Mating Season
by: Cynthia and Elizabeth

Billy gazed at Evanthe, his eyes were almost smiling into her eyes. She leaned against him, looking up at him every so often. The fire was going strong, and the heat warmed them both immensely.

"I'm so glad I found you, Billy."

"I'm glad I found you." He pressed his lips gently upon hers, letting his hands work their way through her hair.

Evanthe's expression turned a bit sad as she pulled away from him. "Even after what I did to you?" She asked, gently touching his neck where she had bit him a little over a month ago.

"I told you to do that."

"I.I still feel bad over it." The guilt haunted her dreams while she was away, and still did to this day.

"Do you remember any of what happened while you were in the Blood Lust?"

Evanthe concentrated on her last Blood Lust. "I remember being in Rita and Zedd's prison, them taunting me, then I was standing over you."

"You tried to drink from Elissa." He watched as almost every muscle in Evanthe tightened up. "She told us what happened the last time you tried to drink from her, Evanthe. You have to understand that none of what happened was your fault, it's Rita and Zedd's fault."

"If I wasn't a vampire, they couldn't have done it to me. That's the third time I've hurt someone I care for."


She looked at him, he had a right to know this. "I've suffered the Blood Lust three times in 600 years."

"Once was your first time drinking from a non human, .and once being just over a month ago. When was the other time?"

"When.when I first became what I am."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

Evanthe sighed, and stared him in his eyes, letting the story of what happened on that day fall out of her mouth. It had been ninety years since she had told anyone that story, the last person being Elissa, and it felt good to tell him.

"They are to blame too, not you!" He looked deeply into her eyes.

"I hate them, Billy. I really hate them, and I'm afraid of them at the same time."

"They're not here."

"I know, but if they ever show up.I don't know what I'd do."

"You're a Ranger, and we stick together. All of us! Remember that!"

"Do you remember how werewolves and their foundlings are linked till their first transformation?"

Billy cringed as he remembered his first ever viewing of two werewolves transforming. He also remember how close he came to losing his best friend. "How can I forget?"

"Well, it's sort of like that for vampires too, only different. Whomever makes someone a vampire can control them telepathically, if they're within a certain range. That lasts forever!"

Billy eyes grew round as he listened to Evanthe tell all about Vampire's control over the ones they made. "Does Elissa know about this?"

"I had to let her know, in case they ever showed up while we were together."

Billy held her hand tight in his hand. "I wish there was some way for us to break that bond for you."

"There is one way. If the vampire who changed me is killed, the bond is gone. That's the only way that I know of. That's why I moved so much over the last six centuries. I didn't want them to catch up with me, to force me to be like all their other.'Children.'"

"Let's hope they don't ever find you."

Evanthe leaned against him, her heart felt lighter for the first time in ninety years. "Let's just say that if some vampire hunter staked them both, I wouldn't shed a single tear over it."

"Evanthe..." He looked into her eyes, knowing that this was the moment they were both waiting for. The nerves swelled up inside of him.


"I know you've said no to this before...because of you being afraid of drinking from me, which is something I'm willing to" He fiddled with his hands, praying the right words would come out of his mouth. She didn't give them a chance as she pulled him into a lover's embrace, and onto the couch. They spent the next couple of hours together enjoying each other's bodies. ***

Elissa cuddled next to Adam as she looked down at his ripped up arm. "How's your arm?"

"Feeling a lot better."

Elissa smiled as she pulled his covers up over her a little more, snuggling in closer to his bare chest. "There are something we need to talk about! "

"Oh, like what?"

"The bond that we have, we can tell when another is near that's about all. Kinda how I knew that Michael was nearby."

"That's kind of fun," he mused as he started nibbling on her neck.

"Adam...This is serious...we can play later..." Hopefully not too much later! "There are times when the bond is strengthened. This is when two werewolves `mate'."

"That sounds a bit more serious than what we've been doing."

"It's kinda like a marriage, but it's said that it can't be broken. Once your bonded to one werewolf, you can never bond with another till your mate dies. Adam, how did you enjoy your first run as a werewolf?"

"It was strange, but fun, fascinating, and scary all at the same time."

Elissa shivered as she remembered her first time, returning to normal and seeing her fianc, lying on the ground... "I know that feeling."

"What made it the best, though, was being with you."

"You are so sweet."

"What can I say? I'm in love. Elissa."


"Umm.I was wondering something." He looked at her, the question was stuck in his throat. He knew he was ready to take this step with her, but would she even want him?


"I don't quite know what the proper way to ask this you be my mate?"

Elissa bolted up, his sheets wrapped around her as she looked down at him. "What?"

"You heard me! I love you and I want to be with you forever, as mates or husband and wife or whatever the heck we call it as werewolves."

"I'd love to...but..."

"But what?"

"You haven't even been a werewolf a full sure you want to take such a big step so soon!"

"As long as it's with you, yes!"

Elissa looked away, she wiped a couple of tears away. "Adam, I don't know what to say."

"The usual answer is `yes' or possibly `no', of course, if you say no, I'm probably going to go find out if that legend about silver bullets is true."

"It is true. Yes, I will be your mate!"

"I love you, Elissa I will love you forever."

"You better, since we're going to be able to read each others minds." Elissa started nibbling on Adam's chest as he came to the realization of something.

"I don't think we need to tell my parents, though."

"No, we don't need to tell them. Adam, the only werewolf capable of doing the ceremony that I know of is Michael."

"I know you don't like him."

"But I will tolerate him for the ceremony. I don't want anything standing in our way of happiness." She looked into his deep black eyes, and smiled. "I don't think I'm ready for you to find out some of the dreams I've had about you."

Adam blushed as his own dreams came flooding into his head. "I can imagine what you dream about."

"Come on, " she said as she bolted out of the bed. "Let's do it."

"Don't we have to be in the bed for that?"

Elissa looked down at him, hitting him playfully. "The ceremony, not that!"

"Who can we invite?"

"No one. The ceremony can be attend by the mate, their attended, and the one performing. We can tell the others when we get back."

"Hope they don't get mad at us."

"They better not, or next full moon I pay them a little visit!" She laughed as she put on one of Adam's shirts, loving the smell of it.of him.

"Let's go get mated!" ***

Rocky looked at the others as they sat at their usual table in the Youth Center. Two people missing from the group.

"Things certainly have changed a lot." Tommy saw the worry in Rocky's eyes.

"Yeah, I don't even see Adam anymore."

"He's always with Elissa." The truth that Aisha felt a bit left out was an understatement.

"Heck, they spent three days in detention all ready!"

"They do seem happy."

"Yeah, and now finding out that she turned him into a werewolf. I think Ninjor gave Adam and Billy the wrong animal spirits." The pain was thick in Rocky's voice. He couldn't believe that this had happened at all.

"She didn't do it on purpose."

"I know. I think about it, and I see how badly Adam's arm looked."

"That whole thing got started because of Zedd and Rita. Don't blame Elissa for it."

"And if they hadn't done that, Adam wouldn't be what he is. I do have to agree with Rocky. I still see how badly his arm was hurt. I mean, I could honestly see a little bit of his bone. I don't blame Elissa though."

"She didn't ask to be what she is."

"From what Billy told us, she almost killed that Michael guy when she was healed...she must REALLY hate him for doing that to her."

"All things considered, I'm glad both she and Evanthe are around. They're very nice people." Her and Evanthe had become quick friends. She looked down as Tommy took her hand.

"Yeah, and if Evanthe ever needs some blood I would be more then willing to donate."

"So would I, but not as eager as Billy is!"

"He worries, and I don't blame him. I don't think I'd want to see her go through that Blood Lust thing again. What I want to know is, how did that vial shatter? The one Alpha gave Elissa?"

"I don't know, that is strange. I guess we'll never know."

"What I'd like to know is how she became a vampire."

"She'll tell us in her own time, just like Elissa did. I don't think their being fully honest about that though."

"Yeah, they've left out a lot from both their pasts. Even what Billy told us had a lot of gaps in it."

"They'll tell us someday, I hope." Aisha looked as they all nodded. It would take a lot for those two to trust them as much as they did Billy and Adam. ***

Elissa knocked on Michael's door, wanting more then anything to get this over with. She hadn't liked him the first time she met him. She was relieved when he opened the door.

"Elissa, Adam, what are you doing here?"

"The Mating." She quickly stated. The less time she had to spend with him, the better.

"Huh?" How could she do this?

"We need you to perform the ceremony. We want to get `mated'!"

"I'm glad you found someone. Come on in, we'll get started right away"

Adam and Elissa walked into Michael's house. For the first time, she noticed a small painting someone had done of her. Who the heck does he think he is?

"Go to the basement, I'll be there in a second!"

"Let's get married...mated...whatever!" Elissa smiled as Adam stumbled for the correct words. It amazed her at how na "What's in that?"

"Everything we need. Now if you two would sit on the floor facing each other, we can begin." Michael quickly put a long string of beads around them, doing his best not to cry a little at this lost chance. "Hold each others hands. Look into each other's eyes and concentrate on each other." Michael went through the ceremony, but neither of the two werewolves heard what he said. Too busy in their love to notice the third person in the room. "Adam, what is Elissa thinking?"

Adam blushed a deep shade of red as his girlfriend's thoughts rushed through his head. "She's thinking about nibbling on my neck!" Elissa couldn't help but break out into a small giggle fit, and turn almost as red as Adam had.

"I take it you were thinking about that?" All Elissa could do was nod, her giggling was unstoppable. Adam just looked too cute all red and embarrassed.

"Somehow, I'm not surprised!" He watched as Elissa's eyes almost bulged out of their sockets, her face turning redder then Rocky's uniform.


"Wha...oh..." Adam almost forgot about her being able to hear him and turned even redder.

"I think this is going to take some getting use to..."

"Yeah, but it'll be worth it. I love you, Elissa."

"You two can now communicate without speaking, remember that."

I love you Adam. Let's go nibble back home! Her thoughts invading his mind.

We will, and thank you, Michael." OH YEAH!!!!

After we tell the others!

"It was my pleasure. Have a good life." As I will probably never have now. ***

Evanthe smiled as she saw Adam and Elissa enter the Youth Center. She had finally let Billy drag her out of their house. "Hi, guys!"

"Hi." No one noticed her grip on Adam's hand was tighter then usual. The two sat down with the rest of the group. Elissa talked to Adam telepathically as she smiled at the others. Nibble! Nibble!

Not in public! Adam told her as he went three shades of red.

"You are no fun!" she said out loud, realizing a moment later that she had just said that instead of thinking it. Her face turned a deeper red then Adam's.

Evanthe stared at them for a moment before it clicked into her brain, she smiled at the `newlyweds'. "You did it!"

"Did what?" Elissa tried her best to look innocent, but was failing miserable.

"We haven't done anything!" He added as he told Elissa not YET anyway!

"Don't give me that. You two are mated!"

"Isn't that what they been doing since they met?"

Evanthe explained the werewolf mating ceremony to the others quickly. She watched as Elissa nodded her head when she asked the question again. At that moment, all the Rangers' jaws landed on the floor. Rocky was the first to regain his composure.

"You did what?"

"We got `mated'!"

"And you didn't invite us?"

"We couldn't!" Adam explained what Elissa had told him. Only with special situations were outsiders allowed to view the ceremony.


I can't take much more of this, Adam. I want a NIBBLE!

Want to go back to your place?

Aisha stared at him, millions of questions filled hers and the others minds. "What exactly are your parents going to say Adam?"

"We're not going to tell them, not for a while yet anyway. "

When we are through fielding these BET!

We'd better get done QUICK then! Both of they're emotions were on fire, and needed to put out. Elissa smiled and leaned into Adam.

"Anything else?" Elissa looked at Rangers, hoping that they were done for the time being.

"You guys go and have fun. Any more questions will wait till later!" Evanthe smiled as Elissa and Adam got off and sprinted off. She couldn't help but crack a quick joke. "It's a good thing werewolves can't have kids! Otherwise they'd have a lot by now! Same goes for Vampires!" Her eyes danced over to Billy, and smiled seductively.

"Not you two too!" Kim groaned as Evanthe shook her head. She could hardly get past first base with Tommy. "That does it!" She grabbed Tommy by the collar and dragged him off.

" Oh, boy. I pity Tommy!" His hand wrapped around Aisha's. The two laughed as Evanthe and Billy started kissing. No one had to know their secret, not yet. ***

The woman hung up the phone and glanced over to her husband. "Girard!"

"What is it?" Girard looked up from where he was reading the newspaper, hoping for some sign of his lost child.

"We found her."

Girard smiled at his wife, showing off his fangs. "Where is she?"

"Angel Grove, and she still associates with that werewolf we heard about."

She watched as her husband waved his hand. There were times she hated her life with him. "Doesn't matter. Once we get within 500 yards of her."

"She will not only serve us, but destroy her own friend."

"Evanthe will come back to where she belongs...the side of evil and darkness!"

The woman leaned into her husband. There were times the fear rang through her, fear of him. He wouldn't permit it, and always shut if off when it crept up. "And learn her lesson. Of all things to associate with, why a werewolf?"

"I know. Weren't' there any roaches or something she could have taken up with?" He smiled as he started caressing his wife.

"Then again, she has always disobeyed us."

"After all we did for her, making her what she is today!"

Girard watched as his wife made the arrangements. It was almost a sin what he had done to her so long ago. She turned and looked into his eyes as he controlled her motions. Her top was on the floor and she moved closer to him as she said. "We leave in five hours, to reclaim the last of our children!"