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Author's Note: This story contains several direct scenes from Chase into Space, Part 1 through Save Our Ship. I promise that in future stories there won't be many scenes taken directly from the television series, I just need it here because it builds up plot for my series and I had to modify several lines as well as add missing scenes in these episodes in order for my series to work correctly. Also, all the times in this story are Angel Grove Time. This is because the Rangers' over all command base is in Angel Grove as well as where most of the Rangers are from, and I needed a standardized time setting. Also, this story may contain some grammatical errors. This is my first attempt at fanfiction writing and grammar is my worst subject. Please let me know what you think.

Here is the listing of all the Rangers' identies, powers, weapons, and zords.

Power Rangers: The Galactic Saga
Part 1: A New Beginning
By: DECA367

Prologue: Both Megazords were destroyed in the battle against Goldgoyle. And unknown to the Power Rangers, Rygog and Elgar had discovered the location of the Power Chamber and Divatox was preparing her forces for the final strike against them...

January 30, 1998: 12:00 p.m.
The Power Chamber

"Both Megazords were destroyed." T.J. says grimly.

"Unfortunately their destruction could not be helped." Dimitria says from her plasma tube as a look of worry came over her face. She then continued "Rangers, I have grave news for you. Planet Eltar has fallen to evil forces."

"What about Zordon?" asked T.J.

"Is he OK? We've got to go and help him." added Carlos.

"No, if you go then Divatox will take over the world. The Power Rangers are the Earth's only line of defense against her." Dimitria replied.

"But Dimitria if we don't go to help Zordon, then who will?" asked Cassie.

"I will go to Eltar with the Blue Senturion." replied Dimitria as the Blue Senturion entered the Power Chamber.

"I'm ready, Dimitria" stated the blue intergalactic police officer known as the Blue Senturion.

"Together, we will try to help Zordon." said Dimitria.

"When?" asked Ashley.

"Immediately" was their mentor's only reply.

The Rangers then looked at one another, with concerned looks on all their faces.


All was quiet outside the Rangers command base until suddenly a small platoon of Pirahnatrons appeared, some carrying sledge-hammers, while others carried big red flags with a skull and crossbones and the word Divatox on it. Then more Pirahnatrons appeared, some on motorcycles, until there was a large army surrounding the command base.


"Don't worry Rangers, we will be as safe and as cautious as we possibly can." Dimitria said to try and put the Rangers' minds at ease.

The Rangers looked one last time at Dimitria and the Blue Senturion. Justin then went up to the Blue Senturion hugged him He then took out a gold coin and put it in his hand. "This is my lucky coin...in case you need it." he said.

"Thank you, I will miss you Blue Ranger." responded the Blue Senturion. Justin then said one final good-bye and went to join the other Rangers.

"You can count on, Dimitria. We'll protect the Earth." said T.J.

"Of that I have no doubt." Dimitria replied.


Divatox inspected her army of Pirahnatrons as she and her high command passed them. "Ready to take over the world boys? Huh?" Divatox asked in her wicked voice. "Suck it in. Suck it in." Divatox ordered her soldiers. She then grabbed one of the flags from her troops and waved it high shouting "Viva la Diva!"


"Against the darkest danger, when all hope is lost, if ever you bow your heads, raise them high again for you are the Power Rangers." said Dimitria as her plasma tube began to glow, preparing for the teleportation beam required for her transportation to Eltar.

"Goodbye Dimitria." said T.J.

"May the power protect you." Dimitria said as her plasma tube glowed bright yellow and then a beam of white light teleported her out of the Power Chamber.

"Farewell my friends." the Blue Senturion said a little sadly and then in a flash of blue light, he followed Dimitria.

The Rangers then glanced worried looks at one another as they realized they and Alpha were now alone in their fight to protect the Earth and their friends had gone on to uncertain danger on another planet.


"The troops are ready." Elgar told Divatox as she sat down in a serpent shaped throne which had been transported to Earth so she could witness the destruction of the Power Chamber.

"I can't believe Elgar did something right for a change." said Porto.

"Well when do we get to start the attack?" asked an anxious Rygog.

Divatox then stood up as she noticed the two flashes of light leaving the Power Chamber. "It's Dimitria and the Blue Senturion. She's gone." she said in amazement. "Hmm... you really want to know when we attack? We attack... NOW!!!" Divatox said in her most evil voice.

"ATTACK!!!" said Rygog.

As soon as the command was given hundreds of Pirahnatrons began to climb the mountain at the top of which contained the Power Rangers' command base.


Inside the Power Chamber Alpha-6 was working at a computer console when he suddenly discovered the hundreds of Pirahnatrons climbing the mountain, "Oh no! We've been discovered." Alpha said in a worried voice.

The Rangers immediately ran over to the viewing screen and saw the hundreds of Pirahnatrons climbing the mountain to the Power Chamber. Ashley was the first to speak. "How did they find us?" she asked.

"Look at all of them." said a surprised and worried Justin. The other Rangers exchanged worried glances and continued to watch as the Pirahnatrons continued to climb the mountain towards the Power Chamber.

"They're going to be all over the Power Chamber in a couple of minutes." Ashley exclaimed.

"We have to go out and face them." T.J. said.

Carlos nodded in agreement and the Rangers headed for the exit of the Power Chamber.

Alpha watched them and started to really get worried. "But...but there are way to many of them." he said worried about his friends.

"We can't wait for them to attack us." TJ said to Alpha. He then turned to the other Rangers "Everybody ready?" They all nodded their heads. "Alpha, open the outer doors." he told his android friend.

"Rangers, be careful out there." Alpha told the Rangers. TJ nodded and then he and the other Rangers put their helmets back on and ran towards the outer doors. Alpha pressed a button on the control console and the outer doors began to open.

The Rangers exited the Power Chamber and ran towards the advancing army. The Rangers then started to attack them. Justin attacked two Pirahnatrons with punches and kicks but was jumped by 8 others, forcing him to the ground. Cassie started to attack the Pirahnatrons but was quickly surrounded by them. Carlos managed to knock three Pirahnatrons to the ground but he was quickly forced to the ground when one of them hit him with their sledge hammer. Ashley was doing a little better, she was trying to avoid the majority of the Pirahnatrons and focus on a few of them. She managed to knock three of them to the ground and throw another one at 10 Pirahnatrons throwing them off the mountain, but while she was doing this another Pirahnatron snuck up on her and managed to knock her to the ground. TJ wasn't doing much better as he was restrained by two Pirahnatrons.

Just then the Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster came in firing lasers at the Pirahnatrons. The two sentient cars managed to take out some of the Pirahnatrons but they ganged up on the cars and soon captured them in nets.

"Things are looking pretty good Huh, Auntie D?" Elgar said to Divatox. "Auntie D?"

"It's only a matter of time." Divatox said with evil glee.

Meanwhile the Pirahnatrons were beating the Power Rangers. "There's too many of them." Justin yelled. "We've got to get back inside the Power Chamber." he said as the Pirahnatrons forced the Rangers to the doors of their command base.

"Let's go." Cassie yelled to her teammates. "Come on."

The Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Green Turbo Rangers then jumped back inside the Power Chamber with TJ still outside fighting the Pirahnatrons. "Come on, TJ." yelled Carlos.

TJ then jumped back into the Power Chamber. The other Rangers then closed the outer doors against the Pirahnatrons who were still trying to get in. Once the doors were closed, TJ initiated the security lock and then the Rangers ran back inside to the main control room and pulled off their helmets.

"Alpha, do we still have shields?" TJ asked.

"The shields are totally gone. I'm afraid it won't be long before they break through." Alpha said as the other Rangers sat down breathing hard, exhausted from fighting the Pirahnatrons. They exchanged worried glances, knowing that soon Divatox's army would break through their defenses and enter the Power Chamber.

Meanwhile the Pirahnatrons were pounding on the outer doors to the Power Chamber trying to enter the base. The Pirahnatrons then suddenly broke off their attack and went to regroup.

The Rangers who were watching from the viewing system inside. "They're leaving?" asked a surprised Justin as he watched them leave. "Pretty soon they'll all come back? Won't they?" Justin continued.

Carlos nodded. "You scared?" he asked Justin.

"Are you?" responded Justin.

"Yeah." Carlos said.

"Me too." Justin said.

"So, Justin I heard your dad didn't get that new job." Carlos asked.

"No, he didn't. The bid for the new company they were starting failed, so he is going to remain at his current job for now. But he is up for promotion soon." Justin said.

Then Elgar came up the mountain with 10 Pirahnatrons carrying a large battering ram. They started to ram the doors to the Power Chamber with it. Then other Pirahnatrons started to climb ropes up to the roof of the base.

"Knock it down." commanded Elgar.

Back inside the Power Chamber the Rangers felt the base shake as the battering ram continued to hit the doors. "They're on the roof." TJ said as he saw the Pirahnatrons staring directly into their viewing camera. Then the Power Chamber lost all visual pictures as a Pirahnatron smashed it.

"Wo! Rangers, I still may be able to teleport you to safety." Alpha said as he started to set the teleportation controls.

TJ then stopped him "We're going to stay with you, Alpha." he said.

Outside the Pirahnatrons with the battering ram managed to force the door open and gain access to the Power Chamber. "Nice place you got here." said a laughing Elgar.

"They've broken through the outer door." said Ashley.

The Pirahnatrons then started to pound on the two inner doors trying to gain access to the main chamber. "You take that door." said TJ to Ashley, Carlos, and Justin. "Cassie with me."

The Rangers then out back on their helmets and took up their positions by the door. "Yo. Be careful." a worried Alpha said.

"We've got to stand our ground." TJ said.

"They won't get past us." responded Carlos.

"Right." TJ replied.

Just then the Pirahnatrons smashed the roof in and started to descend into the Power Chamber.

"Yo Yo Yo Yoe." said Alpha.

The Pirahnatrons started smashing up the place as the Rangers tried to hold them off but were outnumbered as the inner doors were opened, allowing more of Divatox's soldiers through. Ashley tried to use her Auto Blaster on them but it was knocked out of her hands and destroyed before she had a chance to fire.

One of the Pirahnatrons then grabbed Alpha but Carlos managed to get it off of him. "Yo. Thanks, Carlos." a grateful Alpha said. The Pirahnatrons then managed to smash the main computer console as well as other equipment. The Rangers continued to fight their best against them but were severely outnumbered.

Elgar then entered the Power Chamber and looked around. He immediately spotted the main tube in the center of the fall wall. "Zordon and Dimitria's plasma tube. If I destroy it, they can't come back. Ha Ha. Love it." Elgar said. He then grabbed a sledge hammers from one of the Pirahnatrons and walked over another one to get a good shot at the tube. "Kiss Dimitria good-bye Rangers." Elgar said as he threw the hammer at the tube.

The other Rangers and Alpha watched him throw it as they were restrained by the army of Pirahnatrons. It hit head on completely destroying the tube. Elgar then laughed evilly and proceeded to place explosive devices throughout the Power Chamber. "Let's blow this place... up that is. It's the end of the Power Rangers!!" Once they will all set and armed he left the Power Chamber and rejoined Divatox.

Outside the Power Chamber was smoking from all the damage. "Bye Bye Power Rangers. said Divatox as she pressed the button activating the explosive devices, destroying the Power Chamber.

"Where are they?" Divatox asked as she looked through the rubble of the Rangers' command base.

"Come out. Come out wherever you are." Elgar shouted.

"Are you sure they were inside when it blew?" Divatox asked Elgar.

"I'm not sure." responded Elgar.

"What do you mean, I'm not sure?" asked an annoyed Divatox. "Either the Rangers were destroyed or they weren't."

"It was smoking, I couldn't see anything." Elgar said.

"Find them." Divatox angrily replied.

"Right away." Rygog answered.

The Pirahnatrons then continued to search through the rubble of the Power Chamber coming very close to the spot that TJ was hiding in. We can see that his Power Ranger uniform has several holes in it and is very dirty.

Then suddenly a big ball of fire in the sky appeared. It then took the shape of a big head. Divatox walked up to him and said "Nice entrance. Who are you?"

"I am the messenger from the Symarian Planet." he responded. "Zordon has been captured. You, Divatox, Queen of Evil will leave for the Symarian Planet at once."

"Now." Divatox laughed. "I think not. You tell whoever sent you, congrats on capturing Zordon but I just captured the Earth and I'm not going anywhere." she said.

"Dark Specter will not be happy." the messenger said.

Divatox became scared at the mention of Dark Specter's name. "Excuse me. Did you just say Dark Specter?" she asked.

"The Grand Monarch of Evil." the head replied.

"Load up, we're going to the Symarian Planet." she whispered to Rygog and Elgar. "Actually. You know what? A little vacation to the Symarian Planet would just be irresistible right now. Really. Yes. A little R&R. Great idea. Really. Yes. Thank you so much for your suggestion. Good-bye." she said to the head and then it left. "Don't worry. I'll be back." she shouted into the rubble. "Viva la Diva." she shouted as she and her troops disappeared into a flash of light.

After she had gone, the Rangers came out of hiding and met in the center of what had once been their command base. The Rangers all said they were OK and as soon as they all met, their suits began to glow and they disappeared. The Rangers were back in their own clothes which were torn and ripped due to the Power Chamber explosion. "Our powers, they're gone." said Cassie.

"Alpha!" yelled Justin, seeing their android friend in a pile of wreckage.

All the Rangers then ran to him. "Hold on Alpha, we've got you." TJ said.

"Oh no." Alpha said looking around and seeing his home in ruins. "The Power Chamber. Yo. What a complete catastro-stroke. This was my home." he said despairingly.

"It's going to be all right, Alpha. We'll get you out of this." Justin told him.

"Yo. How could this have happened?" asked Alpha. "Dimitria and the Blue Senturion are gone, the Megazords are both destroyed and now the Power Chamber. What do we do now?"

"We have to go to the Symarian Planet." Carlos answered.

"We promised Dimitria that we'd stay and protect the Earth." Cassie told him.

"Protect it from who? Divatox is gone now." responded Carlos.

"She's gone now but when she comes back, we'll be sitting ducks." Ashley said. As she spoke Alpha moved over to a pile of wreckage.

"Your right. We've got to stop Divatox before she comes back." TJ said.

"But without the Power Chamber? Without our powers? How do we expect to chase her anyway?" asked Cassie.

"Yo. I've to get this box." Alpha said as he tried to move over one of the Power Chamber's support beams.

"What is it Alpha?" asked TJ.

"Yo. We need the black box. It's under there." Alpha replied.

The teens then came over and tried to move the rubble out of the way. Once the rubble was out of the way, TJ grabbed the box. "What is it?"

"That box contains the Power Decoder. It contains all the secret codes. We're going to need it." Alpha said.

"What we need right now is a way to go after Divatox." Carlos said.

"I think there may be a way but it's a long shot." Justin replied.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 30, 1998: 1:00 p.m.
Divatox's Space Base's Main Control Room

'I don't believe this.' thought Divatox as she began to activate the Space Base's engines. 'Of all the rotten time of Dark Specter to call a conference, it has to be when I achieve the greatest victory of my career. The destruction of the unbeatable human Power Rangers. Those Rangers had repelled every attack laid upon it. It withstood the attacks of Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, King Mondo, Queen Machina, Master Vile, Prince Gasket, and Archerina. For over 5 years it withstood over 200 separate attacks. And I was the one who finally defeated them when all the others failed.' she thought happily.

"My Queen, the Space Base's engines are on-line and ready to go. I've tied the Sub-Craft's engines into the Space Base's engines. This will result in us moving at twice the velocity capable by either one alone." Porto said.

"Good. Let's get to the Symarian planet, best possible speed. It's not a good idea to keep Dark Specter waiting." Divatox replied.

"Um, but Auntie D, what if the Rangers managed to survive? They're renowned for their ability to find new power sources when they're old ones have been destroyed." Elgar said.

"Hmm... You're right. Although in the entire history of the human Rangers have I ever heard of any disaster as great as this one. Well let's not take any chances." Divatox said. "Rygog, release the occupation armies. Tell them to start the attack in exactly 48 hours. Tell them to follow standard procedures and that in case of extreme emergency they are to withdrawal to the moon. Under no circumstance shall we be disturbed while at the meeting with Dark Specter."

"Aye, my captain." Rygog replies. He presses a button and releases the occupation army with the instructions to take up positions around the world and began the attack in 48 hours. "It is done, my Queen."

"Good. Elgar, engage engines full speed." Divatox said. "When we next lay sites upon this planet, it will be under my control! Viva la Diva!" she shouted as the Space Base left the Earth's solar system.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 30, 1998: 3:00 p.m.
The Middle of the Desert

The powerless former Rangers and Alpha-6 continued their long trek through the desert towards Angel Grove. It has been a long journey and tiresome journey. Justin then takes another sip of water from the canteen from his Power Box. Remarkably, all five of the Rangers' survival packs managed to survive the explosion in-tact. The Rangers then decided to take a little break.

"So, Justin you never did tell us your plan. How do you expect to get us to Eltar?" TJ asked.

"By using the space shuttle at NASADA." Justin replied.

"The NASADA Space Shuttle?!?!" Ashley asked. "How do you expect to get them to lend you their space shuttle and even if they do lend it to us, how do you expect it to get us half-way across the galaxy?"

"Well the answer to your first question is that Zordon told me before he left that he had a friend in NASADA, a person from the planet Cheron who was sent to Earth to help them develop their space program. He is the mission commander at NASADA. His name is Commander Norquist. To answer the second part of your question is that the space shuttle has special engines that will allow us to travel at one-quarter the speed of light. With some special modifications, Zordon taught me to do, we can modify the shuttle to emit a pulse to open the wormhole that is at the edge of the solar system that leads to Eltar. We will also have the ability to create a artificial wormholes but this feature will take up a lot of energy, so I wouldn't recommend using it a lot."

"Well I guess that takes care of everything then." replied TJ.

"Not everything TJ, I've been thinking. I think that I should stay behind on Earth, in case Divatox returns or another space conqueror shows up before you return. I should also inform the other former Rangers of what has happened, they may have some way to help you." Justin said.

"Are you sure, Justin?" TJ asked.

"Yes, I have a feeling that I will be needed here more than you will need me." Justin answered.

"OK. Justin. We'll miss you but we understand. We'll see you when we get back to Earth." TJ said.

"Justin, I think I speak for all of us when I say we'll miss you and wish you best luck in the future." Cassie said.

"OK. Let's continue moving. We've still got a lot of ground to cover." TJ said.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 30, 1998: 4:00 p.m.

Justin and the others arrive at NASADA. TJ, Ashley, Carlos, Cassie, and Alpha-6 hide behind a bush while Justin tries to get the mission commander to give them the shuttle they'll need to go to Eltar.

Justin runs up to the guard tower at the front of the building "What can I do for you young man?" asks the head guard.

"I need to speak to the commander, it's really, really important." Justin says.

"Is the commander expecting you?" the guard asks.

"No, but I've got to speak to him." Justin responds.

"I'm sorry young man but no matter how really, really important it is, I cannot let you in there." the guard says. "Now you wait right here." he says as he goes to check a car that is going in the building.

While the guard's attention is diverted, Justin hides behind the car and slips into the compound undetected. He then manages to sneak his way into the building and get all the way to mission control without anyone noticing him. Just as he is about to enter the control room two guards come up and tells him to freeze. He ignores them and quickly enters the mission control room "Wow!" Justin says as he sees all of the computer equipment.

The two guards then enter the control room and grab Justin. "That's about as far as you go." one of them says.

"Let me go, I have to speak to the commander." Justin yells.

"Sure you do." one of the guard says. "Let's go, now."

"But I've got a message from the Power Rangers." Justin screams as he is dragged away from the control room.

When the mission commander hears this, he takes off his glasses and then follows the guards with his two assistants. "Hold on a minute, gentlemen." Commander Norquist orders. The two guards let Justin go and stand at attention and his two assistants stand behind him. "I'm Commander Norquist of mission control."

"Sir, the Power Rangers need your help." Justin tells him.

"What do they need?" asks Commander Norquist.

"They need the space shuttle." Justin responds. The two guards try to suppress a laugh.

Justin then goes to Commander Norquist and whispers something into his ear. "Eltar!" says the surprised commander. He then becomes serious "When do they need it?" he asks.

"Right now." says Justin.

"Come on." says Commander Norquist as he goes back into the control room with Justin following him, leaving the guards and his assistants standing in the hallway in confusion.

Meanwhile, the other teens and Alpha are still hiding behind the bushes. "Maybe he's in trouble." Carlos says.

"Give him a little more time." TJ says. After saying this his communicator goes off. He activates it "This is TJ." he says.

"TJ, the space shuttle is all yours." Justin says.

"All right. We're on our way." TJ says. "How'd he do that?" TJ wonders.

Meanwhile in mission control Commander Norquist is overseeing the launch of the shuttle. "All systems are go." he says as he checks the instruments. "As you requested the shuttle is set to take them to Eltar."

"10 minutes to launch." says a computer voice.

The other former Rangers and Alpha are in the hanger where they store the shuttle. They look around until TJ spots the shuttle. "Over there." he says. They all run over to it.

"Pressurizing external tanks." the computer voice says.

TJ runs up the gantry to the entry point of the shuttle followed by Cassie, Carlos, Ashley, and Alpha, who is still holding the black box. "Come on." TJ says as he continues to run towards the door.

"Checking internal power supplies." the computer voice says.

The teens and Alpha then enter the space shuttle as it prepares for lift off. "Stand by to pressurize." says the computer voice.

The teens and Alpha then sit down and fasten their safety belts. Ashley helps Alpha with his. "Thanks, Ashley." Alpha tells her.

"T-Minus 60 seconds to launch." the computer voice says. "T-Minus 30 seconds to launch." The Rangers then prepare for the launch. "T-Minus 10 seconds and counting. 9..8..7..6.." The teens and Alpha then all take a hold of each other's hands as the final seconds before the launch happen.

"Goodbye Justin." says Carlos from the shuttle.

"5..4..3..2...1" the computer continues the countdown finishes. "We have ignition." the voice says as the shuttle takes off the ground.

"It's a perfect lift off." says Commander Norquist from the control room, he looks around for Justin but he is not there anymore.

Outside Justin watches the shuttle take off. "Good luck Rangers." Justin says. He then runs off, heading for Rocky's dojo.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 30, 1998: 5:30 p.m.
Rocky's Dojo

Justin came running into the Dojo, out of breath. It was late and Rocky was just cleaning up from the day's lesson. With him are his partner, Jason as well as Adam who just stopped by after he finished his stunt man job for the day. "Justin, what happened to you?" Rocky asked seeing that his clothes were torn and dirty and that he was out of breath.

"It's a long story, Rocky." he looks at the two other two former Rangers. "Is anyone else here?"

"No, the dojo is closed now. You should be home with your father, he's been worried about you." Adam tells the former Blue Ranger.

"Listen we need to talk. You may want to sit down. Do you have anything to eat? It's been a long day." Justin says.

30 minutes later, after calling Mr. Stewart and letting him know Justin was OK, that he was just playing with some friends and forgot about the time and getting him something to eat, Rocky, Adam, and Jason sat down at a table in the back room of the dojo, waiting to here Justin's story. "OK, Justin now why don't you tell us everything that happened, starting from the beginning."

"OK, well you all know that Zordon and Alpha-5 had returned home to Eltar, last June, right?" They all nodded. "Well, today we got a message from Zordon saying that Eltar was under attack by evil forces. He also tried to warn us of something but the transmission was lost before we discovered what... After that Divatox sent down her most powerful monster ever, Goldgoyle. We managed to defeat it but not before it destroyed both Megazords as well as our Turbo Weapons." Justin pauses before continuing. "After that we teleported back to the Power Chamber where Dimitria told us Eltar had fallen to evil forces and that she and the Blue Senturion were going to Eltar to help him. As soon as they left, Divatox managed to find the Power Chamber. She launched a full scale attack on it and although we tried to hold them back, their forces managed to destroy it as well as our powers. Nobody was hurt and everyone managed to hide but Divatox's forces were closing in on us to finish us off." Justin pauses again before continuing. Unknown to the Rangers Emily enters the dojo using the key Jason had given her. "Just as she was about to finish us off a yellow head appeared. He said he was a messenger from the Symarian Planet and that Zordon had been captured. He also said that Divatox's presence was required there. At first she laughed and said that she was staying to oversee the final conquest of the world. But then he mentioned that Dark Specter sent him and Divatox immediately got scared. She left for the Symarian Planet very quickly but vowed that she would return. Then all the Rangers came out of hiding..." Justin stops as he notices Emily standing in the doorway.

"Um.. excuse me if I'm intruding but what are you talking about? Rangers, Divatox? Messengers from other planets?" Emily asked confused.

"Um, well, I can explain." Jason started to say. "You see, we were former Power Rangers and Zordon was our mentor. I was the original Red Power Ranger and for a short time I was the Gold Ranger."

"That explains why you stayed and faced that monster that time we were attacked after I first met you." Emily said as she put two and two together. Then she became angry "Why didn't you ever tell me? Don't you trust me?" Emily asked.

"Of course I trust you, it's just that we're not allowed to reveal our identity to anyone except under extreme circumstances, I was going to tell you one day but now that I'm not a Ranger anymore I didn't think that it mattered." Jason told Emily.

"Well, OK. I believe you. But what's this about the Rangers' command base being destroyed and who's Zordon?" Emily asked.

"Well, our command base was destroyed by Divatox and her army. Zordon was the Power Rangers' mentor and advisor for the first four years, as well as the most powerful wizard in the universe, but he recently returned to Eltar last June, leaving the Rangers in the hands of Dimitria, who left to search for Zordon when she learned of Eltar being conquered."

"OK." Emily said absorbing this information. "Please continue with your story."

Justin continued on, telling them the rest of the story. When he was finished, they all sat there in silence for a moment.

The silence was broken however, when Tanya came running in the room. "Guys it's all over the news, Divatox's forces are all over the planet, they're getting into an organized attack position and are preparing to attack the planet. From intelligence reports, it appears each group contains a timer that is counting down. The governments of the world believe it is a timer system counting down until they are ready to attack. We've got to warn the Rangers." Tanya quickly said before she noticed Emily was in the room. "Oops." she said.

"That's OK. I already know." Emily replied.

"We're in big trouble." Justin said and then quickly filled Tanya in on everything that had happened.

When he was done, they all stood in silence for a few minutes. "Tanya, how long before the armies are ready to attack?"

"Um, let me see. According to intelligence reports, 42 hours and 30 minutes." Tanya said.

"Man, are we in trouble." replied Rocky. "What are we going to do?"

"The first thing we should do is gather as many former Rangers we can find." Jason said.

"Let's go. Tommy's in Stone Canyon practicing to be on his uncle's race car team. He's the first one we should go to." Rocky said.

"We better hurry according to their time table, they'll be ready to attack at 1:00 p.m., Sunday." Emily said.

"Wait a minute." said Justin. "I'm supposed to go home, now. If I don't show up, my dad will get worried."

"OK. I have an idea. How about we go home, you change clothes and we tell your dad that I promised to take you camping for the weekend and you forgot to tell him?" Rocky asked.

"That sounds like a good idea." Justin said. "Let's go."

With that they all rushed out the door, got into Rocky's jeep and headed for Justin's house. Once they got to the house and told Mr. Stewart about the camping trip, he immediately agreed to it, glad that he had some good friends. Fortunately, Justin managed to get into the house and cleaned up without his father seeing him. Once he packed some camping items, he left the house with Rocky, Adam, Jason, Tanya, and Emily and the six headed for Stone Canyon.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 30, 1998: 8:00 p.m.
The Symarian Planet

A large number of villains were gathered in a circular building with no roof. There was a long banquet table at the end of the room, with enough room to seat the entire delegation. At this meeting were some of the most powerful villains in the universe. In attendance were Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Master Vile, Blue Globber, Goldar, Rito Revolto, Finster, Squatt, Baboo, King Mondo, Queen Machina, Prince Sprocket, Klank, Orbus, Prince Gasket, Archerina, Divatox, Momma D, General Havoc, Elgar, Rygog, Porto, Astronema, and Ecliptor. Also in attendance were a number of Putties, Tengas, Cogs, Putra-Pods, Pirahnatrons, Chromites, and Quantrons. There was also a mysterious hooded figure in attendance. Most of the villains were having fun telling tales of evil and jokes, waiting for Dark Specter to arrive.

"And then I said that's not a dumpster, that's my wife." Lord Zedd said laughing.

"Oh, Zeddie you're such a card." said Rita Repulsa.

"Hello, Zedd. So what have you been up to since blowing me up?" the newly rebuilt King Mondo asked the evil monarch with a little bit of sarcasm in his voice.

"Well, I've been cooking up a new batch of monsters with the help of Finster. These monsters are more powerful than any the galaxy have evil seen!" Zedd said and then laughed evilly. "And the best part is..."

"The Dark Specter used some of the monsters personally in his war against Eltar." Rita finished.

"Yes, I dare to say that with the new upgraded monster-matic and the new clay formula I've invented, these monsters are super powerful. After all, they did help greatly in the war against Eltar, the only planet harder to defeat than Earth in the entire universe." said Finster.

"Well, I've been cooking up some new monsters myself. I've been working on improving the indestructible armor which we used against the ZEO Rangers, once." said Klank joining in the conversation.

"Hmm... You know that's interesting fellows." Divatox laughed. "But I myself managed to defeat the Earthen Power Rangers, which is almost as difficult as conquering Eltar. I recruited the monster Goldgoyle, who was defeated but not before it destroyed all of the Rangers' zords. And then..."

"And then me and Rygog discovered the Power Rangers' Chamber." Elgar enthusiastically added.

"Hey I'm the one telling this story." Divatox yelled at her nephew.

"Oh... sorry Auntie D." apologized Elgar.

"Well anyway, once my forces discovered where the Power Chamber was, I mounted a full scale attack on it and leveled it to the ground. That's when the messenger showed up. I, of course, was reluctant to leave but when I heard that Dark Specter had requested my presence personally, I came here as fast as I could." Divatox continued. "But I didn't leave before I sent down my troops to occupy the Earth while I'm away. Barring unforeseen circumstances, the Earth will be under my control when I get back."

"Ah good. I hoped you programmed your soldiers not to harm the former Power Rangers." Master Vile interrupted.

"Are you crazy? Of course I programmed the troops to capture the former Power Rangers and not hurt them." Divatox said evilly. "We'll capture all of them and then torture them with their worse fears." Divatox then laughed.

"Ah, yes. I knew my wicked daughter would not fail me." Momma D laughed. "Well, actually after that pitiful attempt at capturing Tommy I had my doubts but after all it was listed as the second most difficult planet in the universe to conquer."

"Ah, mother. It's so good to see you again." said General Havoc. "Been up to anything evil lately?"

"As always. I've conquered two planets in the Dernotioam Galaxy and used their special resources to build stronger Chromites. If you want you can have a supply for your own Chromites." Momma D answered.

"Of course I would, I'm always looking for ways to make my troops stronger." General Havoc eagerly replied. "Oh by the way, I've been continuing my research into evil zords using the data Porto used to create your four zords. With it, I've created some new evil zords I think you'll appreciate."

"Good. Do you think you could let me use one? I lost my zord, Cyclopsis in a battle with the original human Power Rangers, 4 years ago." Goldar said.

"Of course. When I'm done with my construction, there will be more then enough zords for everyone here." Havoc replied.

"Hello, father." Prince Gasket said as he and Archerina walked over.

"Hey it's Gasket and Archerina." Prince Sprocket said energetically. "Get them."

"Now, now, my son. Prince Gasket is also my son and I think it time I forgive him for marrying Archerina against my permission. After all with this new evil alliance we're forming and the capture of Zordon, I'm in a generous mood." King Mondo stated. "I also forgive Lord Zedd for blowing us up as long as he pays for the replacement parts we had to use." he continued.

"All right. I have more then enough wealth now that I've helped Dark Specter take control of Eltar." Zedd replied.

"But..." King Mondo replied as he pointed to Gasket. "You still betrayed me and for that you will pay. You will rejoin the Machine Empire as a prince but your first-built privileges are still revoked and will still belong to Prince Sprocket."

"All right!!!" Prince Sprocket shouted happily, glad to hear that he wouldn't have to give up any of his privileges to Prince Gasket.

"OK. I guess that is fair." Gasket grudgingly agreed.

"Good. Now daughter-in-law come over here." Queen Machina said to Archerina. "I would like to officially welcome you into the family. Now come on. We've got a lot of things we need to discuss."

"OK. Let's go." Archerina said as Queen Machina led her to a private corner of the meeting room."

"OK. Now if that takes care of old business, let's eat." Rito Revolto said. "Come on Ed, I'm starved."

Lord Zord started to glow red with anger. "For the final time it's ZEDD!!!! ZEDD WITH A Z!!! Z-E-D-D. MY NAME IS LORD ZEDD!!!!" yelled Lord Ed, um I mean Zedd.

"OK, whatever you say E..." he started to say as Goldar quickly clamped his mouth shut.

"Don't even say it." Goldar said to Rito.

"Do you do that on purpose or are you just stupid?" General Havoc asked Rito.

"Actually I do it on purpose, it's a running gag that gets him angry." Rito replied. "I got the idea by watching reruns of Bewitched."

Upon hearing this Lord Zedd muttered "Idiots, I'm surrounded by idiots."

"Um, Lord Ed?" Elgar began but was cut off as Zedd shot an energy beam from his staff at him.

"Don't you start, too!!" Lord Zedd shouted.

"OK, Lord Zedd. Whatever you say." Elgar said still smoking from the blast.

"OK. Enough with the chit chatter. Let's eat." Master Vile said.

The villains then started to take their seats at a table. "Hey, who's that Baboo?" Squatt asked his partner pointing at a woman with blue hair wearing a black leather outfit.

"That's Astromena. I hear she's going to be the new Queen of Evil." Squatt replied.

"Hey, that's my title." Divatox yelled.

"Not for long, Divatox. When me and Dark Specter get married, I'll be Queen of everything." Astronema said. "But don't worry I'm sure you'll get used to the title Princess of Evil."

"Ugh... Why you little..." Divatox said as she started to attack Astronema.

Just then Dark Specter arrived. He closely resembled the ancient god Maligore. "I am Dark Specter, Grand Monarch of all that is evil." he said and then looked around. "Divatox, stop attacking my soon-to-be-bride." he commanded. Divatox obeyed at once. The other villains at the table sat up straight and quieted down. Their soldiers stood at attention. "I'm still not totally pleased with your performance at the destruction of my younger brother Maligore. I will make the Rangers and all their friends involved with the destruction of my brother pay personally. If you hand them all over unharmed when you conquer the Earth, I won't throw you into the eternal pits of sorrow." Dark Specter growled.

Upon hearing this Divatox trembled with terror. 'Oh boy, you've really done it this time' thought Divatox. 'Getting Dark Specter angry with you is not a good idea.' "Yes, oh great lord of all that is evil. You will have the Rangers that defeated your brother so you may exact you revenge. And a thousand pardons for attacking your bride-to-be." Divatox said nervously.

"You are forgiven. Just don't let it happen again." Dark Specter replied. "Now let's get back to the reason I came here. I have captured the mighty Zordon and am draining him of his powers." he says as he points to the plasma tube with power draining cables hooked up to it. "As his strength drains, the lava will rise extinguishing the power forever." as he says this lightning bolts light up the sky.

"Ah, this calls for a lava juice toast." Lord Zedd says as he stands up taking his glass of lava juice. "To the universe, a universe that will belong to the Dark Specter." All the villains cheered at this and took a big sip of their lava juice. All except the mysterious hooded figure at the end of the table.

"Hey. You. The one at the end of the table. What are you too good to drink with us?" asked Divatox.

"Who are you?" asked Queen Machina.

"He's a spy." declared Astronema. The Quantrons raised their Bat'leth-like weapons and prepared to attack him.

"What?" exclaimed Rita.

"A spy?" asked Lord Zedd.

"Here. Impossible." declared Prince Gasket.

The hooded figure then got up as did all of the villains, who were getting in attack position.

"Well get him." said Divatox.

The mysterious figure then attacked a Quantron and knocked General Havoc to the ground. He then took out a drill-shaped weapon and jumped onto the table and ran across it. By now the villains were getting annoyed and tried to gang up on him.

"Get him!" yelled Astronema.

"Elgar, do something." screeched Divatox.

The mysterious figure then did battle with another three Quantrons with his drill weapon. He also hit a Z on one of the putties sending it into oblivion. A cog tried to fire at him with his mini-torpedo launchers behind his eyes but he jumped out of their way, and instead the torpedoes hit Rito Revolto, sending him to the ground. Then some Tengas tried to attack him but he hit them with the drill weapon.

Then a nearby Lord Zedd grabbed his staff which was being held by one of the putties. "Now. I'm really angry." he said and he fired a shot of energy at him. He deflected it and it hit Squatt and Baboo instead and they two fell to the ground.

"Oww. Squatt get off of me." Baboo yelled.

"I'm trying, I'm trying." said Squatt as he tried to get up.

"Who is this intruder?" asked an annoyed Dark Specter.

Then Goldar managed to grab him and ripped the cloak off of the intruder. All the villains stood in shock as the intruder was revealed to be a Red Ranger.

"This can't be." said Lord Zedd.

"You will pay for intruding." said Archerina as she hit the Ranger with an energy arrow in the back, knocking him to the ground.

"Destroy him." commanded Dark Specter.

He quickly got up and called out "Galaxy Glider, hang ten." he yelled. A red jetboard then appeared and he quickly jumped on it. He then activated it at full speed, knocking down several villains.

Dark Specter tried to stop him by spitting a fireball at him but he managed to escape unharmed. Dark Specter then got furious. "The spy knows my plan. He must be stopped." Dark Specter yelled. The villains then got to their feet. "Astronema, you will take the Dark Fortress and destroy the meddler. Elgar, Ecliptor go with her. You will take your army of Quantrons with you. If you need any more troops, contact us at our new command base on Gemaris. Report back to us in 48 hours. Rangers are difficult to defeat, I want you to find out what other powers he possesses, if there are any other members of his team, where he comes from, and if he has any zords. Now go."

"Um, well I guess this is good-bye, Auntie D, Uncle Havoc, Grandma." Elgar said a little sadly.

"Bye Elgar. Good luck in your mission and don't screw up." Divatox said.

In a flash of colors, Astronema, Elgar, Ecliptor, and the Quantrons were gone.

"Now," Dark Specter said as he shrunk down to normal size "we have to get going. Everyone travel to your various space-craft. I will travel aboard Divatox's space base for now. Set a course for Gemaris full speed. Our main weapon base is located their. Once we equip ourselves with the weapons there we will begin our siege upon the galaxy. We have already conquered Eltar and Earth will soon fall. We will go to Earth, gather the former Rangers of that planet and then continue on to the other main planets in the galaxy. Aquitar and Triforia will be our next two targets followed by Liara." he said. "Now let's go."

With that the villains all started to pack up their stuff and headed towards their various spacecraft.


January 30, 1998: 8:30 p.m.
Stone Canyon

Tommy and Kat were sitting in Tommy's apartment talking about the past. "It's hard to believe that only 4 months ago we were risking our lives saving the planet daily." Kat said.

"Yeah. Sometimes I really miss it." Tommy said.

"Well I just don't know what I'm going to do know. The Royal Academy was heavily damaged in that earthquake last week. I've lost most of my things in the disaster and the Academy won't be repaired for at least a year." Kat said despairingly.

"Well you can stay in my extra bedroom until you find a job or figure out what you're going to do." Tommy offered.

"Thanks. I think I'll take you up on it." Kat said. "It's too late in the year to apply to another school but I still want to go to the Academy. After it's repaired I'll go back to it but in the meantime I think I'll look for a job near-by so I can spend more time with you."

"Yeah, I like the sound of that." Tommy said. Just then there came a knocking at Tommy's door.

"Hold on, I'll be right there." Tommy said.

"I wonder who it could be at this time of night." Katherine said.

When Tommy opened the door they were surprised to find Rocky, Adam, Justin, Jason, and Emily standing there. "Hello." said Tommy. "So what brings you here at this time of night?" Tommy asked.

"It's a long story." Justin said. "Let's sit down and we'll tell you about it."

"It's going to be a long night." added Jason.

"Kat!" Tanya said surprised noticing her best friend. "What are you doing here? You're supposed to be in England attending the Royal Academy."

"Didn't you hear. We had an earthquake in England which heavily damaged the Royal Academy. I lost most of my things and Tommy offered to let me stay at his place until I can find a temporary job, they say it could take over a year for the repairs to be completed." Kat explained.

"Oh! How awful. Well I'm just grateful you weren't hurt." Tanya said.

"OK. So Justin why don't you tell us why you six are here?" Tommy suggested.

"OK. Tommy. It all began..." Justin started. He then proceeded over the next half-hour to fill the teens in on all the details of the day. When he was finished Tommy and Kat were speechless.

"Oh man." said Tommy. "We have to do something."

"He's right. We have to find some new Ranger powers or else the Earth is doomed." Katherine agreed.

"Oh man." said Rocky. "How could I be so stupid?" he asked himself.

"What's wrong, Rocky?" Kat asked.

"I just remembered something. Kimberly is returning from Florida, the Pan-Am Global games are over and she won a gold medal in her event. Aisha is also coming with her, she managed to find a cure for the plague in Africa a month ago and went to see Kimberly compete. I'm supposed to meet them at the airport in." he looked at his watch. "in fifteen minutes."

"Who are Kimberly and Aisha? Are they former Power Rangers too?" Emily asked.

"Yes." replied Katherine. A couple of months ago Kat would have been worried that when Kimberly and Tommy next saw each other, Tommy would fall back in love with Kimberly and forget all about her. But after their adventure on Muiranthias, the Kimberly and Tommy got together and talked things out. They both realized they weren't in love with each other anymore and that Tommy loved her now. They all parted on good terms and promised to remain good friends with one another. Now that that issue had been put to rest, she was looking forward to seeing her old friend again.

"Well then, we'd better get going." Rocky said.

"OK. Me, Katherine, Adam, and Tanya will go in my jeep and the rest of you will go in Rocky's jeep." Tommy said. Saying that, the eight got in the two vehicles and drove off towards the airport.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 30, 1998: 9:00 p.m.
NASADA Shuttle- Deep Space

The shuttle was flying through deep space. The four teens were looking out the space window at the wormhole they had just flew through. They all had a concerned look on their faces about their friends on Eltar. "So Alpha, how long until we get to Eltar?" TJ asked going over to the android.

"Eltar is ejfiopwdzhjbexsfjkeb2." replied Alpha.

Upon hearing Alpha speak in gibberish, Ashley and Carlos goes over to him to see what's wrong.

"hdpsrjnfdrfbhda Yo Yo." said the android.

"You're not feeling too well?" Ashley asked.

Alpha then sneezed. "adhgdfjgsb fine divagerm emuhh" said the malfunctioning android.

"You'd better check him out." TJ told Carlos.

Carlos then proceeded to remove the access panel on Alpha's back. He then removed a burnt out computer board from his back. "His speech circuit board is history." Carlos said to the others.

"It must have been damaged during the Power Chamber explosion." observes TJ.

Just then the space shuttle shakes. "What was that?" asks Ashley. The other Rangers then go over to the window and look out of it to see a big space ship heading towards them.

"It's going to hit us." Cassie says.

TJ then goes over to the shuttle's communications system. "This is the space shuttle. Veer away you're on a collision course." he says into the microphone.

"Wait, wait. It's opening up." Cassie says as the front of the spaceship opens up. The ship then activates a tractor beam and starts to pull the shuttle into the ship. "It's pulling us in." Cassie observes.

"Who?" asks Carlos.

"It looks like we're going to find out." TJ replies as the shuttle docks with the spaceship and the doors close.

The teens and Alpha cautiously exit the shuttle and enter one of the corridors of the ship. The five take slow steps exploring the interior of the ship. "Astro Megaship." Cassie says, reading a sign that just happens to be in English. Unknown to them the computer's security cameras are watching them. The Rangers and Alpha then go down the corridor some more until they reach a room that appears to house the ship's engines. They find it strange that they have found no one aboard the ship yet. They then exit the engine room and continue searching the ship.

The group then decides to split up. Ashley, Carlos, and Alpha go in one direction while TJ and Cassie go in the other. Ashley, Cassie, and Carlos find the ship's food replicator, which is called the Synthetron. "Wow. This machine, it makes any kind of food you want." states Ashley.

Then TJ and Cassie return. "We can't find anyone." TJ tells them.

Then Carlos notices some food on the table. He touches it. "Well someone was here recently. This food's still warm." he says.

The teens and Alpha then continue down the corridor until Ashley spots the ship's bridge. The five enter it. "This is amazing." Cassie says in awe.

"This must be the ship's bridge." Carlos says.

They look around at the equipment. "Wow!" Ashley exclaims.

"So where is everyone?" wonders Cassie.

"I don't get it. Somebody brought us here on purpose." TJ states.

"Yeah, but why?" Ashley asks. "And who?"

"I brought you here." replies a mysterious voice.

"Who's there?" asks Cassie.

"My name is DECA. I'm the Astro Megaship's artificially intelligent onboard computer." replied the voice.

"Why did you bring us here?" asks TJ.

"And where is the ship's crew?" Carlos asks.

"I'll tell you that in a minute." DECA responds. "But first of all, I would like you to tell me your names."

"I'm TJ." says TJ.

"My name is Cassie." says Cassie.

"I'm Carlos." says Carlos.

"I'm Ashley." Ashley says.

"Akpshfas-6erkd." Alpha-6 says.

"This is Alpha-6." Carlos says for him. "His speak circuit board has been destroyed. Do you have anything that can help us fix him?" asks Carlos.

"Of course I do." DECA responds as a panel opens up and a circuit board pops up. "This is a replacement circuit board. All you have to do is insert it and Alpha will be as good as new."

"Thank you." TJ tells the computer as Carlos installs the chip into Alpha.

"Yo Yo Yo. I can speak again. Thank you very much. How can I ever repay you DECA?" asks the grateful android.

"No thanks is necessary. I'm only doing my job." responds the computer.

Just then the Red Ranger enters the bridge. He draws the blaster at his side and aims it at the teens. "Who are you and what are you doing on my spaceship?" he asks.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 30, 1998: 9:45 p.m.
Angel Grove Airport

"Where is he?" asked Kimberly. "He should have been here over a half-hour ago."

"Give him some more time, Kim." Aisha said. "Knowing him, he probably stopped along the way to eat."

"Hey, there he is now. And Tommy, Kat, Tanya, Adam, Justin, Jason, and someone I don't recognize are with him." Kimberly said.

"Hi Kim. I'm sorry I'm late." Rocky said. "But something came up."

"That's ok. Let's get our bags and then we can get settled at your apartment." Kimberly said. "The two of us are going to go job hunting starting Monday and then we're going to find our own apartment."

"OK." said Jason.

"Hello, I'm Emily." said Emily. "You must be Kim and Aisha. The others told me all about you."

"Oh, so you must be the girlfriend Jason told me about the last time I visited here. He told me you were visiting your aunt in Maryland." Kim said as the group got Kim and Aisha's bags and took them to the jeeps.

"Yes, it was too bad I couldn't be here. Jason said you were one of his best friends here before he, Zack, and Trini moved to the Peace Conference. I'm looking forward to getting to know you" Emily said. "He also said that Billy was one of the original Power Rangers along with the four of you and something about him moving to another planet?" she continued.

"You told her about us being Power Rangers?" Kim asked in shock.

"Well not exactly..." Jason started.

"I sort of overheard them talking about when I came over to his place and he told me the rest of the story in the jeep on the way here." Emily said.

"Oh, ok." Kimberly said. "So Kat, I heard that the Royal Academy in England was heavily damaged and it could take over a year to finish repairs on it. So what are you planning to do now?" she asked.

"Well, right now Tommy's letting me stay in his spare bedroom at his apartment." Katherine said. "I'm planning on looking for my own apartment and job too."

"Well everyone. We're all loaded up. Everyone get into one of the jeeps and let's go to Jason and Rocky's apartment." Tommy said.

30 minutes later they were all gathered in Jason and Rocky's apartment above their dojo. They all sat down. "Guys, what's going on? No one has said two words to us the entire way here." asked Kimberly.

"Well there's no easy way to put this..." Tommy started as he began to tell the two girls what had happened.

When he was done the two girls were filled with panic. "We have to do something." Kimberly exclaimed.

"I know we do but we're not going to be able to do anything until we get some sleep." Tommy said.

"He's right, us being exhausted won't help us any." Jason agreed.

Just then there was a rumbling sound in the kitchen. "Who's there?" shouted Rocky.

"It's me, David. Tommy called me and told me to come over right away." came the voice from the kitchen.

"You called your brother here? Why?" Kat asked.

"Well he already knows about us being former Power Rangers, so I told him about what happened and said we could use all the help we can get. He also knows some great natural sedatives that will help us get some sleep tonight. I knew without them we would just stay awake all night worrying about the upcoming battle." Tommy said.

"That's good thinking." Tanya said. "It looks like your leading abilities haven't dulled with you being away from the Power Rangers for so long."

"Hey, he wasn't gone for all that long. I was gone from the Power Rangers for three years and I still maintained my skills." Jason said.

"Well everyone, I think we should have some of David's sedatives and then go to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day." Kimberly said and everyone agreed with her.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 30, 1998: 9:45 p.m.
Deep Space

In the middle of deep space, the Red Ranger is flying through space on his Galaxy Glider holding his Spiral Sabre. There are three spaceships piloted by Quantrons following him. When Andros notices the spaceships, he begins to move his Galaxy Glider faster to avoid them. The Quantrons then open up fire on him and he manages to deflect a few blasts with his Spiral Sabre but the continued blasts cause him to drop his weapon and he begins to move his Galaxy Glider at maximum speed to avoid them. Once he is at a safe distance, he draws his Astro Blaster and turns around to face them. He fires a couple of blasts at them sending the Quantrons into oblivion. He then retrieves his Spiral Sabre. "All right." he says. "Time to get back to the ship." he then blasts off into space on his Galaxy Glider.

The Red Ranger soon arrives at the Astro Megaship. He then enters the ship and ends out of a jump tube. There are five jump tubes in the room with the one he exits is in the middle. The Ranger then runs to the bridge. When he gets there he is surprised to find five strangers standing there. He draws the blaster at his side and aims it at the intruders. "Who are you and what are you doing on my spaceship?" he asks.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 30, 1998: 9:45 p.m.
Astro Megaship Bridge.

"Calm down." comes the voice of DECA. "They're not intruders, I brought them here. I scanned their shuttle and it indicated that these four teenagers were Power Rangers and that their powers have recently been destroyed. I examined the course of their ship and determined they come from the planet Earth, which as you know has trained some of the best Rangers in the universe. I noticed their shuttle was heading for Eltar, so I assumed they were on their way to rescue Zordon from Dark Specter. A goal you also want to achieve. I thought that these four teens could gain the powers from the four spare Astro Morphers you were instructed to give after you found someone worthy of their powers." the computer finished.

"DECA, you were wise to bring them here. They would have been captured in under five minutes without any Ranger powers." the Red Ranger said, putting his sidearm away. "But even though Human Power Rangers have been known for their strength, courage and ability to survive danger without equal, I still must test this group to see if they are worthy to receive the power."

"We're up to any challenge you can give us." said TJ.

"Power down." said the Red Ranger revealing a human in a space uniform which composed of a gray jumpsuit with patches on it with a red shirt under it, looking like it was made to specify his Ranger color.

The teens looked at him and moved closer to him. Carlos, Cassie and TJ remained a distance from him. Ashley on the other hand, put her hand on her chin and circled him, examining him. She then poked him with in the shoulder two times. "You're human." she finally said.

"What did you expect?" he asked.

"I don't know." Ashley said. "You're not from Earth, are you?" she asked.

"Earth isn't the only place where humans live." he replied. "I'm from a space colony, KO-35 in the Karova system."

"You're from outer space?" asked TJ. He nodded.

"Incredible." Carlos said.

Then Cassie came forward and said "Well hey. I'm Cassie, it's really nice to meet you."

Then Ashley quickly stepped forward and smiled. "And I'm Ashley." The others can clearly tell that she likes the mysterious Ranger.

"Carlos." Carlos said.

"TJ." TJ said as he extended his hand. The Red Ranger looked at it for a few seconds and then shook it.

"I'm called Andros." Andros said.

"Andros, TJ, Cassie, Carlos, Ashley, Alpha, it is getting late. You should all be getting some rest." DECA replied.

"Come on, I'll show you to the sleeping quarters. There are three sleeping quarters each with two beds. Ashley and Cassie will take the first, TJ and Carlos will take the second, and I'll take the third." Andros said. "Oh, and Alpha, was it?. The ship contains several recharging chambers for androids. I'll show you to it." Andros said as he started down the corridor.

"Thank you Andros." replied the grateful android.

As soon as Andros was out of earshot, Cassie went over to Ashley and poked her in the shoulder. "You're human." she said trying to impersonate Ashley.

They all laughed in response. "I didn't know, he could have been a giant lizard." Ashley said.

'What is it about female Rangers falling in love at first sight with mysterious Rangers from other planets, that they hardly knew anything about.' Carlos silently wondered. 'First it was Cassie with the Phantom Ranger and now it's Ashley with Andros.'

"Come on. You have to get some sleep. Tomorrow I will test you on whether or not you're worthy to receive the space powers and you'll need your rest." Andros shouted.

"We're coming." said TJ as he and the others went to catch up with him. They soon arrived in the sleeping quarters. They all found some Pajamas near their beds and put them on, glad to be out of the clothes that was torn during the Power Chamber explosion. Then they all went to bed, knowing that they had a full day's work ahead of them.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 30, 1998: 11:00 p.m.

It was late at night on Aquitar. Yet, that did not stop Cestro and Billy from working on Aquitar's main communications and teleportation unit. A few days ago, a power conduit blew out in the main relay center, causing a chain reaction that short circuited every main communications and teleportation center on the planet. Without them, Aquitar had virtually been shut off from the rest of the galaxy. Spacecraft still came to Aquitar to refuel but without long-ranger communications, the planet could not contact anyone outside of their solar system.

"Cestro, I think I've finally gotten the relay repaired." said Billy.

"Good. Let me take a look at it." said Cestro as he started to examine the console. "Ah...good. The final unit is finally repaired. First thing tomorrow, we will be able to power up the entire system and catch up on all of our messages."

"For now we should get some sleep though, I'm bushed." Billy said.

"Sorry, no time for that I'm afraid." came the sound of a familiar voice.

When the two got up to see who had said it, Ninjor and a woman dressed in a green workout outfit appeared.

"Ninjor!!" exclaimed both Cestro and Billy.

Cestro gave Ninjor the standard Aquitian welcoming gesture. "We are honored by your presence, great Ninjor." Ninjor returned the gesture.

"So what brings you to Aquitar, Ninjor?" asked Billy. "And who is this with you?"

"I'll explain that in a moment, Billy. But first we must assemble the other Aquitian Rangers." Ninjor said and then added. "Contact Cestria as well, her presence will also be required. Tell them to meet us in the Aquitian Rangers command base as soon as possible."

"Right away, oh great Ninjor." said Cestro.

"Please just call me Ninjor." said Ninjor.

"As you wish." Cestro said. "Billy you go and get Cestria, I will awaken the rest of the Aquitian Rangers."

"Right." Billy replied. With that they were all off.

A half hour later, the Aquitian Rangers, Ninjor, Cestria, Billy, and the mysterious woman dressed in green were all gathered in the Rangers' Command Base.

"Ho. Ho. Greeting Aquitian Rangers, Cestria, Billy." Ninjor said. "I bring important news to you, since your communications system is down I assume you have not heard the terrible news."

"What terrible news and who is your traveling companion?" asked Delphine, the leader of the Aquitian Rangers.

"Oh. How rude of me, I was in such a hurry I forgot about introductions." Ninjor said. "Her name is Sabrina. I believe Billy knows her as Scorpina." he finished.

"Scorpina!!" Billy yelled. "What is she doing traveling with you?!?! She works for Zedd and Rita!!"

"Calm down, Billy." Ninjor told him. "She doesn't work for evil anymore. I think it would be best for Sabrina to explain it." he continued.

"Well it all started a little over 10,000 years ago." Sabrina started to explain. "I was a young girl of 15 and I lived on my home planet in peace. That is until Rita Repulsa came. She began an attack on the planet destroying everything in site. That was when Ninjor came." she paused and then recruited. "He recruited six teenagers to become Power Rangers. He brought with his the six original Power Coins that Zordon gave you." she paused again, her expression becoming worried. "My coin was the Dragonzord coin."

"You mean you're the one who gave Rita the Dragonzord coin?" Billy interrupted.

"You're getting ahead of yourself, Billy." Sabrina said. "Anyway, I was given the Dragonzord coin. Ninjor also decided to make a blank coin that could be infused with the light of goodness and could make any type of Ranger the owner desired but one that under no circumstance could be forced to turn evil." she continued.

"And that was the coin Zordon used to make Tommy the White Ranger." Billy observed.

"Billy, would you please stop interrupting me." Sabrina told him.

"Sorry." said Billy.

"Ok. So where was I? Ah, I and my teammates used the power of the coins to fight off the advances of Rita Repulsa. That is until one day about a year later when she gained the upper hand. She had Finster make a Nasty Knight for her. This Knight managed to defeat Zordon in battle by using a secret maneuver. He then took Zordon to Rita's castle. She took Zordon's sword and corrupted it into the Sword of Darkness." Sabrina said.

"When Ninjor heard about this he got extremely worried. He sent me and my team to rescue Zordon but Rita was expecting this. When we got there she had a trap waiting." Sabrina stopped and started to cry. "All of my other teammates were killed during that battle. I was the only one who survived." she tried to regain her composure. "I managed to rescue Zordon and teleport him out with all the Ranger's bodies." she said. "But I didn't make it out in time. By the time I teleported Zordon and all the Rangers' bodies out, Goldar had managed to sneak up on me." she stopped for a minute.

"He managed to capture me and then he took me to Rita. She took away my power coin and morpher. She then cast a spell on me, causing to turn evil. She bonded me to my Ninjetti animal, the Scorpion, causing me to become half-Scorpion. This greatly increased my strength and durability, almost to the point of strength I had when morphed." Sabrina continued. "She also cast a spell of immortality over me so I would serve her forever."

"I then helped her conquer my home planet." Sabrina said sadly. "After this I spent long hours practicing my fighting skills, until my skills rivaled that of Goldar. After about 100 years, Zordon and Ninjor launched a final attack on Rita Repulsa. During this attack, Rita's forces were driven off my home planet as well as all the other planets she had conquered in this galaxy. They fought her all the way back to her Palace. She knew that her capture was coming close. Rather than have me turn back to the side of good, she cast a spell on me encasing me in a rock in suspended animation and sent me to a dimension where Zordon would never find me." she then stopped.

"After this Zordon and myself managed to trap Rita and her high command in a dumpster." Ninjor continued. "But before we were able to she trapped Zordon in an inter-dimensional time warp. I didn't know how to get him out, so I had Alpha-5, Zordon's assistant, create an ion-tube which would allow Zordon to contact this dimension as well as use his powers to a limited degree."

"After this he and Alpha-5 went to Earth to establish a Command Center against the forces of evil, where they could monitor the galaxy for signs of trouble." Ninjor finished. "The rest you know."

"Anyway, a short time after Rita's release from the dumpster, she activated the Dragonzord coin. That was when she remembered me. She immediately cast a spell to release me from my imprisonment." Sabrina said as she continued with her story. "I served Rita until Lord Zedd arrived and banished her back into her dumpster."

"After this, I started to remember my true past and the spell started to fade. I managed to hide in the lower part of the Palace for awhile because Lord Zedd wasn't sure he wanted to keep me around." Sabrina said. "Anyway shortly after Jason, Zack, and Trini left for the Peace Conference, Lord Zedd came up for a mission for me. This was my final mission for evil. After I finished the battle with you, the evil spell faded completely."

"When Lord Zedd found out about this, he was furious. He decided that I wasn't worth the effort to cast another spell on, so he stripped me of the extra powers Rita gave me, including the immortality spell. He then banished me from the palace and teleported me to Angel Grove." Sabrina said. "I knew that you would never forgive me for what I had done, so I left Angel Grove immediately. I ended up in New York city and got a job as a rescue mission worker. I tried my best to make up for my past." she finished.

"Shortly after the ZEO crystal undid the time warp the Orb of Doom created, I returned to my temple and tried to discover what had become of her when I realized Scorpina was no longer in the service of Zedd and Rita. About six months later I discovered she was in South America out with relieve efforts. I went to find her and offered her a chance to make up for her past. I told her I needed her help on an important quest. She agreed and accompanied me on it." Ninjor said.

"About a week ago we completed our quest. We were on our way back to Earth when we heard about the terrible news." Sabrina said.

"It seems that Dark Specter, the Grand Monarch of all evil in the universe, and his fiancee, Astronema has created an alliance of the most evil beings in the universe. Among them are Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Master Vile, Blue Globber, Goldar, Rito Revolto, Finster, Squatt, Baboo, King Mondo, Queen Machina, Prince Sprocket, Klank, Orbus, Prince Gasket, Archerina, Divatox, Momma D, General Havoc, Elgar, Rygog, Porto, and Ecliptor. This new evil alliance has conquered Eltar and captured Zordon." Ninjor continued.

"What?!?!" exclaimed Billy. "Zordon has been captured?"

"This is awful news!!!" Delphine said.

"We must go to help him." Aurico said.

"No you cannot. There is already a Red Ranger going to search for him. And I have heard that another 4 former Rangers are with him now. He will test them to see if they are worthy to help him and gain new powers. But we have more pressing concerns right now." Ninjor said. "The Alliance of Evil is preparing to attack Aquitar and Triforia. Additionally, Divatox has destroyed the Turbo powers and their Command Center, leaving the Earth defenseless. There is a large army of her soldiers preparing to descend upon the Earth." Ninjor said.

He then continued. "Fortunately no one was hurt during the blast and four of the former Turbo Rangers have blasted off into space to rescue Zordon, while the other one went to gather the other former Earth's Rangers in case if emergency. In fact those four former Turbo Rangers are the ones I spoke of before, the ones with the Red Space Ranger."

"Ok, but if the Aquitian Rangers leave Aquitar, won't that leave it open for attack?" Billy asked.

"Yes it will. That is why they will not leave. I have re-created the Ninja Power Coins. With them the Ninja Rangers will be able to access all of their old powers, weapons, and zords. That is one of the main reasons I came here, Billy I need you to come back with me to Earth to help fight off Divatox's army. Do you accept?"

"Of course I do." said Billy. "That was the mission you were on? To find the materials you would need to recreate the Power Coins, wasn't it?" he asked.

"Yes, it was." Sabrina said.

"In addition to recreating the first six Ninja coins, I have also crafted a seventh coin. A Green Scorpion coin for Sabrina, so she can further make up for her past deeds. She will once again fight against evil instead of for it. She has already accepted this." Ninjor said.

"But is the other reason you spoke of?" Delphine asked.

"And what does Cestria have to do with it?" Aurico added.

"I was just getting to that." Ninjor said. "I came here to supplement the Aquitian Ranger team with new weapons and powers. In the days to come, you will need stronger powers to hold off the evil alliance."

"What kind of powers do you have for us?" Delphine asked.

"First of all, I have found the long lost Pink Aquitar Power Coin. It can be used to create one more Aquitian Ranger which will complete the team. That is why Cestria is here."

"You want me to become the Pink Aquitian Ranger?" asked Cestria in surprise.

"Yes," Ninjor began. "I have been watching you and I think you would make an excellent Power Ranger. Do you accept?" asked Ninjor

"Of course I do." Cestria eagerly said. "I will do everything in my power to protect Aquitar and the rest of the universe from Dark Specter and his evil collation.

"Then open up your hands and accept this Power Coin." Ninjor commanded. Cestria did as she was told and Ninjor gave her the Power Coin. Along with your new powers you will also posses a Aquitian Blade, as the rest of the Aquitian Rangers posses. You will also control the Pink Battle Borg. You will also gain the new powers that I will present to all the Aquitian Rangers."

"Now Aquitian Rangers, morph and I shall present you with your new powers." Ninjor told them.

"Right." Delphine said. "It's morphing time." she shouted.

"Black Aquitar Ranger Power." Corcus shouted.

"Pink Aquitar Ranger Power." Cestria shouted, as she morphed into the Pink Aquitian Ranger for the first time.

"Blue Aquitar Ranger Power." Cestro shouted.

"Yellow Aquitar Ranger Power." Tideus shouted.

"Red Aquitar Ranger Power." Aurico shouted.

"White Aquitar Ranger Power." Delphine shouted.

When they were finished, all the Aquitian Rangers stood morphed before Ninjor.

"Aquitian Rangers, you have served your planet well up until now but with the new force that is threatening the universe, you will need stronger powers. Ninjor began. "Rangers step forward." he said. The Aquitian Rangers stepped forward while Billy and Sabrina watched from the side. "First of all, you will each gain an Aquitian Blaster." he said as a blue energy beam shot from his hand and a laser pistol appeared at the side of all the Rangers.

"You will also each receive a special weapon." Ninjor continued. "Corcus, your weapon will be the Aquitian Axe." he said as a black axe appeared the Black Ranger's hands. "Cestria, your weapon will be the Aquitian Staff." he said as a long staff appeared in the Pink Ranger's hands. "Cestro, you weapon will be the Aquitian Daggers." he said as two daggers appeared in the Blue Ranger's hands. "Tideus, you will receive the Aquitian Lance." he said as the two parts to the lance appeared in the Yellow Ranger's hands. Billy noted that it looked similar to the weapon he used to use and with a happy thought, he realized he would soon be using it again. "Aurico, you will receive the Aquitian Sword." he said as a long sword appeared in the Red Ranger's hands. "And finally Delphine, you will possess the Aquitian Pulsar." he said as a large laser-type weapon appeared in her hands.

"I thank you on behalf of all the Aquitian Rangers, Ninjor." Delphine said. "We will use these new weapons to defend Aquitar."

"Wait, there's still more I have to present with you." Ninjor quickly said. "All the Aquitian Rangers will receive the ability to call upon an Aquitian Water Jet, which can be used in case evil forces decide to attack a place far away from the living pods. They also contain weapon systems which can be used in emergencies." he said as a picture of the Water Jets appeared on the Rangers' viewing system.

"Cool." said Corcus.

"And finally, I have a new set of zords for you. As you know other Ranger teams' zords can combine into more powerful fighting machines, the Battle Borgs lack this ability. But not anymore I present to you the Spectrazords." Ninjor said. "These swords were designed to resemble water creatures and can operate both in the water and in the air. Additionally each of your Spectrazords can combine with your Battle Borg to form a Spectra Battlezord. Additionally all the Spectrazords can come together to form the Mega Spectrazord."

"Corcus you will control the Black Mantra Spectrazord. Cestria you will control the Pink Dolphin Spectrazord. Cestro you will control the Blue Whale Spectrazord. Tideus you will control the Yellow Starfish Spectrazord. Aurico you will control the Red Electric Eel Spectrazord. And finally Delphine, you will control the White Shark Spectrazord." Ninjor said. "These new zords will serve you well."

"Thank you Ninjor." Delphine said. "These new weapons and zords will prove invaluable in the days to come."

"Your welcome Delphine. Now I suggest that you get some rest, especially Billy and Sabrina, the three of us will leave for Earth the first thing tomorrow." Ninjor told them.

"Yes that would be wise." Tideus agreed.

"Thank you again Ninjor for entrusting me with the powers of the Pink Aquitian Ranger. I will not fail you." Cestria said.

"I know you won't. I will go now, I shall return in the morning. Would you please provide a place for Sabrina to sleep for the night?" Ninjor asked.

"Of course. There is a spare sleeping compartment in my pod." said Delphine. "Follow me." she motioned to Sabrina.

"Of course." Sabrina said grateful. "Thank you very much." The two of them then exited the Command Base.

"We'd better be going too." said Aurico. With that Cestro, Corcus, Tideus, and Aurico left. Ninjor also left, presumably returning to his temple to sleep.

"Well, Billy I guess you will be leaving soon." Cestria said sadly.

"Yes but it's only for a little while, I promise I'll visit Aquitar every chance I get and soon the Alliance of Evil will be defeated and Zordon will be rescued." Billy said. "Oh and I have a surprise for you." Billy said cheerfully.

"What is it?" asked Cestria.

"I have invented a way for Aquitians to stay long periods on Earth without their health failing. I have also developed a holographic device that will make you look more human. That way I could show you the Earth sometime." Billy said.

"Oh, that's wonderful." Cestria said cheering up. "I always wanted to see your home planet."

"Well soon you will." Billy said.

"I'll try to get away as soon as I can." Cestria said. "But first I must learn how to use my new powers."

"Well, I have every confidence you'll make an excellent Ranger." Billy told his girlfriend.

"Do you really think so?" asked Cestria.

"I know it." Billy said as he leaned forward to kiss her. After a minute, Cestria reluctantly stopped the embrace.

"We'd better get going. You have a long journey ahead of you tomorrow." Cestria said.

"You're right." said Billy. The two of them then walked to their respective living pods, holding hands.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 30, 1998: 1:00 p.m.
Divatox's Space Base

Divatox was back on the bridge of her sub-craft, since Dark Specter was working in the Space Base's main control room. Porto was helping him run the engines and since Elgar was gone with Astronema hunting down the mysterious Red Ranger, she was left alone with Rygog and General Havoc, who didn't have his own space craft. Momma D wanted to ride with them two but after pulling in a favor, she managed to get her permanent transportation on Master Vile's Space Skull. This wasn't too difficult since Master Vile had a secret crush on her mother for centuries. Momma D also liked the way Master Vile ran his empire. 'Hmm... Maybe they'll even get married.' thought Divatox. 'Well it's better then having her drive me insane by traveling with me all the time.'

"Divatox." came the voice of Dark Specter over the intercom.

"Yes, oh great Dark Specter?" Divatox asked.

"Porto has informed me that you sent your army to attack Earth on manual with no leader what-so-ever. Is this true?"

"Yes." replied Divatox.

"Well I don't like it. Send General Havoc and Rygog to Earth to oversee the operation. Have them use the long range teleporter. And have Havoc take some of his Chromites with him." commanded Dark Specter. "I will assign you some monsters to act as temporary replacements for Rygog and Elgar until they return as soon as we reach Gemaris." he told them.

"Yes, Dark Specter right away." Divatox said.

"Oh and have them step up the attack on the Earth by 24 hours. I want Earth under my control as soon as possible." Dark Specter commanded. "Dark Specter out." he said and then the communications frequency closed.

"Well you heard what Dark Specter said. Get going." she barked

"Right away, my queen." Rygog said as he disappeared in a teleportation beam.

"Whatever you say, dear sister." General Havoc replied as he too disappeared in a beam of teleportation, leaving Divatox alone on the bridge of the Sub-Craft.

'Finally, some peace and quiet around here.' thought Divatox as she sat down and began to imagine all the riches she would have as soon as the Earth was under her control.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 31, 1998: 9:00 a.m.
Astro Megaship

The teens followed Andros down a long corridor. Haven getting a good nights sleep and a good breakfast from the Synthetron, the teens were all feeling much better. They stopped at a room marked SimuDeck. "TJ, Cassie, Carlos, Ashley, step forward. Inside this room contains a holographic simulator that can simulate any environment. Rangers, this will not be an easy test. Even though the events are simulated, the safety protocols will be off-line, meaning any injuries you sustain will be real. Do you accept this challenge?"

"I think I speak on behalf of all of us, when I say we're ready for any challenge you can throw at us." TJ said.

"I'm with TJ." agreed Cassie.

"You can count me in too." said Carlos.

"I'm in too." Ashley said.

"Good." Andros replied. "Now, DECA indicates you have already been planetary Power Rangers for over six months and that you have proven yourself time and time again protecting the Earth from Divatox, but the mission we're on is different. We're not confined to a single planet. A lot of battles we'll have will be in space. You'll have to know how to pilot the Megaship and how to maneuver it in battle. You'll also have to be able to fly and fight in space on the Galaxy Gliders. Everything you need to know, DECA will tell you before you begin. Once you feel you've learned enough, activate the simulation. But be warned, once the simulation is started it cannot be stopped until you have completed it." Andros told the Rangers "Do you understand?" he asked.

The Rangers all nodded. "Good, now enter the SimuDeck and good luck to you."

"Thanks." said TJ as he and the other three former Turbo Rangers entered the room. "DECA, tell us everything we need to know about how the Megaship works."

"Certainly, The Megaship is controlled by..." started DECA as for the next few hours the computer told them everything they needed to know about being Space Rangers.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 31, 1998: 11:00 a.m.
The Surf Spot

Tommy, Katherine, Tanya, Adam, Justin, Rocky, Jason, Emily, Kimberly, Aisha, and David all walked up to the familiar path to the Angel Grove Youth Center. When they got there, they were surprised to find that the Youth Center, had a sign on it that read 'Under New Management.'

"Why would Ernie sell the Youth Center? Was he having financial troubles again?" asked Kimberly.

"Oh, that's right. I never told you, Ernie was recalled by his foreign service unit a couple of months ago to build a bridge in the Amazon Jungle. Since then Lt. Stone has been managing the Youth Center. The police department allowed him to work there since it gave a place to kids to hang out after school." Tommy said.

"Hmm, I wonder who the new manager is." Adam said.

"Actually it's the old owner." came the familiar voice of Ernie.

They all turned around to see Ernie dressed in his usual Hawaiian outfit. "Ernie!!" they all exclaimed.

"Does this mean you're finished building your bridge in the Amazon?" Emily asked.

"Sure does. I finished last week." Ernie stated. "I hope you like the new look. It was Adelle's idea."

"It looks great." said Katherine.

"Who's Adelle?" asked Justin.

"She's my new business partner." replied Ernie. "She's inside."

"Well it's really great to see you again. This place wasn't the same without you." said Rocky.

"It's great seeing all of you again too." Ernie said.

"What about Lt. Stone?" asked Justin.

"He's been reassigned back to his regular patrol, so you'll still see him regularly." replied Ernie.

"Cool." said Justin.

"So Tommy, I hear there's going to be a big monster attack tomorrow. You and the other Rangers?" asked Ernie when Emily and David were out of earshot.

Tommy stood in surprise. "You knew about us being Power Rangers. How?"

The others stood in surprise and walked over to him. "Yeah, how did you figure it out. I was dating one of them for nearly 8 months and didn't know about it until last night?" asked Emily.

"Simple, the Rangers always picked a spot of total seclusion to teleport out whenever they were in the Youth Center during a monster attack. You can't see the spot they chose from anywhere else in the Youth Center, except my private storeroom. I must have saw you teleport out over a hundred times. I also have the memory, that you always talked to someone named Alpha or Zordon when you spoke into your watches." Ernie said.

"Oh, no!!" realized Justin. "Lt. Stone was in charge of the Youth Center for the last year and was sometimes in the same store room when we teleported. That must mean that..."

"I know too." said Lt. Stone, wearing his old police uniform, coming up from behind them. "So how goes the Power Rangering?"

"Not too well. Our Command Center and powers were destroyed by Divatox yesterday. Our former mentor Zordon, who has been on his home planet of Eltar, was also captured yesterday. Our current mentor, Dimitria along with the Blue Senturion left for Eltar to try to rescue him shortly before the attack on the Command Center. The other four current Rangers went into space to try to rescue him and stop Divatox before she returned." Tommy said. "And unless we can find another source of power soon, we'll all be doomed.

"What?" asked Ernie in horror.

"This is horrible. We need a miracle, right now." Lt. Stone said.

The thirteen then started to feel something strange begin to happen to them and a second later they all disappeared in a flash of white light.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 31, 1998: 9:30 a.m.

All the Aquitian Rangers minus Cestro as well as Billy and Sabrina were in the Aquitian Rangers headquarters.

Cestro then teleported in. "I'm done, the communications and teleportation systems are finally back on-line." he said.

"Good." Delphine said.

Then Ninjor appeared. "Ho Ho Rangers. No time for pleasantries. I just received word that Divatox has sent Rygog and General Havoc to Earth to oversee the attack. It will begin in a little over 3 Earth hours. Billy are you packed and ready to go?" Ninjor asked. Billy nodded. "Sabrina you ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be." Sabrina said.

"Then lets go." Ninjor ordered.

"Good-bye, Cestria. I'll miss you." Billy said.

"I'll miss you too. Be careful." Cestria said.

"You be careful too. We'll see each other again soon. Good-bye. I love you." Billy said.

"Good-bye. I love you too." Cestria said.

The two then kissed good-bye and after a moment Billy grabbed his bag and went over to Ninjor. "I'm ready now." he said. "Good-bye Aquitian Rangers I shall miss you all."

"As we shall miss you." Delphine said. "May the Power Protect You." she continued and gave the Aquitian gesture for good-bye.

"May the Power Protect You." Billy said as he repeated the gesture. Then Sabrina, Billy, and Ninjor disappear in a flash of blue light.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 31, 1998: 10:00 a.m.
The Wreckage of the Power Chamber

"This place has been totally destroyed." Sabrina observes.

"This looks even worse then when Goldar and Rito destroyed it." Billy said. "Are you sure no one was hurt?"

"I'm sure. No one was hurt, at least not severely. There were some minor cuts and scrapes but nothing serious." Ninjor reassured Billy.

"Well, what do we do first." Billy asked.

"The first thing we do is cast a protection spell over the desert so no one can find the Power Chamber again." said Ninjor. Blue bolts of energy were then released from his fingertips. Lightning flashed three times and then all was quiet again. "It is done. No being of evil will be able to find this base again as long as I am free." Ninjor stated.

"Um, I hate to be a complainer but right now this isn't a base, it's a pile of rubble." Sabrina said.

"That's the next thing we do. Use my magic to repair the Command Chamber." he said. "Stand back." he commanded. Billy and Sabrina did as they were told.

Ninjor blasted a beam of energy at the rubble and the rubble started to glow white. The pieces of the Power Chamber then started to put themselves back together. A half-hour later the Power Chamber was completely reassembled. As soon as the final piece was in place, it stopped glowing.

"It's done." said Ninjor. "Let's go. We have under two and a half hours until the attack begins."

The first thing Billy noticed when he entered the main chamber was that it looked like a cross between the Command Center and the Power Chamber. There was as much space as there was in the Power Chamber but the computers were more advanced, also the alarms were exactly the same as the Command Center's had been. In addition where the viewing screen had once been there was now a viewing globe also exactly the same as the one in the Command Center had been. Also in the back where the old Ranger suits had been was now some sort of holographic training simulator. Most notably however was Zordon's plasma tube, the same one that had been in the Power Chamber, now empty and powered down. "Wow! This place is cool." he finally said.

"Yeah. It's awesome." Sabrina agreed.

"What do you think we should call it? I haven't had a chance to come up with a name." said Ninjor.

"Well since it's a cross between the Command Center and the Power Chamber, how about we call it the Command Chamber?" asked Billy.

"I like it." agreed Sabrina.

"Me too. The Command Chamber it is." Ninjor said.

"Well, what's the next step?" asked Billy.

"The next step is recruiting the rest of the former Ninja Rangers. Billy use the sensors to locate Tommy, Kimberly, Aisha, Rocky, and Adam. Once you've found them, bring them up on the viewing globe. As soon as they're alone, we're teleport them here.

"I've found them." said Billy then paused. "I don't believe it."

"What is it Billy?" asked Sabrina.

"They're all in Angel Grove in front of the Youth Center. And according the computers, Katherine, Tanya, someone named Justin Stewart, who the computer identifies as a twelve-year old kid and the former Blue Turbo Ranger, Jason, Emily, David Trueheart, and Ernie are with them." Billy replied.

"Well bring them up on the viewing globe." Sabrina told him.

"Right." he punched a few buttons and the group appeared in the viewing globe.

<<<<<<Tommy stood in surprise. "You knew about us being Power Rangers. How?"

The others stood in surprise and walked over to him. "Yeah, how did you figure it out. I was dating one of them for nearly 8 months and didn't know about it until last night?" asked Emily.>>>>>>

"Emily and Ernie know about us being Power Rangers?" Billy said in surprise.

<<<<<<"Simple, the Rangers always picked a spot of total seclusion to teleport out whenever they were in the Youth Center during a monster attack. You can't see the spot they chose from anywhere else in the Youth Center, except my private storeroom. I must have saw you teleport out over a hundred times. I also have the memory, that you always talked to someone named Alpha or Zordon when you spoke into your watches." Ernie said.

"Oh, no!!" realized Justin. "Lt. Stone was in charge of the Youth Center for the last year and was sometimes in the same store room when we teleported. That must mean that..."

"I know too." said Lt. Stone, wearing his old police uniform, coming up from behind them. "So how goes the Power Rangering?">>>>>>

"Lt. Stone was running the Youth Center for the last year?" Billy said in surprise. "Where was Ernie?"

<<<<<"Not too well. Our Command Center and powers were destroyed by Divatox yesterday. Our former mentor Zordon, who has been on his home planet of Eltar, was also captured yesterday. Our current mentor, Dimitria along with the Blue Senturion left for Eltar to try to rescue him shortly before the attack on the Command Center. The other four current Rangers went into space to try to rescue him and stop Divatox before she returned." Tommy said. "And unless we can find another source of power soon, we'll all be doomed.>>>>>>

"I've locked on to all of them. I'm teleporting them here now." Billy said as he began to input the final teleportation sequence.

<<<<<<"What?" asked Ernie in horror.

"This is horrible. We need a miracle, right now." Lt. Stone said.>>>>>>

The viewing globe then switched to off as all thirteen of them appeared in the Command Chamber in thirteen flashes of white light.

"Ask and you shall receive, Lt. Stone. Welcome to the Command Chamber." Billy said.

"Well it looks like you just got your miracle." Rocky said to Lt. Stone.

"Billy!!! Ninjor!!! Scorpina???" said Adam in surprise and confusion.

"Wow! Where are we? I thought you said your command base was destroyed?" asked Ernie, partly in confusion, partly in shock.

"It was. I rebuilt it." Ninjor said.

"I remember you. You were one of the Power Rangers' friends that helped them out when they had the Ninja and Shogun Zords." Ernie said. "It is an honor to meet you."

"It's really great to see you again, Ninjor." Katherine said.

"Hey, Billy how's it been going on Aquitar?" asked Jason.

"Pretty good." said Billy.

"Excuse me, but could someone please tell me what Scorpina, one of Zedd and Rita's henchmen is doing here?" asked Adam.

"Sure. I'll explain it to you." Billy said. He then proceeded to tell Sabrina's tale to the others. When he was finished, everyone was speechless.

"It must have been terrible for you when the spell wore off, knowing what you had done. I was only under Rita's control for a week. You were under it for over 10,000 years. That must have been awful. I could only imagine what you're going through." Tommy said.

"It's OK now. I'm here to make up for my past." said Sabrina. "After all, Ninjor did finally convince me that none of what happened was my fault and that I'm not to be blamed."

"It took a full year to do it," added Ninjor. "but I finally convinced her."

"Um, excuse me. I don't mean to step out of my place but what are we doing here?" asked Lt. Stone.

"You're here because you were with the Power Rangers and know the situation we're facing." Billy said. "The attack on the Earth will begin in a little over an hour and a half."

"That's impossible. According to the radio, they won't be in position for another day." Tanya said.

"Old intelligence. Divatox sent Rygog and General Havoc to Earth to oversee the attack and provide more troops." Sabrina said.

"That's terrible news." said Adam.

"Ninjor, do you have a plan to stop them?" asked Tommy.

"As a matter of fact, I do." said Ninjor. "I have managed to recreate the seven Ninjetti Power Coins."

"Um, but weren't there only six Ninjetti Power Coins?" Rocky asked.

"Yes there were only six but I originally attended there to be seven. The seventh one was to be a Green Power Coin but there was no former Green Ranger on your team whose powers were destroyed when you went on your Ninjetti Quest due to the Green Candle. Well technically Tommy was a former Green Ranger whose powers were destroyed but he couldn't be two Rangers at the same time." Ninjor said.

"But there is a problem with the Ninja Power Coins. They can only be used by one who already possessed that Ranger's powers and who has been bonded with their spirit animal. That means that only the original team that came to my temple will be able to access this power." Ninjor continued.

"But there's now a Green Power Coin and Tommy's the only former Green Ranger here and..." Adam stopped short as he remembered the story Billy told.

"You mean Sabrina is going to be the new Green Ninjetti Ranger?" asked Tommy.

"Yes, Tommy." Ninjor said. "She will be the only one capable of taking upon these powers. I know some of you, especially Adam, might have some difficulty with this but just remember Tommy was once under Rita's evil spell and attacked you. Yet when the spell was broken, you welcomed Tommy to the team with open arms. I ask that you do the same with Sabrina." he finished.

"OK." said Tommy. "Does everyone agree?" Everyone else nodded with agreement, except Lt. Stone, Ernie, Emily, and David who just stood there in shock trying to absorb everything that was going on, since they were not use to being teleported everyday. "Sabrina, welcome to the team."

"Thank you." Sabrina said. "I'm really glad that you can forgive me for my past crimes."

"Well, it may take some getting use to, but I think we'll like you, once we get to know you." Aisha said.

"About what happened when we first met," Sabrina turned to Aisha and Adam. "I'm really sorry about that, I promise I'll try to make it up to you." she said apologetically.

"It's OK, Sabrina." Adam said. "What you did, you did under an evil spell."

"That's right. I mean we don't hold any of the Rangers' responsible for what they did when they were under an evil spell." Kimberly said.

"Ho. Ho. Excuse me but we don't have time for this. Divatox's forces are nearly in position. We only have an hour left." Ninjor said.

"Right, what do we do?" Tommy asked.

"Tommy, Adam, Kimberly, Aisha, Rocky, Billy, Sabrina, Step forward." Ninjor commanded. "Prepare to take back your old power coins. With these you will be able to access your old Ninjetti powers. You will have the same powers as you did before, except with a few improvements. Sabrina pay close attention because you never possessed these powers before." he said.

"As before you can morph into either a Ninja Ranger or a Power Ranger. You will also posses a Blade Blaster, your individual Power Weapon, and a Shark Cycle. Also you will posses the special Metallic Armor, which has a few improvements. It can now be called upon without limit, unlike before when it's use was very limited. Also it will now function outside the Earth's atmosphere, so you can use it if you're visiting other planets." Ninjor said.

"Next, your zords. Your zords will be basically the same but I have made improvements on them to make them more powerful." he continued. "Adam, Billy, Aisha, Rocky your zords will be the same as before. Kimberly you will still pilot the Crane Ninjazord but now the White Shogunzord will be pink and you will also control that. The White Shogunzord was originally meant to be pink but due to your coin being captured by evil, it was made white. Tommy, you will still control the Falconzord as well as the Tigerzord. And finally Sabrina, your zords will be the Dragonzord and the Scorpion Ninjazord." Ninjor said as the zords appeared on the viewing globe.

"As before your zords can come together. The Scorpion Ninjazord can combine with either the Ninja Megazord of the Ninja Mega-Falconzord to form the Ninja Mega-Scorpionzord or the Ninja Mega Scorpion Falconzord. When the Scorpionzord is attached to the Megazord it will attach itself to the Wolf Ninjazord arm and can draw power from all the other zords and then be propelled at a monster, releasing the energy on impact. Additionally, the Dragonzord and the Tigerzord can combine to form the Mega Dargon-Tigerzord." Ninjor finished.

"Cool." said Ernie.

"Wow! You guys sure have cool weapons." said Emily.

Suddenly the alarms in the Command Chamber went off. Lt. Stone immediately took charge. "All right everyone, I'm assuming those alarms mean that the attack on the Earth has begun. That means that the Rangers should call upon their powers and stop them. The rest of us will stay here and help out anyway we can." said Lt. Stone, then he paused for a moment and looked a little embarrassed. "Sorry, I didn't mean to overstep my boundaries. My police instincts just kicked in."

"That's OK." said Tommy. "Billy, can you tell where the monsters are attacking?"

"Hold on, I'm scanning now." said Billy as he worked at the computer controls. "As far as I can tell, they're only attacking in one place right now. It seems they're trying to set up a base in Angel Grove that they can use to coordinate the attack on the rest of the planet."

"Well ok, in that case we'd better go and stop them." Tommy said. "It's Morphing Time!!" he shouted.

"Um, Ninjor you didn't give us the Power Coins yet." said Rocky.

"Oops. Sorry." Ninjor said. "Here you go." he said as he passed out the Power Coins to the appropriate teenagers.

"Be careful out there." Katherine told the Rangers.

"Good luck, kids." said Ernie.

"We'll do what we can from here." said Jason.

"Ok. Let's try this again." Tommy said. "It's Morphing Time!!"

"Black Ranger Power!" shouted Adam.

"Pink Ranger Power!" shouted Kimberly.

"Blue Ranger Power!" shouted Billy.

"Yellow Ranger Power!" shouted Aisha.

"Red Ranger Power!" shouted Rocky.

"Green Ranger Power!" shouted Sabrina.

"White Ranger Power!" shouted Tommy.

The Rangers then morphed and teleported out of the Command Chamber in seven flashes of colored light. "Ho. Ho. Take care my fellow friends. We'll be back soon." Ninjor said and then disappeared in a flash of blue.

"Well, it looks like the world is in good hands, again." Emily said.

"Yeah, I just wish we could watch to see if they're ok." Ernie said.

"We can, he turned to the teenagers. Anyone know how to operate that viewing globe?" he asked.

"Sure, I can bring the battle up on the screen." said Jason as he went to the control console.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 31, 1998: 1:00 p.m.
Angel Grove

Monsters, Pirahnatrons, Chromites, and Putra-Pods attacked the defenseless Angel Grove with no resistance. "Run citizens, run!! Divatox has destroyed the Power Rangers and there's no one to help you!!" General Havoc screamed through the panicked town. "They flew away in a space shuttle taken from NASADA leaving the Earth defenseless. Now who's going to save you?"

"Attack! Destroy everything! Capture the population and turn them into mindless zombies to help us conquer the rest of the planet." Rygog commanded.

"No one can save you now." General Havoc laughed with evil glee. He then ran up to the Mayor and grabbed her. "Where are your precious Power Rangers now, Mayor?" he continued. "Huh, answer me that. Where are they?"

"Right behind you." came the voice of Tommy.

"Huh? What?" General Havoc turned around in surprise to see the seven Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers standing there. "Impossible. How? Who? What? Where? When? Why?" he said shocked, letting the Mayor go.

"Mayor, run. Get out of here." the Blue Ranger commanded.

"You don't have to tell me twice." said the Mayor as she ran off as fast as she could.

"Ho. Ho." said Ninjor as he appeared.

"You, you're the one responsible." General Havoc pointed angrily at Ninjor. "No matter, Divatox destroyed the Rangers' once. I'll just have to do it again." he angrily stated.

"All troops, halt your advances and destroy the Power Rangers!!" Rygog yelled. At his command, a few hundred monsters and other soldiers turned to attack them.

"Everyone ready?" Tommy asked. They all nodded in agreement. "Ok. Everyone. Call on your power weapons and let's go." commanded Tommy.

The Pink Ranger immediately went to an army Chromites and started to fire upon them with her bow. One hundred of them fell in just one minute. "What? Can't you defeat one lone power Ranger?" she taunted them. Then two monsters ganged up on her and knocked the Power Bow out of her hands. They began to fire on her, causing her to stay down. "Ha! Ha! Is that the best you can do Ranger?" asked one of the monsters. After a minute, she managed to roll out of the way. She then started to kick and punch the first monster causing it to fall down. The monsters then started to fire at her with energy blasts but by using her gymnastics training she managed to cartwheel out of the energy beams' paths with ease, causing the monsters to frantically move to try to hit her. Kimberly then managed to maneuver in between the two monsters. The two monsters' energy beams then hit the other monsters, causing them both to explode. "Ha. Ha. Got to be quicker then that to get the best of this Ranger." she said to the forms of the exploding monster.

Meanwhile, the Black Ranger was fighting 25 Putra-Pods. He managed to kick four of them, causing them to fall to fall to the ground. He then pulled out his Blade Blaster and started firing on the Putra-Pods within a minute, they were all reduced to ash.. He then pulled out his Power Axe and attacked a monster that was trying to attack a school bus full of kids that got caught in the battle. He immediately hit the monster with it and after a few hits, the monster blew up. The Black Ranger then got aboard the bus. "Is everyone all right?" he asked. They all nodded. "Good, now get out of here, I'll hold off the monsters while you escape." The bus driver nodded and then drove away as soon as the Black Ranger got off the bus.

Meanwhile about fifty Pirahnatrons on motorcycles were attacking the Red and Yellow Rangers. The two Rangers were trying to hit the Pirahnatrons with their Blade Blasters but they were too fast. "Rocky, there's no way we can hit these guys." said the Yellow Ranger. "At least not on foot. I say we call on our Shark Cycles and blast these guys to oblivion."

"Good idea." said the Red Ranger. A second later, the two were on their individual Shark Cycles. "Ok. Now this evens the odds up." he said and then chased five Pirahnatrons down a street. He fired on them with his lasers, causing the motorcycles into oblivion.

Meanwhile, twenty Pirahnatrons' ganged up on the Yellow Ranger, completely surrounding her. "Oh, well. Time to see what this button does." she said. Then a missile launcher arose from the back of the bike, firing two missiles at the Pirahnatrons. A minute later, the twenty Pirahnatrons will all dust. "Man, that's cool. We should have used these things' battle features more often." she said in awe as she and the Red Ranger went to round up the rest of the motorcycle-riding Pirahnatrons.

Elsewhere, Ninjor and the Blue Ranger were fighting a flame monster. The monster was breathing a lot of fire but their armor managed to protect them. "Alright. Let's see what this thing can do against my Power Lance." the Blue Ranger said as he summoned his weapon. Ninjor then drew his sword and they rushed the monster. The monster fought back but he was no match for the combined might of Ninjor and the Blue Ranger and soon he was dust.

That left the Green and White Rangers to finish off Rygog and General Havoc. "Sabrina, you take Rygog. I'll take General Havoc." the White Ranger commanded.

"Right." replied the Green Ranger as she drew her dragon dagger and fired a beam of green energy at Rygog. Rygog then got angry and threw her to the ground and fired as much energy as he could gather at the Green Ranger to finish her off. She quickly played a tune on the Dragon Dagger causing her Dragon Shield to glow, reflecting the energy back at Rygog. The energy hit Rygog causing him to fall to the ground, badly wounded. "Well that was easy." replied the Green Ranger.

Meanwhile the White Ranger turned to face General Havoc. He then drew his enchanted sabre, Saba. "Ah, that was a long nap. Hello Tommy, so what's been going on?" asked the magical sword.

"I'll explain later." Tommy told him. "Right now we have a villain to finish off."

"A talking sword? A talking sword? Wow! I've been to dozens of galaxies and hundreds of worlds but never did I ever see a talking sword." admired General Havoc. "It will make an excellent trophy once I'm finished you off." he said getting back to business as his whip transformed into a sword. General Havoc then lunged at the White Ranger with his sword. The White Ranger was quick and managed to match him blow for blow and after about 4 minutes, the White Ranger managed to knock Havoc to the ground.

"You won't defeat us that easily." said Rygog getting to his feet. "Fire the torpedoes!!!" he yelled, he waited for a moment and when nothing happened he said again "Divatox, fire the torpedoes!!!"

"You idiot, the space base isn't in this solar system anymore. Divatox can't hear you." General Havoc told him. "All forces pull back to our command planet." he then ordered. "This isn't over. We'll be back, with stronger weapons and troops. We weren't prepared for Rangers this time but next time we will." Havoc vowed as he, Rygog and the rest of his troops that weren't destroyed disappeared.

"Well that's takes care of that." said the White Ranger as all his teammates gathered around him. "Let's get back to the Command Chamber." he ordered. The eight of them then all teleported out in a rainbow of colors.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 31, 1998: 1:00 p.m.
Astro Megaship-SimuDeck

After several hours of studying information from the computers, the four teens felt that they were finally ready to begin the test.

"All right everyone. Remember that from this point on there is on turning back." TJ said.

"We know, already." said Ashley. "Let's just start the simulation. The sooner we start, the sooner we can finish and start looking for Zordon." she continued.

"Ok. Begin simulation." ordered TJ.

The group then found themselves on the bridge of the Megaship. "Warning ten incoming enemy vessels." warned DECA.

A simulation of Andros was also on the bridge, in the command chair. "Ashley, raise shields. TJ, arm weapons, Carlos take evasive maneuvers, Cassie get to the engineering section to make sure everything is working correctly." he commanded.

All the teens scrambled to perform their tasks. "Shields up." responded Ashley.

"Weapons are armed." TJ replied.

"Taking evasive maneuvers." Carlos said.

Then the intercom came on. "This is Cassie. I'm in the engineering section. Everything is working fine."

"Warning, enemy ships opening fire." DECA said.

"Fire at will." commanded the simulation of Andros.

"Right." said TJ as he aimed the weapons systems at the ships.

"Shields down to 85%." Ashley said.

"There has been a hit near the engine room, all engines are off-line." said Carlos.

"I'm working on getting them back on-line." said Cassie through the intercom.

Outside the ship, the Megaship's lasers fired destroying two of the enemy ships.

"Two ships destroyed." said DECA.

"The other eight are coming around for another attack." said Ashley. "They're surrounding us."

"Cassie, where are those engines." Andros asked.

"They should be coming back online, now." said Cassie.

"Engines are back on-line." replied DECA.

Carlos immediately took the Megaship out of the line of fire of the ships. The unexpected movement caused four of the enemy ships to collide and explode.

"Four more enemy ships have been destroyed." came the voice of DECA. "The remaining four are coming around from behind for a final assault."

"Carlos turn the Megaship, around." the holographic Andros commanded. "TJ, arm the torpedoes and fire as soon as you're ready."

Carlos then turned the Megaship around, while TJ armed the torpedo banks waiting for the right time to fire. As soon as he felt the time was right, TJ fired the torpedoes. The first three hit the ships dead on causing them to explode. The other one managed to get out of the way of the torpedo just in time.

"One remaining ship." replied DECA.

The final ship then turned around and set a collision course with the Megaship.

"Warning! Ship is on collision course." DECA said.

"Hold on, I think I have an idea." Ashley said. She quickly turned to the console and fired a tractor beam at the incoming ship, redirecting it a passing comet. The ship collided with the comet and exploded.

"Test complete." replied DECA. "Good work, that test was supposed to be difficult. You finished it in record time. No one has ever completed this particular simulation without getting the Megaship heavily damaged or destroyed, except for Andros and Greg. But there is still one more test to complete before you prove yourself worthy of the Space Powers.

"Who's Greg?" wondered TJ out loud.

"Accessing profile of Greg." came the voice of DECA as the computer read out the profile:

Name: Greg

Planet of Birth: Eltar

Current Mission: To travel between planets and help others as needed.

Ranger Power: Phantom Ranger

Weapons: Phantom Blaster

Special Vehicle: Galaxy Glider

Zords: Artillatron and Galactic Megazord

"The Phantom Ranger!" said Cassie in surprise. "Can you show us a picture of Greg?"

"Certainly." said DECA as a picture of a handsome teenager appeared on the computer display at the end of the room. Greg looked human, as Zordon had told them Eltarians closely resembled humans. He was about 5 foot 11 inches tall, he had brown hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a jeans and a gray T-shirt in the picture and looked very athletic. Cassie stared at it.

"Cassie." said TJ. "Come on we have to finish with the test."

"Huh? Oh, right." Cassie snapped back to attention. "Let's go." she said.

"Begin second simulation." TJ ordered.

The four teens suddenly found themselves standing on white jetboards in the middle of outer space and in their hands were Astro Blasters, exactly the same as the one Andros had as the Red Space Ranger.

"This simulation will test how well your fighting abilities will be in outer space." DECA said. "Don't worry about breathing, this test will the conditions so that it won't be cold in outer space and will have oxygen to breath. If you pass and gain the space powers, the Ranger Suits will have provide oxygen and heat for you when in outer space." DECA explained. "In this simulation, you will have to defeat 30 Quantrons who are on jetboards similar to your Galaxy Gliders. Begin." finished DECA.

After DECA had finished, 30 Quantrons on jetboards appeared on all sides of the Rangers. They raised their weapons to begin the attack. "Evasive maneuvers." yelled TJ. "Raise your Astro Blaster and destroy as many as you can." he commanded.

Cassie immediately went up to avoid to Quantrons that were trying to box her in. This resulted in the two Quantrons crashing into each other and exploding. Cassie then quickly fired her Astro Blaster on three more Quantrons, causing them to explode as well.

TJ, on the other hand was having difficulty getting used to flying on the Galaxy Glider. He came too close to one Quantron and was almost thrown off his Galaxy Glider but instead he threw that Quantron off his jetboard, floating harmlessly in space. After this, he managed to get control of the Glider and blast six Quantrons into dust.

Meanwhile Carlos was having problems of his own, the Quantrons were closing in on him and no matter where he turned there seemed to be Quantrons, he finally managed to get in the clear and blast three Quantrons

Ashley, however was doing the best of all of them. She was having fun riding the Galaxy Glider, as if she had been practicing for years. She easily outflanked six Quantrons that were heading for her by going up and turning upside down, blasting the Quantrons from above them. Then two Quantrons were heading right toward her, she managed to pass in-between them, grab one of their weapons and destroy them with it. The she managed to blast two Quantrons that was hiding in a meteor shower, without getting hit by one meteor. She then went back to find two Quantrons holding Carlos, she managed to grab Carlos, put him on her Galaxy Glider, and destroy the two Quantrons with the weapon of the other Quantron she was still holding. Then she blasted the final three Quantrons with her Astro Blaster.

"Simulation complete." came the voice of DECA. "Congratulations you have proved yourself worthy of becoming Space Power Rangers." the computer said. Andros then entered the room.

"Ashley, where'd you learn how to do that on the Galaxy Glider?" Andros asked astounded. "I've practiced for years to get that good."

"Well, I've always been a quick study." Ashley said. "I like to go surfing a lot during the summer and I just pretended that this was the same and I also remembered that I was in space and I could move in any direction. It was really very easy."

"Amazing. I've never met anyone who could pilot a Galaxy Glider that well on their first attempt, not even I did that well." Andros said. "Anyway, you have now earned the Space Powers." he said.

"Ok. So when do we start looking for Zordon?" asked TJ.

"As soon as I give you your morphers." answered Andros. "Follow me."

They followed Andros to a room with the jump tubes for the Galaxy Gliders. Andros opened up four of the five storage compartments there and pulled out four morphers. "Here are your Astro Morphers. You can use them to morph into a Space Ranger. TJ will be the Blue Space Ranger, Carlos will be the Black Space Ranger, Ashley will be the Yellow Space Ranger, and Cassie will be the Pink Space Ranger." Andros said as he handed out the morphers. "Now, go to your quarters. There you will space uniforms similar to mine, only the shirts instead of red will be in your individual Ranger color. Go put them on and then meet me at the bridge."

A few minutes later they were on the bridge of the Megaship in their space uniforms where they found Alpha working with the black box. "Yo. Yo. Yo. I've done it!!" exclaimed Alpha.

"Done what?" asked Andros.

"I've broken the power code. This box contains the code that links the shuttle with the Megaship creating the Astro Megazord. It's all part of Zordon's master plan." replied Alpha.

"Cool, that means we now have a Megazord to fight giant monsters." Cassie said.

"Good work, Alpha." said TJ. "Ok, now that we've learned how to use the Astro Morphers, where do we start to look for Zordon?" TJ asked.

"We start be fixing the Megaship. She's not ready to make a long distance voyage. But I don't have the equipment we need here." Andros said.

"Well we can go to Earth." said Cassie. "Um, they'll help us at NASADA." she added.

"Good we'll need help." Andros agreed. "DECA, set a course for... Earth."

"Allow me to help you," said Alpha energetically. "I can set that course." he said as he moved over to the control console.

"Thank you Alpha but setting the course is very complex and I am much more suited..." DECA began to say but was interrupted when Alpha pressed the button that turns off DECA's voice. All the Rangers then turned to him.

"I have set the course for home." Alpha said. All of them looked happy except for Andros, who looked like he's a little homesick.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 31, 1998: 1:30 p.m.
Dark Fortress

"Astronema, we've located the spy. He's aboard that space ship." Elgar said, bringing up the Megaship on the screen.

"Good. Ecliptor, you know what to do." Astronema replied.

"Aye, as soon as they reach their destination, I go down and destroy him. We then seize his ship for our own use." Ecliptor responded.

"Right, it's only a matter of time before the spy is destroyed." Astronema laughed.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 31, 1998: 2:00 p.m.
Command Chamber

"Welcome back." Katherine said as she ran up to Tommy.

"Good job out there Rangers." said Lt. Stone.

"Umm, but what about the other Rangers who went to Eltar to look for Zordon?" Jason asked concerned. "Are they ok?"

"You're right!" Justin exclaimed. "We have to try to contact them."

"Ok. Billy, Justin get to work on that communications console." Tommy said. "The rest of us will..." Tommy was interrupted when Ernie and Emily teleported in carrying some trays of food.

"We're back." said Ernie.

"We didn't realize you were gone." said Kimberly.

"Well, I had Billy teleport us to the Youth Center a little while ago. I figured that since you hadn't eaten all day, you would be hungry. Especially the ones that were out fighting those monsters for the past hour." said Ernie.

"That was very considerate of you, Ernie." said Katherine as Ernie and Emily passed out the food.

"Ok, I think I am getting a signal. I'm putting it on the viewing globe." Billy said.

On the screen Justin recognized the faces of TJ, Carlos, Cassie, Ashley, Alpha, and a man he didn't know. "Justin?" asked TJ.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 31, 1998: 2:10 p.m.
Astro Megaship-Bridge

DECA's communications consoles blinked. "TJ, we are receiving a communication that seems to be trying to contact your space shuttle." DECA said.

"Who would be trying to contact us?" Ashley asked.

"Can you determine where it is coming from?" asked TJ.

"One moment please." DECA said, the computer console started to blip. "Location verified. It's origin is Earth, in the middle of a desert in California." the computer finally responded.

"Yo. Yo. Yo. Let me take a look at that." Alpha said moving over to the computer consoles. "This can't be right, according to this the message is originating from the location of the Power Chamber."

"How is that possible?" asked Carlos.

"I remember something about the Power Chamber blowing up before but Zordon rebuilt it using a secret chamber built in the caves underneath. Maybe Justin found one of the old Rangers who new about it." suggested Alpha.

"Well, let's put it on screen." said Cassie.

"Right." said TJ.

Alpha then pushed a few buttons and Justin appeared on the screen.

"Justin?" TJ asked.

"TJ, Ashley, Carlos, Cassie, Alpha you're ok!!" said Justin. "But who's that with you?" he asked.

"We're approaching Earth. Thirty seconds until Earth orbit." came the voice of DECA.

"We'll explain that as soon we're home. We'll teleport to the Power Chamber as soon as we're in orbit." said TJ.

"Actually it's called the Command Chamber, now." said Billy.

"We're in Earth orbit." responded DECA.

"Ok, we'll be at the Command Chamber in a minute." said TJ. "TJ out." he finished as he closed the channel.

"Well let's get going. Alpha you coming?" TJ asked.

"You got it TJ." replied Alpha.

"Here take this computer padd, it will enable me to hear what the other Rangers at the Command Chamber are saying. I may have some information you can use." DECA said as a data padd came up from beneath one of the panels.

"Ok, DECA. Let's go." said Andros. A moment later the six of them teleported out in a flash of lights.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 31, 1998: 2:30 p.m.

Rygog and General Havoc appear in the middle of the Alliance of Evil with the remnants of Divatox's army. "Dark Specter, Ninjor has recreated the Ninjetti Power Coins. Also, Rita's former henchmen Scorpina is one of them and there is a protection spell surrounding the desert so we can't attack their command base again." Rygog quickly said.

"What? What?" asked Rita.

"Ugh! Ninjor's been a thorn in my side for far two long." Dark Specter growled. "It is time to divide and conquer. Master Vile, Momma D, Prince Gasket, Archerina, and Blue Globber go to Triforia. Divatox, General Havoc, Rygog, and Porto go to Aquitar. Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Finster, Goldar, Rito Revolto, Squatt, and Baboo go to Earth. King Mondo, Queen Machina, Prince Sprocket, Klank and Orbus, go to Eltar and run the operation there. Take whatever you need. Supply each other with weapons and troops, figure out ways to combine your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses. Work together to conquer these planets and the universe will be ours!" commanded Dark Specter. "I will remain here to guard Zordon. Now go."

With that the evil villains started to head towards their spacecraft. "Oh and one more thing, report back here every Friday for meetings. We will succeed in defeating the forces of good by working together." he said.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 31, 1998: 2:30 p.m.
Command Chamber

After twenty minutes of the Rangers talking, everyone was finally filled in on all the details of the story. Tommy was the first to speak. "Oh man we're in big trouble, if Zordon's powers are being drained, we have to go to help him."

"No, Tommy. You must stay here to protect the Earth. I will go to search for Zordon, with TJ, Cassie, Carlos, Ashley, and Alpha-6. Once we find out where the Alliance of Evil is holding him, we will contact you for help." Andros said.

"Well ok, I guess you're right." TJ said.

Just then there were three flashes of light and Trey, Auric, and Lerigot appeared in the Power Chamber.

"Lerigot, Trey, Auric!" exclaimed Katherine. "What are you doing here?"

"We come here with important news. The Alliance of Evil is preparing for massive assaults against Triforia, Aquitar, and Earth. It is also fortifying its' position on Eltar." Trey said. "We came here for your help."

"Help, how can we help?" asked Tommy.

"With us, we have brought the ZEO Crystal as well as a means to restore the Turbo Powers." Auric said.

"Lerigot created the Turbo Powers so he can restore them as well as repair the Turbo and Rescue Megazords." explained Trey. "But we will need your help. You see you're the most trained Rangers in the Galaxy and we will need your help."

"What? You want us to move to different planets to help you?" asked Kimberly.

"That is correct." replied Auric. "We need volunteers to go to Eltar to free it from the forces of evil and Triforia to protect it."

"But why can't you choose members from the population of your own planets?" asked Tommy.

"Because, all the Eltarians who are worthy Rangers candidates have been captured and put in prisons so no resistance will be offered." started Trey. "And we have a problem with the ZEO Crystal, once it is used to power a Ranger, it changes to suit its' host. In simple terms once a sub-crystal is used by a member of a certain race it can never be used by a member of another race, at least not for more than a few weeks."

"That's why the Golden Powers left my body." Jason said.

"That is correct." said Trey.

Just then Lerigot fell down. "Lerigot are you ok?" asked Kat.

"Must.. go.. home. Leave you with restored Turbo Powers." Lerigot said as he raised his golden key and released a golden ray of magic. After it stopped, he disappeared in a ray of golden light.

"Yo. Yo. Yo. Rangers and others.." Alpha began. "The Turbo Powers have been restored and that's not all, the Turbo and Rescue Zords have been rebuilt and improved upon."

"That's great, Alpha." Justin said. "But who will take them?"

"And what about the ZEO Crystal? Who will take those powers?" asked Katherine.

"First of all we have to figure out where every one is going." Tommy said. "We have a big dilemma on our hands."

"Tommy's right, we don't just have to protect the Earth, we have to rescue Zordon, free Eltar, and protect Triforia as well." Jason stated.

"Well since there are four different types of Ranger powers, each team should take on a different assignment." Andros said. "The Space Rangers will attempt to rescue Zordon."

"And since Trey is from the planet Triforia, whoever takes upon the remaining ZEO powers should go to protect Triforia." Billy said.

"Yes and I think the Ninja Rangers would have the best chance of freeing Eltar." Tommy said. "What do you say guys?"

"I'm in, I was already living on another planet, so I don't have to make any special arrangements." Billy said.

"I'm in too." said Sabrina.

"Me too, I've always been an adventurer at heart and this sounds like the greatest adventure imaginable." Aisha said.

"Another planet?" asked Kimberly. "Well, Zordon had enough faith in me to choose me to defend the Earth and if his planet is in trouble, I'm willing to help save it, too."

"You guys can count me in too." Adam said.

"That goes for me too." Rocky said. "Jason can you run the dojo by yourself while I'm gone?"

"Sure thing, Rocko." Jason said.

"But that still leaves the problem of who's going to defend the Earth and Triforia." said Tanya.

"I'll take back the Blue Turbo Powers and stay to protect the Earth." said Justin.

"I'll volunteer to be the leader of the Turbo Team." Jason said. "Emily, how about you, do you think you can handle being a Ranger?"

"Me?" asked Emily in surprise. "Do you really think I'm good enough?"

"Of course I do, you are a perfect choice for a Ranger." Katherine said. The others all agreed.

"Well, if you all think I'm worthy, of course I'll do it." Emily said.

Lt. Stone then stepped forward. "Excuse me, but I've been trained in combat and I'm a cop, so if you need an extra Ranger, I could do it."

"Well, we'd have to discuss it first." said Tommy as he and the other Rangers went into a huddle.

After a few minutes the Rangers finished their discussion and came to a decision. "We've come to a decision we'd be honored if you decided to join the team." Tommy said.

"Anything I can do to help." Lt. Stone replied.

"But what about the rest of the team? We're still several members short." Katherine asked.

"Well we could recruit Trini and Zack, I just called them last week and said they were finishing up with the post-peace conference work there and that they didn't have any firm plans for the future." Jason said.

"And how about Raymond?" Tanya asked. "He would make an excellent Ranger and he always said his two great dreams in life was to become a Power Ranger and to travel to another planet."

"And what about my brother David? He would make a great Ranger, too." Tommy said.

"That's a great idea." Katherine said.

"But will they agree to it?" asked Kimberly.

"Only one way to find out." Billy said. "Alpha, help me get a lock on them and prepare to teleport."

"Sure thing, Billy." Alpha-6 responded.

A half-hour later the four were gathered in the Command Chamber, where the others proceeded to tell them of their tale. Raymond was the one who was most surprised, since he didn't know about them being Power Rangers. When they were done, Zack was the first to speak. "Oh, man! Zordon captured, we have to help him!"

"Zack's right." Trini agreed.

"Ho, Ho. You're right Zordon needs to be helped, but right now we have more pressing concerns, the Alliance of Evil is preparing to attack other worlds and we need your help to defend them." Ninjor said.

"What you're being asked of is no small requirement. Some of you would have to move to other planets until the situation is resolved." Trey said.

"As of now, we need three members to complete the team going to Triforia and one member to stay here and defend the Earth." Tommy said. "You do not have to accept the offer if you do not want to."

"I think I speak for everyone hear when we say, we're not backing down from a fight." Zack said. "I would like to go to Triforia to help defend it."

"I'll go to Triforia too, I've always wanted to see another planet." Raymond said.

"I accept too, I'll go to Triforia to help there." David responded.

"I'm in too, it looks like I'll be the one to complete the Earth team." Trini said.

"Ok. It looks like the team is complete." Ninjor said. "Now to give you your powers. First the ZEO Rangers."

"Katherine you are compassionate and kind, I now return to you the powers of ZEO Ranger I: Pink." he said as the pink zeo sub-crystal went over to her and she appeared once again the her old uniform.

"Tanya, you are smart and kind, I return to you the powers of ZEO Ranger II: Yellow." Ninjor continued as the yellow sub-crystal went over to Tanya, restoring her to the Yellow ZEO Ranger.

"Raymond, you are smart and inventive, I give to you the powers of ZEO Ranger III: Blue." Ninjor said as Raymond gained the powers of the blue zeo sub-crystal.

"Zack, you are funny and brave, I give to you the powers of ZEO Ranger IV: Green." After a flash of green light, Zack stood in his new ZEO Armor.

"Finally, David, you are kind and knowledgeable, I give to you the powers of ZEO Ranger V: Red." Ninjor concluded as David gained the powers of the Red ZEO Ranger.

"You are now the Power Rangers ZEO. Trey will be you leader as you journey to Triforia to hold off the forces of evil there." Ninjor finished. "Now for the Turbo Rangers."

"Jason, you are strong and brave. I grant to you the powers of the Red Turbo Ranger as well as leadership of the group." Ninjor said.

"Justin, you are intelligent and full of spirit, I return to you the powers of the Blue Turbo Ranger."

"Lt. Jerome Stone, you are a trained police officer and have spent you life dedicated to protecting the innocence and serving justice, I now grant to you the powers of the Green Turbo Ranger."

"Trini Kwan, you are honorable and brave, I give to you the powers of the Yellow Turbo Ranger."

"And finally, Emily, you are kind and just. To you I give the powers of the Pink Turbo Ranger." Ninjor concluded as all of the five Turbo Rangers stood there in their armor.

"Well we better get going now. Time is of the essence." Trey said.

"Right, everyone make your good-byes now because you won't see each other again for awhile, although we will give you every opportunity we can to visit your loved ones on other planets." Ninjor said.

"Well, Kat I guess this is good-bye. I'll miss you and hope to see you again soon." Tommy said. "I love you."

"I love you too. Good luck in your mission and be careful on Eltar." Katherine said.

"You be careful too." Tommy said and then kissed her.

"Well kids, good luck out there and be careful." Ernie said. "I hope you come back soon."

"Don't worry we'll be careful." Kimberly replied.

"Yeah, before you know it we'll be back, dancing up a storm." Zack said.

"Well good-bye Ernie. We'll be back as soon as we can." Adam said.

The Rangers continued their good-byes for an hour and when they were finally done. They headed for the door to leave. "Ok. I have gathered all the supplies for the Megaship and we're ready to go." Alpha-6 replied.

"Alright, Alpha, Cassie, Ashley, Carlos, and TJ will come to me to the Megaship." Andros started. "We will take the MMPR Rangers and Ninjor to Eltar and then begin our search for Zordon by heading back to the Symarian Planet and searching for clues there."

"And ZEO Rangers you will come with me and Auric to Pyramidas and head out for Triforia." Trey said. "Is everyone ready?"

They all nodded in agreement and the Rangers teleported out to the various spacecraft.

"Well guys, it looks like we're alone in the defense of the Earth." Jason said.

"Yeah, but who's going to look after the Command Chamber? There's no one here to take care of it and someone has to monitor the Earth." Justin said.

"I don't know." replied Emily. "But I'm sure we'll figure something out."

"I'll volunteer to move into the Command Chamber." said Trini. "I don't have a place in town to stay yet and the Command Chamber has living quarters in it. If I stay in it I could scan for anomalies, until we figure out a more permanent solution."

"Ok. That sounds like a good idea." Jason said/

"Well for now at least the Earth is safe, I suggest we go to the Youth Center for now. I'm setting up the controls to alert us if any attacks are detected." Justin said.

"Good idea. I have to get back to patrol anyway. I'll call in later." Lt. Stone said as he used his new communicator to teleport out of the Command Chamber.

"Um, yeah. I have to be getting back to the Youth Center too, we're having a dance there tonight." Ernie said. "Oh, Emily you're welcome to have the night off so you can attend if you want."

"Sure, Ernie. Thank you." Emily said.

"Well, it will sure be good to see the old Youth Center again. Let's get going." said Trini as the four Rangers and the juice bar owner teleported out.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 31, 1998: 9:00 p.m.
Outside Bulk and Skull's apartment.

Skull is adjusting a telescope with Bulk standing behind him. Bulk taps Skull on the shoulder.

"Shh." Skull tells his partner. "This astronomy stuff is amazing. I think I just discovered a black hole."

To this Bulk turns the telescope around so that it's pointing at Skull. He then proceeds to take off the lens cover and gives it to Skull. "The space between your ears is a black hole." he says.

"Hey Bulkie, do you really think if we discover a new comet, we'd be rich and famous?" Skull asked Bulk.

To this Bulk points the telescope towards space again. "Absolutely." he responds.

Bulk then looks into the telescope looking for a new comet. Instead he spots a huge spaceship, half of which is black, half of which is green-lines, which we recognize as Astronema's Dark Fortress. Bulk takes his eye away from the telescope and begins to stammer. "U...U...U..."

"Me, Me, Me, what?" Skull asks in confusion. Bulk responds to this by putting Skull's eye to the telescope so he can see the spaceship.

"UFO" Bulk finally manages to get out.

The two then look at each other and promptly faint.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 31, 1998: 9:00 p.m.
Angel Grove Youth Center.

The Youth Center is decorated beautifully for the dance. There are many couples dancing at the Youth Center while Ernie and Adelle are running things, letting the kids have a good time.

Emily and Jason are sitting at a table near the back. "You know Jason, my life has changed so much since yesterday. I never would have thought that my boyfriend was a Power Ranger or that I would become one, protecting the Earth while some of my other friends went to defend other planets and others to search space for a powerful wizard who has been captured by the Grand Monarch of all evil." Emily said.

"I know, I wouldn't have guessed that this would have happened either." Jason said.

"Do you think they'll be ok?" Emily said.

"Of course I do. Most of them have been Power Rangers for a long time and know how to handle themselves. The ones who are new to being Rangers should get the hang of it in no time with the others helping them." Jason said.

"I hope you're right, Jason." Emily said.

"I do too." Jason replied. "Would you like to dance?"

"I'd love too." Emily answered.

The two of them then got up and began to dance the night away.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 31, 1998: 9:00 p.m.
Dark Fortress

"Hey, Astronema. I just got the readings of scanning for the intruder's ship. According to the readouts, the ship left the planet hours ago." Elgar said.

"Ugh." Astronema yelled. "Well no matter. Can you determine where they were headed?" she asked.

"Sure thing, Queenie." Elgar answered. "According to this, they're heading for Eltar."

"Eltar..." Astronema said. "Hmm, I could use this to be advantage. Elgar set a course for Eltar, maximum burn. Their ship is to large to go through the wormhole to Eltar, so they'll have to go the long way. Our ship is way faster then his, so we should be able to get there before that Red Ranger's if we push the engines to the limit."

"Of course." Elgar said. "Setting course now."

"Watch out, Red Ranger for soon you will be destroyed." Astronema said as she broke out into an evil laugh.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 31, 1998: 9:00 p.m.
Lunar Palace

"Ah. Home sweet home." Lord Zedd said as he got out of Serpenterra and entered the Palace.

"Ah, yes it feels good to be back at last and before you know it those Power Rangers will be history." Rita laughed.

"Ha. We've both said that before and still lost. This time we'll need an exceptionally evil plot." Lord Zedd replied as he waved his staff, repairing the palace from its' state of disuse.

"Well, my master. I believe I have formulated a plan that will destroy the Rangers once and for all..." Finster began as he out-layed his plan to his masters.

"Ah..." Rita laughed. "You are a genius, Finster. An absolute genius."

"Yes, this plan cannot fail. Watch out Rangers, soon you and your planet will be ours." Lord Zedd laughed as he started to glow red. "Rito, Goldar, prepare for battle. Soon, we launch our ultimate offensive on the Earth."

"Hey, if we finally take over the Earth can Baboo and I have Disney World?" Squatt asked.

"Yeah, can we please?" Baboo pleaded.

"Certainly. While you two haven't been the best warriors, you are the best court jesters I've ever had." Zedd said.

"Oh boy." Squatt said.

"Yeah. Thank you my Lord." Baboo said.

"Now, let's begin preparations for phase 1..." Rita started.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 2, 1998: 9:00 a.m.
Middle of Nowhere

Bulk and Skull stand in front of a mailbox in the middle of nowhere. The mailbox reads 'Phenomenus Ingenious Inc.' Skull reads the name on the mailbox out loud.

Bulk turns to Skull. "Are you sure this is the right place?" he asks.

"Yeah." Skull responds as the two turn around looking at the vast nothingness surrounding them.

"Well I'm sure it's not." Bulk says.

The two start to leave. Before they can get very far, they hear a voice coming from the mailbox. It asks "Who are you looking for?"

The two stop. "Who's there? Who said that?" Bulk asks.

"This is Professor Phenomenus. Who are you?" the voice responds.

Bulk and Skull turn back towards the mailbox in confusion. "I think he's in there." Bulk says.

The two then walks back to the front of the mailbox. "The Professor lives in a mailbox?" Skull asks in confusion.

Bulk shrugs. "Professor? We need to talk to you. We saw aliens." he says as he opens the mailbox.

After he says this, a van appears and starts to head for them. The two of them look at it. They scream as the van stops inches in front of them. An old looking man wearing a white lab coat and wearing a scientific-looking yellow helmet gets out of the van.

"Aliens?" he asks. The two nod. "Ah... What exactly did you see?"

"Professor, we saw a UFO." Bulk tells the Professor.

"And nobody believed you right?" Professor Phenomenus asked.

"Exactly." Bulk answers.

"Called you crazy, right?" the Professor asked.

"Exactly." repeats Bulk.

"Ha. Boys..." the Professor begins as he grabs Bulk and Skull be the jackets and drags him toward the van "we've got work to do. Ha. Ha. Ha."

Professor Phenomenus then pulls two white lab coats out of his van. "Here, put these on."

"What work?" asks Skull.

"All of my life, I have attempted to study alien life but have been rejected and shunned by my fellow scientists. That is until I heard of the alien attacks on Angel Grove. Many people respond by saying that it is all just a massive hoax designed to attract tourists but I knew better." the Professor says. "I want to capture an alien lifeform and present it in front of scientists of the world to prove once and for all their existence."

"But what do you need us for?" Bulk asks.

"I need assistants. I am a very wealthy man but I need people who have actually seen aliens." the Professor says. "You will be well-paid to assist me in my research and handsomely rewarded if we collect enough evidence to prove to the world the existence of aliens."

"Too bad you didn't get to us sooner, two years back we had two aliens living with us for about ten months but they turned on us and left." Skull said.

"Ah. Then you have lots of information on aliens." the Professor said.

"That's not the half of it. There was the time when we were turned into monkeys by an evil alien trying to blow up the Angel Grove Power Plant. It was three months before the effects wore off." Bulk told the Professor.

"And don't forget the time when Prince Gasket caught us in that dungeon of his but we managed to escape with the help of an alien named Triter. We managed to rescue the Power Rangers and are now legends on the planet of Horith." Skull explained.

"And don't forget the time when we were working as postal workers and aliens stole parts from packages for evil zord research." Bulk added.

"And then there was the time King Mondo, the Machine King tried to kidnap me as a birthday present for his wife, Queen Machina, because of my ability to play the piano." Skull added.

"And that's just some of our run-ins with aliens." Bulk said.

"Ah, then will you become my assistants?" Professor Phenomenus asked.

"Of course." Bulk said.

"I'm in, Professor." Skull replied.

"Good now let's go." the professor said as Bulk and Skull put on the labcoats.

The three of them then entered the van and Professor Phenomenus started to drive. "Our first stop is my laboratory. There is a chest there that I believe to be of alien origin." the professor said.

"Sounds good to us." Bulk said.

"Yeah, don't worry Professor with us on you're side, you'll have more then enough evidence to prove the existence of aliens in no time flat." Skull said as the van drove on.

To be Continued in "The Trial of Bulk and Skull"


The logo of Power Ranges: The Galactic Saga appears.

Announcer: Next time on Power Rangers: The Galactic Saga; Rito and Goldar arrive on Earth with an insidious plot.

Scene switches to a picture of Goldar on TV holding a terrified Mr. Caplan.

Goldar: If the Turbo Rangers don't surrender their morphers within 12 hours, we will kill everyone in the high school, starting with the principal.

Announcer: They hold the high school in terror.

Scene switches to Tengas rounding up terrified students and teachers.

Announcer: But the Turbo Rangers have other problems.

A terrifying monster captures the Turbo Rangers in a glowing crystal.

Announcer: Bulk and Skull have released an ancient monster that can only be stopped by the people who released it.

Scene switches to Bulk and Skull opening up an old chest and releasing the same monster as the one in the previous scene.

Announcer: Now it's up to Bulk and Skull to stop the monster and rescue the Rangers.

Scene switches to Bulk and Skull holding a laser labeled Phenomenus Ingenious Inc. They fire the laser at the monster but the monster is unaffected.

Skull: Bulkie, it's not working!!

Announcer: But first they have to stop Rito and Goldar, who they once kept as pets when they had amnesia, from killing everyone in the high school.

Scene switches to Goldar holding Bulk by the neck.

Goldar: Did you really think you could defeat me, human?

Scene switches back to logo of Power Ranges: The Galactic Saga.

Announcer: Can they do it? Find out on the next exciting episode of Power Ranges: The Galactic Saga.



This FanFic was written by DECA367, and is posted here with permission.