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AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is Part 4 in my "The Purple Sibling Series". It takes place after "Love's Trials." You should read the three previous stories in order to understand this one. This story contains no action whatsoever. The only mention to the villains at all is a token scene of why Darkonda isn't trying to ruin the Rangers' day. And as you can guess by reading the title, this story contains a wedding. (Big surprise!) This will probably be the shortest story in the entire series. Oh and stay tuned for the next part. It's a Christmas based story with all the Rangers, Professor Phenomenus, Bulk, Skull, Adelle, some of the Rangers' families, and a few guest characters from the past spending Christmas together at a haunted mansion. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

The Wedding
by DECA367

It is a confused scene on the Megaship bridge as everyone rushes about to complete various tasks.

"I still don't believe Zhane and Karone are getting married tomorrow." Carlos says. "They only got engaged a week ago!"

"Well you know how some cultures have short engagement periods." TJ says. "My sociology teacher said that some cultures must get married within forty-eight hours of announcing their engagement or else the wedding will be cursed."

"Maybe but I still think they're rushing it a bit." Carlos says.

"I think it's romantic." Cassie says. "After all, humans from KO-35 are born with increased mental powers."

"That's not true." Ashley says.

"What are you talking about?" Cassie asks. "They are born with telekinetic abilities and other enhanced powers. You said so yourself."

"No." Ashley says. "I've been talking to Andros and he told me humans from KO-35 are like that of ones from Earth. The only difference is they learn to develop their mental powers when they're young, like a muscle."

"Wait so you mean that anyone from Earth could learn to do telekinesis?" Carlos asks.

"Yes." Ashley says.

"I don't believe it." Carlos says. "There are six billion people on Earth and there have never been any reports on people practicing telekinesis."

"Wrong again." Ashley says. "There are a lot of reports like that, only most people write it off as hoaxes."

Carlos ponders this a second as Ashley continues. "After all, a couple of years ago alien monsters attacking the Earth were considered to be just as ludicrous and look what happened." she says.

"You may be right." Carlos says. "But does that mean we'd be able to learn telekinesis?"

"Sure it does." Ashley says. "Just watch."

Ashley then points out her fingers and concentrates causing a data padd to levitate off the control console. She causes it to levitate half-way towards her but then it drops.

Andros then walks onto the bridge, from the doorway where he has been watching. "Very good, Ashley." Andros says joyfully. "I see you're making real progress."

"Improving?" Carlos asks. "How long have you been practicing?"

"For months now." Ashley says. "I started almost immediately after we met Andros."

"Yes, but this is the first time I actually saw Ashley be able to move anything." Andros says. "So what caused the improvement?"

"Karone." Ashley says. "She started to teach me using a telekinesis ball. Plus it helped that I didn't keep getting distracted by my teacher." she smiles.

"Well I have been known to be somewhat distracting." Andros says as he gives Ashley a short kiss.

"Aww, cut it out you two." Cassie says. "Zhane and Karone's wedding is tomorrow, yours is still a few months off."

"Yeah, I still don't believe you two are getting married so soon." Carlos says.

"Will you stop saying that?" Ashley asks. "Besides it's tradition in my family to get married young. My parents were both married when they were under 21 and you remember when my grandmother came here earlier this year. She wanted me to get married as soon as I graduated high school."

"I'll make a deal." Carlos says. "You stop bringing up your grandmother's last visit and I'll stop saying 'I still don't believe you are getting married so soon.'" he says shaking at the memory.

"Deal." Ashley says.

"Good, now that that's settled, let's get back to work." Andros says.

"Have you contacted Adelle?" Andros asks.

"Yes." Carlos says. "She says she'll be happy to cater the wedding and that she's closing the Surf Spot tomorrow to attend the wedding."

"OK." Andros says. "Next thing. Does everyone have what they're going to wear, picked out?"

"Yes." Ashley says. "I rented tuxedos for everyone and have personally designed Karone's wedding dress. Speaking of which, I better get back to Karone's quarters. I still have to put the final touches of the dress."

"OK, Ash." Andros says as he watches Ashley leaves the bridge. "OK, now what about the minister and the place we're going to hold the wedding?"

"I have taken care of getting the minister." TJ says. "And the wedding and reception are going to be held in Angel Grove Park. According to DECA, the weather will be perfect for a wedding tomorrow."

"Good." Andros says. "And how about the floral arrangements?"

"I've taken care of that." Cassie says.

"And the guest list?" Andros asks.

"All taken care of." comes a female's voice from behind Andros.

"Thanks, mom." Andros says absently. "Mom?!" he exclaims turning around to see Kinwon, Tywka, his parents, Zhane's parents, and some of the KO-35 rebels with him.

"Hello son." Andros' father says. "Long time no see."

"Mom?! Dad?!" Andros exclaims as he runs to them. "What are you doing here?"

"It took some doing." Kinwon says. "But after receiving Alpha's message at what was going on, I managed to locate your parents as well as Zhane's."

"Alpha's message?" Andros asks confused.

"Surprise." Alpha says, coming out from behind a corridor. "It's my wedding present to Zhane and Karone. I hope they like it."

"But...but how?" Andros asks. "I thought that the different groups of KO-35 survivors were spread out across the universe."

"They were." Kinwon says. "But with the help of some of our friends, we managed to locate your parents."

"So is it true?" Andros' mother asks. "Have you found Karone?"

"Yes." Andros says.

"Thank the stars." Andros' mother says.

"I always knew that someday you would find her." Andros' father says. "Can we see her?"

"Um, did Kinwon fill you in on all the details?" Andros asks uncertainly.

"You mean about Karone being kidnapped by Darkonda and trained to be the evil Astronema?" Andros' father asks. "Of course he did. And if I ever find Darkonda, I swear I'll tear him limb from limb."

"You'll have to stand in line." Carlos says. "Darkonda is currently the most wanted villain this side of the M-51 Galaxy."

"Oh how rude of me." Andros says. "These are my parents, Arethusa and Ninevah Kantor. And these are Zhane's parents, Taymon and Ezra Atoz."

"Everyone these are my friends and teammates, Carlos Vargas, TJ Carter, Cassie Chan, and Alpha-6." Andros says.

"Well we're pleased to meet all of you." Arethusa says.

"Now let's go see, Karone." Arethusa says.

"Right." Andros says. "You guys stay here with Kinwon and the others. Carlos, why don't you go take Zhane's parents to him?"

"All right." Carlos says. "Right this way." he says, leading Mr. and Mrs. Atoz to the workbay.

Andros also leaves the bridge to take his parents to Karone's quarters.

* * *
Back at Karone's quarters, Ashley was helping Karone put on her wedding dress. When Ashley was done putting the final touches on it, Karone looked at herself in the full-length mirror.

"Well, what do you think?" Ashley asks.

"It looks gorgeous." Karone says happily. "I'm just a little nervous."

"About your wedding?" Ashley asks. "Don't worry about it, everyone gets nervous before their wedding. It's natural."

"I know." Karone says. "And I am happier about getting married then I'm ever been in my whole life but I can't help feeling a certain amount of dread. What if I wake up and find out that this has all been a dream or if Darkonda plans something to ruin our wedding."

"Don't worry, Karone." Ashley says. "I can assure you that this is not a dream. And if Darkonda tries anything we'll make sure he'll regret it."

Just then there is a chime at the door.

"Who's there?" Ashley asks.

"Andros." comes the voice of Andros.

"Is Zhane with you?" Ashley asks.

"No, why?" he asks.

"Because I'm putting the finishing touches on Karone's wedding dress and it's considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding." Ashley says.

"Oh." Andros says. "Well I can assure you that Zhane is not with me? Now can you open up the door?"

"Sure." Karone says. "You may come in."

The door then opens up and Andros walks in followed by Arethusa and Ninevah. Upon seeing them, Karone's expression changes to one of complete shock.

Ashley looks at one of the photographs on Karone's dresser and sees that the two are the same people in the photograph, except older looking.

"Mom? Dad?" Karone asks unsure.

"Karone, is that really you?" Ninevah asks with tears in her eyes.

Karone then rushes forward and hugs the two of them, while Ashley walks over to Andros.

"When did your parents get here?" Ashley asks.

"Shortly after you left the bridge." Andros says. "It was Alpha's wedding present to Zhane and Karone."

"Oh, I can't believe it." Ninevah says. "After all these years, we've finally found you."

"Look at you." Arethusa says. "You've grown into a fine young woman."

"Yes and now you're a Power Ranger." Ninevah says, still crying. "And tomorrow you're getting married."

"This is such a surprise." Karone says. "I wasn't expecting to see you here."

Karone then lowers her head. "Have you heard about what happened to me?" she asks quietly. "About the things I did?"

"Yes." Arethusa says. "Don't worry about it. We know that you weren't to blame for the things you did."

Karone then starts crying.

"What's wrong, dear?" Ninevah asks.

"It's just that everyone has been so kind to me." Karone says. "Everyone has readily told me that the things I've done wasn't my fault. I don't know if I deserve all this love."

"Karone listen to me." Arethusa says. "You couldn't help what happened to you, anymore then we could. You were brainwashed by evil forces and trained to be evil. But what counts is that in the end, you chose to be good."

"Thank you, father." Karone says.

"Well, we're just glad that you're safe and sound." Arethusa says.

"And we're looking forward to seeing Zhane again." Ninevah says.

"You know Zhane?" Karone asks.

"Of course we do." Ninevah says. "He and Zhane have been best friends since Andros was twelve. He's practically one of the family."

"And tomorrow he will be." Arethusa says. "And we have a wedding present for you."

"What is it?" Karone asks.

"It took some doing but we managed to arrange your honeymoon on the island of Triomphoria on planet Acamar." Arethusa says.

"The island of Triomphoria!?!" Karone exclaims. "That island is known throughout the entire universe as the most idyllic honeymoon location. It is reserved for only the most important people in the universe."

"Such as royalty and Power Rangers." Ninevah says. "You two have done a lot of good as Power Rangers and since no one else had scheduled the island for the next two weeks, we managed to get you in."

"I don't know what to say." Karone says. "Except thank you."

Ninevah then looks over and sees Ashley standing next to Andros. "Oh, how rude of me." she says. "Who is this?"

"This is Ashley Hammond, my fiancee." Andros says.

"Oh, yes." Arethusa says. "Kinwon told us about you."

"Yes and I'm sure you'll make my son a wonderful wife." Ninevah says to Ashley.

"Thank you, Mrs. Kantor." Ashley says.

"Please call me, mom." Ninevah says.

"OK, mom." Ashley says.

"Now we should go." Ninevah says. "You still have work to do with the wedding, we'll talk later."

"OK, mom." Karone says. "Bye, I love you both."

"And we love you." Arethusa says.

Arethusa, Ninevah, and Andros then leave Karone's quarters allowing Ashley and Karone to continue work on the dress.

* * *
Meanwhile, Zhane and Edmund were in the workbay eating.

"So are you nervous?" Edmund asks.

"A little." Zhane says. "But that's only natural when you're about to get married."

"I suppose." Edmund says.

Just then Carlos walks into the workbay with Zhane's parents.

"Hello Zhane." Ezra says.

"Mom, Dad!" Zhane exclaims. "What are you doing here?"

"We can as soon as we heard you were getting married." Taymon says. "After all, we couldn't let you hold a wedding without your parents being here."

"Yes, and we're glad to see you're awake again." Ezra says. "The last time we heard news about you, they said you were mortally injured by a poison that gave you heavy internal injuries and were forced to stay in a cryogenic chamber for two years until the poison was purged."

"Well that's a risk every Power Ranger takes." Zhane says. "But I'm feeling fine now."

"Yes, I can see that." Taymon says. "So what has happened in your life since you woke up?" he asks.

"Well come on and sit down." Zhane says. "I'll tell you all about it."

* * *
Elsewhere, Darkonda and Elgar are standing in on the floor of a great room. In the room, hundreds of monsters and evil soldiers sat in seats to the sides of him. In front of him sat the heads of the greatest empires in the universe; Master Vile, Momma D, Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, King Mondo, Queen Machina, Prince Gasket, Archerina, Divatox, and General Havoc in a row of chairs. The center chair was the biggest and was currently empty. Behind them, their chief servants, Blue Globber, Goldar, Rito, Scorpina, and Rygog stood at attention.

Just then Klank and Orbus walked in. "All rise for the honorable judge Finster." he says. This causes everyone of the monsters in the rows as well as the head villains stand at attention. Finster then walks in wearing a special black outfit and a wig and sits down in the center chair. "All may sit." Everyone then sits down.

"Hey what gives?" Darkonda asks. "Finster is one of Zedd and Rita's henchmen, not a judge."

"Aha." Klank says. "It says right here 'In the highly unlikely event that I am destroyed, Finster will be judge at my replacement hearing. This is because he is the only one in the entire UAE, I believe will not try to take my place and cannot be reprogrammed. Signed, Dark Specter."

"OK, now if that is settled." Finster says. "Let's begin the hearings. Cases like this will take anywhere between three weeks to ten thousand years to complete. But for time's sake, we'll use the three week procedure. I've already been stuck in a dumpster for ten thousand years and I'm not getting any younger."

"But what about the Rangers?" Darkonda asks. "Zhane and Karone's wedding is tomorrow!"

"The rules clearly state that no attacks can be launched on the forces of good until this matter is settled." Finster says. "The breaking of these rules is punishable by eternal torture."

Darkonda growls in frustration. "OK, proceed." he says.

"OK, matter 1..." Finster says as the hearing continues.

* * *
The next day, everyone is gathered in the middle of Angel Grove Park. The park is set up beautifully for the wedding. There are rows of chairs set up for everyone. There are about fifty guests consisting of TJ, Carlos, Cassie, Edmund, Ninevah, Taymon, Ezra, Jason, Kimberly, Adam, Rocky, Tanya, Aisha, Justin, Mr. Stewart, Adelle, Bulk, Professor Phenomenus, Kinwon, Tywka, and the rest of the KO-35 rebels that had come to Earth. Those to be involved in the ceremony were already in position.

Andros, being Zhane's best friend, was the best man. Karone hadn't been able to choose between Cassie and Ashley when choosing her maid of honor but since Cassie was to be maid of honor when Ashley got married, it was decided that Ashley should be maid of honor for this one. Mrs. Vargas couldn't attend the wedding due to work but agreed to let Maria be flower girl, since she was the only little girl the Rangers knew. Skull, due to his experience with piano playing, volunteered to play the organ for the wedding. And Arethusa was beside his daughter, ready to walk down the isle with her.

Zhane was dressed in a black tuxedo while Karone was wearing the elegant white dress Ashley had designed. The rest of the guests were all wearing equally elegant clothes.

As the ceremony drew near, Karone was growing very nervous. "I still can't believe this is happening." she says.

"Don't worry, Karone." Arethusa says. "You look stunning. And Zhane is a fine young man. He'll take good care of you."

"I know that." Karone says. "I just feel so worried that something will go wrong."

"Don't worry nothing will happen." Ashley says. "I had Alpha do some checking and it appears Darkonda has been recalled to some kind of meeting of villains. According to his data, it appears Darkonda won't be back for a few weeks at most."

"I wonder what he's up to." Karone says.

"You can worry about that later." Arethusa says. "Today is your wedding day and you should be celebrating."

"You're right." Karone says.

"The ceremony is about to start." Ashley says.

"I'm ready." Karone says happily. "In less then one hour I'll be Mrs. Karone Kantor Atoz."

* * *
Elsewhere, Zhane and Andros are also speaking about the upcoming wedding.

"Well this is it." Zhane says. "I'm finally getting married."

"Well you couldn't have picked a better bride." Andros says. "You just be sure to take care of my sister."

"Don't worry I will." Zhane says. "I love her more then my own life and would never do anything to hurt her."

"That's good to hear." Andros says. "That's the same way I feel about Ashley."

"Yeah, you two will be make another perfect married couple." Zhane says.

"Are you nervous about getting married?" Andros asks.

"A little." Zhane says. "But whenever I think about Karone and how happy she has made me, all my doubts are pushed aside. I remember the first time I saw her, I was battling one of her monsters and I tricked it into firing on her."

"When I saw the monster knock her unconscious and got my first good look at her, I knew I had found my soulmate and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her." Zhane says. "So I took her to a clearing in the forest and helped her. I knew what would happen if I took her to the ship for treatment."

"I know what would happen." Andros says. "The others weren't exactly friendly to her when I brought her aboard for the first time. But they came around soon enough."

"Well enough chit-chatting about the past." Zhane says. "The ceremony is about to start."

* * *
Meanwhile, the other Rangers and former Rangers were talking in the aisles, waiting for the ceremony to start.

"I still don't believe we've been invited to this wedding." Rocky whispers. "We barely know either of them, except for that brief meeting at Tommy and Kat's wedding."

"Yeah, but we are former Rangers and they invited us." Aisha says. "Besides we're still in town for a few more days before we have to head back."

"Hey, Adam, Rocky." Justin says. "How have you been?"

"We've been fine." Rocky says. "Right now, we're just waiting for the ceremony to begin."

"Well I'm just glad I can be here." Justin says. "My dad is in town for the next month on business. He even says we can spend the holidays with my other friends."

"You know, I'm surprised to see you here." Bulk says. "I didn't think you knew the couple that well. But then again we don't know them that well either."

"Shh!" Jason says. "The ceremony's starting."

The ceremony begun with Skull starting to play the traditional wedding music as Maria began to walk down the aisle throwing flowers. She continues throwing the flowers until she reached the front row. She then promptly puts the basket down and sits down in an empty chair between Justin and Carlos.

The wedding then continues with Zhane and Andros walking down the aisle to the altar. Then everyone looks back as Skull starts to play 'Here Comes the Bride.' Ashley marches down the aisle, followed by Karone and Arethusa. As soon as they reach the altar, everyone turns towards the minister, who coincidentally, is the same one who performed Tommy and Kat's wedding.

"We are gathered here today in the presence of God to witness the holy matrimony of Zhane Atoz and Karone Kantor." the minister begins. He then continues reciting the vows as Zhane and Karone look into each other eyes.

'I can't believe it.' Karone thinks. 'Just over two months ago I was an evil warlord with no friends and family and now look at me. I've found my brother and my parents, I have some terrific new friends, and I am getting married to a man I love with all my heart. If someone had told me this would have happened to me then, I would have called them crazy.'

Karone then stares into Zhane's eyes and smiles. 'But then I met Zhane.' she thinks. 'He trusted me, even when I was still a villain, he rescued me from that monster and helped me. He should have turned me in to the intergalactic police or something, but instead he helped me and even trusted that I wouldn't destroy him! He managed to make me feel things that I never felt before; joy, happiness, compassion, trust, and love. He was the first one to ever actually trust me and to think of me as something else then just another evil villainess.' she thinks.

As Zhane looks into Karone's eyes, he is also reflecting on the past. 'She's so beautiful.' he thinks. 'And not just her physical appearance either, which is perfect too, but she also has a beautiful soul. She is kind, gentle, caring, and forgiving. She's also very brave. It took a lot of courage for her to defect to our side and betray Dark Specter. It also took a lot of courage to risk going back to the Dark Fortress to deflect that asteroid. That's just one of the reasons I love her so much.' Zhane was suddenly shook out of his thoughts by the minister.

"Zhane Atoz, do you take Karone to be your lawfully wedded wife? To love and to hold, to honor and cherish, for better or worse, as long as you both may live?" the minister asks Zhane.

"I do." Zhane says.

"Karone Kantor, do you take Zhane to be your lawfully wedded husband? To love and to hold, to honor and cherish, for better or worse, as long as you both may live?" the minister asks Karone.

"I do." Karone says happily.

"If there is anyone here who does not believe their marriage should take place, speak now or forever hold your peace." he says.

The minister waits a few seconds and then when no one speaks, he continues. "Then by the powers invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife! You may kiss the bride!"

Zhane and Karone then turn towards each other and look into each other's eyes. Their eyes both shone with their love for each other and for a few seconds they can read each other thoughts. Zhane then lifts Karone's veil up and kisses her, causing the crowd to break out in cheers.

* * *
"OK. Now it is time for the bride to throw the bouquet." Andros says.

"OK." Karone says. "Here it comes."

Karone then throws her bouquet into the crowd where it is caught by Cassie, who blushes when she catches it.

"Well Cassie, it looks like you are the next one to get married." Ashley says.

"Yeah big surprise." Cassie says. "I'm practically one of the only girls here who isn't already married or engaged."

"Hey, I'm not married." Maria says.

"You're not old enough to get married." Cassie says.

"You're not even old enough to go out on your first date." Carlos says.

"Hey I'm twelve years old." Maria says. "Soon I'll be thirteen and ready to go out on my first date. So where is Justin, anyway?"

"Justin?!" Carlos asks. "What do you want with him?"

"Well he is the only other person at this wedding, who's my age." Maria says. "Oh there he is." she says spotting Justin talking to Adam. She then goes over to talk with him.

"Remind me to have a talk with Justin later." Carlos says.

"You got it." Ashley says, laughing.

Everyone's attention then refocuses on Zhane, who's preparing to throw the garter. Zhane throws the garter and it is caught by Edmund.

"So it looks like you two are the next to be married." TJ says.

Cassie and Edmund both begin to blush. Carlos is about to say something else but is interrupted by Andros.

"OK everyone." Andros says. "It's time to begin the reception. Please take your seats."

Everyone then sits down at the tables set up for the reception. As soon as everyone is seated, they begin eating their food. When everyone is finished eating, they make a motion for Andros to make a toast.

Andros stands up with a glass of wine in hand. "I'd like to propose a toast, to two of the most important people in my life." he begins. "To Karone, my sister and Zhane, my best friend. I wish you all the happiness I'd wish for myself. I know you two will be able to overcome any obstacle that comes your way. Here's hoping that you have a wonderful life together."

Everyone then raises their glasses and drinks to it. Then it is Ashley's turn to make a speech.

"Well I haven't known Zhane and Karone a long time." Ashley says. "I've only known Zhane for about three months and Karone even less time then that. But in the time I have known them, I've gotten to known the type of people they are. They are both kind, caring, and considerate. I also know how much they love each other. I can see it in their eyes whenever they look at each other and how they miss each other whenever they're apart. And whenever I see them together, I can see that the two of them are a perfect match. Here's to Zhane and Karone, I know you two will make each other very happy."

Everyone also raises their glasses and cheers to this.

A limousine with a sign reading 'Just married' on the back of it then pulls up. Zhane and Karone both stand up, both with huge smiles on their faces.

"Well this is it." Zhane says. "It's time for us to leave for our honeymoon."

"Good-bye son." Taymon says. "Have a good time."

"Yes, we'll all miss you while you're gone." Andros says.

"Don't worry." Zhane says. "We'll be sure to send you a postcard."

"You take good care of our daughter now." Ninevah says.

"Don't worry, I will." Zhane says.

"Goodbye Karone." Andros says.

Karone doesn't hear him however because she is staring at Zhane with a faraway look on her face.

"Karone, say goodbye to everyone." Zhane says.

Karone then shakes herself out of her daydream. "Goodbye, I'll miss you all." she says.

"We doubt that." Ashley says. "You two will both have other things on your minds."

Zhane and Karone both blush at this and head towards the limousine. Everyone throws rice as they head for it. Just as they are about to get in, they turn to wave goodbye one more time. The two then get in the car and drive away.

"That was nice of you to rent a limousine for them." Andros says to Ashley.

"Me? I didn't rent one." Ashley says.

"But then who did?" Andros asks confused.

"It was probably one of the others." Ashley says. "We'll talk to them later."

"You're right." Andros says.

* * *
Inside the back of the limousine, Zhane and Karone are kissing each other with a fierce passion. The two can barely restrain themselves as the limousine continues to drive.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi." comes the voice of Alpha. "Wait until you get to Acamar."

"Alpha!" Zhane exclaims as he looks into the front seat. "What are you doing driving this limousine?"

"I had DECA rent it, using the Megaship's emergency cash fund." Alpha says. "Next stop the Mega Winger."

A few seconds later, the limousine turns onto a deserted road. Alpha then presses a few buttons on his body causing the limousine to disappear in a flash of light. When the light clears, Zhane, Karone, and Alpha find themselves on the bridge of the Mega Winger. The bridge is similar to that of the Astro Megaship's.

"I've teleported the limousine back to the company I rented it from." Alpha says. "The ship's computer has been programmed to take you to Acamar. All your bags you packed are located right over there." he says, pointing to them.

"Thanks Alpha." Zhane says.

"Well I better be going." Alpha says. "The computer will automatically engage at maximum speed as soon as I leave. You should be at Acamar within the next six hours."

"Thank you Alpha." Karone says. "We'll see you when we get back."

"Bye." Alpha says as he teleports off the ship.

The Mega Winger then leaves the hangar bay on Jupiter's moon and heads towards the planet of Acamar at hyper-rush velocity. A banner with the words 'Just Married' on it, can be seen as the ship races across the universe.

* * *
On the planet of Acamar, there are a variety of activities for tourists to do. As a matter of fact, that's all the planet is for. Most of the permanent residents make their living through tourism. Millions of people from all over the universe come to the planet each year, and over half of them are newlyweds or people on their second honeymoons.

While the planet boosts the most luxurious vacation sites in all the universe, there is one island that is extremely idyllic. The island of Triomphoria is considered the most perfect island in the entire universe. As such it is reserved for the honeymoons of very important people, such as the honeymoons of royalty or Power Rangers. And only one couple are allowed on the island at one time, giving them the time to be alone. On the island, there is a little cabin that had running water, a sauna, one of the most advanced Synthetrons in the universe, and other amenities.

But what made the island really special was its' mystical properties. The island was rumored to be the wedding spot of one of the ancient morphing masters before the time of Zordon. It is said that when he left, he gave the island the ability to change itself into whatever the honeymoon couple wanted it to be and it also produces souvenirs to take home.

When Zhane and Karone arrive they take in the beauty of the island. They see that it is the nicest environments they have ever seen.

"Wow!" Karone says. "The rumors about this place were all true. This is place is without a doubt the most idyllic place I have ever seen."

"Yeah." Zhane says. "But what really makes the view nice is the company I'm with."

Karone then begins to blush. "Zhane you flatterer." she says.

"No, it's true." Zhane says. "On KO-35 I knew a lot of girls, but none of them even begins to compare with your beauty. I love you, Karone. I love your mind, your body, and your soul."

"Oh Zhane." Karone sighs happily. "I can't even begin to describe my life before I met you. I was just a villain, I lived to follow the orders of Dark Specter and nothing else. But then I met you. You opened up a whole new world to me. You were the first person to ever treat me as something else then just another villain. You opened up a whole new world of life and color to me. You made me feel things that I never knew I was capable of feeling. And the only thing I can think of saying to you is this: I love you. I love you with all my heart and soul and will continue to love you until the day I die."

"So now want do you want to do?" Zhane asks as he walks up and grabs Karone in a tight embrace.

"I can think of a few things." Karone says, motioning to the bed.

The two then walk into the bedroom and make love for the first time.

The End... for now