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Power Rangers: The Galactic Saga
Part 2: The Trial of Bulk and Skull
By DECA367

February 2, 1998: 10:00 a.m.
Professor Phenomenus' Lab

Bulk and Skull arrive with Professor Phenomenus at his lab. Inside it is filled with hundreds of high-tech gadgets as well as countless books on aliens. "Cool lab, professor." Bulk says.

"Yeah, this place is fantastic." Skull says.

"Come, this is what I wanted to show you." Professor Phenomenus says as he takes out an old looking chest.

"It's just an old chest." Bulk says.

"Perhaps to the untrained eye." the professor says. "It is actually a chest from another planet containing alien artifacts!"

"Are you sure?" Skull asks.

"Of course I'm sure." the Professor answers.

"Well I'm not, Skull help me open this." Bulk says.

"Sure thing Bulkie." Skull responds.

"No don't! It's not safe!" the Professor says.

But he is too late as Bulk and Skull open the chest, releasing a powerful monster. "Ha! After fifty thousand years I'm free. Now I will conquer the Earth! What's that I smell. Power Rangers? Ha. I shall destroy them." the monster says and then teleports away.

Bulk and Skull look at each other and simultaneously say "Uh-oh."

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 2, 1998: 10:10 a.m.
Angel Grove High School

Justin is going to his locker to get his books for his next class as his communicator goes off. He looks around and then ducks into a secluded corner. "This is Justin. Go ahead." he says into the communicator.

"Justin, this is Trini. Sensors have just detected a monster of unknown origin attacking downtown Angel Grove. Teleport to the Command Chamber immediately." comes the voice of Trini.

"You got it." Justin says and then hits his teleport button, sending him to the Command Chamber.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 2, 1998: 10:10 a.m.
Command Chamber

Justin teleports into the Command Chamber to find Trini working at a control console and Jason, Emily, and Lt. Stone teleporting in.

"So, Trini what have you been able to determine about this monster?" Jason asks.

"Well according to the sensor scans, the monster is abnormally strong. It has powerful magic and may be difficult to defeat. According to the scanners it is wreaking havoc on downtown Angel Grove." Trini says.

"Well, we better get going, Emily, Lt. Stone are you ready? This will be you're first mission as Power Rangers." Jason asks.

"Well, I'll be fine. I've had training and please call me Jerome." Lt. Stone says.

"I think I'm ready too." Emily says.

"Well ok, then let's go." Jason says. "Shift into Turbo!"

"Red Lightning Turbo Power!" yells Jason.

"Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!" yells Justin.

"Desert Thunder Turbo Power!" yells Jerome.

"Dune Star Turbo Power!" shouts Trini.

"Wind Chaser Turbo Power!" shouts Emily.

After the Rangers finish morphing, they teleport out, to face the monster terrorizing Angel Grove.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 2, 1998: 10:30 a.m.
Lunar Palace

"Ha! Rito! Goldar! It is time. Go to Earth and take over Angel Grove High School." Lord Zedd screams throughout the palace.

"Yes, my Lord." Goldar responds as he and Rito enter the throne room.

"And this time don't screw up!" Rita yells. "Remember, once you take control of the high school, we'll send Finster set up a TV camera that will broadcast our message all over Angel Grove."

"And once those Rangers see we have innocent people taken hostage, they'll have no choice but to surrender their morphers and become our slaves." Zedd laughs.

"Now get going." Rita commands.

"You got it, Sis, Ed." Rito says.

Lord Zedd starts to glow red with anger. "My name is Lord ZE... Oh why do I bother just go, now!" he screams. Rito and Goldar then teleport out of the castle to Earth.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 2, 1998: 10:30 a.m.
Downtown Angel Grove

A monster is tearing apart the town, terrorizing the citizens of Angel Grove. The Rangers teleport in front of the monster as it tears apart the town apart.

"All right, you monster. Stop destroying the town right now." the Red Ranger says.

"Ha. Ha. Ha. Who's going to make me? You? I don't think so!" the monster laughs.

"Oh yeah. Well try this is on for a try." says the Pink Ranger. "Windfire." she calls out as her bow materializes. She then fires the bow at the monster but when it hits him, he just laughs.

"Ha. Is that the best you can do?" the monster taunts. "Try this on for size, little Pink Ranger." The monster then proceeds to fire a large energy burst at the Pink Turbo Ranger sending her to the ground. The monster then grabs her in an energy tractor beam and sends her 30 feet into the air, the monster then releases her sending her to the ground. When she lands, she just lays there immobilized.

"Emily, are you ok?" the Red Ranger asks as he runs over to her.

"Oh, look the pretty pink ranger has a boo boo." the monster taunts.

"All right you'll pay for that bonehead." an angry Red Ranger shouts. "Lightning Sword." he calls out. He raises his sword and charges the monster with it.

Before the sword could connect with the monster he teleports out of the Red Ranger's path and materializes behind him. Before the Ranger can react, the monster fires an energy blast sending him into a wall. "What were you saying? Oh and the name's not bonehead. It's Solvar."

"Ugh." says the Pink Ranger as she gets up. "That monster sure packs one hell of a punch." she says struggling to stand up. The Red Ranger then runs over to her and rejoins the group.

"Guys, this monster is tough. I say we call on the Turbine Laser and fry him." the Blue Ranger suggests.

"Great idea." says the Red Ranger. "Turbine Laser, now!" he screams.

A moment later the Turbine Laser appears and all the Rangers get behind it. "Turbine Laser, fire!" they all shout. The laser fires hitting Solvar but he just catches the energy ray and throws it back at the Rangers, knocking them down.

"Well, seeing how puny you Rangers are, I don't see any more point in playing around with you." says Solvar pulling out a crystal. "Time to say good-bye." Solvar then aims an energy beam at the Rangers capturing them in the crystal. He then teleports away.

A news reporter then steps out of hiding with a camera still running. "You saw it here first, the Turbo Rangers have just been captured by a monster named Solvar. It appears the situation is hopeless. But there may still be hope. Only a few days ago, the original Power Rangers appeared to stop Divatox's army. We can only hope that they are still here and save us from the wrath of Solvar. But there are rumors that those Rangers have taken the shuttle that was leant to the Turbo Rangers into outer space on a secret mission. Only time will tell if they can save us." the news reporter says.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 2, 1998: 10:30 a.m.
Angel Grove High School

"Ms. Applebee, I need to review some of the mid-term papers with you." Mr. Caplan tells the teacher in his office.

"Well, ok. Let me see the papers you wanted to review." Ms. Applebee says.

Just as they were about to look at the papers they hear screams coming from the hallway. "What is going on out there?" asks Mr. Caplan.

"I don't know. Let's find out." Ms. Applebee says as they exit his office.

As soon as they exit the office, they are almost knocked down by one of the students who is running towards the exit. Mr. Caplan quickly grabs him by the arm. "All right mister, what's all the commotion and where are you going?" the angry principle asks.

"I have to get out of here. They're going to get me." the student says with terror in his voice.

"Who's going to get you?" he asks.

"That would be us." says a skeleton-like creature holding a sword made out of bones, with green camouflage covering half of his body. With him is a monkey in gold armor with wings holding a silver sword. "Allow me to introduce ourselves. My name is Rito Revolto and this is my good friend and partner, Goldar." he continues.

"We mean you no harm, well actually we do but you won't get hurt if the Rangers give us what we want." Goldar laughs. "Tengas get them." he says as two creatures covered in purple feathers came around the corner grabbing the student while Goldar grabs Mr. Caplan and Rito grabs Ms. Applebee.

"W...W...What d.do you want?" the terrified principle asks.

"Simple we're holding you as hostages." Goldar says as they entered the main hallway. The scene is filled with dozens of Tengas rounding up terrified students and teachers, who are screaming and trying to get to the exits.

"Well Goldar, it looks like we'll have those pesky Turbo Rangers as our slaves in no time." Rito says.

"Yes and then Lord Zedd and Rita will take control of the entire earth." Goldar laughs.

"Listen you don't need all of these students, why not let them go and keep the two of us as hostages?" Ms. Applebee pleads.

"Ah, the concern of a teacher for her students. Don't worry, we won't hurt any of them unless we don't get what we want. These students are of no concern to us, except as hostages and the more the merrier as far as I'm concerned." Rito says.

Just then Finster teleports in with a camera. "Tengas take the hostages to different parts of the school. If we split them up, it will make it much more difficult for the Rangers to break into the school and rescue all of them." he orders. The Tengas follow the orders and move off.

"Oh and you may need some back up. Putties, Vampirus come here." Finster says as two hundred Zedd putties appear with a Vampirus monster. "Putties, work with the Tengas to guard the students. Vampirus take Tenga squads one and two and guard the school and let us know if the Rangers come to agree to our demands."

"You got it boss." Vampirus says as he teleports to the outside of the school taking two dozen Tengas with him.

"Hey Finster old boy, let's get to the auditorium and set up the camera so we can deliver our demands." Rito says.

"Good idea." Goldar agrees. "You..." he points to Ms. Applebee. "lead the way."

"Never." Ms. Applebee responds.

"Lead the way or one of your students dies." Goldar says.

"Very well." Ms. Applebee says as she leads the way to the auditorium.

A few minutes later, Goldar, Rito, Finster, Ms. Applebee, and Mr. Caplan arrive in the auditorium. "All right. Finster set up the camera over there." Goldar orders as he points to the location he wants the camera to be set up at.

"As you wish." Finster says as he begins to set up the camera.

"Rito, get out of the way and hold Ms. Applebee in the back of the room." Goldar orders. "I will make the demands."

"But I want to do it. Why can't I?" Rito asks.

"Because Lord Zedd ordered me to." Goldar yells. "He said you get to do it the next time we take someplace hostage."

"Ok then." says Rito as he moves to the back of the room.

"Goldar, I have finished setting up the camera. We are ready to roll whenever you are." Finster says.

"Ok. Now to get in position." Goldar says. "Positions everyone!" he grabs Mr. Caplan by the neck and stands in front of the camera. "Try to look as frightened as you possibly can."

Mr. Caplan, who looks like he is the most scared he has been in the entire life, responds "I won't have any trouble doing that." he says.

"Ok. Finster we're ready to roll." Goldar says.

"Good. We're on the air in five...four...three..." Finster says as he begins the countdown. "two...one...we're on the air."

"Citizens of Angel Grove, my name is Goldar. I and the forces of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa have taken control of Angel Grove High School. I am here to inform you that if the Turbo Rangers do not surrender themselves and their morphers within 12 hours, we will kill everyone in the high school, starting with the principle!" Goldar says evilly. "If the Power Rangers try to launch a rescue attempt, we will kill everyone in the high school. Rangers, unless you want to see these humans die, meet our demands. You have 12 hours. Good-bye."

"I've shut off the camera." Finster says. "Now that my work is done here, I'll be heading back to the palace." he continues as he disappears with the camera.

"Well, now all we have to do is wait until those pesky Rangers surrender their morphers to us and then take over the planet." Rito says.

"Yeah, but knowing them, I have I feeling it won't be that easy." says Goldar.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 2, 1998: 10:30 a.m.
Professor Phenomenus' Lab

Bulk and Skull are sitting in a corner, watching the battle of the monster they released with the Power Rangers. They watch how it throws the Pink Ranger into the air.

"Oh man." Skull says. "This is all our fault."

"I know." Bulk adds. "I just hope the Power Rangers can defeat it."

They then watch as the Red Ranger charges it with his sword but instead is pushed into a wall.

"Skull, if the Rangers are defeated, it will be our fault. We have to help them somehow." Bulk says.

"But how? If the Rangers are losing, what help can we be?" asks Skull.

The two then watch as the Rangers summon their Turbine Laser and fire it at the monster, only to have its' energy redirected at them. They then see the monster capture the Rangers in a crystal.

"Oh no! Now what will we do?" asks Bulk.

Just then the signal is interrupted and Goldar appears on the screen. They watch as he makes his demands.

"Oh great, another problem we helped caused." Skull says.

"Come on, Skull. This is no time to panic." Bulk says. "Let's go in the other room, maybe Professor Phenomenus has been able to decipher the writing on that chest the monster was in by now."

"Good idea, Bulkie." Skull says as the two enter the room in which Professor Phenomenus is working.

"How's it coming, Professor?" Bulk asks.

"Well, deciphering language is not my specialty but I think I have managed to decipher the writing." Professor Phenomenus says. "It reads 'Warning to all who would open this chest, inside contains the monster Solvar, chief servant to Dark Specter. If released and not recaptured within 24 hours of his release, he will become unstoppable. But beware, the only one who can recapture is those who released it."

"Oh boy." Skull says.

"That means, if we don't recapture it by tomorrow, 10 am..." Bulk says.

"The world is doomed." Professor Phenomenus concludes.

"Well, we have more bad news. You remember how we said we had to aliens living with us for 10 months before they turned on us?" Bulk asks as the Professor nods. "Well now one, possibly both, have taken control of Angel Grove High School and is threatening to kill everyone inside unless the Turbo Rangers surrender their morphers within 12 hours."

"So, that's the Rangers' problem, not yours." Professor Phenomenus says.

"But the Rangers were captured by Solvar." Skull says.

"Well in that case, it's up to us to save Angel Grove." the Professor says.

"Wait a minute." Bulk says. "You're saying that the three of us have to save Angel Grove High School, rescue the Power Rangers, and defeat Solvar, a monster that not even the Power Rangers could beat, all in under 24 hours?" he asked.

"Yes." the Professor answers.

"Oh boy!" Skull exclaims.

"Now come, we have preparations to make." Professor Phenomenus says as he walks towards the main room of the lab.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 2, 1998: 6:00 p.m.
Professor Phenomenus' Lab

Bulk and Skull watch Professor Phenomenus as he works on some gadget. "Come on, Professor. You've been working on this equipment, all day." Bulk says.

"Ah, it is finally done." says Professor Phenomenus as he holds up some scientific looking device.

"Good." Skull says. "Um, what is it?"

"It is a Tenga sound refibulator modulation shockwave device." Professor Phenomenus answers.

"Well what does it do?" asks Bulk.

"It will emit a sound that will make the Tengas guarding the prisoners flee." Professor Phenomenus says.

"Um, that's good." Bulk starts. "But the last I heard from the news, the police did a check on the school by looking through the windows and there are at least a hundred putties, a monster as well as and Rito and Goldar in addition to the Tengas. What about them?"

"I know that. I follow the news." Professor Phenomenus continues. "The monster is outside the school, once the Tengas are gone we should be able to slip by it with no problem. As for the putties, they have an exploitable weakness. Just hit the Z mark on their chest and their history."

"But what about Rito and Goldar?" asks Skull.

"For them, I have devised a doozy of a plan." the Professor explains. "This is what we'll do." the Professor then proceeds to explain his plan to Bulk and Skull.

"Hmm, it just might work." Bulk says.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 2, 1998: 7:00 p.m.
Angel Grove High School

"Hey Goldie, I don't get it. I would have thought that those Power Rangers would have turned themselves in hours ago." Rito says.

"I know, I wonder where they are?" Goldar asks.

Just then Lord Zedd and Rita appear. "Those Rangers still haven't shown up yet?" Lord Zedd asks.

"Not yet." Goldar replies.

"Then they must be up to something." Rita says. "Be extra careful, they'll probably make some move to rescue the hostages soon. Their time is almost up."

"Yes, but soon we'll have the Earth under our control and then Dark Specter will take over the universe!" Lord Zedd laughs. "Come my evil wife, back to the Palace to prepare the armies." he laughs as the two teleports out.

"Well Mr. Caplan, it looks like the Rangers are going to mount a rescue attempt soon. If they do, you'll be the first to go." Goldar says.

"You'll never get away with this." Mr. Caplan says.

"Oh, but we will." Goldar replies.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 2, 1998: 7:30 p.m.
Outside Angel Grove High School

Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus are near the school, dressed in black, preparing for the rescue of the students and teachers. (Imagine the theme of Mission Impossible playing in the background.) "Ok. You two, you know the plan?" Professor Phenomenus asks his two assistants.

"You have the..." Skull says and then looks at the paper in his hand "Tenga sound refibulator modulation shockwave device?"

"Yes." Professor Phenomenus responds. "Now get rid of the plan sheet."

"Right." Skull says as he eats the paper.

"Man, you two have seen two many spy movies." Professor Phenomenus says. "You ready?"

"Yes." Bulk responds.

"Just give the word." Skull says.

"Ok, begin operation save Angel Grove High, now!" the professor orders.

Bulk and Skull then take the Tenga sound refibulator modulation shockwave device and head for the school. As soon as they meet up with six Tengas guarding the entrance they activate the device. The Tengas cover their eyes in pain and then all two dozen Tengas guarding the outside of the school teleport away.

"All right!" Bulk yells. "It works!"

A little further down the school, Professor Phenomenus runs towards the Vampirus monster. "Hey you." he says as he throws a brick at the monster. "I bet you can't catch me, you pathetic excuse for a monster."

"All right, now you've made me mad. Prepare to be destroyed." Vampirus says.

Professor Phenomenus then gets into his van and drives away as quickly as possible with the monster running after him. "Hey, you come back here! I have to destroy you!" Vampirus yells as he chases the van.

Bulk and Skull watch and then enter the school. They enter the first room and see 12 Tengas as well as 10 putties guarding about 30 students who are tied up.

"All right Skull. On the count of three." Bulk says. "One, two, three!"

Bulk then activates the Tenga sound refibulator modulation shockwave device, which sends the Tengas in the room teleporting away. The ten putties then turns toward the two intruders. Bulk seeing his predicament takes out one of the tennis ball guns in his pack. Skull does the same. They start firing tennis balls at the putties, aiming for the Z mark. After a minute, all ten putties' Z marks have been hit and they explode with a bang.

Bulk and Skull then runs over to the students to untie them. After a minute they are all untied. "Hey who are you two? You saved us." one of the students says.

"Thank you. How can we repay you?" asks another.

"Never mind that." Bulk says. "Just get out of here, we have to free the other students. We've already taken care of the troops guarding the outside and we have to finish our work before reinforcements arrive."

"Right. You two got it." says the student. "Come on follow me." he says as all the students head towards the exit.

Bulk and Skull repeat this maneuver 30 more times over the couple of hours until everyone is free except for Mr. Caplan and Ms. Applebee.

"Well Bulk, we defeated all the putties and Tengas and freed all the captives except for Mr. Caplan and Ms. Applebee." Skull says.

"I know Skull." Bulk says. "This is the most dangerous part of the mission. If you want to leave, now is the time."

"I'm not leaving. We kept those two as pets once and now we have to own up to the consequences." Skull says. "Look on the bright side, Bulkie. At least we'll go down as the ones who saved Angel Grove High School."

"Wrong, we still have to deal with Solvar. If we don't recapture him the Earth will be destroyed." Bulk says.

"Oh yeah. I forgot about that." Skull says. "Well you better get going. I'll be in position in about two minutes. After that amount of time begin the final part of operation save Angel Grove High."

"Right." Bulk says.

Skull goes off into the position for the final part of their plan, while Bulk waits for two minutes. Once the two minutes are up, Bulk runs up to Rito, Goldar, and the two remaining Tengas. Rito and Goldar look at each other in surprise.

"All right you two, surrender right now. I have defeated your army and freed all the hostages." Bulk says.

"What?!?!" shouts Rito, Goldar, Mr. Caplan, and Ms. Applebee simultaneously, all of them apparently shocked.

"How could you do that?" Goldar asks. "Rito check on the prisoners."

Rito then teleports out and after a minute he teleports back in. "They're right Goldar, all the prisoners are gone." he says still shocked.

"But how did you do it?" Goldar asks raising his swords.

"Like this." Bulk says stepping aside revealing the Tenga sound refibulator modulation shockwave device which he hid behind him. He activates it, which sends the final two Tengas fleeing. "This is a Tenga sound re- something that makes Tengas flee with pain. It was designed by my good friend, Professor Phenomenus." he says.

"But...But, what about the putties and Vampirus?" Goldar asks.

Bulk then takes out his tennis gun and fires it. "I blasted the putties' weak spot with this tennis gun." he says. "And as for Vampirus, Professor Phenomenus has lured him away."

"Well, I must admit you two certainly have become more clever since last we met." Rito says.

"You three know each other?" Mr. Caplan asks dumbfounded.

"Yes, but it is a long story. One that doesn't concern a dead man." Goldar says. "Now for Bulk's treachery and interference you will all die."

Goldar raises his sword and prepares to strike Mr. Caplan. "You will be first." he says.

"NO!!!" screams Bulk as he charges Goldar, causing him to drop his sword. But Goldar grabs Bulk by the neck and starts to strangle him.

"Did you really think you could beat me human?" Goldar asks.

"As a matter of fact, yes." Bulk says. "Now Skull!" he screams.

Then from behind a corner, Skull presses a button which causes several fireworks rockets to fire. One of them hits Goldar, causing him to drop Bulk. Rito also is surprised causing him to be distracted.

Bulk immediately takes charge of the situation. "Mr. Caplan, Ms. Applebee, run!!" he screams. The two of them obey and run around the corner where they meet up with Skull. The four of them then runs toward the exit and leave the school. The four of them then join up with the police force down the road. They meet up with the police chief who is relieved to have all the students safe and accounted for.

"Well everyone in the school has been accounted for, except for Justin Stewart, Lenny Hamurt, Ralph Cunningham, and Jack White." the chief says. "We'll send a search party out for them, they may have found a hiding places in the school when the monsters attacked. If I may ask how did you escape?"

"It was those two." one of the students says pointing to Bulk and Skull.

"You two?" asks the surprised chief. "How did you two manage to rescue an entire High School full of people and defeat an army of evil monsters."

"Well, it wasn't easy but we owe it all to the training of Lt. Stone's teachings during the time we were on the Junior Police Patrol." Bulk says.

"That and the help of our new boss, Professor Phenomenus who built us a device to deal with the Tengas but that still left us with the putties and Goldar and Rito to deal with..." Skull says.

"Well regardless of how you did it," Mr. Caplan starts as he steps towards Bulk and Skull "Angel Grove owes you a debt of gratitude that we can never repay. On behalf of Angel Grove High School, I thank you. I'm very proud of you two."

"Thank you, Mr. Caplan." Bulk says shaking his hand.

"Um, excuse me Bulkie but we have to get going. We only have 12 hours left to complete our other assignment." Skull says.

"What are you talking about?" asks the principle.

"No time to explain now. Just take care of the students. We have more work to do, come Skull to the Professor Phenomenus' Laboratory." Bulk says.

"Right behind you, Bulk." Skull says following his partner.

The police chief just shakes his head in amazement "Who would have thought that those two would be responsible for rescuing Angel Grove High School and saving hundreds of people from the clutches of evil space aliens?" asks the surprised chief.

"Certainty not me." the principle says. "Those two have sure grown a lot from the two bullies who came into my high school 5 years ago."

"You got that right." says a still traumatized Ms. Applebee.

"I wonder what their other assignment is?" the principle asks.

"You got me." says the police chief as he went back to calm down the students.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 2, 1998: 10:30 p.m.
Professor Phenomenus' Lab

Bulk and Skull enter the professor's lab feeling exhausted from the day's activities. They find the Professor there waiting for them. "Ah, boys you're back. I heard from the news that you saved the high school. You are being praised as heroes." Professor Phenomenus says.

"That's good." Bulk says. "But how did you manage to get rid of Vampirus?"

"He stopped chasing me around 10 p.m., according to the equipment in my van, he teleported back to the moon. His masters probably recalled him because their plans failed." the Professor says.

"That's good news." Skull says. "But what about Solvar? How are we going to stop him?" he asks.

"That is a tough question." the Professor answers as he ponders over the question. "Yes that is the solution." he says as an idea comes to him.

"What is it?" asks Bulk.

"No time to explain that now." the Professor says. "For now you two should get some sleep, you've had a long day." he then takes two helmets out of a closet and hands them to Bulk and Skull. "Use these helmets, they will help you sleep better and you will need all your strength in the morning to defeat Solvar."

"Good idea, Professor." Bulk says as he and Skull puts on the helmets.

"Yeah, we'll be in the sleeping quarters if you need us." Skull says as they exit the room.

"Now to build the most advanced portable weapon known to man in less than ten hours." Professor Phenomenus says as he starts his work. "Sometimes I wish I took that job at NASADA."

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 2, 1998: 10:00 p.m.
Lunar Palace

"My Lord, my Queen, I have just received news concerning the Turbo Rangers." Finster said as he excitedly entered the throne room.

"What is it?" Lord Zedd asked. "Have they surrendered yet?"

"No." Finster replies. "It seems that those two idiot humans, Bulk and Skull, have released Solvar. Solvar was Dark Specter's former chief servant before he was captured in a magic chest by a group of Power Rangers. Those two found the chest and released Solvar."

"And let me guess, the Rangers are so busy defeating Solvar, they don't even know about the High School hostage situation?" asks Rita.

"No, my Queen." Finster says.

"What do you mean, 'no'" Rita asks.

"I mean that the Rangers were captured by Solvar shortly before we took the High School hostage." Finster answers.

"Ah, this is excellent. Now to contact Rito and Goldar..." Lord Zedd says as an injured Rito and Goldar enter the throne room.

"What happened to you two?" asks Rita. "I would say the Power Rangers, but they were captured by one of Dark Specter's henchmen hours ago."

"Um.. well... you see... it's like this." started Goldar looking nervous.

"Um, we were beaten." Rito says.

"Beaten? By who?" asks Lord Zedd.

"Um..." Goldar says but is interrupted by Squatt and Baboo running into the throne room.

"We know a secret! We know a secret!" Baboo laughs.

"Yeah." Squatt says.

"What is it?" asks Lord Zedd.

"No, you have to guess." Baboo says.

"I'm guessing that if you don't tell me in five seconds, you'll be cinder blocks." says Lord Zedd starting to glow red.

"Angel Grove High School was freed by Bulk and Skull." Squatt quickly replies.

"Bulk... and Skull?" Rita asked surprise in her voice. "You two were defeated by Bulk and Skull?"

"Well, let us explain." Goldar began.

"No." answers Lord Zedd. "I've been watching those two for a long time now and they always manage to find trouble and get out of it. They're almost as persistent as the Power Rangers but that's about to change."

"What do you mean?" asks Goldar.

"Simple, those two released Solvar and if they don't recapture him by 10 a.m. tomorrow, he'll become invincible and the Turbo Rangers will be destroyed. If Bulk and Skull somehow manage to get the upper hand in the fight, I'll make Solvar grow." Lord Zedd explains.

"And without zords, not even those two idiots could bumble their way out of that situation." Rita finishes.

"Exactly. Tomorrow Earth will be ours." Zedd says as everyone in the Lunar Palace begins to laugh.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 3, 1998: 8:00 a.m.
Professor Phenomenus' Lab

Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus are gathered in the main room, with the professor putting the final touches on the laser. "Ok boys, I have designed this weapon to defeat the monster. According to my calculations once the monster is defeated, it will return to the chest from whence it came. But it can only be defeated by the ones who released it, meaning you two have to operate the laser." Professor Phenomenus explains.

"Um, but what will happen to the Rangers?" Skull asked.

"Yeah, they're trapped inside that monster's crystal." Bulk says.

"Well, from my study of the Rangers' past battles, they should be released once the monster is defeated." Professor Phenomenus answers.

"But what happens if we lose?" Bulk asks.

"Then the world is doomed." Professor Phenomenus answers grimly.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 3, 1998: 8:10 a.m.
Professor Phenomenus' Van

Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus are driving the van throughout Angel Grove with Skull driving the van and Bulk and Professor Phenomenus operating the tracking equipment. "Ok, according to these readings, Solvar should be somewhere around here." Professor Phenomenus says.

Skull stops the van as he sees the creature firing on a hospital in front of them. "There he is." he yells.

"Ok. Let's do it." Bulk says.

"Ok." Skull says nervously.

Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus exit the van and head towards the monster. Skull, who is carrying the laser yells at the monster. "Hey, you two bit excuse for a monster, come over here and get me."

Solvar turns toward the group and starts to head over to them. "Ah, so if it isn't the two creatures who released me. Pretty fancy laser there boys but you can't stop me." he laughs.

"We'll see about that. Skull fire the laser." Bulk says.

"Um, how do I do that?" Skull asks.

Professor Phenomenus goes over to Skull. "This dial" Professor says as he points to a dial. "controls the power level, the higher you turn it, the more power is fired. This button." he says pointing to a button "fires the laser."

"Now fire it!" Bulk yells as the monster gets closer.

"Right." Skull says as he fires the laser at the monster. The energy beam hits Solvar but he seems unaffected by it.

"More Power! More Power!" Bulk and Professor Phenomenus yells at the same time.

"Right, more power." Skull says, he increases the power on the laser until it is at maximum. The monster still seems unaffected by it.

"Bulkie, it's not working!" Skull yells.

The monster then raises his sword and fires a laser beam at the three causing them to run to the side and duck.

"I know what's wrong." Professor Phenomenus says.

"What? Tell us quickly." Bulk says.

"Well, you two both released the monster, so in order to defeat it you must both be touching the laser when it fires." he explains.

"It's worth a try." Bulk says.

"Let's do it." Skull says.

Bulk and Skull then get up, both of them grabbing the laser and then turns toward Solvar.

"Ha, you trying that laser again, well it doesn't work so don't bother trying." Solvar taunts.

"You're going down, Solvar." Bulk says.

"Yeah." Skull agrees.

"Phenomenus Laser, fire full power now!" Bulk and Skull say in unison as they fire the laser, causing the monster to fall down and explode.

"All right!" Bulk says.

"We did it! We saved Angel Grove!" Skull says happily.


Lunar Palace

Same Time

Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, who have been watching the battle in their palace see the monster, Solvar, go down. The two bring their staffs together as the staffs begin to glow with lightning. "Ok, make our monster grow." they say evilly.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Angel Grove
Same Time

The lightning from Zedd and Rita's staffs hit the monster just as it is about to return to the chest, causing it to be reenergized and to grow to giant proportions.

"This is not good." observes Skull.

Solvar raises his foot and prepared to crush Bulk and Skull with it.

"Run, Skull." Bulk says as the two drop the laser and run out of the way, just avoiding the giant foot of Solvar that crushes the laser instead of the two of them.

"If any divine powers are listening to us, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Skull yells. The three are then transported away in three flashes of white light.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 3, 1998: 8:10 a.m.
Command Chamber

Alpha-5 and the Blue Senturion teleport in to the empty command base.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi." Alpha exclaims. "It's sure good to be back on Earth."

"Yes, it is." Blue Senturion says.

The two then notice that the alarm is going off. Alpha goes over to the control console to see what the matter is. "Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi, according to these readings Solvar has been released and has captured the Turbo Rangers. According to the database, if he isn't defeated by 10 a.m. he will become invincible. It also says that Solvar can only be defeated by the ones who freed it."

"Can you determine who freed it?" asks the Blue Senturion.

"Yes." Alpha answers and then pauses as he checks the readouts. "Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi, according to the sensors, Solvar was freed by.... Bulk and Skull."

"Can you bring them up on the viewing globe." the intergalactic police officer asks.

"Sure thing." Alpha says as he brings up Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus on the screen. They watch as the three go to face Solvar with Professor Phenomenus' laser. They sigh in relieve as the two deliver the final blow to Solvar but then panic when they see the monster grow.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi, I have to teleport them here." Alpha says as he goes to the teleportation controls. "He punches some buttons and a few seconds later Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus land in the Command Chamber.

Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus become disoriented for a few seconds but they quickly look around to take a look at their surroundings.

Bulk is the first to speak. "Who..Who are you and where are we?" he asks.

"Don't worry, you're in the Power Rangers' command base. My name is Alpha-5 and this is the Blue Senturion." Alpha explains.

"Yeah, I recognize the Blue Senturion. I saw him helping the Rangers a few times." Skull says. "But why did you wait until now to help us?"

"Well, we were on another planet. It's a long story." Alpha begins.

"Another planet?" Professor Phenomenus asked excitedly. "Can you tell me what it was like?"

"We don't have time for that, Professor. If we don't defeat Solvar in less then an hour and a half, the Earth is doomed." Bulk says.

"I know." Alpha says. "I'm afraid you two are the only ones who can defeat it."

"But how can we defeat that monster?" Skull says. "It's giant size now."

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi, you're right." Alpha-5 says. "The only hope you have is to pilot the Rangers' Megazords and defeat it that way."

"Us?" Bulk starts in surprise.

"Pilot the Megazords?" Skull asks. "Cool."

"Yeah." Bulk adds.

"Don't get so excited, I won't be able to give you any Ranger powers, so you'll have to pilot them manually. Blue Senturion will go with Skull in the Turbo Megazord and I'll go with Bulk in the Rescue Megazord. The two of us will show you how to operate them but you'll have to use the controls."

"Um, what about me?" Professor Phenomenus asks.

"Computer, grant Professor Phenomenus level one access to all files dealing on aliens." Alpha-5 says.

"Oh, boy. Thank you, how can I ever repay you?" Professor Phenomenus asks.

"Just don't access any restricted files and in the future try not to mess around with alien objects you don't understand, without checking with us first." Alpha says.

"You got it." the Professor says as he goes to the computer display screen while Bulk, Skull, Alpha-5, and the Blue Senturion teleport out of the Power Chamber into the zord bay.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 3, 1998: 9:00 a.m.
Zord Bay

Alpha goes to a control console. "I'm going to initiate the Megazords automatic transformation sequence." Alpha says as he punches a few buttons.

After he presses the buttons, the Turbozords and Artillatron leave the bay and head for the city. The zords begin the transformation sequence and transform into the Turbo Megazord and Rescue Megazord.

"Transformation sequence complete, let's go." Alpha says as the four teleport to the zords' cockpits.

Bulk and Alpha-5 land in the Rescue Megazord while Skull and the Blue Senturion land in the Turbo Megazord. Bulk and Skull look at the controls in amazement. "Cool." Skull says.

In the Rescue Megazord, Alpha hits a button. "There I've just activated an open com-link to the Turbo Megazord. Now we'll be in constant contact with them." Alpha says.

"Good. Now how do you work these controls." Bulk says as he takes the wheel of the Megazord causing the right arm to slam into a building. "Oops." he says.

Meanwhile in the Turbo Megazord, Skull takes the controls and hits a few buttons causing the Turbo Megazord to go up to the monster. He presses a few buttons which causes missile compartments in the fingers of the zord to open up and fire 10 missiles. 5 of the missiles go up into outer space, while the other 5 hit the monster. He then proceeds to use the Megazord to punch and kick the monster.

"Hey Bulk," Skull begins. "I think I know how to use this thing. Just think of the Megazord as a video game.

"Good idea." Bulk says. "Ok, let's see what this button does." Bulk presses a button which causes the zord to summon two guns, which fire at the monster.

"Ok, guys. It's getting late, time to finish this." the Blue Senturion says.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi. He's right we have less than 30 minutes to finish this guy. It's time for you two to summon the zords finishing moves." Alpha says.

"Ok. Let's do it." Bulk says. "Ready, Skull?"

"You got it Bulk." Skull says. "Turbo Megazord Spinout!" he says, pressing a button that summons the sword. The Megazord goes in for the final attack and the sword hits the monster, filling it with energy.

"Artillery Power, Now!" Bulk shouts. Artillatron appears behind the Megazord and the two cannons go from the carrier zord to the arms of the Rescue Megazord. The cannons fire hitting the monster but when the attack is done, the monster is still standing.

Solvar laughs. "Ha boys, is that the best you can do?" he taunts.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi." Alpha-5 exclaims. "Now what?"

"Hey I know what's wrong. For the laser to work, we both had to be using it for it to work. Maybe we have to use the Megazords the same way." Skull says.

"Great idea, Skull." Bulk looks at the control consoles. "Hmm, what's this button marked 'Press to combine Turbo and Rescue Megazords'?" he asks.

"I don't know, there's one here too." Skull says. "Let's press them and see what happens."

"Ok." Bulk says as he and Skull simultaneously press the buttons. This causes the Megazords to disconnect and the Red Lightning and Mountain Blaster Turbozords to combine with the Thunder Loader, Wind Rescue, and Star Racer Rescuezords to recombine forming the Tubo-Rescue Megazord. Bulk, Skull, the Blue Senturion, and Alpha-5 then all appear in the cockpit of the zord.

"Hmm, now we know what that button does." Skull says.

"Yeah we do." Bulk says.

"You two, we're running out of time. You must both operate the controls and use this zords' weapons to defeat the monster," Blue Senturion says.

"Right." Bulk and Skull say in unison. "Spinout!" they say in unison as the sword appears on the Megazord and the zord goes into the spinout maneuver. The sword hits Solvar, who appears to be hurt.

"No! Ok, this time I'm angry." Solvar says as he blasts a large beam of energy at the zords.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi. The shield, the shield! Activate the shield!" Alpha says panicking.

"Right." Skull says and looks for the button. "Where's the shield button?"

"Right here." Bulk says pressing the shield button just as the energy beam hits the Megazord. The shield activates with the energy beam hitting it and dispersing harmlessly.

"Man that was a close call. Ok Skull, let's finish this once and for all!" Bulk says.

"You got it, Bulk." Skull agrees.

"Artillery Power, Now!" they command causing the two cannons to attach on the Megazord. "Fire, Now!" they say as the cannons fire, hitting Solvar.

Solvar then begins to explode with energy. "No! It can't end like this! You can't defeat me! I'm invincible!" Solvar then falls to the ground. "I'll be back! You two haven't seen the last of me!" Solvar then explodes and returns to the chest which is in Professor Phenomenus' van.

"All right we did it!" Bulk and Skull shout.

"Yes, you did. But what about the Power Rangers?" Alpha asks.

"I don't know. We better go see if they reappeared." Bulk says.

The four of them then teleport to the ground and look around for the Rangers. They spot five colors of light as the Rangers appear.

"Oh man. What happened?" the Red Ranger asks. "I feel like I've been through a blender."

"Wait, I remember. We were trapped by Solvar." the Pink Ranger says. "But how did we escape?"

"Um, that's a long story." Bulk says as he, Skull, Alpha-5, and the Blue Senturion walks up to the Rangers. "We're sorry if we caused you any trouble, me and Skull sort of opened up an ancient chest and released the monster that trapped you."

"That's ok. There's no way you could have known that it contained a monster." the Yellow Ranger says.

"But that still leaves the question of how we got free." the Blue Ranger says.

"Simple we defeated the monster and recaptured the monster." Skull says.

"You two," the Green Ranger begins. "defeated a monster?"

"Yes." Bulk says.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi, it's a long story." Alpha says. "Let's teleport back to the Command Chamber and we'll tell you all about it."

"Ok." the Red Ranger says still a little bit shocked.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 3, 1998: 10:30 a.m.
Command Chamber

After Bulk and Skull finish explaining their story of the past 24 hours, all the Rangers stand in shock.

"You three have done an excellent job." the Red Ranger says. "You saved Angel Grove High School and stopped a monster from destroying the world."

Just then the Blue Senturion teleports in carrying the chest that contains Solvar. "I'll be sure to put this in a safe place where no one has a chance of accidentally releasing Solvar again." the intergalactic cop says.

"That will be fine with us." Bulk says.

"Yeah, now if you don't mind, can we please go home?" Skull asks. "We're not used to saving the world and would like to go to sleep.. for a week."

"That sounds good." Bulk agrees.

"All right." the Red Ranger says. "Alpha, teleport them home."

"You got it, J...uh Red Ranger." Alpha says as he goes to the teleportation console.

"Remember if you ever need help saving the world again be sure to contact us." Bulk says.

"We will." the Red Ranger says as the Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus disappear in three flashes of white light.

"Power down!" all the Rangers say in unison.

"Bulk and Skull, saving the planet." Lt. Stone says in amazement. "I still don't believe it."

"I know, it's hard to believe but they have grown a lot since I first met them." Jason says.

"Well, it's like my dad says." Justin begins. "My Dad!! Oh no! He must be worried sick with the high school being taken hostage."

"You're right." Emily says.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi." Alpha-5 says. "Don't worry I have a plan." he says as he moves over to the control consoles.

"What is it, Alpha?" Justin asks frantically. "Tell me quickly."

"According to police reports, four students, including Justin, are still missing." Alpha says. "According to my scanners, they are hiding in secret areas of the school. They were probably hiding from Lord Zedds' forces when they took control of the school. I could teleport Justin into an unoccupied hiding spot and then send the Blue Senturion to find him and the other missing students."

"That's great. Do it." Justin says. Alpha goes over to the console and teleports Justin out.

"Blue Senturion here is a list of where all the students are hiding. You can go there and find them." Alpha says.

"Right." the Blue Senturion says as he teleports out.

"Well, I have to get going too. I have to be on Patrol." Lt. Stone says as he teleports out.

"Well we should get going too. Bye, Alpha." Jason says as he and Emily teleport out.

"What about you, Trini?" Alpha asks.

"Well, I'm living here until I could find a job in town. I think I'll go to the Youth Center and check out the want ads." Trini says as she leaves the Command Chamber.

Alpha then goes over to the control console to run some scans. He then looks up at the empty ion-tube. "Don't worry, Zordon. The Space Rangers are coming to find you, I just hope they find you soon." he says.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 3, 1998: 10:45 a.m.
Angel Grove High School

Thirty police officers swarm the school looking for the four missing students. The scared parents of the missing children were also there to help with the search. Then in the middle of the chaos, the Blue Senturion appeared in the middle of the scene.

"Blue Senturion." says one of the police officers.

"Hello, officer. May I be of assistance?" the Blue Senturion asks.

"Sure thing. Four of the students are missing, we think they hid somewhere in the school when those monsters took it over." the officer explains.

"Well, I think I know where to look." the Blue Senturion says as he goes off to look for the students.

Ten minutes later, the Blue Senturion had found all four missing students. Justin ran to his dad.

"Justin, are you ok?" Mr. Stewart asks.

"Yes, dad. I'm fine. I hid in one of the janitor's closets when those monsters appears." Justin says. "I got locked in there."

"Well, I'm just glad you're ok." Mr. Stewart says. "Come on, let's take you home. You must have had one tiring day."

"You can say that again." Justin says.

Just then Mr. Caplan walks up. "Attention everyone, due to the school being taken hostage I have decided to give the students and teachers the rest of the week off to rest. Also, when we come back we will be dedicating a monument to Bulk and Skull, who rescued us. I was just informed by the mayor that the reason the Power Rangers couldn't rescue us was because they were attacked by an unknown monster." he says.

Justin looks surprised, since he isn't supposed to know what happened "Bulk and Skull saved the high school?" he asks.

"It's a long story, son. I'll tell it to you on the way home." Mr. Stewart says.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 3, 1998: 11:00 a.m.
Angel Grove Youth Center

Trini is talking to Ernie at the counter. "Man, I still can't believe Bulk and Skull saved Angel Grove, twice!" Ernie exclaims.

"Me neither." Trini says. "But those two are full of surprises."

"Still, I never would have that those two could pilot a Megazord." Ernie says. "So, do you see any jobs in the paper you would be interested in?"

"Well this one looks interested. It's a job at a research company that's looking for alternative energy supplies and other environmentally safe ways to produce products. I think I'll give them a call." Trini says.

"Well, I hope you get the job." Ernie says. "You deserve it. You can use my phone for the call."

"Thanks." Trini then gets up and goes to Ernie's phone. She dials the number in the paper and talks for a few minutes.

"Great! I've got an interview for tomorrow, 1 p.m." Trini says.

"That's great!" Ernie exclaims. "Now back to the story. You were saying Bulk and Skull piloted the Turbo and Rescue Megazords?"

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 3, 1998: 11:00 a.m.
Lunar Palace

"Zeddie, I still don't believe that Bulk and Skull defeated our forces and beat Solvar." Rita whines.

"Don't worry, Rita." Lord Zedd says. "This was only phase 1 in Finster's master plan. From here on in, our attacks will only grow bigger until those Rangers will be begging for mercy."

"You're right, Zeddie!" Rita laughs. "Watch out, Emily! Soon you will be wishing that you never became a Power Ranger or even dated one for that matter."

Lord Zedd and Rita then break out into a chorus of evil laughter.

To be Continued in "Love in Space"


The logo of Power Ranges: The Galactic Saga appears.

Announcer: Next time on Power Rangers: The Galactic Saga; the Space Rangers drop the Ninja Rangers off on Eltar. But soon after this, they run into trouble.

Scene switches to NASADA Shuttle being attacked by Veloci Fighters.

Announcer: Astronema decides to divide and conquer.

Scene switches to Astronema plotting on her Dark Fortress.

Astronema: Ha. I'll get those puny Rangers by using their compassion against them. I'll create a disaster on some planet and also send out a fake distress signal to lure their shuttle away from the Megaship.

Announcer: Andros and Ashley are trapped on the damaged shuttle.

Scene switches to Ashley and Andros on the shuttle.

Andros: Ashley, the shuttle is damaged, communications are gone, life support is almost gone, and Astronema has set up a jamming field preventing us from morphing.

Announcer: Meanwhile, the Phantom Ranger shows up to help the Space Rangers.

Scene switches to the Phantom Ranger, Cassie, Carlos, TJ, and Alpha.

Cassie: Phantom Ranger!

Announcer: And an asteroid threatens to destroy an entire planet.

Scene switches to a giant asteroid on a collision course with a planet. The scene then switches to Alpha-6 at a control panel.

Alpha: Yo. Yo. Yo. There is a population of 3 billion humanoids on that planet and if we don't stop the asteroid, the entire population will be killed.

Scene switches back to logo of Power Ranges: The Galactic Saga.

Announcer: Can the Rangers save the population of the planet and get back in time to save Ashley and Andros? Find out on the next exciting episode of Power Ranges: The Galactic Saga.



This FanFic was written by DECA367, and is posted here with permission.