The Journey Within
by: Emerald J

Zordon watched as the three Rangers turned around and disappeared. GOOD LUCK MY RANGERS.

Labyrinth Entrance

There was a funny little man standing near a giant door. The Rangers looked at what he was doing. It looked like he was trying to spray for bugs, but the bugs looked like fairies.

"Excuse us. Can you help us?"

The little man turned around, and the Rangers saw that he was in fact a dwarf. He looked at them and walked away, spraying more fairies as he went. The Rangers just stared at him. Kat walked closer to one of the walls and picked up one of the fallen fairies. It bit. "OUCH!"

"It bit you, didn't it?"

"Yeah. It hurts pretty bad."

"Bet you thought fairies did nice things like grant wishes, and stuff like that."

"That's how they were always portrayed in the fairy tales, but I'm guessing that it is a general misconception."

"You got that right! 97! Three more and I got a new record!"

"Look, Mr.."

"Hoggle.there is no Mr. Before it!"

"Okay, look Hogwart, we need to get into the Labyrinth and solve it. Can you help us?"


"Sorry, Hoggle, can you help us with this Labyrinth?"

"A little. What do you need help with?"

"How about getting in?"


Billy stood by and watched the Dwarf, Rocky, and Kat carry on the game of twenty questions. By this time, it was getting a little old. "Can you show us the door into the Labyrinth or not?"

Hoggle turned around and glared right at Billy. There was no way Jareth was going to let him go. "Yeah, I can show you the door. It's right there." Hoggle pointed towards the door and it opened up. The Rangers and Hoggle walked inside. "So, which way are you guys going?"

"Right, I guess." Rocky said. The other Rangers nodded their heads in agreement.

"Well, good luck to you then. You'll need it." Hoggle turned and left the Rangers on their own. The three of them watched as the doors closed behind the dwarf. They all found it eerie that the fungus on the wall had eyes, and was paying close attention to them.

"Let's get out of here." Rocky said. They ran past fallen tree limbs, though there were no trees in sight, past more eyeball fungus, till they could run anymore. They stood there, trying to catch their breath. "I don't get it. Doesn't Labyrinth mean, a maze?"

Billy glanced up at him. "That's what it usually means, the maze in which the Minotaur was confined. I am hoping we don't run into one of those here."

Kat looked at them both, then at the passage way they were traveling. "If this is a maze, where are the turns?"


The teens turned, looking for something to put the voice to. "Who said that"

"I did. Down here!"

Billy was the first to notice the little blue worm. "Did you just talk?"

"Yeah, I did! Come inside, meet the Misses, have a cup of tea."

"Sorry, tea isn't my strong suit." Rocky said.

"That's all right. What you doing here anyway? Last person we had pass this way was a young girl by the name of Sarah. Tried to solve this she did. Don't know if she did or not. If you are looking for a turn, there is one a head of you!"

Kat looked at the others, puzzled. "Where?"

"Just walk right ahead of you. There you'll find it."

The Rangers walked towards the wall and tried to put their hands on it. They fell forwards. "How in the world?" Was all they could manage.

"The Labyrinth is full of these trick passage ways. Keep your eyes open for them!"

Billy glanced back at the worm. "We will. Thank you."

They headed off. They ran for what seemed like forever. Around corners, turns, bends, down straight walkways, up a couple stairs, down a couple, till they reached a dead end. They turned to go back the way they came and found out they were trapped.

"Great," Kat said as she turned to find two doors with a footed shield in front of each on. "Guys, come look at this." As the three teens move closer the door on the left opens up. "I guess we go through here."

They walked down the wooded path into a clearing. Billy glanced at the fauna that was around them. "This place is."

"This place is what?" Rocky said, turning just in time to see Billy disappear down a large rabbit hole. "BILLY!"