Family Reunion
by: Cynthia and Elizabeth

A jet soared through the clear crisp air towards California. Within, two figures entwined on a couch paused for a moment. One of them issued a chilling laugh. "I can feel her thoughts," a woman's voice spoke.

"As can I," her husband smiled nastily. Their plan was already unfolding, and so far all went perfectly.

"Can you see through her eyes yet, husband?" Sophie ran her fingers through Girard's hair, enjoying the feel of it.

"Not quite yet," he told her. "But the closer I get to her, the easier it will be."

"I just hope that thing isn't near her," Sophie murmured, not meeting Girard's eyes. He ran his fingers down her spine.

"I believe it is near her," Girard murmured. After so many years, they were finally going to have their errant child back. She had run free long enough.

Sophie sat up, pulling herself away from Girard. "Good. Let us instate control, before it comes too close."

"Time to rejoin your family, Evanthe!" Girard laughed, his fangs and Sophie's flashing in the overhead lights of their private jet. * * *

Billy and Evanthe entwined their arms about one another, involved in a deep and passionate kiss. "I can't believe we actually have some time alone!" Billy smiled at the woman who filled his arms and his heart.

"Yeah," Evanthe's lips caressed his neck. "It's wonderful!"

"So, is there any special ritual for vampires when they get married?"

Evanthe shook her head. "Not really. It happens so rarely it's not necessary."

"Okay," Billy laughed. "Can you believe they did that? Man, school is going to be a riot on Monday!"

Evanthe giggled. "I'm happy for them!"

"Enough about them," Billy kissed with passion. "Let's talk about us."

Evanthe returned the kiss, replete with joy. All that vanished the next moment when an all-too familiar feeling invaded her mind and body, causing her to stiffen in fear. "Evanthe?" Billy looked at her, worried.

"No. . .no. .. ," she whispered.

"What's wrong?" Billy asked, terrified in his own turn by the fright in her eyes. He'd never seen Evanthe that afraid, never!

"It. . .it's them!" Evanthe screamed, backing away from him, looking to the left and right as if she expected to see them appear at any moment.

"The ones who turned you into a vampire?" he asked. She nodded abruptly.

"Th. . .they're trying to control me!" Evanthe cried, tears filling up her dark eyes.

Billy tried to hold her, but she pushed him away. "We need to get you away from here!"

"You get away from here!" Evanthe told him. She fought the control they imposed on her with all her might, but felt her self-will draining away. It was just like the first time, when she'd awakened to being vampiric. . .she deliberately forced her thoughts away from that!

"I won't leave you!"

"Billy!" she told him through gasps. "They might make me hurt you! I don't want to do that! Please, get out of here!"

"I'll be back!" Billy insisted as he ran. Evanthe sank to a chair and buried her face in her hands. Don't do this to me! she moaned in her mind, knowing Sophie and Girard would hear her.

"Did you and Billy have a fight? I saw him running away from the house," Elissa was standing in front of her, a worried look in her eyes. Evanthe hadn't even heard her come into the house, so scared was she.

"Elissa!" Evanthe wailed. "Get out of here, it's them!!" Elissa dropped her overnight bag, alert at once.

"Evanthe? They're coming?"

"They're controlling me already," Evanthe was very near tears. "I can feel it!"

Elissa came over to her. "We'll get you out of Angel Grove. I can always let Adam know where we are after we get there! Come on!"

Evanthe shook her head. "I can't be near you, Elissa!" she insisted. "You know how they feel about your kind!"

"I don't care! You're my friend, and we made a promise to be there for each other, no matter what!"

Evanthe sighed. "All right."

"Come on," Elissa urged her towards her feet. "Let's get some of your stuff together, and we'll leave."

Evanthe felt a sudden jerk and completely against her will, started towards Elissa. "NO!" she screamed, understanding at once what was going to happen. She leaped at Elissa, her fangs extended and tearing at the werewolf's throat. "Elissa, forgive me!"

Adam! Help me! Elissa had time only for that one thought as she collapsed, darkness overwhelming her. * * *

Across town, in the Youth Center, Adam and Rocky were sparring. The young werewolf was more or less at peace. Rita and Zedd hadn't done anything in weeks, he and Elissa were in love, Evanthe and Billy were in love, things were just perfect! He blocked Rocky's strike quickly, then suddenly grabbed his neck as a sharp pain went through it. Elissa's voice rang in his mind. Adam! Help me!

"Elissa. . .," he whispered.

"Adam?" Rocky looked at him worriedly. "What is it?"

Adam's eyes were wide with horror. "Something's happened to Elissa!"

Rocky stiffened. "Do you know what it is?" What could Rita and Zedd be up to now?

Adam shook his head. "All I know is that I heard her scream in my head for help, right after I got that pain in my neck. Come on, let's go find her!"

Rocky nodded. "Let's go!" I never thought I'd help my best friend, who is a werewolf, go find his girlfriend, who is also a werewolf! Well, things around Angel Grove are never dull, that's for sure! * * *

Sophie laughed. "She did it!" she had never really liked werewolves, and to feel what Evanthe had done was a pure pleasure to her!

"I can feel how much it hurt her, too!" Girard chuckled sadistically. "Well, that's what she gets for associating with lower lifeforms!"

Sophie nodded. "Time to collect our daughter and complete the control!" she declared. She managed to conceal the trace of sadness she felt perfectly.

"We'll have to control her until she learns her place is with us, though," Girard reminded her. He smiled fiendishly at the thought of what he was going to force Evanthe to do.

"And she will learn it!" Sophie declared. Girard nodded.

"Oh, yes!" he laughed. "No matter what it takes!" * * *

Rocky and Adam rushed into the living room, and Adam paled at once to see Elissa lying unconscious on the floor. Help me, echoed in his mind, fading with every moment.

"Elissa!" he ran straight to her. "We've got to get her to the Command Center!"

"Let's go," Rocky grabbed both their hands and teleported them straight to the Command Center. He could tell Elissa's life could very well depend on speed. * * *

Adam stared helplessly at Elissa as Alpha did his best to fix her up. "Is she going to be okay?" he asked.

Alpha shook his head. "It's too early to tell. Whatever attacked her, did a good job on her."

"Where was she?" Billy asked.

"Her living room," Adam reported absently. Elissa, hang in there, please, hang in there!

Billy took a deep breath. "Was Evanthe around?" concern and worry unlike anything they'd ever heard sounded in his voice.

"No, she wasn't," Adam looked at him. "What's going on?"

Billy hesitated a moment, then told them what had happened to Evanthe, and what she was afraid was going to happen. Adam gripped Elissa's hand tightly during the recitation.

I'm so tired. . .she whispered in his mind. I can't. ..

Elissa, don't you dare leave me! I love you!

Help Evanthe! it was plain she cared more for her friend than herself at this point. But it was her Adam loved, and she he wanted with him.

You have to live, Elissa. We're going to get you fixed up!

Elissa told him softly, Remember I love you. Evanthe did this to me. Tell her I forgive her.

I love you, Elissa, Adam couldn't remember anymore what it was like to not love her! And you're going to be okay!

Billy cleared his throat briefly. "What is it?"

"Evanthe did it to her," Adam revealed. "She wants us to help her."

"I was afraid of that," Billy sighed. Evanthe, wherever you are, we're going to find you and keep you from those scum! "How can we help her?" Adam wanted to know. Billy shook his head.

"There is only one way, that Evanthe knew," he didn't' really want to tell them that, either. It was something they were all, to some degree, against.

"What's that?" Tommy wondered. Billy glanced briefly at Elissa, then to Adam and each of the others.

"Killing the one who turned her into a vampire," he finally said. The Rangers looked at each other a bit nervously; this was very different from fighting Rita and Zedd's monsters. He continued, "The thing is, I don't know which of the two turned her into a vampire. She only told me that it was a couple."

Adam nodded. "We've got to find her. She can tell us." he tilted his head as Elissa spoke. "Elissa suggests the cabin we met them at."

Billy looked at his friend. "Adam, I know you don't want to leave her, but right now, your bond with her is probably the only help we have to finding Evanthe, and helping her."

"I know," Adam sighed. Kim spoke up.

"I'll stay with Elissa, and help Alpha anyway I can."

Adam nodded. "All right, let's go," Hang in there, Elissa. We'll be back soon.


"Good luck, guys!" Kim wished them on their way, hoping they'd find and deal with these evil vampires without having to kill them. * * *

Sophie and Girard headed for the cabin, their bond to Evanthe enabled them to know just where she was. "I can feel her," Sophie murmured. Girard nodded.

"Oh, yes, she's here, and she is so very afraid."

Sophie breathed in deeply, almost as if she were breathing in Evanthe's emotions. "And so upset. . ."

"She doesn't even know the beginning of fear yet!" Girard managed to keep his laughter under control, he didn't want Evanthe to hear them there just yet!

"She will if she disobeys us again!" Sophie promised. Her husband grinned, fangs flashing in the light sunlight.

"Oh, yes. But with our control of her mind, she never will again!"

Sophie laughed as she breathed in again. "There is another werewolf nearby, near her," she reported, eyes narrowing. Why must she continually associate with the lower life forms??? * * *

Adam, Rocky, Tommy, Aisha, Kim, and Billy appeared in the cabin to see Evanthe curled up in a chair there, crying. "Evanthe?"

She looked up at Adam's voice. "Stay away from me!" her voice shook with fear and grief. Adam shook his head.

"Elissa sent us to help you!"

Evanthe almost smiled. "Elissa. . .i. .is she okay?"

"She's weak," Adam reported. "Lucky we have this bond!"

Evanthe's eyes were full of tears. "They're coming. . .I can feel them," she couldn't explain the sensations, it was just something that filled her every cell, something she knew in her heart and soul.

"Then we'll protect you," Adam told her. "That is a promise."

The vampire shook her head. "You can't protect me, Adam," she told them. "Get out of here. I don't want to hurt you, and if they find you, especially you, Adam, here with me. . ."

Adam smiled as he cocked his head to one side, listening to something only he could hear. "Elissa says she's going to be okay, and Alpha knows how to block their control of you."

"How?" Evanthe's eyes were wide. Can it be? After six hundred years, could I be free of them?

"I don't.. . ." before he could finish the sentence, the door splintered inward, and Girard and Sophie stood framed in it.

"Child, come to me!" Sophie commanded, ignoring the Rangers standing there. Evanthe struggled as hard as she could, tears spilling down her pale cheeks.

"Leave me alone!" she begged. Billy's heart broke to see how terrified she was, and wished there was something he could do. This Evanthe was a far cry from the strong, confidant woman he knew and loved, and he hated those who had done this to her so easily. What have they done to her to make her be so afraid? I should ask her. . .no, I don't think I want to know just yet. Someday, but not just yet.

"You have no power to resist me, child," Girard growled. "Come to your rightful family!" he held his hand out to her. "Now!"

Evanthe came to them, jerking as she still tried to fight his dominantion of her motions. She glanced to her friends. "Get out! Now, please!"

Elissa, tell Alpha to hurry!! Adam sent.

"Please, just leave me alone!" Evanthe begged of the vampire couple. "In six hundred years, haven't you done enough to me?"

Girard shook his head. "You are our child, and you will obey!"

"I didn't ask to be one of your monsters!" Evanthe protested. She would never forget how Sophie had held her while Girard sank his fangs into her neck, how he had laughed. .and what he had done once she had awakened to the vampiric life.

"But you are one of our children!"

Billy had never been more proud of Evanthe than in the next moment. "Maybe so! But I will never be like you!"

Sophie laughed. "We shall see. ..attack!" she pointed to Adam, and Evanthe leaped at their command, though they could all see the pain this caused her.

"Adam, I'm sorry!" she cried as she did so. Adam threw up his arm to block her, and winced in pain at the snap he heard.

"Forgiven!" he told her. Oh, this arm is never going to heal if it keeps getting broken!

"Thank you!" Evanthe told him as she swung kicks and blows as fast as she was capable of at him. "Please, get out of here!" she smiled as he teleported out a moment later. "Now will you leave me alone?" Evanthe growled.

"Never!" Sophie shook her head. She belonged to them, would she never understand that?!

"All I want is to be left in peace with the man I love and my best friend!" Evanthe moaned. "Can't you understand that?"

Girard shook his head. "We will not have one of our vampire children associating with lower lifeforms!"

Evanthe glared at her. "They are not lower lifeforms! The werewolves are more human than we are, more humane!"

"Are they?" Sophie laughed. "They kill for pleasure! Just because your dead friend didn't, doesn't make all werewolves like that!"

Evanthe smiled. "She's not dead!"

"How do you know?" Girard was a trifle surprised. "We felt you tear open her neck, how could she have lived?"

"None of your concern!" Evanthe would keep some secrets, though it cost her everything else!

"Tell us!" Girard commanded, exerting his control over her to it's maximum potential. Evanthe cried out in pain, then told them, "She. . .was taken to where she could be healed."

"By whom?" he demanded. "Who did you tell about this?"

"My friends," Evanthe whispered. The friends who now stood back, unwilling to attack her, and unable to attack them, knowing if they did, she would be forced to fight them.

"Come, we must leave," Sophie was through hanging around with humans. Evanthe shook her head, denying them with all her force. "Now!"

The three vampires headed for the door, Evanthe unable to fight, her strength and her will to resist almost gone. "I'm sorry, guys," she whispered. Billy nodded.

"We'll get you back!" he promised. I won't let those monsters keep you!

"Let Elissa know what was going on!" were the last words that floated towards them as the vampiric trio vanished through the door. * * *

As Alpha wrapped up Adam's arm, he told him, "You've got to be more careful!"

Adam nodded. "I know! My arm must have a target painted on it or something!"

Or something! Elissa chuckled in his mind. Adam smiled a little weakly as the others teleported into the Command Center. "What's funny? Billy asked. Adam told them what they'd talked about, then noticed something.

"Where's Evanthe?"

"They took her. She had no choice," Billy sighed, remembering the pain in her eyes. Adam growled,

"Oh, man, we've got to help her!"

Hurry! Elissa urged. Her eyes flickered for a moment, but remained shut. Adam shivered.

What are they going to do with her? he asked Elissa.

Control her.


They can. Elissa informed him. They, like us, are linked. But in a different way. They can control them.

Adam quickly informed the others of what Elissa had told him. Billy bit his lip. "There are times when that bond of yours is going to get annoying!"

Adam smiled a little. "Oh, I don't know about that!"

"You know what I mean," Billy almost snapped back. "I just wish we could get Evanthe back and Elissa awake!"

Adam nodded. "Not nearly as much as I wish that last part, though!"

Give my body time to heal. I'll be awake soon, I promise. I feel stronger thanks to Alpha.

Good, I love you!

I love you, Adam.

Just as Adam kissed Elissa, Billy jerked up sharply. "I found her!"

"Good!" Adam smiled. "Where is she?"

Billy glanced over his scans. "Near Michael's," he was confused!

"What?" Adam growled. He knew how much Elissa hated him, and wondered what in the world Evanthe would be doing there!"

"They've got her near to where Michael lives," Billy glanced from Elissa to Adam. "It's probably just a coincidence. You know how they. . ." he paused.

"What?" Adam's eyes were worried. What in the world was going on here?

"How they feel about werewolves. Michael's life might be in danger if they realize that he's there."

Adam nodded. "We'd better let him know, so he can get out of there!"

"We do that, then go get Evanthe!" * * *

In a small, darkened room, Evanthe sat facing Sophie and Girard. She was barely able to stop herself from crying at being with them again. She'd avoided them for so many years, so many centuries. .and here she was back with them again. Talk about things coming full circle. . .

"Now, are you going to be good?" Sophie growled. By that, Evanthe knew full well she meant 'are you going to join us?'

"Drop dead!" Evanthe told her. Sophie shook her head.

"We can't, we're undead!"

Evanthe glared at them. "Maybe I can serve you both a stake dinner!"

Girard slapped her hard across the face. "Enough! We control your every move until you agree to rejoin this family and work with it!"

"Never!" Evanthe declared. "Never! You might have made me like this, but I will never be like you!"

Sophie told her, "Then you are breaking all the rules of being a vampire!"

"So be it, then!" Evanthe held her head up high. "I won't break the rules of friendship and love!"

"Then we control your movements forever!" Sophie promised her. "And the first thing is that you are going to destroy a certain werewolf!"

"No, I won't!" Evanthe shook her head. "I'll fight you every step of the way!"

Sophie laughed. "With us so close to you, you can't! Remember that, girl!"

Evanthe bent over, crying. "Why did you do this to me?" she asked finally. "Why couldn't you just kill me six hundred years ago?"

"Where's the fun in that?" Girard laughed. He looked at Evanthe, a familiar light in his eyes, one that Evanthe remembered full well from just after awakening as a vampire. She shook with fear as he stepped a little closer to her. He glanced over to Sophie. "Leave us."

"Fun?" Evanthe wailed, hoping to get Sophie to stay. "For six centuries, my life, if you can ever call it that, has been a living nightmare!"

"You should've stayed with us! Then you never would have had to run!"

"Stayed with you!" Evanthe laughed at that. "And never met Elissa, never met Billy, never fallen in love with him!"

Girard shook his head. "Enough! Sophie, I told you to leave. I have a lesson to teach our errant child."

Biting her lip, Sophie left the two of them alone. When Girard got like that, it was best to simply obey. She plainly heard Evanthe's screams of pain, and the simple blazing thought of, Not again! * * *

Once the 'lesson' was over, Evanthe found herself on her feet as Sophie re-entered the room. Girard smiled darkly; he enjoyed seeing the pain he'd put her through. "It is time to go, to destroy the one who betrayed you!"

"What are you talking about?" Evanthe actually preferred talking to Sophie over Girard; that was one thing all their 'children' had in common. But she spoke to him this time.

"How do you think we found you? A werewolf told us. Now it's time to kill that thing, since we know now where it is."

"Michael," Evanthe breathed. He was the only werewolf who knew she was a vampire, other than Elissa and Adam. She knew they would never have betrayed her.

"Maybe," Girard laughed. "Come!" * * *

Michael was working in his garden when Evanthe and two others came up. He was a bit startled to see her clothes had been ripped some, and saw bruises on her. He hadn't ever seen a vampire bruised before; they regenerated so fast it almost wasn't possible. Only another vampire had the necessary strength to permanently bruise the undead.

One of them, a man, looked at him. "Hello, werewolf," he said softly and dangerously.

"Evanthe?" Michael frowned. "Who are these two?"

"Michael, get out of here!" Evanthe had time to say that before Girard froze her very lip muscles!

"Enough!" he snapped. It was too late, though, Michael, no fool, was heading for the house and the attached garage. Sophie glanced to her husband.

"Should we deal with him inside or outside?" she asked. Girard gestured for them to follow him to the garage. The minute they were there, he had Evanthe attack. Michael did what he could not to fight her, and when he saw the tears in her eyes, he raised an eyebrow.

"They are the ones who were looking for you?" for a while now he'd been in contact via the phone and mail with two vampires seeking Evanthe; when she'd contacted him about Adam, he'd got in touch with them as soon as he could. Evanthe nodded, and he knew this was his own fault. "Forgive me." As he tried to block her, there was a knock on the door.

"Who would be here?" Sophie growled as Michael called out for help! The door was knocked down a moment later, by Billy!

"Get away from my girlfriend!" he shouted to Sophie and Girard. Evanthe smiled at Billy, but kept up the attack on Michael, since she still had to obey her vampiric makers.

"She belongs to us!" Sophie reminded them. Adam, just behind Billy, looked at his friend.

"I think he should find out who we are, we need to save him!" he whispered. "Besides, if he ever met us morphed, he could probably smell who we are!"

Billy nodded and teleported Michael out of there with a quick call to Alpha. Evanthe laughed as he vanished, and found she could speak again. It seemed they were mainly focusing on her attacking. "Attack the other werewolf!" Sophie ordered. Evanthe started towards Adam.

"Adam, get some garlic!" Evanthe screamed. A moment later, however, Elissa teleported in as a column of pale rose light and snapped something around Evanthe's wrist.

"I don't think he's going to need the garlic!" she declared. Evanthe stopped, took a deep breath, and turned to look at Sophie and Girard. The male vampire growled savagely.

"Attack them!" he ordered. Evanthe smiled and shook her head. She then said one word she'd always wanted to say when they commanded her to do something.


Elissa smiled. "Let's go home. They can't control you anymore."

"Never again!" Evanthe laughed, completely ignoring Sophie and Girard now for the first time ever. One and all, they teleported out. * * *

"How is he?" Elissa glanced at Michael, already being worked on at the Command Center. When told he'd be all right, she muttered, "What a pity!"

Evanthe glanced to Alpha. "You made this, didn't you?" she gestured towards the bracelet on her wrist. He nodded, and she hugged him quickly. "Thank you! You saved my sanity, not to mention several lives!"

"Awww, shucks!" Alpha would've been turning red if he could!

Evanthe turned to look at Billy. "Oh, Billy, I love you so much!" she felt a widening in her heart, and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt they were meant for each other. Her eyes widened suddenly. "Billy, they know I love you! They might try to kill you!"

"Thankfully we have teleportation. They try anything, I can teleport out!" he told her. Evanthe smiled as she kissed him, saying without words how much she loved him; how her heart belonged to him for all time. In the same wordless way, he responded. * * *

"How did they do all those things they did?" Sophie raged up and down their hotel room. Girard shook his head.

"I don't know, but what I'm most concerned with is how did they get her free?"

"I think we can answer that!" two strange figures appeared in the room, one a woman in cones, the other a skinless man! It was the woman who had spoken.

"Who are you?" Girard growled. He did not like intruders.

"I am Rita Repulsa, and this is my husband, Lord Zedd," the woman told them. The man nodded.

"We can tell you who those people were, and why they were able to do what they did."

Girard glared at them. "Then do so!"

"Those people, Evanthe and Elissa included, are the Power Rangers," Rita told them. Girard raised an eyebrow.

"And what are those?" it seemed there were drawbacks to spending a few centuries in Europe!

The man grumbled, "A blasted nuisance!" it was obvious he knew, and hated, these "Rangers" well.

"We can help you get Evanthe back," Rita got down to the point at once.

"Why would you help us?" Girard wanted to know what their angle was. He didn't trust anyone, least of all a strange pair like this! It was obvious their vampiric daughter had fallen in with a very unusual group of people, with very powerful enemies.

"One less Ranger out of our way would be a blessing, and if that one Ranger does manage to kill two others, then all the better. And we'll share the world with you once we conquer it!"

Sophie and Girard exchanged long glances. Finally, Girard spoke. "We do want her back."

"That we do. And I do want those things killed," Sophie nodded. Girard made the decision.

"Very well. We shall ally with you. How shall we get our child back?"

Rita smiled, and told them the plan that they had made. Girard laughed. "She will be ours again! Forever!" * * *

In the middle of the living room floor at Elissa and Evanthe's apartment, Elissa and Adam sat entwined as he kissed down the back of her neck. In between caresses, he murmured, "Today was something else!"

"It was," Elissa sounded somewhat upset at that. Adam looked at her.

"Is something wrong?"

She sighed. "Do you realize how close we came to losing each other today?"

"Yeah, I do," Adam nodded as she held him.

"I don't want to lose you!" Adam kissed her passionately, loving her in every fashion possible.

"We didn't, and I'm glad of it! Today was too close!"

"How is your arm?" she asked. He flexed to show off how fast it was healing. "Don't overwork it. We don't have a quick healing system."

"Rangers do, though!"

"I know!" Elissa smiled as they cuddled close together.

"I hope those two vampires leave, and never come back, ever!" Elissa smiled and nuzzled into his neck, as he caressed her lips with his own.

I never want to lose you again! her voice sounded in his mind.

I love you, and we'll never lose each other! As she playfully bit at his cast, Adam chuckled. How does the plaster taste?

Not as good as your neck! She pushed him onto the floor, kissing down his neck as he started down her own, and didn't stop at the neck. She gasped suddenly. "Adam, I don't think we should!" she was looking at something behind him. He glanced up to see Michael standing in the doorway.

"What are you doing here, Michael?" she growled deep in her throat.

"I came to see if you were both okay," Michael had a strange look in his eyes, one Adam put down to what he had interrupted.

"Get out of here!" Elissa ordered. "I don't want you here!" as Michael headed out, apologizing the whole way, Elissa told him, "And stay away from me while you're at it!"

Adam sighed, smiling. "Where were we?"

"Right here!" Elissa declared, pulling off his tee shirt. Things were almost back to the mood they'd been in before Michael's interruption, when Evanthe and Billy walked in!

"Oh, my goodness!" Evanthe declared. As Adam winced from the mental scream Elissa let loose, he stared at them.

"Oh, man, guys, can't you give us some privacy??" he begged. Billy's lips twitched.

"Have you tried a bedroom?"

Evanthe couldn't help but laugh. "I think they've tried everywhere!"

Elissa glared at them, then laid her head on Adam's chest. "Why can't we have fun and not get teased about it?" she sounded half-joking, half-serious! Adam sighed.

"I don't know."

Evanthe looked to Billy. "Come on, let's find a place of our own to have some fun!" she smiled up at him as they left. Elissa sighed.

"Finally!" she sounded a little distracted. Adam looked at her.

"Elissa, is something wrong?" he asked finally. She shook her head as he held her, not half as amorous as she'd been a mere five minutes earlier. Adam kissed her, trying to cheer things up between them. Finally, she simply stood up and left. Adam stared after her, wondering if without even meaning to, his friends had ruined the most wonderful thing in his life.