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NOTE: For this story, when I refer to a Ranger as a Ninja, it means they are in their Ninja outfit. When I refer to a Ranger as Ranger they are in their regular Ranger suit. And when I refer to a Ranger as Metallic Ranger, they are using their Metallic Armor. (If you're confused watch the 'Master Vile and the Metallic Army' mini-series). Also the character of Zara is mine.

(Sorry about the really long delay in this part but just as I was about to complete it, my modem broke and it took 3 weeks for repairs.)

Power Rangers: The Galactic Saga
Part 4: The Resistance Begins
by: Deca367

February 1, 1998: 10:30 a.m.


The seven Rangers and Ninjor arrive in the middle of a street on Eltar, unobserved by anyone.

"OK guys, let's be careful." Tommy says.

"Rangers, we must try to find Dimitria." Ninjor says. "She may have a command base we can use."

"Why don't we just wait for her to find us?" Kimberly asks.

"Because I'm using our magic to protect us from scans." Ninjor says. "Without it, the evil forces will pick us up in a second and send forces after us."

"Oh." Kimberly says.

"So where do we start to look for Dimitria?" Adam asks.

"I don't know." Ninjor says. "We'll just have to keep our ears open."

"Excuse me, but how are we going to remained concealed?" Rocky asks. "I mean the UAE has all of our faces memorized."

"We don't have to worry about that anymore." Sabrina says.

"Why not?" Aisha asks.

"Because, they just found us." Sabrina says in alarm. "Cogs!"

The Rangers and Ninjor all turn around to see several hundred cogs marching towards them. Just then Klank and Orbus appear.

"Ha! Rangers, I'm so glad you're here." Klank says. "Astronema warned us of your arrival and now we will destroy you."

"Oh great." Rocky says. "Now what do we do?"

"We morph and take care of these guys." Tommy says.

"Hold it, Tommy." Ninjor says. "If you use your regular powers, the Machine King will find you in an instant."

"Then how do we beat them?" Aisha asks.

"I said if you use your regular powers, if you use your Ninja Powers, we'll be able to beat them and slip out undetected." Ninjor says.

"Alright." Tommy says.

"Ninja Ranger Power, now!" all the Rangers shout. A second later they are all in their Ninjetti outfits.

"All right let's get rid of these tin grins." the White Ninja says.

The Green Ninja immediately leaps into battle, hitting a surprised Klank. She then pulls out a chip in his head. All of the cogs immediately collapse to the ground, exploding.

Orbus then goes over to Klank and fires a beam of energy at him. Klank then looks around and sees the hundred of short circuited Cogs.

"Alright Sabrina, you think you're pretty smart because of the secrets you learned in the service of Rita Repulsa but you won't get away next time." Klank says as he and Orbus teleport out.

"Sabrina, how did you do that?" asked the Pink Ninja.

"I was Rita Repulsa's henchman for over a century. I learned some information about Klank during that time." the Green Ninja explains. "I learned that when he comes to direct a battle, he switches control of the Cogs to a circuit in his neural net. If you destroy that circuit any Cogs controlled by it explode."

"Good work." Ninjor says. "That was a clever move, but it won't be that easy next time, Klank will come up with a new way of controlling the cogs."

"Well in that case we better get out of here." White Ninja says.

"Power Down!" all the Ninjas say in unison.

"Come on, follow me." Ninjor says as he runs down a street.

"Where are we going?" Aisha asks.

"As far away from here as possible." Ninjor states. "We have to find out where Dimitria is."

Just then the Rangers look over a cliff to see an army of cyborg Eltarians.

"King Mondo is our leader!" the cyborgs shout. "We will obey King Mondo! We will do anything for King Mondo!"

"Guys, I think this could be a problem." says Rocky.

The cyborgs then march on the town firing lasers at innocent civilians.

"Stop! Don't hurt me, I'm unarmed." one of the citizens yelled.

"You're not a cyborg." one of the cyborgs tells her. "You must be given mechanical parts to serve the Master."

Just then they see the Blue Senturion arrives on the scene.

"Cyborg, halt!" the Blue Senturion. "You are in violation of the law. I have no desire to hurt you. Try to remember, you are a citizen of Eltar. You've been brainwashed by King Mondo."

"You lie." the cyborg says. "You are an enemy of the Master. However you are a machine. Programming error! Programming error!"

The Rangers and Ninjor then run up to the Blue Senturion. The Blue Senturion looks surprised to see them.

"Tommy? Adam? Ninjor? What are you doing here?" the intergalactic police officer asks.

"We're here to help free Eltar. Ninjor gave us new Ranger powers and we came here to help you." Tommy says.

"What's his deal?" Adam asks pointing to the cyborg whose electronic parts are short circuiting.

"I'm not sure." the Blue Senturion says. "He said 'You are an enemy of the Master. However you are a machine. Programming error! Programming error!' before he started acting like that."

"That's it." Billy says. "King Mondo must have programmed the cyborgs that he was their master and that all machines are their friends. Since you are a machine and the Master's enemy, it caused a programming conflict."

"And that caused it to short circuit." Adam finishes.

"We need to get him back to Dimitria to see if we can undo the effects of the cyborg transformation." Tommy says.

"Right." Blue Senturion says. "I'll input the teleportation controls."

A moment later the Blue Senturion, the seven Rangers, Ninjor, the cyborg, and the woman who was fleeing from the cyborg teleported away.


February 1, 1998: 11:15 a.m.

Headquarters for the Liberation of Eltar (a.k.a. Command Base)

The headquarters was a large underground compound filled with laser riffles, computers, sensors, some viewing monitors, and jamming devices. There also contains a bay holding the Blue Senturion's Robo Racer. The bay is very large and is empty except for the Robo Racer, leaving plenty of room for other zords.

The main control room is about five times larger then the Power Rangers' Command Chamber on earth. The room contains two ion tubes, which are located at opposite ends of the room from each other. The room also contains viewing screens and tactical display screens, monitoring the movement of the enemy forces.

Dimitria then floats into the main control room and looks over at a tactical report. She hits one of the control buttons to bring up a display of a factory.

"Could things possibly be worse?" Dimitria asks.

"Alpha?!" she yells. "Alpha, where are you?"

Alpha-5 then runs into the room carrying stacks full of paper print-outs. "Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi." he says. "Sorry Dimitria, I was gathering the final bits of information about the arrival of King Mondo. I'm sorry I'm late."

"Is it not ok to be doing your job? Did you not have good reasons for being late?" Dimitria asks as Alpha puts his reports on one of the tables.

"We have to do something." Alpha says. "We need to come up with a plan to free the cyborgs."

"Do we not already know that, Alpha?" Dimitria asks. "Didn't the Blue Senturion just now leave to try and help some cyborgs?"

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi. I know but we still need more help." Alpha says.

Just then the Rangers and company teleport into the base.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi." Alpha-5 started. "Ninjor! Tommy! Kimberly! Aisha! Rocky! Billy! Adam! Sabrina! What are you doing here?"

"You know about Sabrina?" Adam asks.

"Of course, I talk to Ninjor regularly. He told me how well she was doing since she left the Lunar Palace." Alpha-5 says. "But that still leaves the question of what you're doing here."

"Well that's kind of a long story." Tommy says.

"I gave them their Ninja Power Coins back and they're here to help free Eltar." Ninjor says.

"But what about Zordon?" Dimitria asks. "Was it not you who was given the task of rescuing him from Dark Specter?"

"Yes it was." Ninjor says. "But DECA, the wise sorceress, who due to an accident was turned into a computer, has recruited a team of Space Rangers to voyage for the captured Zordon."

"Excuse me." Adam interrupts. "DECA was a real person once?" he asks.

"Yes." Ninjor says. "But due to overusing her powers to save the population of a doomed planet, her body was destroyed and her mind downloaded into the Megaship's computer."

"Who has DECA chosen to take on the Space Powers?" Dimitria asks.

"She has chosen Andros of KO-35 to be the leader." Ninjor explains. "He has recently met with TJ, Carlos, Cassie, and Ashley, who were on their way to Eltar to take on the remaining powers."

"But if the four of them have left their planet, who is defending the Earth against the forces of evil?" Dimitria inquires.

"Justin has remained the Blue Turbo Ranger while new teens have taken up the Turbo Powers." Ninjor says. "Jason is now the Red Turbo Ranger, Emily is the Pink Turbo Ranger, Trini is the Yellow Turbo Ranger, and Lt. Jerome Stone is the Green Turbo Ranger."

"But what about Triforia and Aquitar?" Dimitria asks. "Are they not also in danger?"

"Yes they are but I gave the Aquitian Rangers another power coin to complete their team as well as new weapons and zords." Ninjor says. "And as for Triforia five humans have been sent there to take upon the powers of the ZEO Crystal."

"Who are these people?" Dimitria asks.

"They are David Trueheart, Raymond, Zackary Talyor, Katherine Hillard, and Tanya Sloan." Ninjor says.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi. I hope they'll all be ok." Alpha-5 says.

"Have they not been chosen well? Are not most of them experienced Rangers who have already fought evil before?" Dimitria asks.

"You're right." Alpha says. "But what about the new Rangers, the ones who aren't experienced?"

"Will the experienced Rangers not help the newer ones learn how to be a Ranger?" Dimitria asks.

"Excuse me, Dimitria was it?" Kimberly asks. "But you haven't send a single thing that wasn't a question since we got here."

"Is it not the way of Inquarians to speak only in questions except when there is no other choice?" Dimitria asks.

"I don't know." Kimberly answers.

"Don't worry, Kim." Adam says. "She always talks in questions, except when the new generation of Rangers arrived and she had to teach them the ropes."

"Oh, ok." Kimberly says. "But doesn't that get annoying after awhile?" she asks.

"Annoying, I slammed my fist into a computer console in frustration two days after she arrived." Tommy says. "But you get used to it and she forces you to use your mind to come up with solutions for yourselves."

"Well I'm pleased to meet you." Aisha says. "My name is Aisha."

"Do I not already know you name?" Dimitria asks. "And should we not be concentrating on the cyborgs?"

"You're right." Billy says. "Let's get this one to the scanning table." he says pointing to the cyborg lying on the floor."

"Excuse me." comes a female voice. "My name is Zara."

Everyone turns in surprise to see the young woman they rescued from the cyborgs who had teleported to the Command Base with them.

"Um, thank you for rescuing me from those cyborg creatures." Zara says.

"Your welcome." Tommy says.

"Now, may I ask you a favor?" Zara asks.

"That depends." Tommy says. "What's the favor?" he asks.

"Well, a few days ago, my parents and sister were captured by the aliens who took over our planet." Zara begins to explain. "I fear they will be turned into cyborgs soon, could you please help me rescue them?" she pleads.

"Of course we will." Tommy says "But first we have to analyze this cyborg to see if we can reverse the effects that turned them into cyborgs."

"If we can, we will have a much better chance of freeing your family." Sabrina says.

"Thank you. Thank you." Zara says. "If you do this for me, I will be forever indebted to you."

"No thanks are necessary." Tommy says. "We just want to free Eltar and destroy the monsters who did this."

"Well you can count me in." Zara says. "Everyone on this planet wants Dark Specter and his coalition destroyed."

"But why would you seven complete strangers help free our planet?" Zara asks.

"Because we're the Power Rangers." Tommy says. "And our job is to help people who are in trouble."

"Power Rangers?" Zara asks in surprise. "I've heard stories about the Power Rangers but I've never seen one. Eltar hasn't had need of Power Rangers since the last great war with Dark Specter over 20,000 years ago."

"Well we're here now and we're going to free it." Tommy says.

Alpha then walked over to a control console and tapped a button. "Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi. This is terrible."

"What is wrong, Alpha?" asks Dimitria.

"Yeah, what is it?" Aisha asks.

"It's terrible." Alpha says. "Activating monitor."

The Rangers, Alpha, Dimitria, Zara, Ninjor, and the Blue Senturion then all turned their attention to the monitor. What they saw shocked them. On the viewing screen were Cogs, Putties, Tengas, Pirahnatrons, Chromites, Quantrons, and monsters rounding up terrified citizens, who were trying to flee them.

"We have to stop those monsters." Tommy says.

"But won't that alert the armies to our presence?" Rocky asks.

"We already met Klank and Orbus. That means that King Mondo probably already knows we're here." Sabrina says.

"Wait...how do you know King Mondo is here?" Aisha asks.

"Are not Klank and Orbus the chief servants of King Mondo?" Dimitria asks. "And is it not the Machine Empire who would be the logical choice to send to turn people into cyborgs?"

"Right." Tommy says. "Where there's Klank and Orbus, King Mondo, Queen Machina, and Prince Sprocket can't be far behind."

"But why them? I thought they broke away from the UAE." Rocky says.

"They did, but after they were blown up by Zedd and Rita, as well as that whole Louie Kaboom squandering of the Machine Forces, they were forced to rejoin." Alpha explains.

"Ok, so Dark Specter must have sent them here to oversee there takeover." Rocky says.

"That is correct." the Blue Senturion says.

"Excuse me, but are you not forgetting the innocent citizens that are being attacked?" Dimitria asks.

"You're right." Tommy says. "It's Morphing Time!"

"Black Ranger Power!" shouts Adam.

"Pink Ranger Power!" shouts Kimberly.

"Blue Ranger Power!" shouts Billy.

"Yellow Ranger Power!" shouts Aisha.

"Red Ranger Power!" shouts Rocky.

"Green Ranger Power!" shouts Sabrina.

"White Ranger Power!" shouts Tommy.

A moment later the Rangers morph and they as well as the Blue Senturion, Ninjor, and Dimitria teleport out of the Command Base.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi. Be careful out there, guys!" Alpha says.

"Wow! That was cool!" Zara says. "Can we watch the battle on this monitor?"

"Sure." Alpha says. "They're on that screen over there." Alpha says pointing to a monitor showing the Rangers and their allies arriving at the scene of the monsters.


February 1, 1998: 11:30 a.m.

Eltarian Planetary Capital-Machine Palace

King Mondo is reviewing the report Klank had given him.

"Ah, so that pesky Ninjor has brought his Rangers here to Eltar. Well if he thinks that some Rangers are going to free Eltar, he has another think coming." King Mondo says.

"Right, pop." Prince Sprocket says. "What evil plan are we going to use to stop them?" he asks.

"Only the evilest, my son." King Mondo says.

"Oh! Do tell us my mechanical husband." Queen Machina says.

"Simple, I'm creating evil cyborgs out of the citizens of Eltar." King Mondo laughs evilly. "Soon I will turn the entire population of Eltar into mindless cyborgs and no Ranger team in the galaxy would dare destroy innocent civilians."

"Ha." Prince Sprocket laughs. "Those Rangers won't know what hit them."

"Yes." Queen Machina says. "Using the very people the Rangers want to help against them is one of the best ideas you ever had."

"I know it is." King Mondo laughs. "Soon the Rangers will be mindless slaves under my control."

Just then an image of Dark Specter appears. "Not all of them."

"Dark Specter, you honor us with your presence." King Mondo says. "Um, if I may ask what does your majesty mean?"

"Simple, three of the Rangers on that team are to be handed over to me." Dark Specter explains. "Tommy Oliver and Adam Park were two of the Rangers who destroyed my younger brother Maligore. I want to destroy them personally."

"Of course, my lord. Once we capture them they will be sent to you at once." King Mondo says. "Who is the third?"

"Kimberly Ann Hart was also present at my brother's destruction but she was not directly responsible in his death, so you can keep her for yourself." Dark Specter says. "But Sabrina was once Rita's favorite henchman. Rita wants her returned so she can return her to the ways of evil."

"Of course, Grand Monarch. It will be done." King Mondo says.

"Good." Dark Specter says. "The others you may keep for yourself to do with as you see fit."

The image of Dark Specter then disappears.

"Now where was I?" King Mondo asks. "Ah yes, Klank, Orbus, get in here."

Klank and Orbus then come running into the room. "How may we be of service, my lord?" Klank asks.

"Send out a platoon of soldiers to capture the citizens of Rednoda and then turn them into cyborgs." King Mondo orders.

"Aye, my King." Klank says. "It will be done." the two then run off to complete the task.

"Soon Rangers you will be mine." King Mondo laughs.


February 1, 1998: 11:50 a.m.


Citizens run in terror as the monsters grab them to take them to the cyborg factory. Just as things looked hopeless for the citizens the Power Rangers, Ninjor, Dimitria, and the Blue Senturion appear on the scene.

"Monsters, halt!" the Blue Senturion yells. "You are in violation of Eltarian Law, Section 4,567. You are under arrest!"

All of the monsters then turned towards the group. Admiral Abominator turned to face the monsters.

"Um, yeah. We surrender!" Admiral Abominator says sarcastically. "There's 10 of you and 500 of us! Get real!"

"Ten of us?" White Ranger asks as he turns to see Dimitria with them. "Dimitria what are you doing with us?"

"Do not worry Tommy, I'm an Inquarian wizard. I have powerful magic which I can use to defeat these monsters." Dimitria says.

"Hey, you spoke a statement." the Pink Ranger says surprised.

"Did I not already tell you that I can speak in statements when the occasion calls for it?" Dimitria asks.

"Oh cut with the chit chat, already!" Admiral Abominator says. "Monsters, attack!"

With that the monsters, Cogs, Chromites, Tengas, Putties, Putra Pods, Pirahnatrons, and Quantrons started to attack the Rangers and their allies.

One hundred Pirahnatrons and fifty Cogs went after the Red and Black Rangers. They quickly drew their blade blasters but before they could fire, the Pirahnatrons knocked the weapons out of their hands with their sledgehammers. The cogs then started to fire their eye torpedoes at the Rangers causing them to land on the ground. The Pirahnatrons then started to hit them with their sledgehammers at random intervals. The two Rangers fought them off best they could but were heavily outnumbered.

"Man these guys just won't quit." the Black Ranger says.

"I know." the Red Ranger says. "We need more power. Time to summon the Metallic Armor."

"Right." the Black Ranger agrees.

"Metallic Armor Power Up!" the two Rangers shout.

A moment later the Red and Black Rangers were in their Metallic Armor suits.

"Alright!" the Red Metallic Ranger shouted. "Let's try this again."

With that the two Metallic Rangers went back into the fight. The Cogs continued to fire their eye torpedoes at the Rangers but the torpedoes didn't manage to hurt the armor.

The two Metallic Rangers then launched themselves at the soldiers with blinding speed. The troops tried to fight back but the Rangers were too fast in their Metallic Armor.

The Red Metallic Ranger punched twelve Pirahnatrons with his fists. With the Metallic Armor enhancing his powers the Pirahnatrons went down in an instant. He then fired an energy beam from his armor at twenty more Pirahnatrons sending them down for the count. He then summoned his Power Sword and sliced the robotic circuitry of ten Cogs, sending them down of the count.

The Black Metallic Ranger was also engaged in battle with several dozen Cogs. He managed to have all the Cogs surround him in a circle. They then all prepared to fire all of their eye torpedoes at him at once. Just before the Cogs fired the Black Metallic Armor did a flying leap in the air and landed outside the circle of Cogs. It was too late for the Cogs, however, who had already fired their torpedoes, resulting them in being destroyed.

"Ha! You guys never learn." the Black Metallic Ranger says.

"Metallic Armor, Power Down!" the Red and Black Rangers shout, leaving the two Rangers standing in their usual suits.

Meanwhile Ninjor and the Blue Senturion were fighting several legions of putties and Chromites. Ninjor was using his swords to battle the Chromites causing them to fall to the ground. The Blue Senturion was doing an excellent job of destroying the putties. He was firing his Synergizer weapon at the putties' Z mark with excellent precision. Within a few minutes all of the putties and Chromites were reduced to ashes.

"Our work here is done." the Blue Senturion says. "Time to move on."

"Right." Ninjor says as he and the Blue Senturion runs over to the terrified citizens.

"Don't worry. We're here to help you." the Blue Senturion says.

The two then proceeded to try and calm the citizens down.

Meanwhile, the Green, White, Yellow, and Blue Rangers were battling a squadron of Quantrons, Admiral Abominator, and Drill Master.

The Blue Ranger was hitting the Quantrons with his Power Lance. However he was surprised when he was hit by a blast from the Drill Master causing him to fall to the ground. The Green Ranger then ran over and hit Drill Master with her Dragon Dagger. She then fired a beam of green energy from it, causing the monster to fall to the ground.

The Yellow Ranger then helped the Blue Ranger to his feet. The two then summoned their weapons. They then did a flying leap kicking several of the Quantrons to the ground. They then sliced the Quantrons that managed to survive with their weapons.

That left the White Ranger to deal with Admiral Abominator. He summoned his talking sword, Saba, and begin to attack him. The Ranger kicked him once, causing the Admiral to fall to the ground. The Admiral quickly got to his feet and charged the White Ranger. The White Ranger raised his sword, however, and managed to slice the Admiral when he charged him. He managed to get in a lucky shot to the monster's power source, which caused him to explode.

Meanwhile, Dimitria and the Pink Ranger were being attacked by an army of Tengas. Fifty of the Tengas then charged the Pink Ranger causing her to fall to the ground. Dimitria then started to glow red and she then fired several large blasts at the Pink Ranger and Tengas, enveloping them in a bright flash of light. When the light cleared the Pink Ranger stood there, unharmed, with thousands of smoking Tenga feathers laying around. Dimitria then turned towards the other Tengas and started to glow red again. The Tengas immediately got afraid and tried to flee. Another hundred were caught in Dimitria's blast with 15 managing to escape.

"Cool move, Dimitria." the Pink Ranger says. "Could you teach me how to do that?"

"Of course." Dimitria says. "But it will take several months for you to perfect it."

"Well I'm willing to learn it." the Pink Ranger says as ten monsters head for the two.

"Do the forces of evil ever learn?" Dimitria asks. "Kimberly summon your Power Bow but do not fire yet."

The Pink Ranger then summons her Power Bow as Dimitria instructs.

"Kimberly, focus your inner thoughts. Form a mental image of your spirit joining forces with your arrows." Dimitria instructs. "Think of the arrows hitting the monsters causing them to explode. Use your inner powers to destroy the evil in them."

A Pink Crane then starts to come out of the Pink Ranger's body. Kimberly then shoots ten arrows at the different monsters with the Pink Crane extending out to the arrows causing them to glow pink. When the arrows hit the monsters all of them instantly explode. The Pink Crane then disappears and the Pink Ranger demorphs and collapses to the ground. Dimitria goes over to her and picks Kimberly up.

"What...what happened?" Kimberly asks.

"You used your inner Ninjetti powers to energize your powers." Dimitria says. "When I first met you I saw that you possessed a strong spirit. Your have the potential to become a great sorceress."

"Me? A sorceress?" Kimberly asks in surprise. "No way!"

"Yes, you do possess the inner strength necessary to become a great sorceress." Dimitria says. "That is if you will let me teach you."

"I'll have to think about that." Kimberly says. "But first we have to finish this fight."

Just then Klank and Orbus arrived on the scene.

"Round and round and away you go." Klank says as he whirled Orbus in the air and threw him at the remains of Admiral Abominator and Drill Master.

"A little energy is all you need." came the squeaky voice of Orbus as he reenergized the two monsters causing them to grow to giant sizes.

"You're in for it now, Rangers!" yelled Klank. "We modified Orbus so that he gives more power to the monsters."

"Now they're giant and have 10 times more power than they did before." Orbus says.

"Well we have to be going." Klank says as Orbus rejoins him. A glowing purple portal then appeared and the two disappeared.

"Oh, great!" the White Ranger says.

All of the Rangers and Dimitria join the Blue Senturion and Ninjor with the citizens.

"Alpha," Tommy says speaking into his communicator. "Teleport Dimitria and these citizens to the Command Base and give those who need it the proper medical treatment."

"You got." Alpha says.

A moment later Dimitria and all of the citizens teleport to safety. A second later one of the monsters feet come down where they were standing, with the Rangers ducking out of the way just in time.

"It's morphing time!" Kimberly shout. "Pink Ranger Power!" A moment later she was back in her Pink Ranger armor.

"It's time for the power of Ninja." Ninjor says as he grows to gigantic size.

The Blue Senturion then pulls out his Synergizer. "Robo Racer on-line." the cop yells into it. A moment later a giant police car arrives on the scene. The Blue Senturion jumps into it. "Battle Mode." he orders as the car turns into a giant robot.

"All right, it's time we get to it." the White Ranger says.

"We need Ninjazord Power, now!" the Rangers shout.

A second later the seven Ninjazords arrive on the scene with the Rangers all jumping into their cockpits.

"Alright." the White Ranger says. "It's time to show these monsters who they're dealing with."

"Yeah." the Black Ranger says.

"Alright. Let's see what these modified Ninjazords can do." the Blue Ranger says.

The Wolf Ninjazord then raced to Drill Master. It brought its' tail up to strike the monster but the monster grabbed the tail before it could strike and lifted the zord into the air. Drill Monster then proceeded to through the Wolf Ninjazord into the Frog and Ape Ninjazords.

"Wo! Systems failing!" the Red Ranger shouts.

"All major systems are at 50% power." the Blue Ranger says.

Ninjor then races at Drill Master with his sword raised but Admiral Abominator comes up behind him and blasts him with a bolt of energy, causing Ninjor to fall to the ground. The Scorpion Ninjazord then launches itself onto the Drill Master monster.

"Alright, initiating power draining procedure." the Green Ranger says.

The Scorpion Ninjazord then proceeds to claw its' arms into the monster. The zord then begins to draw energy from Drill Monster causing the zord to gain more power. Admiral Abominator, seeing what the zord was doing, raced over to his comrade and threw the zord off the monster.

"Man, these guys are two powerful!" the White Ranger says.

"Help!" the Green Ranger says from the Scorpion Ninjazord. The inside of the zord is exploding. "The Scorpion Ninjazord is out of commission. I'm abandoning it."

The Green Ranger then ejects from the cockpit of the zord, letting the auto repair systems fix the zord. "I need more firepower." she says as she pulls out the Dragon Dagger. She then begins playing the tune that summons the Dragonzord. Seconds later the mighty zord appears on the scene. The Green Ranger then jumps into the cockpit.

Meanwhile, the Falconzord was firing its' missiles at Admiral Abominator. The missiles were hitting its' target dead on but were having no effect on the monster.

"Alright we need more power!" the White Ranger shouts. "Time for the Ninja MegaFalconzord."

"Right." the other five Rangers agreed.

The zords then began their transformation sequence and a minute later the zords had combined to form the mighty Ninja MegaFalconzord.

While this was going on, Robo Racer was attacking the weakened Drill Master. The zord fired its' Synergizer weapon at the monster, causing it to fall to the ground. Ninjor then came over to assist the Blue Senturion.

"Time for the power of Ninja!" Ninjor yells as his eyes glow red and he transforms into his battle mode. "Alright time to say goodbye, Drill Master." Ninjor then whips out his staff and fires several bolts of red energy at the robot. At the same time Robo Racer fires its' Synergizer weapon. When the energy blasts hit Drill Master, it explodes for the final time.

"Target neutralized." the Blue Senturion says from inside his cockpit.

"That will teach you to mess with a Ninja Master!" yells Ninjor.

The other Rangers weren't faring as well, however, as Admiral Abominator hit the Ninja MegaFalconzord with several punches and kicks.

"Shields down to 50!" the Blue Ranger shouts.

"Weapons systems are losing power fast." the Yellow Ranger says.

Admiral Abominator the picks up the Megazord and then begins to squeeze it, trying to crush it.

"We're losing hull integrity!" the Red Ranger shouts. "We can't take much more of this!"

The Dragonzord then leaps into action, swinging its' tail at the Admiral. This causes the monster to drop the Ninja MegaFalconzord and fall to the ground. Admiral Abominator then tries to get up but before he can succeed, the Dragonzord fires its' missiles at the monster causing it to stay down.

"Guys! Are you ok?" the Green Ranger asks.

"We're fine." the White Ranger says.

"Tommy," the Blue Ranger says. "the Ninja MegaFalconzord is heavily damaged. We need to teleport it to the Command Base's zord bays for repairs."

"But what about the monster?" the Pink Ranger asks. "Sabrina can't beat it by herself."

"We'll just have to call on our Shogunzords." the Yellow Ranger says.

"Right and I'll call out the Tigerzord." the White Ranger says.

"Alpha, teleport all the Ninjazords back to the holding bay for repairs." the Blue Ranger says over his communicator.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi." comes the voice of Alpha-5. "Right Billy."

A second later the Ninja MegaFalconzord and the Scorpion Ninjazord disappear in two flashes of light. The Shogun Megazord and the Tigerzord then appear on the scene.

"Alright." the White Ranger says. "Time to try this again."

"I'm with you." says Saba.

The White Ranger then puts Saba into the slot on the front console. "Warrior Mode Now!" the White Ranger says. The Tigerzord then transforms from a tiger into a fierce robot.

Meanwhile the Shogun Megazord has already engaged the monster. "Time to finish this creep off!" the Red Ranger says.

"Right." the Yellow Ranger says. "Let's summon the sword and toast this creep!"

"Shogun Sword, Now!" all the Rangers shout.

A sword then appears in the Megazords' hands. The sword then goes on fire and the zord runs up to the Admiral Abominator and hits him with the sword. Upon being hit the monster falls to the ground, but to the surprise of the Rangers, it gets back on its' feet.

"You need more than that to finish me off." Admiral Abominator says.

Just then the Tigerzord runs up to the monster hitting it with its' sword. The zord then begins to attack the Admiral with several kicks and punches. The monster counters with its' own moves, causing the zord to move back several feet.

"Time to show this monster, who's boss!" the White Ranger yells as he takes one of the orbs on the wall behind him and inserts it into a slot. "White Tiger Thunderbolt!" he shouted.

The zord then fired a giant ball of fire at the monster. The fireball hit the monster, causing it to fall to the ground. But it got up once again, this time with a lot of damage to it. The Admiral had circuitry exposed and had panels exploding. The Rangers thought they had it beat when it did something unexpected.

"Orbus Reserve Power, Now!" Admiral Abominator shouts. The monster then started to glow for a few seconds. When the glowing stopped, the monster was as good as new. "Well it looks like it's time to destroy you!"

"No way!" the White Ranger shouts.

"I don't believe it!" the Pink Ranger says.

Meanwhile the Blue Ranger is working at the sensor controls. "Oh man!" he says. "Orbus installed an emergency back-up energy source in the Admiral to make sure he wasn't defeated."

"Well now what do we do?" the Black Ranger asks. "We already threw everything we had at this guy."

"Not quite everything." the Green Ranger says. "We still haven't used the Mega Dragon-Tigerzord."

"Right." the White Ranger says. "Let's do it."

"Mega Dragon-Tigerzord, Now!" the White and Green Rangers yell at the same time.

A minute later the two zords reconfigure themselves so that the Tigerzord wears the Dragonzord similar to the configuration of the old Mega Dragonzord. The Mega Dragon-Tigerzord holds the Dragonzord's tail in one hand as a staff and the Tigerzord's sword in the other hand. The Green and White Rangers then enter the cockpit for the zord.

"Alright." the White Ranger says. "This zord is cool!"

"Yeah!" the Green Ranger says. "Let's see what this thing can do."

"Rangers, I have managed to get the Falconzord operation." comes the voice of Alpha.

"So?" the Red Ranger asks.

"So, you can use it to form the Shogun Ultrazord. Then you combine its' firepower with the Mega Dragon-Tigerzord's fire to finish off Admiral Abominator once and for all.

"Brilliant idea, Alpha." the Yellow Ranger says.

A second later the Falconzord comes out of the sky, joining with the Shogun Megazord to form the Shogun MegaFalconzord. Then Titanus comes out and the Shogun MegaFalconzord jumps onto it, forming the mighty Shogun Ultrazord.

"Ok. Let's finish this fight." the Red Ranger says.

"Right." the White Ranger agrees.

"Hmm," the Green Ranger says looking at the control panel. "What does this button do?" she asks. She then presses a button marked 'Ultimate Firepower.'

The Mega Dragon-Tigerzord then begins to fire several blasts of energy at the monster simultaneously. It fires several missiles from the missile compartments of the Dragonzord, a White Tiger Thunderbolt from the middle of the Tigerzord, it also fires a black ball of lightning with a 'Z' in the middle of it, as well as blasts of energy from the staff and sword. When all of this energy hit the Admiral Abominator, the monster started to explode until it was at the level of damage it was at before he activated the Orbus Reserve Power Pack.

"Ugh! I am invincible! You cannot beat me!" the Admiral laughed weakly.

The Shogun Ultrazord then rolled into position to fire on the monster.

"Oh yeah?" the Red Ranger asks. "Time to destroy you once and for all."

"Shogun Ultrazord Fire!" the five Rangers shout.

The Ultrazord then fires all of its' weapons at the Admiral, causing him to fall to the ground and explode for the final time.

"Alright we did it!" the Red Ranger shouts.

"Yeah, but we better get back to the Command Base." the Blue Ranger says. "All of the zords are almost completely drained of power."

"Right." the Red Ranger agrees. The zords then all teleport back to the holding bay.


February 1, 1998: 2:00 p.m.

Command Base

The Rangers, Ninjor, the Blue Senturion, Alpha-5, Dimitria, and Zara were gathered in a briefing room in the Command Base.

"Man those monsters were tough." Rocky says.

"Yeah but we defeated them." Adam says.

"But not without great damage to the zords." Billy says. "Admiral Abominator heavily damaged the Ninjazords and we nearly completely drained the energy from the other zords to defeat him."

"Aye-yi-yi-yi. I just checked the status report of the zords. It will take at least four days to completely fix the Ninjazords. The rest of the zords will be recharged in about twelve hours." Alpha says.

"What about the cyborgs?" Zara asks. "You still have to deal with them."

"You're right." Tommy says.

"Um, what about that cyborg over there?" Aisha asks pointing to the cyborg laying on the medical table in the next room. "What do we do with that?"

"I completely forgot about him." Tommy says.

"Don't worry Alpha and I can run a scan on him to determine if we can help him." Billy says.

"Why can't we just destroy the cyborgs and let them return to normal?" Kimberly asks.

"I'm afraid that won't work. This is being done by mechanical means, not magic, meaning if we destroy the cyborgs, the people will die." Dimitria says.

"Oh." Kimberly answers.

"Billy, Alpha proceed with your scan on the cyborgs." Dimitria says.

"I'll help you." Aisha says.

Billy, Alpha, and Aisha then exit the conference room and go over to the medical table to look over the cyborg.

"Um, what about the citizens of Rednoda?" Aisha asks.

"I have already teleported most of them home." Dimitria says. "I have managed to set a security forcefield around that city to prevent the Machine Forces from invading it again."

"That's good." Adam says.

"Yes but we still have to free the rest of Eltar." Ninjor says. "We still have a lot of work to do."

"We also have to deal with the wounded." Dimitria says. "Who here has medical training?" she asks.

"I do." Kimberly answers. "I learned some first aid while I was training for the Pan Global Games."

"I know some medical training too, from my job as a stuntman." Adam says.

"I know a lot about medical training too." Sabrina says.

"I am a doctor. I worked in one of Eltar's best hospitals for the past two years." Zara says.

"Ok, the five of us will deal with the wounded." Dimitria says. "Follow me."

Kimberly, Adam, Zara, and Sabrina then follow Dimitria to the medical bay.

"Ok Rangers, we have to determine where King Mondo is transforming the citizens of Eltar in cyborgs." Ninjor says.

"You're right." Tommy says.

The Blue Senturion then goes to the control console. "I'll see if I can locate the base."

"Ok. First you should scan all the Machine Bases. Try to determine where King Mondo is holding the bulk of the population. Odds are that's where he's transforming the citizens into cyborgs." Tommy says.

"Right." the Blue Senturion says as he begins his scan.

"The three of us should read the intelligence reports on the movements of King Mondo's troops. It may contain some useful information." Ninjor says.

"Ok." Tommy says. "We'll get to it."

"Where are the reports?" Rocky asks.

"They're in the main control room on one of the tables." Ninjor says.

"Ok." Tommy says.

Rocky, Tommy, and Ninjor then go to the table where the reports are.

"Look at all these reports!" Rocky exclaims. "It will take us hours to read through all of this."

"You're right." Tommy says. "The three of us should each take a pile, we'll get through with them faster that way."

"Ok." Rocky says.

Rocky, Tommy, and Ninjor then each takes a third of the reports and begin to read through them.


February 1, 1998: 2:00 p.m.

Command Base-Medical Room

Kimberly, Adam, Sabrina, Zara, and Dimitria arrive in the medical bay. The room is filled with hundreds of injured people.

"Remember these are Eltarians, not humans, while they closely resemble humans their genetic make-up is different, so ask Zara first if you need any help." Dimitria says.

Sabrina walks over to the medical control panel. "Some of the readings on these patients don't look good."

"Ok, the first thing we need to do is get organized." Zara orders. "Kimberly, boil some water. Adam gather up the medical equipment. Sabrina you start treating the patients that only have minor injuries."

"Who put you in charge?" Adam asks.

"I'm the one who graduated from medical school, remember?" Zara asks.

"Oh yeah, I forgot." Adam replies sheepishly. Everyone then starts to deal with the wounded.

Zara goes to one of the critically injured patients. "He doesn't look good. I don't think he is going to make it." Zara then proceeds to hook up a medical device to the person. She then watches as the life-signs get weaker. She then presses a button on the medical device but it has no effect on him.

"I'm losing him." Zara says. "His injuries are beyond medical technology."

Dimitria then comes over to him. She then places a hand on his forehead and begins to glow with energy. A moment later the glowing stops.

Zara then looks at the monitor in disbelief. "His injuries have been repaired to the level where this equipment can help him." she says in disbelief. "How did you do that?"

"Some Inquarian wizards have the ability to heal injuries. However they cannot heal some injuries nor do it much at one time, for it takes up much of their energy." Dimitria explains. "I will heal only the people whose injuries are beyond our medical technology, so I do not overtax my powers."

"Ok." Zara says. "Now let's get to work. Kimberly and Adam, you two treat the patients that have minor injuries. Sabrina and I will treat the heavily injured people whose injuries can be cured with our technology. Dimitria will help the ones whose injuries are beyond medical technology."

All of them then head towards their various tasks. About two hours and forty-seven minutes later most of the injuries of the patients had been repaired.

"Alright, good work everyone." Zara says tiredly. As she looked around she realized the others were all more exhausted then she was. Between battling the monsters and treating the injuries, they hadn't rested all day.

"Alright it looks like most of these patients can be teleported back to the safe haven at Rednoda." Zara says. "There are three patients that will need to stay for observation for a few days, though."

"Ok." Dimitria says. "Alpha, teleport all but the three patients Zara specified back to Rednoda." she says into the com-system.

"You got it." Alpha says. "Teleporting now."

A second later everyone except for Dimitria, Zara, Adam, Kimberly, Sabrina, and three patients were gone from the room.

"Well it looks like we're done here." Zara says. "Don't worry someone will be back to check on you soon." Zara tells her patients.

"Come Rangers and Zara, we have to meet the other Rangers in the conference room to see if they have had any progress in their tasks." Dimitria says.

"Right." the others all agree as they exit the room.


February 1, 1998: 5:00 p.m.

Command Base

The Rangers and their allies reconvene in the conference room, after having completed their various tasks.

"So Billy what's the verdict on the cyborg?" Tommy asks.

"Yeah, can you come up with a way to return him to normal?" Rocky asks.

"No." Billy says. "There is no way I can develop a way to return him to normal without the specific information on how Mondo is turning them into cyborgs."

"So our first priority would be to get that information." Tommy says.

"Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do that?" Adam asks.

"Easy." Sabrina says. "We find the base where the people are being turned into cyborgs. We'll find all the information there."

"That's a good idea." Adam says. "But does anyone have a way to find that base?"

"We may already have." Rocky says.

"Ninjor, the Blue Senturion, Rocky, and I have spent the last two hours trying to locate the base." Tommy says. "From the intelligence reports, we believe we have managed to determine the base's location."

"We can better determine our strategy in the main room." Ninjor says. "Follow me."

Everyone follows Ninjor to the main room of the Command Base.

"Alpha, the location's coordinates are in the main computer. Please bring up a visual." Ninjor says.

"Right." Alpha says as he goes to the control console.

Before he can reach the panel, however, Dimitria collapses onto the ground. Kimberly immediately rushes over to her.

"Dimitria are you ok?" Kimberly asks concerned.

"I have used too much of my energy." Dimitria says weakly. "Between fighting the monsters and healing the injured, my strength is almost gone."

"Is there anything we can do to help?" Kimberly asks.

"No, Rangers." Ninjor says. "There is nothing you can do for her. She must rest in her ion tube for now. This will recharge her energies."

Dimitria then manages to float into one of the room's two ion tubes. The tube immediately glows bright blue and then Dimitria falls into a deep sleep.

"Dimitria will sleep now." Ninjor says. "She used much of her energies up today, she will rest for 24-48 human hours."

"Ok." Tommy says. "Alpha bring up the base on the screen. We still need to deal with the cyborg problem."

Alpha then hits the button on the control panel, bringing the base up on the screen.

"This is the base where we believe the Machine Empire is creating the cyborgs." Ninjor says. "We need to break into it, get the information about how they make the cyborgs, rescue the prisoners, and set an explosive device that will destroy the base."

"Sure and what do we do after lunch?" asks Rocky.

"Haven't you already eaten lunch?" Zara asks.

"It's an old human joke." Tommy explains. "Rocky is our resident comedian."

"Ok." Zara says.

"Now for the plan." Sabrina says. "If we use our Ninja Powers, the Machine sensors won't be able to track us. That means that the Blue Senturion will not be able to join us on this mission."

"What about Ninjor?" Adam asks.

"I have natural Ninja powers, meaning I am invisible to their sensors." Ninjor says.

"Ok." Adam answers.

"Now this is the plan." Tommy says. "First we'll have Alpha build a bomb to blow up the main reactor core. When the core explodes, it will create a chain reaction that will cause the entire base to explode."

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi. I better get started on that right away." Alpha says as he exits the room.

"Alright." Tommy says. "Once we penetrate the base we will split up into four teams of two."

"The first team will consist of myself and Ninjor. Our job will be to disable the security sensors in the main security room. This will prevent the sensors from picking up the bomb." Tommy says. "The second team will consist of Rocky and Adam. Their job will be to plant the bomb in the reactor room. The third team will consist of Sabrina and Kimberly. Their job will to be to find out where the prisoners are being held and get them to safety."

"Excuse me." Kimberly says. "But what about the cyborgs? How do we get them out?" she asks.

"According to our sensor data, once the cyborgs are created, they leave the base and go off to complete other tasks." Billy explains. "Cogs are responsible for creating the cyborgs, apparently King Mondo doesn't want any of the information of the cyborgs' construction recorded in their memory chips in case of capture."

"Well that makes our job easier." Rocky says.

"Anyway, the final team will consist of Billy and Aisha. They will be responsible for getting the information on how the cyborgs are made." Tommy finishes. "Are there any questions?"

Everyone looks at each other but no one says anything.

"Ok then, review the data on the base, eat some dinner, and then get a good night's sleep." Tommy instructs. He then goes over to the communications console and presses a button. "Alpha, how long before the bomb is ready?"

"It will be ready in approximately sixteen hours." Alpha says.

"Why so long?" Tommy asks.

"It will take time for the processors to synthesize the explosive material." Alpha explains. "The replication units here were designed for large scale replication, meaning for it to work right, we must synthesize a large amount of the material."

"Wait a second. How much material are we talking about?" Adam asks.

"A lot." Alpha says. "Some of the material will go to constructing replacements for the Dragonzord, Titanus, and the Falconzord's missiles. Some of it will go to create the bomb. Most of it, however, will be stored in a containment field for later use."

"Why didn't we have some in storage already?" Rocky asks.

"Because we used it all up when the UAE invaded Eltar. We managed to destroy many of their forces before they finally managed to take control of the planet." Alpha explains. "This is the only major base that wasn't taken over by the UAE."

"Why was this base missed?" Tommy asks.

"Because it was built using jammers designed after the spy in the planetary security grid was discovered." Alpha explains. "She sent detailed information on the entire planetary security grid to Dark Specter. That was the only reason the UAE was able to take over Eltar in the first place."

"A spy?" Aisha asks. "Who was it?"

"It was Astronema, the new Queen of Evil and fiancée of Dark Specter. She killed one of the leaders of the security council. She then impersonated her for a period of ten years, compromising all planetary security." Alpha explains. "This was the only base we managed to complete between the time she left and the time the war came."

"I have to get back to work now. Alpha out." says Alpha as the communication ends.

"Ok." Tommy says. "We leave as soon as the bomb is ready. Dismissed."

Everyone then goes off to different parts of the base, completing various tasks.


February 2, 1998: 6:00 a.m.

Command Base

The Rangers and Zara, having slept in the Command Base's living quarters awaken at the sound of the wake-up alarm, Ninjor set the night before. All of the Rangers get dressed and then head for the dining room. They find Ninjor sleeping in a blue bottle in the main control room and the Blue Senturion recharging in one of the Base's robotic recharge chambers. Dimitria is still asleep in her ion tube and Alpha-5 is still busy at work constructing the bomb.

"Well it looks like all is quiet here." Tommy says.

Just then all of the alarms go off. Ninjor immediately comes out of his bottle and Alpha and the Blue Senturion run into the main control room.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi." Alpha says.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Tommy asks concerned.

"The sensor alarm relays have malfunctioned." Alpha says.

"The sensor alarm relays?" Adam asks surprised. "Are you telling us the alarms were set off by a mechanical error?"

"Not just a mechanical error. The entire sensor grid is malfunctioning, it could take days to fix it." Alpha says.

"Here, let me look at it." Zara says walking up to the Master Control Panel. She then presses a few buttons. The alarms then stopped.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi, Zara has fixed the problem." Alpha exclaims.

"How did you do that?" Tommy asks.

"Simple, I was required to study computers in detail to get my doctor's degree. I am considered by some the best computer expert with a medical degree on all of Eltar." Zara says.

"Really?" Adam asks.

"Yes." Zara says. "In fact I already asked Dimitria if she could use any help running this place. She said that I was welcomed to work here as the resident doctor and a spare computer technician."

"That's great." Kimberly says.

"Yeah, we're glad to have you aboard." Rocky says.

"Well I'll do whatever I can to free Eltar." Zara says.

"Well since there's no emergency and the computer is fixed, let's all eat breakfast." Tommy says.

"I'll get back to work on the bomb." Alpha says as he leaves the control room.

"We'll help." the Blue Senturion says as he and Ninjor join him.

The rest of the group then headed for the dining room.

"Ok, so what do we have to choose from?" asks a hungry Rocky. "I'm starved."

"Well we don't have much to choose from." Aisha says. "According to this we each get a limited number of food rations each week. We can choose what we want to eat from this machine but we can only use a limited amount at each meal. We get food by inputting our ration cards."

"What ration cards?" Rocky says.

Just then a tray came down from the ceiling containing 8 cards.

"Let's see." Tommy says taking one of the cards. "This one is for Kimberly." he says as he hands the card to Kimberly.

Tommy then proceeds to hand out the rest of the ration cards to the Rangers.

"According to this information, we each get three meals a day and can have up to ten snacks a week." Kimberly says. "The number of food rations we don't use in a week carry over to the next week."

"This reminds me of the ration system of the USS Voyager." Rocky says.

"That's where I got the idea from." comes the voice of Alpha over the com-system. "We have limited resources here so we're rationing the food."

"Ok, Alpha." Sabrina says. "That's a good idea."

"Ok, let's get the food." Adam says.

Zara immediately goes to the food machine. Out of the machine comes a bowl of oatmeal, a purple-reddish drink, some toast, and some exotic fruit.

"Ah, my favorite breakfast." Zara says. "I haven't had much to eat since the takeover."

Zara then goes to a table and begins to eat the food.

"Hmm, that smells good." Rocky says. "I think I'll have what she's having."

A few minutes later all of the Rangers have gotten their breakfast. They all decided to have what Zara was having. It turned out to be the favorite breakfast of most Eltarians.

'This food is really good." Kimberly says.

"Yeah, it's some of the best breakfast food I've had in a long time." Sabrina says. "Although the food couldn't possibly be any worse than Ninjor's. I mean, he's a great friend and an excellent Ninja warrior but he's the worst cook I ever met."

"Hey, I heard that." comes the voice of Ninjor.

"Sorry." Sabrina says.

"No apology necessary." Ninjor says. "In fact, when I tried my own cooking, even I couldn't stand it." he laughs.

"Well don't worry about it." Sabrina says. "You can't be great at everything."

"Yes, I suppose that's true." Ninjor says. "Now finish your breakfast and then prepare for your attack on the cyborg center."

"Right." Sabrina then turns back to her food and continues eating it.

As soon as the Rangers are finished eating their food, Alpha's voice comes over the inter-com. "Rangers report to the main control room, immediately."

"Right Alpha." Tommy says. "We're on our way."

A minute later all of the Rangers and Zara arrive in the Command Chamber's control room where Alpha-5, the Blue Senturion, and Ninjor are waiting.

"What's up Alpha?" Tommy asks.

"I have completed work on the bomb." Alpha-5 says.

"But I thought you said you wouldn't be finished with it for a few more hours." Billy says.

"I know but with the help of Ninjor and the Blue Senturion, I managed to finish ahead of schedule." Alpha says.

"Well in that case, we better get going to the Machine Empire's base." Rocky says.

"Is everyone ready?" Tommy asks. Everyone nods. "In that case we should go. Let's just go over the plan once more to be on the safe side."

"Right." Rocky agrees.

"The first thing we do is use our Ninja Powers to penetrate the base." Tommy says. "It is very important that no one is discovered during this operation. Is that understood?" Everyone nods their heads.

"Ok, when we enter the base, Ninjor and I will make our way to the main security room. Once there we will disable the security scanners for the entire base. This will give us a window of thirty minutes in which the base's scanners will be off-line." Tommy says.

"Once the scanners our disabled we will send out a signal using my communicator. I've rigged it so that each Ranger will receive three small electric shocks." Tommy says. "This will be your signal to start a thirty minute countdown. You will have exactly thirty minutes to complete your mission and escape." Tommy explains.

"Ok, let's go." Billy says.

"We need Ninja Ranger Power!" all the Rangers shout. In a flash all of the Rangers are in their Ninja garb.

"Ok. Zara, Alpha, Blue Senturion, hold down the fort." Ninjor says. "Barring any complications, we should be back with the prisoners and the info we need within the hour."

"Be careful, Rangers." Alpha-5 says.

"Good luck, guys." Zara says. "Give those Machines a short circuit!"

"Don't worry, we will!" the White Ninja says.

The eight then disappear in eight flashes of colored light.


February 2, 1998: 8:00 a.m.

Machine Empire Cyborg Factory

The seven Ninja Rangers and Ninjor stand outside the base where the citizens of Eltar are being turned into cyborgs. They watch as Klank and Orbus exit the building along with several dozen cyborgs.

"Ok you cyborgs." Klank says. "Your new job is to gather Zinchad ore. Once gathered it is to be taken to the evil zord factory on Sigma VII."

"Right." the Cyborg Leader says. "We live only to serve the master."

"Yes you do." Klank says. "Now carry out your orders."

All the cyborgs then teleport away.

"Well let's get going." Klank says.

"Yes it will be several hours before the next batch of Eltarians will be ready to be turned into cyborgs." Orbus says.

"I guess we better go finish the Super Ranger Smasher Zord." Klank laughs. "Once that's finished, the Rangers are through."

A big purple cog wheel then appears and the two henchmen disappear.

The Red Ninja turns towards the others. "Oh man, I don't like the sound of that Super Ranger Smasher Zord."

"I don't either." the Black Ninja says.

"Ho! Ho! We'll deal with that later." Ninjor says. "Right now we have a mission to complete."

"Right." all the Ninja Rangers agree.

"Everyone break up into your teams and head for assigned positions." the White Ninja orders. "Remember you only have thirty minutes to complete your assignments once the signal is given."

"Don't worry, we won't fail." the Blue Ninja says.

"Rocky, Adam, do you have the bomb?" the White Ninja asks.

"Right here." the Red Ninja says as he holds up a big bomb with a timing device.

"Ok." the White Ninja says. "Begin operation blow up cyborg station."

The Ninjas then break up into their four groups heading into the base in various directions.


February 2, 1998: 8:15 a.m.

Machine Empire Cyborg Factory- Team1

Ninjor and the White Ninja head down a long corridor in the Machine base. They have to hide behind corners several times to avoid running into the cog patrols.

"Ok." Ninjor whispers. "According to our information the main security room should be at the end of this corridor."

"Yeah, but it will probably be heavily guarded." Tommy says.

"Ok, it's time to use our Ninja Powers to slip by these machines." Ninjor says.

"Right, we use our Ninja teleportation to land inside the control room." the White Ninja says.

"Correct." Ninjor says. "And once there we must disable any Cogs working in the room before they can sound the alarm."

"Ok. Let's do it." the White Ninja says.

A second later they are teleported from the corridor into the main security room. There are four Cogs working in the control room. Ninjor immediately draws his sword and slices two of the Cogs into pieces while Tommy delivers some quick punches and kicks to the other two, knocking them out of commission.

"Ok." the White Ninja says. "Phase 1 is complete. Now all we have to do is shut down the sensors."

The two then move over to the control panels and look at the systems.

"Hmm, this design is complex." Ninjor says. "However, I believe this control will activate a self-diagnostic routine. It will take the internal sensors off-line for thirty minutes."

"Good. Activate the controls." the White Ninja says.

Ninjor then hits the control buttons. A moment later a red light in the security room begins to flash.

"Uh-oh!" Ninjor gulps.

"Security diagnostic enabled." a computerized voice says. "Checking systems in section 1 red."

"That was close, sending signal." the White Ninja says as he hits a button on his communicator.

"Well our job here is finished." Tommy says. "Now it's up to the others."

"Yeah, now let's hide these Cog parts and get out of here." Ninjor says.

"Why do we have to hide the Cog parts?" Tommy asks.

"Because if any other Cogs come in here, they will sound the alarm if they see them." Ninjor says.

"Good point." the White Ninja says. "We can hide them in that closet over there."

Ninjor and the White Ninja Ranger then take all of the Cog parts and put them in the closet.

"We better get going." the White Ninja says. "We don't have much time."

The White Ninja and Ninjor then use their teleportation trick to land back in the corridor.

They are surprised to find a several hundred Cogs in the hallway blocking the way they came. The two then see Klank and Orbus arrive.

"Ok Cogs." Klank begins. "With the Rangers on the loose on Eltar we need to beef up our security measures. You will be responsible for guarding this base until I return with the new sensor grid. It should be ready in about four hours."

"Now go and patrol the grounds." Orbus says.

The Cogs then go out in all directions tripling the security patrols in the base.

"Man, now what do we do?" the White Ninja asks.

"Don't worry, we can still escape." Ninjor says. "We can crawl through the air ducts."

"Good thinking." the White Ninja says.

Ninjor and the White Ninja Ranger then enter the air ducts. They crawl for about twenty minutes until they reach the end of the tunnel. They then exit the tunnel and find themselves by the main door.

"Tommy come on!" Ninjor yells. "The bomb will go off any second!"

The two then run out the door just as the factory explodes. As soon as they clear the explosion the two stop.

"Man that was close." the White Ninja says. "I hope everyone was able to get out in time."

"Me too." Ninjor says. "Now let's get back to the Command Chamber before the Machine Forces arrive to determine what has happened."

"Right." the White Ninja says.

The two then disappear in flashes of white and blue.


February 2, 1998: 8:15 a.m.

Machine Empire Cyborg Factory- Team 2

The Red and Black Ninjas wander through the corridors of the base carrying the bomb that will destroy the base.

"Do you know where we're going?" Black Ninja asks.

"Me? I thought you knew." the Red Ninja says.

"What?!?!?!" Black Ninja screams.

"Calm down, Adam." Red Ninja says. "I was only teasing."

"I'll get you for that one, Rocko." Black Ninja says.

Just then the two Ninjas receive shocks from their communicators and the bomb starts its' thirty minute countdown.

"Man, we have to hurry." Black Ninja says. "The countdown has begun."

"Right." Red Ninja says. "Follow me."

The two Ninjas then hurry through the base heading for the reactor room. Ten minutes later the two reach the room.

"Alright let's plant this bomb." Red Ninja says.

"Ok. We have to hook it up to the reactor for it to work correctly." Black Ninja says. "Be careful."

The two Ninjas then proceed to carefully place the bomb on the reactor core.

"Alright the bomb is planted." Black Ninja says.

"Yeah, now let's get out of here." Red Ninja says.

Just then a group of thirty Cogs walk into the reactor room carrying various tools. Upon seeing the Ninjas they drop their tools and go into battle mode.

"Intruders, destroy them." one of the Cogs says.

"Oh man, we don't have time for this, the bomb will go off in less then fifteen minutes." Red Ninja says.

"Then we'll just have to finish this quickly." Black Ninja says. "Time to use some Ninja tricks."

"Ok." Red Ninja agrees. "Try to catch me." Red Ninja says as he runs towards the wall as ten Cogs following him. Red Ninja runs right through the wall as if it wasn't there. The Cogs, on the other hand, slam right into the wall causing the Cogs to explode. The Red Ninja then comes out of the wall.

"Ha! That takes care of these tin grins." Red Ninja says.

"Take this you metal hairbrains." Black Ninja says as he summons two fireballs that take down eleven more Cogs. The Black Ninja then splits into two versions of himself and along with the Red Ninja, they quickly take down the remaining Cogs. The two Black Ninjas then reform into one.

"Come on, let's go." Black Ninja says. "We have less then ten minutes now."

The two Ninjas then exit the reactor room and run down the corridors of the base, avoiding the Cog patrols. Eight minutes later they are at the exit. The Ninjas then run out of the building and demorph.

"Man, that was close." Rocky says.

"Yeah." Adam says. "Now let's get out of here."

The two then disappear in flashes of red and black light.


February 2, 1998: 8:15 a.m.

Machine Empire Cyborg Factory- Team3

The Pink and Green Ninjas move throughout the base heading towards the prisoner area. On their way there they pass several Cog patrols. Fortunately they're able to avoid the patrols using stealth. The two finally reach the outside of the room where they're holding the prisoners when their communicator alarm goes off.

"Ok, this is it." Green Ninja says. "We have to go in there, defeat any guards, free the prisoners, and get out in under thirty minutes. You ready?"

"As I'll ever be." the Pink Ninja says. "Let's go."

The two Ninjas then burst into the large room where they see two hundred Cogs guarding over a thousand prisoners.

"It is the Power Rangers. Destroy them." one of the Cogs says as all the Cogs start to rush them.

"I think we're in trouble." Pink Ninja says.

"Don't worry, just use you're Ninja powers and these guys will be toast." Green Ninja says.

"Right." Pink Ninja says as she starts to move at incredible speed. She runs to the other side of the room in the blink of an eye. The Cogs then open fire on her but she rushes to the middle of the room. The cogs try to keep up with her but only manage to hit other Cogs as she speeds around the room. In less then a minute, fifty of the Cogs are destroyed.

Seeing that this tactic isn't working, the Cogs stop firing and move in to attack them. The Green Ninja, seeing this, summons up a cloud of green smoke that when hits the robotic henchmen causes them to short circuit and fall to the ground.

"Ha! Take that!" the Green Ninja taunts.

"Alright let's take the rest of these guys down." the Pink Ninja says.

"Ninja Whirlwind." the Pink and Green Ninjas say together as they summon up a giant energy blasts that destroys the remaining Cogs.

"Alright." Pink Ninja says.

"Hurry up, we have less than 15 minutes before the bomb goes off." Green Ninja says.

"Ok." Pink Ninja replies as she goes over to the control switch for the forcefields to the holding cells. She presses one of the buttons which deactivates the forcefield.

"Everyone, we are the Power Rangers. We are here to free you and help drive the United Alliance of Evil from Eltar." Green Ninja says. "We need to escape from this compound quickly as our other allies have planted a bomb that will destroy this compound in thirteen minutes. Follow me."

All of the prisoners then followed the two Ninjas as they lead them to the exit. They met some Cogs during their escape but the two Ninjas managed to take all of them out before they could sound the alarm. Seven minutes later they were all outside the compound.

"Now what?" Pink Ninja asks. "What do we do with all of these people?"

"I don't know. Let's check with Alpha?" Green Ninja says as she taps her communicator button. "Alpha, are you there?"

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi, I'm here Sabrina. Did you complete your mission?" the android said over the communicator.

"Yes we did, but now we don't know what to do with all of the freed prisoners." Sabrina says. "There are about a thousand here."

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi." Alpha says. "That's a lot of people. I don't know what to do with all of them."

"Wait, I have an idea." the Pink Ninja says. "How about we use the Falcon and Crane Ninjazords to transport all of them to Rednoda?"

"That's a good idea, for now. But if we keep sending everyone we meet to Rednoda, soon there won't be any room left." Alpha replies.

"We'll deal with that when the time comes." Green Ninja says. "It's Morphin' Time!"

"Pink Ranger Power!" the Pink Ninja shouts.

"Green Ranger Power!" the Green Ninja shouts.

"Come on guys, follow us." the Green Ranger says. "We need to get to some open space where there's room for the zords to land."

A minute later they come to a town square where the two contact Alpha. "Ok, send the zords to our coordinates."

"I'm sending the zords now." Alpha says. "But it will take them two trips to take everyone. The Falconzord will be able to carry 423 passengers safely and the Cranezord about 104."

"Ok." Pink Ranger says. "We will need about half of you to stay in this square alone while we take the other half to the safe haven at Rednoda."

"All the women and children should come with us first. We'll return for the rest as soon as we drop them off." the Green Ranger says. "You should be safe. It will only take us a few minutes to get to Rednoda."

"Don't worry." came one of the citizens. "Get them to safety, we'll wait here for you to come back." Just then the Falcon and Crane Zords land in the middle of the square.

"Alright, everyone let's go." Pink Ranger says. The women and children then start to get into the zords. As soon as they are loaded to capacity the Rangers get into the zords, the Pink Ranger piloting the Cranezord and the Green Ranger piloting the Falconzord.

"Sabrina, will you be alright piloting the Falconzord?" Pink Ranger asks over the com-system.

"Don't worry, our powers give us knowledge of how to pilot all zords. We just don't have to use it very often, seeing how we usually stick to piloting our own zords." Green Ranger explains.

"Alright, then let's get to it." Pink Ranger says. The two zords then leave the ground and head for Rednoda at maximum speed. Five minutes later they are at the city. They land the zords and proceed to help the passengers off.

One of the citizens of Rednoda, who the Rangers helped earlier runs up to the Rangers. "Ah Rangers, you return. How may I help you?" he asks.

"We're bringing in prisoners from the Machine Cyborg factory. This is the first of two groups. Please see that they're taken care of." Pink Ranger says.

"Of course." the citizen says. "We have plenty of room here in Rednoda, more then enough to accommodate these people."

"Good, but we must get going to get the rest of the freed prisoners." Green Ranger says.

"Well ok, I'll send someone else here to wait for your return." the man says. "And thank you for all your help."

"Don't mention it." Pink Ranger says. "Just doing our job."

With that the Pink and Green Rangers get back inside the zords and head back to the spot they left the rest of the prisoners. The two quickly gather up the remaining prisoners and take off as soon as they are all aboard. As soon as they leave the ground, they head back to Rednoda. Before they get far, however, a squadron of 10 Quadra-Fighters show up and start to attack the zords.

"Sabrina, we're in trouble. My zord is still damaged from yesterday's fight. Weapons systems are non-functional." Pink Ranger says.

"Don't worry. The Falconzord's weapons systems are at half strength. That should be enough to take these guys down." Green Ranger says. "Firing rockets."

The Falconzord then switches from it's flying mode to attack mode. It fires eight missiles from all of its' missile launchers, each hitting a Quadra-Fighter causing them to explode. The remaining two Quadra-Fighters move in for another pass and fire their lasers at the Crane Ninjazord. The Crane Ninjazord is hit and it begins to crash.

"May day. May day. All systems failing." Pink Ranger says. "Switching to back-up systems."

The Cranezord then soars back up into the air and heads towards Rednoda.

"Kimberly, are you ok?" Green Ranger asks.

"Yes, I'm fine." Pink Ranger responds. "But the Cranezord isn't up to battle yet. I have just enough power to get to Rednoda and make a safe landing. After that, Alpha will have to teleport the zord back to the repair bay to continue its' repairs."

"Ok." Green Ranger says as she presses a button which fires the eye lasers at the two remaining Quadra-Fighters, destroying them. The zords then drop off their passengers at Rednoda and then teleport back to the Command Base.


February 2, 1998: 8:15 a.m.

Machine Empire Cyborg Factory- Team4

The Blue and Yellow Ninjas walk cautiously throughout the Machine Empire Base, heading for the main computer room. The two finally reach the outside of the room they are looking for.

"Ok, this is the place we're looking for." Yellow Ninja says.

"Now all we have to do is wait for Tommy's signal." Blue Ninja says. "I hope he and Ninjor manage to complete their mission."

"Yeah, I also hope the others manage to complete their assignments too." Yellow Ninja says.

Just as the Blue Ranger was about to say something else, the signal from Tommy went off.

"Ok this is it. Let's go." Blue Ninja says.

The Blue and Yellow Ninjas then head for the room. They quickly dispose of the two Cogs guarding the room and enter it. The two then see that there are several computer terminals in the room all being run by some type of android that the Ninjas don't recognize. The Blue Ninja surmises that it's purpose isn't to fight but to run the machine computers. The Blue Ninja sneaks up behind it and quickly destroys it.

"Ok, now let's get some information on those cyborgs." Blue Ninja says.

"Let's not forget any other useful data." Yellow Ranger adds. "This computer may have valuable data on the movements of the Machine Empire's forces on Eltar."

"I hadn't thought of that." Blue Ninja says. "I'll check into it."

The Blue Ninja then goes over to the main computer control console and begins accessing some information. After a minute Billy finds the information he is looking for.

"I've got it." Blue Ninja says. "This is all the information we need to discover how to reverse the process of the cyborgs."

"Good, but have you been able to gather any more information?" Yellow Ninja asks.

"Yes, this database contains some limited information on the movements of the Machine Empire forces." Blue Ninja says as he pulls out a disk and puts it into the computer. "I'm downloading all the information now."

The computer screen then begins to flash with a display showing the progress of the download. After a few minutes, the display says download complete and Billy pulls the disk out.

"Ok, that's it. Now let's get out of here." Blue Ninja tells his companion.

"You don't have to tell me twice." Yellow Ninja says.

The two Ninjas then go back the way they came until they exit the building and without a word, teleport back to the Command Base.


February 2, 1998: 9:30 a.m.

Command Base

The seven Rangers, Zara, Ninjor, Blue Senturion, and Alpha-5 are gathered around the main control console resting from their ordeal at the cyborg factory.

"Man, that was a tough assignment." Rocky says.

"Yeah, I just hope Billy and Alpha will be able to figure out a way to help the cyborgs return to normal."

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi. Don't worry Rangers, Billy and I will have the answer figured out in no time." Alpha-5 says excitedly. "Just like old times."

"Yeah." Billy says. "Now come on, we better get to work in the lab."

Billy and Alpha-5 then head for the exit to the room.

"Hold on, I may be able to help." Zara says as she rushes to follow them.

"Now what do we do?" Kimberly asks.

"Now all we can do is wait." Tommy says.


February 2, 1998: 12:00 p.m.

Command Base-Main Laboratory

Zara, Billy, and Alpha are huddled in the corner of the lab working on a large device.

"Billy, we've been working at this for over two hours straight." Zara says. "It's time to take a break."

"No." Billy says. "I've almost got it figured out."

"Hold on." Alpha says looking at a computer monitor. "This is it! This is the frequency modulation of the cyborg parts. All we have to do is to modify the machine to a frequency of 16.9 tera-hertz and it should work."

"Yes that's it!" Billy says as he inputs the data. "Now all we have to do is reconfigure the laser, like so."

"Bingo!" Alpha-5 says. "Now all that's left to do is to test it."

"We can test it on the cyborg in the medical bay." Zara says.

"Ok, let's do it." Billy says. "Everyone report to the medical bay, we're ready to test the anti-cyborg device." he says into his communicator.


February 2, 1998: 12:20 p.m.

Command Base-Medical Bay

The Rangers, Zara, Ninjor, the Blue Senturion, and Alpha-5 are gathered around the anti-cyborg device that is pointed at the unconscious cyborg.

"Alright Billy, we're ready to go." Zara says.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi." Alpha-5 says. "I sure hope this works."

"Well here goes nothing." Billy says pressing a button on the device.

A ray beam then shot out of the laser and hit the cyborg. The cyborg then glowed blue two times and then transformed back to normal.

"All right!" Rocky shouts. "You did it!"

"Yeah, now all we have to do is hook it up to the Falconzord and fire the beam on all the cyborgs and they should return to normal." Billy says.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi. I'll start making the modifications right now." Alpha-5 says as he leaves the room.

"Rangers and Zara, you have done an excellent job but your mission is far from complete." Ninjor says. "For now you should relax. It will take some time before the Falconzord is ready."

"Sounds good to me." Rocky says.


February 2, 1998: 6:30 p.m.

Command Base-Main Chamber

The Rangers and Zara, gather in the main chamber with Ninjor, the Blue Senturion, and Alpha-5, after having just eaten dinner. Alpha is working at a console as the others enter.

"Well Rangers, I've done it." Alpha-5 says. "The Falconzord is ready to go."

"Alright, well I guess I better get going." Tommy says.

"Wait a minute, Tommy." Zara says. "You'll need help firing the ray, it's best if Billy and I go with you to control the beam in the Falconzord's engine room."

"Alright." Tommy says. "Alpha, you monitor the cure of the patients from here."

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi." Alpha says. "You got it, Tommy."

"All right." Tommy says. "It's Morphin' Time."

"Blue Ranger Power!" Billy shouts.

"White Ranger Power!" Tommy shouts.

Then the Blue and White Rangers along with Zara teleport into the Falconzord and started to turn the cyborgs back to normal.


February 2, 1998: 11:30 p.m.


"This is White Ranger, we're coming up on the last area right now." White Ranger says. "Billy what are you're readings?"

"According to my scans, all of the people of Eltar that were turned into Cyborgs have been transformed back to normal except for 20 people in the last area that we're coming up upon." Blue Ranger says.

"Well, I'll be glad when this mission is over. King Mondo has already sent 10 squadrons of Quadro-Fighters after us." White Ranger says. "Although I guess I should have expected he would interfere with our attempts."

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi." came Alpha's voice over the inter-com. "Rangers, we have new news."

"What is it, Alpha?" White Ranger asks.

"While you were out undoing the effects of the cyborg machine, the other Rangers and Ninjor have managed to take out the rest of the evil forces from around Rednoda, and install new security grids. The safe zone has now been doubled and we have also managed to teleport all the de-cyborged Eltarians into the safe zone."

"That's excellent." Zara says.

"But we have further bad news. With the Rangers here, Mondo has stepped up security." Alpha says and then pauses. "He has taken many of the captured Eltarians and placed them in suspended animation and placed them at different locations in all of his factories and bases. This will make it infinitely more difficult to take his bases out."

"Oh man." White Ranger says. "Don't worry, we'll figure out some way to beat him and free the citizens of Eltar."

"Why don't we try to teleport them out of..." Blue Ranger starts before he is cut off.

"I already thought of that Billy." Alpha says. "Unfortunately, they have strong teleportation screens around all of their bases that rotate frequencies and the stasis fields make it very difficult to locate the people once we do break through and by the time we have a lock on one the screen comes back up."

"And even if we did get through..." Ninjor interrupted. "At the rate it takes us to check an entire compound, half of the Machine Army would be surrounded the complex before we were ready to move."

"Well I guess we'll figure it out tomorrow." White Ranger says. "We have just finished the last area and are heading back to base."

"Good, after today I could use a good night's sleep." Zara says.

"Right, all of the other Rangers are getting ready to turn in now too." Alpha says. "I'll go to the recharging chamber as soon as I teleport the remaining uncyborged citizens to Rednoda."


February 3, 1998: 6:30 a.m.

Command Base

Alpha is in the main chamber working busily at a console when Dimitria's plasma tube begins to glow. Dimitria then wakes up and looks at Alpha.

"Alpha, I have had an urgent vision. Gather everyone here at once." Dimitria orders.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi. Right." Alpha says hitting a button. "Everyone gather in the main chamber now."

Ten minutes later everyone was gathered in the main chamber with Dimitria and Alpha.

"Dimitria you're awake." Tommy says.

"Yes, I am." Dimitria says in an urgent voice. "But while I was sleeping I had a vision of terrible disaster."

"What kind of disaster?" Kimberly asks.

"I fear we have left Earth at a great disadvantage." Dimitria says. "Tell me what mentors you left to aid the Turbo Rangers."

The Rangers thought about this for a moment until Rocky says. "We didn't leave anyone."

"We were in such a hurry to get to our various destinations, we didn't realize we were leaving the Turbo Rangers completely on their own." Aisha adds.

"I know, that is why it is imperative that Alpha and Blue Senturion leave to return to Earth immediately." Dimitria says.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi." Alpha says. "But what if you need our help?"

"Do not worry, Alpha. We have Zara here and she is fully capable of taking on your duties Alpha and since the Blue Senturion does not have the ability to hide himself from the machine sensors like the Ninja Rangers do, he would not be as much use to us here as he would on Earth." Dimitria says.

"Dimitria's right, Alpha." Tommy says. "We have enough help here with Dimitria, Ninjor, and Zara helping out but the Rangers of Earth have no one."

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi." Alpha-5 says. "You're right! We better hurry up and get back there."

"Rangers," the Blue Senturion says. "you are true friends and great heroes. I know that working together you can win back Eltar from the forces of evil."

"Thanks." Tommy says. "We also know that you can be of great assistance to the Turbo Rangers."

"Yeah." Sabrina says. "Go get those villains and give them one for me."

"And say hello to Justin for me." Adam says.

"That reminds me." the Blue Senturion says taking something out from a hidden pocket compartment. "This is Justin's good luck coin. He gave it to me before I left the Earth to come to Eltar. I think he would want you to have it." he says as he gives it to Tommy.

"Thank you." Tommy says. "We'll take good care of it."

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi." Alpha begins. "Good-byes are always so emotional."

Aisha begins to laugh a little. "Then don't say good-bye. Say see you later."

Alpha gives a little chuckle. "That's a good idea." he says.

"Well Alpha, we'll miss you." Kimberly says. "You've always been there for us and you've been a true friend."

"Blue Senturion, Alpha-5, step forward." Dimitria says as the two obey. "I have prepared the Robo-Racer for teleportation. I am ready to teleport you now. At current power levels, it will take you about one hour to reach earth."

"Alright I'm ready." Alpha says. "Billy if you would man the controls."

"You got it." Billy says as he moves to the teleportation controls and hits a few buttons. "Ready to teleport on your mark."

"Good-bye, my friends. I'll miss you." Blue Senturion says.

"Good-bye Rang....I mean see you later." Alpha says causing everyone to laugh a little.

"Take good care of yourself." Aisha says.

"You got it Aisha." Alpha-5 says. "Billy teleport now."

And with a push of a button the two were off, heading back to Earth.

"Hmm..." Billy says to himself.

"What did you say, Billy?" Sabrina asks.

"Oh I was just thinking out loud." Billy explains. "I wonder what Cestria and the other Aquitian Rangers are doing on Aquitar right now."

To be Continued in "The Aqua Wars Begin."


The logo of Power Ranges: The Galactic Saga appears.

Announcer: Next time on Power Rangers: The Galactic Saga; Divatox begins her attack on Aquitar.

Scene switches to Divatox's sub-craft under water firing torpedoes at one of Aquitar's city structures. Scene then switches to the bridge of the sub-craft.

Divatox: Ha! Take that you pesky Aquitians, soon your cities will be nothing but rubble! Viva La Diva!

Announcer: The Aquitian Rangers have to use their new Spectrazords to stop her.

Scene switches to the six Spectrazords heading towards Divatox's sub-craft. Scene then switches to the cockpit of the White Spectrazord.

White Ranger: Ok, we have to finish this battle fast before Divatox destroys the city.

Announcer: But General Havoc has a surprise for the Aquitian Rangers.

Scene switches to General Havoc in the Space Base's holding bay.

General Havoc: Those Rangers won't know what hit them. With my new sub-aquatic Metallosaurus, they'll be fish food.

Announcer: General Havoc uses his sub-aquatic Metallosaurus to wreak terror on Aquitar.

Scene switches to the sub-aquatic Metallosaurus firing missiles on an Aquitian city. Scene then switches to the cockpit of Metallosaurus.

General Havoc: Run, you pitiful peasants! Soon this planet and all its' riches will belong to Divatox, the Pirate Queen!

Announcer: The Aquitian Rangers have to use their new zords to fight Metallosaurus.

Scene switches to the zords battling Metallosaurus. Scene then switches to the White Spectrazord's cockpit.

White Ranger: We need Spectra Megazord Power!

Scene switches to the Spectra Megazord battling the Metallosaurus. The Megazord is hit by the Metallosaurus' sword. Scene then switches to the cockpit of the Megazord.

Blue Ranger: We're losing power! Down to 62%!

Scene switches back to logo of Power Ranges: The Galactic Saga.

Announcer: Can the Aquitian Rangers stop General Havoc's Metallosaurus. Find out on the next exciting episode of Power Ranges: The Galactic Saga.



This FanFic was written by DECA367, and is posted here with permission.