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Fire Within
By: Lanie Tayler

Holly groaned as she got out of bed. Her head was pounding again from the night before.

"Mariianne!" called her aunt from the basement of the stairs. "You're going to be late if you don't wake up soon!"

Acelos knows who I am, pretty soon he'll find out who Hannah and Hailey are too. She looked at her power coin. It's a good thing that this isn't mine.

The sound of her sister suddenly coming down the hall caused her to jump. "Hey Hol, where you been?" asked Hannah popping her head into her room. "Me and Hail wanted to check out a movie last night but you weren't here."

"Call Hailey, I think we have a problem."

* * *

"So you guys had to kill Zordon?"

TJ nodded. "Yeah, but luckily we ran into a little girl who turned out to be from another planet. She gave us three wishes since we saved her."

"Actually," interrupted Zhane. "We didn't really save her. She was evil and it was part of her plan."

"So you guys were out smarted by a three year old?" joked Tommy.

"Very funny," groaned TJ. The three entered the gym of the Academy to meet with their workout groups. "We'll meet you later okay?"

"Sure," Tommy replied. He turned to meet with his team leader when he bumped into a familiar face. "Hey Holly."

She smiled. "Hey, you took the martial arts course too?"

"Yeah, which group are you in?"

"One, you?"

"Seven," he sighed. Too bad we're not in the same group. I could have gotten to know her better.

Holly thought for a moment. "My sis is in that group too, maybe you'll see her."

He smiled back at her. "So, are you okay from last night? Looked like you hit your head real hard."

"Yeah, I just wish that it was all a dream. But people have warned me that kind of stuff is normal in Angel Grove," she joked. "Look, I gotta get to my class. Maybe we'll see each other at the track later," Holly replied. I hope.

"Maybe," Tommy replied as she ran off to the other end of the gym.

* * *

"Last night's plan went perfectly," commented King Acelos. Finally something went right.

"Your suspicions of the girl were right. She does hold the purple coin, but I was interrupted when I tried to retrieve it from her."

"No matter Kavaris. Soon that power will be mine."

"She shows energy signals that she may be one of Emiline's rangers sire. What happens if becomes one?" the mighty warrior asked.

If I know Emiline, she will do that before we get the coin, he thought to himself. "We'll just have to deal with her with the ranger powers then," Acelos replied coldly holding a tiny remote control in his hand. "Prepare for the next attack Kavaris. This will be an intriguing one."

* * *

It's such a nice day today, Hailey though to herself. And no one to share it with, she sighed. Hailey was nineteen and had never gone out on a real date. Lately, she blamed it on the fact that guys were more attracted to her older sisters because they were much more mature. Her, on the other hand, was still playing with stuffed animals and dolls. No matter what I try, no one's ever going to like me. I might as well give up on it.

Suddenly, the feeling of someone behind her filled her head. She quickly turned to face the stranger. He was dress in black armor.

"Who are you?"

His eyes were fixed on hers. "Don't you remember me from last night?"

He must think I'm Holly, she thought to herself. "I've never seen you in my life!"

"Well," he replied. "I'm gonna have to refresh your memory, Shades attack!"

"Shades?" Where do those sound familiar?

In a matter of seconds, she was attacked by the fighters of Holly's kidnappers. Hailey was probably the worst fighter of the three sisters. While the goals of the other two were to be warriors, hers was to be Crestrian healer.

"Let me go!" she screamed, hoping someone would hear her.

Two of the Shades held her down by the shoulders. "Give me the coin, and I'll let you go."

"Never," she spat.

He slapped her across the face with the back of his hand, causing her to fall to her knees. A gold coin on a chain dangled across her neck. Something's not right here, he whispered to himself. The coin doesn't give off the same energy like last night. He grabbed the chain, making sure that he didn't touch the coin. The gold serpent!

* * *

"Let me go!" screamed a voice not far away.

"What was that?"

Holly's face went pale at the sound of the cry. He's got her! "Hailey," she whispered before she ran towards the direction of the voice. I'm coming Hail. She remembered how weak her younger sister was at fighting, it wasn't her thing. "Kavaris," she hissed.

Holly didn't waste any time, she quickly attacked the shades that were holding her sister. It wasn't long until the Shades were spread in a circle around the two sisters.

"Looks like the snakes withered away from my grasp. No matter," Kavaris groaned eyeing the two serpent coins that the two held. "I will have those coins soon enough. Shades attack!"

* * *

"Ashley come in," beeped a voice from her communicator.

"Ashley here, what's wrong Princess?" she answered breaking away from her conversation with her new roommate.

"There's trouble in the park and I need you to handle it."

"I'm on my way," Ashley replied immediately. "Hey Meghan, there's something I forgot to do. I'll be right back okay?"

"Sure," the red headed girl replied.

"Cardinal Fire, power up!" she called when she was out of sight.

Excellent, I'll have the coins in no time, Kavaris thought to himself.

"Holly watch out!" warned Hailey as she watched a Shade kick her sister down. She tried to run after her but was caught by Kavaris by the neck.

Holly screamed as her head hit against the hard ground. Her headaches came back to her again. As she got up another fighter came after her. Luckily, Ashley was able to prevent her from being hurt again.

She helped the fallen Holly to her feet. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah thanks," her glare had turned to Kavaris. "Hailey!"

"Give me the coin you little brat, or your sister gets it!" Kavaris warned as he raised the tip of his sword to her neck.

A beep from Ashley's communicator distracted her from what was going on.

"Ashley, Holly's power level is increasing. Give her one of your medallions now!" instructed Emiline.

She's a ranger?"

"You can't use the power coin anyway Holly, you draw energy from the red serpent. That's the purple serpent. Just hand it over and I'll give you back your sister," Kavaris negotiated.

"Let go of my sister!"

"Not until I get the coin," he demanded.

Holly could feel her rage beginning to build up inside of her. He was right, she wasn't able to use the power coin she had because it was Hailey's. Hannah had hers and Hailey had Hannah's. But she couldn't give up her coin, it was too dangerous.

"Alright, if you won't cooperate," he snarled. Kavaris prepared to shove the sword into her chest.

"Holly!" Hailey cried.

"Stay away from her!" Holly yelled as she released a whirlwind of fire from her right hand. Hailey jumped out of the way and it hit her captor in the chest hurling him into a tree. What was that?! She stood frozen with her hand outstretched in front of her.

"Holly here!" called the Cardinal ranger.

What's this? She caught the morphers in her hands, they were similar to the ones that were used in Zeo time. On each one was a medallion in the middle.

"Holly!" Hailey exclaimed again.

"Aghhh!" Holly screamed as she was hit with fire balls. That's it! I'm tired of this! "It's Morphin time! Cardinal Fire Ranger one, power up!" she called bringing the morphers together. Her body was doused in flames, when they cleared it revealed her suit. The outfit was completely black except for the red outline on her visor, her boots and gloves (which were white with red trimmings) and two thick bands on her upper arms.

"Looks like you got two of us to deal with now Kavaris," teased Ashley as she took place beside the newest ranger.

"Neither two or a million of you rangers will be able to defeat Acelos in a million years. If you think that I am intimidated by the two of you, your wrong. Be sure that I will be back," Kavaris swore as he and the remaining Shades disappeared in a foggy mist.

Holly ran to her sister. A gash from Kavaris' hand was bleeding just below her eye.

"I'll be fine Holly," Hailey replied noticing the anger in Holly's eyes. "I thought you were through with rangering," she teased.

"Come on Holly, I think there's someone you should meet."

* * *

I'm back here again? The newest ranger thought to herself remembering the command center from last night. She turned to face Zordon again, but she didn't faint.

"Welcome back Holly," he greeted.

Cool, a stasis tube! He must have been in there for quite a while, Hailey exclaimed secretively. I haven't seen one of these in ages!

"Holly, this is Zordon and Alpha 5," Ashley introduced their mentors. "Zordon, Alpha, this is Hailey. Holly's sister. She was attacked by Kavaris in the park."

Hailey waved unlike her sister who was frozen still looking at Zordon. She glanced at her sister and gave her a tiny kick. When Holly looked back at her, she motioned her to take her helmet off.

"Holly Zackarius, this power that you hold in your midst is one of many. If you accept, you will be fighting to keep this world safe from all evil. Do you accept?"

She looked at her baby sister who was enthusiastic about her sister becoming a ranger again. Her on the other hand, wasn't fond of the idea. If it's to keep King Acelos away from this place. "I accept."