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Devastation Series #2
Story 2
Heart Break
by : Michelle Penning

Part 1

Kat sat in her room staring out the window. She couldn't believe what just happened over three days ago. She still had the letter in her hand, reading and re-reading it over. Tommy had broken up with her cruelly and it had stung her bad. She tried her best not to cry, but couldn't help it. She had called in sick at work and hadn't gone to her classes at all. She couldn't face anyone at the moment. Her roommate, Diana had tried her best to get Kat's mind off the letter but had failed. "She doesn't understand" Kat said to herself quietly. "Why Tommy? Why did you do this?"

Just then the phone rang and Kat picked it up. "Hello?"

"Katherine" replied a stern voice.

Kat knew who it was. "Madam Niverinna"

"You weren't in class for the last three days" replied Madam Niverinna.

"I'm not up to it at the moment" replied Kat. "I have some..."

"I don't care if you're not up to it at the moment" hissed Madam Niverinna. "You have to attend classes if you want to succeed in dancing."

"But I" whispered Kat as she felt her tears rise again.

"There's no excuse. Either you start attending classes, and I don't care if you're sick or whatever. If you don't attend this evening's classes then I'm going to fail you!" replied Madam Niverinna as she hung up.

"I have to work," she murmured. She hung up the phone more depressed than ever. Kat was falling into a deep hole of depression. First, she has it rough at the academy; second, she had a bitch for a teacher who didn't like her at all. That was a fact. Thirdly, her boss was a total asshole who treated her like garbage. Not only that, he liked to hit on her. Now, with everything else going wrong, Tommy had decided to drop her like a ton of bricks. What else could bring her to the pit of despair?

Kat decided then to take a nap. She was emotionally exhausted; she couldn't take much more of the crap that was being dished out on her. Staring at the ceiling, she thought of all the bad things that had been happening to her. She was about to fall asleep when the phone rang again. With a sigh, she picked it up.

"Hello" she replied sleepily.

"Hey sexy" a voice greeted.

Kat moaned. It was Kyle, her boss. In Kat's opinion, he was a sleaze. She knew that she could complain to the managers that he's been sexually harassing her. Unfortunately, Kyle had threatened to do something nasty to her and fire her if she ever told. Kat sighed. She was caught between a rock and hard place. She hated London. It hadn't been bad when she got here, but two months after getting a job and starting school, she found out that it was the pits.

"What do you want Kyle?" Kat spat at him.

"My, my aren't we in a bad mood" he replied casually.

"Look, I'm not in the best of moods today. I'm having a personal crisis and I can't come in tonight at all. Madam Niverinna told me that, if I don't attend classes I'll fail and I'll get kicked out of the academy" explained Kat.

"Look!" hissed Kyle. "You're my best worker, and I need you tonight. Besides, I have something special planned. If you don't come in and work, then you're fired. Be here by 5:30 p.m. or else!" with that he hung up.

Kat felt her world crashing down all around her. She hung up the phone and let the tears of anger and pain fall from her eyes. She sat there pondering what to do with her life. Right now it sucked. She hated school and she hated her job. She had no love life, and everyone was getting on her nerves. She felt like everyone was depending too much on her. Kat got up and wiped her eyes. She immediately knew what she was going to do. Since London disgusted her so much, she was going home. Grabbing her purse, the former Pink Ranger headed out the door.


Madam Niverinna watched her students with firmness and with discipline. All the first year students hated her. Luckily they only had her for one semester. "That's it Marie! One, two and pivot. Good!" The girl that she addressed gave a weary smile, glad to have stayed on the Madame's good side.

Just then the door slammed open. The students gasped and turned to see what caused the noise. In walked Katherine Hillard. Madam Niverinna was stunned to see Katherine storm in and walk up to her.

"Katherine" Madam Niverinna said quietly. "I thought I said evening classes."

"You did" Kat replied bitterly. "But you didn't let me finish."

"I told you, no excuses," said Madam Niverinna with her accent showing.

"Well you should listen to your students, you over pompous bitch! We do have crisis in our lives! Maybe, if you actually took some time, you'd be able to see that. But, no you're the biggest bitch that I have ever seen! No wonder you're so cold-hearted!" hissed Kat.

Madam Niverinna was shocked. No one, in her whole career of teaching at the academy has ever talked backed to her before. She was quite shaken up. Narrowing her eyes, she glared at her student, "How dare you speak to me in that manner!? Apologize this instant!"

"No" retorted Kat. "You're the one who needs to apologize to all the students who you were rude and unjust to! For once, you're going to listen! Look, I had enough of you picking on me! Here's what I think of you and you're class!" Kat spat on the floor. "I quit! I'm not happy here! I thought I was, but I'm not! So, you can take your class and shove it up where it don't shine!"

With that, Kat rushed out as the dancers looked on in shock. Some of them were actually giggling. Katherine Hilliard was going to be remembered as the student who made Madam Niverinna speechless.


Kat held her head as high as she could, but when no one was looking, she let the tears fall. But she was proud of herself for finally standing up to that teacher. Next she knew, was her boss. Katherine didn't care anymore what happened to her. She wasn't going to live in a place that didn't want her.

She left the school ground, and headed to Le' Model agency where she worked as a model part time She went in and smiled at the receptionist. "Hey Marie," she greeted.

"Hello Kat" Marie said in her British accent. "You look upset love. Can I be of any assistance?"

"It's okay, just something personal at home" replied Kat, unwilling to divulge any more information.

"Is Kyle harassing you?" she asked quietly.

"How did you know?" asked Kat stunned.

"Oh it's very noticeable around here love," answered Marie. "We see what's he's doing to you, and a few other models, especially their first year in London. Most of them do attend the Academy of Performing Arts to become models. Kyle, takes advantage of that fact. Unfortunately, the higher powers can't do anything about it, because we have no proof."

"It's understandable" replied Kat softly. "But, someone has to do something quickly, or Kyle is likely to end up raping one of the girls."

Marie gasped at the thought. "I wish someone would stand up to him."

"Maybe someone will" replied Kat. "Speaking of the jerk, where is he? I need to talk to him?"

"He's in Studio 5, should I page him telling your on your way?" asked Marie. Katherine just shook her head.

"No, I'm just letting him know that I'm quitting. I have so much pressure built up that I'm going to explode. I'm planning on leaving London" replied Kat on the verge of tears.

Marie came and put her arm around the young girl's shoulder. "Oh Katherine, I wish I could change your mind. But it seems that this may be the best thing. You have things to work out at home."

Kat managed to hold back her tears and gave a small smile. "Thanks Marie. I have to go talk to him."

Marie watched sadly as Kat walked away. She felt so sorry for her and wished she could help.


Kat made her way to Studio Five. As she came upon the doors, she took a deep breath and went inside. She saw Kyle talking to a model, looking quite angry. Kat suddenly wasn't sure that this had been a good idea at all. She walked closer to Kyle and saw he was verbally abusing the model.

"Natalie, you're nothing but a stupid slut!" hissed Kyle.

"Please" begged Natalie. "I didn't....didn't....mean to mess up!"

"The only thing you're good for is the sex!" he growled. He then slapped her.

Natalie fell to the floor embarrassed and hurt. Kyle was about to hurt her again, when Kat decided that enough was enough. She now had the proof to get this asshole fired.

"You've gone to far" said Kat, quite angrily.

Kyle turned and was startled to see Katherine standing there, looking anything but happy. He grinned on the inside as an evil idea popped into his head. "May I help you Miss Hillard?" he asked smoothly.

"I heard and saw what you did" she replied with disgust "You're reign of harassment is going to end now! Everyone is going to know what you do!"

Kyle got mad and slapped Kat across the face. Natalie, who was very frightened, ran away, leaving Kat by herself. Kyle was angry and grabbed Kat by the hair. "You bitch," he growled.

Kat screamed. She kneed him good in the groin and he stumbled over "You bastard! I QUIT!" She tried to run out of the studio before he got up.

She made it to the door; but then felt him grab her by the arm and throw her roughly to the floor. She gasped in pain. She looked up as Kyle locked the door. Kat started to back away from him.

"You shouldn't have made me angry Katherine" he said calmly.

"You're insane!" she replied hysterically.

"Oh am I now" he admitted casually as he stepped up to her. "What are you going to do about it?" He smiled.

"HELP!" she screamed.

"Oh, no one is going to help you Kat," he laughed. "You forget, these walls are sound proof. And the door is locked. You're mine."

Kat got up, trying to run from him. But he grabbed her, pulling her to the bed that was had been used in his latest shoot. He then shoved her onto the satin sheets. Katherine tried to knee him again but he was on to her. Kyle smacked her hard across the face. She felt the hot tears flowing down. Kat knew that she had to get away from this monster. She settled for a kick in the stomach and got up before he tied her to the bed. She knew had to get away before he raped her. She started for the door when she felt a powerful blow on her back, and collapsed to the door.

"Oh no Kat!" he hissed. "I've been waiting for this for a long time!"

Kyle dragged her to the bed. Kat was crying and pleading for him not to do this. He smacked her again, bruising her face. He forced her on the bed, tying her arms to the bedpost.

"Kyle, please don't!" Kat begged.

"That's right Kat, beg. I want you to beg!" he laughed cruelly.

"DON'T!" she screamed. "Please, don't do this to me!"

Kyle smiled to her as she tried to force him off, but the ropes held her. "I like my women when they fight me!"

Kat shuddered and felt sick to her stomach. She couldn't fight him. The ropes made sure of that. Tears of shame continue to fall as he started to touch her. He brought his hand up and started to stroke her upper body.

"Please" cried Kat. "Don't do this."

"Oh, you have to convince me not to do this" he laughed.

"Whatever you want I'll give it to you but don't do this!" pleaded Kat as she began to struggle in earnest.

"That's a good offer, but no thanks!" he laughed. "I like this much better!"

"STOP!" cried Kat.

"Nope" he replied as he took off her shirt. "Ah, you are truly a well endowed woman."

Kat spat in his face. "You dirty monster!"

"If you only knew!" he laughed. He continued his sick torture of Katherine. He began his exploration of the blonde. She continued to cry, begging for help, trying to get him to stop. But no help came and Kyle continued his act of rape.


Kat had managed to break free but it had been too late. The crime had been committed. Managing to put her clothes on, she ran out of the horrid place. She continued to run until she came home. She fumbled with the door for a second, but eventually managed to open it. She tried not to think of what had just happened, letting the tears continue to run down her face. She hated her life in London and knew that she was going leave as soon as she got the chance. As soon as Katherine stepped inside, she ran to the bathroom turned the shower on. She immediately undressed and sat in the corner trying to wash away the shame that she felt.


Diana came up to the apartment and saw that the door was still open. She knew that she had locked it when she had left. She then thought that perhaps Kat had forgotten when she came home. After all, she had been very upset about everything that had been happening over the last few days. Diana went inside and placed her purse on the counter.

"Kat?" she asked out loud, hoping that her friend would answer. Lately, Kat hardly talked, ate very little, and got very little rest. Diana was worried for her friend. The letter had really gotten to her. When Diana first met Kat, they had clicked like sisters. They talked about everything, and she had quickly learned about Kat's now ex-boyfriend Thomas Oliver. Diana had thought she could see why Kat had fallen in love with him. She had been told that Tommy was very sincere, caring, sensitive, and very handsome. Diana had been convinced that she would immediately see him as a friend, even though they had never met. But now that was in the past. Right now, Diana could have slapped him hard across the face for what he had done. She knew Kat loved him with all her heart and soul. And what had he done? He had crushed her heart with one disgusting blow.

Diana brought herself out of her thoughts, and called out Kat's name again. Either Kat was home, or Diana had brought trouble to herself. Listening around for a second, she then decided to search the apartment. Walking past the bathroom, she heard the shower running. However, she knew that Kat would have answered, even is she had had been in the shower. Gingerly, she knocked on the door.

"Kat?" asked Diana, now getting very worried. "Girl, are you okay?"

There was no answer. Diana's fear was becoming great, and she silently asked for forgiveness for what she was going to do. Taking a deep breath, she turned the knob on the bathroom door. She was shocked to find that it was unlocked. Going in, she was greeted by a horrible sight. There, Diana found Kat rocking back and forth in the tub, while the shower was still running. She saw the ugly bruises covering her body, and was afraid she discovered something horrible.

"Kat" she said softly.

Kat ignored her and continue to rock. All the poor girl wanted to do was forget everything bad that happened to her.

Diana immediately grabbed the robe that was hanging on the door and shut off the water. She tried to help Kat, but was fought off.

"Please" whimpered Kat. "Leave me alone. Don't hurt me again please."

"Oh dear god!" Diana whispered in horror. Her instincts were confirmed Her friend had been raped. Managing to get the robe on her friend, she tried to get her to stand up. "Come on, I'm taking you to a hospital."

"NO!" Kat shrieked in fear. "He'll come after me again!"

"I'm here" soothed Diana as she pulled Kat into a hug. Kat took in the comfort of her friend and collapsed in the embrace and started to cry. "Shush" whispered Diana as she rocked her friend. "Tell me what happened."

Kat sniffed as she started to tell Diana what had happened in Studio Five. It started when she talked to Marie and then went and saw Kyle talking cruelly to Natalie one of the models that worked there. He slapped her and then she intervened. He turned around and slapped her and called her a bitch. Natalie ran out and then he started for her. "And then....He....took off my shirt and started....to....caress me!" cried Kat. "Soon....he started to hurt me."

Diana closed her eyes as Kat started with the details of the rape. "Come on girl we have to get you to the hospital." Kat said nothing as Diana led her to the car and soon they were at the hospital.


It had been three weeks since Kat had been raped. Right now, she was finishing packing her suitcase. Never had she been more glad to be doing so.

"Are you sure about this?" asked Diana sadly as she watched her friend continue to pack.

"I can't stay here anymore" whispered Kat with a sigh. Ever since her ordeal Kat had become more withdrawn than ever. She had been having a difficult time dealing with the police and their constant questioning. Learning that Kyle had vanished on the night of the rape had also made her uneasy. She had to leave for her own sanity.

"I know" answered Diana in a whisper, "Where are you planning to stay?"

"The principal at the academy set me up in an apartment in Angel Grove. He wanted me to stay with dancing. He said that I'm good at it. I told him about Madam Niverinna" answered Kat softly, looking down at the floor. She couldn't face anyone eye to eye.

"And what's going to happen?" asked Diana.

"The principal suspended her for verbal abuse of her students. More students had started to complain ever since that horrid day" said Kat as she closed her suitcase. Diana didn't say anything more. She didn't want to upset Kat anymore than she was.

Through red-rimmed eyes, Kat looked at her friend. Over the last few weeks she hadn't stopped crying. She was still very upset; the memories of that night continued to haunt her. Looking at Diana though, she smiled. Kat knew very well that if it hadn't been for her support for the past weeks, she may have very lost it. "Thanks Diana.... for everything."

Diana looked at Kat. "There's no thanks needed, you're my friend."

"I know but you had to put up with me" replied Kat.

"You call me when you get home?" asked Diana.

"Sure will. I better get going, my plane should be taking off in an hour" replied Kat as she gathered her belongings.

Diana and Kat hugged. "You sure you don't want me to drive you to the airport?" she asked. Diana was still very concerned about Katherine's mental health.

"I'm fine" replied Kat. "Besides you have finals. I'll leave you to them. Don't worry. I'll be going to Angel Grove University and taking dancing over there. They do have a excellent dancing course."

"Bye Kat" cried Diana.

"Bye my friend" whispered Kat as she left the apartment and her life in London. She was going home.

Part 2

Kat woke up the next morning yawning and feeling stiff. She had been having another nightmare last night. This one had been more intense than any of the other nightmares she had been having since her ordeal over four weeks ago. She had called Diana the day she got in Angel Grove International and they ended up talking to each other for hours. She hadn't gotten in touch with anyone else since she's been home though. Diana had also told Kat that there was a warrant for Kyle's arrest. Kat sighed. She had a feeling Kyle would never be found. Kat has assured Diana that she wasn't pregnant since Kyle had never protected himself. The doctors had given her a pill that made sure she didn't get pregnant. Katherine also went on to say classes at AGU were okay and that she was happy here. Diana had been very happy for her.

"She's a good friend" sighed Kat looking out the window of her new apartment. She yearned to call home and say 'mom, dad I'm home'. But she couldn't tell them that she'd been raped. They would have heart attacks. So, she stayed silent; no one would no that she was home. She looked at the calendar and saw that she was off of classes today. She decided to go shopping to make herself happy.


At the mall Kat bought herself some new clothes from a few different outlets. After lunch, she went into the music store to look at some CD's. Although she was having a good time, Kat knew that something was missing in her life. She sighed as she continued to look through the collection of CD's.

"Oh come on Rocky, you can too," said a deep voice.

Kat almost dropped the CD at the sound of that voice. Looking up, she saw two young men, immediately recognizing them as Rocky DeSantos and Adam Park. They were two of her friends as well as her former teammates. Her first thought was that she couldn't let anyone know that she was home. She saw that they were coming her way. Quickly thinking, she dropped her CD, and bent down to pick it up. She wasn't ready to deal with anyone at the moment. After a bit of time, she looked up to see where they were. Kat sighed in relief when she didn't see the pair.

"Lose something miss?" asked a calm voice.

Katherine froze. She recognized that voice all too well. The one voice that she didn't want to talk to. Feeling anger rising in her stomach, she looked up to see her friends Tanya Sloan, Adam Park, Rocky DeSantos, Jason Lee Scott, and finally, the voice whom spoken. Thomas Oliver. They were all looking down at her, smiles decorating their faces.

"Told you that trick would work" said Rocky.

Tommy offered his hand to Kat, hoping to give her a hug. She ignored it and helped herself up. "That was a dirty joke." she said, her voice like steel. The others looked a little taken aback.

"Well, we had to be sure" teased Rocky. "Certainly you could take a joke."

"I didn't think that was so funny" hissed Kat as she snatched the CD out of Tommy's hand and walked away.

"Whoa" replied Tanya. "Talk about mood swings."

"What crawled up her butt?" replied Rocky a little hurt by Kat's reaction. "She usually takes practical jokes easily."

"Don't know" replied Tommy, confused himself. "She's in a bad mood to say the least."

"I agree," said Adam, "She didn't even say hi to you Tommy. It was almost like she was mad just at you. Did anyone even know that she was back?" Everyone just shook their heads. "

Should we follow her?" asked Jason.

Tommy sighed. "I don't know. I want to, but I think we ought to give her some space."

"I wonder why she's so pissed at you" replied Tanya.

"Yeah bro, what did you do?" asked Jason.

Tommy shrugged. "I have absolutely no idea."

The group walked out of the music store after purchasing their merchandise.


Kat walked in her apartment madder than hell. Tommy had acted like nothing happened! Like he hadn't sent that letter! How dare he!? She threw the purse against the wall and slammed the door. Slumping against the wall, she started to cry. IT wasn't fair! Everything wasn't fair for her! She felt stuck. Why did everything bad have to happen to her? Kat lifted her face from her lap and wiped her eyes. "Why did he have to be so damn good looking?"

Katherine just wanted to scream. Instead, she found comfort elsewhere. Going to the fridge, she pulled a bottle of Chardonnay. She grabbed a wine glass and sat on the kitchen table. Opening the wine bottle, she started to pour. "Here's to life."