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Note : As you can probably guess from the title this is going to be a romantic story focused on the Power Rangers in Space.

Power Rangers: The Galactic Saga
Part 3: Love in Space
by: Deca367

January 31, 1998: 10:00 p.m.
Astro Megaship

The scene opens up showing the outside of the Megaship. Then the music from the opening credits of Star Trek: TNG begins to play. “Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the USS Megaship, it’s continuing mission to rescue Zordon from Dark Spectre and protect the universe from the forces of evil. To boldly go, where no Power Ranger has gone before.”

The scene then switches to the interior of the Megaship as Cassie walks onto the bridge. “Carlos, will you stop that? This is no laughing matter, if Zordon loses all of his powers to Dark Specter, then we’re all history.” she tells Carlos.

“Sorry, Cas. I was just trying to lighten the mood a little.” Carlos says. “After all, this is going to be a long journey and it may be a while before we see Earth again.”

“Oh my gosh! Earth!” Cassie says. “What about our families? What will we tell them?” she exclaims.

“I hadn’t thought about that.” Carlos says.

Just then the turbolift opened up and Ninjor, Alpha-6, Andros, Ashley, TJ, Tommy, Kimberly, Adam, Billy, Aisha, Rocky, and Sabrina walked on to the bridge.

“Ho. Ho. Don’t worry Rangers, I overheard your conversation about your lives back on Earth and I’ve already taken care of it.” Ninjor says.

“What do you mean?” asks Cassie.

“Simple, I cast a magic spell on the Earth before we left.” Ninjor explains. “It will make every non-ranger on the planet think that you are still there, doing exactly what you would be doing if you didn’t leave for outer space. That means no one except for the Turbo Rangers will notice your missing. And when you return to the planet, those memories of what you would have been doing will integrate with your own memories.”

“But isn’t that difficult?” Ashley asks.

“Yes, it is.” Ninjor explains. “It is a highly complicated spell and it would take many years to explain all the specifics of it, so it’s best you don’t ask about it.”

“Ok.” Carlos says.

“DECA, how long until we reach Eltar?” Tommy asks.

“We will reach Eltar in 12 hours, 17 minutes, 32 seconds.” the computer responds.

“That’s good. Well, it looks like we should all try to get some sleep, especially the Ninja Rangers.” Tommy says. “Tomorrow, we’ll arrive on Eltar which means we should be rested. The Ninja Rangers will meet on the Simu-Deck at 6 a.m. to discuss our strategy for freeing Eltar.”

“Right.” Kimberly says as all the Rangers head for the turbolift.

“Goodnight, Rangers. I’ll keep the ship running and alert you if any trouble arises.” Alpha says.

“Right.” Andros says.

A few seconds later, the Rangers arrive on Deck 3, where the personal quarters are located. The Rangers then proceed to go to their own assigned quarters.

“Hey Andros, wait up.” Ashley says as she runs up to the mysterious Ranger.

“What is it, Ashley?” Andros asks.

“Well, I was just wondering. You said that you lived on a space colony in KO-35.” Ashley begins.

“Yes, I did.” Andros says.

“Well I wanted to know why you left there and how you came to be a Space Ranger.” Ashley said.

“Well that’s a long story and I don’t really think you would want to hear it...” Andros says.

“Come on Andros you can tell me, I promise not to tell anyone else if you don’t want me too.” Ashley says.

“Well, ok.” Andros says. “Follow me.”

Ashley follows Andros into a garden that is on the ship. “This is my garden, it’s the only place on the ship where DECA can’t access. I built it with plants that were native to my home colony KO-35.” Andros begins.

“Well, it looks beautiful. I would like to visit your home planet sometime.” Ashley says looking at the plants.

“I’m afraid that’s impossible.” Andros says a little sadly.

“Why?” Ashley asks.

“Well, my home planet was destroyed by Astronema two years ago.” Andros says with regret in his voice.

“What? How?” Ashley asked with concern in her voice.

“You see back then DECA was a real person. She was a powerful wizard, who was given the 5 Astro Morphers we now posses. KO-35 was a thriving space colony whose strategic location made it a perfect base of operations for launching an invasion against the Milky Way Galaxy. Astronema was sent there with the mission of conquering it and irradiating the population.” Andros says.

“When it happened, I wasn’t there. I was using this space ship that I had acquired to search space for my missing sister, Corone, who was kidnapped when we were little children. When I returned, I found that everyone was missing. I found DECA, who told me what happened. Astronema got there before her and trapped the entire population. She said that I was worthy of becoming the Red Lightstar Ranger and asked me if I would accept the position and save the population of my planet.” Andros continues.

“I accepted and went to rescue them but Astronema got so furious, she poisoned the atmosphere with a rare gas that had no antidote but would destroy the planet’s atmosphere. She figured that after the entire population was dead, she could move in, since the evil forces could breath in atmospheres without oxygen.” he says.

“Rather then let Astronema win, DECA used all of her powers to move every person and animal to another planet. She then fired a blast of energy in the planet’s core that would destroy the planet. This prevented Astronema from taking control of the planet.” Andros then pauses for a minute.

“Well this use of her energy drained DECA of her life force completely and she lay dying. Before she could die however, I downloaded her brain patterns into my computer, saving everything that was her in the computer of the Megaship. I then managed to save several dozen plants that were unique to my planet and placed them here in my garden.” Andros says.

“After this, DECA helped me modify the morphers so that they would create Space Rangers. She also had me modify my ship to work in conjunction with my powers, prophesying that one day I would meet four others who would complete my team and bring the final component to form the Astro Megazord.” Andros concludes.

Ashley then begins to speak. “I’m sorry Andros, I had no idea. Do you have any idea who kidnapped your sister?” she asks with concern in her voice.

“None, I’ve been searching all known space for her but with no luck so far.” Andros says.

“Well don’t worry, I’ll help you search for her and who knows we may discover information about her on our quest to rescue Zordon.” Ashley says.

“Maybe.” Andros says.

“Wait, you said your planet was destroyed two years ago, have you ever visited the planet where your planets’ population was evacuated to?” Ashley asks.

“Yes, I’ve visited it four times in the past two years. However most of the time, I stay in space searching for my sister and helping others in need.” Andros says.

“Sometimes I work with Greg, the Phantom Ranger, he visits me often and sometimes, on big problems, we work together. Last time he was here, he said he was heading to Earth to help the Turbo Rangers ” he says. “Wait, a minute you said you were Rangers of Earth? Greg told me he made a visit to Earth recently to help the Rangers there after he heard rumors of General Havoc bringing Divatox a Space Base and massive zord.”

“That’s right, the four of us along with Justin, were the Turbo Rangers when the Phantom Ranger arrived on Earth. Although, he never revealed his identity to us.” Ashley says.

“I know, he’s like that. I think it has something to do with his life force being dependent on that ruby.” Andros says.

“How did he come to be dependent on that ruby, anyway?” Ashley asks.

“I don’t know, he never told me. When I asked him about it, he said it wasn’t important. Anyway, I talked to him just before I left for the Symarian Planet and he said he was coming back here. He should be arriving sometime tomorrow. He told me a lot about his adventures since we last saw each other. He couldn’t stop talking about some girl he met. He said he met her on Earth and that she was the Pink Ranger there...”Andros stops in mid-sentence. “That would be Cassie, wouldn’t it?” he asks.

“Yes, that would be her.” Ashley says.

“Boy, won’t he be surprised when he finds her here.” Andros says with a small smile.

“Him surprised?” Ashley asks. “I think Cassie would be equally surprised.” she says laughing.

“Um, well it’s getting late now. We better get some sleep, we’re in for a long day tomorrow.” Andros says.

“You’re right. Let’s go.” Ashley says as the two leave the garden, heading for their respective quarters.

* * *

February 1, 1998: 6:30 a.m.
Astro Megaship

The Space Rangers, the Ninja Rangers, Alpha-6, and Ninjor are gathered on the Simu-Deck, discussing the plans the Ninja Rangers and Ninjor will use to free Eltar.

“Ok, so our first move when we reach Eltar is to find Dimitria and the Blue Senturion, right?” Tommy asks.

Everyone nodded in agreement. “Ok, once we find them, what do we do?” Kimberly asks.

“Well, the first thing we should do is free the planetary capital.” Adam says.

“No, they’d be expecting that.” Sabrina says. “What we should do is find out where they’re holding the populace that are likely to fight against them, free them, and have them help us fight.”

“No way!” Adam yells. “There is no way we can ask non-rangers to fight to protect their planet!”

“With all due respect Adam, the planet has already been conquered. The populace is being enslaved and there are probably thousand of troops there securing the planet. We aren’t fighting a defensive war, we’re fighting an offensive war.” Sabrina says.

“Sabrina is right, Rangers. This is a different fight then you’re used to, the planet has been conquered and this time we’re fighting an offensive war to get rid of the enemy. We’ll need help.” Ninjor says.

“No, there’s no way we can ask civilians to help fight. I can’t believe you would agree with such a suggestion, Ninjor.” Adam says.

“Adam, listen if the Earth were conquered and your family enslaved, would you want to help fight, even without powers? Listen this isn’t a defensive war anymore, the forces of evil conquered this planet and the citizens would want to help free it.” Rocky says.

“Um, you’re right.” Adam says. “I’m sorry I lost me temper, I just don’t like the thought of innocent people having to fight for their survival without any kind of superpowers.”

“I know, I don’t like it either but it is the only way Eltar will be free again.” Tommy says.

“Yo, listen it’s early in the morning. Let’s all get some breakfast, then the Ninja Rangers and Ninjor can come back to the Simu-Deck to plan some more while the Space Rangers and I run the ship.” Alpha suggests.

“Good idea, Alpha. Let’s go.” Andros says. All of them then exit and head towards the mess hall.

* * *

February 1, 1998: 10:00 a.m.
Dark Fortress

“Queen Astronema, I have important news.” Ecliptor says as he walks onto the bridge of the Dark Fortress.

“What is it?” Astronema asks.

“I have discovered major intelligence about the intruder. It seems he has found four more teenagers worthy to take on the other Ranger powers. They also brought with them a shuttle that can combine with the Astro Megaship to form the Astro Megazord.” Ecliptor starts. “They are also transporting another team of Rangers to take to Eltar to free it of the UAE’s rule.”

“Good work, Ecliptor. So Andros has a team of Rangers now, well it’s time for a creative streak. Elgar, contact the Machine King on Eltar. Tell him that there are some Rangers coming to free the planet. Tell him that they will be arriving within the hour and have him prepare his forces to deal with them.” Astronema commands.

“Right away, my Queen.” Elgar says as he goes to the communications console.

“But what about the Space Rangers, my Queen?” Ecliptor asks.

“Ha. I’ll get those puny Rangers by using their compassion against them. I’ll create a disaster on some planet and also send out a fake distress signal to lure their shuttle away from the Megaship. Then I attack the shuttle with some Veloci Fighters, destroying it and whatever Rangers are on it. The other Rangers will then have no Megazord and they’ll be so devastated over their teammates’ deaths, they’ll be easy to destroy.” Astronema says.

“Brilliant plan.” Ecliptor says.

“I know, I know.” Astronema says. “Watch out, Andros! Soon you and your new found team will be destroyed!”

* * *

February 1, 1998: 10:10 a.m.
Astro Megaship

Andros and Ashley are alone on the bridge working the controls, talking to each other.

“You have to hear this story. One time, Bulk and Skull, who I told you about before, got jobs working as forest rangers.” Ashley begins.

“What’s a forest Ranger?” Andros asks. “Is it anything like a Power Ranger?”

“No, a forest Ranger is responsible for watching the forest for fires.” Ashley explains. “Anyway, one of Divatox’s monsters attacked the forest causing a giant fire but the two were reading comic books, instead of watching the forest.”

“What’s a comic book?” Andros asks.

“It’s a small book with a lot of pictures in it.” Ashley tells Andros. “Anyway, the two weren’t paying attention to the forest and they didn’t notice the fire until it was right on top of them. Fortunately, TJ managed to rescue them and we put out the fire before it did any serious damage.”

Andros and Ashley then began to laugh. “That is funny.” Andros says.

“Well that’s just one of the funny things they do, you should here about the time that Carlos was attacked by a Lunar Bat...” Ashley says.

Just then one of DECA’s security cameras appeared. “Ashley, Andros, we are approaching the planet Eltar.”

“Thanks, DECA.” Andros says.

“Um, DECA. I don’t mean to intrude on anything but Andros told me about what happened to you.” Ashley says.

“That’s ok, Ashley. I knew he would tell you first.” DECA says.

“Why is that?” Ashley asks confused.

“Well, I am...was a powerful wizard. I had the ability to tell the future and knew what was in store for me, before my body was completely destroyed, I saw some visions of the future.” DECA says.

“And one of those was of Andros telling me what had happened.” Ashley finishes.

“That is correct.” answers DECA.

“You two can finish this conversation another time.” Andros says as he activates the com-system. “Attention, we are approaching Eltar. All hands to the bridge.”

A few minutes later, everyone was gathered on the bridge. All of the Ninja Rangers each had a backpack containing some things they would need on Eltar.

“We’re entering orbit of Eltar.” DECA says.

“Well, I guess this is where we say good-bye.” Tommy says.

“Yes, I guess it is. Good-luck Rangers and may the power protect you.” Andros says.

“The same goes to you. Be careful and may the power protect you.” Tommy says.

“I have prepared for teleportation to Eltar, you must leave now before we are detected. I have managed to cloak the teleportation beams.” DECA says.

“Ok, good-bye.” Tommy says. Then in eight flashes of light, Ninjor and the Ninja Rangers were gone.

“Teleportation complete.” DECA says.

“Well then, let’s go.” Andros says.

“Alpha, set a course for sector 21947. We’ll begin our search there.” Andros says.

“You got it, Andros.” Alpha says as he moves over to the control panel, setting the course and activating the engines.

* * *

February 1, 1998: 10:30 a.m.
Dark Fortress

“There.” Astronema says pointing to an asteroid on the map. “If we fire a tractor beam at that asteroid, we can divert it so it will hit Gamma Hydra IV, a planet with a population of over 3 billion humanoids.”

“Good idea, my Queen.” Ecliptor says.

“Elgar, fire the tractor beam.” Astronema says.

“Sure thing, Astronema. Firing tractor beam, now.” Elgar says as he activates the tractor beam. “There, the asteroid has been diverted and as an extra bonus, I fired the satellasers at it. The size is now increased to make it more difficult to divert it.”

“Good work, Elgar. I’m surprised.” Astronema says. “That was very good thinking.”

“Thank you. Thank you.” Elgar says.

“Now to send out the fake distress call.” Astronema says. “Begin phase 2.”

“Right, beginning phase 2.” Elgar says as he teleports away.

* * *

February 1, 1998: 11:00 a.m.
Astro Megaship

The Rangers and Alpha are busy working at control consoles on the bridge when a light on one of the consoles begins to flash. Alpha goes over to check it out.

“Yo. Yo. Yo. We’re receiving two distress signals. One is from Gamma Hydra IV. It seems that an asteroid’s course has been changed and it will hit the planet in 7.5 hours...” Alpha pauses as he examines the data.

“Alpha, what is it?” TJ asks.

“Yo. Yo. Yo. There is a population of 3 billion humanoids on that planet and if we don’t stop the asteroid, the entire population will be killed.” Alpha says with worry in his voice.

“Well we have to stop it.” Carlos says.

“Wait, what about the other distress signal?” Cassie asks.

“Hold on, let me check.” Alpha says. “It is from a cargo vessel. It seems that it has suffered major system failures and that it requires immediate assistance.”

“What are we going to do? We need to help both of them but we don’t have the time.” Carlos says.

“I have an idea. Two of us will gather the supplies we need to repair the cargo vessel and go there in the shuttle. The rest will take the Megaship to the planet to stop the asteroid.” Andros says.

“Good idea. But who will go where?” Cassie asks.

“I’m the one most familiar with repairing space technology so I’ll go.” Andros says. “I’ll need one more volunteer.”

Ashley immediately responds. “I’ll go.” she says quickly.

“Ok, the two of us will leave immediately. DECA, set a course for Gamma Hydra IV taking us as close as we can get to the source of the distress signal.” Andros says.

“Course set. You will have to leave in the shuttle in exactly 51 minutes, after that it will take you 2 hours, 10 minutes to reach the cargo vessel.” DECA says. “The Megaship will reach Gamma Hydra IV in 2 hours.”

“Good.” Andros says. “Ashley come with me, we have to prepare the shuttle for our departure.”

“Right.” Ashley says as she follows Andros to the turbolift.

“Ok everyone, we have to prepare to help with the asteroid when we reach the planet.” TJ says assuming command in Andros’ absence. “Alpha, check to make sure the tractor beam is in working order. Cassie, check the engines to make sure they’re working at peak efficiency. We’ll need the extra power. I’ll go inspect the weapons systems. Carlos, you stay on the bridge to pilot the ship.”

Alpha, TJ, and Cassie then left the bridge to carry out their various tasks, leaving Carlos in charge of the bridge.

* * *

February 1, 1998: 11:55 a.m.
NASADA Shuttle

Andros and Ashley are in the control room of the shuttle, preparing to blast off.

“Andros, this is Carlos.” came Carlos’ voice over the intercom system.

“This is Andros, go ahead.” Andros responded.

“The ship is coming up on the coordinates for departure. Are you ready?” he asked.

“Sure thing, just tell us when.” Andros answers.

“Ok.” Carlos says. “5...4...3...2...1... Now!”

“Removing docking clamps.” Ashley says.

“Opening hanger doors, activating thrusters.” Andros says as the Megaship hanger’s doors opened up. The shuttle then departed the Megaship.

“Ashley, set a course for the source of the distress signal and engage engines at maximum speed.” Andros says as he works on the control systems.

“Right.” Ashley says. “Course set, engines engaged.”

“Well it looks like we have about an hour to ourselves until we reach the cargo vessel.” Andros says.

“Yes.” Ashley says.

“So since I told you about my life back on KO-35, would you like to tell me something about how you became a Power Ranger?” Andros asks.

“Sure.” Ashley says energetically. “I guess it all started when I met Carlos during a soccer game. I was a cheerleader...” she begins telling her story.

* * *

February 1, 1998: 12:00 p.m.
Astro Megaship

The Astro Megaship is in Megarush, heading towards it’s destination Then a small space shuttle appears and heads for the Megaship. A door in the Megaship opens up and the space shuttle enters it.

The scene then switches to the bridge with Alpha, Carlos, TJ, and Cassie working on maintaining the ship’s systems.

“Yo. Yo. Yo.” Alpha says noticing a blinking light.

“What is it, Alpha?” TJ asks.

“It seems that a shuttle has entered the docking bay.” Alpha says.

“Is it the NASADA shuttle?” Carlos asks.

“No.” Alpha says. “It is of a different composition but I know I’ve seen this ship somewhere before...” he continues.

“Never mind that, Alpha.” TJ says. “We have to intercept the intruder.”

“Excuse me but I...” DECA begins but is cut off when Cassie hits her mute button.

“Not now, DECA. Let’s go.” Cassie says as the three Rangers and Alpha enter the turbolift.

As soon as the lift reaches the desired deck, the four run to the door to the shuttlebay.

“Ok.” TJ says. “As soon as the intruders come out we grab them.”

“Right.” Cassie agrees.

“You got it TJ.” Carlos replies.

Just then the door opened and a figure walked out.

“Phantom Ranger!” Cassie exclaims as she sees the Phantom Ranger standing before them.

“Cassie? TJ? Carlos? Alpha?” the Phantom Ranger asks in confusion. “What are you doing here? And where’s Andros?”

“Well, that’s a long story.” TJ said. “It all started when the monster Godgoyle came to Earth....” he said as he explained their story. “...And so that’s the whole story.”

“Interesting, I knew Andros had four other Astro Morphers but I never would have guessed you would become part of his team.” the Phantom Ranger says. “So where are Andros and Ashley?”

“Andros and Ashley went off to help a cargo vessel that was suffering systems’ failures in the NASADA shuttle. We’re going to Gamma Hydra IV to stop an asteroid that’s will destroy the planet if we don’t stop it.” Carlos explains.

“Interesting.” the Phantom Ranger says. “Power Down!” he commands.

Instantly the Phantom Ranger armor disappeared. The powered down Phantom Ranger looked like a human, he was 5 foot 11 inches tall, and had brown hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a space uniform exactly like the ones the other Rangers had except that his shirt indicating Ranger color was gray. He was also wearing his Power Ruby around his neck like a necklace.

“Hello, my name is Greg. I am from the planet Eltar.” says the Phantom Ranger.

“We know.” TJ says.

“How?” asks Greg surprised.

“Um... we sort of came across your file in the computer database a few days ago.” Cassie explains.

“Oh.” was Greg’s only response.

“So Greg, how did you come to know Andros?” TJ asks.

“We met shortly after I gained the Power Ruby.” Greg explains. “We often work together on problems, although I usually go out on my own. Right now I’m here to assist Andros in his search for Zordon.”

“So that means you’ll be staying here for awhile?” Cassie asks with hope in her voice.

“Yes.” Greg replies. “I’ll be stationed here until we can rescue Zordon, although I’ll still help others in need when my assistance is required.”

“Ok. We’ve done all we can to prepare the Megaship, so we should all take a break for the next couple of hours.” TJ says.

“Ok. I’ll be on the bridge if you need me.” Alpha quickly responded as he headed for the bridge.

“Well I think I’ll catch up on the novel I was reading.” Carlos says as he heads for his quarters.

“I’m going to go get something to eat at the mess hall, Cassie you coming?” TJ asks.

“No. I’ll get something to eat later.” Cassie says.

“Ok.” TJ says as he leaves.

“Cassie,” Greg says walking up to Cassie “I know of several entertainment programs on the Simu-Deck. Would you care to join me?” he asks.

“Sure.” Cassie responds quickly. “Lead the way.”

A minute later Cassie and Greg arrive on the Simu-Deck.

“So, what program did you want to use?” Cassie asks.

“Well there is one program that I especially like but I generally use it alone.” Greg says.

“Well if you don’t want to use it...” Cassie says.

“No, I think you’d like this.” Greg says. “DECA load program Phantom 1 and engage computer link off, authorization Greg Gamma Delta 27.”

“Program loaded, computer link off.” DECA responds.

“What was the last part of your command?” Cassie asks.

“Oh, it was just a command that would shut off DECA’s access to the Simu-Deck unless an emergency came up. That prevents her from interrupting us.” Greg answers.

“Oh.” Cassie says.

“Activate program.” Greg commands.

A second later the Simu-Deck transforms into a beautiful mountain with plant life unfamiliar to her overlooking a beautiful lake with a waterfall. There were exotic creatures everywhere and there was a cave with beautiful crystals located a few kilometers away. There was also a rainbow overlooking the lake.

“Greg, this is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.” Cassie says. “What is it?”

“This is the Eternal Falls on Eltar. It is one of the most beautiful spots on my home planet.” Greg says a little sadly.

“Greg, what’s wrong?” Cassie asks.

“It’s just that the thought of my home planet conquered by the United Alliance of Evil.” Greg says. “I feel like I should be back there fighting for its’ freedom.” he says and then pauses.

“But I know that if Dark Specter drains Zordon of his energy Eltar will never be free. Besides Dimitria and the Ninja Rangers are already working on a way to free it.” Greg says as he takes a step away from Cassie.

“Greg, I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine how you must feel.” Cassie says with compassion in his voice. “I don’t know how I would feel if Earth were conquered.”

Greg then turns around and looks at Cassie. He takes her hands and holds them. “Always thinking about others, that’s one of the things I lo...admire about you.” he says.

“Thank you.” Cassie says. “If you ever need anyone to talk to things about I’ll be here.”

“Thank you, Cassie.” Greg says. “As a matter of fact, there is something I would like to tell you.”

“What is it?” Cassie asks.

“I’ve never told anyone this story before, if I tell you, will you promise not to tell anyone?” Greg asks.

“Yes.” Cassie agrees.

“Well as you know my life force is dependent upon this ruby.” Greg says pointing to the ruby on his chest.

“Yes.” Cassie says.

“Well, I wasn’t always dependent on it. It started about a year ago, shortly before Zordon returned home.” Greg starts to explain. “I was a great inventor on Eltar and I was placed on one of the teams in charge of maintaining the planet’s security grid. I was partnered with one of the great Eltarian sorceresses’ Suzie.”

“One day after I left to go home I realized I forgot my briefcase at the lab so I went back to get it.” Greg explains. “When I got back to the building I saw Suzie, shape-shift into Astronema, the fiancée of Dark Specter, the Grand Monarch of Evil. She then sent a message to someone. She was so involved in her communication, she didn’t notice me when I walked over to her.” Greg then pauses.

“What I learned shocked me. I saw her talking to Dark Specter, the Grand Monarch of Evil. From what I was able to discern, Astronema had killed the real Suzie 10 years ago and she had been impersonating her ever since. During that time, Astronema had sent detailed information about Eltar to Dark Specter and in exchange, he would make her the most powerful villainess in the universe, second only to himself.” Greg says.

“I also learned that her spying was complete and that the next day, she was to run a routine Level 1 security check on the defense grid. This would leave Eltar defenseless for 30 minutes, during which time Eltar would be easily conquered.” Greg says. “Astronema was just about to send the last file which would ensure Dark Specter’s conquest of Eltar. I knew that she had to be stopped so I rung the security alarm and tried to stop her.”

“The security officers were surprised at the alarm and sent officers to the building immediately but they weren’t quick enough. Astronema blasted me over and over with her magic staff until my wounds were beyond repair. She then teleported off of Eltar onto her Dark Fortress.” Greg continues.

“When the security personal found me they took me to the most advanced medical facility on Eltar.” Greg continues. “But there was nothing they could do for me.”

“But then was when Zordon came. He had just arrived back on Eltar to take back his old position as ruler of the planet and learned what I had done. He told me that I had saved Eltar, for the time being. He said that the information Astronema gave Dark Specter would greatly compromise planetary security and that Eltar was still in danger.” Greg says.

“But for my sacrifice, Zordon gave me the option of taking a powerful ruby that would restore my life and grant me the powers of the Phantom Ranger. I could have it but the ruby would only grant its’ powers to someone pure of heart and who would do good with its’ powers.” Greg continues. “And the rest you know. I left Eltar and went out to protect the galaxy against Astronema and other forces of evil.” he finishes.

Cassie sits next to Greg for a minute absorbing all of the story. “Wow! It must have been very tough for you.” Cassie says.

“It was but protecting people is a great reward and I’ve dedicated my life to it now.” Greg says.

“Greg, I have a question to ask you.” Cassie says.

“Go ahead.” replies Greg.

“Well you said that you never told anyone that story before, so why did you tell me?” Cassie asks.

“Because I felt that I could trust you completely and because I..I love you.” Greg says.

Cassie’s face immediately changed to one of surprise and shock. “You..you love me?” she asks.

“Yes.” Greg says. “I loved you from almost the moment I first saw you. You’re the kindest, prettiest girl I have ever met. I understand if you don’t feel the same way. Perhaps I shouldn’t have brought it up.” he says.

“No.” Cassie says. “The truth is I love you too.”

“You do?” Greg asks.

“Yes, I felt an attraction to you since I first met you, as I got to know you better, I knew I was in love.” Cassie says.

The two then lean towards one another and they begin to kiss. They continue for about a minute until they are interrupted by the com-system. “Cassie, Greg, this is TJ we are about to arrive at Gamma Hydra IV. Please report to the bridge.”

“Right TJ, we’re on our way.” Cassie says, her face looking flushed. “Well, I guess we should get going.”

“Yes we should.” Greg agrees. “DECA, restore computer link and end simulation.” he commands.

“Computer link restored.” DECA says as the simulation disappears.

Greg and Cassie then exit the Simu-Deck and head for the bridge.

“Cassie, wait up.” Greg yells running to catch up to Cassie. “Cassie, um, would you like to have dinner with me later tonight, after we resolve the situation with the asteroid?” he asks.

“Sure, I’d love to.” Cassie says.

The two then enter the turbolift and a few seconds later they arrived on the bridge where TJ, Carlos, and Alpha are working at various consoles.

“We are entering the Gamma Hydra system.” Alpha says. “Dropping out of Megarush.”

Cassie walks over to the scanner systems. “I’m scanning the asteroid now.” she says. “Oh no!”

“What is it Cassie?” Greg asks.

“The asteroid, it’s gigantic almost one-fourth the size of the planet.” Cassie says.

“That’s impossible.” Carlos says.

“Wait a minute. DECA scan the asteroid for trendom particles.” Greg orders.

“Scan complete. Sensors indicate a large amount of trendom particles in the asteroid.” DECA responds.

“What are the chances that these trendom particles originated from Astronema’s Dark Fortress?” Greg asks.

“Computing.” DECA says. “The odds are 94.67% that they originated from the Dark Fortress.”

“What does that mean?” TJ asks.

“It means that Astronema used her satellasers to make the asteroid grow to gigantic size, like villains due with their monsters during zord fights.” Greg says.

“Um, who’s Astronema?” TJ asks.

“She’s a powerful villainess and the fiancée of Dark Specter, the Grand Monarch of Evil.” Cassie says. “She’s the second most powerful villain in the universe.”

“How did you know that?” Carlos asks.

“I just told her when we were talking on the Simu-Deck.” Greg says.

“Ok. But why would she want to destroy the planet?” Carlos asked.

“The shuttle!” Cassie exclaims. “She must have known we would send the shuttle out to answer the distress call while we dealt with the asteroid. She must be planning a sneak attack.”

“You’re right.” TJ says. “Alpha attempt to raise the shuttle on communications channels.”

Alpha immediately goes over to the communications console and hits a few buttons. “Yo. Yo. Yo. I can’t reach them, the area of space their in is being completely jammed from all outside communications, we can’t break through it.”

“Then set a course for the shuttle.” TJ orders.

“No.” Greg says.

“What are you talking about?” Carlos asks. “We have to go save them.”

“We’ll never get there in time.” Greg begins. “By the time we reach the shuttle’s location, Astronema will already have sprung her trap. And even if we do save them, we’ll never get back in time to divert the asteroid and the 3 billion inhabitants of that planet will die.”

“You’re right.” TJ says. “Andros is a capable space pilot, we’ll just have to hope he and Ashley will be able to escape from the trap.”

“Wait, what about your zord, the computer said that you had a ship called the Galactic Megaship that could transform into a Megazord?” Cassie asks.

“I did.” Greg says. “It was destroyed a few weeks ago when I was battling a monster on Triforia. I’ve been working on a new zord, the Delta Megazord but it won’t be ready until next week at the earliest.” he says sadly.

“Ok, then let’s get to work on diverting the asteroid.” Greg says. “The sooner we’re done here, the sooner we can help Andros and Ashley. The others all nodded and went to work at various control panels.

* * *

February 1, 1998: 1:05 p.m.
NASADA Shuttle

Andros and Ashley were sitting in the cockpit of the shuttle talking and laughing about their past when they were interrupted by a flashing signal on the control panel. The two then immediately turned to the controls.

“Ashley, it’s a trap!” Andros exclaims. “There are 13 Veloci Fighters on a direct intercept course.”

“We have to get out of here!” Ashley says.

“Right, taking evasive maneuvers!” Andros says.

Before they can get very far, however, the Veloci fighters fire lasers at the shuttle. They continue firing until the shuttle is no longer in working order, then one of the fighters fires off a device that attaches itself to the shuttle. The fighters then turn around and leave the shuttle floating helplessly in space.

Inside Andros and Ashley are laying unconscious by exploding panels and a mess of debris. Andros is the first one to wake up. “Ugh.. Where am I?” he asks in pain. “Now I remember Astronema attacked the shuttle.”

He then looks around in panic seeing the debris everywhere. “Ashley! Ashley! Where are you?” he yells frantically. Not seeing her, he pulls out his morpher.

“Let’s Rocket.” he screams out and quickly presses in the morphing sequence of 3-3-5.

“Unable to initiate morphing sequence, jamming field in place.” the computer voice of the morpher says.

“Great!” Andros says as he goes over to check the shuttle’s damage monitor, which miraculously is still working. He checks the read-out and mutters to himself. “Uh-oh, now we’re in real trouble.”

Just then a figure in the debris pile begins to move. “Andros! Where are you?” the voice of Ashley.

Andros quickly moves over to the place where the debris was moving. “I’m right here.” he says.

After about a minute Andros has Ashley free of the debris.

“Are you ok?” Andros and Ashley ask each other simultaneously.

“I’m ok.” Andros answers. “How about you?”

“I’m ok too.” Ashley says. “What happened?” she asks.

“Astronema’s forces attacked the shuttle. The distress call was a fake and I think it’s a safe bet that Astronema was the one who caused that asteroid to go off course. She must have known we would send the shuttle while the help the cargo vessel and planned to destroy us.” Andros says.

“The question is why didn’t she finish us off.” Ashley asks.

“Because she wants us to suffer.” Andros says.

“What do you mean?” Ashley asks.

“Ashley, the shuttle is damaged, communications are gone, life support is almost gone, and Astronema has set up a jamming field preventing us from morphing.” Andros says.

“What?” Ashley asks in horror.

“We have very little time left before we run out of oxygen.” Andros says.

“What about the other Rangers?” Ashley asks. “Won’t they know something is wrong?”

“Maybe, but even if they did if they came after us, they’d never get back to stop the asteroid in time.” Andros explains. “Their first duty is to save that planet.”

“You’re right.” Ashley says. “So we’ll just have to hope life support holds out until they get here.”

“Yes, I just hope we have enough reserve oxygen.” Andros says.

“Wait a minute!” Ashley exclaims with hope in her voice. “The supplies we brought to fix the cargo ship, are they still here?” she asks.

“Yes, they’re right here.” Andros says. “Ashley you’re a genius.”

“Thank you, Andros. Now let’s get to work.” Ashley says as the two pulls some tools out of the supply kit.

* * *

February 1, 1998: 3:00 p.m.
Dark Fortress

“Ha. Soon those puny power punks Andros and Ashley will be dust.” Astronema laughs evilly. “And they will die a slow death and suffer greatly.”

“Ha. You got that right. You’re even more evil than my last boss, Divatox.” Elgar says.

“Why thank you, Elgar.” Astronema says. “Well that’s how I got to be the queen of evil, by being the most evil, ruthless villain in the galaxy.” she says.

“Oh and I’m also smart, so smart I fooled the Eltarian security council into making me one of the highest ranking security officials on Eltar.” she continues laughing. “If it wasn’t for that Greg catching me, we would have conquered Eltar a year ago and we would be ruling the universe by now.”

Just then Ecliptor walked onto the bridge. “Queen Astronema, I have important news, I have discovered that Greg is now the Phantom Ranger.” he says.

“Greg, a Power Ranger?” Astronema asks. “Impossible, I wounded him beyond any medical technology.” she says.

“Not true.” Elgar says.

Astronema then raises her staff and points it at Elgar glaring evilly at him. “Are you calling me a liar?” she asks.

“Why, no my Queen.” Elgar says quickly. “Allow me to explain.”

“You have 2 minutes to explain yourself.” Astronema says.

“Well, you see, I was on Earth and I had dealings with this Phantom Ranger. He has a magical Power Ruby, which sustains his life force and gives him his power.” Elgar says. “It can only be removed by him but if he is without it for more then a few hours, he will die.”

“We once tricked him into removing it by having General Havoc look like Cassie.” Elgar says. “Once it was removed, he nearly died but the Rangers managed to recover it at the final moment.”

“Ah, so Zordon gave the Phantom Ruby to that annoying pest Greg.” Astronema says. “Well no matter, I will finish him off.”

“Ecliptor, where is this Phantom Ranger?” Astronema asks her henchman.

“He is with the three remaining Space Rangers on the Astro Megaship.” Ecliptor says.

“Ah, good.” Astronema says. “Now I’ll be able to destroy my mortal enemy and the remaining Space Rangers all at once. I’ll attack Gamma Hydra IV and destroy them.”

“Good plan, my Queen.” Elgar says. “How many monsters would you like me to create?” he asks heading over to the monster selector.

“Ah, here’s a good monster. He’s called Electrotrap.” Elgar says. “Would you like me to send him down?” Elgar asks.

“No.” Astronema says.

“Ok, my Queen. How about Claw Hammer?” Elgar asks. “He’s one mean monster.”

“Perhaps you don’t get my meaning.” Astronema explains. “I’m not going to send any two-bit monster down to face the Rangers.”

“Then how will you defeat the Rangers?” Elgar asks.

“I’ll battle them myself.” Astronema says.

“Um, yourself?” Elgar asks. “How do you expect to beat four Power Rangers by yourself?”

“Simple Elgar, unlike other leaders of evil empires, I train very thoroughly. I spend at least 4 hours a day training in the gym, learning martial arts moves to use on Power Rangers.” Astronema says. “Before my assignment of impersonating Suzie on Eltar, I personally destroyed over 600 groups of Rangers in 30 different galaxies.”

“Um, then why do you have a monster selector?” Elgar asks.

“Because I like to toy with the Rangers, sending down monsters that they can easily defeat before moving in for the kill.” Astronema says. “I also like holding back my real capabilities, making them suffer before I go in for the kill. It’s so much more fun when you take their lives with your own hands, rather then watching some monster do it.”

“Wow!” Elgar says. “Gee, you sure deserve the title of Queen of Evil more then Divatox.”

“I know I do.” Astronema says. “As a matter of fact I think I’ll toy with these Rangers for awhile. These human Rangers have gotten a reputation as the toughest in the universe and I’m going to enjoy crushing them.”

“Yes, my Queen. It will be your crowning achievement.” Ecliptor says.

“Well it’s time to go. Hmm, I’ll take a squadron of Quantrons with me. I don’t really need them but I want them to think they have a chance of beating me. It will make victory much more sweeter when they learn that I could have killed them at any time.” Astronema says as she and a group of Quantrons teleport off the Dark Fortress.

“Gee and I thought she got this job because of her looks.” Elgar says.

“I heard that.” the voice of Astronema says.

“Um, sorry.” Elgar gulps.

“Just don’t let it happen again.” the voice of Astronema says.

“Don’t worry it won’t.” Elgar says.


* * *

February 1, 1998: 3:30 p.m.
Astro Megaship

The Rangers and Alpha are working at various consoles continuing to work on ways to stop the asteroid.

“I think I have the answer.” Greg says.

“What is it?” Alpha asks.

“Well according to these readings, the beam used to make the asteroid giant size is usually only used on organic matter, such as monsters.” Greg explains. “They lose effectiveness when used on inanimate objects.”

“Meaning?” Carlos asks.

“Meaning we may be able to reverse the effects of the satellasers and shrink the asteroid back to its’ original size.” Cassie says.

“Great!” TJ says.

“But first we have to isolate...” Greg begins but is interrupted by DECA.

“Astronema and a squad of Quantrons are attacking the planet.” DECA says.

“We have to stop her.” Greg says.

“Ok. Let’s get to it. To the Galaxy Glider holding bay.” TJ says.

Less then a minute later the four Rangers arrive in the room that holds the Galaxy Gliders.

“Um Greg, where do you keep your Galaxy Glider?” Cassie asks.

“It’s on my shuttle in the next room.” Greg explains. “I’ll go get it and meet you on the planet.”

“Alright.” TJ says as the three Space Rangers each entered their own tubes.

* * *

February 1, 1998: 3:35 p.m.
Gamma Hydra IV

People run in terror as Astronema blasts buildings with her energy staff and as Quantrons tear up the streets with their Bat’leth weapons.

Just then the Blue, Black, and Pink Space Rangers as well as the Phantom Ranger appear in front of her in four flashes of light.

The Blue Ranger steps forward. “Alright Astronema, if you pack up your Quantrons and leave the planet right now, you won’t get hurt.” he says.

“Brave words for a dead man to be saying.” Astronema says. “Oh, Greg that armor looks so good on you. Why don’t you leave now? After all at our last encounter I nearly killed you and left you dependent on that power ruby. This time I promise I’ll finish the job.”

The Blue and Black Rangers look at each other in confusion while the Phantom and Pink Rangers stand their ground.

“What are you talking about?” the Black Ranger asks.

“Oh, you mean the Phantom hasn’t told you?” Astronema asks. “Well at our last encounter, which was before he was a Ranger, I was impersonating an Eltarian security council member, spying for Dark Specter. Greg discovered my identity and tried to stop me.”

“That was a long time ago Astronema. He was unarmed and you fought dirty. Now you’ll have to deal with all of us in a fair fight.” the Pink Ranger says.

“Oh, so you told the Pink Ranger you’re secret. Well, Phantom I know all about you’re relationship with Cassie and how you risked your life to save her.” Astronema says.

“How?” the Phantom Ranger asks surprised.

Just then Elgar teleports in. “Hi guys, I see you met my new boss.” he says.

“Elgar?” the Black Ranger asks confused. “What happened to Divatox?”

“Oh she’s attacking Aquitar. I’ve been reassigned to Astronema to give her information about you guys.” Elgar says.

“Dark Specter assigned you Elgar as an intelligence officer?” TJ asked shocked. “Elgar’s the dumbest villain I ever met.”

“Hey there are plenty of villains dumber then me.” Elgar says.

Just then the Rangers communicators beeped and the voice of Alpha-6 came over the speaker. “Excuse me, but while you’re having this conversation that asteroid is getting closer to the planet.” Alpha says.

“Yeah, not to mention the fact that your teammates Ashley and Andros are in a crippled shuttle with failing life-support and are probably freezing to death by now.” Elgar says.

“Why you little monster.” the Pink Ranger says as she steps forward. “Let’s get them.”

Astronema begins to laugh. “Come on and try pretty Pink Ranger. That is if you think you’re strong enough.” Astronema taunts.

With that the Rangers and Astronema’s forces begin to battle each other.

The Black Ranger immediately head to take on the twelve Quantrons that were tearing up the street. He pulls out his Astro Blaster and fires it at two of the Quantrons, sending them to the ground. However, he is then jumped by two more Quantrons that knock the blaster out of his hand. He kicks one of them sending it to the ground and delivers a punch to the other one. While he is distracted with these two, another one manages to sneak up behind him and knock him of his feet with his Bat’leth weapon. The Quantron then hits him again in the chest, causing him pain. The Black Ranger, however manages to get to his feet and summon his Lunar Lance. He uses it on the Quantron that was attacking it, turning it into dust. He then uses it to attack the remain Quantrons, destroying all of them.

The Blue Ranger was attacking Elgar. Elgar was attacking the Ranger with his Card Sword. The Blue Ranger drew his Astro Blaster to shoot Elgar but Elgar used his sword to knock it out of his hands before the Ranger could fire. Elgar then hit the Blue Ranger with his sword again causing him to fall to the ground. Elgar then raised his sword and prepared to hit the Ranger for the finishing blow but the Blue Ranger quickly summoned his Astro Axe and used it to block the sword. The Ranger then managed to get to his feet and hit Elgar with his axe several times. The Blue Ranger then levitated off the ground and started to spin in a circle. He then flew over to Elgar and hit him with the axe several times, causing him to drop his Card Sword and fall to the ground.

“Alright!” the Blue Ranger shouted. “Take that Elgar!”

The Pink and Phantom Rangers weren’t doing as well however. The two of them were attacking Astronema. The Pink Ranger immediately summoned her Satellite Stunner and fired on Astronema with the blaster at full power. The beam just hit her armor harmlessly.

“Look the Pink Ranger is trying to stop me. It’s going to take more then that blaster to stop me.” Astronema taunts.

“Alright Astronema you want more? You got it.” the Pink Ranger says.

The Pink Ranger then charges Astronema and leaps in the air to deliver a kick to the villain. Astronema however does a backflip just before the Pink Ranger kicks her. This causes the Pink Ranger to land on the ground in front of Astronema. Astronema then raises her staff and fires a continuos beam of powerful magic at the Pink Ranger causing her extreme pain.

“This is fun. You know I haven’t tortured any Rangers in months.” Astronema says.

“You’ll.... never...get....away....with....this.” the Pink Ranger says in great pain.

“Oh but I will.” Astronema says.

Meanwhile the Phantom Ranger comes up behind Astronema with his invisibility shield in place. The Phantom Ranger quickly steps forward to grab her staff but is surprised when Astronema breaks off the energy ray she was firing at the Pink Ranger and hits him with it, causing his invisibility shield to deactivate.

Astronema then turns to face the Phantom Ranger. “So you came back for more, huh?.” she taunts. “I nearly killed you last time we met, this time I intend to finish the job.”

Astronema then hits the Phantom Ranger with her staff several times, concentrating on his power ruby. The Phantom Ranger then falls to his knees but quickly gets back to his feet and summons his Phantom Sword. The Phantom Ranger then attacks Astronema with several blows to her armor. Astronema however quickly raises her staff to block the sword. She then attacks the Phantom with several quick moves causing his sword to fly out of his hands. She then drops her staff and hits the Phantom Ranger with several kicks and punches. The Phantom then drops to the ground. Astronema then picks up her staff and fires a beam that causes the Phantom to fly several feet backwards.

“Well it’s time to say good-bye Phantom.” Astronema says. “On second thought, I’ll think I destroy you little girlfriend Cassie. That will make your suffering even greater.” Astronema then raises her staff and prepares to fire it at the Pink Ranger, who is now unconscious thanks to Astronema’s pervious blasts.

“Say good-bye, Pink Ranger.” Astronema says.

The Phantom tries to struggle to get to his feet but can’t. “No!” he shouts.

* * *

February 1, 1998: 3:30 p.m.
NASADA Shuttle

Andros and Ashley continue work on rewiring the systems. “There.” Ashley says. “I think I’ve fixed the life-support systems.”

“Let’s see.” Andros says looking over at the systems. “Yes, life support appears to be in working order, all we have to do is restart it.”

“Ok.” Ashley says. “Restarting life support.” she says pushing some buttons on the control panel.

“Life support has been reinitialized.” Andros says. “Now we don’t have to worry about running out of oxygen.”

“That’s good news.” Ashley says. “How are you coming with the engines?”

“Well the main engines are down but I think I managed to divert enough power to the special wormhole device to open a wormhole near Gamma Hydra IV.” Andros says.

“Then all we have to do is to contact the Megaship.” Ashley says.

“Yes but that’s the problem.” Andros says. “Communications are still down.”

“Don’t worry.” Ashley says holding up her wrist communicator. “If the Megaship is nearby, we’ll be able to contact them off of this.”

“Why didn’t you try using that before?” Andros asks.

“I did but communications were being jammed, probably by Astronema.” Ashley answers.

“Yes, that would be something Astronema would do.” Andros says. “Well, we’ll be ready to activate the wormhole in 20 minutes.”

“That’s good.” Ashley says.

“Um Ashley, could I ask you something?” Andros asks.

“Sure go ahead.” Ashley says.

“When we get back to the Megaship, would you like to go out on a date on the Simu-Deck?” Andros asks nervously.

“Sure.” Ashley says surprised. “I’d love too.”

“There’s a restaurant on my home planet that I knew of, how about we go there?” Andros asks.

“Sounds good to me.” Ashley asks.

“Ok.” Ashley says. “Now all we have to do is wait until the shuttle’s engines are ready.”

* * *

February 1, 1998: 3:50 p.m.
Astro Megaship

Alpha watches the battle with anxiety as he sees Astronema preparing to kill the Pink Ranger and all of the other Rangers either out of commission or battling the rest of Astronema’s forces.

“Yo. Yo. Yo. This is terrible. There has to be something I can do.” Alpha says with worry.

“Warning! Sensors indicate artificial wormhole being created 20,000 kilometers away from the Megaship.” DECA says.

“What? Oh no! What now?” Alpha asks.

Alpha switches to the viewscreen as he sees the wormhole form and the NASADA shuttle coming out of it.

“Yo, it’s Ashley and Andros!” Alpha shouts excitedly.

“Sensors indicate shuttle is completely out of power.” DECA says.

“Oh no! DECA activate tractor beam and bring the shuttle aboard.” Alpha orders.

The tractor beam then activates and the hangar bay doors open up.

Meanwhile, Alpha heads quickly to the shuttle bay. He arrives in the shuttle bay just as Ashley and Andros exit the shuttle.

“Hey Alpha.” Ashley says cheerfully.

“Yo, no time for that now. The Rangers are in trouble on the planet’s surface” Alpha says with worry in his voice. “You have to help them now!”

“Right.” Andros says as he and Ashley run into the Galaxy Glider holding bay and head for the surface of Gamma Hydra IV.

* * *

February 1, 1998: 3:55 p.m.
Gamma Hydra IV

Astronema stands over the Pink Ranger’s unconscious body kicking her as she raises her staff preparing to kill her.

“Well Cassie it looks like you’re Phantom Ranger isn’t going to save you this time.” Astronema laughs.

In the mean time, the Blue and Black Rangers have finished their battles and are rushing towards Astronema. However, before they can reach her, Ecliptor teleports in front of them and knocks them to the ground.

Astronema then begins to fire an energy burst at the Pink Ranger but is knocked to the ground as the Red and Yellow Rangers appear.

“Ah, so you two survived.” Astronema says as she gets up. “But not for long.”

Then Astronema, Ecliptor, Elgar, and what’s left of the Quantrons teleport out.

“Cassie, are you ok?” the Yellow Ranger asks. She is then concerned as she realizes that Cassie is no longer conscious. “We have to get back to the ship.” she says.

Meanwhile the Blue and Black Rangers are helping the Phantom Ranger get to his feet. All of them then teleport back to the Astro Megaship.

* * *

February 1, 1998: 4:15 p.m.
Astro Megaship

The Rangers and Alpha were gathered in the medical bay working on repairing the wounds caused by Astronema.

“Yo. It doesn’t look good.” Alpha says.

“What’s the prognosis, Alpha?” TJ asks concerned.

“Greg’s life-signs are weak. However, his power ruby is repairing the damage and he should be fine.” Alpha says.

“What about Cassie?” Ashley asks.

“Her condition isn’t that good.” Alpha says. “She was hit by multiple energy beams by Astronema. Her life signs are very weak. I’d say she only has a 20% chance for survival.” the android explains sadly.

“Man, this Astronema villain is going to pay for this.” Carlos says angrily.

Just then Greg gets up and goes over to Cassie.

“Greg, you have sustained massive wounds. You need time for your ruby to heal you.” Alpha explains.

“No. I must save Cassie.” Greg says as he takes his power ruby off and holds it over Cassie.

“Greg, I know what you are doing.” comes the voice of DECA. “If you use the ruby to heal Cassie in your weakened state, you may die.”

“Greg, we can’t let you do that.” Andros says.

“It’s my choice.” Greg says.

Before anyone else can say anything, several energy beams shoot out of the Power Ruby energizing Cassie. When the energy beams are done, Greg collapses to the ground.

Cassie immediately wakes up. “What happened?” she asks full of energy. She then looks around and sees Greg laying on the floor. “Greg! What’s wrong?” she asks.

“Alpha, run a scan on Greg.” Andros orders.

Alpha immediately runs over to Greg and puts him back on a medical bed and pulls out some equipment.

“What’s going on?” Cassie asks again with concern in her voice.

“Astronema attacked you on the surface.” Ashley explains. “Both you and Greg were heavily injured. You’re chances of survival were only 20% but Greg used his ruby to heal you completely.”

“But what about him? Will he be ok?” Cassie asks.

“We’re not sure.” TJ explains. “DECA said that if he healed you in his weakened state, he may not survive.”

“Then why did you let him do it?!” Cassie asks angrily. “You shouldn’t have let him risk his life for mine!”

“Cassie calm down. He healed you before we could stop him, it was his choice.” Andros says.

Cassie gets up and goes over to the medical bed with tears in her eyes. “Alpha, will he be ok?” she asks.

“I don’t know, Cassie.” Alpha says. “He is very weak.”

“Rangers, Astronema has released a giant monster on the surface of the planet.” DECA says. “You must form the Astro Megazord and stop it.”

“Alright let’s go stop Astronema.” Andros says.

Andros, Ashley, TJ, and Carlos then head for the door but Cassie stays by Greg’s bed.

“Cassie, are you coming?” Carlos asks.

“No.” Cassie says weakly. “You can control the Megazord without me. I’ll stay here with Greg in case he wakes up.”

“Ok.” Andros says. “Come on guys, Astronema is going to pay for this.”

With that, the four Rangers head to the shuttle to form the Astro Megazord, leaving Cassie and Alpha to tend to Greg.

* * *

February 1, 1998: 4:45 p.m.
NASADA Shuttle

The four Power Rangers were gathered in the shuttle preparing to blast off to form the Astro Megazord.

The Red Ranger immediately checked all of the systems. “It appears Alpha has managed to repair all of the damage to the shuttle.” he says.

“That’s good because right now I’m in the mood for revenge on Astronema.” the Yellow Ranger says.

“Me too.” the Black Ranger says. “If Greg dies because of her, I’ll tear her Dark Fortress apart myself.”

“Alright guys. let’s concentrate on piloting the Megazord.” Andros says. “We have to be focused to deal with this creep.”

A minute later the shuttle exited from the Megaship as the Megaship reconfigured itself forming the body of the Astro Megazord. The shuttle then flew back towards the zord and reconfigured itself to form the head. The Megazord then summoned its’ shield and entered the planet’s atmosphere. The Megazord then landed directly in front of the Electrotrap monster.

“Alright Electrotrap, you’re going down.” the Red Ranger says. “Astro Megazord Sabre.” he says.

A second later the Megazord’s Sabre appears in its’ hands. The Megazord then charges the monster and hits it with the sword.

“Alright let’s finish this monster.” the Red Ranger says.

“Right.” the other three Rangers agree.

“Astro Megazord Sabre, energize.” all the Rangers command in unison.

The Megazord’s Sabre then started to glow yellow and then a beam of energy shot out of it, hitting the monster. The Megazord then ran up to the monster and the Sabre, which was still energized, hit the monster. Electrotrap then exploded, leaving behind millions of specks of black dust.

“Well it looks like our job here is finished.” the Yellow Ranger says.

“No it’s not.” the Black Ranger says. “We forgot all about the asteroid.”

“You’re right.” the Blue Ranger says. “DECA, have you finished your calculations on how we can shrink the asteroid back to normal size?” he asks.

“Yes.” DECA says. “The calculations are complete. We can program the data in the Astro Megazord Blaster and use it to shrink the comet back to normal size.”

“That’s great.” the Red Ranger says. “Let’s do it.”

A moment later, the Megazord activated its’ thrusters and left the planet’s surface. Soon it was back outside the planet’s atmosphere.

“Carlos, set a course for the asteroid.” the Red Ranger orders. “TJ, program the blaster.”

“Course set.” the Black Ranger says as he punches some buttons.

“Blaster programmed, Andros.” the Blue Ranger responds.

“Good.” the Red Ranger says. “Thrusters engaged.”

After another moment the Megazord was in front of the asteroid with its’ blaster its’ hand.

“I just hope DECA’s calculations are correct.” the Yellow Ranger says.

“Well we’ll know in a minute.” the Red Ranger says.

“Astro Megazord Blaster Fire!” the four Space Rangers shout in unison.

A minute later the beam from the Megazord Blaster hits the asteroid causing it to shrink back to normal size.

“Andros, the asteroid is back to normal size.” the Black Ranger shouts.

“Great.” the Red Ranger says. “Now to get it back to its’ proper orbit.” he says hitting a button.

After a second a tractor beam from the Megazord shoots out, causing the asteroid to return to its’ proper orbit.

“Well it looks like we won the day again.” the Black Ranger says.

“Did we?” the Yellow Ranger asks. “Greg may still die.”

“You’re right.” the Blue Ranger says. “Let’s return the Megazord to ship mode and see how he’s doing.”

* * *

February 1, 1998: 5:30 p.m.
Astro Megaship-Medical Bay

Cassie and Alpha are in the medical bay with Greg. Alpha is monitoring Greg’s life-signs as Cassie sits next to Greg crying.

“Greg, don’t give up.” Cassie says. “Come on fight this, I know you can survive.”

Cassie continues talking unaware of the fact that the doors open and the other four Space Rangers enter. The four walk over to Alpha.

“How is he?” Andros asks.

“He’s no better but he’s no worse, either.” Alpha says. “I’m still not sure if he’ll survive.” The four Rangers and Alpha watch helplessly as Cassie continues talking to their friend and ally.

“Come on Greg. Don’t give up. I love you.” Cassie pleads. “Come on, fight.”

“Man.” Carlos says. “Isn’t there anything we can do?”

“I wish there was.” Alpha says sadly. “But I don’t know of anything.”

“But I do.” Andros says.

“What do you mean?” Ashley asks.

“It may not work.” Andros says. “But we can use our powers to infuse Greg’s power ruby. It may give the ruby enough power to heal him.”

“It’s worth a shot.” Carlos says. TJ then walks over to Cassie.

“Leave me alone, TJ.” Cassie says.

“Listen Cassie, Andros may know a way to help Greg.” TJ explains.

Cassie then stops crying and her eyes light up with hope. “How?” she asks.

“We can use our powers to infuse his ruby.” TJ explains. “It may give the ruby enough power to heal him.”

“Alright.” Cassie says. “Let’s Rocket.” she says.

The five Rangers then use their morphers to transform into Space Rangers.

“Rangers stand around Greg in a circle.” the Red Ranger orders. All of the Rangers comply. “Ok now focus your thoughts and send your powers to Greg’s ruby.”

All the Rangers start to glow and a flash of light leaves each of their chests in their respective Ranger colors, hitting Greg’s ruby. The ruby begins to glow brighter and after a minute the beams stop and Greg sits up suddenly.

“It worked.” they all shout.

Cassie immediately powers down and runs over to Greg. She immediately puts her arms around him and kisses him. “I thought you were going to die. I was so afraid.” she says quickly.

“Um, perhaps we should give you two some privacy.” Carlos says as he and the others turn to leave.

“Just give us a call if you need anything.” TJ says as the four Rangers exit.

Alpha-6 then walks over to Greg and Cassie. “Greg according to these readings you have been completely healed. You’re free to leave the medical bay whenever you want.” the android says.

“Thank you, Alpha.” Greg says.

“Your welcome.” Alpha says. “Oh and by the way, I checked the SimuDeck’s programs and there’s a really nice program of a sunset on the planet Trunosia. It makes a great romantic setting.” he says and then quickly leaves. Cassie and Greg both blush at this.

“I didn’t know Alpha had a romantic sub-routine in his program.” Cassie says. “Did you?”

“Actually yes.” Greg says. “I met the creator of the Alphas, King Lexian, a few years back. In fact I helped him out with the construction of Alpha-6.”

“You did?” Cassie asks surprised.

“Yes he and Alpha-1 were on Edenoi and I went there to help with the evacuation of the planet.” Greg says.

“Alpha-1?” Cassie asks. “Just how many Alphas are there?”

“Six.” Greg says. “Alpha-6 is the latest. Why do you think there is a six after his name?” he asks.

“I don’t know. I never thought about it before.” Cassie says. “So if Alpha-1 remained with its’ creator, Alpha-5 returned to Eltar with Zordon, and Alpha-6 is traveling with us, where are Alphas 2, 3, and 4?” she asks.

“Well last I heard, Alpha-2 has been missing for the past 20 years. Nobody has been able to locate him. However Alpha-3 is on Triforia helping Trey and Alpha-4 is on Aquitar assisting the Rangers there.” Greg explains.

“Cool.” Cassie says.

“So what do you want to do now?” Greg asks.

“Well we could either go back to our respective quarters and get some sleep...” Cassie begins. “...or we could go to the Simu-Deck and activate the sunset program Alpha told us about.” she says.

“The Simu-Deck.” they both say in unison as they exit the medical bay.

* * *

February 1, 1998: 6:15 p.m.
Astro Megaship-Garden

Ashley and Andros are in the Megaship’s garden talking about the day’s events.

“Today was a rough day.” Cassie says. “Astronema is tough villain.”

“I know.” Andros says. “She is now the second most powerful villain in the universe, second to only Dark Specter.”

“Well I’m just glad that everyone is ok.” Ashley says.

“Me too.” Andros agrees.

“Yeah and it looks like we’ll have a quiet night.” Ashley says. “TJ and Alpha are on the bridge running the ship and Carlos is working with DECA on creating a new weapon.”

“What type of weapon?” Andros asks.

“Oh, it’s called the Quadroblaster. It’s a combination of the Satellite Stunner, Lunar Lance, Astro Axe, and Star Slinger.” Ashley says.

“Ah good, that will come in useful.” Andros says. “But what are Greg and Cassie going to do tonight?” he asks.

“From the way they were acting in the medical bay, I’d guess they’ll be using the Simu-Deck for a date.” Ashley laughs.

“You’re probably right.” Andros agrees. “What about us? We can use the second Simu-Deck for that date you promised me.” he says.

“That sounds great. Let’s go.” Ashley says as they leave for Simu-Deck 2.

* * *

February 1, 1998: 7:00 p.m.
Simu-Deck 1

Cassie and Greg are sitting on a mountain watching the sun set.

“This is a beautiful setting.” Cassie says. “We’ll have to thank Alpha for recommending it.”

“Yes, we will.” Greg says. “So Cassie, you haven’t told me much about yourself. How did you come to be a Ranger?” he asks.

“Well it all started when I was heading to Stone Canyon to try to break into the music business.” Cassie starts to explain. “Along the way I met TJ on the bus I was traveling on.”

“Anyway the two of us started to talk and we became friends pretty quickly.” Cassie says. “Anyway shortly after this we saw a woman under the attack of some weird fish things, shortly after this we learned her name was Kat and she was the Pink Ranger.”

“Anyway TJ immediately ran over to help her and I joined in too.” Cassie says. “Together we managed to hold them off until the Power Rangers arrived.”

“Kat then told us that Tommy was kidnapped by the fish things.” Cassie explains. “At this point we still didn’t know they were Power Rangers. But TJ still wanted to help, so he found the trail that those creatures took and started to follow it.”

“By now, my bus was ready to leave, and I had two choices: I could either get on the bus and leave or go and help TJ.” Cassie says.

“What did you do?” Greg asks.

“I followed TJ and helped rescue Tommy.” Cassie says. “Shortly after this, Katherine made me the Pink Turbo Ranger, and Tommy gave the Red Turbo Powers to TJ.”

“It sounds like you got more than you bargained for on that trip.” Greg says.

“You can say that again.” Cassie says.

The two then turned back to watch the sunset.

“I love you, Cassie.” Greg says.

“I love you too.” Cassie says.

The two of them turn towards each other and kiss each other as the sun sets behind them.

* * *

February 1, 1998: 7:00 p.m.
Simu-Deck 2

Andros and Ashley are sitting at a table in a restaurant.

“This is one of my favorite restaurants that was on my home planet, KO-35.” Andros says. “I used to come here all the time before my planet was destroyed.”

“It must have been hard on you’re planet being destroyed.” Ashley says.

“It was but at least I know all the people survived. Thanks to DECA.” Andros says.

“Why thank you, Andros.” comes the computerized voice of DECA.

“DECA, can you please give us some privacy?” asks an annoyed Andros.

“Certainly.” DECA says. “Shutting off computer link to Simu-Deck.”

“So where was I?” Andros asks.

“You were telling me about your home planet.” Ashley says.

“Oh yes.” Andros says. “Anyway the food here is excellent, I programmed the Synthetron to replicate it perfectly.”

“That’s good.” Ashley says picking up the menu. She looks at the menu, confused.

“Is something wrong, Ashley?” Andros asks concerned.

“It’s just that I don’t recognize any of the names of these foods.” Ashley says. “Would you like to recommend something to me.”

“Of course.” Andros says. “How about you try the Mantickian Pate’ with Jestral tea? It’s my favorite dish.”

“Ok.” Ashley says.

“Waiter.” Andros calls out. The waiter then walks over. “We’ll have two orders of Mantickian Pate’ with Jestral tea.”

“Of course.” the waiter says. “It will be ready at once, sir.”

The waiter then walks back to the kitchen.

“So, Andros I have another question for you.” Ashley says.

“Go ahead.” Andros says.

“Well you said you were from the human colony KO-35.” Ashley begins. “But where did those settlers come from originally? Were they from Earth or did they evolve on some other planet.” she asks.

“The settlers originally came from Earth.” Andros explains. “They were Indians who lived in South America. About a thousand years ago, a group of Indians discovered a space ship there.”

“A space ship?” Ashley asks surprised. “In ancient South America.”

“Yes, they found it and discovered how to operate it.” Andros says. “The settlers later learned that it was a ship from Triforia that crash landed on Earth a couple hundred years ago.”

“Of course at the time, they thought the ship was sent by God and would take whoever was aboard it to heaven.” Andros says. “So they held a contest to choose the best candidates to go in it. When the contest was complete, the winners entered the space ship and left the Earth.”

“They landed on KO-35. When they got there, they started to build a colony by using the information from the ship.” Andros explains. “Over the next couple of hundred years they slowly realized that the ship was from another alien civilization. Eventually they learned how to build their own ships and how to improve upon them. The rest is history.”

“Wow!” Ashley says.

The waiter then returned carrying two trays containing Ashley and Andros’ food.

“Hmm.” Ashley says. “The food smells delicious.”

Ashley and Andros then started to eat her dinner. As soon as Ashley took the first bite she smiled.

“Andros!” Ashley exclaimed. “This is the best food I ever ate.”

“I’m glad you enjoy it.” Andros says. “This food is considered one of the best dishes in the entire Milky Way Galaxy.”

“Well it definitely lives up to its’ reputation.” Ashley says.

Ashley and Andros then finish their dinner.

“What would you like to do now?” Andros asks.

“I have an idea.” Ashley says. “How about we go dancing.”

“Dancing?” Andros asks. “What’s that?”

“You mean you don’t have dancing on your planet?” Ashley asks.

“Maybe.” Andros says. “It may just be called something else.”

“Well let me show you want dancing is.” Ashley says. “DECA, activate Ashley Dance Program 1.”

The restaurant then transforms into an elegant ball room with classical music playing and people dancing. Andros looks around the room.

“What is this place?” Andros asks.

“It’s called a ballroom.” Ashley says. “People come here to dance.”

“Is that what these other people are doing?” Andros asks.

“Yes.” Ashley explains. “I programmed it last night. Do you like it?”

“Yes, it looks beautiful.” Andros says. “But not as beautiful as you.”

At this comment Ashley blushes. “You really think I’m beautiful?” she asks.

“Yes.” Andros says. “I think you’re the most beautiful person I ever met.”

“Why thank you, Andros.” Ashley says still blushing. “Would you care to dance?” she asks.

“Of course.” Andros says. “But you’ll have to teach me how.”

“It’s easy.” Ashley says. “Just follow my lead.”

Ashley and Andros then move out to the dance floor and begin dancing. About an hour later they stop.

“That was fun, Ashley.” Andros says. “We’ll have to do it again some time.”

Andros then leans over to kiss Ashley. Ashley eagerly responds. After a minute the two break off the kiss, leaving both Ashley and Andros out of breath.

“Um, I have to go now.” Ashley says. “It’s been a wonderful night.”

“Yeah, I have to get going too.” Andros says. “Would you like to we go on another date with me?” he asks.

“Of course.” Ashley replies. “How about this Thursday night at 7?” she asks.

“Sure.” Andros answers. “I’ll be there.”

“Ok. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Ashley says as she turns to leave. “Goodnight, Andros.”

“Goodnight, Ashley.” Andros says. “DECA, end simulation.”

The simulation then ends leaving Andros in the empty Simu-Deck. Andros then heads for the doors and leaves.

* * *

February 1, 1998: 9:00 p.m.
Astro Megaship-Bridge

“Final solar system scanned.” DECA reports. “There is no sign of Zordon or Corone detected in this sector.”

“Who’s Corone?” TJ asks.

“Access to that information is restricted.” DECA reports.

TJ sighs. “Well ok, Alpha set a course for the next sector.”

“You got it, TJ.” Alpha-6 says as he punches some buttons on the control console.

“Phew! I’m tired. Alpha, you continue looking for Zordon. I’m going to get some sleep.” TJ says.

“Sure TJ.” Alpha-6 says.

“Wake me, if anything important happens.” TJ orders as he heads for the turbolift.

“You got it.” the android reports.

TJ then exits the bridge leaving Alpha to tend to the computers.

“Yo, if we had this tough of a day here, I wonder how the Rangers on Eltar are doing.” Alpha thinks out loud.

“I do not know.” replies DECA. “I just hope they’re ok.”

“Me too.” Alpha says. “Good luck in your quest to free Eltar. Be safe, Rangers. Be safe.”

The End... for now

To be Continued in “The Resistance Begins”

* * *

The logo of Power Ranges: The Galactic Saga appears.

Announcer: Next time on Power Rangers: The Galactic Saga; the Ninja Rangers arrive on the conquered Eltar.

Scene switches to the seven unmorphed Ninja Rangers and Ninjor teleporting into the middle of a city.

Announcer: But what they find is shocking.

Scene switches to Cogs, Putties, Tengas, Pirahnatrons, Chromites, Quantrons, and monsters rounding up citizens.

Announcer: The Machine Empire is turning the citizens into robotic cyborgs.

Scene switches to King Mondo, Queen Machina, Prince Sprocket, Klank, and Orbus in a royal palace.

King Mondo: Soon I will turn the entire population of Eltar into mindless cyborgs and no Ranger team in the galaxy would dare destroy innocent civilians.

Announcer: The Rangers are powerless to stop the cyborgs.

Scene switches to the Rangers, Dimitria, Alpha-5, Blue Senturion, and Ninjor standing in a high-tech command base.

Kimberly: Why can’t we just destroy the cyborgs and let them return to normal?

Dimitria: I’m afraid it won’t work. This is being done by mechanical means, not magic, meaning if we destroy the cyborgs, the people will die.

Scene switches back to logo of Power Ranges: The Galactic Saga.

Announcer: Can the Rangers stop the cyborgs without killing the innocent Eltarians? Find out on the next exciting episode of Power Ranges: The Galactic Saga.



This FanFic was written by DECA367, and is posted here with permission.