IT'S NOT HERE! I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT IT!" Kat said extremely aggravated.

"What did you forget?" Rocky asked going over and helping her look in her backpack. He literally sticks his whole head in it.

"There was this story I found at that new rare bookstore downtown, and I wanted to read it to you guys. The last time I saw it was at the Command Center when I was talking to Zordon."

"Maybe you left it there."

"Probably. Anyway we could teleport up there and grab it. It is really interesting."

Rocky and Kat look at Billy, half expecting him to disagree with them. "I don't see why not. Zordon wouldn't mind, if you left something there."

"Cool. Let's Teleport." Seconds later all that is left of the three teens are the residuals of blue, red, and pink light.


Alpha was reading a leather-bound book when the panel blew out on him. "Oh Ai-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi! Not now! I was just coming to the good part of the book."

ALPHA! Please calm down. There is nothing to fear. The panel that blew was the communication panel to my brother's palace. It can wait to be fixed. I sense that the Rangers are on there way to the Command Center. Prepare to receive them.

"Yes Zordon. Kat probably realized that she left her book here."

Three beams of light appeared and quickly disappeared, leaving three teenagers standing in the middle of the room.

Rangers, to what do we owe this visit?

"Zordon, I think I left my book here. It's a leather-bound book with the words Labyrinth on the cover."

Alpha picked up the book and walked over to Kat. "I think this is yours. I sorta started reading. It's an interesting book. I liked the part where the main character says I wish the Goblins would take me away, right now!." he said as he disappeared.

"ALPHA," the Rangers shouted. The Command Center started to fill with mist, as a man stepped out of nowhere.

Jareth! What are you doing here?

"Oh, come now, Zordon. You know the rules. If someone wishes for the Goblins to take themselves or someone else away, it is my job to see that wish through."

Bring Alpha back. You cannot turn him into one of your Goblins.

"Oh this is surprising. My dear brother is concerned over a small robot. Probably why mother liked you better. You are also one who follows the rules of the game. He wished it, and I simply complied. My hands are tied. You know that."

Billy was the first of the Rangers to recover from shock. This man was Zordon's brother? Wonder why he never told us about a brother. "Look, there must be something we can do to change your mind? We need Alpha."

"There is." Jareth said with a wicked grin. His sister would like him. Smart young boy, thinking about others first before himself. I will have to tell her. As long as Tesenisis doesn't get a hold of him, I'll be fine. "The three of you will have to solve my Labyrinth. You'll have thirteen hours, our your precious Alpha will belong to me forever!"

The three teens turned to see where the Goblin King was pointing to see that they were no longer in the Command Center, but in a desert. "Well, you heard him. Thirteen hours in which to get Alpha back."

Rocky looked on as Kat and Billy headed off towards the maze. "GUYS! WAIT!" He shouted. "Let's try and see if our powers will work here."


"The WOLF"


"The APE"

They stood there in their Ninja outfits. "Okay, that works, time to try our regular powers."




This time to their shock, nothing happened. Rocky was the first to speak. "Guess well have to use just our Ninja powers. Let's demorph and head on out. Alpha needs us!"