Silver Secret
by: Sylver Rose

It's a beautiful autumn day in Angel Grove, but there is no teens enjoying it. School has started and the halls of Angel Grove High School is filled with students searching for their classes, friends reuniting from over the summer vacation, and kids looking for their lockers. At a bunch of locker, a group of long time friends meet up before school begins.

"Did you hear that there's going to be a Welcome Back Dance at the Youth Center." Said Aisha Campbell.

"This is going to be one cool year." Rocky Alvares said with excitement.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm not going to miss this dance." Kimberly Hart announced.

"I'm going." Claimed Tommy Oliver.

"Count me in." Replied Adam Chiang.

"What about you Billy?" asked Kimberly.

"I don't know. I have this new program I want to get up. I've been waiting to upgrade my computer so this program would work." Billy Mitchell said.

Then the bell rang. Time to start heading to class. The slow pace of the students suddenly became a faster pace as they ran to find where their classes are located.

"Well, got to go. See you around." Said Billy as he heads up the hall.

"We've have got to get him a girlfriend." Kimberly said to the others in the group.

"He's going to miss out on a lot of things if he keeps himself locked up in his lab all the time." Replied Tommy.

"See you at lunch everybody." Aisha called out while walking to her class. "Don't worry Kim, I'll save you a seat."

"Later guys." Adam said as he and Rocky left the group.

"See you in a little bit sweetie." Kimberly said softly as she looked up into Tommy's big, brown eyes.

"I'll be waiting." Tommy answered as he leaned over and gave Kimberly a soft kiss on the lips.

They both parted their separate ways, heading for their first class of the new year. Kimberly walked quickly down a hallway; brightly decorated with posters celebrating the spirit of Angel Grove High Tritons. She entered her class and took a seat next to Aisha. A couple of rows down was Billy, already pulling out his notebook and pencils. Kimberly leaned over to Aisha and whispers

"This Creative Writing class should be easy." She said.

Aisha cracked a smile and let out a little laugh. Then the last bell rang, and everyone made it his or her seats in front of some computers. The teacher walked in and went over to her desk. She went through some papers and placed them on a podium in front of the board. She walked over to the black board and wrote out her name-"Mrs. Herndon"

In the large hallways, a picturesque, young lady was walking, looking down on a piece of paper she holds in her hand. When she reached a door she looked up at the numbers and then back down at the paper. She continued to walk down a winding hall while her long, shoulder length red hair flowed around her creamy colored face. Then she stopped in front of a door. She looked at her paper and looked back up. She smiled and entered the room. It was Mrs. Herndon's Creative Writing class. She stood there in the doorway, looking nervous. Mrs. Herndon was calling out roll until she heard the door closed. She looked up saw a young lady standing in the doorway.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"Yes, is this Creative Writing?" she asked with a quiet, timid voice.

"Why, yes it is. I see you made it. Had trouble finding it I see. And your name is?" Mrs. Herndon asked.

"My name is Ricki Summers. I'm a new student here." She replied.

"I got you right here. Go ahead and take a seat at a computer and we're going to start in a second." Mrs. Herndon said to her with a smile.

Ricki smiled back and she actually felt comfortable being in a new school. She walked over to a computer near the back of the room. She could feel eyes following her as she continued to walk down the aisle. She took a seat and laid down her backpack onto the floor next her. She pulled out a notebook and a pencil. She looked around the room to see what everybody else is doing.

Kimberly and Aisha followed Ricki to her desk. Aisha looks at Kimberly and whispered

"She pretty. I've never seen anybody with that color hair. She looks so scared." She replied.

"Yes she does. Man, I could just die if I was a new student coming to this huge high school." Kimberly said.

"Okay class, here we go. Hopefully you guys remember to bring your double density, double-sided disk, because we are going to start our writing assignments. Don't worry, it's not going to be a hard one. I just want you to write about yourselves. Then after that's done, we are going to stand up in front of the class and tell everyone all about you. Now tell me, it that easy or what." Mrs. Herndon said.

A few people pulled out their disks and put them in the disk drive. And then steady tapping of keys was heard all through out the classroom. Billy was typing away as fast as his fingers to reach the keys. Kimberly and Aisha looked at one another and they both said in unison.

"We're do I start." Then they both giggled together.

Ricki was in deep concentration, looking serious at the screen. She put her whole life onto that disk. Once and a while she had to stop and take a deep breath. Which seemed like a couple of minutes, the bell rang. Everyone quickly got up and got their books together.

"Don't forget to save everything. It would be sad if you came back tomorrow and have to start over again. We'll finish up tomorrow and correct everything for your essay on Friday." Mrs. Herndon called out while the class was leaving the room. Kimberly and Aisha waited up for Billy, who was putting his finishing touches on his report.

Come on Billy. We don't have all day." Aisha said to him.

He looked up over his monitor and saw the girls waiting on him. He immediately shut down his computer, and gathered his books. He walked out with them and headed down the hall toward his next class.

Still in the classroom, Ricki picked up her backpack and threw it over her shoulder. She walked up to Mrs. Herndon.

"Can you tell me where's Mrs.Thompson's European History class is?" she asked.

Mrs. Herndon smiled and answered, "You take a right, down the hall, and then take a left, at the stairs, and it's three classrooms down."

"Thank-you very much. You just saved me about twenty minutes." Ricki said.

She left the classroom and headed down the hallway. She followed the directions carefully to make sure not to get lost. Students were bumping each other, trying to squeeze through the crowded hallways. Ricki was having a hard time with her backpack getting caught between people. She finally made it the staircase. She walked down and counted each classroom when she passed it.

Little did Ricki know, but she passed Kimberly and Tommy meeting up at the lockers. Billy began to pass them, but was stopped by Tommy's question.

"Hey Billy, what class do you have now?" he asked.

"Mrs. Thompson's European History." He answered.

"That class sounds so cool. Man, I wish I could understand all that stuff." Kimberly replied.

"Its quit easy Kimberly, once you get the hang of it. World history is fascinating. See what it is like to live in the medieval Times." He said.

"Okay, I believe you." Kimberly commented.

"See you later.' Billy responded. He left the two love birds alone and headed down the hall. He doesn't like standing there with just Tommy and Kimberly. When they embrace one other makes Billy uncomfortable. He doesn't want to admit to it, but it's almost like jealously. He's never been good around the opposite sex. Whenever a pretty girl talks to him, he gets tongue-tied and starts to babble in his scientific language, which only he knows. He walked in to the classroom and took a seat in the last row. And Ricki took a seat a couple of desks in front of him. The classroom got crowded just as the bell rang. A couple of students ran in like a whirlwind. A short, petite woman stepped from behind her desk and made her way to the front of the class.

"Good morning class. I see you made it this far. My name is Mrs. Thompson and welcome to European History. When I call out your name, come on up and pick a text book." She said with a kind voice.

She began to call out names of all the students that were in the roll book.

"Did I forget anyone?" she asked.

Ricki rose her hand up. Mrs. Thompson saw her.

"And you are?" she asked as she looked at Ricki.

"I'm Ricki Summers. I'm new here." Ricki said.

"Okay, come on up and get your book." Mrs. Thompson replied.

Ricki stood up and walked to the front of the class. She grabbed a book and walked back to her desk. She looked ahead at the students who were behind her. There, she noticed a pair of blue eyes looking at her. She instantly dropped her head and sat back down. Mrs. Thompson began the class by reading out of the text. She was describing different countries in Europe. Each time period brought out a different country. Almost daydreaming, Ricki soaked up every word that came from Mrs.Thompson's mouth. She could picture the castles, knights in shining armor, aesthetic sculptures, and ancient writing. Then reality hit, the bell rang, sending Ricki almost falling out of her seat. She picked up her books off of the floor, not watching what she was doing, she ran into someone, sending her books falling to the ground.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I can't believe I did that. Are you all right?" Ricki asked as she and the other student she crashed into bent down and retrieved her books.

The young man picked up her books and both of them stood up, facing one another. It was him! The guy, with the gorgeous blue eyes, was watching her. She gasped and her eyes were the size of dinner plates.

"I'm seem to be unharmed." The young man said to her. They both just stood there, looking into each other's crystal blue eyes. Ricki is total clueless on what to say next. She just stood there with her mouth opened. She realized how stupid she must look with her mouth open, she broke the link they had and closed her mouth.

"Thank- you. My name is Ricki. Aren't you in creative Writing first period?" she asked.

"Salutation Ricki, I'm Billy and affirmative I do take Aesthetic Literature foremost of my day." Billy replied.

Ricki looked at him in an unusual way. She understood what he was saying, but never heard anyone talk like that before.

"Is it not the finest class you ever occupied." Ricki responded.

"What subject-matter is following this one?" he asked her with his professional speaking voice.

"Let me see, Mr. Brown's Biology class." She said in return. "But I don't know where it is at."

"I also present at Mr. Brown's Biology class. Would you like for me to escort you to the class?" Billy suggested.

"I would like that a great deal." She said while a smile.

Together they walked around Angel Grove High. Weaving in and out of students who were trying to figure out where they are. Ricki took delight in Billy walking her to her class. She noticed that the last three classes they had, they were together. Ricki looked all around at the different decorations that were hanging on the walls. There's so much school spirit here, that it could be seen everywhere.

"Are you new here to Angel Grove?" Billy asked. Ricki noticed that he wasn't using big words anymore.

"I was born here and I had to move away. Situations have it that I had to come back." Ricki replied back.

They made it to Biology class. Billy held the door for as she stepped in. He walked over to his table where Tommy and Adam were seated. They noticed Billy walking in with her and they couldn't resist, but to tease him.

"So Billy, who's the redhead?" Adam questioned as he leaned over the table.

"She's a new student here and we ran into one another accidental." He said to Adam to ease his pestering.

"You mean she had European History with you. She is that smart to get into that class." Adam commented.

"She also has Creative Writing too, with me, Kimberly, and Aisha." Billy added.

"That's scary, someone from the opposite sex, who is as smart as Billy. And is in the same school. Someone call Ripley's Believe It Or Not." Tommy as while laughing.

"I'm glad you guys find this funny, because I surely don't" Billy remarked.

"Lighten up Billy, she is actually perfect for you. Have you guys talked?" Tommy interested.

"Why yes we have, vaguely though." Billy said.

After Ricki talked to the teacher, she walked down toward the table in which Billy, Adam, and Tommy were sitting at. She smiled at Billy and sat over in a small desk in the corner. Tommy looked over at her and looked at his friends.

"Billy, are you going to let her sit there all by herself? She's cute and maybe you're the only person who talks to her. Have her sit with us." Tommy retorted.

"Just imagine having two Billy's sitting at one table. We'll get A's on everything." Adam said.

Billy got off of his stool and walked over to Ricki. She looked up at him and smiled.

"Would you like to sit with me and my friends at this table?" he asked in a soften voice.

"Why yes, yes I would. Thank-you" she said as she got up from the tiny desk that sat in the back of the class.

She sat down on the stool next to Billy. She faced Tommy and Adam. She was very shy and hardly made eye contact with the other guys at the table.

"Ricki, these are two of my closest friends. This Tommy and this is Adam." Billy introduced Ricki to them. She looked up at them and gave them a sheeply smile. It's not often she meets three cute guys in one day.

"Hi, I'm Ricki Summers" she said timidly.

Mr. Brown stood up and called roll. He handed out books and told the students, "Either leave them in their lockers or to leave them under their beds, because I teach this class by notes. You take the notes; you can use the notes on the test. You don't take the notes, then you're screwed."

Everybody was shocked to hear that coming out of a teacher's mouth.

"What, we won't need our books. Cool. Now all we need to do is to take notes. I beginning to like this class." Adam said.

The class went on until the bell rang. The four teens got up and left the classroom. Ricki was having trouble carrying all of her books. One would either fall on the floor and Ricki had to stop and pick it up, or would slide down out of her arms and get in the way of her walking. These books were extremely heavy and large, and since she doesn't have a locker yet to put them in, she was forced to carry them all day.

"Looks like you're having trouble carrying them. Here, let me help you take them to your locker." Billy said as he grabs some books out of her hands.

She looked up at him and said, "I don't have one yet."

"It appears I may have some room in my locker. And since we seem to have a lot of classes together, you can put some of your books in it." Billy said to her.

"That would be great. I really appreciate it. I don't know if I could go all day carrying these books around.

"Hey are you going to have her join us for lunch?" Adam asked.

Billy looked over at her and noticed a small smile on her face; he turned back around and looked at Adam and Tommy.

"We'll be right there." He replied.

He walked with her to his locker. She couldn't believe how nice these guys are to her. She felt welcomed there at the school. He opened the locker and put her stuff in there. She grabbed her lunch out of her backpack, and together they left to go to lunch. As they reached the heavy double glass doors, which lead to the lunch area, two guys jumped into their paths.

"Well, what do we have here. A new student with a large lunch it looks like." A chubby, round figured guy said as he swiped the lunch sack out of her hands.

His name is Marcus Bulkmeyer. Or what he prefers to be called Bulk. He is Angel Grove High's top bully. He's dressed up in a tied dyed shirt and baggy jeans. He has long hair pulled back into a ponytail. He opened the sack and pulls out all that it contains.

"Give that back Bulk!" Billy screamed out as he lunged for the sack that was in Bulk's hands. But Bulk's trusty sidekick stopped him.

"I don't think so, dweeb. Once Bulky have something, it belongs to him." A skinner kid said as he grabbed Billy's shirt and pushed him out of the way. His name is Eugene Skullovich and he too also goes by a nickname of Skull. He's always by Bulk's side and usually repeats everything Bulk says. He's dressed up in leather from his head to his feet. He wears a spiked dog collar around his neck. His hair is greased back, giving it that unwashed look.

"I would really like my lunch back." Ricki replied as she stepped to Bulk's face.

"Maybe I don't want to give it back." Bulk said in return.

"Then we have a problem." Ricki said back to him, not showing any fear.

"Ricki don't. They're not worth getting into trouble about." Billy said.

"What are you saying, we are trouble!" Skull said as he lets go of Billy's shirt.

Ricki looked back at Billy to make sure that he was all right. She gave him a smile and looked back at Bulk. Back in Billy's mind, he knew she had something up her sleeve. She actually felt calm as she approached him. Ricki grabbed Bulk's wrist while he wasn't paying attention. With a little pressure from her fingers, Ricki brought Bulk down to his knees. He was whopping and hollering and was trying to get Skull to get her off of him. She gave Skull a glance and Skull didn't move an inch closer to Bulk or to Ricki.

"What's the matter with you Skull, get her off of me!" Bulk shouted.

A crowd began to form around Billy, Skull, Ricki, and Bulk. Billy's friends came over to him.

"What's going on Billy?" Kimberly asked.

"Bulk and Skull are getting a taste of their own medicine." Billy answered.

"Is that Ricki?" Tommy asked shocked.

"Yes that is. Maybe I should have her let him go." Billy said.

"How did this get started?" Mr. Caplain, Angel Grove High's principal, asked as he approached the teens.

Ricki let go of Bulk's wrist and grabbed her lunch bag off of the floor. She turned around and saw a crowd clapping at her for what she had done to Bulk. She smiled and blushed.

"Bulk took Ricki's lunch and Ricki was just getting it back." Billy retorted.

Mr. Caplain left and followed two boys down the hall. Ricki walked over to Billy and examined her lunch.

"What a bunch of losers." She whispered to herself.

"Are you okay, Ricki." Billy quickly asked as he rushed over to her.

"Yeah, just suffering from a swished sandwich." She said as she looked into Billy's blue eyes.

Off in the distance, Billy's friends looked on. Each with a smile on their face, because they were all thinking the same thing, except for Rocky.

"Wow, she's beautiful. I wonder if she's single." He said softly.

Aisha looked up at him and shook her head. She glanced over at Kimberly and both of them had the same idea.

"I can read your mind girl." Kimberly said as grabbed Tommy's hand.

All of them walked past Billy and Ricki and headed for the double glass doors.

"Are going to join us." Adam said.

They drew their focus off one another and onto the group of friends that was leaving to go have lunch. They soon followed them out of the doors.

They all sat down at a large picnic table. The autumn sun lightly beamed upon them as they ate their lunch. Ricki was happy that she found new friends so soon. She was afraid of being an outcast, because of her intelligence. She was dead wrong, in fact there are a lot of intelligent people in her classes and one of them befriended her.

"What was that you did to Bulk?" Tommy asked.

"I just squeezed on of his pressure points. There's a point you can press that would release the hand and in this case, release your lunch. Who were those guys any ways?" Ricki questioned.

"Those animals are Angel Grove's first class bullies, Bulk and Skull. There are so rude. I think You showed them." Kimberly said as she ate her potato chips.

"How do you like Angel Grove High School?" Aisha asked.

"It's very large. But all in all, very cool. Is there any clubs here at the school? I was hoping there is some, you can say I like doing extra curriculum activities." Ricki stated.

"Sure, there's a variety of associations you can sign up with. I've been in the Debate Club and Physic Club." Billy said.

"There's also after school sports you can try." Aisha said to Ricki. "Rocky was on the football team last year.

"Yeah, and I was on the cheerleading squad. Try-outs are coming up." Kimberly announced.

"I think Spirit Rally is coming up. That's when all the students get to see all the clubs and sports that Angel Grove has to offer. There you can see and sign up for whatever you want." Told Adam as he got up and threw away his trash.

"Sounds real neat. I guess I need to see what's there." Ricki replied. She gathered all her trash and carried it over to the garbage can. While away, all of Billy's friends start to harass him.

"Hey Billy, she's a keeper." Rocky said quietly so that Ricki couldn't hear him.

"Very funny. I was just helping her out; there's nothing now or in the future going to happen between us. Friendship is all I need."

"Give me a break. There's a pretty girl there and you won't even make a move? Boy, you maybe smart, but sometimes you just don't think." Aisha said as she glared at him.

"This is school, not a night club for singles. School work and grades should be important here, not finding a date for the next function at the Youth Center." Billy angrily retorted.

Everybody hushed up when Ricki approached the table. She took a seat and looked around at everybody. She knew something happened by the way Billy was fumbling with his paper sack that his lunch can in. She didn't want to get involved because it wasn't her business, but her gut tells her that it had to be about her.

Billy got up and cleared off the table. He walked over to Ricki, and along with not looking at her, he had a different tone of voice.

"If you're in order to depart, I will be delighted to take you to your next class." Billy said.

"That would be just grand. I attend Mr. Daily's Algebra II class." Ricki said while looking at a piece of paper that was in her pocket.

Billy looked shocked as the words came from Ricki's mouth and entered his ears. He couldn't believe that she attends another class that he has. Maybe his friends were right; it is scary that another person has the same classes, as he has here in Angel Grove High. He had never noticed how beautiful Ricki truly is, just not on the outside, but on the inside.

"There's a brain under all that beauty. Could it be that this girl is perfect for me. No way could Rocky be that observant. Maybe I was kidding myself about her, seems like to everyone else that I should try to more than friends with her. It's been awhile since I found someone who can understand me. The last one dumped me because she only wanted a good grade in environmental science. I promise myself that I wouldn't fall for another girl until I know for sure that she's the one." Billy said to himself.

"Billy, Billy are you alright. You zoned out there for a second." Ricki said as she stared into his crystal blue eyes.

He shook he head a few times and noticed Ricki staring at him. He faintly heard her question due to he was glued to her voice. It was so sweet and innocent, like a baby's first word. It sent shivers down his spine whenever she spoke. He couldn't help but to listen to it, like an orchestra playing a masterpiece, echoing through his ears.

"Yes, affirmative. I apologize for my distraction, I was occupied with the thought that you and I once again have another class at the same time." Billy responded.

"Yes, I guess it seems that way." Ricki said back to him. She turned around and looked at everyone, "It was nice to meet you. Hopefully we can see one another again through out the day."

"You'll never know." Adam said back.

Together, Billy and Ricki left the table and headed for his locker. When they were out of earshot, the group of friends gathers together.

"What do you think?" Tommy asked

"Like I said this morning, we've have got to find him a girlfriend." Kimberly remarked.

"The problem is, we've found one that's perfect for him, but he's not going for it" Adam pointed out.

"He was hurt real bad by Ann, who dumped him after they got an A on the report. He did the work while she led him on. I guess he put up a defense now." Rocky said as he polished off his second sandwich.

"I got an idea, you guys talk to Billy, while Kimberly and I get Ricki involved, if you know what I mean." Aisha said with a smile on her face.

"We have two weeks until the dance, do you think we can do this?" Kimberly asked.

"It's going to be hard, but I refused to let a perfect girl for Billy goes by while he's upgrading him computer. Here's the plan, we will try to get Billy to the Youth Center and you go and show Ricki around Angel Grove." Tommy said

"And we end up at the Youth Center. Great idea Tommy." Kimberly shouted.

The bell rang and everyone immediately got up and headed for their next class. The teens looked at one another and smiled.

"See everyone at the Youth Center." Tommy said.

"We'll let you know when we have Ricki." Aisha reported.

They all left, leaving the picnic table lonely in the sunlight. Outside of the school area is completely quiet. The only voices you hear are the ones from the far distance. The school year is young and the students have not developed a way to use up every second they have before classes, but that will change once the year gets older.

Inside the school, students are swarming around the halls, lockers, and in front of classrooms. In the distance of a hallway, you can make out a bright red spot floating through the passageway. Once you get closer, you notice this dot is Ricki's hair. She can't believe that she is the only person, in this huge school, who was red hair. Maybe that's what attracted Billy to her. He doesn't know, all he knows is that whatever he is feeling, he trying to hide it. He doesn't want to believe that he found someone perfect for him.

They are heading for Mr. Daily's Algebra II class. Ricki is quiet; she can tell something is up with Billy. He's been that way since lunch, when his friends said something to him while she was gone. The expression on his face seem to be more of confusion than anything else. She didn't really know the guy, so she had no idea what it is about.

She found themselves in front of a small room. There wasn't a door, but just a walkway to get in. When they went inside, she noticed all the mathematical posters on the wall. They both sat down next to each other and silently Billy sat. Ricki looked through her notes, not really paying attention to Billy. He started to look over her way. He can't help, but to look at her. She felt him looking at her. She didn't know what to do. Should she look back at him, or just let him look at her? She smiled and looked up. Billy didn't know what to do. He just smiled back at her.

"I apologize for being impolite. I have a variety of thought going through my head right at this time." Billy said.

"No need to apologize, I understand. I don't mean to be a burden to you." Ricki replied.

"Oh, you are not Ricki. My friends occasionally get on my nerves. They mean well, but they don't understand me." Billy confessed.

"Maybe if you don't talk in such large words. I understand them, but I don't think they do." Ricki said innocently.

"No, that's what I meant. They only want what's good for me, but it's not what I wanted." Billy said.

"Be grateful they're looking out for you, not a whole lot of people have friends like you. They seem like they care about you, if they go out of their way to see what's good for you." Ricki responded.

Billy sat there for a moment and actually understood what Ricki meant. He smiled and looked at her.

"You know what you're right. I never thought about it that way." Billy said excitingly.

"Well, I'm glad to be of some help to you." She said to him.

The bell rang and everyone headed for his or her chairs. The teacher got up in front of the class and began with the lesson. Ricki's attention wasn't on the teacher anymore, but on Billy. She wonders what is going on inside his head. What is his friends doing to him that he doesn't like. She let out a sigh that caught Billy's attention. He glanced over at her and noticed her attention is off into space. Her eyes were set on the chalkboard, but her attention was however, some where else.

The piercing of the bell rang through Ricki's ears as it breaks her trance. Billy got up and whispered into her ear.

"Earth to Ricki, come in Ricki. Where are you Alpha Centari?"

"Personally, I like Jupiter's moon Io. Nice and fiery, just the way I like my distance satellites." Ricki responded.

Billy looked puzzled at her and then shook his head. Ricki grabbed her books and got out of her desk. She grabbed her schedule out of her backpack and looked at it.

"What is next for you?" questioned Billy.

"Mrs. Smith's A.P. English. This better be good, I don't care for English very well." Ricki said with a long face.

"No need to worry yourself, Mrs. Smith is a wonderful teacher. She was voted favorite teacher last year from her students." Billy commented.

Ricki shook her head and proceeded to leave with Billy. Ricki really enjoys Billy's company. She hardly never hung out with guys. She had a couple girlfriends at where she used to live, but never any guys. She has always been shy around the opposite sex. To her, guys are just friends than other thing else. She's not to young to know her own physical attraction toward guys, but they have never really been interesting to her. She'll take a good movie or a bike ride than a date anytime. But today, she never truly felt nervous around Billy. His guy friends in Biology kind of made her butterflies turn into 747's in her stomach. Ricki reminds Billy of himself in a weird kind of way. If she had a brother, he would be just like Billy.

"Here you go, Mrs. Smith's A.P. English" Billy said as he shows her to the doorway.

"Where's your class?" Ricki asked with a little bit of fear in her voice.

"Let's see." Billy looks up and down the hallway. He stopped at a couple of doors and came back to Ricki. "Guess what, I'm here."

"Why didn't you tell me that in the first place?" Ricki asked as she gritted her teeth.

"I just joking, sorry." He apologized to her.

They walked together in class and sat down in their desk. Ricki's backpack is stuffed with books from other classes. She digged inside and pulled out a spiral notebook.

"Do you need to drop off some books at the locker?" Billy asked.

"Yes, my back is killing me. I'm not used to all this lifting and carrying. I'm going to look like The Hunchback of Notre Dame." Ricki retorted.

Billy laughed as he heard Ricki's joke. "Her sense of humor is cute. It's refreshing to hear some charming humor instead of corny one liners that everyone tells now and then." Billy thought to himself.

The teacher was going over some vocabulary words. She wrote some words on the board and she wanted them to define them. After a few minutes, Ricki placed her pencil on her desk. She looked over at Billy and saw him still working on the words. She smiles and looked back down at her paper. Billy was having trouble with some of the words and roughly erase his paper. He glanced over at Ricki with a stressed out look on his face. She smiled at him and leaned over toward him.

"If you're having trouble, let me know. I had this class before in my old school, It's quit easy. I'll be happy to help you." She whispered.

Together, they went over the vocabulary that the teacher had on the board. You can hear an occasional giggle between them as they were working. A friendship is growing strong in such a short time they have met. She laughs at all of Billy's scientific jokes and he laughs at her sarcastic remarks to everything. The teacher looked up from her desk every now and then, to check up on how many students are done. After a few minutes, the bell rang and everyone got up and began to leave to room. They placed their work on her desk and left together.

"What is next for you?" Ricki asked.

"Mr. Chamberlain's Chemistry class." Billy answered.

"Cool, same here. Do you think they gave me a copy of your schedule?" Ricki asked.

"It seems that was, doesn't it. None of my friends ever had this many classes with me. " Billy commented.

They walked together through the halls, when they ran into their friends. Standing on the side of the hall was Kimberly, Aisha, Tommy, Rocky, and Adam. Billy and Ricki joined them.

"Hey guys, how's it going?" Tommy asked.

Both Billy and Ricki looked at one another and gave each other a smile. Billy looked back at Tommy.

"Everything is superior." Billy replied.

"So far, so good." Said Ricki.

"Hey Billy, if you can pry yourself from the computer after school, why don't you come to the Juice Bar and we can go over the katas I showed you the other day. It will relieve the stress you're having." Said Adam.

Adam is Billy closest friend he has. Adam knows what he goes through sometimes and if it weren't for him, Billy would not leave his lab. Adam is really thoughtful towards Billy, giving him a chance before anyone else will. He hates to see him left out of anything, just because he's not popular or great at sports.

Billy hesitates at first, then he gives in.

"Okay, I'll go, but I can't spend all day there. I got to get that program running or our projects will be ruining." Billy said through his teeth.

Ricki was puzzled at what Billy meant by that, but it was probably inside between his friends. Everyone else seem to catch on to what Billy said. Each of them nodding their heads.

"Don't worry Billy, we know how important your projects are to us. " Tommy said.

"Well, we have got to be going to our next class. See you later." Billy said as they left together.

"Now, all we need to do is to get Ricki to go." Aisha remarked.

"Yeah, but how. Billy is always around her. " Kimberly said.

"I know, Aisha go follow them and before Ricki gets into the classroom, ask her to go with you and Kimberly. Hopefully this will work." Rocky said.

"It's worth a try. I'm on it." Aisha went off in the same direction as Ricki and Billy left in. She was dodging people left and right, making sure they don't see her following them. Ricki and Billy made it to their Chemistry class and right before Ricki made it to the door she turned around to her name being called.

"Hey Ricki, slow down girl." Aisha called out.

Ricki stopped and looked down the hallway. She noticed it was Aisha and looked over at Billy.

"I'll be right in. Save me a seat." She said to him. He smiled and entered the classroom.

"Aisha, what are you doing here?" asked Ricki.

"Oh, my class is around the corner and I was wondering if you would like a tour of Angel Grove with Kimberly and I. It would be cool if you could come." Aisha responded.

Ricki was stunned to hear Aisha asking her to hang out together. She never thought of finding friends on the first day of school, better yet, being asked to do things with them.

"Uh yeah, I would like that. But one problem, I can't go after school. I have a ride that is picking me up." Ricki said disappointed.

"Hey, that's not a problem. Where can we meet you at?" question Aisha.

"I guess the fire station at the corner of Washington and Third. I'll be outside waiting for you two then." Said Ricki.

"That sounds good to me. Can't wait, you'll have fun. Got to go before the bell rings." Aisha called out as she begins to race down the halls.

Ricki stood there for awhile. She couldn't believe what just happened. She almost wanted to pinch herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming. She turned around and entered the classroom. She found Billy and sat down in the sit he saved for her.

"What did Aisha want?" Billy asked.

"Her and Kimberly wants to take me on a tour of Angel Grove. I don't want to disappoint them, but I used to live here. I just want to get to know them." Ricki answered.

"Keep it a secret. Those two mean well and who knows what they have up their sleeves." Billy said.

Chemistry class begins and Ricki is too busy being in fantasyland right now. Her mind wonders to what Billy meant by Aisha and Kimberly attentions were.

"Do they really want to be friends with me or do they have plan. Something is up and I wish I knew what is it. It could be nothing. But something is nagging at me." Ricki said to herself.

Ricki woke by her name being called. She roughly threw up her head and focus on the teacher calling out her name.

"Ricki Summers. I guess that would be you, since you're the only one who wasn't rose their hand up." Mr. Chamberlain said to her.

"That's correct. Sorry I didn't hear you the first time." Ricki retorted back.

"Have you taken Chemistry before, because your hair looks like a project I once did and it didn't come out. I had to suffer with it for a long time." The teacher said.

The class laughed, but Ricki didn't understand what he was getting at. She looked over at Billy, who was also laughing.

"I don't get it." She replied.

"He referring to your hair color. I guess one of his chemical projects backfired and turned his hair red also." Billy explained to her.

Ricki sat there looked around at the other students who were laughing. They weren't laughing at her, but what the teacher said. However, she felt like the entire class was laughing at her.

"Had anyone ever seen red hair before. It's not new, I know lots of people with red hair." Ricki said to herself.

Billy saw how unsettled Ricki was about the joke. He put his hand on her shoulder and smiled.

"Don't worry about it. Mr. Chamberlain always tells jokes. He didn't mean to offend you, it wasn't meant to be taken that way." Billy said.

Ricki lightened up and enjoyed the rest of the class. She noticed that Mr. Chamberlain does have a twisted sense of humor. It's almost disturbing to see a teacher that has a sense of humor.

The class ends and Ricki looks at her schedule. She was puzzled to see what her next class was.

"You need to show me where the gym is. I know you don't have this class." Ricki said.

"What class is it?" Billy inquired.

"Modern Dance. I have no idea how I got this class. Well, better make the most of it." Ricki said.

Billy and Ricki walked together down a familiar hall. They stopped off at his locker. He open it up and slid his books inside. He looked over at Ricki and noticed all the books she has in her hands and her backpack.

"You need to drop anything off?" he asked.

Ricki dropped her backpack down and opened it. She reached inside and grabbed several books. Billy took the books out of her hands and placed them in the locker. She close her backpack and slung it on her back. Tommy popped up at their locker.

"Hey funny meeting you here." Tommy said.

Both startled, they turned around and smiled at Tommy.

"Didn't mean to scare you. Where are you guys going?" Tommy asked.

"I have to go across campus, and Ricki has to go to the gym." Billy replied.

"Cool, that's where I'm going. Need someone to show you the way?" he asked.

"Yes, I would like that. I don't want to make Billy late for his class." Ricki said.

"It would be no problem. Are you ready?" he asked.

"Yes, give me a second." She answered.

She finished putting her books away and looked up at Billy.

"I'll guess I see you tomorrow. Would right here be good?" she asked.

"That would be just fine. " Billy answered.

"Thank you for letting me tag along with you. You're a sweet guy." Ricki said as she left with Tommy.

Tommy looked back to Billy and behind her back; he pointed to her and gave thumbs up. Billy knew what he meant by that, but he doesn't want to emit to it. She's a real nice girl, however he's not very good on letting his feeling be known. He closed his locker and proceeded to his Physic class.

The last hour of the first day of school is here and Ricki feels alone knowing that Billy or any of her new friends are not around. Tommy showed her to the girl's locker room and he headed to the boy's. She walked in and saw rows upon rows of lockers. She placed her backpack down and looked around on where she is suppose to be. She bound for the gym and sat down where the other students where.

"Okay, now anyone in Modern Dance needs to line up over there and I'll take roll." Mrs. Baldwin called out.

Ricki went over to the side and sat against the wall. She looked around the gym at all the classes that were in there. On the other side is Tommy in his class. She sees him laughing and cutting up with other guys in his class. Her attention was drawn to Mrs. Baldwin as she called out names of students in the class. As a surprise, Ricki's name was not on the list. She rose her hand up and stood up.

"Mrs. Baldwin, you didn't call out my name." Ricki said softly.

"And you are?" She asked.

"My name is Ricki Summers. I'm a new student." She answered.

She sat back down along the wall. The wall was cool and hard. It was the only thing that kept Ricki from falling over and going to asleep. Her mind wonders again as Mrs. Baldwin talked about personal hygiene. Her thoughts drift beyond Angel Grove High. She thinks back to when she used to live here and all the fun she had with her childhood friends. Spending all day at Angel Grove Park, playing dodge ball and bike ride along the lake. She even remembers the tire swing that hung over the lake. Her friends and herself used to see how fast you could swing before you get thrown into the lake. What she wouldn't do to have her friends right now with her. A lot has change since she lived her before. She can't wait until Aisha and Kimberly came by and hang out.

The hour is almost over and Ricki is dying of boredom.

"Wow, I can tell this class is going to be fun. As if." Ricki said to herself.

The teacher let the students leave early out of the gym. Ricki gathered up her backpack and headed for the exit door. The rest of the students, anticipating they are heading in the same direction she needed to go followed her. Somewhere outside, Ricki's ride was waiting for her. The first day is official behind her and it was a day to remember. She made it outside and she could feel the sun beat down on her face. She looked around for her ride, but came up empty. She walked around to see if her ride was somewhere else.

In the student parking lot, six teens finally reunited after seven hours of being separated. Tommy held Kimberly in his arms while Rocky tells Adam how his classes are going. Somehow, through all the commotion, no one noticed Billy looking out into the parking lot. There she stood, her bright red hair sailed in the breeze. Ricki was too busy looking for her ride that she didn't even noticed his piercing gaze.

Her eyes were as deep blue as an ocean, her smile could out shine any star, and her voice was like angels singing their peaceful hymns. Her shapely body would make any girl jealous and the guys just die, just to stand next to her.

"Earth to Billy, where are you?" Aisha called out.

Billy quickly jerked his head away from the view of Ricki and glazed upon his friend. He saw her looking at him with a puzzled look on her face.

"What were you staring at. Is there an eclipse going on that we don't know about." Aisha retorted.

Billy quickly looked back in the direction of where Ricki was standing. There he saw her gliding into a pick up truck, which pulled along side her. Inside the cab was a young gentleman helping her with her books. Billy's mouth fell open. He could feel his heart break into a thousands pieces.

"Could it be true. She never said anything about having a boyfriend. Maybe it was a brother, or someone in her family." Billy thought to himself.

"Oh nothing. Thought I saw someone I knew. I was wrong." Billy responded.

"Hey Billy, see you at the Youth Center. Don't forget your uniform." Adam called out.

"Don't worry, I won't." Billy said as he slips behind the wheel of his car and drove off.

"Let's get going Kim, we don't want to keep Ricki waiting now would we." Aisha said with a giant grin.

"That would not be polite." She remarked.

She turned around in the direction of Tommy and gave him a kiss. She bounced over to Aisha's car and opened to door.

"Catch ya later guys." She yelled out.

Together they left, zooming out of the school's parking lot.

"If it wasn't for Kimberly, I would go after Ricki." Tommy said.

"I wanted to go after her at lunch, but you guys held me back." Announced Rocky.

"I think we're doing the right thing by getting Billy and Ricki together. Knowing Billy, he would let her walk by before he would say anything to her." Adam said.

"We need to get him a date with her." Tommy added.

"What about me? I need a date. Does anybody want to hook me up?" Rocky mentioned.

"Knock it off! You can get your own girlfriend, Billy needs help and as his friends, I believe we need to get him hook him up." Tommy said.

"All I have to say is, if Ricki doesn't fall for Billy, she's fair game." Rocky said.

"Gee, you're all heart." Adam said.

"Don't get me wrong, I wish the best for Billy. Honestly." Rocky retorted.

"Let's get going." Tommy called out.

The three guys climbed into Tommy jeep and was headed for the exit.

They drove to the Youth Center, which is close to the high school. Ernie, who is the owner of the Juice Bar there, holds functions for the school there. Dances, fund raisers, anything to promote spirit for the high school and money in Ernie's pocket. A lot of teens enjoy coming to the Gym, which is inside the Youth Center. They practice everything there from Tommy's martial art classes to Kimberly's gymnastic classes. Also teens visit the Juice Bar to catch up on gossip and study for that up coming test. Ernie makes the best smoothies through out all of Angel Grove and any other county and teens just keep coming back for more.

In the Youth Center, teens are everywhere, enjoying the rest of their afternoon off. Ernie is passing out the smoothies and the smell of sweat is coming out of the Gym. Tommy, Rocky, and Adam walked into the practice area; they dropped their bags off at a table and walked over to the mats. They began to stretch out and their blood starts to boil. Tommy and Adam paired up and started to spar. Their movement were precise and they seem to float on air. Rocky sits back and marvels at his friends.

"Hey, save some energy for me." Rocky announced.

Tommy and Adam stopped and laugh. They gave each other high-fives and Adam walked off the mats. Rocky stepped up to Tommy and they started to spar. After a few minutes, Billy walked in carrying his gym bag. He noticed his friends over at the practice area and he began to walk over to them. He placed his bag with the others and sat down next to Adam.

"Don't worry Billy, this will not take long. A little practice can't hurt you." Adam said. Billy looked over at Adam and shook his head. He lets out a little chuckle and walked out on the mats. He loosened up and started on the kata that Adam taught him the other day. Adam glanced over at Billy and was empresses by all that Billy have learned. He got up and went over to Billy.

"Not bad. I taught you well, even if I do say so myself." Adam said. "Let's get you on some more movement."

"Ready when you are." Billy responded.

Adam began to show Billy some more movement. Billy took on real well, matching Adam's movement with his own. He was proud of himself, he felt like he could take on anyone, but in the back of his mind, he knows he couldn't.

* * *

In front of the fire station, Ricki stood there waiting to be picked up by he newly found friends. A fire fighter walked out and met her out on the driveway.

"Who are you waiting for?" he asked.

"I met some friends today at school. They're taking me on a tour of Angel Grove." She replied back to him.

"Well, have fun and let me know if coming back for dinner." He said as he begins to walk away.

"Don't worry R.C. I will." She called out.

A couple minutes later, a little sports car pulled up. Inside the car was her friends. They jumped out of the car and greeted her.

"Hey Ricki, hop inside and enjoy the ride." Aisha said.

Everyone pilled into the car and it spun away. Aisha knew exactly where to go first. She looked over at Kim and gave a huge smile. She flashed Kim thumbs up and Kimberly gave her one back. Aisha carried her friends to the one place that they talked about. The plan was set and ready to go. Ricki looked out of the back window and admired the city and how it has change since she left. She didn't recognize the path that Aisha was taking and was puzzled at why they are going there.

"Have you ever been to the Youth Center?" Kimberly asked.

"No I haven't. Is that were we're going?" she asked.

"I see why not. This place has everything you can possible wanted. A gym, weight room, practice area, and even a Juice Bar. This smoothies are to die for." Kimberly responded.

"Sounds cool." Ricki said with excitement in her voice.

Aisha pulled up it a parking spot and put her car into park. Everyone took off their seatbelts and exited the car. Ricki looked around and couldn't believe he eyes.

"This place his huge!" she thought to herself.

They entered the building, Aisha and Kimberly took Ricki to the practice area, where they're friends are. Non-chalently, they walked in and sat at a table in the Juice Bar.

"This is the Juice Bar. This place is great for studying, hanging out with your friends . . ." Kimberly squealing cut off Aisha.

Tommy notice the girls and gestured to the other guys. Everyone except Billy noticed the girls and knew what to do. Billy was so into his practice he didn't see the signals being passed by his friends.

Ricki gazed over at the guys over on the mat. She was watching Billy do kata and her heart began to beat hard and could be felt in her throat. His blue tank top was stuck to his chest by sweat. She could see his determination in his chisel face.

"Look who's over there. It's Tommy, Billy, Rocky, and Adam." Kimberly screamed. "Hey guys over here!"

The guys looked up at the girls and ended their practice. They walked over to the table they were sitting at and took a seat.

"Hey, what are you guys doing here?" Adam asked.

Tommy gave Kimberly a kiss and sat down beside her. They knew all along that the girls were coming. He couldn't believe that the plan worked.

"We're showing Ricki around Angel Grove and this was our first stop." Aisha answered.

Adam sat down quickly leaving the only seat open for Billy was next to Ricki. Billy sat down next to her and smiled. His soft glow made Ricki's heart skip a beat. She didn't know what to do. She couldn't escape. She just sat there quietly, hoping he won't talk to her. She didn't know what she was feeling; all of her emotions were in a jumble. Those 747s are flying in her stomach and there is nothing she could do.

"How are you doing?" Billy asked Ricki.

Ricki gasped in amazement. She couldn't speak a word. Her mouth fell open, but nothing came out. Just like the moment she met him, she was startled all over again. She noticed her mouth was opened and she shut and smiled. She finally got her voice and she spoke quietly.

"Good, very good." She replied.

She quickly looked away and glance over at Aisha. She didn't know what to do. Aisha looked at her and tried to comfort her.

"What are so scared about?" she asked.

"I can't tell you here." She whispered back.

"Hey guys, Ricki and I are going to the bathroom. Don't leave with us." She said.

They got up and walked away toward the bathrooms. They entered and Ricki abruptly grabbed the sink. She thought she was going to be sick. Aisha ran over to her and place her hand on her back.

"Are you okay? What's wrong?" Aisha asked.

"I can't take it anymore. My stomach is in knots." Ricki replied.

"How come, you haven't eaten anything." Aisha said.

"Don't tell anyone this, but it's Billy. There's something about him, I don't know what it is." Ricki said to her.

"Sounds to me you have a crush on him." She answered her.

"NO! That can't be! How can that be?" she asked.

"Wait a minute, you're telling me you never felt this way before. Have you ever had a boyfriend?" Aisha concerned.

"No." she said softly. "I really never, you know." She said as she looked down.

"Don't hide your feeling. Your mind is telling you that he's the one. Go for it! What are you waiting for?" Aisha remarked.

"I can't. I don't know him. And what if he doesn't feel the same way I do. It's better if no one knows about this." Ricki said as she regain her composure.

"Hey girl, let nature take its course. Trust me, feeling are mutual." Aisha slipped.

"What! Did you say what I think you just said. I think I'm going to be sick." Ricki quickly ran to the sink.

Kimberly walked into the bathroom and saw Ricki hunched over a sink and Aisha behind her, trying to calm her down.

"What's taking you so long. I thought . . . Oh my!" Kimberly cried out.

She ran over to them and was baffled at what was going on.

"Is she okay?" Kimberly asked Aisha.

"She's fine. Just nerves." Aisha replied.

Ricki lifted her head up from the sink and looked at Kimberly. She took a deep breath and got her thoughts in order.

"The truth is . . . I guess I have feeling for Billy. Or at least that's what Aisha said. I don't know what to do about it." Ricki confessed.

Kimberly couldn't believe what she have heard. Could it be true, Someone actually likes Billy.

"So what's the problem?" Kimberly asked.

"She never had a boyfriend before. This is all new to her. I kind of slipped and told her that Billy felt the same way." Aisha told Kimberly.

"Oh boy! Well, the only thing I can think of is to keep it under wraps and hope Billy make the first move." Kimberly suggested.

"Please promise me this won't leave this bathroom. I would just die if anyone found out and told Billy how I feel." Ricki said.

"We better get going before the guys wonder what happened to us." Kimberly said.

Ricki left the sink and proceeded to leave the bathroom. Aisha and Kimberly were right behind her. They now know what Ricki truly feel about Billy. They promise Ricki that they will keep her secret, but they know that her secret won't be kept for long.

They made it back to the table and they sat back down. They noticed that the guys ordered smoothies for everyone. Ricki looked down at the substance that was in the cup and wasn't sure what it was.

"It's a wild berry smoothie. I thought that maybe you'll like. It's one of my favorites." A soft voice said to her.

She glanced up and saw Billy looking at her. She took a sip of it and enjoyed the flavor that was in her mouth.

"It is good. You were right Kimberly, these are the best smoothies." Ricki said as she continued to drink her smoothie.

She turned around and looked at Billy. Her stomach was too full to get into knots. "Thank-you very much for this. It really hits the spot."

He smiles at her and nods his head. They didn't notice the others watching them.

"So Ricki, how do you like the Youth Center?" Rocky asked.

"I can't believe it is so big. It was never here when I was here." Ricki told them.

"What! You were already here?" Aisha asked.

"Oh yeah, before I moved several years ago, I was born and raise here. But it was total different. This place has grown since I've been here." She explained.

"How long ago was that?" Tommy puzzled.

"Let's see, about five years ago. All of Angel Grove was a small high school where our middle school used to play football, the university, and even down town was pretty small." Said Ricki.

Billy looked at his watch and began to panic. He wanted to leave and finish his project at home, but he also wanted to stay and enjoy the company of Ricki and his friends. He was very much torn between them.

"What's wrong?" Ricki asked him quietly.

"I have to leave. I have to upgrade my computer before my dad needs the phone for his work. I don't want to leave, but this is important I get this done." Billy answered.

"I understand. " With a knot in her throat, she could say anymore. She wanted him to stay so they can get to know one another without feeling like a little kids. Thoughts were floating through her head and then it slipped. "Can I see you again?"

At that time everyone was quiet. She couldn't believe she said that. She was trying so hard not to blush. Everyone looked at them with amazement. She and everyone hung on for Billy's answer. What was he going to say? What was he going to do?

"Sure! Meet me in front of our locker in the morning. We can go to class together." Billy said.

They both smiled at each other and so did the others. Billy said his good-byes to his friends and exit the Youth Center.

Everyone finished their smoothies and the guys began to practice again on the mats. Kimberly looked on at Tommy while he was practicing. She lets out a sigh now and then. Aisha looked over at Ricki and pretends to stick her finger down her throat. Ricki couldn't help, but to let out a little chuckle. Ricki and Aisha were laughing it up at Kimberly's expense. And poor Kimberly doesn't even have a clue on what they are doing.

Ricki glanced down at her watch and gasped. "Oh man, I need to go. I told R.C. I'll be home before dinner and the Fire Department always eat early."

"Don't worry, we'll get you home in no time." Aisha said. She grabbed Kimberly shoulder and gestured her to the door. Kimberly understood and they got up from the table. Kimberly walked over to the mats and gave Tommy a kiss.

"Do those two ever get enough?" asked Ricki.

Aisha laughed and said, "I guess not."

Kimberly joined them and they walked to Aisha's car. They piled inside and a way they went.

Aisha took a couple short cuts to get them to the fire department in no time flat. Ricki got out of the car and turned around.

"Thanks you guys. That was fun." Ricki said.

"Don't forget to meet Billy." Kimberly said.

Ricki blushed and replied, "Don't worry, I won't,"

She entered the fire department and the girls drove away.

* * *

The next morning, Ricki was standing by Billy's locker waiting for him. She was very nervous; she doesn't know what to say, if anything at all. Her palms are sweaty and she kept wiping them off on her jeans. She kept looking around to see if she could see him or his other friends.

After a few minutes, he walked up to the locker. The greeted her with his drop dead smile. Ricki froze there waiting for him to reach inside the locker and pull out her books. He hands then to her and she placed them in her backpack. Together they journey down the hallway to their class. Inside, you see a couple of students already seated in their desks. Others are talking among themselves.

"Did you get your computer set up?" Ricki asked.

"Yes, I did. I couldn't believe I got it all done. It took a lot of time, but I did it." Billy said to her.

All the students entered the classroom and took a seat at their desk. Aisha and Kimberly came in and sat down close to Billy and Ricki. Ricki turned on her computer and began to work on her project. The bell rang and the teacher got the class started.

Hours passed very quickly for Ricki. She couldn't believe that the day was half way over.

Everyone gathered at the usual table and ate lunch. Little did anyone know that Ricki had a trick up her sleeve.

"I saw you guys practicing yesterday at the Youth Center. I didn't know you guys know martial arts." Ricki stated.

"Yeah, every once and a while, we even teach kids a few lessons." Rocky said.

"Well then, I got a surprise for all you." Ricki reached down into her backpack and pulled out an envelope. She opened it up and pulled out some tickets.

"I got each one of you a ticket to the Martial Arts tournament that is being held in the Youth Center. " Ricki said as she passed them out.

"Cool! I've read posters about this. How did you get these tickets?" Tommy asked.

"I've got connections." She said with a smile.

"Are you going to go?" questioned Billy.

"Yes, I'll meet you guys there. And don't mind the big group of fire fighters." She said.

All during lunch, everyone was talking about his or her martial arts talents and past tournaments. But again, Ricki has a surprise up her sleeve.

Time to leave and head for class. Everyone headed in his or her separate ways. Everyone thanked Ricki for the tickets and Ricki actually for the first time felt she had friends.

In her classes, Ricki couldn't help, but to think about Billy and the surprise she had in store of him. She kind of feels bad for keeping things from him, but this will be fun. The school day is about over and Ricki was excited. She meet up with everybody at Billy's locker.

"I just heard that Spirit Rally is coming next week. I'm not going to miss this volleyball season." Aisha stated.

"Hey Rocky, are you going to sign up for football again. You were pretty good last year." Kimberly asked him.

"Only if you are going out for cheerleading." Rocky retorted.

"Well then, see you at the games." She said.

"What about you Ricki? Got any plans?" Tommy asked.

"Really I don't. I just have to see what is out there. I don't know if I want to do sports or clubs, maybe both." Ricki suggested.

"See you at the Youth Center, I need to get going, my class is in buffalo country." Adam said.

"UH?" Everyone questioned.

"Just yesterday I saw a herd of buffalo run pass me." Adam explained.

"Let me guess, the portables." Ricki said.

"You got it." Adam said.

"I thought I saw tracks over there." Ricki said while laughing.

Everyone split up and went to their last class of the day. Ricki and Tommy walked together to the gym. Tommy was doing hand attacks to the air. Ricki just rolled her eyes to the top of her head.

"Just one more hour. I don't know if I can wait that long." He shouted down the hall.

"Are you psyched or what about this tournament." Ricki asked him.

"I'm fascinated with all martial arts. And this one looks cool." Tommy said.

They entered the gym and they went to each other's locker room. She changed into some sweats and joined the rest of her class. This class is easy for her. It is kind of relaxing not using her brain for a class. All the class did was to stretch and went over a few steps. The class came to an end and Ricki ran into the locker room and got changed. She ran out like a bolt of lightning and quickly to Billy's locker. There she met up with him and got her books she needed for homework.

"Are we going to meet you there?" Billy asked her.

"Yeah, I have to stop by my place and change. You'll find me there." She replied.

"Do you need a ride home? I'll be more than happy to take you there." Billy announced.

"Thanks, but I already have a ride home. If you don't mind, can you take me home tomorrow.?" Ricki asked as she close her backpack.

"Sure, I don't mind. Who does take you home?" Billy asked because curiosity gets the better of him. Yesterday he saw her getting into a pick up truck with a guy and he wants to make sure not to hit on some else's girl.

"Oh that's just R.C. He's a good friend of the family." Ricki answered. "Well, gotta run. See ya there." She ran out of the school and headed for a blue truck that R.C. drove. She got inside and they left the school ground.

Everyone met up at Billy's locker. Tommy looked all around for Ricki.

"Where's Ricki?" he asked.

"She had to leave. Her ride was here. She left in a hurry, I hope everything is okay." Billy retorted.

"Well, we better hurry if we want good seats. I don't want to miss this." Aisha said.

The teens left the school and walked to their cars in the student parking lot. They each got to their cars and preceded to leave.

"See you guys there!" Adam yelled out of his car window.

* * *

At the Youth Center, you see people pouring in to Ernie's Juice Bar and Gym. And in the center of the mob is people of many ages practicing and warming up on the mats. The teens walked in and took a seat on the benches. Electricity flowed through to room. Ernie got out from behind the bar and walked over to the mats.

"The tournament will start in five minutes." He called out to everyone in the gym.

Everyone took a seat quickly and even a group of firefighters were seating on the benches.

"Where's Ricki? She going to be late." Billy said nervously.

"She'll be here. She probably had something to do. Relax, she has plenty of time." Tommy said while trying to comfort Billy.

"Uh guys, I think I found her." Kimberly said.

"Where, where?" Billy asked while looking all around the gym.

"Wrong place to be looking Billy. Try straight ahead." Rocky said as he pointed in the direction of the mats.

There stood Ricki, with her red hair up in a French braid. She placed her bag on the side of the mats and pulled out some weapons.

"I had no idea that she was in this." Tommy said.

"No one did." Adam commented.

Billy just sat there with his mouth wide opened. He couldn't believe what he saw. Is it truly her in that uniform wearing that black belt. He shook his head and blinked his eyes and looked again.

"No Billy, your eyes are no playing tricks on you. That's your girl out there." Adam said.

"She's not my girl." He said defensively.

The tournament was about to begin. All the students participating stood in a straight line facing the instructor. They all bowed at the flags that stood in front of the other instructors who were judging the tournament. Then they bowed at the instructors and each other. They all separated into different groups based on belt and age. Ricki stood off of the mat and waited her turn. She practice her moves in the air until her time was up.

After several groups finished, it was Ricki's turn. In this phase was self defense moves and her partner and she paired off on the mat. They faced each other and bowed. The sparring began. He punched at her and she defended herself pretty well. She threw her partner down several times on the mat. You could hear the loud thump that was made when he hit very hard. It took about ten minutes, but to Ricki it felt like eternity. They bowed to one another and left the mats. Sweat dripped off of Ricki's face. She could hardly breathe. It felt like her lungs were on fire.

When she finally got her breathing slowed down, it was her time up. This time it was her basic hard forms. She did her Tai chi, and her katas. Other moves she did left her friends in amazement. She flowed like a butterfly and attacked like a tiger. You could see her determination in her face. There is no stopping her now, she was in her zone. When she got done, she bowed and left the mat. You could hear all the firefighter yelling and screaming. Even her friends clapped and cheered.

"Man, she is good." Tommy said in wonder.

"I had no clue she even knew martial arts." Adam said.

"Remember what she did to Bulk when he took her lunch?" Kimberly stated.

"Kimberly has a point there." Billy said.

They looked out and watched others competing with one other. They couldn't believe how fluidly they moved. It didn't matter what age or what sex, they were like waterfalls on the mats.

Ricki and her partner appeared on the mats. It was the last event, weapons. This is Ricki's favorite event. She practice everyday on her weapon training. She grabbed what look to be a pair of short sticks. They and her partner bowed at one another and began to fight. She blocked every attack her partner gave and dished out a few attacks toward him. It almost seem they were evenly matched, but each has their own style. After they were done, they bowed and picked up another weapon. This time it was straight edge swords. You could hear the klanking of the blades hitting each other thought out the Juice Bar. Everyone was on the edge of his or her seats. Sweat was dripping off of Ricki's forehead, but that did not stop her. After a few minutes, they chose their last and final weapon for the tournament. She was handed a long wooded staff. On each end had a beautiful red flags which flowed in the air, as she prepared herself for the last sparring match. Her heart was beating in her throat. She was exhausted to the max, but she looked over into the stands and saw R.C. and the other firefighters cheering her on. And below them was Billy, Aisha, Adam, Rocky, Kimberly, and Tommy watching every move. Then out of the blue, a bolt of adrenaline ran through her body. She gave her partner a glare of fire that was in her eyes. Then the sparring began. Ricki soar through the air. She could feel everyone's eyes on her. She was on top of the world. She didn't care if she won or not, just the satiation that her friends are here to cheer her on. This a new city for her and making a expression like this means a lot to her. After the compensation was over, she and her partner walked off the mats and shook each other's hand.

The tension was mounting for her. The time has come to present the trophies to the winners. Ricki practice hard for this tournament. She had to leave her old school to come to this one in Angel Grove. She doesn't know everyone well, but with constant practice, she will. Ricki reached into her bag and pulled out a bottle of water and a towel to dry off with. Her uniform was soaking wet from sweat. You could see her light gray under top underneath it was wet. The other instructors that was judging talked among themselves. Ricki looked over at her friends, they too had worry expressions on their faces. R.C. held up his hand and gave her crossed fingers for good luck. Ricki didn't believe in good luck, just a lot of hard practices.

The time that everyone waited for is here. Everyone stood in a straight line on the mats. Ricki's heart was beating so fast, she thought she was going to faint. One of the head instructors stepped out with cards in his hands. He announced the winners of the junior black belt division. Each kid that won was jumping up and down with joy. It made Ricki ecstatic to see the kids running over to show their parents. Now it's time for Ricki's division to receive their awards. Ricki's palms were sweating more now than all through the tournament.

"For third place in the self -dense category is Annabel Thompson." The instructor said.

She screamed and reached out and grabbed hold of her trophy.

"For second place is Joey Freedman" The instructor said.

He smiles and grabbed hold of his trophy.

"And our first place goes to Ricki Summers."

She could hear R.C. wolf whistling as loud as he could. She smiled and grasped the trophy. She showed it to her friends and to the firefighters.

"Next up is the hard form category. " The instructor said.

He introduced the winners in the junior black belt division. And right after that is Ricki's division.

"Third place for hard form category is Brian Dunn." He called out.

He was handed his trophy and the instructor continued to call out the winners.

"Second place goes to Matt Davis." He announced.

And he received his trophy.

"And the first place goes to Ricki Summers." The instructor said.

Ricki again accepted her trophy. She couldn't believe she won twice already, but her favorite is yet to come. She trained hard with her weapons and she would be downhearted if she didn't win. She have no doubt that she did the best she had ever done before. Once again the instructor called out the winners of the junior black belt division. At this time her heart was pumping into overload. She couldn't take it, her ears were clogged. Only the sound of her heart beating was the only thing she could hear.

"The third place winner of the weapons category is Mark Davidson."

Ricki smiled at him. He was Ricki's partner and anyone who was paired off with her deserved a trophy.

"Second place goes to Greg Tyler." The instructor said.

He also was glad to receive a trophy. You could hear his family cheer for him as he received his trophy.

"And our first place winner is Ricki Summers." The instructor said.

Ricki let out a huge scream. She did it. She won all of her categories that she competed in. Her practice paid off. R.C. and crew were going nuts. Even her friends were giving her a standing ovation.

Ricki was having a hard time trying to hold all of her trophies. Her fellow classmates congratulated her. After they were dismissed, Ricki ran up the benches to R.C. She gave him a hug and handed him the trophies. All of the firefighter were patting her on the back and giving her hugs. She turned around and ran down the benches to her friends.

"I'm so glad you guys came." Ricki said out of breath.

"You were terrific. How long have you been doing this?" Adam asked.

"About two years." Ricki answered.

"You did a wonderful job. Why didn't you tell us you were in the tournament?" Billy questioned.

"I thought you wouldn't have come if you knew I was in it. I didn't want you to believe I was full of myself." Ricki responded.

"Don't be silly. We would of still come." Aisha said.

"Well you deserve a smoothie of your choose. It's on me." Tommy said.

"I'll take you up on that offer. Just give me a few minutes to change and get my stuff together." Ricki responded.

Ricki ran up to R.C. and told him that she was going to hang out with her friends. He picked up her trophies and carried them to the house. She went to the changing room and changed out of her sweaty uniform. She slipped into a T-shirt and a pair of jean shorts. She carried her gym bag and her weapons to the table, which her friends were sitting at. She placed them on the floor next to her seat. She sat down next to Billy and ordered a wild berry smoothie.

"What kind of weapons are those?" Rocky inquired.

She pulled out the pair of sticks. She handed them to Rocky and began to describe them.

"Those are called dong bongs. We are taught that if we master hand attacks with weapons then our hand attacks with a empty hand will be three times better. Say you were in a parking lot and someone comes after you. All you have is an umbrella and a bag of groceries. You can use your umbrella as a weapon to fight away the attacker." Ricki said.

"Wow, that is so cool." Kimberly said in awe.

"And this is called a doe. A straight double edge sword. I also practice with another sword that is called a gnome. It's more like a samurai sword. And this long staff is called a chong bong. " Ricki said to her friends.

"What is with the flags on the end?" Adam asked.

"In real use, they attach razor blades to the end of the and that to can be use as a weapon." Ricki responded.

"Woo, you can cause some serious damage there." Tommy said.

Ernie brought over the smoothies and everyone begin to drink up. Minutes turned into hours and everyone had to leave and go their separate ways once again.

* * *

The week finally coming to an end. Students are getting familiar with the school and their schedules. Billy and Ricki are becoming closer friends than anyone ever expected.

It was Friday and Mrs. Herndon's Creative Writing class essays were due. Each student had to get up in front of the class and read out their reports about themselves. Almost all of the class has gone and Mrs. Herndon came to Ricki's name.

"Ricki Summers, it's your turn." She said.

Ricki walked up to the podium and placed her paper upon it. She cleared her throat and began to speak.

"Hi everyone, my name is Rickland Kimber Summers. I was born here in Angel Grove and lived here for a while with my parents. I'm the only child and my parent's pride and joy. You are probably thinking to yourself, what kind of name is Rickland. Well the story goes like this. My father's best friends is a firefighter named Richard Casey Strickland. They go back a long ways. Well, my mom went into labor early and there nothing could be done. So Rick preceded on delivering me because I was to suborn to stay in until they could take my mom to the hospital. Everything came out okay, and my dad decided to name me Rickland after Rick Strickland. Now, he goes by R.C. and I go by Ricki. My dad got a promotion, which caused our family to move to Tri-City Falls. We lived there for awhile, then one night we went out for dinner. It has just rained and the roads were a bit slick. I could hear my mom and dad talking about our vacation to Angel Grove. Then a drunk driver driving in the opposite lanes decided to share a lane and ran into my parent's car. I could feel the impact from the back seat. Glass shot everywhere and my mom scream pierced the night air. Then blackness. All I could see from the backseat was flashing lights. I called out for my mom and dad, but there was no answer from them. I felt a pair of strong hands lift me from the partial crushed backseat. I looked up and glanced into a firefighter's eyes. He carried me over to the ambulance, but all I cared about was to see my mom and dad. I looked over at the twisted metal that used to a car. I saw my dad laying in a sea of glass. Paramedics and firefighters were working on him with all the energy they had. I keep screaming to get my dad's attention, but it was no good. He didn't respond to my voice. I keep screaming to the paramedics to tell me where my mom is, but they never gave me an answer. I could feel the cuts and bruises I sustained in the accident. I looked outside the ambulance window and the last thing I saw before I pulled away was a police officer placing the drunk driver in the back of his patrol car. He was not friendly to him, as he shoved him in there, almost taking off his head on the roof of the car. When I got to the hospital, everyone was on pins and needles around me. No one gave me any answers. I felt all alone until I saw R.C. run into the ER. He came up to me and told me that both of my parents are dead and that he was going to take me back to Angel Grove and I was going to live with him. I feel like a firefighter sometimes, sitting back at the fire station, waiting for the tones to go off. I can still hear my parents' voice telling me that they still love me and that they will always be with me. "

Ricki left the front of the class and walked to her seat. She tried to hold back the tears she so bravely keep within. The room was quiet. No one knew what to say. Finally the bell broke silence.

"Okay, for those we haven't got to, yours are due Monday. No if, ands, or buts." Mrs. Herndon said.

Ricki gathered up her books and waited for Billy, Kimberly, and Aisha.

"What are you doing for the weekend?" Ricki asked.

"Maybe we can all get together and go to the movies." Aisha suggested.

"That sounds good. How about you Billy?" Kimberly asked.

"I see why not." He replied.

"Well, you can count me in. Sure beats watching football with the guys." Ricki said with a laugh.

They all walked to their classes. Billy didn't know how to act around Ricki. He didn't wasn't to bring up anything that had to do with the report or her family. He kept silent throughout the trip down the hall.

"You seem awfully quiet. Is everything okay?" she asked him.

"Affirmative. I witness no other reason not to all right." Billy answered.

"You're talking in those big words again. That could only mean you are avoiding feeling from me." Ricki said.

Billy couldn't understand how she knew him so well. He shook his head and stopped by a corner in the hallway.

"I feel bad for you. I didn't want to bring up any emotions. I don't know how it must feel to loose both of your parents. My dad and mom got a divorce, but I still see and talk to my mom, but for you..." his voice faded out.

"It's okay Billy. I have learned to deal with it. My parents would not like it if I was sad all the time. They would want me to get on with my life and to cherish every memory we have together. It wouldn't bring my parents back if I kept all the anger and sadness inside of me. That's why I talk about it. It also helps me to focus on other things like my new friends. My parents would have liked you. They always wanted my to hang out with other smart people." Ricki said with a smile.

Billy looked into her deep blue eyes and smiled back. There was no sadness behind those eyes, only pure happiness. Together, they spent the rest of the school day together.

Time has come to conquer the weekend. The teens met up in the parking lot and Ricki is there too. Cars are zooming by them, but they continued to talk. Tommy had his arm around Kimberly's shoulders and Ricki standing close to Billy's side.

"Same time, same place?" Rocky declared.

"As always." Adam remarked back.

Everyone got into their cars and drove out of the school parking lot.

"Where are we going?" Ricki asked Billy as he drove behind the other cars.

"Every Friday, we go to the park and play a little football." Billy said.

"That sound like fun." She replied.

They drove through the city and they arrived at Angel Grove Park. Rocky digs through his trunk of his car and pulls out a football.

"Boys and girls, let the games begin." Rocky announced.

"Okay, let's pick teams." Tommy said.

"I'm sitting out of this one." Billy said.

Ricki counted and realized that there's an odd number of players.

"No Billy, I'll go sit out. You can play with your friends." Ricki said.

"How about this we each get to sit out a game." Adam suggested.

"Works with me." Billy said.

"There better not be tackling again. It took me forever to get the grass stains out for last shirt I wore." Aisha said.

"Don't worry, this will be touch football." Rocky said.

"Rocky, you and I are captains. I choose Kimberly." Tommy said.

"I'm not shocked. I choose Adam." Rocky proclaimed.

"Aisha, you're with me." Tommy called out to her. She ran over and both Kimberly and her hugged.

"That's okay, we got the secret weapon. Ricki you're here with us." Rocky stated.

Ricki walked over to Rocky and Adam's small huddle they started.

Billy walked in between the two teams. He takes a coin out of his pocket and placed in his hand.

"Tommy you call to see who gets the ball first." Billy said.

Billy flipped the coin in the air and slowly it flipped all the way down. As it reached Billy's hand, Tommy screamed.

"Tails!" he called out.

Billy opened his hand and glanced at the coin. He smiled and looked up at the two team's captains.

"The coins shows heads. Rocky gets the ball first." Billy said.

Rocky, Adam, and Ricki let out a little cheer.

"Let's get ready to rumble." Ricki quoted.

They lined up against one another. Adam is ready to hike the ball to Rocky. The ball was snapped and everyone scattered. Rocky had the ball and tried to run, but Tommy blocked him from running. Rocky looked around for someone open. Ricki out smarted Kimberly and headed up the field. Rocky spotted her and threw her the ball. Ricki caught the ball and ran to the end of the field.

"TOUCH DOWN!" Rocky screamed.

Ricki stopped and spiked the ball. She ran over to Rocky and Adam and high five them.

"Okay six to nothing. Your ball." Adam said.

Tommy hiked the ball to Kimberly and Kimberly threw it to Aisha. Aisha ran a few steps, but was tagged by Rocky. Tommy once again hiked the ball to Kimberly. Kimberly ran until she was tagged. Billy was on the sideline watching everyone having a good time. He watched how much fun Ricki was having. Her red hair flying through the air as she run with the ball. Her smile is gorgeous. So bright and cheerful. Occasionally she look over Billy and smiled. She never had this much fun with people her own age. Time flew by and Ricki glanced down at her watch.

"Oh man, it's late. I need to be going. Thanks for the fun guys. Hopefully we can do it again." She said as she began to walk away.

Billy ran after her. "Hey, let me walk you home." He said.

"Thanks, but I just around the corner at the fire station." She replied.

"It's no problem." He said with a smile.

Together they walked toward the fire station. They talked about little things and shared a few laughs. They made it to the driveway of the fire station.

"Thanks again for walking me here." She said as she looked into his blue eyes.

"Umm, would you mind if I umm, I'll call you sometime. You know, if you don't want me to that would be fine. You wouldn't hurt my feeling." Billy said shyly.

"I was meaning to give you this." Ricki put her hand in her pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. She handed it to Billy and Billy was stunned. He opened it and looked at it. He saw two phone numbers that was written on it.

"The first number is the home number. If no one answers try the second one. That's the fire station number and most likely you can get me there." Ricki said.

They stood out on the driveway for a while talking about future plans. Then all of a sudden, Billy's communicator went off.


Little does Ricki know that Billy and her newly found friends had a deep secret. They are the Power Rangers, the guardians of Angel Grove and protectors of good. Their secret is well secured. If the secret is revealed, then they all lose their powers.

"What was that?" Ricki asked.

"Oh that" Billy exclaimed. "That's the alarm on my watch. It's time for me to go home."

"Well, talk to you later." Ricki said.

"Bye." Billy screamed as he ran down the driveway and toward the park with all of friends were at.

They met up and they ran over to a patch of trees.

"What's up Alpha?" Tommy said into his communicator.

"Rangers, you have to come to the Command Center quickly. Rita and Lord Zedd brought down a monster to tear apart Angel Grove." Alpha said.

"We'll be right there." Tommy replied.

The teens stood together and pushed a button and their communicators. Then six brightly color beams of light swallowed the teens. Black, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Red, and White streaked across the sky and to the mountains outside of Angel Grove. Inside those mountains is a building secretly place that no wondering eyes can find it. That is where the Power Rangers' Command Center is located. Not anyone can get there. Only the ones who holds a Power Coin, and who ever has a Power Coin is a Power Ranger.

Inside the Command Center, there is a little robot running around. He is Alpha Five, a robot companion of Zordon. And Zordon is the one who holds the secret of the Power Rangers. Inside his time warp, Zordon helps the Rangers in battle against their archrivals Rita Repusla, Lord Zedd, and their evil hinch men.

The six beams of light enter the Command Center and materialize into the six teens.

"What's going on Alpha?" Tommy asked as he ran over to Alpha who was pushing buttons.

"Look at the Viewing Globe" Zordon said.

Across the room, the teens rushed over and stared at a round sphere. An image appeared of a monster running through Angel Grove. The teens were stunned.

"It is called Master Blaster. It can draw upon any energy that is drawn to it and can re-channel it back." Alpha said.

"Your weapons are useless in this one Rangers." Zordon said with a booming voice.

"What do we do?" Kimberly questioned.

"We just got to use our heads." Billy remarked.

"Come on guys before this creep start causing some serious damage." Adam claimed.

"He's right. It's Morphin' Time!" Tommy called out.

"Mastodon!" Adam morphed into the Black Ranger.

"Pterodactyl!" Kimberly morphed into the Pink Ranger.

"Triceratops!" Billy morphed into the Blue Ranger.

"Sabre-tooth Tiger!" Aisha morphed into the Yellow Ranger.

"Tyrannosaurs!" Rocky morphed into the Red Ranger.

"Tiger-zord!" Tommy morphed into the White Ranger.

"Let's do it!" Rocky screamed.

The Rangers teleported back to Angel Grove and to where the monster was located. The six beams of light landed right in front of the monster. The monster was surprised and jumped back.

"Ahh, the Rangers finally appeared. What took you so long." The monster said to them.

"Don't worry about us and worry about yourself." Tommy replied.

"Come on and give me your best shot. You can't defeat me."

Adam quickly rushed him, but Tommy held me back.

"Hold back, we don't know what he is capable of." Tommy said.

"Let's do this like a team." Kimberly said.

"Let's go!" Tommy screamed and they all took off and started to battle with the monster. They were starting to get the upper hand until from their moon base, Rita and Lord Zedd saw what was happening to their monster.

"Zeddy, they're destroying my monster. They can't do that, it was just getting started on destroying the city." Rita said.

Zedd walked over to the balcony and placed his staff beside of him.

"Well, let's make it go and the Rangers have no chose, but to use their weapons or their Power Sword." Zedd commented.

Together they held up their staffs and placed them together.

"Staffs, make our monster grow." They said together.

A beam of white light came out of their staffs and journey to the Earth's surface. The beam found its target and turned Master Blaster into a sixty-foot monster.

"I hate it when they do that." Aisha groaned.

"We need Mega-zord Power now!" the teens said in unison.

>From out of the secret hiding places, the Zords appeared and headed to their keepers. The Rangers ran and entered their Zords.

"Let's get this rockin'!" Tommy commanded.

They brought their Zords together and made a giant warrior.

"Let's show him who's the boss." Adam said.

They began to engage in hand-to-hand combat. The monster threw the Mega-zord down and was about to crush it under his foot. But the Mega-zord grabbed hold of the monster's foot and pushed him backwards.

"Nothing we are doing is stopping this creep." Kimberly said.

"We are useless without our Power Sword." Rocky retorted.

Billy sat there quiet. His mind was working, thinking of a way they can use to defeat this monster.

"I got it!" Billy jumped up and screamed. "Remember Ricki's tournament. They used weapons and they were made of wood and steel. All we need is something we can use as a weapon, like we would use the Power Sword."

"Great idea Billy. What about a tree or a pole?" Tommy suggested.

"There's are unused power poles by the Angel Grove Recycling Plant. Just let him follow use and we can clobber him." Aisha suggested.

"He can not touch those power lines or there will be no stopping him." Billy said with concern in his voice.

The Mega-zord traveled to the Recycling Plant to get one of the power poles that was not in use. Master Blaster didn't know what they were up to. Once the Mega-zord pulled it out of the ground, the monster quickly retreated back to the park. The Mega-zord followed it and was beating it with the pole. Master Blaster couldn't defend itself and with one last blow to the head area, Master Blaster blew up into many pieces.

"Yeah, we did it!" Tommy screamed out.

Cheering was heard all through out the Mega-zord. Camera and reporters were all around getting footage of the battle that the Ranger had. The Mega-zord flew back to the Command Center and the Rangers de-morphed back to the teens they were.

"Good job Rangers! I was pleased with the way you used your mind instead of your weapons." Zordon said.

"It was Billy's idea." Aisha said as she smile at him.

"I can't take all the credit. It was Ricki who showed us that it could be done." Billy said.

"Who is this Ricki?" Zordon asked.

"Ricki is a friend we met in school. She practices martial arts and was in this tournament the other day. She learned all these techniques and won in her category." Tommy said to Zordon.

Back in Angel Grove, Ricki and all of the fire fighters were watching television until a news flash came on.

"Look at this, the Power Rangers defeated another monster." R.C. said.

Ricki watched the screen carefully and noticed that the Power Rangers was using a power pole as a weapon. She was puzzled at why they used it instead of their other weapons.

"Hey, at least that stupid monster didn't cause that much damage to the city." Another firefighter said.

They all laughed and continued to watch the television. Ricki left the room and headed for her sleeping quarters she uses for a room when she's at the station. Ricki likes this little room, she made it up to her liking. She walked over to her window and looked up at the sky. The sky was clear and full of stars. The opened the window and crawled out of it and onto the roof. There she sat with her head full of thoughts.

What appeared to her as a few minutes grew to a few hours, she was about to head it, but the fire department got a call in. She could see the fire trucks exiting out of the station with their lights flashing. The red and white lights reflected off of the surrounding buildings. Ricki held her breath as they drove pass her, her heart was racing because she knew that all the guys put their lives on the line to save other people. She shuttered at the thought of losing R.C. That would be the worst faith of all for her. She sat up here listening at the sirens until the disappear into the night. She wasn't going to leave that rooftop until R.C. and the other firefighters come back.

She sat up there for awhile, a cool breeze chilled her to the bone. Just when the wind was about to take over and win, she noticed the fire trucks turning the corner. A smile came across her face and she left the top of the roof and made it down to her room. She could hear the guys talking and caring on about their recent rescue. She headed for a little single bed in the corner and fell right asleep.

* * *

Ricki woke up to the sound of morning. Living at a fire station, the only sound you hear in the morning is the next shift coming in. Ricki grabbed her stuff and hastily got dressed. She made it down the stairs to where R.C. was about to leave.

"Are you ready Ricki?" he asked her.

Still halfway asleep, she nodded her head. They made it out to his truck and speed away to their apartment they shared.

"Were you up late?" R.C. asked her.

"Your late call woke me up. That's all, I'm fine." She replied back to him.

When they made to the apartment, Ricki grabbed her stuff and headed for her room. She dropped her stuff on the floor next to the bed and fell onto the bed. Before her head could hit the pillow, she fell back asleep again.

R.C. was wondering why she didn't make it down stairs for breakfast. He walked over to her room and peeped into her room. There on her bed, Ricki laid asleep. Her face was into the pillow and laid there motionless. R.C. just smiled at her and walked away.

After awhile, Ricki woke up to the sound of the phone ringing. She got up and listened in on what R.C. was saying. R.C. walked over to her room and handed her the phone.

"It's Billy, do you want to talk to him or do you want me to take a message?" R.C. asked her.

She reached out for the phone and he handed it to her. She looked up at him and he left the room.

"Hello." She said with a little sleep in her voice.

"Hi Ricki, it's me Billy. How are you doing?" Billy said to her over the phone.

Trying not to smile she held the phone close to her ear.

"I'm fine, how are you doing?" she asked back.

"Okay, I was wondering if you would like to go to the movies with all of us. I can pick you up and we can meet everyone there at the theater." Billy explained.

"That sounds good. What time were everybody planing to go?" she asked him.

"About three hours. Is that enough time for you?" asked Billy.

"That's plenty of time. Do you know where Emerald Bay Apartments are located?" she asked.

"Yes, I live a couple of blocks from there." Billy said with excitement in his voice.

"Cool, I'm in apartment number 46 upstairs. Just knock and either R.C. or I will answer the door." She replied.

"I'll see you in a couple of hours then." Billy said.

"Okay then, take care." She whispered.

"I will. Bye." Billy replied.

"Bye." She answered him.

They both hung up the phone and she was on cloud ninety-nine. Nothing could bring her down from this natural high. She ran over to her closet to see what she should wear.

"I want to wear something nice, but not to dress up." She said to herself.

She pulled out a silver velvet top with a pair of her nicely fitting jeans. She reached in again and fumbled with some shoeboxes.

"Yes, I found them." She said out loud.

There in her hands were her brown suede-hiking boots with a soft cloth around the top. She place all of the items on her bed and stood back. She looked at them and smiled.

"Perfect." She whispered.

She walked out of her room and into the kitchen. She notice R.C. sitting on the couch in the living room. She started to make lunch, when she walked into the living room.

"You want a sandwich?" she asked.

"Sure. I see you finally woke up." He said back to her.

"Yeah, I had to get up sooner or later." She replied back as she was making sandwiches for both of them.

"Do you mind if I go to the movies with my friends?" she asked as she handed him a plate with a sandwich on it.

She sat down in the chair next to him, waiting for his answer.

"I see why not. Just don't come to late, you are responsible enough to know when that time is." He said before he takes a bite of the sandwich."

"Thank-you, and I will home early, I promise. You get to meet one of them tonight. He's coming by to pick me up." She said with a smile.

"Oh, is this the Billy that was on the phone earlier?" he questioned as he takes another bite.

"Yes, Billy Mitchell. I have almost all of my classes with him. He's a real cool guy." She responded.

"Wooh, he has classes with you, this kid must be real smart. I'd never known anyone smarter than you, well, besides your dad. And your mom was impressive too. We all knew that you were going to be smart when they had you. With your mom and your dad intelligence, we knew you were going to be special." R.C. said as a gleam of light sparkled in his eyes.

Ricki like to listen to R.C. talk about her parents. He knew them in a different way then she did. His emotions change every time he thinks about them. He almost wants to cry, but instead he laughs and smiles.

She got up and took hold of R.C.'s plate. She brought them to the kitchen and put them in the dishwasher. She went into her room and began to gather up stuff she needed to take a shower. She brought in her radio and sat it down on the table. The turned it on and started up the water for her shower. After a while. The hot water began to get cold and Ricki knew that it was her cue to get out of the shower. She dried herself off and got dressed. She put the towel around her sopping wet hair and walked into her room. On her dresser is a basket full of hair clips and ties she uses to pull back her long, all one length, red hair. Sometimes she likes to wear it down, but tonight she wanted to put it up. She carried her stuff into the bathroom, and her radio began to play her favorite song. She turned it up a little and began to sing along with the song. As she was putting on lotion and was putting mousse in her hair, she was swinging her hips back and forth with the music. She grabbed the hair dryer and started to dry her hair. After it was dried, she walked out of the bathroom and over to where R.C. was. He was walking down the hallway. Ricki turned on the hair dryer and blew her hair out like she was in a windstorm.

"Toto, toto. Where are you. I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." Ricki said as she blew herself back into the bathroom.

R.C. just stood there shaking his head. He continued to walk down the hall. Ricki laughed and started to fix her hair. She didn't know how she wanted to put to up. After a few tries, she managed to get it the way she wanted it. She cleaned up the bathroom and headed for her room. The started to put on the clothes she had on her bed. After she was done, she marveled herself in the mirror. She was missing one thing. She ran over to her dresser and pulled out what looks like a small suitcase. She opened it up and inside had all of her jewelry. She shifted through it until she came upon a pair of earrings and matching necklace. She sat there for a while thinking back to when she first receive them. Her mom gave her those earrings and necklace for her sweet sixteen birthday. They were sterling sliver teardrops with a piece of amethyst stones in it. She treasured those and never wanted to wear them, but she believe her mom wanted her wear them and remember her. She had trouble with the clasp of the necklace and asked R.C. if he could help.

He walked into the room and reached around her neck and fastened the necklace for her.

"I remember when your mom gave you these. Wasn't it your sixteen birthday? This get together with your friends must be pretty importance if you are busting out the fine jewelry." He said.

"Yes it is. And of course, you were at my sixteen-birthday party. Remember, you gave me this." She said as she reached into her closet and pulled out a fire helmet with her name on the back of it.

"I always wanted you to become firefighter. Your dad was until he became a fire investigator. That's what happens when you're to smart for the fire>' R.C. said he looked into her blue eyes. They reminded him of her father's eyes.

Then someone knocked on the door. Ricki abruptly looked at the clock.

"Oh man, I'm late. Can you get that for me and tell him I'll be right down." Ricki asked and raced over to get her shoes.

R.C. smiled and nodded his head. He walked over to the door and opened it. Outside was a young man wearing a blue and white striped shirt and a pair of faded out jeans. He wore glasses and had short brown hair.

"Hi, I'm Billy. Is Ricki here?" he asked shyly.

R.C. smiled and showed him in. They both stood in the foyer in front of the hallway.

"She'll be here in a second. She's running a little late. Would you like a sit?" R.C. asked as he showed him to the living room.

They both walked together to the living room. Billy noticed all the pictures on the wall. The stopped at one and marveled at it. It was a picture of all the fire fighters in front of the fire department with their uniforms on. And in the middle was Ricki with a uniform on too.

R.C. noticed the picture that Billy was looking at. He walked over to him and pointed out a guy standing above Ricki.

"You see that guy? That's Ricki's father. He was so proud of her. We both want her to become a firefighter. Even when she was little, she always wanted to come along with us. We could never pry her away from the fire house." R.C. said to Billy.

Billy smile and turned around. He didn't know what to say to R.C. But the pattering of Ricki's feet as she was running down the hallway saved him.

She stopped right in front of the living room. She saw R.C. and Billy standing together. Billy's mouth fell open as he looked at Ricki. She was beautiful and he couldn't believe his eyes. Even R.C. cracked a smile when he saw her.

"Did you embarrass me with stupid stories?" Ricki asked R.C.

R.C. looked surprised and said, "You accused me of telling your friends stories to embarrassing you. You got me all wrong."

"Hi Billy. Are you ready to go?" she asked him.

"Ready when you are. It was nice to meet you Mr. Strickland.", Billy said.

"Bye R.C. " she said.

"You guys take care and stay close to fire exits." R.C. said as they walked out of the door.

Ricki rolled her eyes up and shook her head. "I can't believe he said that."

They walked to his car and got inside. They took off and headed for the movie theater. Ricki could feel her pulse race. She was sitting with Billy alone in his car, going to the movie. She wanted to pinch herself to make sure this wasn't a dream. When they got to the theater, all of their other friends were waiting for them.

"Hey, Ricki! How's it going?" Aisha asked.

"Not bad. What are we going to see?" Ricki replied.

"Let's see. We could go to see a comedy, a thriller, a horror, or a chick flick." Rocky said as he looked on the bulletin board.

"Comedy." Kimberly said.

"Comedy." Adam agreed.

"Thriller." Tommy said, but was elbowed by Kimberly. "Comedy."

"Comedy." Billy said "What about you?" he asked Ricki.

"Comedy is fine with me." She remarked.

"Good, comedy it is going to be." Aisha said.

They all dug through their pockets and purses to find their money. They got in line and waited for their turn to get their tickets. Billy leaned over to Ricki and whispered in her ear.

"You look real nice tonight." He said.

She blushed and said, "Thank-you."

They made it to the ticket window and everyone got their ticket for the movie. They entered and Rocky heads straight for the food counter.

"Does he always eat?" Ricki asked.

"Always, girl." Aisha said.

Everyone met Rocky at the food counter. Everyone got their food and drinks and headed for the theater. When they entered, they all headed for the back seats. You could hear everyone in the theater talking among themselves.

Billy handed Ricki a bucket of popcorn. "I got this for us. I hope you like popcorn."

"I love popcorn, thanks." Ricki said as she dug her hand in the bucket and started to munch on the popcorn.

The lights were lowered and the movie begins to play. Everyone's eyes were focus onto the screen. You can hear munching sounds coming from everywhere. Ricki couldn't remember the last time she has been to a movie with friends. She actually feels like she has known then for many years, well in fact it as only been a week. Just sitting next to Billy is making Ricki nervous.

"What would happen if a funny part of the movies comes and I have a mouth full of popcorn and I starting choking on it. I would just die. I would never be able to look at anyone again. I will become a hermit, running away from home, become a nun in a convent." Ricki thought to herself. Then all of a sudden, something startled her. It was Billy, he was talking to her.

"How do you like the movie so far?" he asked.

"It's funny. I'm enjoying it a lot." She replied back hoping he didn't notice her spacing out.

"Oh boy, I did it again. He probably thinks I have a short attention span. And that I am not enjoying myself with him." She said the herself.

The movie was funny, Ricki thought she was going to cry a couple of times. And at the end of the movie, the lights came on. None of the teens were able to get up. Rocky had candy wrappers all around him, Tommy had his arm around Kimberly's shoulders. Aisha was comfortable with her feet resting on the seat in front of her. Adam was still laughing over parts of the movie. Ricki was stilling eating popcorn and Billy was trying to get a gummy bear off of the bottom of he shoe that he stepped on.

After everyone has left the theater and the clean up crew and in, the teens forced themselves to get and make their way to the parking lot.

"Oh that movie was funny. I can't stop laughing over that one part when he looked at her with that stupid grin." Adam said as he laughs harder.

"Adam you need to breathe. You're turning red." Ricki said to him.

They all made it to their cars. Occasionally one of them stretches out their legs.

"So, what's next?" Rocky asked.

"I don't know. Does anybody have any suggestions?" Tommy asked.

"Let's go go-carting!" Aisha called out.

"That sounds cool. How about it Tommy?" Kimberly looked at Tommy.

"Hey, let's do it." Tommy said as Kimberly jumped up and down.

They all entered their cars and drove to the go-cart track. Ricki was sitting in Billy's passenger seat. She looked up at him and studied his face. His face looked warm and caring.

"You will really like this place. It has bumper boats, go-carts, and video games." Billy explained to her.

Ricki was excited. She never had this much fun in one day. She wished this night would never end. Just the warmth of friends make Ricki feel like she is very lucky.

They arrived at a building that was covered with colored neon lights. Inside, she could see rows and rows of video games. In the back, there's two racecar tracks and a giant pool that the bumper boats were in. They gathered all together by the door.

"Do you want to start with the go-cart or the bumper boats?" Tommy asked everyone.

Everyone looked at one another and answered together, "Go-carts!"

They ran inside and got several tickets for the go-carts. They got in line outside and waited for their turn to get on the track.

"I never drove a go-cart before." Ricki said to Billy.

"It's like driving a car, except for the brake is on the other side." Billy explained to her.

Ricki still clueless when it was her time to get onto the track. Get got into a car that was behind Billy and in front of Rocky. She had no idea on how to get the car going. The light turned green and everyone sped out of the starting line. Ricki stomped on the excelerator petal and raced out and she was out on the track. Rocky kept sneaking up on her side, but Ricki pushed the pedal down even further. She was passing everyone, skidding around the corner, but she did not know how to stop. And when time was up, she just let off of the gas and coast to where the park cars were at. She didn't stop in time and accidentally ran into the back of Rocky's car to help her stop. Rocky leaped out of the car and glared at Ricki.

"I'm sorry. I didn't stop in time. Are you hurt?" she asked him.

"No, I'm fine. You scared me." He replied to her.

They left the racetrack and got in line for the bumper boats. Everyone was laughing and Ricki was trying to get over hitting Rocky's car. They entered the pool and each hopped on a bumper boat. After everyone's motor was grinding to a tune, they took off and headed for each other. Ricki headed for Billy, but was cut off by Adam ramming her. A wave of cold water entered her boat and got her wet. She headed again for someone to collide with. She ran into Aisha and finally got a good hit on Billy. Everyone was out of blood. Friendship means nothing when you are behind a wheel of a bumper boat. After everyone was soaking wet, they docked their boats and headed for the parking lot.

Ricki looked down at her watch and she knew that it was getting late. Billy kind of got the hint when she looked at her watch.

"Well, I'm heading for home. Are you ready Ricki?" Billy asked her.

She smiled and said, "Yes I am. It was great guys, but I think I have a someone waiting for me at home. He not use to me going out late and I won't be surprise if he waiting for me on the couch." She said.

"I'm glad you had fun. I guess we'll see you Monday at school." Tommy said.

"I'll be there." Ricki said as she and Billy walked to his car. He opened the door for her and closed it behind her. He entered the car and drove away heading for her apartment. She closed her eyes and began to let the night sink in to her memory banks. She opened her eyes and Billy arrived in front of her apartment building. They exited the car and Billy walked her to the front door. There they stood, in front of the door.

"Thank-you for taking me tonight. I had a really good time." Ricki said.

"I'm glad you did. I had a good time too. I glad you could have come. You have a good night." Billy said to her.

"You too Billy." She said to him.

They both smiled at one another and Ricki reached out and hugged Billy. Billy wrapped his hands around her petite body and gave a gentle squeeze. After a few seconds of embrancement, they separated and Ricki went inside. Billy slowly walked away and Ricki closed the door behind her. She let out a smile and walked to her room.

She gently closed the door and turned on her light. She prepared for bed and when she turned down the sheets, she turned off the lights. She looked outside toward the night sky. The sky was filled with stars and Ricki heart was filled love. She said a prayer and softly smile at the midnight sky. She turned around and slid into her bed. She closed her eyes and thoughts of Billy filled her head. And slowly she fell into a nightly slumber.

* * *

The bright, warm sun filled her room and a beam softly lit up her face. The warmth of the ray broke her trance and she slowly woke up. She fluttered her eyes a couple of times and stretched her arms and legs. She made it out it out of bed and into the kitchen. There in the kitchen stood R.C. staring into the refrigerator.

"If you take a picture of what is inside, you would have to open the door." Ricki said as she leaned over R.C.'s shoulder.

He closed the door and looked up at her. "You're a laugh a minute."

She reached up on a shelf and pulled down a box of cereal. She poured some into a bowl and reached in the refrigerator and got the milk. She pour it over her cereal and began to eat her cereal.

"What plans do you have for today?" he asked her.

"No, not really. Just going to sit back and study." She replied.

"I'm going to need you to help me do a couple of things around the house." R.C. said back to her.

"You got it." Ricki agreed.

She finished her breakfast and wash off the dishes. She headed for her room and changed into some old clothes. Ricki doesn't mind helping around the house. She owes a lot to R.C. for letting her live with him instead of being put in a foster home.

After she got dressed, she put her long hair into a bun and went to go find R.C. She found him out on the porch.

"Well, I'm ready." She said to him.

R.C. smiled and together they cleaned off the porch and the closet that was out there. They drugged the garden hose across the house and hose it off and scrubbed it. R.C. noticed Ricki and her hands and knees, scrubbing the ground. He pointed the hose at her and turned to on. Ricki screamed and threw the scrub brush at R.C. Ricki looked down at her soaking wet clothes and laughed. After they got their composure, they went back to work.

After they were done with the porch, they cleaned the inside of the house. Vacuuming, dusting and mopping the floors. Nearly four hours, the two of them were finally done with the house. Both of them were exhausted. It wasn't very long when they collapsed and took a nap. R.C. was on the couch and Ricki was in her room. Her bed comforted her and sent her away.

Time went by and a delicious smell floated in the air and drifted into Ricki's room. Half asleep, she could smell the wonderful scent that was in the air. After a while of deep breathing, she woke up and she let her nose follow the smell. She found herself in the kitchen and R.C. was making dinner. She went to the stove and took of the lid of a huge pot. Inside was the best smelling stew that Ricki ever smelled in her life.

"Why did you make so much? You are not at the fire station." Ricki asked.

"It's a habit to make a lot. Any ways, we can have it for left overs." R.C. said.

Ricki grabbed some dishes and set the table. R.C. put down two bowls down on the table. Ricki and R.C. sat down and began to eat. Ricki couldn't help but to shovel the food into her mouth. She was hungry from all the work they did around the house. After they were through, Ricki got up and cleaned the kitchen. She thought back to when she used to clean the kitchen after her mom cooked. Her mom was pretty neat and didn't have a lot of dishes to clean. She cleaned up the last of the dishes and she headed off to her room.

In her room, she picked up her backpack and walked over to her desk. She took the books out of her bag and place them down. She turned on the lamp that was right above her and preceded to study her schoolwork. Ricki really liked school. She always try to do her best no matter how hard the subject might be.

R.C. was walking down the hallway and stopped by her doorway. He glanced inside and saw her studying away. He thinks back to when he was in high school. Sometimes he wonders how he ever passed. The let out a little smirk and went his way. The clock struck nine o'clock and Ricki grew tired. The words on the pages seem to move together. She closed her books and got ready for bed.

* * *

Days grew into weeks and Ricki was really comfortable with the high school. She started to meet new friends through out the school and she was eager to join clubs at school. Rocky made it on the varsity football team and Kimberly is on the varsity cheerleading team. She even tried out and won for the captain's position. Aisha is going for the junior varsity volleyball in a couple of weeks. One club founded Ricki's attention.

"Spirit committee." Ricki said to all of her friends while sitting at the Juice Bar.

"Oh wow, that is so cool." Kimberly said.

"What exactlly does the spirit committee do?" asked Billy.

"You know those sign you see in the hallways, we make them. And you do you think organizes the pep rallies? Enough said." Ricki said.

Ricki got up and went over to the mats and practice her martial arts movements. She started out with tai chi, then started with other hard form movements.

"Billy, the Welcome Back Dance is this Friday. Are you going to ask Ricki to it." Kimberly asked with a sheepish grin on her face.

Billy blushes a little and pretended her didn't hear Kimberly's question. He began to make noises with his straw so he wouldn't hear his other friends.

"You know Kimberly is right. When are you guys going to go out?" Tommy asked.

"I don't know. " Billy answered.

Kimberly gestured to Aisha to leave the table with her. They both got up and went over to the student bulletin board.

"Billy, I'm being serious when I say this. She likes you a lot and it shows and if you feel the same way, you should tell her. Other guys are taking notice of her and her attention might turn to someone else." Adam said to him.

Billy sat down his smoothie on the table and began to absorb on what Adam said. Billy blue eyes flashed a little light as he looked over at Ricki.

"You are right, but I don't know how to ask her." Billy replied.

"Now is a good time. She's alone over there and we can leave the Juice Bar and go somewhere else. We really want to see you happy and she makes you really happy. It's noticeable." Tommy said to him.

Billy took a deep breath and gathered every ouch of courage he had. He jumped up from the table and stared over at Ricki.

"I'm going to do it! I have only known her for a short time, but it feels like I known her forever. She's everything I liked in a girlfriend." Billy said.

"Well, hurry up and go over there before you talk yourself out of it." Rocky said to him with excitement.

Billy left the table and walked over to her. She was in a trance, going through a series of movements. When she was done, she glimpsed up and notice Billy standing there.

"Hey there." Ricki stated to him.

She looked over at the table where everyone was sitting. She was surprise to see that no one was there at the table.

"Are you done practicing?" Billy asked her.

"Yeah, I'm starting to get tired."

Both of them walked over to a bench that was on the side of the mats. They sat down and Ricki reached for her bag. She pulled out a towel and wiped off the sweat off her forehead. Billy's heart was beating hard. He could feel pressure up in his head.

"Are you doing anything Friday night?" he asked her.

She looked at him and answered, "Not that I know of."

"Would you like to go to the Welcome Back Dance with me?" Billy asked her.

A tremendous pressure was lifted off of him. Is heart started to beat normally. Ricki was stunned. A guy before never asked her out. She was scared and excited all at the same time.

"Yes, I would like that." She said with a smile.

They both gazed into each other's eyes and they left the Youth Center together. She wanted to jump up and hug him right then and there in the parking lot, but she knew that was jumping way ahead. She wanted to get to know all about him; his favorite color, his hobbies, his pet peeves. Anything that would satisfy the curiosity she had inside.

It was the night she had to spend at the fire station. She crawled up onto the roof and dreamed about Billy. She didn't even notice the cool breeze that flowed around her.

"Wow, I can't believe he asked me out to the dance. What am I going to wear? How will I act? Oh boy, I'm getting nervous and the dance is only four days away. He's so perfect and I can't believe I found someone who understands me." Ricki thought to herself. The night grew long and Ricki crawled back inside and tried to make herself fall asleep.

* * *

At school, Billy stood by his locker. He didn't notice Adam sneaking up behind him.

"Hey Billy! So, did you ask her?" he questioned him.

Billy turned around and smiled. His grin stretch from ear to ear. He was dying to tell the whole school, but he decided to only tell his friends.

"Why yes, I did and the outcome was the one I was anticipating on." He answered.

Adam stood there with his mouth opened. He couldn't believe his ears. He was so happy for his closest friend. He grabbed his hand and shook it wildly.

"That is so cool. Just wait until the others hear about this." Adam said.

"Hear what?" asked Tommy.

The other five teens walked up to Billy and Adam. Adam looked at Billy and gave his a grin.

"I asked Ricki to go to the dance with me and she accepted." Billy retorted.

Kimberly let out a squeal and hugged him. Tommy and Rocky patted him on the back. Billy was happy that his friends are congratulating him.

"Hello everyone, did I miss something?" Ricki said as she stood behind everyone.

Immediately everyone parted so Ricki can get to the locker. Billy was standing there holding out her books that she needed for her classes.

"Everyone got quiet all of a sudden." Ricki commented.

"Oh, it was nothing. Just catching up on a few loose ends." Aisha said with a smile.

Rocky, Kimberly, Tommy, Aisha, and Adam began to leave Ricki and Billy alone.

"See you guys in class." Kimberly called out.

Ricki finished putting all of her book in her backpack and placed it on her back. Billy shut the locker and together they walked down the hall. They exchange a few sentences and occasionally, Billy slid his hand across Ricki's while they were walking. Ricki sense something in the way Billy was acting. Like a little more confident and sure of himself. But she dismissed it and the proceeded to class.

In each class, the work seemed to be getting harder, a lot more note taking from before, and more empty pens. The school days are ending quicker and after school activities are becoming to popular as years go by. This was the last week that the seven teens are going to spend together. Rocky, Kimberly, and Aisha have practices and Billy and Ricki have clubs they attend to. They cherish the time they are sharing in the Youth Center. You can hear the girls laugh as they share juicy gossip while the guys are practicing.

"What are you going to wear to the dance?" Aisha asked Kimberly.

"I was thinking about the my pink rose dress I have. I even have a matching jacket." Kimberly responded. "What about you?"

"I have this cream color dress with sunflowers on it. It is so cool." Aisha said.

"Are you going to the dance?" Kimberly asked Ricki pretending she didn't know the answer.

Ricki was drinking her smoothie until she heard Kimberly. She sat down her drink and leaned over the table.

"I guess Billy didn't tell you, but he asked me to the dance and I said yes. I couldn't believe it. He actuality asked me out. I thought I was going to faint." Ricki said.

"No way! Get out of here, girl. You are one in a few girls Billy has asked out. He too shy to even think about girls, let alone asked them out." Kimberly said.

"Well, do you know what you are going to wear?" Aisha asked.

"I have a dress in mind. It's short and it has little straps going across the shoulders." Ricki described.

"Sounds cool. I can't wait until Friday." Kimberly said.

In those few seconds, the guys came over and sat down at the table. Everyone order a smoothie and they talked about events that have gone by.

It was getting late and Ricki was leaving to go home. R.C.'s apartment was only a few blocks down and Ricki felt like walking.

"Do you mind if I tagged along?" Billy asked her.

"Sure, I would like the company." Ricki said.

Together, they walked along the street. Billy wanted so much to tell her how he has been feeling these last few days. It was eating him up inside.

"Ricki, I have something I have to tell you." Billy said with concern in his voice.

"What is it Billy?" Ricki asked.

"You are the first person I have truly connected with. I've been having thoughts about you. I can't get you out of my head. I'm sorry if I am to blunt." Billy said.

"No, go right ahead." Ricki suggested.

"I don't want to rush anything, but I can't go on denying what I am feeling."

They both stop and stared at one another. He grabbed Ricki's hands and held them in his own.

"I was wondering, Ricki will you be my girlfriend? I know we have only know each other for about two weeks, but this feels right." Billy said.

Ricki just stood there. Billy just took her breath away. She was shocked. All the blood was frozen in place. She could feel his soft hands caressing hers. Thought were filling her head. She took a deep breath and smiled.

"Billy, when we first met, I thought you were the sweetest guy. The more we got to know one other, I knew we were soul mates. There's a ancient myth I know. Once, long time ago, humans were created as one being. Each had two heads, four arms, four legs, and two sexes all in one. They had one soul uniting both together. These humans were powerful and wise. Their love was truly great. Their creator was jealous of their love and strength and split them into two halves. Now separate, they became male and female and space came between them. Ever since then, each human begin, sense that they are incomplete. They search for its other half until it finally discovers the right one. They combine souls and become whole again. Billy I believe you are my soul mate. And I would like to be your girlfriend. And you will be my first boyfriend." Ricki said back to him.

Billy was so happy, he took Ricki by the hand and walked her to her apartment. Billy stood there while she was looking for her keys. He wanted to kiss her, but it was to fast for him. He wanted their first kiss be somewhere memorable. She unlocked the door and stepped closer to Billy. She gave him a hug and whispered in to his ear.

"You made me the most happiest person in the world." She said.

Billy blushed and watched Ricki as she slowly made her way into the apartment. The door closed and Ricki rest against the back of it. Her grin showed how she feels. She was practically walking on air, was she made her way to her room. Her dream came true, she wanted so badly to leave that shy, timid, and lonely Ricki back at Tri-City Falls.

* * *

The week was winding down and Friday is finally here. Ricki went straight home right after school. She ran into the apartment and into her room. Digging through her closet, Ricki was looking for that right thing to wear. She was nervous, it was her first date with her first boyfriend. She couldn't take it, she ran into the bathroom and took the world's longest shower. When she got out, she dried off and put on her favorite lotion. Her make-up was next, making sure she blends in the right colors. She plugged in her hair dryer and began to dry her long, red hair. She was burning up. She was trying not to sweat and cause her make-up to run. She ran into her room and slipped into a short, silky light gray dress. Her hair danced along her back as she put on her earrings and necklace. She looked in the mirror and smiled.

She heard knocking at the door, she knew it was time. She slipped into her pumps and she exited her room. When she got to the front door, she couldn't open it. Her palms were too sweaty. She wiped them off and opened the door. There stood Billy in a nice looking midnight blue suit. Ricki loved the way he looked. His hair was brushed back and he wasn't wearing his glasses.

Billy was in awe. He couldn't help but to stare at her. She fit so perfect in that little silvery dress. The spaghetti straps showed off her muscular arms and the low back displayed her chiseled back. Her creamy pale skin blended with the dress giving her a glow.

"You look lovely tonight." Billy said.

"Thank-you. You look handsome yourself." Ricki commented.

Billy reached out his hand and Ricki gently placed hers in it. He led her to his car and opened the car door for her. She slid in and he shut the door. He placed himself behind the wheel and together they left for the Youth Center. Inside the car, Ricki felt like a princess going to the ball. And her prince charming is right next to her. Billy reached behind her seat and pulled out a single, long stem white rose. The beauty it held surprised her. She gaped over to Billy and smiled.

They reached the Youth Center and Billy parked near their friend's car. He opened the door for her and gentle helped her out of the car. They walked hand-in-hand into the Youth Center and to the Juice Bar. Ricki looked all around at the decoration that was hung all over the place. The beat of the music was steady and the Gym was transform into a dance floor. Billy noticed everyone and walked over there.

"Hey, I see you made it." Tommy said.

"Woo, this is awesome." Ricki replied.

"That's a nice dress. Man, you look good." Aisha said to her.

Kimberly ran up and greeted Ricki and Billy. She handed Tommy a smoothie and sipped on hers.

"Where is everyone else?" Billy asked.

Tommy pointed to the dance floor. There in the middle of the dance floor was Rocky and Adam dancing to a routine they thought of. They were getting the attention of the whole dance.

"Do you want to dance?" Ricki asked Billy.

Billy shivered at the thought of dancing out on the dance floor. He doesn't want to hurt Ricki's feeling, but he wasn't comfortable dancing. Ricki caught the hint and didn't want to put Billy on the spot.

"When you are ready let me know. I'm going to join Rocky and Adam." Ricki said.

"I'm right behind you." Aisha called out.

They walked over to the dance floor and teamed up with Rocky and Adam. All four of the danced in a cluster. Ricki was trying not to dance to wildly because of her dress. She was getting into the rhythm of the music and danced to the beat.

Billy looked on, as his girlfriend danced with her friends. Her moves were graceful and a little on the wild side. He watched on as Tommy stood next to him.

"Anything new on that secret project you are working on." Tommy said under his voice.

Billy was caught off guard by Tommy's question. He was to busy watching Ricki dancing.

"I kind of put it off. I need to get back on it, but I always get distracted." Billy answered.

Tommy noticed Billy's eyes were concentrating on Ricki.

"Yeah, you distraction looks good tonight." Tommy noted.

Billy smiled and looked over at Tommy. Both of them shared in on a laugh.

"So, how are you two doing." Tommy question.

"I did something that is unlike me. I took Adam's advice one step further. I asked her to be my girlfriend." Billy said.

"Tommy eyes widen with amazement. His mouth dropped and he couldn't say a word.

"Well, what was the answer?" Tommy finally asked.

"We are officially a couple. I know I've only known her for a short time, but she's all I think about." Billy said as he places his eyes back on Ricki.

"And they say there's no such thing as love at first sight." Tommy said as he watched everyone on the dance floor.

Ricki and the others walked off the dance floor and made it to a table where the whole group can sit down.

"Billy told me the good news. Congratulations." Tommy said to Ricki.

Ricki blushed and replied, "Thanks."

"What news?" Adam asked.

Ricki looked at Billy and grin at him. Billy nodded his head and took in a deep breath.

"Ricki and I are now dating." Billy retorted.

"What? Did I hear what I think I just heard?" Kimberly asked.

"Well, it's about time. I was wondering when you were going to cave in." Rocky said as he patted Billy's back.

For the rest of the dance, Ricki finally got Billy out on the dance floor. He danced for a couple of the fast ones and they danced for the slow one too. Billy felt like he had the most beautiful date there. No one could compare to Ricki, she was unique and unremarkable. Everyone told them that they make a cute couple and some couldn't believe Billy actually found a fine girl. The Juice Bar was buzzing about Billy and Ricki. Even Ernie congratulated them.

The dance was about over and the teens finished up on their drinks. Billy leaned over to Ricki and whispered in her ear. They both got up and threw way their cups.

"We're heading off. See you guys tomorrow at the garage?" Billy asked everyone.

"We'll be there." Tommy said.

Ricki and Billy walked off holding hands. They made it to the front of the Youth Center and Billy cracked a smile at Ricki.

"What?" she asked boldly.

"I have a place that I like to go whenever I like to be alone. And since I'm not alone anymore, I would like to show you." Billy said.

He grabbed Ricki's hand and walked her to the car. They both sat down in the car and drove off. Billy arrived at his house and he got out of the car.

"Wow, you took me to a garage. You need to get your head examined." Ricki said to him.

"This is not it. This is my house, I wanted to park my car here, so we can walk." Billy said.

Together, they walked in the direction of Angel Grove Park. Ricki kicked off her pumps and walked through the cool grass. They walked around the motionless lake. There stood a Weeping Willow at the shoreline of the lake. In the clearing, was a little patch of grass underneath the tree. Billy walked Ricky over to the clearing and he sat down on the grass. Ricki soon followed behind him. There, they laid back and marveled at the stars that was in the deep blue sky. She was nervous, she was alone with Billy for the first time. She was starting to feel butterflies flutter in her stomach. Together, they talked about their secrets and goals. They were starting to get to know each other. They talked for a long time and time sailed by them. It was time for both of them to leave their secret place and head for home.

As they were leaving, Billy stopped and looked at Ricki straight in the eyes. Ricki could sense Billy wanted to say something. She became weak in the knees and it was hard for her to stand up. Billy grabbed her by her waist and gave her the sweetest kiss on the lips. Ricki melted in his arms as they kissed under the silvery crescent moon. After they separated, Ricki was speechless. She felt like she was coming down from a natural high. She felt flush and unsteady. She stared into Billy's eyes and felt fire burn inside of her.

They walked, l until they came upon her apartment. She reached into her purse and pulled out her keys. She unlocked the door and opened it a crack.

"I hate saying good-bye." Ricki said softly.

"So do I." Billy said back.

"Thank-you for the kiss. I liked it." She said shyly.

Billy smiled and said, "I liked it too. You are a good kisser."

"It's getting late. I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay?" she asked.

"I would like that." Billy answered.

They kissed one last time and Billy preceded to leave. Ricki let out a miniscule sigh and entered the apartment. She walked into her bedroom and looked into the mirror. She smiled at herself and she lets out a scream.

"I can't believe it. Billy and I kissed. His lips were soft like velvet. It was slow and passionate." She said to herself. She leaped and danced across her room. She had goose bumps going up and down her body every time she though about Billy. She went into the bathroom and washed her face and brushed her teeth. She made it back to her room and made down the bed. Dressed in a shirt and shorts, she slide under the covers and closed her eyes. Soon, she drifted slowly to sleep.

* * *

The next morning, Ricki jumped out of bed. She raced into the kitchen and grabbed something to eat. She dashed to her room and changed into some shorts and a shirt. She tried to look good, but didn't want to show it. She ran out of the apartment and down to the street. She left her complex and walked a couple of blocks over. She wanted to surprise Billy by showing up at his house. She over heard them saying they were getting together there today. When she made it to the house where Billy took her last night, she could hear Billy rummaging around in the garage. He didn't even notice Ricki standing there, due to he was working on a machine he invented.

"Hi there sweetheart." Ricki said.

Billy leaped up and was startled to see Ricki standing there.

"What are you doing?" Billy asked.

"I wanted to come by and say hi. Is that alright?" she asked him.

Billy smiled and led her into his lab area that is in the garage. Both of them looked at the cylinder object that Billy was working on.

"What does it do?" she asked.

"It's suppose to create a non combustible gas used in fueling an vehicle." Billy explained.

"What's wrong with it then?" Ricki question him.

"I don't know. Some how it's not igniting the fuel cell." Billy answered.

In the other room, the telephone began to ring. Billy got up and went to go answer it. Ricki studied the model closely. She understands the problem and she now needed to figure out how to fix it.

Little does she know, but she is being monitor by Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa on their moon base.

"That little red head tease is going to ruin everything." Rita whined.

"She must know about the Rangers and is aided them by fixing that Hyper-Thruster that Billy has been working on for their Zords." Lord Zedd explained.

"We got to do something. Fester!" Rite yelled out.

"Coming milady. What can I do for you." A short, pointed ear elf said.

"I want you to find away to turn that carrot top into a monster and make it go after the Rangers. They can't do anything about it because she's that brainy Blue Ranger's girlfriend. I want her to destroy that Hyper-Thruster." She commanded.

"Yes, at once." He said as he walked over to his workshop.

"There is no way we are going to be defeated this time." Zedd echoed.

Ricki was in Billy's garage working on the hyper thruster. She snatched a wrench and began to work on it. By the time Billy walked back out, Ricki have already fixed it.

"I figured out what was your problem was. The condenser wasn't lined up correctly. With a few adjustments, I fixed it right up. Why don't you turn it on and see if correct." Ricki hinted at him.

Billy cranked it up and on the first try, it started right up. Billy was ecstatic. He hugged Ricki and gave her a large kiss on the lips.

Just then, the teens walked into the garage. They saw Billy and Ricki kissing and quickly, without making a sound, they walked back out. Billy and Ricki parted and looked at one another, the their friends entered into the garage again.

"Hey Billy, you got that thing working yet?" Rocky asked.

"With a little bit of help, it's finally working." Billy replied.

Tommy walked over to Billy and whispered, "Does Ricki know what this is for?"

"No, she didn't even asked. I turned away and she began to work on it." Billy responded.

"Billy, I need to be going. How about later on we can do something?" she suggested.

"Sounds good to me." Billy retorted.

Ricki left the garage and began to walk over to the fire station. Before she could make it, a group of Rita and Lord Zedd's evil Putties came from no where and started to attack her.

Ricki jumped back in amazement and before she knew what was going on, she block several punches. These ugly gray creatures surrounded her. She tried to run, but it was go good. They captured her and teleported her to the moon.

In the garage, the teens were going over Billy's new invention until their communicators went off.


"What's going on Alpha?" Tommy asked.

"Teleport to the Command Center. Your friend is in trouble." Alpha said.

The teens pressed a button on there communicator and disappeared in a blink of an eye. They reemerged in the Command Center, staring at Zordon.

"What's wrong? What friend is in trouble?" Aisha asked.

"Billy's girlfriend, Ricki was kidnapped by Putties. I believe Rita and Lord Zedd are going to use her against us." Zordon said.

"NO! I can't believe she got mixed up in all of this. If they hurt on red hair, they are going to have to answer to me." Billy said as he grind his teeth.

"Don't worry Billy, nothing is going to happen to her." Tommy said as he comforts him.

"What are we going to do? Wait until they send her after us?" Rocky asked Zordon.

"There is nothing we can do for now. We just hope Ricki doesn't give in to her fear and try to get out." Zordon said.

* * *

Up on the moon, Ricki was thrown into a holding cell. She can't believe what is going on. She is more confused about this whole situation.

"Will someone please tell me what is going on around here. You must have the wrong person, because I don't know you guys are and I don't even know where this place is." Ricki screamed.

A tall, slender man dressed in red, and wore a masked walked over to Ricki's holding cell.

"I am Lord Zedd and you are in my citadel on the moon's surface and you are Billy's new girlfriend. There is no way you can escape, so tell me, what are the Rangers using the Hyper- Thruster for?" Lord Zedd asked Ricki.

"I have no clue on what you are talking about. All I know is you got five seconds to let me go or I'll show you what it is like to have your organ on fire." Ricki threaten.

"Don't lie to me, you were working on the Hyper-Thruster. What are the Power Rangers going to use it for?" he asked again.

"Are you deaf or dumb. I don't know the Power Rangers. I was helping Billy work on a project that he couldn't fix. That's all." She said to him boldly.

Lord Zedd held up his staff and shot out a bolt of energy that hit Ricki straight on. Ricki fell to her knees in agony. She was in so much pain, she couldn't even scream.

"I won't tolerate this feebleness, tell me what I want to hear now!

Ricki got up enough energy to stand up. She thought about what he said and it was starting to make since.

"Okay, listen to me. I will help you out if you can help me. I don't know the identities of the Power Rangers. I just moved here and I don't know how I ended up in this situation." Ricki growled.

"Your friends are the Power Rangers and you are aiding them, by building machines that will improve their Zords."

Ricki couldn't believe what she just heard. Her friends are the Power Rangers. Suddenly it all made since. They think she's part of the team.

"Okay you found me out. Yes, I am part of the Power Ranger team. The Hyper-Thruster is going to be used to send a motorized android on the moon and destroyed everything you have created here." Ricki said.

"That's all I wanted to here." Lord Zedd said.

He motioned a Putty to come over to Ricki's cell. In it's hands was a metal collar. Ricki stood fast and was prepared for them to open the cell door and try to escape. Lord Zedd noticed Ricki planning something. He lifted his staff and shot Ricki with a bolt of energy. This time Ricki couldn't withstand the pain and fell unconscious.

* * *

Back at the Command Center, tension was running high. Billy was pacing back and forth, waiting for something to let him know that Ricki is all right. Alpha is watching the monitors, looking for something that might led them to Ricki's whereabouts. Then the alarm sounded. Everyone jumped up and ran over to the Viewing Globe. There was an image of a monkey dressed in gold with wings and a female dressed in silver metal suit.

"NO, IT CAN'T BE!" Billy screamed out.

It was Ricki under Lord Zedd's power. Ricki's partner Goldar, was destroying parts of Angel Grove. Ricki wasn't doing anything, but waiting for the Power Rangers to arrive.

"What are we going to do? They have Ricki destroying Angel Grove." Kimberly said.

"It's time Rangers, be careful." Zordon said.

"It's Morphin' Time!" Tommy called out.

"Mastodon!" The Black Ranger appeared.

"Pterodactyl!" The Pink Ranger appeared.

"Triceratops!" The Blue ranger appeared.

"Sabre-tooth Tiger!" The Yellow Ranger appeared.

"Tyrannosaurs!" The Red Ranger appeared.

"Tiger-zord!" The White Ranger appeared.

"Let's go guys, we have a friend to save." Tommy ordered.

They teleported out of the Command Center and landed in front of Ricki and Goldar.

"I told you Goldar, if you wait, they will come." Ricki said.

"Goldar, if you know what's good for you, you'll let Ricki go." The Blue Ranger said.

"Why don't you just make me." Goldar responded.

Ricki pulled out her staff and started to charge after the Rangers.

"Look out, here she comes!" Adam screamed.

A battle was engaged. The Rangers tried real hard not to cause any harm to Ricki, but Ricki didn't feel the same way about her friends. She knocked them down with her staff and shot out powerful bolts at the Rangers. The Black Ranger knocked the staff out of her hands and both, The Pink and The Blue Ranger grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her.

Just when the Rangers were about to win, Rita and Lord Zedd transformed Ricki and Goldar into giants. There is nothing they can do now, except to call upon their Zords. Together, they can create the Mega-zord.

Ricki could not be stopped. She attacked the Mega-zord like it was a toy. She had no memory of who was inside and that the person she fell in love with is the one she fighting.

"Does anybody know what's causing Ricki to be under Zedd's control?" The Yellow Ranger asked.

"I got a fix on a energy fluctuation that is on her suit. It appears to be that band around her neck." The Blue Ranger mention.

"Let's just hope this the key we need to free Ricki." The White Ranger said.

The Power Rangers worked as a team, to get Goldar out of the picture. They finally defeated Goldar and he was teleported back to the moon. It's just one-on-one with Ricki and the Power Rangers in the Mega-zord.

"Remember the movements Ricki did during the tournament. Most likely she will do them again. Hopefully, we got an upper hand by knowing her next move before she does it." Red Ranger said.

It came down to a giant Ricki and the Mega-zord that was controlled by the Power Rangers. All the Rangers have to do is to rip the collar off of Ricki's neck. After several tries, they came up empty handed. Energy levels are reaching low and they only had one chance to get that collar off of Ricki. If they fail, Ricki will be Lord Zedd's slave forever and the Power Rangers would be defeated.

After time past, Ricki was getting tired. She left herself wide open for attacks that cost her to lose all ties with Lord Zedd. The collar has been removed and Ricki was back to normal size, but Ricki was in a coma, laying down in the middle of the street. The Blue Ranger leaped out of the Mega-zord and landed by her side. He picked her up and carried her into the Mega-zord. Just as he just entered, T.V. reporter and newspaper photographers got to the scene. The Mega-zord blasted off and headed for the Command Center.

When it docked in the bay, Billy hurdled out of the Mega-zord and took Ricki to the infirmary. He laid her down on the examining table. He unbuckled his helmet and placed it on the bed. Ricki laid there lifeless. Billy couldn't hold back his tears as they flowed down his cheeks. Alpha walked into the room and examined Ricki.

"Is she going to be okay?" he asked with concern in his voice.

"It's hard to tell right now. Let her rest, she's been through a lot." Alpha answered.

Billy sat by the side of the bed. He watched her lay there, hoping any second she will opened her blue eyes. He thinks back to when they were at the park after the dance. How her kisses tasted so sweet like cotton candy. After a few minutes, Billy fell asleep.

Which seem like five minutes ended up to be five hours, Ricki finally woke up from her coma. Billy woke up by the sound of her voice calling for him. He leaped up and began to stroke her red hair. He eyes opened and she saw Billy standing there, holding her hand.

"Billy, I had this awful dream. It had you and everybody in . . . . . " Ricki pause when she took a good glance at Billy outfit. He was still in his Power Ranger uniform. Her eyes widen and she let out a huge scream, which got everyone's attention. They all rushed in seeing Ricki white as a ghost.

"It wasn't a dream. You guys are the Power Rangers. And I . . . " she stopped again she noticed the metallic outfit she was dressed in.

"Will somebody please clue me in?" Ricki asked.

"Yes, we are the Power Rangers and those who kidnap you were Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, and they are our worse enemy. They abducted you so they could use you to fight against us. But you were strong enough to resist Lord Zedd's spell and the only thing that was holding you back was this collar." Billy said as he showed her the collar that was on the table.

"I think I'm going to be sick. Where am I now?" she asked.

"You are in the Command Center. The head quarters for the Power Rangers." Tommy said to her.

"What will happen to you now, since I know your secret?" Ricki asked.

Billy reached for Ricki's hand and helped her down from the table. He led her into another room. He stopped in front of a long tube. Inside is the image of Zordon. Ricki's mouth dropped to her knees. She didn't know what to think.

"Greeting Rickland Summers, I am Zordon. " Zordon said in a booming voice.

The Rangers left the Command Center and Ricki just stood there staring at a giant head.

"You know the true identities of the Power Rangers. A secret which has been keep for more than eight thousands years. This is a hard decision we had to make, but it is important that the Power Rangers identities be kept a secret. Please follow the light and enter the room at the end of the hallway."

Ricki did what she was told and entered the room. The door closed behind her, leaving her away from her friends.

* * *

In the Youth Center, six teens were trying to get their mind off of things by having a smoothie at the Juice Bar.

"I wonder if Ricki's okay?" Kimberly questioned.

"I can't believe she has to the get her memories erased. I hope she still remember us." Rocky said.

"It's my fault. I should of not let her work on the Hyper-Thruster, then Lord Zedd and Rita would of not have kidnapped her, and then none of this would of happened." Billy said with anger in his voice.

"You shouldn't blame yourself. Rita and Lord Zedd are bad news. One day they are going to get what they deserve." Adam said.

They all sat there quiet. You could hear a pin drop in the Juice Bar. The silence was broke by the sound of the communicators.

The teen dashed off into a corner and they teleported to the Command Center.

"Where's Ricki? Is she okay?" Billy asked.

"She is fine. There is no reason to be alarmed." Zordon answered.

Out of the darkness, a bright silver light filled the room. A silhouette of a person walks out of a room. The figure gets clearer every time it steps closer. There, in front of the six teens, a new Ranger appeared. It was in a silver uniform and had on a helmet of a silver fox.

The new Ranger reached up and unbuckle it's helmet to reveal Ricki standing there with a huge grin on her face.

"If you can't beat them, join them." She said while laughing.

Everyone is in shock. A new Ranger has emerged. They all rushed toward her and congratulated her.

"Why this Zordon?" Kimberly asked.

"She has proven to be strong and useful to the team. I kept a Power Coin just for this occasion, I knew one day, we will need another Ranger." Zordon said.

Ricki and Billy looked at each other. Billy was proud to have his girlfriend fight along side of him and be apart of the team. They gave each other a little kiss and hug.

"Ricki, you are the Silver Fox, cunning and swift. Use this knowledge well and let the power protect you." Zordon said.

"This calls for a party. Let's go get some smoothies." Ricki said.

The seven teens stood in a line a seven brightly-colored lights flashed through the Command Center and flew in the air over Angel Grove.


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