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Author's note: I'm a huge fan of Katherine and Tommy so I'm warning all you Katherine and Tommy fans this is a tearjerker! I'm going to do the unthinkable to our favorite couple. This is the first story of the devestation series. OH the title Broken by you is a song by Jordan knight. I feel it's very appropriate for this story. The song belongs to Jordan and is being used without permission.

Time frame: The story takes place after the Rangers give their turbo powers to new rangers and when kat is in london. OH please when you read the letter that Tommy sent to kat please don't be mad with me. There will be explanations down the line. It's cruel I know but there's a good reason. So enjoy!

Devastation series
Story 1
Broken By You
by : Michelle Penning

Katherine Hillard, a talented dancer, artist, model, and wonderful friend came home to her London apartment exhausted and worn out from the long day she had at school. Getting up at six in the morning to be at her first class then dancing most of the day afterwards going to work for five hours. She was worn out. She looked at the clock and it read 11:00 p.m. She threw her bag on the floor and collapsed on the sofa.

"Today was the worst" she mummer out loud.

"What was that Kat?" asked her roommate.

She managed to sit up and saw her friend Diana-Michelle Jacob another dancer and student.

"OH Hi Diana" replied Kat.

"You look tired" commented her friend.

"I am" kat replied. "Oh today I never danced so hard, worked so hard in my life. Madam Niverinna was on my case today. Katherine your feet must be pointed, Katherine you're not pivoting, Katherine keep your head up! STANCE! Remember your stance! Diana, I've never heard her complain so much!"

"Well you are a first year student. With my fourth year experience I can tell you she's a bitch. She'll never change" remarked Diana.

Both Kat and Diana looked at each other and then laughed out loud.

"I needed that" breathed Kat as she looked at her friend.

"I know. That's what Mia said to me when I first attended the academy. Kat you have what it takes to be the best dancer in the world. Never forget that" Diana replied.

"What about you?" Kat inquired. "You're very good."

"I know but you started at such an early age I started when I was eight. I'm okay but I see a lot of potential in you. Don't ever forget that" said Diana who took a seat opposite of her friend.

"Thanks" smiled Kat.

"So was work just as tough?" asked Diana.

Kat snorted. "Don't get me started. My boss was an ass and he expected me too do everything. There's people who just sit on their ass getting away with everything. Oh Kyle makes me so mad!"

"Ah the ass hole of an boss!" smiled Diana. "Brings back memories. Kat in life you'll see there's plenty of those. You have to learn to deal with them."

"I know" replied Kat. She took a look and saw the mail and on top of the mail was a red envelope. She knew who it was from and snatched it up quickly. "Why didn't you tell me Tommy sent me a letter!?"

"you didn't give me chance to. You were busy bitching about your day" teased Diana.

"Thanks a lot" replied Kat as she opened the letter. "I miss Tommy so much it hurts."

"Love the guy huh?" asked Diana.

"Yes I do" She replied softly. Kat took the letter out and unfolded it.


Hey! What's going on in London? Nothing much I hope. But anyway don't work yourself to death okay. Let's see angel grove is still the same. Being attacked by divatox and being defended by the new turbo rangers. Isn't it great to finally not being able to leave In the middle of something when you're being summoned almost all the time. I get to sleep and do the things I want to do. Don't get me wrong I loved being a ranger but it's time for someone else to take on the responsibitlities.

Well let's forget the pleasantries shall we

Kat stopped reading.

"What is it?" asked Diana.

"Nothing. This letter is odd. He says lets stop with the pleasantries" Kat replied softly.

"Uh Oh" replied Diana. "I'll give you some privacy."

"Thanks" whispered Kat. She felt her stomach turn to knots. She knew where this was leading.

Kat I don't know how to say this. I really don't. I'm sorry to do this to you but what the hell-here goes. Kat I'm not in love with you anymore.

Kat dropped the letter the instant she read those eight words. Those little eight words that tore her heart into two. Kat I'm not in love with you anymore. Tears started to fall from her eyes. Her heart was aching. The radio was on when a song by Jordan knight came on that was appropriate for the mood she was in, IT was called Broken by you.

First lonely night
What will I do
I feel my heart breaking in two

That's how she felt when Tommy said he wasn't in love with her. Her heart was breaking in two like that song she found so sad. Her tears blinded her as she picked up the letter. She dreaded reading more but she had to.

You're probably crying and all that but don't. I'm sorry I just don't care for you. What I'm trying to say is I don't want to go out with you anymore. You're not the person who I thought you were when I thought I was in love with you. You don't deserve me. A lot of girls are a lot better looking than you are. You're not Kimberly! No if you want to know I'm not back with Kim. But I can't live a lie Katherine. I'm just not in love with you anymore. Accept it. Have a good life


Kat wiped her eyes and sniffed. She couldn't believe Tommy would be this cruel. She sat there stunned and devastated. Why did she have to fall for him? Why?

I'm such a fool
When will I learn
I fell so deep
Then I got burned

That's how Kat felt at the moment. She was a fool to fall in love with him. She felt liking dying at the moment. She didn't deserve him. She felt like screaming. When did he become such an asshole anyway. Kat closed her eyes and sat back. This letter stung badly. She felt numb inside. Nothing else mattered anymore. All she wanted to know was why.

If you gave me just one reason why
My heart my let go

Kat saw the reason on that horrible note but were they sincere? did he really feel that way? Maybe she should call and ask. If those were the reason he said maybe she could let her heart go. But did she dare call him. She was upset and had to know. She sighed knowing she was taking a risk and picked up the phone. She dialed a number and let the phone ring.

"Hello" replied the voice on the other line.

It was Tommy's mother. Kat's heart beat faster. She didn't know what to say to Tommy's mother. She found she couldn't speak.

"Hello" replied the voice annoyed.

Kat hung up. She lost her courage to talk to Tommy's mother much less Tommy. She let the letter fall to the ground accepting the reasons. She didn't want to deal with Tommy anymore.

Maybe one day I will fall in love again
But for now I'll just leave my heart in two

Kat wouldn't be over Tommy. She loved him so much that the letter hurt more than anyone realized. She started to cry when the chorus came on.

If I never fall in love again
If I never touch your skin again
If I never feel again this way
If I never see another day
Remember me
Remember this
'cause one thing that will never change
is the feeling in my heart
so broken by you

Kat couldn't help it. The words touched her heart because she knew it was true. She'll never find anyone whom she loved so much than Tommy. She thought Tommy was the one whom she'll be with. She hoped he listen to this song and she hoped he realizes what he's doing to her. She feels so broken by him.

Love still remains
After you're gone
Girl please explain where did I go wrong

Even though Tommy broke up with her, kat will always love him. No matter who makes him happy she'll always love him. What did she do wrong to deserve this awful heartbreak. She sighed unhappily as the song finished out.


Kat couldn't believe this was happening to her. She thought Tommy loved her. She didn't do anything wrong and they seemed so happy together. She couldn't hold back the pain any longer. Her heart was crushed beyond repair for she truly loved Tommy with her heart and soul. She screamed in pain and started to bawl.

"KAT!?" replied a worried Diana. She saw her friend and sighed. Kat got her heart broken and beyond. It's going to take time for Kat to get over this Tommy. She brought Kat to her and held her as she cried her heart out.

The End for now

On the next installment of Devastation Series #2 No title yet but after the devastating letter Kat goes into a deep dark depression. Can she go on with her life.