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AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is Part 3 in my "The Purple Sibling Series". It follows "The Rescue" and "Battle Lines". If you don't read those two stories first, you're going to be completly confused reading this. For reference here's the ages of the Rangers in my story: Andros is 21, Carlos is 18, TJ is 18, Ashley is 19, Cassie is 18, Karone is 20, and Zhane is 22 (but since he was in cryogenic suspension for 2 years, he's only actually aged 20 years). Also, I know the legal drinking age is 21 and I wrote that Karone is 20, so just pretend that they're in a parallel universe where the legal drinking age is 20. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Love's Trials
by DECA367

"Ashley, you have to concentrate more." Karone says.

"I'm trying." Ashley says as she stares at a cutting device on the table.

The two are standing in the middle of Karone's quarters on the Megaship. On the table are several small objects that could be used for telekinesis dresser. On Karone's nightstand, there are several pictures standing next to one another. One is of young Andros and young Karone standing with two adults. Another one is of Andros and Karone in their space uniforms. There is another one of Zhane standing in his uniform and holding his helmet. The next one is of Zhane and Karone in normal clothing on Earth, standing in front of the lake. And the last one is a group picture of all the Rangers and Alpha standing on the bridge of the Megaship in their uniforms.

"We've been at this for an hour now and you're still not getting it." Karone says. "By the way, I thought Andros was teaching you telekinesis."

"He was but since we've started dating, I haven't been able to concentrate around him." Ashley says. "And after what happened the last time Zhane tried to teach me, you're my only hope left."

"Well it's nice to feel needed." Karone laughs. "But seriously, I have an idea on how to help you learn."

"What is it?" Ashley asks.

"Well, children on KO-35 are taught to practice in a calm relaxing setting with a toy that responds to thought." Karone says. "It's sort of like riding a bicycle, you learn with training wheels on and then when you're good enough you take the training wheels off."

"That sounds like a good idea." Ashley says.

Karone then walks to her closet and starts looking for something. "I know they're here somewhere, Andros saved everything I owned from when I was a child." she says.

"He did?" Ashley asks.

"Yeah, you should have seen this place when I first moved in here." Karone laughs. "The dresser draws will filled with outfits from when I was a little kid. It took me a week to get it organized."

"What did you do with all of it?" Ashley asks.

"I put most of my clothes in the storage bay." Karone says. "I kept the pictures and some of my toys, along with my telekinesis ball."

"Ah, here it is." Karone says, pulling out a box.

Karone then takes out a multi-colored ball. "This is a telekinesis ball." she says showing Ashley the device. "This was the most popular toy on KO-35 to teach children how to learn telekinesis, there were a few others but very few people used them."

"It looks cool." Ashley says. "How do you use it?"

"Just focus on moving it with your mind, you start at different levels." Karone says. "On the first level, it responds to the slightest thought. Then, as you get better at it, it gets more and more difficult until you can move normal objects."

"Give it a try." Karone says, letting the ball be suspended in mid-air.

"OK." Ashley says. She then starts to concentrate, causing the ball to move a few inches forward. She then moves the ball up and down with ease.

"How am I doing?" Ashley asks as she turns to Karone, who looks at her with astonishment.

"Very well." Karone says. "Excellent in fact, most people take weeks to learn how to do that."

"Well don't forget, I've been practicing for over six months now." Ashley says.

"Yeah, it looks like all your practicing time hasn't been a waste after all." Karone says.

"Thank you." Ashley says. "I think."

"I'm surprised that Andros didn't think of trying this earlier." Karone says.

"Yeah, that is a little odd." Ashley says.

"Wait, I think I may know why he hasn't." Karone says, starting to frown.

"What is it?" Ashley asks.

"I just remembered something." Karone says. "The day I was kidnapped, Andros and I were playing with this very ball. Darkonda kidnapped me when I pushed on the ball too hard and sent it flying in the woods with Andros chasing after it."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Ashley says. "I didn't know. If it brings back bad memories, maybe we should put it away."

"No." Karone says, starting to smile again. "I have to work past my bad memories and I promised to teach you telekinesis, so let's continue."

"OK." Ashley says. "If you're sure."

"All right, now you've done so well, I think you ready for a higher level." Karone says. "We'll set it for level three and see how you do on that."

"How many levels are there?" Ashley asks.

"There are twenty-five levels." Karone says. "Level twenty is what it would be like to move the ball if it were normal. Levels twenty-one through twenty-five are substantially harder. They provide mental distractions and cause the ball to feel heavier then it is."

"Once you are done with level twenty-five, you'll have the ability to lift a person off the ground and move them around freely for a period of about thirty minutes." Karone says.

"Why would anyone want to do that?" Ashley asks, confused.

"Well on KO-35 it was one of the dating rituals." Karone says. "When two people admit they love each other, the two lift each other off the ground and practice floating them around the room."

"That sounds like a strange ritual." Ashley says.

"At first, I thought that it was a strange ritual too." Karone says. "But once you actually try it, it can be a lot of fun." Karone says, smiling at the memory. She doesn't realize her mistake at first but quickly catches it and blushes a little.

"That what Zhane was talking about last week, when he said you were practicing a telekinesis ritual." Ashley says.

"How much did he tell you?" Karone asks, a little hurt that Zhane would tell the others about it.

"Not a lot, this was just after you were sucked in that vortex and we weren't really paying attention to what we were saying." Ashley says.

"Oh." Karone says. "Well that's OK then."

"Was it really fun?" Ashley asks.

"Very." Karone says, smiling again. "That was one of the best experiences of my life, of course at that point, I only had one or two good experiences." she says laughing.

"Do you think Andros would like it?" Ashley asks.

"I'm pretty sure he would." Karone says.

"Well then, I'll have something to look forward to once my training is complete." Ashley says.

"OK, now let's continue your training." Karone says as she turns up the power on the ball. "Setting it for level three."


Meanwhile in the workbay, Andros and Zhane were talking over a plate of food.

"So Zhane, what are your plans for tonight?" Andros asks.

"Well Andros, that was what I wanted to talk to you about." Zhane says. "I was thinking that I would propose to Karone tomorrow night."

At this, Andros stops eating and gets a little upset. "Don't you think it's a little too soon?" he asks.

"Andros, you know as well as I do the traditions on KO-35." Zhane says. "By tradition, after someone meets their soulmate and the two admit their feelings towards each other, they have two weeks to become engaged."

"I know the traditions." Andros says. "But KO-35 has been abandoned for over two years now and Karone hasn't lived on the planet since her abduction. She may not remember all of our traditions."

"Andros, every planet has different traditions that they bring their children up to follow." Zhane says. "Some planets, like Earth and Corvan, even have varying traditions depending on what section of the planet you're brought up on. And this is one of our oldest planetary traditions."

"I know but I've been studying traditions from Earth and most people on that planet date for years before deciding to get married." Andros says. "And I've also read that most people in the area of the world where Ashley live don't think marrying young is a good idea."

"Oh, now I get it." Zhane says. "This isn't so much about me and Karone, as it is about you and Ashley."

"I just feel so frustrated." Andros says. "I love her and want to marry her but I don't want to rush her into anything she's not prepared for."

"Andros, listen to me." Zhane says. "I've also been reading a lot of information about Earth and have learned that people can be engaged for years here before getting married. So even if you do get engaged, you don't have to get married right away if Ashley isn't ready."

"When did you start reading information on human customs?" Andros asks.

"Well, I figured since four members of our team live here and we spend so much time here, I should get aquatinted with some basic information about the planet." Zhane says.

"I wish I had your insight." Andros says. "When I first came to Earth, I didn't fit in at all. Sometimes it's hard to believe that our ancestors came from this planet."

"Well you have to remember, that was six hundred years ago." Zhane says. "And the aliens are took us to KO-35, who feared the extinction of mankind gave them access to technology that is even more advanced then what the Earth has today."

"I guess you're right." Andros says. "But what do I do about Ashley?"

"You have to figure that one out for yourself." Zhane says. "But I can give you one piece of advice, follow your heart. If it says that you should ask her to marry, her then ask her to marry her. If it says that you should wait, then wait."

"Thank you." Andros says. "That's a smart piece of advice."

"Well I am older than you." Zhane says.

"Technically I'm older than you now." Andros says.

"What do you mean?" Zhane asks.

"Well when you went into cryogenic suspension you were one year older than me." Andros says. "But you were frozen there for two years in which I aged and you didn't, so now I'm one year older than you."

Zhane then laughs a little. "True." he says. "Well, that's one way to become older than someone."

"Well, I have to get going now." Zhane says as he heads for his jump tube. "Think about what I said. I'll talk to you again later."

"OK." Andros says. "Where are you going anyway?" he asks.

"I'm going to set things up for my date with Karone tomorrow." Zhane says.

"OK." Andros says. "Where are you taking her anyway?" he asks.

"I'm taking her to that new Italian restaurant that just opened up in town." Zhane says.

"Well good luck." Andros says as Zhane enters his jump tube and leaves the ship.

Andros then finishes his meal and heads back to his room to think.


Meanwhile on the Megaship bridge, Alpha and DECA were playing a game of three dimensional chest.

"Check." DECA announces.

Alpha-6 then looks at the board, studies it for a moment, and then moves one of his pieces. "Check-mate." he laughs. "Finally I beat you."

"You two still at it?" Cassie asks. "You were playing last night when I went to bed, what time did you start playing again."

"We never stopped." DECA responds. "We've been playing for exactly 15 hours, 27 minutes, and 36 seconds."

"What?!?!" Cassie exclaims. "You two spent all night playing chest!?"

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi." Alpha says. "Don't shout."

"But Alpha, really." Cassie says. "I thought you two were supposed to be running the ship."

"I can run the ship and play chess at the same time." DECA says "And if anything happened, we would have immediately stopped and resumed our duties."

"Yeah, don't get bent out of shape." Alpha says. "Even robots and computers need a night off."

"OK, OK." Cassie says. "I guess I'm still a little jumpy because of these last few days. Those Psycho Rangers have me a little on edge."

"Well I can understand that." Alpha says. "I'll be glad when all of them are gone."

"So what's the score, anyway?" Cassie asks.

"I have won thirty-seven games while Alpha has won one." DECA says.

"Alpha only won a single game?" Cassie asks.

"Well it isn't my fault." Alpha says. "I was never really programmed to chess, while DECA is programmed with a lot of data about it."

"But still, thirty-seven to one?" Cassie asks with disbelief.

Just then the alarm goes off.

"Alien craft approaching." DECA says. "Beginning scan."

"I should alert the others." Cassie says.

"Ship identified as belonging to the Phantom Ranger." DECA says.

"Phantom?" Cassie asks.

"Well he did say he was going to be arriving in this system soon." Alpha says.

"You're right." Cassie says.

"Cassie, the Phantom Ranger is requesting to be brought into the shuttle bay." DECA says.

"Tell him permission is granted and begin docking procedures." Cassie says. "I'll meet him in the shuttle bay.

"Right away, Cassie." DECA says.

"Cassie, do you want me to tell the others of the Phantom's arrival?" Alpha asks.

"No, not yet." Cassie says. "I want to talk to him alone for a few minutes."

"You got it Cass." Alpha says as he moves over to one of the control consoles.


Five minutes later, Cassie is standing impatiently outside the docking bay waiting for the slow procedure of docking to be completed. Soon the red light changes to green and the doors open up. The Phantom Ranger immediately comes through the door and looks at Cassie.

"Hello Cassie." Phantom says.

"Hi." Cassie responds. "So what brings you back here?"

"That is something I would prefer to discuss with all the Rangers on the bridge, later." Phantom says. Suddenly his ruby starts to glow and he falls to the ground.

Cassie runs to him and puts an arm around his shoulder. "Are you all right?" she asks with concern.

"I will be fine." Phantom Ranger says. "Right now I just need some rest."

"Would you like to stay in some guest quarters?" Cassie asks.

"For now." Phantom Ranger says. "I may need permanent quarters later on. I may be staying."

"You are?" Cassie asks, her voice filled with hope.

"That is one of the things I need to discuss with the others." Phantom says. "If it is not too much trouble, could you please gather all of them on the bridge at eighteen hundred hours?"

"Sure, I will." Cassie says. "But right now let me take you to the guest quarters so you can rest."

"Thank you." Phantom Ranger says as the two walk off.


Back on Earth, Carlos is in the middle of a nice neighborhood putting his keys in the door of a house. As soon as he enters, a twelve-year old girl who has red hair and is wearing glasses, rushes towards him.

"Hey, Carlos." she says. "Long time, no see."

"Hey Maria." Carlos says. "Have you seen mom?"

"Yeah, she's in the back of the house baking cookies." Maria says. "So what time are we going?"

"Going where?" Carlos asks.

"You promised to take me somewhere fun as soon as you got back from your travels." Maria says. "You're not backing out of your promise, are you?"

"Of course not, sis." Carlos says. "I've never backed out of a promise yet, have I?"

"No." Maria says. "So where we going?"

"It's a surprise." Carlos says. "Go get ready, we'll leave as soon as I talk to mom."

"OK." Maria says as she runs up the stairs.

Carlos then walks through the house into the kitchen and then exits the back door into the back yard. Carlos' mother hears the noise and gets up to see who it is. She is very surprised to see Carlos standing there.

"Carlos!" she says. "When did you get back from your trip?"

"A few days ago." Carlos says. "I've been very busy since I got back but I finally got everything in order and managed to come over today."

"Well, it's so good to see you again." she says. "Your father has been away on business too and it's been kind of lonely around here with both of you gone."

"When did dad leave?" Carlos asks.

"He left last week and won't be back for another day or two." she says.

"I'm ready!" Maria yells from inside the house.

"Ready for what?" Mrs. Vargas asks her son.

"Oh, I promised her to take her somewhere fun when I got back." Carlos says. "I thought I would take her to the carnival."

"That's nice dear." he says. "Just be sure to be back by five o'clock. I'm going to make a special meal for you tonight. Your favorite."

"Thanks, mom." Carlos says. "I better get going, Maria doesn't like to be kept waiting too long."

"OK." Mrs. Vargas says. "I'll see you later."

Carlos then heads back in the house to take Maria to the carnival.


A half-hour later, TJ walks onto the bridge where he finds Alpha and DECA engaged in a battle of three-dimensional chest.

"Hey guys." TJ says. "So how long have you two been playing this game?"

"Barring the arrival of the Phantom Ranger's ship thirty minutes ago, we've been playing non-stop for over sixteen hours." DECA says.

"Sixteen hours!?!?" TJ exclaims.

"Cassie had the same reaction." DECA says.

"Anyway, why wasn't I informed of the Phantom Ranger's arrival?" TJ asks. "And where is Cassie?"

"Cassie is right behind you." comes the voice of Cassie. TJ immediately turns around and notices Cassie standing in the doorway to the bridge. "And you weren't informed of the Phantom's arrival because I wanted some time alone with him."

"So how is he anyway?" TJ asks.

"He's doing fine." Cassie says. "He's resting in the guest quarters right now."

"Did you find out why he came back here?" TJ asks. "I almost dread his arrival, as he only shows up when there's big trouble on the horizon. I still remember General Havoc capturing the Turbo Megazord."

"Don't remind me of that." Cassie says. "Anyway, he says he wants to meet everyone on the bridge at eighteen hundred hours. He has something important to discuss with us."

"Where is everyone by the way?" TJ asks.

"Andros is in his quarters, Ashley and Karone are in Karone's quarters, and TJ and Zhane are on Earth." DECA replies.

"Well what do you want to do today?" Cassie asks.

"I don't know." TJ says. "We could see if Ashley, Karone, and Andros want to go down to the Surf Spot."

"Wait." DECA says. "Andros has requested that no one disturb him for the rest of the day, he says he has something he needs to think over by himself."

"OK, DECA." TJ says. "We'll respect his wishes."

"What do you think he could be thinking over?" Cassie asks.

"I don't know." TJ says. "And I think we should leave this one alone, some times people just need some space to think things out by themselves."

"I guess you're right." Cassie says. "Could you please inform Andros of the meeting with the Phantom?" she asks.

"I will do so at once." DECA says.

"Thank you." Cassie says. "Let's go."

The two then headed off for Karone's quarters.

"Shall we continue, Alpha?" DECA asks.

"Sure thing." Alpha says heading back to the chess board. "I believe it was your turn."


Back at Ashley and Karone's quarters Ashley was continuing to practice with the telekinesis ball.

"Amazing!" Karone says. "You're already at level 10! And we only started with the ball an hour and a half ago!"

"Well don't forget, I've already been trying for the last nine months." Ashley says.

"Anyway if you continue at this rate, you're learning will be complete in no time." Karone says.

The two are then interrupted by a chime at the door. Ashley quickly focuses her mind and causes the ball to return to the closet and land on the shelf.

"Who is it?" Karone asks.

"Cassie and TJ." comes the voice of Cassie. "We were wondering if you'd like to come to the Surf Spot with us."

"Sure." Karone says.

"You can count me in too." Ashley says.

The two then open the door.

"So what were you two doing in here anyway?" Cassie asks.

"I'll tell you later." she says, giving a glance in TJ's direction.

"I get it." TJ says, a little hurt. "Girl talk."

"Hey don't take it personal." Ashley says.

"Don't worry, I don't." TJ says. "After all there's a lot of things guys don't talk about around women."

"Like what?" Cassie asks.

"I can't tell you." TJ says.

"You know that's one thing I still don't understand." Karone says. "Why men and women don't feel comfortable about talking to one another about certain subjects, even though they're close friends."

"Don't worry about it." TJ says. "No one does."

"Yeah it's one of the great mysteries of the universe." Cassie says.

"I thought that the great mystery of the universe was how it was created." Karone says. She then looks as all the other Rangers give her blank stares. "It was a joke."

"Who's been teaching you how to tell jokes?" Cassie asks. "Alpha."

"Why as a matter of fact, yes." Karone says.

"Oh." Ashley says. "That explains it. Alpha-6 never really was programmed with a good sense of humor. I heard him say that program had to be left out to make room for other programs."

"Oh well, maybe I better learn humor from Zhane." Karone says.

"That sounds like a good idea." TJ says.

Karone then gets an idea. "Now let's get to the Surf Spot." she says. "Last one there's a rotten egg." she says as she races to the glider bay, leaving the other three Rangers there.

"You think that was for yesterday, when she was the last one there because she didn't know what the expression meant?" Ashley asks.

"Definitely." Cassie says as she runs towards the glider bay, followed by TJ and Ashley.


At the Surf Spot, Karone is the first to arrive. She is followed by Cassie and Ashley. TJ is the last one to arrive.

"Oh man, I hate being last." TJ complains.

"Don't complain, after all you were first last time and Karone was last." Cassie says. "This time Karone was first and you were last."

"Actually, I was here first." Zhane says, walking over from the table he was sitting out. "Karone was second."

"Zhane." Karone says as she runs into his arms giving him a hug. "When did you get here?"

"A few minutes ago." Zhane says. "I just finished running some errands and decided to stop here for a bite to eat."

"Would you care to join me?" he asks motioning to his table.

"Sure." Karone says, walking over to his table. "Come on everyone."

The others follow her back to the table where Zhane and Karone sit on one side and TJ, Cassie, and Ashley sit on the other.

Adelle then walks over and hands them a basket of fries.

"Well hello everyone." Adelle says. "I see you joined our friend over here when I was gone."

"Yeah, we just got here." TJ says. "And I sure am hungry."

"Well just give me your orders and I'll get you the food right away." Adelle says. "Are Carlos and Andros going to join you?"

"I don't think Andros is going to be joining us." TJ says. "I'm not too sure about Carlos."

Just then Carlos walks in with a twelve-year old girl. Carlos sees his friends and walks over to them.

"Hello everyone." Maria says. "I'm Carlos' sister Maria."

"Hey Maria." Ashley says. "How are you doing?"

"I'm doing fine, Ashley." Maria says. "Who are your friends? Cassie and TJ I recognize from my brother's photos but the other two aren't in any of them."

"These are Zhane and Karone." Carlos says.

"Well I'm pleased to meet all of you." Maria says. "I hope to see a lot more of you. So far the only ones of Carlos' friends I've met are Ashley and Justin."

"Well, would you two like to join us?" Ashley asks.

"Sure." Maria says, sitting down next to Zhane and Karone. Carlos then takes a chair from the next table and puts it at the edge of the booth and sits down with the rest of them. They all give Adelle their orders and she goes off to get it. The group then begins to chat with each other.

"So what are you doing today?" Cassie asks.

"Carlos is taking me to the carnival." Maria says. "Would you like to join us?"

"Sure." Zhane says. "Ashley wanted to go yesterday but something came up and we couldn't make it there."

"I know." Maria says. "I overheard him telling mom he's been busy running errands since he got back to town."

"How did you hear that?" Carlos asks. "You were upstairs and I was in the back yard."

"Oh that." Maria says, pulling out a device that looks like a walkie-talkie. "This is a spy device."

"Where did you get that?" Carlos asks.

"Justin made it for me." Maria says. "One day he and Nico came over visiting before he and his dad moved, he used some spare parts we had lying around to modify some walkie-talkies."

"He did?" Carlos asks.

"Yeah. He rigged six of them up, two for each of us." Maria says. "He made it so we could place one somewhere else and use it to spy on whatever people were saying within a fifty yard radius. He also extended the range to a five hundred mile radius, so we could call each other at any time."

"Five hundred miles?" Cassie asks in disbelief. "On a ten dollar toy."

"Yeah." Maria says. "It's cool knowing a child genius. He also told me that you guys had something similar to these devices. Those watch devices."

"When did he tell you that?" Carlos asks.

"One day you left it at home in your room when you went to soccer practice." Maria says. "Justin tried to call you when I was walking by your room, so I walked in and answered it."

"After stammering for about a minute, Justin told me he built them after watching a sci-fi movie." Maria says. "I asked him to build me one but told me that you would get mad if I did."

Just then Adelle walks back over to the table with everyone's food. Everyone immediately takes the food they ordered and begins to eat it.


Three hours later, the group was at the carnival. Zhane and TJ sat on a bench in the middle of the carnival. The two were carrying a lot of stuff including several items, including four bags of cotton candy and several stuffed animals. The three looked up at the Ferris wheel, seeing the rest of the group have fun.

Carlos and his sister were sitting in one row of the Ferris wheel, while Cassie, Ashley, and Karone were sitting on the one below them.

"Hey guys." Andros says, walking up to TJ and Zhane.

"Hi Andros." Zhane says, getting up. "What brings you here."

"Well I just got finished taking care of some things back on the ship and decided to come find you." Andros says. "DECA says you were down here, so I decided to come join you."

"So where are the others, anyway?" Andros asks.

"They're on the Ferris wheel." Zhane says. "With Carlos' little sister Maria."

The three then look over and notice that the Ferris Wheel has stopped moving and the passengers are walking over to them.

"Andros!" Ashley exclaims. "When did you get here?"

"A few minutes ago." Andros says.

"Hello." Maria says. "My name is Maria. You must be Karone's brother, Andros. She and Ashley told me a lot about you."

"They did." Andros says. "Like what?"

"Oh, several different things." Maria says. "Are you going to join us?" she asks.

"Yes." Andros says.

"OK." Maria says. "Since you just got here, you get to pick the next the ride."

"Thank you." Andros says. "How about we go on the bumper cars?" he asks.

"OK." Maria says. "Let's go."

The group then headed over to the bumper cars and rode them for about ten minutes. When they were done, they all talked and laughed until Carlos looked at his watch.

"Oh man." Carlos says.

"What is it?" Ashley asks.

"It's four-thirty." Carlos says. "I promised mom we would be back by five o'clock for dinner."

"Well we better get going then." Maria says, walking away from them. "Bye everyone, it was nice meeting you. I hope to see you all again."

"Bye, Maria." Ashley says.

"Yeah it's been nice meeting you." Karone says. "We'll have to do this again sometime."

Carlos then whispers to the other Rangers so that Maria can't hear. "Guys, I'll try to make it back to the Megaship in time for the meeting. If I can't make it by six, I'll get back there as soon as I can."

"OK Carlos." Andros says.

"Don't worry about it." Cassie says. "If whatever Phantom had to say was urgent, he would have told us as soon as he boarded the Megaship, waiting a few more minutes won't kill me-us." she quickly corrects herself.

"Yeah, you just spend some time with your family." Karone says. "Don't hurry on our accounts."

"Hey Carlos!" Maria yells, halfway to the parking lot. "You coming or what?"

"I'm coming!" Carlos yells. "Bye guys, I'll see you later." he says as he runs to catch up with Maria.

"Come on everyone." Andros says. "Let's get back to the ship."

"Right we have work to do before the Phantom's announcement." Ashley says.

"Yeah, like getting DECA and Alpha to stop playing chess." TJ says.

"Huh?" Ashley asks confused.

"It's a long story." Cassie says. "Let's go."


Five minutes later, the six Rangers walked onto the bridge to see DECA and Alpha playing chess. DECA told Alpha his move and he went to move her piece.

"Checkmate." DECA says. "I win again. That makes the score, fifty games to two."

"No fair." Alpha says. "I want a rematch."

"No!" Andros yells, causing the android to jump back in surprise. "TJ and Cassie filled me in on how long you two have been playing this game."

"They have?" Alpha asks.

"Yes and while three or four games might in one night may have been OK., fifty-two games is ridiculous." Andros says. "You two are supposed to be running the ship."

"Sorry, Andros." Alpha says.

"Yes, I'm sorry too." DECA says.

"It's OK guys." Andros says. "I haven't given you much time for relaxation." he admits.

"From now on, Alpha can have eight hours a day for relaxation, as long as someone's manning the Megaship bridge." Andros says. "Well and as for DECA, she can perform thousands of tasks at a time and can run programs for relaxing but she really can't take any time off because the Megaship couldn't function without her."

"Why thank you Andros." DECA says.

"Yeah, thank you." Alpha says. "Back at the Power Chamber, I could relax a lot because the place took care of itself most of the time but on a ship like this, someone has to constantly watch out for trouble."

"Well anyway, let's get to work." Andros says. "I want to run a diagnostic on all the ship's systems and then one done on all the other zords. I have a feeling we'll be needing them when the Psychos return."

"Yeah." Ashley says. "If Darkonda makes the remaining four giant size all at once we could be in major trouble."


"-- Darkond- ---es the rem------ --ur giant ---- --- at once -- could be in maj-- trouble." comes the voice of Ashley Hammond over the Dark Fortress' speaker.

"Can't you clear that up a bit?" Darkonda asks annoyed.

"Hey, the boys in the science department are doing the best they can." Elgar says. "Planting a bug on the Ranger's stuff was hard enough, but before the scientists could do that, they had to make sure it was undetectable to the Megaship's sensors."

"How did they do that anyway?" Darkonda asks.

"Don't ask me." Elgar says. "I don't know anything about scientific stuff."

"True." Darkonda says. "But you still have other uses. Now that Ecliptor is gone, you're being promoted to my chief warrior."

"Really?" Elgar asks with joy. "Even back on Divatox's ship, I never made it to chief warrior. Rygog held that title, while I ranked just below him. And when I was transferred here, I ranked even lower."

"Of course this is the most important post for evil in all the universe, so merely being assigned here is a promotion." Elgar says. "But now that I'm chief warrior, I'm really starting to move up."

"Enough of that for now." Darkonda says. "Is the signal from the bug on Carlos still coming in?"

"Yes." Elgar says. "He's not aboard the Megaship yet, so we can get a clear fix on the bug we placed on his stuff."

"Good." Darkonda laughs. "I want to know more about his sister."

"Why? You going to kidnap her like you did with Astron- I mean Karone?" Elgar asks.

"Maybe." Darkonda says. "She might be the perfect bait to lure in the Rangers. But first, I'll need something to keep one or two of the other Rangers out of the fight, with only four Psycho Rangers left I need to even up the score."

"Wait, I may have something that will keep the Purple and Silver Rangers out of the fight." Elgar says.

"Go on." Darkonda says.

"Well I thought..." Elgar starts as he begins to lay out his plan.

When he is done, Darkonda begins to laugh. "Yes! That's a perfect idea!" he says.

"Implement it at the first chance you get." Darkonda says. "In the meantime get the science crew to adjust the receiver for the bug on the Megaship."

"Aye-aye boss." Elgar says as he leaves the bridge to find the science crew.

"Everything is proceeding according to plan." Darkonda says. "Soon my plan will be complete!" he laughs. "Very soon, now!"


An hour later, the Rangers were continuing running their scan on the zords.

"The Mega Voyager checks out." Cassie says. "All systems at 100%."

"The Mega Winger is running at peak efficiency too." Zhane says.

"The Megaship's engines are running at dangerously low levels." Karone says. "One of the power crystals is completely drained and the other is nearly out of power. We need to replace the crystals immediately. Other then that, everything's fine."

"Good." Andros says.

"It is eighteen hundred hours." DECA says as the Phantom Ranger walks onto the bridge.

"Phantom, nice to see you again." Cassie says.

"It is good to see all of you again too." Phantom Ranger says. "But where is Carlos."

"I'm right here." Carlos says as he runs onto the bridge. "Sorry I'm late, I was having dinner with my family."

"That is OK." Phantom says. "But now it is time to tell you why I've come here."

"You may want to sit down." Phantom says. "What I have to say may shock you."

"OK." Andros says as he sits down in his chair, all of the other Rangers follow him as Phantom moves in front of them.

"I am sure all of you must have wondered where I have come from." Phantom Ranger says. "I am now going to reveal to you my origin."

The other Rangers all look as the Phantom Ranger powers down for the first time in front of them. The Rangers all take notice of his appearance. He looks like he's human except he has a round-crystal on his forehead. He has black hair, brown eyes, and looks like he is very athletic. He is wearing a uniform like Zhane's with the only difference being his shirt is a dark gray.

"My name is Edmund from the planet Edenoi." he begins as he begins. "My story begins about one thousand of your years ago."

"I was one of the royal family on the planet and was the younger one of two brothers born to the ruling family." Edmund says. "After my parents died, due to a disease they had contracted while negotiating peace treaties, my brother, Lexian, took the throne."

"He then gave me the powers of the Masked Rider, which he could no longer be, due to his having to rule the planet." Edmund says. "I trained hard to prove myself worthy and succeeded in fighting an evil empire trying to strip our world of our resources for two years before destroying them forever."

"But then something happened that would change my life forever." Edmund continues, looking a little sad. "I received an emergency distress signal from the Dytallix planet. It seemed they were under attack by the machine king's son, who had disobeyed his father's wishes and married his rival's daughter. The two were banned by both their families, so they set out to forge their own empire."

"By the time I got there, it was too late to help them." Edmund says. "Their planet had completely fallen under Gasket and Archerina's control. The first of many that would fall to their new empire."

The other Rangers look at each other as Edmund pauses.

"Phantom..." Cassie begins but is cut off by Edmund.

"But I still tried to help them but to no avail." Edmund says. "They captured me but I managed to teleport the Masked Rider powers back home."

"What comes next is the hardest part for me to tell." Edmund says. "So I won't tell you, but show you."

Edmund then uses the crystal on his forehead to begin projecting images in front of the other Rangers. The other Rangers watched in fascination and horror as they saw the images in front of them.


Prince Gasket and Archerina stood over Edmund, who was now gagged and strapped to a sinister looking operating table.

"My darling what are we going to do to him?" Archerina asks. "He is useless without the Masked Rider powers."

"No not useless." Prince Gasket says. "Dark Specter has been looking for a great warrior to use in his battles against the universe. He will pay handsomely for a fighter as legendary as this."

"Ah, so you plan to turn him into a warrior for the side of evil." Archerina says.

"Yes. I already spoke to Dark Specter himself, as soon as I captured him." Prince Gasket says. "He will give us many resources to build weapons and robots to begin our siege of the rest of this galaxy. Within a hundred years we may even qualify as one of the leading evil beings."

"That is brilliant my love." Archerina says. "But how do you plan to transform him?"

"With this device." Prince Gasket says. "It will erase the memories of his past but retain all his fighting skills and intelligence. He will be completely loyal to Dark Specter and we'll collect the evil reward."

"An excellent idea." Archerina says.

"Why thank you." Prince Gasket says. "The machine has already been set to transform him, would you care to do the honors?"

"It would be my honor." Archerina says.

The machine then blasts Edmund with several beams of energy. Edmund screams, can be heard even through the gags. The machines then continue doing their work for hours, using various devices and techniques to modify Edmund. When the process is complete, the table returns to its' original position. We can see that Edmund has now been transformed into something completely different. He then gets up and addresses his two creators.

"My name is Ecliptor." he says. "How may I serve you?"


The projections from Edmund's mind then stops and all the Rangers give each other a quick glance, clearly shocked. The look quickly passes on everyone's face except, Cassie and Karone's.

Karone then gets up and hugs him. "I knew you weren't completely evil." she says. "It's so good to see you again."

Cassie is the next one to get up and walks towards him unsure of what to make of this situation. "But...but how?" she asks. "You and Ecliptor were battling each other on Hercuron."

"Don't remind me." Edmund says. "That still confuses even me sometimes. To have almost killed myself in battle, that's so confusing."

"But as for how it happened, the time warp I fell through transported me back through time to Eltar." Edmund says. "Once there, I was taken to Zordon who healed me."

"He told me that since I still existed as Ecliptor elsewhere at this time, I couldn't contact anyone." Edmund says. "I tried to warn him about the invasion but he told me that he had already had a vision of it and his capture. He said that if he tried to prevent it, it would end up in Eltar's destruction."

"Wait, you mean he knew he was going to be captured?" Carlos asks.

"Yes." Edmund says. "But he also seemed certain that you would one day rescue him."

"Anyway, Zordon gave me the Power Ruby which would enable me to morph and also revert myself back to normal." Edmund continues. "But because of the shock of the time warp, my life would be dependent upon the ruby until my evil self fell through the time warp."

"Why didn't you ever tell us this before?" Cassie asks.

"I wanted to." Edmund says. "But Zordon instructed to me that my Power Ruby would lose its' powers if I attempted to reveal my identity or alter the time-line and that I could only reveal myself after the evil me was through the time warp."

"OK." Cassie says.

"So what are you going to do now?" Andros asks.

"That's the other thing I wanted to talk to you about." Edmund says. "I was wondering if I could stay onboard the Megaship and help you in your quest to save Zordon."

"Of course you can." Karone says. "Right guys?" she asks.

"Sure." Andros says. "After all it wasn't anymore his fault, he got kidnapped then it was yours."

All of the other Rangers nod to this.

"Thanks guys." Edmund says. "And I just want to say that I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused you."

"You don't have to apologize." Cassie says.

"Yeah, what you did wasn't your fault." TJ says.

"Thank you." Edmund says.

"OK, now that's it settled that Ecliptor is going to stay here we have to do a few things." Andros says. "The first things is to assign him quarters, then we give him some of the money I got from selling those rare metals I found in an asteroid field so he can go to Earth and buy clothes and anything else he may need."

"So that's where you got all that money you have." TJ says. "I always wondered where you got human currency from."

"Sorry, I guess I forgot to tell you about that." Andros says. "You can help yourself to the funds whenever you want."

"Thanks." Carlos says.

Just then the lights on the Megaship dim to low levels.

"Warning." DECA says, her voice sounding strained. "Both power crystals are now completely drained. Reserve power has not been restored, the ship will be completely power dead in five minutes. Shields are off-line."

"No!" Andros shouts. "We got so involved in Edmund's story, we forgot to replace the power crystals."

"DECA, emergency power transfer." Edmund says. "Drain power from my ship to raise the shields."

"Done." DECA says. "Shield power will remain on-line for two minutes."

"I'll go get the crystals." Zhane says. "I'm the fastest."

"Right." Andros says. "There are spare ones in the Mega V hanger bay, go get two and bring them back immediately."

"I'm on my way." Zhane says, as he runs off the bridge to the glider holding bay.

"What is this?" Edmund says, noticing something odd on Carlos. He takes a small round disk off of Carlos' neck and examines it. "It's a listening device!"

"What?!" Carlos asks. "Darkonda must have planted it on me."

Before anyone could say another word the power came back on-line.

"Full power restored." DECA says. "Reserve power being restored."

Zhane then walks back onto the bridge while Edmund is using a scanner to determine the frequency of the listening device. He then sets the scanner for that frequency and scans the others. He finds ten more listening devices on the other Rangers and then scans the rest of the ship.

"There are no other listening devices detected on the ship." Edmund says. "According to this one, they were planted on you this afternoon."

"Well that's good news, sort of." Zhane says. "At least we found them before the villains learned any important information."

"I hate to break it to you but they have." Karone says. "They learned about the Phantom Ranger's identity."

"Yeah, now the evil forces will be even more determined to destroy him." Carlos says.


Back on the Dark Fortress, Darkonda scowled in rage. "I don't believe it!" he shouts. "Ecliptor and the Phantom Ranger are the same person. And now my listening devices have been detected."

"Don't worry so much." Elgar says. "Remember your plan."

"Ah yes my plan." Darkonda says. "Soon it will go into effect."

"Yes, soon the Rangers will be no more and Karone will be mine!" Elgar laughs.

"Yes, I can't wait to see the Silver Ranger's reaction to this development." Darkonda says.


The next night, everything was peaceful on the Megaship. There were no signs of trouble anywhere in Angel Grove and the Rangers were taking full advantage of the lull to take some rest. Edmund was in his quarters, setting up some things he had bought on Earth.

Before he can get far, he is interrupted by a chime at the door.

"Come in." Edmund says.

The door opens revealing Cassie. She immediately walks into the room and looks around.

"Hello Edmund." Cassie says.

"Hello Cassie." Edmund says.

"Can we talk?" Cassie asks.

"Of course we can." Edmund says. "What do you want to talk about, although I have a feeling I already know."

"It's just that ever since I met you when you first appeared on Earth as the Phantom Ranger, I felt a certain attraction to you." Cassie says. "And when I saw you demorph for the first time, I felt something I never felt before. I...I love you."

"I love you too." Edmund says.

"I know that it is common for certain species, especially those that have special mental powers or practice developing mental skills to be able to recognize their soulmate when they first see each other but other members of other species also have that ability too." Cassie says.

"So what do we do now?" Edmund asks.

"How about we go to the Simu-Deck?" Cassie asks. "We could program any romantic setting you'd like."

"That sounds like a good idea." Edmund says. "Let's go."


Meanwhile back on Earth, Zhane and Karone enter the fancy restaurant that Zhane made reservations at yesterday. Zhane is wearing a black tuxedo with a silver tie while Karone is wearing an elegant purple dress.

"Oh Zhane this restaurant is perfect." Karone says. "Thank you for bringing me here."

"Don't mention it." Zhane says. "After all, nothing is too good for you."

"Why thank you." Karone says.

The two then walk inside the restaurant and meet the doorman. "Do you have a reservation?" he asks.

"Yes, a reservation for two under Zhane Atoz." Zhane says.

"Ah, yes Mr. Atoz. Right this way." he says as a waiter walks out and leads the two to their table.

Zhane pulls out Karone's chair for her and as soon as she is seated, he sits down at the opposite side of the table.

"Here are your menus." the waiter says. "I'll be back in a minute to take your orders."

"Thank you." Zhane says.

The two then look at the menus and wait for the waiter to come back.

"Have you decided on what you would like to order?" the waiter asks.

"Yes I would like a bottle of fine white wine and for dinner I would like the Sautéed Shrimp Santarelli-Style." Zhane says.

"Ah an excellent choice, sir." the waiter says. "And what would you like madam?"

"I would like the Sautéed Shrimp and Penne Pasta and a small salad." Karone says.

"Excellent choice, madam." the waiter says. "Your food will be ready shortly." he says as he heads back to the kitchen.

As they wait for their food to come, the two begin to talk about various things that happened to them during the week. About three minutes later the waiter returned with the bottle of wine.

"Would you like to taste the wine, sir?" the waiter asks.

"Yes." Zhane says.

The waiter then pours a little of the wine into one of the glasses and hands it to Zhane. He sips it and tells the waiter that it is fine. The waiter then pours a glass for Zhane and one for Karone and then puts the bottle on the table and heads back to the kitchen.

"Zhane, this restaurant is so fancy." Karone says. "What's the special occasion?"

"I'll tell you later." Zhane says. "After the main course."

"Well it must be something important to go to all this trouble." Karone says.

"As I said before there's nothing to good for the woman I love." Zhane says.

"Why thank you." Karone says. "I love you too."

"May I propose a toast?" Zhane asks.

"Certainly." Karone says.

"A toast." Zhane begins as he picks up his glass. "To us and many years of happiness."

Karone then picks up her glass and gently taps it against his, the two then circle their arms around each other and drink from each other's glass. The two then giggle and separate their arms.

The two stare in each other's eyes for a moment as if they could read each other's thoughts for an instant but are interrupted by the arrival of their food. The waiter puts the food on the table and the two begin to eat it.

"Mmm." Karone says. "This is excellent food."

"Yes." Zhane says. "Would you like to try some of mine?"

"Sure." Karone says.

Zhane then uses his fork to take some of his food from his plate. He then feeds it to Karone, who closes her eyes and smiles as she eats it.

"Yes, this is good too." Karone says.

"Would you like some more?" Zhane asks.

"No thank you." Karone declines. "I'll just finish what I have here."

"OK." Zhane says.

The two finish eating their meal, pouring more wine from the bottle when they get thirsty. When the two get finished eating, the waiter comes back and takes their dishes.

"Was everything satisfactory, sir?" the waiter asks.

"Yes, everything was excellent." Zhane says.

"Very good." the waiter says. "Would you like some dessert?"

"Yes." Karone says, looking at the menu. "I would like the Mandarin Tartlettes with Cardamom Sabayon."

"I'll have the same." Zhane says.

"Very well, sir." the waiter says. "It will be out in a few minutes." he says as he leaves to go back to the kitchen.

"So, what was the special occasion you wanted to talk to me about?" Karone asks.

"Well there is something very important I wanted to talk to you about." Zhane says. "Tonight is the two month anniversary of our first date."

"Our first date?" Karone asks.

"Yes it was exactly two months ago, we had our date in the woods." Zhane says.

"You called that a date?" Karone asks. "I zapped you in the mud and told you I never wanted to see you again."

"I wasn't referring to that, I was referring to earlier in the day after I saved you from that monster." Zhane says.

"Oh yes." Karone says. "That was fun. It was the first time in my life since my abduction, I actually felt real joy."

"Anyway that was only one of the reasons I brought you here." Zhane says.

"It was?" Karone asks. "What's the other?"

"This." Zhane says, pulling out a box containing a ring.

Karone's face turns to one of complete and total surprise as she realizes what he is doing.

"Karone, you are smart, funny, beautiful, kind, loyal, caring, and so many other things that I cannot even begin to describe them all." Zhane begins. "Since you have come into my life, I could not imagine living without you again. I knew from the moment I saw you that you were the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Karone, I love you with all of my heart and soul, will you do me the honor of being my wife?" he asks.

Karone just sits there in complete shock, unable to move. Finally she is able to speak out. "Oh, Zhane I don't know what to say." she says.

"Wait, yes I do." Karone says. "Zhane you've brought such joy and light into my life since I met you. You caused my heart of evil to melt in just minutes, years of evil training vanish into nothing by only smiling. I never thought I could feel such joy as I did at that moment. Whenever I am apart from you, all I can think about is you and when I'll be able to see you again. So yes, yes, I'll marry you."

"Karone, you've made me the happiest man alive." Zhane says as he slips the ring on her finger. "Nothing could possibly spoil this moment."

As he speaks these words, Elgar and a squadron of Quantrons appear in the middle of the restaurant. This causes everyone to start running towards the exit in panic, including the waiter, who was just returning with their dessert.

"Oh man!" Karone complains. "I wish more now than ever that I threw him out an airlock when I was still evil."

"Me too." Zhane says looking around and noticing the restaurant is completely empty.

"OK Elgar, what do you want?" Zhane asks.

"Simple, I want to marry Karone and return her to her evil ways where she belongs." Elgar says. "And to do that, I must first destroy you."

"I'll never be your bride not even in a million years." Karone says.

"Oh yeah?" Elgar asks. "This is Finster's love potion, super-strength formula." Elgar says as she sprays Karone with it. Suddenly Karone walks over to Elgar and kisses him.

Zhane is barely able to keep himself from throwing up. "Elgar, give Karone the antidote right now and I might let you live."

"Ha, I think not." Elgar says. "We're getting married. Quantrons get him."

Elgar and Karone then disappear in twin flashes of light while the Quantrons charge him.

"Let's Rocket!" Zhane calls out, pulling out his morpher.

A second later, the Silver Ranger is standing there in his full suit. Feeling upset, he pulls out his weapon and fires laser blasts at the Quantrons, causing them to retreat very quickly.

Zhane then rushes out of the restaurant and calls his Silver Cycle to go find the others.


Back at Carlos' house, Maria is getting ready to go to bed. She is just preparing to get into bed when the four Psycho Rangers and Darkonda appear behind her. She manages to scream out, causing her mother to run up to her room.

When she gets there, she manages to see the five monsters standing there with the yellow one, holding a terrified little girl.

"Help me!" she screams.

"What do you want?" Mrs. Vargas asks.

"Simple we need a hostage to lure the Power Rangers to their doom." Darkonda laughs. "And your daughter was the one unlucky enough to be chosen for this task."

"Yeah." Psycho Silver says. "But don't worry, we won't harm her."

"If the Rangers surrender, that is." Psycho Red says. "Good-bye."

"No! NO!!!" Mrs. Vargas screams.

Meanwhile, Carlos is coming in through the front door and hears his mother's screams. He quickly races up the stairs and get into his sister's room just after Darkonda and the monsters disappear.

"Mom, what happened?" Carlos asks concerned.

"Five monsters." Mrs. Vargas says, on the verge of tears. "They kidnapped Maria. They said they needed a hostage to lure the Power Rangers to their doom and she was the one who they chose."

"Oh man!" Carlos exclaims. "Listen mom, you go next door and stay with our neighbors in case they come back."

"But what about Maria?" Mrs. Vargas asks.

"Listen, I've heard of several people who say they have ways that you can contact the Power Rangers in case of emergency." Carlos says. "I'll go to them and see if they can get a message to the Rangers, they won't let Maria down."

"But what if they fail?" Mrs. Vargas asks.

"They won't fail." Carlos says. "They've never let this city down before or let a single person get killed in over two hundred separate attacks. What makes you think they'll start now?"

"You're right." Mrs. Vargas says. "I'll just have to hold onto hope. You go try to contact the Rangers."

"You want me to walk you next door?" Carlos asks.

"No, I'll be fine." she says. "Just do everything you can to get in touch with the Rangers."

"Don't worry." Carlos says. "I won't rest into Maria is safely back at home."

Carlos then runs down the stairs and out of the house. Once he is outside, he quickly makes sure no one is looking and teleports back to the Megaship.


Elsewhere, Andros and Ashley were taking a moonlit walk on the beach. The two were holding hands and smiling under the perfect night sky. Suddenly Andros stops walking and turns to face Ashley.

"What's wrong?" Ashley asks concerned.

"Nothing's wrong." Andros says. "I just wanted to look at you. You look beautiful under the full moon."

"Why thank you." Ashley says.

"Have I ever told you how much I love you?" Andros asks.

"Yes." Ashley says happily. "But you can continue to tell me as often as you would like." she smiles.

"Ashley there is something I wanted to talk to you about." Andros says seriously.

"What is it?" Ashley asks.

"Well, I've been giving this some serious thought." Andros says. "And there's something I want to ask you."

"Go ahead." Ashley says.

Andros then begins to pull something out of his jacket but is interrupted by the Silver Ranger riding up on his Silver Cycle. He quickly gets off of it and demorphs. The two can clearly see the distress on his face.

"What's wrong?" Ashley asks him.

"Plenty." Zhane says, with great distress in his voice. "Elgar has used a strong love potion on Karone and he plans to marry her."

"WHAT?!" Andros exclaims. "If that excuse for a villain lays a hand on my sister, I will personally tear him limb from limb."

"You'll have to stand in line." Zhane says. "But we better get back to the ship and start scanning for her."

"Right." Andros agrees.

"Andros," Ashley begins "what did you want to ask be before?"

"Um...well." Andros stammers nervously. "I'll tell you later. Right now we have to rescue Karone."

"OK." Ashley says, suspicious of his behavior. She shrugs it off and saves it for later though, as the three teleport to the ship.


Back on the ship, Cassie and Edmund are in the Simu-Deck sitting on an asteroid and watching the stars. The two have been talking for the past few hours and have covered everything from Edmund's life back on Edenoi to Cassie's family and her dreams for the future. The two then begin to move closer and prepare to kiss.

However, Edmund hears a noise and breaks away from her. Suddenly, Carlos runs in the Simu-Deck. Edmund looks at Cassie, who is clearly not happy about his intrusion.

"Guys we got big trouble." Carlos says. "Darkonda has kidnapped Maria."

"Oh no!" Cassie exclaims. "That's terrible."

"Come on, Cassie. We must go rescue Maria." Edmund says as he gets up. "Um, by the way, who is Maria?" he asks.

"She's my younger sister." Carlos says.

"Oh." Edmund says. "Well let's go."

The three then rush to the bridge of the ship. When they get there, they find the others are already there, hard at work.

"What's up, guys?" Cassie asks.

"Plenty." TJ says. "Elgar has kidnapped Karone and is planning to marry her."

"That's not all." Carlos says. "They've also got my sister, Maria."

"What?" Andros asks. "Darkonda just won't quit will he? Don't worry Carlos, I won't let Darkonda turn your sister evil like he did with Karone. We will rescue her."

"Come on." Edmund says. "We have a lot of work to do and not a lot of time."

The Rangers all go to their various stations and begin scanning for Karone.


Fifteen hours later, Cassie, Ashley, Edmund, and TJ are still on the bridge scanning the Earth.

"Man!" TJ says hitting the console in frustration. "We've been working at this all night and still nothing."

"Maybe, the others are having more luck searching the Earth on their gliders." Ashley says.

Just then the Rangers are interrupted by an image appearing on the viewscreen. The Rangers see Maria tied up to a chair in a damp looking cave.

"Help me! Someone help me!" she scream frantically.

The image is quickly replaced by that of Darkonda. "Hello Rangers." he laughs. "This message is to inform you that your precious little Maria is being held on the planet Viceraus. You are to teleport down to the planet, unmorphed, directly into the cave where she is being held."

"What if we don't want to?" TJ asks.

"If you fail to follow my instructions to the letter, she will be killed instantly." Darkonda says. "You have thirty minutes, just enough time for the Megaship to get there."

Just then Andros and Carlos teleport onto the bridge and demorph.

"We heard the message over our com-links." Andros explains.

"Where's Zhane?" Cassie asks.

"He thinks that Karone is being held in an area of Angel Grove that is being shielded from our sensors by an unknown force." Carlos says. "He went to check it out and told us we should go rescue Maria."

"What if he needs back-up?" Edmund says.

"He says he won't." Andros says. "All he has to do is break the love spell, which, knowing how much Karone and Zhane love each, shouldn't be too difficult."

"But what if that's what Darkonda wants?" Ashley asks.

"Trust me, I know how Darkonda thinks." Edmund says. "With the information he got from the listening devices, he's probably trying to lure us into a trap on the planet."

"Edmund is right." Andros says. "We should keep our guards up, this is most likely a trap but we must rescue Maria."

"We don't have time for this." Carlos says. "Maria's time is almost up."

"You're right." Andros says. "DECA, set a course for Viceraus and engage. Maximum hyper-rush velocity."

A second later and the Astro Megaship heads for Viceraus at its' maximum speed.


Meanwhile in the middle of Angel Grove, a wedding was taking place inside a church.

"I now pronounce you man and wife." a minister says. "You may now kiss the bride."

The couple turns and kisses each other. As they kiss, we can make them out to be Tommy Oliver and Katherine Hillard. The two kiss for a minute and when they break apart, they smile at each other.

The two turn around to head to the exit when Elgar, Karone, and an army of Quantrons teleport into the church. All of the guests immediately scream and run out of the building, while the minister faints and all of the other former Rangers in the crowd leap in front of Tommy and Katherine to prepare to fight them off.

"I don't believe this." Katherine says.

"Yeah to break in on the middle of a wedding is low, even for Elgar." Tommy says.

"Come on let's get them." Jason says.

"I'm with you, I still owe that guy some payback for what he did to me on Muiranthias." Kimberly adds.

"No one move or else." Elgar says.

"What do you want?" Katherine asks.

"Ah that is simple." Elgar says, searching his pocket and pulling out a piece of paper.

"By the order of Dark Specter, Grand Monarch of Evil, you are hereby removed from your duties of serving Divatox and reassigned to the Dark Fortress under the command of Astronema and Ecliptor." Elgar reads.

"Um wait, those were my transfer orders." Elgar says, pulling out another piece of paper. "2 dozen eggs, a pound of roast beef, 1 gallon of milk... Nope that's the Dark Fortress shopping list."

Elgar then pulls out yet another piece of paper. "One free admission to the slime pits of Trushanza VII." he reads. "Nope that's wrong too."

Everyone shares a glance at each other and then look at Elgar in disbelief.

"This could take a while." Adam says.

"Oh wait a second." Elgar says. "I didn't have my assignment written on a piece of paper. I'm here to marry her, to distract some of the Power Rangers from the trap Darkonda's laying out for them."

Karone then shakes her head. "Huh, where am I?" Karone asks.

"You're in a wedding chapel, we're going to be married." Elgar says.

As soon as Karone hears this and realizes what is going on, she begins screaming. Elgar tries to silence her but to no avail.

Elgar then pulls out a bottle of love potion and sprays Karone with it. She immediately stops screaming and starts looking at Elgar with love again.

"When we get done here, I'm going to have some words with Finster." Elgar says. "This stuff is supposed to be permanent and that's the sixth time in less than fifteen hours."

"Gee, I wonder why that is." the Silver Ranger says, appearing in the doorway.

"It's the Silver Ranger." Elgar says. "So you've come to save your girlfriend, have you? I don't think so. Quantrons get him."

All of the Quantrons leap forward to battle the Silver Ranger with their weapons drawn but are no match against the skill of the Ranger and soon fall to the ground in defeat.

"All right Elgar, release Karone from that love spell now and I may not blow you into a thousand pieces." Silver Ranger says as he points his Super Silverizer at him.

"I don't think so." Elgar says. "Prepare to meet your doom."

Just then a monster appears in the church before them. The former Rangers, consisting of Tommy, Katherine, Jason, Kimberly, Adam, Rocky, Tanya, and Aisha go to one side of the church to avoid the monster.

The monster is vicious and sinister looking and is ten feet tall. It has eight eyes, two legs, and four arms as well as two tentacles. It has wings on its' back for flight and is covered with thick armor. It holds a sword in one of its' four hands and a laser blaster in the other.

"Allow me to introduce you to the Doom Spider." Elgar says. "The last monster you will ever see."

"Destroy the Silver Ranger." Elgar commands.

The Doom Spider immediately charges the Silver Ranger and the two begin a fierce battle.


While all this is going on, Professor Phenomenus, Bulk, and Skull are in the middle of the desert, continuing their quest to find aliens.

"Why are we out here anyway?" Bulk asks. "We're in the middle of nowhere."

"Yes, the middle of nowhere." the Professor answers. "The perfect place for aliens to hide their invasion fleet."

"Um, guys." Skull says as he looks over the edge of a cliff into a very large pit.

"What is it?" Bulk asks.

"I think I found something." Skull says.

"What did you f...f...find?!" Bulk asks as he walks over to where Skull is standing and looks into the pit.

Professor Phenomenus also looks in it and gets very excited. "Boys do you know what this is?"

"If I'm not mistaken, it's Titanus, one of the old zords of the Power Rangers." Skull says.

"Oh." Professor Phenomenus says, dejectedly. "I thought it was an alien space-craft."

"Wait, professor." Bulk says. "We don't know a lot about the Rangers' powers, this may have the ability to fly in space."

"You may be right." the Professor says, cheering up. "With it we can travel to worlds no human have ever visited before and find aliens."

"Me and my big mouth." Bulk says.

"Come on boys, we've got work to do." Professor Phenomenus says as he walks down some old stairs made of stone into the pit. Bulk and Skull shrug and follow the Professor into the pit.


Elsewhere at the planet of Viceraus, the Astro Megaship arrives in orbit and six beams of colored light leaves it.

The six teens rematerialize in the middle of the cave, right in front of a shocked Maria.

"Carlos!" Maria screams. "What are you doing here?" she asks.

Before he can answer, Darkonda appears in front of the Rangers and laughs. "So Black Ranger, you and the others came for your sister."

Maria is clearly shocked by this news. "You guys are the Power Rangers?" she says.

"Yes." Carlos says. "I'll explain later, right now we have to get you out of here."

Carlos then proceeds to untie Maria quickly. "Maria, I'm going to send you to our spaceship. You'll be safe there and be taken care of by Alpha, our robot."

"Time to say good-bye Rangers." Darkonda laughs as the remaining four Psycho Rangers appear from different caverns of the cave, surrounding the Rangers.

"Alpha teleport Maria to the Megaship bridge." Carlos speaks into his communicator.

"You got it, Carlos." Alpha responds over the communicator. A second later, Maria is teleported away in a flash of white light.

"Everyone listen up, I ran a scan of this planet when we got here." Edmund says. "There is a primitive city with over three thousand sentient beings less than five miles away from here."

"So we have to defeat the Psychos here to prevent them from harming the village." Cassie says.

"Let's do it." Ashley says.

"Right." the others all say in agreement.

"Let's Rocket!" they all shout and a second later the six Rangers are standing there in their uniforms.

"All right let's get them." Red Ranger shouts as he prepares to charge.

"No!" Yellow Ranger shouts. "Remember our normal powers are useless against them."

"Right." Red Ranger says, mentally kicking himself for forgetting this fact.

"Battlized Rangers power up!" the six shout, pulling out their battlizers. They then all transform into their battlized armor, including the Phantom Ranger.

"Ashley and TJ you take Psycho Yellow, Carlos and Cassie you take Psycho Purple, Phantom you take Psycho Silver, and I'll take Psycho Red." all the Rangers then leap into battle to fight the Psychos but they disappear before they can strike them.

"Where did they go." Battlized Black asks, confused.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi." came Alpha's voice over the communicator. "The Psychos have grown to giant size and are moving towards the city."

"I was afraid this would happen." Battlized Red says. "Any word from Zhane and Karone, yet?"

"No." Alpha says.

"Cool, they're Rangers too." Maria says. "Since there are only two colors left, that means Zhane must be silver and Karone must be purple."

"Alpha, you keep Maria safe with you on the Megaship." Battlized Black says.

"And keep her on the bridge." Battlized Red says. "Make sure you stay with her at all times, we'll probably need the Astro Megazord soon."

"You got it." Alpha says, closing the communications channel.

"I will go back to Earth." Battlized Phantom says.

"Why?" Battlized Pink asks.

"Because I do not have a zord and cannot be of any assistance here." Battlized Phantom says. "But Zhane may need my help on Earth."

"Good thinking." Battlized Red says.

The Battlized Phantom then disappears in a flash of light and teleports directly into his ship. He immediately launches it and pilots it back to Earth.

Meanwhile the other Rangers power back down from their Battlized Ranger forms and summon their Mega V zords.


Back at the church, Doom Spider and the Silver Ranger continued to battle. However, the Silver Ranger wasn't faring too well as the Doom Spider repeatedly hit the Ranger with its' sword and blaster, causing him to fall down in a great deal of pain.

Meanwhile the former Rangers were in a battle of their own. Kimberly and Aisha distracted Elgar by delivering a powerful double punch to him. This knocked him off his feet allowing Jason, Adam, and Rocky to go into action. Adam and Rocky each grabbed one of his arms while Jason held onto his chest. The three managed to push the monster to the ground and then knock him unconscious with a candle holder they found.

Meanwhile Karone, who was still under the love spell's effects, rushed to tried to help Elgar. However, Tommy tried to stop her by restraining her. But Tommy was unprepared for resistance as Karone used a judo flip to throw Tommy to the ground. Katherine ran to help Tommy while Tanya grabbed Karone, careful not to make the same mistake as Tommy.

"Listen, I don't know you but you don't love Elgar." Tanya says. "You're under a love spell."

"A spell?" Karone asks. "That's not true...I love Zhane."

"Who's Zhane?" Kimberly asks.

"Probably her boyfriend." Kimberly says.

"Or her fiancee." Adam says, noticing the engagement ring on her finger.

"Um, excuse me." Karone says. "But who are all of you, you all look familiar somehow."

"No, I don't think any of us have ever met before." Jason says.

"No, I'm sure I've seen you somewhere before." Karone says.

Their speculation is cut short however, as they notice the Doom Spider has captured the Silver Ranger in a large web, preventing him from moving. They also notice that Doom Spider is moving in with his laser blaster and sword aimed at the helpless Silver Ranger.

Karone looked on the scene with horror as the monster moved in for the kill. She began to pull out her morpher but remembered that she couldn't reveal her identity to these people.

"We have to do something." Jason says.

"But how?" Katherine asks. "None of us have our powers anymore."

Katherine then realizes that the mystery girl is still standing there and overheard her saying that.

"That's it." Karone says. "That's where I recognize you from, the data files on the Megaship. You're all former Power Rangers."

They all stare there in shock, as she says this. She then runs towards the monster to attack it.

"No wait!" Tommy shouts.

"We have to stop her, she could get killed." Rocky says.

But the others are further surprised when Karone summons a device out of thin air. She then yells out "Let's Rocket!", punches some buttons on the device, and leaps into the air towards the monster. As she leaps, she transforms into the Purple Ranger and pulls out her Power Staff, hitting the monster with it.

"Or not." Rocky shrugs.

As the monster is momentarily dazed, the Purple Ranger runs to the web and frees the Silver Ranger.

"Zhane are you all right?" she asks very concerned about him.

"I'm fine." the Purple Ranger says.

The Doom Spider then gets back to his feet and begins blasting his laser gun at the Rangers. The two Rangers then run towards the former Rangers to shield them.

The Silver Ranger then summons his Super Silverizer and fires on the monster. The Purple Ranger also uses her weapon to attack the Doom Spider but their blasts are just absorbed by a shield protecting him.

"This guy is too powerful." Purple Ranger says.

"You're right." Silver Ranger says.

"Wait, you can't just give up." Jason says.

"No one said anything about giving up." Purple Ranger says. "Just powering up."

The Purple and Silver Rangers then summoned their battlizers. "Battlized Rangers, power up!" they shout in unison as they press button #3 on the devices. A second later and the two are in their battlizer armor.

"Time to take this outside." Battlized Silver Ranger says, summoning his wrist device. The Battlized Silver uses his device to levitate the Doom Spider off the ground and then uses his wings to fly out the doors of the church with Doom Spider in tow.

"Hey, wait for me." Battlized Purple says as she uses her super speed to follow him at blinding speed.

"Wow!" Rocky says. "That was cool."

"Yeah, we could have sure used devices like that when we were Rangers." Katherine says.

"Should we go follow them?" Adam asks.

"No." Tommy says. "They'll be able to handle him on their own, right now we should wait here for them to come back."

"You're right." Jason says.

Just then the minister that fainted earlier wakes up. "What happened?"

Elgar, who is next to him, begins to stir also. "That's what I'd like to know." he says.

The minister sees Elgar and faints again, landing on Elgar. This causes him to hit his head on the wall, causing him to go back into unconscious.

"Tommy, Kat, Kimberly, and I will go round up the rest of the wedding party." Jason says. "The rest of you wait here in case the Rangers return. Oh and be sure to tie Elgar up and take care of the minister."

"Right." Adam says.

Tommy and his new bride then walk off smiling, followed by Kimberly and Jason while the others go to their work.


Meanwhile, the Battlized Silver and Purple Rangers were continuing to battle Doom Spider outside. The Doom Spider quickly used its' wings to lift off the ground and fly after Battlized Silver. The monster fired a few laser shots at Battlized Silver but the Ranger avoided the shots.

Battlized Silver then flew above Doom Spider and opened fire on him with his Super Silverizer. The laser blasts hit his wings, causing the monster to fall to the ground. When he lands, he sees the Battlized Purple Ranger standing in front of him.

"You again." Doom Spider growls. "Darkonda will reward me well, when I destroy you traitor!"

"I've heard that before." Battlized Purple says as Battlized Silver lands next to her.

"Ha, I'll take both of you on." Doom Spider says as he fires his laser at them.

The laser blasts hit Battlized Purple, causing her to fall to the ground. "Ugh!" she says weakly. "I thought this armor was supposed to protect us from blasts like that."

"Fool, my weapons are made from special alloys stolen from Eltar in our war there." Doom Spider laughs. "Your powers can't defend against it."

"Oh, yeah." Battlized Silver says. "Defend against this!" he yells.

Battlized Silver then leaps forward with his Super Silverizer in blade mode. He begins to battle the Doom Spider with it with him using his sword to block. The two continue fighting this way with neither one gaining the upper hand. Doom Spider, however, decides to cheat and fires some of his webbing at Battlized Silver's face. This causes Battlized Silver to lose the ability to see out of his helmet.

The Doom Spider uses this to his advantage to hit the Ranger with his sword, over and over again. His armor begins to smoke, due to the alloys of the sword. Battlized Silver eventually falls to the ground, clutching his chest. Doom Spider goes in for the kill, but is pushed back when he is hit by missiles from Battlized Purple, who has finally gotten back on her feet.

Battlized Purple then runs over to Battlized Silver and helps him up. "Are you all right?"

"I'm OK." Battlized Silver says. "Right now, let's toast this monster."

The Doom Spider then struggles back to his feet, still a little injured from the missile blasts. "Prepare to meet your doom Rangers."

"Let's finish this guy." Battlized Purple says. "Double Battlizer Power Punch." she says.

"Right." Battlized Silver says.

The two Rangers then leap into the air towards the monster. In mid-leap they each summon their battlizers and press button #1 on it. This causes both of their fists to become charged with power. The two then land powerful punches to Doom Spider, causing it to fall to the ground and explode.

"Well that takes care of that." Battlized Silver says.

"Yeah." Battlized Purple says. "But we left Elgar in the church with those former Rangers."

"Former Rangers?" Battlized Silver asks confused. "What former Rangers?"

"The wedding Elgar burst in on, it was one for two former Earth Rangers." Battlized Purple says. "I recognized their pictures from when I was going through the files on the Megaship."

"Oh." Battlized Silver says. "Well, we better get back there."

The two then burst into super-sonic speed and appear back at the church less than a second later. When they arrive, they see four people attending to an unconscious minister as well as an unconscious Elgar tied up.

"Hello." Battlized Purple says to the four people standing there.

"Hello." Adam answers, as he, Rocky, Tanya, and Aisha turn around to see the two Rangers standing there.

"Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park, Tanya Sloan, and Aisha Campbell, right?" Battlized Purple asks.

"Right." Rocky says. "How did you know that?"

"From the record files on the Megaship." Battlized Purple says.

"The Megaship?" Tanya asks.

"It's the Power Ranger's spaceship and new command base." Adam says. "They moved into it after Divatox destroyed the Power Chamber."

"Wait, how did you know that?" Battlized Silver asks.

"Adam showed up shortly after you went off to help the rebels to help Carlos with a problem one of my monsters caused." Battlized Purple says.

"Wait, one of your monsters?" Adam asks confused. "I'm confused, I thought it was Astronema who sent that monster."

"Well, it's kind of a long story." Battlized Purple says. "I am Astronema, sort of."

"What do you mean?" Aisha asks.

"Well, I was kidnapped from my home planet of KO-35 when I was seven years old by Dark Specter and Darkonda." Battlized Purple says. "They then used machines to erase all my memories of my early life and then they trained me to become evil."

"Shortly after I learned the truth, I joined the Rangers side." Battlized Purple says. "But shortly after that I was captured and brainwashed again. But then I was rescued again and the Rangers managed to use the powers Dark Specter gave me to make me into a Power Ranger."

"Oh." Adam says.

"By the way, I'm really sorry about sending that monster to attack you." Battlized Purple says.

"You don't have to apologize." Adam says. "You'd be surprised how many Rangers have been brainwashed and have tried to destroy us."

"What do you mean?" Battlized Purple asks.

"Well, when Rocky, Aisha, and I first met the Rangers, Lord Zedd kidnapped us and tried to change us into his dark ninjas or something to that effect." Adam says. "And when Katherine first showed up, Rita cast a spell on her to use her to steal the Pink Ranger's power coin, steal the Falconzord, kidnap Ninjor and Kimberly, and then try to kill her."

"Yeah, but she fought the spell and eventually broke free and Kimberly chose her as her replacement." Aisha says.

Just then the Phantom Ranger appeared in front of them. "I hate to cut this conversation short but the other Rangers are in trouble and need your help."

"What kind of trouble are they having?" Battlized Purple asks.

"The four remaining Psycho Rangers have grown to giant size and are preparing to attack a city on the planet of Viceraus." Phantom Ranger says. "You need to summon your zords and get there immediately."

Meanwhile, while everyone is having this conversation, Elgar manages to maneuver over to his card sword. He manages to use it to cut the ropes and then picks it up. Looking around, he takes stock of the situation.

"Hmm...two battlized Rangers, the Phantom, and four former Rangers." Elgar says quietly. "It doesn't take a genius to figure out I'm seriously outnumbered. I better retreat back to the Dark Fortress."

"Rangers!" Elgar shouts out. "You haven't seen the last of me!"

Everyone turns around just in time to see Elgar disappear in a flash of light.

"He got away." Battlized Silver says, angrily. "I swear he'll pay for what he did one day."

"Hey, what are you so angry about?" Battlized Purple asks. "I kissed him under that spell, I'll be washing my lips for weeks."

"We don't have time for this." Phantom Ranger says. "We have to help the others."

"Right." Battlized Silver says.

"Power down." Battlized Silver and Purple says powering back down into regular Rangers.

"Will you be OK?" the Purple Ranger asks.

"We'll be fine." Adam says.

"Yeah, you just go help the others." Tanya says.

"What happened?" the minister asks, waiting up again. Aisha goes over to explain things to him, while the others prepare to leave.

"We'll go there aboard the Mega Winger." Silver Ranger says.

"You go onboard the Mega Winger, I'll pilot the Delta Megazord there." Phantom says. "All radio transmissions from the planet have been cut off, preventing the Rangers from summoning it."

"Right." Silver Ranger says.

The three Rangers then disappear in multi-colored light, teleporting to the Mega Winger.

"Good luck, Rangers." Adam says as he watches them disappear.


Back on the planet of Viceraus, the Mega Voyager was engaged in a large battle with the remaining four Psycho Rangers. The Rangers braced themselves inside the cockpit, as Psycho Silver blasted the zord with yet another barrage of energy.

"Shields down to 20%!" Yellow Ranger says.

"Weapons power is at 50%!" Black Ranger says.

"The zords' legs are off-line!" Blue Ranger says. "We're sitting ducks!"

"We still can't get a radio signal to anyone!" Pink Ranger exclaims.

"We have to do something!" Red Ranger says. "We can't let them win."

"Time to finish you off." Psycho Red says. The four Psychos then gather around in a line and prepare to gather all their energy and fire it at the zord.

"Andros, we don't have enough power to sustain the kind of blast they're preparing to fire." Black Ranger says. "If they hit us, the zord is finished."

"We can't let that happen." Red Ranger says. "Channel all power to the defensive systems."

"We don't have enough power!" Black Ranger says.

"Andros, three vessels have entered the planet's atmosphere!" Pink Ranger shouts. "They're coming right at us."

"Can you identify them?" Red Ranger asks.

"I'm trying but there is heavy interference and our scanners are damaged!" Pink Ranger says. "We can't get a clear reading."

"Switch to visual scanning mode." Red Ranger says.

"Right." Yellow Ranger says as she presses a few buttons.

"Ten seconds until the Psycho Rangers fire." Black Ranger says.

"I've identified the vessels." Yellow Ranger says. "It's the other zords.

The Mega Winger then swoops down in ship mode and fires on the Psychos. This causes the Psychos' to fall at of alignment with all the power they were channeling, dissipating.

"Everyone try to get the Mega Voyager moving again." Red Ranger orders. "We need to help the others."

"Right." they all agree as they go to work fixing the Mega Voyager.

"While this is going on, the Mega Winger transforms into its' battle mode and summons its' blaster.

"Guys, how's the Mega Voyager faring?" Silver Ranger asks as he presses a button on his zord to fire at the Psychos.

"Not too well." Red Ranger says. "The legs are off-line due to heavy damage. We can't fix them without returning to the zord to the hangar bay for at least 24 hours.

"Well then, we'll just have to get the Mega Voyager moving another way." Silver Rangers says. Initiating wing transfer!" he shouts as the wing detaches from the Mega Winger and reattaches to the Mega Voyager.

"Thanks for the assist, Zhane!" Red Ranger says.

"No problem." Silver Ranger says.

"OK Psychos, time to use our secret weapon." Psycho Red says.

"Right." the other Psychos agree.

Meanwhile the Mega Voyager, with missile in hand, takes off the ground and flies towards the Psycho Rangers.

The Psycho Rangers, on the other hand, join hands and begin to glow with black energy. When the energy fades, they remain in that position and don't make a single move.

"On my mark, fire all weapons." Red Ranger says. "Fire!"

At his command, the Mega Voyager fires the Mega V-3 missile as well at the lasers at the Psycho Rangers. Meanwhile Zhane fires the Mega Winger's Wing Blaster at the Psychos at full power. The Astro Megazord uses its' saber whip attack as well as fires several shots from the laser blaster while the Delta Megazord fires it's hand blasters at the monster.

Just before the weapon blasts hit the Psychos, however, a black shield appears around the Psychos and deflect the attacks back at the zords. This move catches the Rangers completely off-guard and the zords all come crashing to the ground.

"Shields are gone!" Pink Ranger shouts.

"Main power as well as emergency power are off-line!" Black Ranger shouts. "One more hit and the Mega Voyager is history!"

"Main power is down on the Mega Winger but back-up power is still on-line." Silver Ranger says.

"The Astro Megazord is not that badly damaged." Purple Ranger says. "Main power is still at 50% and the Delta Megazord's power systems are at 70%."

"Rangers, this is Edmund in the control room for the Delta Megazord." Phantom says. "The main controls are fried. I never designed this zord to have an actual pilot and only built the control room for repair purposes. I must abandon the zord now because the life-support systems are malfunctioning and are causing the cockpit to become uninhabitable even in morphed form."

"OK." Red Ranger says. "Return to the bridge of the Megaship and help Alpha devise a strategy there."

"Guys, we have bigger trouble." Pink Ranger says. "The Psychos are preparing a massive power charge. They're draining all the power from whatever's powering them for one final blast. According to the computer, if they do that, the entire planet will be destroyed!"

"Oh boy." Red Ranger says.

"I have some good news and some more bad news." Pink Ranger says.

"What's the good news?" Red Ranger asks.

"That given enough power we can break past their shield, causing their energy drain to backfire and then to be destroyed." Pink Ranger says.

"And the bad news is at the zords' current energy levels, we don't have enough power to pull it off?" Red Ranger says as more of a statement than a question.

"That's right." Pink Ranger says.

"Oh man!" Black Ranger says. "If only we had a little more power or another zord or something!"


While the Rangers were battling the Psycho Rangers, Bulk, Skull, and the Professor continued their exploration of Titanus. The corridors were dark and everything was eerily quiet

"Wow!" Skull says. "The interior of this place sure is cool!"

"Yeah, it reminds me of something from Star Trek!" Bulk says.

"Look at this." Professor Phenomenus says, pointing to a sign.

Skull goes up to it and strikes a match. He then reads the sign. "Main control room."

"OK boys, let's enter it. From there we might be able to get this thing back on-line." Professor Phenomenus says.

The three then enter the zord's control room and looks around. The three walk around the room and notice the high-tech gadgets.

"Hey, what's this?" Skull says looking at a monitor. "It reads 'Time Distortion Field has knocked all systems off line on January 9th, 1996. Please reinitialize systems manually."

Skull then looks around for a minute and finds a flashing button marked 'Press to reinitialize systems.' Skull quickly presses it, causing the control room to light up with power.

"I live again!" shouts a voice from all around them.

"Skull, what did you do?" Bulk asks.

"I just pressed the reinitialization button." Skull says.

"Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus, do not panic I mean you no harm." the voice says again.

"That's good." Skull says.

"Who are you and how do you know our names?" Bulk asks.

"I am Titanus." the voice replies. "You see some zords that were built in ancient times were given sentience such as the Astro Megazord, who's consciousness goes by the name of DECA. The Dragonzord is also one of the zords blessed with sentience."

"OK." Bulk says. "Do you have another name or do you simply go by the name Titanus?"

"I go by the name Titanus." Titanus answers.

"Um excuse me, but what did the display panel mean when it read 'Time Distortion Field has knocked systems off-line'?" Skull asks.

"That was from Master Vile's orb of doom." Titanus says. "It caused my power system to short out and needed to be restored manually but no one could ever locate me because I was somehow buried here. I do not know how I came to be here nor what caused the sand to clear but I am back now."

"Fascinating." Professor Phenomenus says. "Well, we're very pleased to meet you."

"Thank you." Titanus says. "I am pleased to meet you two and for freeing me, I will give you a gift."

Three beams of light then shot towards the trio and hit their heads. "You now have the power to call upon me if you get into trouble." Titanus says. "Just think of me and I will come."

"Cool!" Skull says. "Thank you very much."

"No thank you for waking me up from my sleep." Titanus says. "Without you I may have remained asleep for another thousand years."

"I am detecting something wrong." Titanus says.

"What is it?" Skull asks.

"The Rangers are in trouble, I must go to them." Titanus says. "Switching to space mode."

"Wait a second, we're going into outer space?" Skull asks.

"No not worry, my artificial gravity net will protect you when we leave the Earth." Titanus says. "You won't feel a thing."

"Ah, excellent." Professor Phenomenus says. "Finally we'll be in outer space."

Titanus then begun his transformation into his space mode. First Titanus' front blaster detached from the his body and then his head went inside of his body. Titanus' head was then replaced by a head resembling the front a space shuttle, another space shuttle that functioned as a laser also appeared just above it. The next thing that happened was the front blaster transformed into two thrusters-guns that attached themselves to the back of the zord. The feet also moved rotated and moved above the wheels, allowing the zord to be able to move faster on the ground. Titanus then blasted off into outer space at top speed towards the planet of Viceraus.


Meanwhile back at the Dark Fortress, Darkonda was watching the battle between the Power Rangers and the Psycho Rangers with great interest. He turned to a monitor and looked at it.

"This is excellent." Darkonda laughs. "The Psycho Rangers are getting ready to use their special weapon that will destroy the entire planet! And Dark Specter's power levels are almost completely depleted."

As he was gloating, Elgar walked onto the Dark Fortress Bridge. "Hey boss."

"There you are." Darkonda says. "I thought you would be back by now, since the Purple and Silver Rangers have joined the fight."

"Yeah, well, I was in the medical bay getting the damage those Rangers did to me healed." Elgar says. "So how goes the battle?" he asks.

"Very well." Darkonda says. "In a few minutes all the Rangers will be gone forever."

"All of them?" Elgar asks. "I thought we agreed that when they were defeated we would turn Karone back into Astronema and she would become my bride."

"Elgar, that love potion you used on her kept wearing off every hour." Darkonda says. "Even if we were to turn her back into Astronema, do you think she would marry you?"

"Well I guess not." Elgar says. "But I could always create a clone of her with no intelligence whatsoever."

"That's a good idea." Darkonda says. "But in case the Rangers manage to survive this battle, keep it on the Dark Fortress and don't let the Rangers find out about it because if they do, you'll be history."

"Thanks boss man." Elgar says. "I didn't know you were that concerned about my well being."

"Well I have gotten used to you." Darkonda says. "And besides you're the only henchman I have left."

Before anyone could say another word Dark Specter appeared on the viewscreen. Dark Specter's energy lines are now completely white and he appears to be shrinking.

"Darkonda, my energy levels are being drained as we speak." Dark Specter says. "If something isn't done immediately I will be gone forever."

"Do not worry Dark Specter, my computer scanners have nearly pinpointed the exact location of the culprits." Darkonda says.

"Good." Dark Specter says. "But find them quickly before its' too late." he says as he disappears from the screen.

Darkonda then turned to Elgar who was looking at his secret monitor. "Hey according to this, you're the one draining Dark Specter's power." he says.

"So you found me out." Darkonda says. "What do you intend to do about it?"

"Nothing." Elgar says.

"Nothing?" Darkonda asks.

"Yeah, the way I figure it is that if you destroy Dark Specter and become Grand Monarch of Evil yourself, then I'll be the chief warrior for the most powerful evil being in the universe." Elgar says.

"Very good, Elgar." Darkonda says. "I'm surprised you thought of that by yourself."

"Hey, I may not be very bright but I'm still a bad guy." Elgar says.

"Yes, that you are." Darkonda says. "Now come, let us watch the end of Dark Specter and the Power Rangers."

Darkonda and Elgar then turn toward the viewscreen to watch. But the two gasp in surprise when they see Titanus enter the atmosphere and head for the Rangers.

"What is that thing?" Darkonda asks.

"I'll check our records." Elgar says turning to the computers. "According to our files, that thing is the zord Titanus. It's one of the oldest and most powerful zords ever built."

"Hmm, this could be trouble." Darkonda says.


Meanwhile back on the planet of Viceraus, the other Rangers also see the arrival of Titanus.

"What is that thing?" Yellow Ranger asks.

"I am Titanus." Titanus says over the communications system. "I am one of the Earth Ranger's former zords. I was damaged during an attack on Earth a few years ago and was somehow hidden from the Rangers' scanners. Three humans have just found me and rebooted my systems. I came here because I sensed you were in trouble."

"How come you can talk?" Black Ranger asks.

"Several of the ancient zords were given sentience." Titanus says. "Like you Astro Megazord which has DECA as its' sentience. But now we must deal with the Psychos'. Soon their power transfer will be complete."

"We have a plan to defeat them but we need your help." Red Ranger says.

"Yes I know." Titanus says. "I am uplinking plans for the Voyager Ultrazord now."

"Uplink received." Red Ranger says. "Initiating transfer."

The Winged Mega Voyager then flew upwards and landed inside Titanus. The Mega V-3 missile attached itself to the front of Titanus. Meanwhile, the Purple Ranger took the Astro and Delta Megazords off the planet and formed the Astro-Delta Megazord.

"Guys, the Psycho Rangers are at 98% charge." Pink Ranger says. "If we want to stop them now's the time."

"OK Rangers, we only have one shot at this." Red Ranger says. "Is everyone ready?"

"You got it Ranger." comes the voice of Professor Phenomenus.

"Professor Phenomenus?!" Blue Ranger asks in confusion. "Where are you?"

"Inside the cockpit of Titanus." he says.

"Yeah, we're the humans who found and reactivated Titanus." Skull says.

"Why am I not surprised?" Black Ranger asks to himself quietly.

"OK, just sit back." Red Ranger says.

"This is Z...Silver Ranger." the Silver Ranger says, catching himself just in time. "I'm ready."

"Purple Ranger here." Purple Ranger says. "I'm ready when you are."

"OK." Red Ranger says. "Fire on my mark. Fire!!" he shouts.

All the zords then opened fire on the Psycho Rangers. The Voyager Ultrazord fired an impressive barrage consisting of the Mega V-3 rocket, Mega Voyager's lasers, and Titanus' front laser and two back lasers. The Astro-Delta Megazord using its' Flying Power Punch Maneuver, while the Mega Winger used its' Wing Blaster at full power.

When this barrage of energy hit the Psycho Rangers, it blasts their shield to be destroyed immediately. The weapons fire then hit them, causing the energy they were building off to react to soon. This caused the Psycho Rangers to implode in on themselves in a blinding flash of colors.

"Yes!" all the Rangers shout.

"That's the end of the Psycho Rangers." Red Ranger says.

"And not a moment too soon, I might add." Black Ranger says. "The Mega Voyager's power levels are completely drained. Titanus will have to tow us back to the hangar bay for repairs."

"Oh well let's go." Red Ranger says. "We still have to get that young girl the Psycho Rangers kidnapped back to her mother."

"Wait, that girl is..." Black Ranger begins but is cut off by the Red Ranger.

"We also have to get Professor Phenomenus, Bulk, and Skull back." Red Ranger says.

Understanding then dawns on the Black Ranger as he remembers the three can still hear them due to the communications system. "Right." he says.

"Initiating wing transfer back to Mega Winger." Red Ranger says, pressing a button that sends the wing back to the Silver Ranger's zord. "Now let's head back to Earth."


Back on the Dark Fortress, Darkonda and Elgar watch the Psycho Rangers' defeat. As soon as they blow up, Darkonda looks at the monitor display.

"99.9% of Dark Specter's power has been drained." Darkonda says. "Just a few more seconds and he would have been gone forever."

"So, you're the traitor." Dark Specter says.

Darkonda quickly turns around to see, a now normal sized Dark Specter standing behind him.

"That power battery holds my energy." Dark Specter says. "I want it back."

"I don't think so." Darkonda says as he raises his sword. "You're too weak to stand a chance against me."

"I don't think so." Dark Specter says.

Darkonda then rushes towards Dark Specter with his sword. Dark Specter prepares to counter the block, but too much of his energy has been drained to get away in time. Darkonda slices Dark Specter's chest with his sword causing him to fall to the ground in pain.

Dark Specter, weak as he is, gathers the last of his remaining power and focuses it. "I may be weak but if I die I'm taking you with me." he says as he fires a large energy burst at Darkonda.

The energy burst hits a console next to Darkonda, causing it and Darkonda to explode. Dark Specter also explodes, sending his debris flying everywhere.

"Oh no!" Elgar says. "Both Dark Specter and Darkonda have been killed. Now what do I do?"

"Don't worry." comes the voice of Darkonda.

"Darkonda, but I saw you die." Elgar says.

"True but I found a mystical spell which can only be used once." Darkonda laughs. "It gave me nine lives while the other monsters have only one. I still have two left after this."

"That's excellent." Elgar says. "But where are you?"

"In my cave, recharging." Darkonda says. "I must rest after each of my deaths. I will be back soon."

"OK, Grand Monarch." Elgar laughs. "What's our next move against the Rangers?"

"We don't have a next move against the Rangers, at least not yet." Darkonda says.

"What do you mean?" Elgar asks.

"We have much work to do." Darkonda says. "We have to use the power I drained from Dark Specter to make us stronger, see to Zordon's power drain, inform the rest of the UAE that the Power Rangers have destroyed Dark Specter and that I am now Grand Monarch, those sort of things."

"I got you." Elgar says.

"Yes." Darkonda laughs. "From now on, we'll be doing things my way. Enjoy your vacation while you can Rangers, for when I return we won't be playing around anymore."

Darkonda's voice then disappears from the Dark Fortress' bridge. Elgar then looks around at the damage the battle between Dark Specter and Darkonda has caused.

"Clean up and repair crews, report to the Dark Fortress Bridge at once." Elgar says into the communications system. "Oh and also send up the clone maker." he says with an evil laugh.


Meanwhile, the eight Rangers, Maria, Professor Phenomenus, Bulk, and Skull teleported to Earth.

"Well, that was a fun trip." Skull says.

"Yeah, going into outer space was fun." Bulk says. "When can we do it again?" he asks.

"Um..." Red Ranger begins. "Why don't you stay on Earth for now? We'll call you if we need you again."

"OK." Professor Phenomenus says. "We still have work to do here, anyway. Tomorrow we're going to be working on exposing the aliens that have infiltrated the governments of the world!"

The Rangers, Maria, Bulk, and Skull all stare at the Professor.

"But now, we go to the Surf Spot to eat." Professor Phenomenus says, grabbing his two assistants. "Interstellar travel always makes me hungry."

The three then head off for the Surf Spot. As soon as the three are gone and the Rangers make so no one else is around, the Rangers demorph.

"Wow!" Maria says. "I can't believe my brother and his friends are the Power Rangers! Wait until I tell my friends."

"No Maria." Carlos says. "You can't tell anyone."

"But why not?" Maria asks.

"Because if anyone ever found out who we were, we'd lose the ability to live normal lives." Carlos says. "You can't tell anyone, not even mom and dad."

"I understand." Maria says. "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone."

"Thanks." Carlos says.

"Hey, who are you?" Maria asks pointing to Edmund. "I haven't seen you before."

"My name is Edmund." Edmund says. "I only arrived here a few days ago."

"Arrived from where?" Maria asks.

"Well that's kind of a long story." Edmund says. "I'm from the planet Edenoi."

"You mean you're an alien?" Maria asks.

"Yes, I am an Edenite." Edmund says.

"But you look human." Maria says.

"Edenites look very much like humans, except for a gold mark on their foreheads." Edmund says. "But Edenites have the ability to make it disappear, like I have now, so I can pass as a human."

"Cool." Maria says.

"Maria, we'll continue this conversation later." Carlos says. "Right now we have to get home, mom's very worried about you."

"Right." Maria says. "Bye everyone."

"Bye Maria." Andros says. "We'll see you later."

Carlos and Maria then run off, heading back home.

"Well, I don't know about you but I'm going back to the ship and get some serious sleep." Cassie says, yawning. "We haven't slept in over 30 hours."

"I'm with you." TJ says.

"So am I." Edmund says.

"You can count me in too." Karone says.

"Me too." Zhane says. "How about you two?" he asks, turning to Andros and Ashley.

"Maybe in a few minutes." Andros says. "There's something I'd like to talk to Ashley about."

"OK." Zhane says, as he and the others teleport back to the ship.

"So what were you going to ask me before we were interrupted last night?" Ashley asks.

"Not here." Andros says. "Follow me."

Andros then starts to walk off with Ashley walking next to him.


Back at Carlos' house, Mrs. Vargas was waiting nervously for any report on her daughter. She immediately turned around when she heard the door open. She started crying tears of joy when she saw Maria and Carlos walk in the door.

"Mommy." Maria cried out as she ran to her.

"Oh Maria, you're safe!" Mrs. Vargas says as she hugs her daughter. "What happened?" she asks, turning to Carlos.

"I managed to contact the Power Rangers." Carlos says. "They went after Maria and managed to rescue her."

"Where are they?" Mrs. Vargas asks. "I'd like to thank them."

"They couldn't stay, they're very busy." Carlos says. "They gave Maria to me and told me to bring her back home."

"Well, I'm just happy you're home." Mrs. Vargas says. "Now come on, let's put you to bed. You must be very tired."

Carlos then yawns. "I'm tired to." he says. "I better be getting home."

"OK, Carlos." Mrs. Vargas says. "As a matter of fact, I could use some sleep too."

"Bye." Carlos says.

"Bye." Maria and Mrs. Vargas both said as they climbed the stairs to their bedrooms.


Meanwhile, Andros and Ashley were at the beach. Andros took Ashley to the exact same spot that they were at last night. The sun was just setting and it made for a very romantic setting.

"Well here we our again." Ashley says.

"Yes, here we are again." Andros says nervously.

"So what was it you wanted to ask me?" Ashley asks.

"Well." Andros begins. "This isn't easy for me."

"Go ahead, I'm listening." Ashley says.

"This isn't easy me." Andros says. "And I've done a lot of thinking about it. But what it comes down to is I love you more then anything else in the whole universe."

Andros then drops to one knee and pulls out a box containing a ring. "Will you marry me?" he asks.

Ashley just stares at Andros as if she can't believe what he had just asked. As soon as the shock passes over Ashley, she immediately jumps up with joy. "Yes, I'll marry you!" she shouts happily.

Andros then slips the ring on Ashley's finger and stands up and looks into her eyes.

"We don't have to get married right away, if you don't want." Andros says.

"Well, I think my parents will approve." Ashley says. "After all it's tradition in my family to marry before you turn twenty. But I think we'll wait a few months to set things up."

"Whatever you want, my love." Andros says.

Ashley then giggles a little. "I love you, Andros." she says.

"And I love you too." Andros says.

The two then leaned close for a long, passionate kiss as the sun set behind them.

The End... for now