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The Coming of Shadow
by: Emily

A brief history of the power rangers: (This is a little different than what really happened.)

Rita Repulsa attacked Earth. Zordon had Alpha 5 beam five teens to the Command Center for them to save Earth. Kim, Trini, Jason, Zack, and Billy were the chosen They became the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and fought Rita's monsters. Tommy came and Rita made him the evil green ranger. The rangers broke the spell and he became part of their team. Later, Lord Zedd came and Tommy lost his powers. After a while, Tommy came back as the white ranger. Trini, Jason, and Zack left for the peace conference. Rocky, Aisha, and Adam took their place. They soon got their Ninjetti Powers. Kim left for the Pan-American Games. Kat took her place as the pink ranger. Aisha went to save the animals in Africa and sent Tanya back in her place. The rangers got the Zeo powers. Later, Jason came back as a gold ranger, but later he lost his powers. Billy went to another planet and found out he was an immortal prince. Rocky got hurt. Divatox came. Justin took Rocky's place. Tommy, Kat, Tanya, Adam, and Justin got Turbo Powers. Dimetria took Zordon's place. Now the rangers must face a terrifying new foe. Shadow.

The Ultimate Power Rangers Listing

As usual, Kat and Tanya were hanging out at the Juice Bar. The girls were best friends, even though they had only known each other for a short time.

"I can't believe our finals are next week!", exclaimed Kat. "The school year is almost over with already!"

"It's about time," said Tanya. "It seems like we've been in school forever. I hope I do well on the finals. I don't have much time to study." Kat smiled at her.

"Don't worry! You'll do fine on them. We've been studying as much as we could!" She then looks around nervously and whispers, "It doesn't help that Divatox gets a kick out of sending monsters down to conquer the world."

"Tell me about it," Tanya sighed. At that moment, their watches let out a familiar tune. Both of them looked around to make sure no one was listening.

"Not again," Kat complained. "What's up Alpha?"

"Yo, yo, yo, Kat. There's a monster in the park, destroying it. You and Tanya go and get it!", Alpha said.

"Got it Alpha," said Tanya. "Here we go again!" Both of the girls walked out of the Juice Bar and into the deserted lot behind it. They looked around, and seeing no one around, called for their power.

"Shift into Turbo!"

Meanwhile, on the moon, Divatox, Rita, and Lord Zedd, were all meeting at the palace. They were all looking at each other warily, when suddenly, a man stepped out of the shadows next to them. Divatox jumped as the man began to talk.

"The rangers will never know what hit them," said the man. He was tall and might have been handsome, if his face wasn't covered. "The world will soon be ours to control. With the alliance we are making, we will be unstoppable!"

"Will you stop doing that!" Divatox yelled out. The man looked at her in surprise. "I hate it when you appear from the shadows like that!"

"I hate to break this to you, Shadow, but we've been trying to beat them for years, but nothing has ever worked," Lord Zedd announced. Shadow looked at him and a smile slowly appeared over his lips.

"Don't worry, Zedd. With the plan I have, there is no way I can lose," Shadow cackled evilly.

At the park...

Fully morphed, Tanya and Kat got to the park. They looked around, looking for anything at all out of the ordinary. Suddenly, a monster looking like an overgrown roach jumped out at them and knocked both of the rangers to the ground.

"OH, sick!" exclaimed Kat as she stood up. She looked at Tanya before springing into action, attacking it. The monster defended itself from the brutal attacks before knocking both of them to the ground with such force, that even with their powers, the wind was knocked out of them.

"Alpha, we need help, now!" panted Kat. She and Tanya both tried to get u as the monster walked closer to them.

"It looks like the end of the pink and yellow ranger!" the monster exclaimed. At that moment, the rest of the rangers beamed close to them. The monster took a step back as the rangers got into fighting stances.

"Don't worry. We're here to help you," said the red ranger, Tommy. Adam and Justin helped the two girls up as Tommy blocked the monster from attacking. When Tommy saw the others were ready, he backed up to them. The monster attacked them, neither side taking the upper hand. Finally, Adam knocked the monster to the ground.

"This isn't the end of me, rangers" he yelled up as he struggled to stand up. "I'll be back to get you!" With that, he disappeared in a cloud of smoke. The rangers looked around, waiting for it to come back. Instead, in the place where it had been, was a shadow.

"Well done, rangers. I didn't think that you would be able to phase my pet," said a man cruelly, surprising the rangers as he came out of the shadows.

"Who are you?" asked Tommy cautiously. The rangers backed up and prepared for an attack.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Shadow, you're worst nightmare." The rangers looked at each other, before Justin walked forward.

"Been there, done that," yawned Justin. "Come on guys, let's get him!" The rangers started to go after Shadow, but an invisible force held them back.

"I don't think so rangers. Two can play at that game," Shadow pointed his staff at them. A ray of red light shot out at them and they felt their powers begin to drain.

"OH, no! What is happening?" Justin said weakly. "I feel so... tired."The rangers fell one by one to the ground, feeling their powers drain from them. The realized in horror that their suits had disappeared and they were back in their street clothes. Shadow walked over to them and took all of their morphers. The rangers struggled to get up, but could only watch in horror as he stole them.

"Don't worry rangers. I'll take good care of them," he exclaimed as he disappeared.

At the Command Center...

"Dimetria, what happened? No one could stop him!" said Kat sadly. "How was he able to take our powers like that?"

"Rangers, Shadow is one of the strongest people in the universe. He has been fighting the forces of good for milleniums. He is one of the strongest sorcerers in the universe, and will be hard to defeat."

"But how could we defeat him without our powers?" asked Adam.

"In the universe, there are many powers. One of the most powerful is the Ultimate powers. You must go on a quest to get these powers. While you are on the quest, some friends will help to take care of Shadow." Dimetria explained.

"Who are these friends?" Tommy asked, confused.

"We are," The rangers turned behind them and saw Kimberly, Dahal, and four others they didn't recognize. The rangers all went over and hugged her. She looked around and saw Justin. She smiled at him and said,

"Hi, you must be Justin. I'm Kimberly."

"How did you know?" he asked. She smiled and glanced at Tommy. Justin looked at the two and realized this was the girl Tommy talked about all the time.

"Tommy's told me a lot about you," she turned to the rest of the team. "It's great to see all of you again!" The rangers started talking about what had been going on ever since they had last seen other. They were interrupted when they heard Dimitria clearing her throat.

"Rangers, I know you have not seen each other for a while, but we are in critical conditions. The rangers must go and get the Ultimate Power while the six of you protect Angel Grove. Alpha, please teleport the rangers to the dimension." While Alpha looked for the location for the dimension, Tommy looked up at Dimetria.

"Where is this dimension, Dimitria?" he asked. Dimitria looked at him.

"The dimension is a place where things could have been," she explained to them. The rangers looked at her in confusion but before they could ask anymore questions, they disappeared in pink, yellow, red, green, and blue streaks. Kimberly looked at Dimitria and asked,

"Can you tell us more about Shadow, Dimitria?" Kimberly asked. Dimitria took a deep breath and began to explain.

"It looks like your plan failed, Shadow," said Rita as they watched the ranger being teleported tot the dimension. "They're off to get more powers! You idiot!" Shadow looked at her and narrowed his eyes. He glanced away and began to explain his plan.

"I knew the rangers would go off and get new powers. While they are away, we will first attack the Power Chamber and get rid of Dimitria. Then, we will destroy Angel Grove!" All of them, excluding Rita began laughing. Shadow stopped and looked towards the Earth.

"What are we waiting for! Attack!"


"And that's why I sent the rangers to get the Ultimate Power," Dimitria explained. "The only thing I have to ask is how will you be able to withstand fire?" The six looked up at her and Dahal stepped forward.

"I figured that since we are Venusians, they will go for our weakness. Before we left, Kim had Renee cast a spell over all of us to make us immune to any kinds of fire. We will be able to withstand fire until Renee takes the spell off. Also-'' Dahal was interrupted by the sound of the alarms. The viewing globe turned on they all turned to see Shadow and Zedd coming towards the Command Center. The scene changed and showed Divatox and Rita terrorizing citizens. Kimberly turned towards the rest of the girls.

"Kara, Daria, Julie, and Angela. The four of you will go and stop Divatox and Rita," she explained. Dahal and I will stay and guard the Power Chamber." With that Kim stood in front of the rest of them and called out, "Ninjetti Power!"

"The Lion!'' Dahal called out. She was soon clad in her green and gold outfit.

"The Rabbit!'' Kara yelled. Her blue and gold outfit appeared on her.

"The Dolphin!" Daria screamed. She was suddenly in a white and gold outfit.

"The Alligator!" Julie said, appearing in a purple and gold uniform.

"The Hawk!" Angela called, enveloped in a red and gold uniform.

"The Crane!" Kim cried out as she became clad in her pink and silver outfit. She looked at the girls as they admired their uniforms.

"Are you guys ready?" she asked them. They nodded once and Kara, Daria, Julie, and Angela disappeared in blue, white, purple, and red lights. Dahal and Kim jumped as they heard banging on the door. They looked at each other before hiding behind the equipment in the Power Chamber. Suddenly, the doors broke and Shadow and Zedd walked in.

"Still trapped in that warp tube, eh Dimitria?" Shadow asked as he sneered at her. Zedd looked around at the equipment, frowning at the old uniforms that were behind the glass.

"Why do you keep those, Dimitria?" Zedd asked, pointing to the old uniforms. "They won't do you any good!" Dimitria looked at the both of them.

"Something's you treasure, even after there use has ended." she answered. Shadow laughed shortly at her answer.

"You're so noble, even though you know there is no way that you can defeat us. You have lost, Dimitria! You're rangers are gone and you have no one protecting you!" Shadow laughed. "It looks like it's the end of the almighty Dimitria!"

"I don't think so" As Shadow started turning, he noticed that Zedd had started to glow red in anger as he heard the voice. He turned and saw two woman standing behind him. One was a tall, beautiful blonde dressed in a green and gold outfit. The other was a short brunette dressed in a pink and silver outfit. Although small, she had a confidence that seemed to fill up a room. She also let out a powerful aura of magic.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" Shadow asked as he looked at the two women. With the power they had, they would make great allies. "Who are you?"

"They are Venusians," Zedd sneered. Shadow looked at him in surprise.

"I thought you controlled the Venusians," he asked. Zedd looked at him and frowned.

"I did, before the smaller one defeated Syren in battle," he said. "She's now the queen of the island and that traitor turned to the side of good." Shadow smiled at them.

"Why don't you come to the dark side, the only TRUE side," Shadow said to them. Kim glared at him as Dahal stared at him with no emotions on her face. Zedd looked at him and rolled his eyes.

"You're not going to get through to them. There's only one way to settle this. Attack!" Both of the villains ran at the two girls. Zedd attacked Dahal as Shadow faced off with Kim. As Shadow and Kim circled each other, Shadow smiled at the beauty of her.

"C'mon girl. Let your hate consume your soul. Bring out your anger," he said as he watched the emotions on her face. As he saw her hesitance, he lunged at her. As the two of them fought, Zedd and Dahal faced off. Zedd, getting the upper hand, sliced at her leg with his sword. She cried out as she fell to the ground. Zedd grabbed her by the hair and putting the sword to her neck.

"Everybody stop!" he yelled out. Kim stopped in mid-strike as she turned to face Zedd. Her eyes widened in horror as she saw a semi-conscious Dahal with the sword biting into her neck. A Venusian could also be killed with beheadings and Zedd knew it. Shadow looked at the two and smiled as the sword bit deeper into the girl's neck.

"Let go of her, Zedd," Kim commanded as she watched the two. Zedd smiled evilly and sliced the sword deeper into her neck. Dahal cried out as the sword went deeper.

"Drop all of your weapons and stand in front of Shadow," Zedd commanded. Kim shook as the weapons dropped form her hands and she stepped in front of Shadow. Shadow grabbed her by the arms and pulled them back until Kim cried out in pain. Zedd then smiled cruelly and sliced the sword through the rest of Dalal's neck, killing her. Kim gasped and felt the tears begin to come to her eyes as she started struggling to get away from Shadow. Zedd came over and looked her down.

"Looks like I finally caught you," he sneered. She looked him straight into the eyes, not showing any of the fear she felt. "Don't even try to escape. You do and I'll trash this place and kill Dimitria." he lowered his voice and leaned closer to her. She flinched and started struggling to get away from him.

''Don't even try it, Kimmie. If you do, I'll make SURE Tommy gets what's coming to him." She stopped struggling and closed her eyes. Shadow, still holding on to Kim, looked up at Dimitria.

"We'll spare you this time, Dimitria." he said. "But, don't worry. We'll be bac-" Before he could finish, Kim quickly turned around and kneed him in the groin. His eyes bulged out and he sank to the ground in pain. Zedd turned around and was promptly hit in the face by a tornado kick. He fell back, next to Shadow. Kim ran over to Dimitria's tube and stood in front of it, determined to keep Dimitria safe. Zedd and Shadow stood up and looked at each other. They nodded once at each other, and bot at the same time, shot bolts of power out at her. She sent her own it, but the power was slowly pushing back towards her. She grunted in strain as beads of sweat began to form on her face. A slow smile appeared on Shadow's lips, knowing that when he destroyed the girl, Dimitria would be done for. He watched as the power slowly inched toward the Venusian. As Kim was about to give up, Shadow was knocked down from behind. Zedd quickly followed. Kim looked up and saw five figures dressed in spandex standing behind the villains. She smiled weakly as she realized they had gotten the powers. But before she could sigh in relief, she realized Shadow had grabbed her and had his sword to her throat. She watched as the five rangers froze.

"Let her go, Shadow!" the one in green yelled. Kim's eyes widened in surprise as she realized Tommy was back in green. She gasped as she felt the sword dig deeper into her throat.

"I don't think so, green ranger! She's mine now!" he yelled. Zedd ran over to Shadow, standing beside him.

"Yeah, rangers. We're going to take Kimmy where she can be of some use. And I don't mean for fighting, either." Kim's eyes widened in horror as she realized what they were going to do to her. If they thought they would use her for something like THAT, they were mistaken. She tried to find some strength left, but she had none left. Shadow leaned close to her ear and whispered,

"What's wrong, Venusian? Tired already? I'm surprised! I would think that you, out of all people would have been able to take us. IT doesn't matter now. You will join us in the palace, to become ours." She gasped as one of Shadow's hands started roaming her body, going in places she hadn't even let Tommy go yet.

"Don't touch her, Shadow!" the green ranger yelled in anger. He hated seeing Kim in danger, but this was even worse. He wanted her for her body. "Leave her alone! You're fight's with us, not her." Shadow laughed.

"Wrong, ranger. Anyone who is friends with the rangers will-" His sentence was cut short as he fell to the ground, right on top of Kim. The rangers looked behind him and saw the four other Ninjetti's standing there. The one white was in front of the others, obviously the leader. Before anyone could help Kim, and squad of putties appeared in the room, turning to attack the heroes. As the heroes where distracted by the putties, Shadow took his time getting off Kim.

"Looks like I got right where I want you," he whispered in her ear, as he let his entire body weight rest on top of her. She started to panic, and tried to push him off. He chuckled at her weak attempts to dislodge him. He bent down and started kissing her, slipping his entire tongue into her mouth. She started going limp as her powers weakened even more because of how much she had used. Just as she was about to black-out, Shadow was pushed off her. She opened her eyes and saw the green ranger looking down at her.

"Tommy," she whispered as he bent down to pick her up. Shadow and Zedd stood side by side, watching the fight. Suddenly, they, and the putties disappeared in a cloud of black smoke. Everyone stopped fighting and they ran over to where Kim was lying. The four Venusians gasped as they noticed Dalal for the first time.

"What happened to Dalal?" Daria asked. Kim looked at her sadly and whispered,

"They got her," Before anyone could ask another question, she fainted into Tommy's arms. Alpha came in with a cot and Tommy gently laid her on it.

"I hate to interrupt you, but you must receive your full powers. The Ninjetti realized for the first time that the rangers weren't in their complete uniforms. The spandex outfit they had on were just solid colored tight pants and shirts. The rangers walked up to Dimitria

"Justin, energetic and brave, you are the blue ranger and your Ultimate animal is the Gorilla."

"Tanya, worthy and caring, you are the yellow ranger and your Ultimate animal is the Cheetah."

"Kat, sweet and thoughtful, you are the purple ranger and your Ultimate animal is the Unicorn."

"Adam, quiet yet deadly, you will be the black ranger and your Ultimate animal is the Jaguar."

"Tommy, steady and determined, the leader of the Ultimate rangers, you will be the green ranger and your Ultimate animal is the Dragon." Just as Dimitria finished giving them the complete powers, the alarms went off. The rangers looked at the viewing globe and saw that Shadow had sent Regar had been sent back down. Tommy looked at the rest of the rangers.

"Let's do it guys!"

"Ultimate Gorilla!"

"Ultimate Cheetah!"

"Ultimate Unicorn!"

"Ultimate Jaguar!"

"Ultimate Dragon!" With that, the rangers disappeared in streaks of yellow, purple, blue, black, and green.


People were screaming and running as fast as they could to get away from Regar. He was so busy attacking the citizens of Angel Grove that he didn't notice that the rangers were slowly sneaking up on him. Regar picked up a little girl who was running to close, and held her up by her neck. As her face began to turn red because of lack of oxygen, he was kit in the back with an energy blast. He dropped the girl, and the purple ranger ran and picked the little girl up, carrying her to safety.

"Why don't you pick on someone who can fight back, Regar!" exclaimed the green ranger. Regar chuckled as he saw the rangers.

"I was hoping you would come, rangers," cackled Regar. The jumped in the middle of the rangers, knocking all of them down. He kicked the yellow ranger in the side, causing her to moan in pain. Before he could do any more damage, the purple ranger kicked him in the side. He stumbled back and glared at the purple ranger, while the black ranger helped the yellow one up. The blue and green rangers nodded at each other and ran towards Regar. The green ranger did a tornado kick, which Regar promptly docked. He grabbed the ranger while he was off balance off threw him into a tree, knocking him out. The blue ranger, meanwhile, defended himself against Regar as best as possible, but it wasn't long before he to was knocked away. The three remaining rangers defended themselves against Regar, but they were soon knocked down. Kat, lying on the ground in pain, yelled into her communicator.

"Dimitria, we need help!" she yelled.

"Rangers, come back to the Command Center, fast!" Dimitria commanded. "He is to strong for you to fight!" The rangers disappeared in streaks of purple, blue, yellow, black, and green.

"Dimetria, why was he so strong? We almost defeated him last time!" Kat cried.

"I was afraid of this rangers. Shadow has given Regar more energy, therefore giving him more power. We must make the team complete," Dimitria said. With that, Rocky, Billy, Aisha, Jason, Zack, and Trini to the Command Center.

"Guys! It's so good to see you!" Tommy exclaimed. All of the ex-rangers ran over and hugged everyone there. Jason turned toward Dimitria.

"It's nice to be here, but what are we doing here?'' asked Jason.

"Former rangers, you are here to help the others defeat Shadow." Dimitria answered. "He joined many enemies including Rita, Zedd, and Divatox." The rangers looked at him in shock.

"All of them?" Rocky asked in amazement. Dimitria nodded.

"Who is Shadow?" asked Billy. Tanya turned towards him.

"Shadow is the ultimate evil person," said Tanya. The rangers began talking amongst themselves. Dimitria took a deep breath.

"QUIET!!!!!!" She yelled. The rangers stopped in the middle of their conversations and looked at her in surprise.

"Former rangers, do you accept the responsibility of becoming a ranger and help to defeat Shadow?" Dimitria questioned.

"Of course!" they all answered. Dimitria turned toward the rangers and said,

"You must put all of your powers together, rangers, so that the former ones will be able to get their own powers. The rangers closed their eyes and concentrated. Suddenly, all of the former rangers were back into uniforms.

"Trini, careful and quiet, you are the silver ranger, and your animal is the Ultimate Elephant."

"Zack, happy-go-lucky and carefree, you are the aqua ranger and your animal is the Ultimate Wolf."

"Jason, serious and truthful, you are the white ranger and your animal is the Ultimate Shark."

"Aisha, cheerful and happy, you are the tan ranger and your animal is the Ultimate Alligator."

"Billy, wise and strong you are the orange rangers and your animal is the Ultimate Grizzly."

"Rocky, carefree and true, you are the red ranger and your animal is the Ultimate Rhino. Rangers, you must go back and defeat Regar. Go, save the world."

The rangers go and find Regar into the park, just waiting around. She sees the rangers and sighs.

"Not you again! You rangers are getting annoying,"complained Regar. He shot a bolt of energy, and the rangers jumped out of the way. They stood up and attack him from all angles. Trini punched him in the face, but he retaliated with by grabbing her fist and knocking her feet out from other her. Adam kicked him in the chest, and Regar staggered back. He soon stood up and knocked Adam down by kicking him in the groin, hard. The rangers go down one by one, until only Rocky and Kat are standing. They turned toward each other and jumped at him at the same time. As they were in the air, the pulled out their blaster and shot at him continuously. He fell to the ground, and as the rangers watched in surprise, he screamed and turned to dust. The rangers stood up, exhausted from the fight. The teleported back to the Command Center, ready to celebrate theirs first victory over one of Shadow's monsters.

"You did a good job rangers," congratulated Dimitria. "I will now tell you more about your new powers. Tommy, you will be the first in command. Kimberly, since you will be staying for in Angel Grove for awhile, you will be second. Billy, one of the most experienced rangers, you are third in command, and Kat, after showing your ability to overcome evil, you will be the fourth in command. The zords will form together to form three other zords. The Ultimate Zord consists of the Elephant, Alligator, Dragon, and Shark. The Battle Zord uses the Unicorn, Cheetah, Bear, and the Wolf. The Rescue Zord is the Gorilla, Rhino, and Panther. Kimberly, you will control your own Zord, the Crane since your powers aren't the same." Kim nodded and turned to the remaining Venusians.

"I wish all of you luck on Venusian Island. I will come back as soon as the rangers get used to Shadow. I promise," She hugged all of the Ninjetti's and turned to them once more. "Tell Renee what happened. I will talk to her as soon as I can." She watched as her friends disappeared in streaks of light. Dimitria spoke up.

"Even though you are all together, you are not one. You will all unite when the key comes. The key is one who is born with the powers, so he does not have to get any. You will know who it is when he defeats an enemy."

At the Juice Bar.......

"I can't believe all the rangers are all united! This will be so much fun!" exclaimed Kat. "I wonder where everyone is?"

"I know. It's like everyone just disappeared!" agreed Kim.

"Kim, I was wondering. Why did you come back? I know your going back to it after awhile, but I mean, you had it all on Venus Island." asked Kat.

"Well, I missed being here. You know, with my family, friends, and....Tommy. It just wasn't the same on the island. Renee will be taking over for me, until I go back. Until then, I'm here to relax and visit." she smiled.

"I'm glad you're back, Kim. I missed you." Kat said happily, hugging her.

At the beach........

''We haven't been able to spend that much time together lately. I missed you," Jason told Emily.

''Yeah, I've missed you two,'' she said uncomfortably.

''Tanya, what's wrong?" Adam asked. She turned towards him, unable to meet his eye.

"Jason, you're a great person and all, but I like you more as a friend that a boyfriend. I'm going to be moving soon, and while I was there, I met someone. We just seemed to click. I'm sorry Jason I .....I have to go now. I'm sorry." With that, see hurried away. Jason sank slowly to the ground, watching the sunset as tears run down his face.

The End?