Silver Dreams
by: Sylver Rose

Autumn season swept Angel Grove like a gentle kiss from Mother Nature. The leaves are turning into breath-taking colors like reds, yellows, and golds. The crisp air brings to life buried energy that dwelled in everyone.

At Angel Grove High School, students are prepared for the upcoming football seasons. Banners cover the halls and preparations for pep rallies are being made. Everyone knows, when the football season is here, so is Homecoming. The Spirit Committee was busy getting signs and banners ready for the up coming game.

Inside the classroom, you can see banners covering the ground and students bending over them, putting on the finishing touches. Ricki was in charge of getting to banners and posters ready for the Pep Rally. Ricki enjoys being in charge and she puts herself into her work. The teens laugh among themselves as they heavy scent of markers fill the room.

"Okay guys, we need a least three banners in the senior hall and we can't forget the Gym." Ricki called out to the rest of the students.

Ricki pulled out a sheet of paper and placed it on the ground. She grabbed the markers and she placed herself on the ground with her banner. One of her friend, Téa, sat down beside her and helped her out with the banner.

I heard though the grape vine that you are dating Billy Mitchell." She replied.

Ricki looked up at her and smiled, "Yes I am." She said.

"So, how is everything going between you two?" she asked.

"It's great. I can't believe he was right underneath my nose all this time. He's the greatest." Ricki retorted as she got back to decorating the banner. Little to her surprise, Billy was walking up to the doorway of Ricki's room. He couldn't miss it by the toxic smell of the markers they are using.

"You guys are going to get high in here." Billy remarked as he approached the other students who were working on the posters and banners.

"Well speak of the devil, here's your prince charming." Téa said as she looked up.

Ricki quickly looked up and saw Billy walking toward her with a bag in his hand. Ricki couldn't help but smile. Billy always thinks of her since they can't be together after school. The Spirit Committee takes up a lot of her time. She stood up and greeted him by the door.

"Hi there sweetie, what are you up to?" she asked.

Billy handed her a paper sack and replied, "Since we don't meet at the Juice Bar anymore, I wanted to give you this to remind you of me."

She opened the sack and looked inside. She pulled out a large Styrofoam cup. She smiled because the cup came from Ernie's Juice Bar.

"A smoothie, how thoughtful." She said to him.

They both smiled at one another. Ricki sipped out of the cup and shared it with Billy. Both of them didn't notice the room was staring at the two lovebirds.

"They are really cute together. Go figure that Billy would find someone." Téa said to another friend.

"I think we should give those two a surprise." Said Mikhail.

"What do you have in mind?" Ashlyn asked them.

"We should nominate those two for Homecoming King and Queen." Mikhail said.

"That sounds like a good idea. With all of her friends get together a vote for them, she'll be a shoe in." Téa remarked.

"Let's go for it!" Ashlyn retorted as they separated and told everyone in class.

"I need to finish these banners up, I'll call you tonight, okay?" she asked.

"I was hoping you would," he said.

They gave each other a soft kiss on the lips, and the room was filled with Ricki's friends awing. Both of them pulled apart and blushed at one another. He backed away from the room and walked toward the doors leading out of the school. Ricki walked back over to her banner that she was working on.

"So, has he asked you to Homecoming yet?" Téa asked.

"Not yet. This would be my first Home Coming Dance. How exciting!" Ricki squealed out.

The afternoon was coming to a close and the students cleaned up the room and they made it to the student parking lot. Ricki was fumbling through her backpack, looking for her car keys. When she made it to her car, she pulled them out and began to open the car door. She stopped suddenly, she become aware of something that was on her car. When she walked closer to the front of the car, she saw that Billy placed a single white rose on the windshield and attached to it was a note. She pulled the note off of the rose and began to read it.

To my dearest Ricki-

I have enjoyed these few months that we
Had together. You brought out something
In me no one else had.
Would you like to accompany me to
The Homecoming Dance?
With all my heart-

Ricki couldn't believe her eyes. She was so happy; she jumped into her car and sped all the way to the apartment. When she got there, she leaped out and raced up the stairs and into the apartment.

"Wooh, is your backside on fire." R.C. asked as he glanced over at Ricki when she ran into the house.

"No, but I got good news, Billy asked me to go to the Homecoming Dance with him. I am so excited." She screamed as she ran into her room.

Trying to hide it from Ricki, R.C. had a somber look on his face. Something was bothering him and he doesn't want to share it with Ricki.

Ricki leaped onto her bed and began to daydream about Billy and her at the dance together. She's picturing Billy in a dark suit and herself in a beautiful evening dress. She couldn't help but to smile. For the first time in her life, she finally knows what it meant to be in love. It's a wonderful feeling, having someone there, thinking about you.

After dinner, Ricki finished up her homework and hopped into bed. She couldn't wail until tomorrow to give Billy an answer to his question. She practiced it through her head several times, making sure she has it down pat. After a while, she slowly drifted to sleep in her in her twin bed. Her comforter surrounded her like a cloud, keeping her warm throughout the chilly night. It was getting late and R.C. headed down the hall to his bedroom. He walked by Ricki's room and stopped in front of the door. He watched her sleep peaceful, without a care in the world. But R.C.'s mind was full of dilemmas.

"I wish your parents were still alive. I don't know how to talk to you about boys and dating. You're that age now and I can't keep you locked up, away from the world. I would have never thought I would be worrying about the speech about the birds and the bees. I can't even tell you when I had a date. You mean a lot to me Ricki and I will not let anyone hurt you." R.C. said to himself.

He let out a little smile and walked over to his bedroom. He closed the door and so he went to sleep.

The next morning, Ricki waited for Billy at their locker. She couldn't wait to see his face. When he got there, she gave him a gentle kiss on his lips.

"What was that for?" he asked.

With a playful smile, she said, "I just wanted you to know how much I love you. And I got an answer for your note you left me on my car."

"And." He replied with waited breath.

"I'll be more than happy to go with you to Homecoming." She uttered.

"Cool." Billy said under his breath. They smiled at one another. Today was going to be a good day for both of them. They got their books together for their class. As they were about to leave, but suddenly they were stopped by Téa.

"Don't forget Ricki, we have to decorate the gym and the field for Homecoming. Mr. Caplain loved the banners you did." Téa said.

"Oh yeah, thanks Téa. You know, you're helping me too." Ricki responded.

"I got it covered. Me, you, Mikhail, Ashlyn, and a couple others are staying after school. Lachelle has to set up a voting booth for the Homecoming King and Queen." Téa said.

"Well, I'll meet all you guys there in the room. If things go tough, we'll take it to the Youth Center." Ricki said while laughing.

"You got it. See you guys later." Téa retorted, as she waved to Ricki and Billy. She walked off and went down the hallway.

Ricki and Billy continued to head for the class. "One day, we will be able to spend time together. Right now, Homecoming is important and I can't let the school down. I have a lot riding on this pep rally." Ricki said.

"Don't worry about it. I know you have a lot of work to do. Hang in there, and we can spend some time together another day." Billy said to her to comfort her.

Ricki smiled at him and thought to herself, "Billy is so sweet. He always put me ahead of himself. He actually understands what I am going through. He makes me so happy I could just scream."

They entered their classroom and sat down in their usual seats. Ricki enjoyed their Creative Writing Class. Their last assignment nearly put everyone in a coma, after she told why she moved to Angel grove and how her parents died. It was about time for the class to begin and Mrs. Herndon stepped to the board. She wrote out a topic for the next paper. When Ricki saw what she wrote, she nearly gasped for air.

"Ricki, what's wrong?" Billy asked. Ricki was frozen. She didn't move an inch when she heard Billy's voice. Billy looked up at the board and blinked a couple of times. "Oh man." He whispered.

Ricki finally moved and looked at Billy. Her deep blue eyes showed her true emotions. Up on the board was written- 'Parents' Night Friday at the game'. A million thoughts were swimming through Ricki's head. "Should I not go? I have to go. I'm the captain of the Spirit Committee; I have to be there. Will I be the only person there with out a parent? I think I'm going to be sick." She thought to herself. Billy knew what she was thinking. He just didn't know what to say to ease her feelings. He placed his hand on top of hers and gave her a warm smile. She looked at him and took a deep breath. She gave a little smile back to him and went on with the writing assignment.

"Okay class, for this week we are going to write about our most prized possessions. And principal Caplain wanted me to tell everyone to vote for whom should be Homecoming King and Queen at lunch. Have fun." Mrs. Herndon said to the class.

Over on the other side of the classroom were Aisha and Kimberly. Aisha looked over at Kimberly and replied, "So, what do you think?"

Kimberly glanced over and said, "Definitely my great grandmother's pink ice ring she gave me."

Aisha rolled her eyes to the top of her head. "No not that. Homecoming, who do you think should be Homecoming King and Queen. Since you've been it already, I thought maybe you'll give somebody else a chance." Aisha said.

"Who do you have in mind?" Kimberly asked. Aisha looked over at her two friends and smiled. Kimberly followed her eyes and saw who she was looking at. Kimberly smiled back at Aisha and gave her a nod. "I know what you're thinking." Kimberly said.

"I thought they would look cute together. Ricki has a lot of friends and if say something to them, maybe they will agree with us." Aisha suggested.

"It's work a shot. I have to stay after school for practice. How about you stick around for a minute and we can hit Téa up with the idea." Kimberly said.

"You got it. Billy would not know what to do if he wins." Aisha chuckled.

"I think Angel Grove is going to freeze over." Kimberly remarked. The girls continued to work on their writing assignments. It was about time for the class the end and everyone got their books together.

The bell rang and the four teens got together and left for their next class. "I hate to bring up a sour subject, but Rita and Lord Zedd hasn't bothered us since they kidnapped me. I haven't had a chance to morph." Ricki said.

"You're right. They must be planning something good." Aisha said.

"They better hurry. Homecoming is right around the corner and I don't want anything to get in the way." Kimberly retorted.

"All we can do is wait." Billy replied.

"So, they are getting ready for Homecoming. They are in for a treat. Finster! Get in here!" Rita Replusa screamed out and rang through the halls of the Citadel that is on the Moon's surface.

"You called milady." He retorted.

"I got an idea for the latest monster. I want to destroy the Silver Ranger from the inside out! She is giving me a headache. Considering she never used her powers before, she'll be the easiest to conquer." Rita said.

"As you wish. I know exactly what you want." Finster said as he trotted into his lab. He molded a piece of clay and placed it into his monster-making machine. After a few minutes, Rita wondered into the lab.

"What do you have for me?" she asked.

"With a little bit of your magic and help with Goldar, I have created the perfect monster. Meet Dreamweaver." Just then a humanoid man, dress in a cobalt colored suit popped out of the machine.

"I'm here to do your bidding." He replied to her.

"What is he suppose to do?" She asked.

"With your magic, we can place him in a potion. Then we soak Goldar's sword in that potion. When Goldar attacks the Rangers, he'll puncture the Silver Ranger causing the potion to into her blood stream and that's when Dreamweaver will attack. He'll go into her subconscious and cause her to want to sleep and when she hits R.E.M. sleep, Dreamweaver will attack her. Once she is defeated subconsciously, then her body will belong to you." Finster explained.

"I like it! Good work Finster. Let's get this plan in motion." Rita said as she walked over to her telescope and watched the Earth's surface.

School is about over for the day, Ricki and Billy were at their locker. "This shouldn't take long. I'll meet you over your house when I am done." Ricki said.

"I'll meet you there. Do you think R.C. will mind if you have dinner over?" Billy asked.

"Probably not. I'll call him when I get done with the Gym." She replied to Billy. They gave each other a good-bye kiss. While they were still kissing, Kimberly and Aisha were walking up behind them.

"And I thought you and Tommy were bad." Aisha commented.

Ricki and Billy quickly finished and blushed at their friends. Billy gathered his books and joined the girls in walking to where they were headed.

"Ricki, do you have to stay?" Kimberly asked.

"Yes, I have to finish decorating the Gym and the football field. Hopefully Téa, Mikhail, and Ashlyn are already getting started. They said they were bring in more people, but I haven't heard anything." Ricki answered.

"That reminds me. I have to talk to Téa about a homework assignment we have to do. I'll meet you there Ricki. I have to hurry before they get started." Aisha said as she darted off to the room where they do the decorating.

"Well, I'll see you later Billy. I really want to get this done. Hopefully I will stay for dinner." Ricki said as she gave him one last kiss. Billy headed for the exit while Kimberly and Ricki headed for the Gym.

"I have to go to practice. See you soon." Kimberly said as she takes off to change into her practice clothes. Ricki entered the Gym and looked around at room they have to decorate. She smiled to herself and headed for her classroom.

When she got there, she noticed Aisha still talking to Téa. "I'm glad you had the same idea we had. Only if we can pull it off." Aisha said.

"Those two look so cute together. It almost makes me jealous." Téa said before she started to laugh.

"I know, Billy is definitely not your type. But they do look cute together. Oops, there she is. Not a word to her about this." Aisha retorted.

"You got my word on it." Replied Téa.

Aisha walked toward the door and said good-bye to Ricki. Ricki gathered up all of her ideas and graphed them on the board. "We have plenty of room in the Gym for banners for each class. And we need a few out there too." Ricki said.

"No problem Ricki." Mikhail said in her Russian accent. "You're getting yourself all worked up for nothing. Relax, you got us." Ricki grabbed hold of her neck and gave her a hug.

"Thanks a lot. I needed to hear that." She responded. The girls made a spot on the floor and started to produce the most colorful banners ever. When they were done, a heavy toxic smell could be noticed throughout the school. It took a while for the girls to clear their heads of the fragrance.

Ricki and Téa headed for the football field with their banners, while Mikhail and Ashlyn went to the Gym. When Ricki and Téa reached the football field, they began to hang up the banner on either side of the field. The football players were taking a break and Rocky noticed Ricki.

"Hey, those banners look nice." Rocky said.

Ricki looked over and noticed that it was Rocky, "Why thank-you Rocky. I see you are practicing hard. Getting ready for the big game?" Ricki asked.

"We're trying to. This cool weather is really nice. I'm about to die out here." Rocky commented.

"We can't have that now can we? Practice is almost over, so hang in there. " Ricki said with a smile. Rocky smiled back and put on his helmet.

"You know Rocky Alverez?" Téa asked her.

"Yeah, he's a good friend of mine and Billy's." Ricki answered.

"He is so cute. Him and me are in the same Biology class. Man, I wish he would ask me to the Homecoming Dance. Does he have a date?" she asked.

"Not that I know of. You really think he's cute?" Ricki asked Téa.

"Yes. He has the funniest sense of humor." She replied. Together they walked to the classroom to get ready to leave. There was Ashlyn and Mikhail already there and by this time, they had already cleaned up.

"Thanks for the good work you guys did on the banners. I couldn't have done it without you." Ricki said to the girls.

"It's all part of being on the Spirit Committee." Ashlyn said. The four girls departed the school and headed for their cars. Out from the school, Ricki heard her name being called. She turned around and saw Rocky flagging her down.

She walked over to where he was, "I told you, see you survived practice." Ricki remarked.

"Ha ha, real comedian." Rocky said back to her. Their conversation was cut short by their communicators going off.


Ricki and Rocky looked around for anyone who had overheard the musical tone. They sneaked over to the Auditorium. "What is it Alpha?" Rocky asked.

"Rita had sent down Goldar to the park." Alpha claimed.

"We'll be right there. It's Morphin' Time!" Rocky called out.

"Tyrannosaurs!" Rocky quickly morphed into the Red Power Ranger.

"Silver Fox!" Ricki morphed into the Silver Power Ranger.

Together they teleported to Angel Grove Park. They met up with the rest of the Rangers. "That's funny, why would Rita sent Goldar down without sending a monster?" Tommy asked.

"I don't know. It smells like a trap to me." Adam replied.

"Let's get him!" Kimberly screamed. Simultaneously, all of the Rangers charged at Goldar. Goldar held his ground defending each Ranger with his sword.

"He's tough." Tommy said as they regrouped.

"We need our weapons." Billy suggested.

"Good idea." Tommy said. Saba!" Inside the White Ranger's hand held a dagger.

"Power Axe!" The Black Ranger called out and the black axe landed in his hands.

"Power Bow!" The Pink Ranger pointed her bow at Goldar.

"Power Lance!" The Blue Ranger received his staff.

"Power Daggers!" They appeared in The Yellow Ranger's hands.

"Power Sword!" And in The Red Ranger's right hand inlay his sword.

"Silver Scepters!" The Silver Ranger was armed with two glistening shafts no more than three feet long.

They all started to attack Goldar with their weapons. Goldar couldn't keep the upper hand on the Rangers. He knew what his mission was about and wasn't going to leave without completing it. He spotted the Silver Ranger coming towards him. He fought off all of the other Rangers and was planning to intercept her. When she was close to him, he took his tainted sword and impaled her, into her lower chest area.

Ricki let go of her Scepters and fell to the ground. Her wound was on fire. She couldn't help but to scream. At that second, Goldar vanished, leaving to Rangers to attend to the Silver Ranger.

"Ricki, Ricki are you alright?" The Blue Ranger asked. Ricki didn't say a word. Instead she pulled back her hand that was on her wound. There was the appearance of blood all over her white glove. Her uniform was drenched in her blood, where the sword entered her. Everyone gasped at the sight.

"Alpha! Quickly teleport us to the Command Center. Ricki is hurt badly!" Tommy hollered over his communicator. In a blink of an eye, the Rangers disappeared in multi-colored lights.

Back on the Moon's surface, Goldar reappeared into the throne room of both Rita and Lord Zedd.

"Ahh, I see you completed you task. Now, it's up to my monster to do away with that sweet and innocent Silver Ranger." Rita called out.

"Rita my dear, I do believe you might actually found a way to get rid of those pesky Rangers." Lord Zedd said as he sat on his throne.

"Once we get rid of the Silver Rangers and make her ours again, then there will be nothing the Rangers can do." Rita replied. Together, both Rita and Lord Zedd let out an evil laugh.

In the Command Center, The entire group ripped off their helmets. Billy gently removed Ricki's. He picked her up and carried her over to the infirmary. Alpha just now, fixed up a bed for her. Billy laid her lifeless body on the table.

"Is she okay?" Aisha asked.

"She's in shock. She's losing a lot of blood." Billy exclaimed as he and Alpha scurry around the infirmary. The other Rangers did not know what to do. They all stood there; watching Billy taking care of Ricki's wound, while Alpha was checking her vital signs.

"It was pretty weird for Goldar only to attack Ricki and withdrawn like he did. It's like he was only wanting to hit Ricki." Adam mention.

"He has a point. They must have done something to her. This is so unlike Rita and Zedd to knock down one of us and live the rest of us standing." Tommy said.

Zordon powered down the Silver Ranger and Ricki was in her regular clothes. The gap that was on her side was huge and infected. Nothing Billy or Alpha could do to stop the infection. Once the bleeding had stopped, Billy placed a bandage over the wound and wrapped it up with dressing. Ricki was still unconscious, but in stable condition.

"Her blood pressure is coming back to normal. It looks like Goldar's sword didn't hit any vital organs. Ricki's going to be okay. She needs to rest for now." Alpha said.

Billy grabbed one of the bandages that was soaked in Ricki's blood. He sealed it in a plastic bag and headed for the lab. The rest of the Rangers headed for home, each leaving the Command Center in their respected color as they teleported. Billy left and teleported to the school. He noticed Ricki's car was still in the parking lot. He didn't want to raise any suspicions, so he grabbed the keys that he swiped from her when she was in the infirmary. He drove her car over to his house and entered through the garage.

The garage, however, was transformed into his lab. He placed the plastic bag on the table and he went inside the house. He changed in his room and ran into the kitchen to grab something to eat. He went back into his lab and started to study the blood soaked bandage. He placed it under the microscope and glared at it for a while, occasionally changing the power of the lenses. There was nothing in the blood that looked anything unusual. He studied it into the late night hour, placing different chemicals on it seeing if they're any invisible. But there was not.

Ricki was still unconscious. She was hooked up to different machines. A heart monitor, a brain wave device, and a breathing apparatus. They were not taking any chances that Rita's magic had something to do with this attack on her. Everything seemed to be normal until Ricki started to go into convulsions. An alarm sounded and Alpha immediately ran into the infirmary. Ricki was jumping up and down on the table, Alpha tried so hard to keep her on the table and to keep her IV in.

"Ayiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi! Hold on Ricki." Alpha called out. Then a blue flash appeared in the room. Billy materialized next to the table Ricki was on. He grabbed her arms and held her down. The monitors were going hey wire.

"Alpha do something!" Billy called out. Alpha made it over to Ricki and injected her with a solution. In a matter of moments, Ricki calmed down. Billy examined the read outs of the equipment that was hooked up to Ricki.

"Something is all wrong. Her brain waves have been altered. I don't know what it is, but it doesn't look good." Billy said. He went over to Ricki's side and lightly ran his fingers through her sweat-drenched hair. A small little tear left Billy's eye and journeyed down his cheek. "Don't worry girl, I'll be right here for you." Billy whispered.

After a couple of breathtaking hours, Ricki emerged out of her slumber. She stirred on the table, but couldn't move because restraints on her wrists and ankles. She let out a groan as she tried to break them. Billy woke up and ran to her side. He untied her restraints and grabbed her and placed her into his chest. "Ricki are you okay? You had me worried about you." Billy said.

"I had this awful dream. It was so real; it was the car accident all over again. My greatest fear was right in front of my eyes. I was scared to death. I'm still a little shaken' up about it." Ricki said as she embraced Billy. Billy lifted her off of the table and carried her into his lap. He could feel her tremble as he caressed her body to ease her.

"I need to go home. R.C. is probably worry about me. I never called him or dropped off at the station. He's going to kill me." Ricki said as she tried to get up.

"You can't leave. We need to run tests on you. And you have an IV in you." Billy said. Ricki looked at the IV that was in her arm.

"Take it out. Take it out now! If you won't take it out I will, and you know I will too." She demanded." Billy walked over to her and removed it from her arm. She could feel the needle leave her vein.

"Thank-you. And don't worry about me, I'll be fine. If I have any problems I'll let you know. I have to go, see you in the morning." Ricki said she laid a gentle kiss on Billy's tender lips. She grimaced at him and pressed a button on her communicator. She disappeared in a silver light.

Billy looked over at Zordon and replied, "That is one stubborn girl." He shook his head and left the Command Center.

When Ricki made it back to her apartment, she climbed up the stairs and entered the place. It was dark and quiet. Ricki was relieved that R.C. is working at the fire station tonight. She slipped into her room and crashed into her bed. She didn't even bother changing, she was so exhausted. When her head hit the pillow, she was gone. She could feel herself drift into a deep sleep.

After a while, Ricki found herself in a dismal alley. Somehow she remember seeing it, but she can't quit put her finger on it. She walked down the back street some more until she heard sirens. She stopped for a second and looked around.

"It sounds like they are coming this way." She said to herself. Then in a blink of an eye, several fire trucks crossed her path. She ran out of the alley and looked in the direction of where the fire trucks were going. There, in the distance, was a building on fire. Smoke was pouring out of every opening. The smoke was so thick and black; it almost made Ricki gag just smelling it. She rushed over to where everyone was standing. Her eyes were glued to the fire fighters that were up in the building, trying to extinguish the inferno. No one seemed to notice the fire up in the floor above their heads. Without warning, the roof caved in on the fire fighter. Ricki's eyes grew large and she jumped out of the crowd.

"Get those men out of there!" creamed the lieutenant.

More fire fighters rushed into the smoldering building. Ricki held her breath while the fire fighters were pulling out their own men. Two made it out on their own power, but one was in critical condition. They dragged the down fire fighter over to the rescue unit and pulled off his air mask.

"He's not breathing!" one of the fire fighters called out.

Paramedics bolted over to him and began to work on him. You could see the determination on their faces as they were determined to get this guy to breathe. Something in Ricki's gut told her to walk over to the rescue unit. When she got there, she could hear a steady tone. Everyone stopped working and turned the electrocardiograph off. Between the standing medics and firefighters, she saw who it was.

"No!" she screamed out as she pushed everyone out of the way. She lifted the departed firefighter into her arms and cried very heavily. The fire fighter was R.C. and there was nothing Ricki or the other emergency workers could do.

Other firefighters came up to her and tried to comfort her, but she pushed them out of the way. All she could think of was being alone. There was no one to turn to. R.C. was not only her guardian, but he was also her godfather and her best friend. The world was she knows it, was crashing down at her feet.

"No, what the. . . " Ricki said as she found herself in her bedroom. She noticed tear marks on her face and pillow. She shook her head to clear the cobwebs. She took a deep breath and walked into the kitchen.

"Wooh, what a nightmare." She said. She glanced over at the phone and called the fire department. The phone rang a few times then someone answered it.

"Umm hello, fire department forty-six, fire fighter Strickland." The sleepy voice said.

"Uh, R.C. it's me Ricki." She said over the phone.

"Ricki, is everything okay, you didn't come by for dinner." R.C. said.

"Yeah, everything's fine. I had to stay after school late. Is everything okay with you?" Ricki asked with concern in her voice.

"Everything's fine here. It's unlike you calling this late for no odd reason. Are you sure you are alright?" He asked her.

"I just had a bad nightmare, that's all. I feel bad for not calling you." She answered.

"It's okay, I kind of knew that the Spirit Committee was going to keep you busy. Well, you go back into bed and try to have a good night sleep." He said.

"Okay, I'll try. See you later." She said.

"Yeah, take care." He replied as he hung up the phone. Ricki heard the phone hung up and she placed the phone down. She went back into her bedroom and went back to sleep.

Early the next morning Ricki woke up to banging on her front door. She stumbled out of bed and made it to the door. With one eye opened, she opened the door. Standing there with a surprise look on his face was Billy.

"Do you think it's to early to be coming over?" Ricki asked.

"What are you talking about, it's a quarter to seven. And why aren't you dressed for school?" he question her.

Ricki looked to the corner of her eyes and screamed. "Oh man! I'm sorry Billy; I couldn't get any sleep last night. I keep getting these dreadful nightmares. Come on in and I'll be dressed in a couple of minutes." Billy walked inside the apartment and took a seat in the living room.

Ricki dashed into her room and over to her closet. She looked through her wardrobe and pulled out a few items. She changed as fast as she could and ran into the bathroom. There, she brushed her teeth and her hair. She put her hair up in a bun, so no one would notice she was running late. She ran back into her room and put on her shoes. She grabbed her backpack and headed for the living room.

"Okay, I'm ready." She said. Billy couldn't believe his eyes. She had gotten ready in fifteen minutes. There is no other female in this world that could do that.

"Wow, you were fast. I brought back your car. You left it at the school yesterday." Billy told her.

Still in a daze, she mumbled, "You better drive. I don't think I would make it to school."

They headed out of the door and entered the car. Billy drove both of them to school. Ricki caught herself nodding off a couple of times. The only thing that stopped her was, she kept hitting her head on the window. Billy pulled in the parking spot and the exited the car. Ricki dragged her feet along the ground, as they walked to their locker.

"Are you all feeling well? You look kind of pale." Billy commented.

"I am so tired. I don't know if I can keep my eyes open. This Power Ranger stuff I need to get used to." Ricki said.

Billy and Ricki pulled their books out of the locker and were about to head for class, but were stopped by their friends. "Hey guys, what's up?" Aisha asked.

"Not me. Did anyone ever tell you that you are too chipper in the morning." Ricki wisecracked.

"Man Ricki, you look terrible." Tommy said. If Ricki weren't so tired to move, she would have knocked Tommy over with a sidekick. Instead she stared at him.

"I didn't get any sleep last night. I kept getting these nightmares. They seemed so real, right down to the smell. It felt like I was there, but yet, I keep waking up in my bed."

"How does your side feel?" asked Adam.

Ricki rubbed where the bandage and dressing was. "It feels okay. I don't sense any pain. What ever you did Billy sure did work." Ricki replied.

"We'll check it out after school." He said. He glanced at his watch. "Almost time for class. Come on Ricki, you can make it."

Ricki turned back to her friends that she was leaving and smiled. Billy had hold of her arm and scooted her down the hall.

"I hope Ricki's alright. That was a nasty wound she got." Rocky said to the rest of the teens who was waiting back.

"She's tough, she'll pull through. I just wanted to know why they attacked her and not at the rest of us. That has been nagging at me all night. They had to do something to her, but nothing seem out of the ordinary." Tommy said.

"I'm with you on this on Tommy. I know something's up." Kimberly said with anger in her voice. After a few minutes, the teens disbursed and headed for their classrooms.

"So, did you tell Téa about our plan?" Kimberly asked Aisha, while they were walking down the hall.

"Funny you should of mention about that. Her and Mikhail thought about it too." Aisha responded.

"No way! This girl is more popular than I figured. I hope this plan works." Kimberly said. They reached their classroom and sat down in their desks. They glimpsed over at Ricki, who had her face in her hand and had her eyes closed.

"She looks rough." Aisha remarked.

"Those nightmares that she had been having must be extreme." Kimberly said.

"She might fall asleep right now, if she could." Aisha retorted.

Ricki wasn't getting much done in her classes. She tried so hard to stay awake, in spite she couldn't help, but to close her eyes. Every now and then, Billy nudged her to keep her awake. She was getting frustrated. Even when she was awake, everything was out of focus or she sees things that are not there.

The school day is about done and Ricki can not wait until she can get some sleep. "A nap would be good right about now." She said, as the group of teens met up in the parking lot.

"Hey guys, I'm taking Ricki to the Command Center. We'll catch up with you later." Billy announced.

"See you at Ernie's" Tommy replied.

Both Billy and Ricki entered the car and drove off. They drove to her apartment and parked her car. They went behind the building and pressed a button on their communicators. They disappeared and reappeared in the Command Center.

"Do you really think this is necessary?" Ricki asked him.

"I want to check your wound. It was pretty infected yesterday and I wanted to get a look at it." Billy answered.

"Okay. Hurry up, I might fall asleep in here." Ricki said, as they walked to the infirmary. She jumped up on the table and lay down on her back. She made herself comfortable by tucking her arms behind her head.

Billy pulled away the dressing and the bandage. When he looked down at her injury, he gasped.

"What! What is it Billy?" Ricki concerned. Billy's eyes were like dinner plates. She could see his expressions.

"Your wound. . . it's gone." He said.

"What! That can't be!" She claimed. She looked down and there it was, nothing. Not even a scar. "That is really odd. What do you think is going on?" She asked.

Billy couldn't help himself but to stare. He kept thinking he was looking in the wrong place. "No way it could have heal that quickly. It was a deep gash." He thought to himself.

"Rita must be up to something. This has her written all over it." He replied.

"Billy, I'm scared. What's going to happen to me?" Ricki asked with fear in her voice.

Billy didn't know what to say. He grabbed Ricki into his arms and tried to console her. His mind was filled with scary thoughts. He couldn't stand seeing Ricki or any other Ranger being used as a play toy for Lord Zedd and Rita's amusement. He knew she was scared. She tried so hard to disguise it from Billy, but he knows her too well. If he were in her shoes right now, he would be scared also.

"It's going to be okay. Once we figure out what's going on, we will help you." Billy said with a soft voice.

Ricki stayed motionless in his arms. She could fall asleep in this position, but her steady shaking kept her awake. She let out a gentle yawn and closed her eyes.

"Hey there sweetie, let me take you home so you can get some sleep." He said, as he picked her up, off of the table and carried her over to the main room. Zordon looked at the two and smiled. He teleported them into Ricki's bedroom.

Billy looked around to see where Zordon had teleported them. After he noticed where he was, he realized they were in Ricki's room. He laid her on her bed and kissed her cheek.

She opened her eyes and replied, "Don't go."

"You have a date with Mr. Sandman." Billy said. Ricki smiled and drifted asleep. Seeing her fall into a sound sleep, Billy teleported back to his house.

After a couple of hours of peaceful sleep, Ricki started to dream. It started off gentle-hearted. She found herself walking around the lake in Angel Grove Park. She discovered Billy's favorite spot where he loves to sit and think. She walked over and noticed a small opening underneath the knoll. It looks like a miniature cave. Ricki's curiosity always gets the best of her and so she entered the cave.

She crawled on her hands and knees, making her way through the dark and damp cave. Something was driving Ricki to go further. Ricki is very greatly claustrophobic and she knew she wouldn't go into tight places, like this, without someone encouraging her. Her mind was telling her to stop, but she kept on going deeper into the cavern. Then she stopped. She sat down in the moist dirt that lay on the ground. She looked behind her to see if she can catch a glimpse of the entrance of the cave. There was a speck of light that could hardly been seen through all of the cobwebs. She turned around and headed for the light. Before she could make it to the entrance, the ground began to tremble.

"This is a bad time for Lord Zedd and Rita to be up to something." She said.

She picked up the pace and tried to get out of the cave. Then the walls started to give way around her. Too scare to move she sat there, watching the earth crumble on top of her. She tried to dig herself got before she was buried, but she wasn't fast enough. Before long, there was darkness. Dirt and rubble entombed Ricki. But she was alive; she couldn't open her eyes due to the dirt that surrounded her. She could feel the dirt squeezing her chest so hard, she couldn't breathe. She couldn't move a muscle to free herself from her earthly grave. Then the oxygen slowly deteriorates and breathing became tougher each moment.

"NO! Not again!" Ricki cried out. "Can I ever get any sleep." Ricki leaped out of her bed. Her nightgown was stuck to her skin from her perspiration. Ricki was drained and irritable. She stubble round her room, trying to clear her thoughts.

"This can't be happening. I'm really getting sick of this. You are going to pay for this!" Ricki grunted out. Clouded with thoughts, Ricki pressed the button on her communicator and vanished to the Command Center.

"Ricki, this is a strange time for you to come here." Zordon said.

"I had another nightmare. They are driving me crazy. I haven't had a wink of sleep. I don't know what to do." Ricki retorted. She paced around the Command Center, looking for something to get her mind off her weaken state.

Ricki placed herself behind the control console. She rested on it and closed her eyes. Ricki was drifting between wakefulness and unconsciousness. Occasionally she zones out, staring at the flashing buttons on the control panel.

"Alpha, call the other Rangers. Ricki needs help." Zordon commanded.

"Right away, Zordon." Alpha responded. He had to push Ricki off to the side, so he could press a few buttons.

In a few minutes, the other Ranger appeared in the Command Center. They were still dressed in their nightclothes. They glanced over at Ricki, who was completely clueless that her friends were there.

"Man, she looks awful. Doesn't look like she has gotten any sleep." Tommy replied. Ricki stared at her friends. Her eyes were blood shot and had dark rings under them. Her face was pale as bed sheet and lips were chapped. Her hair was tussled and coming out of a bun. Her arms hung at her side like wet noodles.

"Ricki, let me take you home. You need some sleep." Billy said, as he began to walk towards her.

"Leave me alone. I want to stay here." She remarked.

"Ricki, we're your friends. We are only looking out for what's best for you. Aisha said while her soothing voice. She too, tried to walk to her.

"Don't get near me. All I want is to go to sleep without the nightmares." She said with anger.

"What are we going to do?" Kimberly asked.

"I don't know. She's not real stable and by the way things look, she can't tell the difference between reality and fantasy. " Billy announced.

"Zordon, is there anything you can do for her?" Adam asked.

"There is one thing, but it inquires all of your help. Alpha, you know what to do." Zordon replied.

Alpha trotted to the back and arrived back in a couple of seconds. "Now everyone, surround Ricki." He said.

The teens looked at each other and proceeded with Alpha's orders. They walked slowly approaching Ricki. She began to panic and started to throw punches.

"There is no need to fight us, we're only trying to help." Rocky said.

Ricki's heart raced, she couldn't take being rushed by her friends. She backed up as far as she could go and round up in Alpha's arms. There, he injected her with a fluid. Ricki looked at her friends, with her sunken in blue eyes, and collapsed.

Billy raced over to her. He checked her pulse and respiration.

"What did you give her?" Asked Aisha.

"I had to give her a compound that will help her sleep." Alpha answered.

"Will she be alright?" Asked Tommy.

"I'm going to take her home. I'll check up on her in the morning. Her vitals are normal and it appears she out like a light." Billy said.

He picked her up and teleported them to her room. The other Rangers all stood in the Command Center.

"This doesn't look good." Adam said.

"Rita and Lord Zedd have done it this time." Tommy declared.

"We have got to help her. There's gotta be a way to cure her." Aisha replied.

"I feel so helpless." Kimberly added.

"Rangers, there is no more you can do. Go back to sleep and tomorrow will be another day." Zordon said.

The Rangers followed Zordon's commands and left the Command Center.

The next morning, Ricki woke up to banging on the front door. She left her room and headed for the front door without opening her eyes.

"Rise and shine sleepy head." Billy said as he hugged Ricki.

"Do you want to die." Ricki remarked as she headed back to her room.

"How do you feel?" He asked her. Ricki finally open her eyes and saw who was talking to her.

"I feel better. Still didn't get a whole lot of sleep, but a do feel better. These nightmares are going kill me before Rita and Lord Zedd will." Ricki said.

Then it hit him. Billy just had a brainstorm. "That's it. Now I know why Ricki's been getting these nightmares. It has to do with the wound Ricki got from Goldar's sword. I knew they had to be apart of this." Billy said to himself.

By the time he noticed he was talking to himself, Ricki was dressed and ready for the school day. They got into Billy's car and drove off the Angel Grove High School. Billy pulled up in the student parking lot and helped Ricki out of the car.

Billy and Ricki slowly made inside the school. Ricki always dress nice for school, right down to matching socks and hair scruchies. But these last few days left Ricki in no choice, but dress in sweats and T-shirts. Her hair is still wet from the quick showers she takes to see if they can wake her up.

Once they made it to their locker, Ricki rested on the lockers next to her. Billy pulled out the books needed for class and went to go hand them to Ricki. He looked over to see why she didn't snatch the books from him. He finally noticed her sleeping standing up with her head resting on the lockers. He shook his head and woke her up. He hated to do this to her, but she needs to go to class.

"Come on Ricki, we need to go." He replied to her. She pulled her head off of the locker and glanced at him. The impression of the locker's numbers was on her cheek.

Billy wanted to cry. Just the look of Ricki being reduced to a restless zombie just overtakes him. They stumble down the hallway and entered the class. They sat down at their desks and Ricki's head collapsed on the desk. All she wanted was undisturbed sleep.

Mrs. Herndon entered the classroom and started the lesson for the day. Billy had to nudge Ricki various times, so she can pay attention. Ricki wanted to give up and just leave for the day and go home. She knew she could get some sleep there.

She managed to stay awake for that class, but the other classes are going to be tough. Billy grabbed her backpack and together they headed for the next class. Ricki was too tired to carry her back pack, if it weren't for Billy carrying it for her, she would have just left it in the locker.

They made it to their History class and it took all of Ricki's energy just to even keep her head up. After awhile, Ricki vision was getting hazy. Words appear when they weren't even written. She kept rubbing her eyes, hoping it would clear it up, but it was no use. Ricki was starting to get a little aggravated. She wanted so much just to have a quick nap. She was weak and had no energy to do anything.

By the next class, Ricki was more furious than tired. Billy and Ricki sat down at the table, where Tommy and Adam were already seated. Frustration was shown on her face and could be seen by her friends.

"Ricki, you don't look so well." Adam said.

"I can't tell you the last time I had any sleep. I know this has to do with Rita and Zedd, but my head is so clouded, I can't think of any way I could cure it. It's like my nightmares are taking over my life. They're so personal, it's scary." She replied.

"Did you know that there's a Biology test today?" Tommy asked.

"Oh man, I've been so tired I haven't even cracked open by book. I can't fail this test." Ricki said.

"Don't worry about it. You know all the material and you are aloud you use your notes." Billy said to her.

The teacher got up from his desk and passed out the test. Ricki just looked at hers. Her mind just stopped. Nothing seems to want to work, her hand, her mind, and even her eyes. She sat there for a little bit until she broke through the malfunction. She picked up her pencil and tried to concentrate on the test.

Words seem to have run into each other. She couldn't make out any of the sentences that were on the paper. She looked all around the classroom, trying to get her bearings. The classroom even felt like it was spinning. She grabbed onto the desk to prevent her to fall off of the stool she sat on.

"Ricki, is everything okay?" Billy asked her. Ricki glance at his with vertigo in her eyes.

"The room is spinning. I'm going to fall off of the stool." Ricki said in response.

Then she jumped. The room stopped moving and Ricki looked around. Everything looked and felt normal. Then she looked on the ground. She gasped as she leaped on the table.

"Ahh scorpions!" she screamed out. Everyone stopped their tests and looked over at Ricki's table.

"Where?" Tommy asked as he looked on the ground.

"They're everywhere! Don't you see them? They're going to crawl up your pants if you don't get up here! She hollered.

Students either looked on the floor for the mysterious scorpions or they looked at Ricki. The class was in chaos. People didn't know what to believe. Females were climbing on the tables, while the guys were searching for the scorpions.

"Class! Class settle down. There are no scorpions in here. Now get off of the tables and finish your test. And as for you Miss. Summers, you can stop this distraction and finish you test." Mr. Brown replied.

Ricki felt two inches tall. She couldn't believe what came over her. She sat back down and finished her test. She was getting weak and she tried everything to keep herself from passing out.

"Billy, I don't feel so good. I need to go home soon. Maybe if I get some food in me, I'll might feel better." Ricki murmured quietly. Billy nodded his head in agreement.

The bell rang and Tommy, Adam, Billy and Ricki left the classroom. Ricki was walking gingerly on the way to the locker. She was slowly losing the battle of sanity. She was losing control over her own body. She didn't know what to do. She was scared to death and she didn't want anyone to know.

"I don't know what to do. What would the others think? The new Silver Ranger is feeble. What good will she be on the team?" she thought to herself.

They headed to the usual table where the teens always met for lunch. They sat down and Ricki just sat there, staring at her lunch.

"Are you going to eat? You need something in you stomach." Aisha mentions.

"Her voice snapped Ricki out of her daze and she opened her lunch. She pulled out her sandwich and began to eat. Kimberly and Tommy made it to the table.

"So, Ricki have you heard?" Kimberly asked.

"Have I heard what?" Ricki answered Kimberly's question with a question.

"You were voted to become the Homecoming Queen." Kimberly said with excitement in her voice.

Ricki couldn't believe her ears. Was her hearing going like her vision? Could Kimberly be joking? "Are you sure about that?" She asked.

"Yeah, even Billy was nominated for Homecoming King." Tommy retorted.

Both Billy and Ricki looked at each other and said in unison, "I never been nominated before."

The other teens laugh and congratulated Billy and Ricki. Cheers spread throughout the table. Ricki was feeling a little better, but was still light-headed. To Ricki's surprise, she could feel a pair of arms, hugging her shoulders.

"Congrat's Ricki" was heard in a Russian accent. Ricki knew exactly who it was.

She turned around and saw Téa, Ashlyn, Monique, Trish, and Mikhail embracing her.

"Thanks. I can't believe it, Homecoming Queen, in sweat pants." Ricki said as he held up her purple color sweat pants she was wearing. Her friends laughed and left the table. Ricki turned around and her smile left her face.

"Ricki, you don't look so good. You should go home." Adam said.

"You're right. But I really need to go is to the Power Chamber. I got a funny feeling this has to with Lord Zedd and Rita." Ricki replied.

"I got an idea. Billy can take you to the Command Center and I'll run over to the fire station and tell R.C. that your not feeling well and you're going to be staying over my house so my mom can look over you. It's fool proof. My mom's a nurse and hopefully there will be no question asked." Kimberly said.

"Sounds good to me. Billy, can you take me to attendance so we can check out? My stomach is doing cartwheels." Ricki said softly.

"Will do." He responded.

Together, they got up and left the table. With Billy propping her up on his shoulder, they made it down the hall and the office. Ricki was trying to keep conscience. All of her energy was being drain. Once they got permission to leave, Ricki passed out like a light. Billy picked her up in his arms and loaded her up in the car. They drove to his house and parked the car. Once then, he teleported both of them to the Command Center.

In the Command Center, Billy rushed to the infirmary and laid her down, on some tables.

"Billy, what's wrong with Ricki?" Zordon asked.

"I don't know. She collapsed a few minutes ago. I believe she is under a spell." Billy said as he hooked up monitors to her.

Alpha came into the room and assisted with the test. They raced around Ricki's lifeless body. Steady beeps and whistles were heard throughout the room.

"I'm getting reading. Her brain function is normal. But there's something here that's different. There are two different waves here. I can't tell them apart." Billy said.

"Her heartbeat and respiration is extremely fast." Alpha responded. "There's nothing I can do to slow it down."

"There has to be something going on that we can not see." Billy remarked. "They're destroying her from the inside."

"Ricki is strong. Whatever spell Rita and Lord Zedd put on her, she will fight it. All we can do is hope for the best." Zordon claimed to him.

Billy sighed and stood next to her, making sure her vitals stay out of critical. He loved her so much and there is nothing he wouldn't do for her. He never felt this way about another person. Since they first met, he knew they were meant to be together. She's a step closer, since Zordon made her into a Ranger. And now Rita and Lord Zedd are trying to rip them apart.

"What's going on. Where am I? How did I get here? Billy! Billy, were are you?" Ricki called out. She searched for her love. She was in a blank room, or what seem to be a room. There was nothing anywhere and no borders separating anything. Just blankness. It was not dark, but it wasn't light either. It's like being in a large box with the same color wall, roof and floor.

She proceeded to walk further. "Kimberly, Adam, anyone!" she called.

"There's no one here, my fair Silver Rose." A voice growled out. Ricki stopped in her tracks. She looked to where the voice was coming from.

"Guys, this is not funny. I'm not tired, so you can stop playing these tricks." Ricki said.

"Oh this is no trick, this is you worse fear." The voice rang out again.

"You don't scare me. Now why don't you come out and show yourself." Ricki said.

" You're fooling yourself. Ever since I got to know you, you've been scared. The accident that changed your life, the death of your best friend, your claustrophobia, and your fear over scorpions. There's a lot of things I know about you." The rough voice said, as it seem to come closer to her.

"I don't know how you know all of that, but there are things you don't know about me." She said.

Then the voice had a face. It wasn't a scary face, just a normal face of a humanoid. He was medium built and had a chiseled face. He looked solid and was slightly taller than Ricki.

"Oh sweet child. You are as innocent like a new rose bud. And as fragile as one too." He replied. He raised his hand and made a fist. The walls were made of brick and Ricki was being hung only by her wrist. Below her was a deep pool of water. Her feet dangled over the surface.

"You see my precious blossom, I control your mind. We are in your mind right now. My name is Dreamweaver and I've been studying you ever since Goldar stabbed you. And the reason you been having nightmares is because of me. I want you when you are weak." The monster claimed.

Ricki couldn't help it, but to be scared. He knew everything about her. Right down to she can't swim. She didn't know what to do. Her mind was on fire. If only she could morph. She could defeat him if she could reach her morpher.

"Wait a minute girl. This is what he wants. He wants you to be scared of him. This is your turf, your mind he's playing with. There's no water down there, only your conscious. Fight what you fear Ricki, and you make the Ranger, not the Ranger making you." Ricki said to herself.

Her fear slowly disappears and a gentle smirk was shown on her face. "Hey Dreamweaver, you may control my thoughts, but I control my mind." Ricki screamed. Then Ricki fell and landed on the solid ground.

"Like what I said, I not scared of you." She said as she got up.

"You're stronger that I thought." He said to her.

Back in the infirmary, Billy was hunched over Ricki. He could feel her heart beat. He tenderly stoked her thick, red hair. Her eyes flickered and occasionally she flinched.

"She doing something in there." Billy said.

"One brain wave is stronger than the other." Alpha informed Billy.

"I just hope that one is Ricki's." remarked back.

Just then, five multicolored lights entered the Command Center. Once they materialized, they tore off to the infirmary.

"How is she doing?" Adam asked.

"Not good. Somehow, Rita and Lord Zedd planted a monster inside of her. It seem to have taken over her mind and now there's a battle going on." Billy explained to the others.

"Oh man, if only we could help." Aisha said.

"This is one battle Ricki has to face on her own." Tommy said.

"If only we knew what was going on." Kimberly retorted.

"None of us are telepaths." Rocky remarked.

Billy was holding on to Ricki's hand. He could feel heat and perspiration coming from it. He brushed her forehead and could sensate the warmth from it. "Kimberly was right, if only we knew what was going on. Hang on Ricki." Billy said to himself.

At the Angel Grove fire station, one of the fire fighters' sons came to visit. He placed his books down on the table and handed a piece of paper to his dad.

"Hey dad, are you off Friday? It's Parent's Night at the school's football game. They are going to announce who's going to be the King and Queen." The kid replied.

The fire fighter looked at the piece of paper and smiled. R.C. entered the room and sat down at the table.

"Hey R.C., did you know that Ricki was nominated as Homecoming Queen and her boyfriend, Billy, is nominated for King?" Fire fighter David asked.

"No, I haven't seen her. She's over at the Hart's house, nursing a cold." R.C. said.

"Well, aren't you going to the game and walk her down the field? It's Parent's Night and you're all that she has." David said to him.

R.C. pulsed and said, "I can't, I have to work that game. I can't believe I've been neglecting her. I can't ruin her Homecoming night. And I don't know about this Billy kid." R.C. said.

"Mitchell? I live next to his folks. That's one fine kid Ricki hooked up with." David said.

"He's one of the smartest kids in school." Fire fighter David's son, James said.

"I know how you feel. She's old enough now to understand the opposite sex. But don't worry about it. She's a smart kid and if she asked questions, just be there for her." David replied as he left the room with his son.

"Yeah, she is pretty smart. Ricki, Angel Grove High School's Homecoming Queen. I would have never believe it." R.C. said to himself.

Ricki had other problems to worry about besides guys right now; a monster, a monster that Rita and Lord Zedd created to destroy her from the inside out, is attacking her.

"You are not going to win. I can defeat you, so why don't you just go away." Ricki said sarcastically.

"We'll see who's tough." He responded.

He encircled her in a Ring of Fire. She could feel the flames lick her skin. She was trapped. She mustered up enough will power and the flames vanished. There she stood, with sweat dripping off her brow.

"Come on and give me your best shot." She called out. She exhausted, but she's not letting it show.

Dreamweaver was getting upset. He knew she should have been demolished by now. He didn't know what to do. His powers were getting weaker. Ricki was taking back her mind and conscious.

"Here's one of you." He threw a sphere at her and it hit the hall behind her. The wall was transform into a classroom.

Ricki walked toward the wall and could see inside the classroom. It was Mr. Brown's Biology class. And over to the side was Ricki's table. She could see a maelstrom happing. Students were pointing and laughing a Ricki, who was standing on table.

Ricki could see herself crying. Her eyes were swollen and red. Even Tommy and Adam were laughing at her. Billy looked embarrassed. Ricki couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"I remember this. This was in Biology class. I swore I saw scorpions crawling on the ground. Why is everyone laughing at me? Even Tommy and Adam are laughing at me." Ricki muttered.

"You see. They are laughing at you. You made a fool of yourself today in class. Even you friends think it was funny. And look at poor Billy, so embarrass that his girlfriend is a joke. You are just a joke. " Dreamweaver whispered.

Ricki was losing her steam; the Dreamweaver was drawing all of her energy. Ricki couldn't believe what she was seeing. Her eyes began to fill, until something hit her. The sight of Adam and Tommy laughing at her didn't seem right. Ricki was about to give in until she snapped.

"No, I don't think so. That's not how it happened! Yes, I jumped on the desk and screamed about scorpions, but my friends did not laugh at me. You are trying to get me to drop my defenses, but you are wrong. You almost got me." Ricki said as she turned around and faced the creation of evil.

Then the image disappeared. Dreamweaver was weak. He slowly walked away as Ricki was walking toward him.

"Look who's running now. You have made my life a living hell for the last several days. This is when it's going to end." Ricki replied. Ricki outstretched her arms and a silver bolt of energy left her fingertips.

They landed all around Dreamweaver causing him to duck and twist around. Then Ricki held up an open palm. With all of her might, a silver orb of magic appeared in her hand. She glared at the monster and a streak of hate filled her veins.

"This is how it feels to when you know your existence is about die. "Tell me, are you scare?" Ricki said as she cocked back her arm and threw the orb in the direction of the Dreamweaver. Right before it hit him, she saw fear in its eyes. Then, up in a puff of smoke, Dreamweaver was gone.

Ricki let out a breath and fell to the floor. She closed her eyes and fell asleep. A serene sleep that no one ever disturb.

Her side gathered all of her friends. Billy was still holding her hand, saying a prayer. Then breaking the silence, an alarm sounded. One of the monitors was going off. Billy rushed to it and read the printout.

"What does it say, Billy." Tommy said.

"I think our Ricki has won. There's only one brain wave activity and it's a strong on." Billy said out loud.

Everyone cheered. Alpha walked over to the other monitors and checked them. "Her vitals are returning to normal."

"I knew she could do it!" Aisha called out.

"Right now she needs rest." Zordon said to the teens. They leave Ricki's side and enter the main room of the Command Center. Billy was the last one to leave. He leaned over a kissed her cheek.

"My prayers have been answered. I knew you weren't going to leave us." Billy said and left the room.

The next morning, Ricki woke up to find herself in the Command Center. She leaped off of the examine table and walked into the main room. There, Zordon was in his time warp and Alpha was working on the computers.

"Good morning Zordon, Alpha." Ricki said.

"Ayiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi, you're awake." Alpha replied.

"How are you feeling?" Zordon asked.

"A hundred percent better. I felt like I slept for a week. Thanks for everything." Ricki said.

Then a blue column of light showed up in the Command Center. Billy appeared with a duffel bag in tote.

"Ricki, you're awake!" he said, as he ran over to her and hugged her.

He handed her the bag and said, "I brought over some clothes to change into. Today's a big day in school."

"Thanks Billy." She rushed into a room and quickly changed. In a matter of moments, Ricki appeared, changed and ready for school.

They teleported down to his house and they entered his car. They drove off and headed for school. When they got there, Ricki jumped out of the car and headed for their locker. Ricki was full of life and energy. Today is Thursday and only one day before Homecoming. You could feel the spirit flowed throughout each student.

They made it to their class and Ricki went over to where Aisha and Kimberly were seated.

"Hey you two, did I miss anything these last few days?" Ricki asked.

Aisha and Kimberly sprung out of their chairs and embraced Ricki. The girls giggled and talked among themselves. The teacher walked in and stood at her desk. Ricki raced back to her desk and turned on her computer.

The class was about over and Ricki made sure everything was saved on her disk. When the bell rung, Billy and Ricki departed from their seats and headed out of the classroom. Aisha and Kimberly joined them as they walked down the hallway.

"So girl, have you picked out a dress to wear? You are going to be standing in the middle of the football field, everyone's eyes on you." Aisha pointed out.

"No, I haven't I've been a little occupied these last few days I forgot all about that." Ricki answered.

"Yeah, its Parent's Night too at the game, is R.C. going to walk down the field?" Kimberly questioned.

"I haven't even talked to R.C. What am I going to do? I have to stay after school today and I don't know if I'll have enough time to get a dress." Ricki said. Ricki's emotions dropped about thirty feet.

"Don't worry about it, things always turn out best in then end." Aisha said as the two girls left.

"I don't know if it's going to turn out." Ricki said as she walked to her next class. Billy placed his hand on her shoulder and tried to console her.

By the end of the day, Ricki was hit bottom. She wanted so much for R.C. to be there, but she knew he was busy with work. She was walking to classroom, where the Spirit Committee was. Téa raced to catch up with her.

"What's wrong?" Téa asked.

"I don't have time to buy a dress for Homecoming. I've been so busy I forgot all about it." Ricki answered her.

They made it to the classroom and Ricki laid her books down on a table. She looked all around and said, "What banners need to be done?"

Téa stepped out in front of the committee and said, "As acting assistant Spirit Committee Chief, I suggest you leave here and go find yourself a dress, my queen." She curtsied to her.

"What! You haven't found a dress yet?" Mikhail asked.

"I'll find one later. Right now. . . " Ricki was cut off.

"Right now, you are leaving here and going to the mall." Ashlyn replied.

Monique picked up her books and pulled her out of the room. "We can handle this without you. All we need to do is make three banners, a banner for the football team to run through, and put the final touches on the floral order for the cars."

"What would I do with out you guys?" she asked.

"Go!" Téa said.

"I'm going to talk to Rocky tonight." Ricki whispered to her and smiled. She left the school and headed for Billy's car. After waiting of a few minutes, Billy showed up.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"I got kicked out. I was wondering if you can take me home so I can go and found a dress." Ricki said.

Billy smiled and opened the door for her. They entered the car and drove off. When they got to her house, she gave him a soft kiss and headed for the stairs that lead to her apartment.

"I'll call you later when I get back." She called out to him. He smiled at her and left for his house.

When she got in the house, she noticed R.C. was sitting on the couch. She walked into the living room and sat down in the chair next to him.

"How are you feeling?" R.C. asked.

"Much better, thanks." She answered him.

"I heard you are nominated for Homecoming Queen." R.C. said as he turned off the TV

"Yea, I was wondering if you let me go out tonight and find a dress." Ricki said.

"Sure, I see why not. Just don't be too late, you have a big day tomorrow." He replied to her. She was about to get up until R.C.'s voice stopped her.

"Ricki, I know I haven't spend a lot of time with you and I'm sorry about that. And I'm sorry I can't be there for you tomorrow at the game. My life has changed since you came here and I haven't realized that you need attention from me. If you have anything you want to talk about, feel free to come to me, no matter where I am or the time. You are very important to me and you're growing up right before my eyes." R.C. said to her.

Ricki smiled and gave R.C. a hug. She left the living room and headed for her room. She changed and stopped at her sock drawer. She opened it and reached inside. She pulled out shimmer, silk bag that contains her money. She reached inside a pulled out all the money she had in it. She counted it and put it in her pocket.

She left her room and was about to open the front door, but R.C.'s voice stopped her. "How much do you have?" he asked.

She entered the living room and looked at R.C. "About thirty dollars." She retorted.

R.C. stood up and walked over to her. "I know you can't buy love, but I think you might need this." He said as he hands her a fifty-dollar bill.

She looked up at him and was hesitant to take it. "Take it, thirty dollars is not going to buy a dress that fits a queen." He said. Ricki reached and took the money out of his hand.

"Go and find something that you like. Not to skimpy, I'm not afraid to take it back." He said boldly. Ricki smile and left out of the door.

The day she had been waiting for finally arrived. It's Friday and Ricki was full of energy. She leaped out of her bead and headed for the shower. When she was done, she came into her room and changed into her nicest pair of jeans and a matching top. She saw the plastic bag that was hanging on her closet door. She lifted the plastic half way and smiled.

She raced into the kitchen to get a bite to eat and headed for the door. She threw her books into her car and sped away. When she got to school, a wave of purple and gold could be seen. School spirit was alive and ready for the big football game tonight.

She made it to the locker she shared with her beau, Billy. Not to far behind her, he approached the locker.

"How's my queen?" He asked as he gave her a good morning kiss.

"Good, how's my king?" she asked back.

"Couldn't be any better." He replied. The rest of the group came to their locker.

"Hey there Romeo and Juliet." Rocky said to them. Billy and Ricki managed to pull the eyes off of one another and looked at their friends.

"That's you milord and milady to you." Billy responded.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Rocky said as he bowed and so did Tommy and Adam, while Kimberly and Aisha curtsied.

"Such ignorance from such small people." Ricki said, while trying not to laugh. The teens gathered together and shared on the upcoming events that are happening for the Homecoming Dance.

"We better be going." Aisha said. Kimberly quickly kissed Tommy and together Billy, Ricki, Aisha, and Kimberly raced down the hall.

Hours passed and everyone's favorite has reached the point. Lunch. The teens made to their table and they talked about many things.

"So Ricki, tell us about the creature." Rocky asked.

"This thing looked like a normal person. But it used my fears against me and tried to get me to surrender to it. He was pretty tough, but he was on my home field and I kicked his butt. Somehow, I was able to conquer up magic in my conscious. It was cool." Ricki explained to everyone.

"I can't believe it they almost won. I don't know why they don't give up." Adam said as he eats his chips.

"I don't know. Well, at least we're having fun doing something we like." Ricki said.

Lunch was about over and the teens left their separate ways. Ricki and Billy were about to make it their locker, when Bulk and Skull stopped them.

"You know, it's good luck to kiss the Homecoming queen." Bulk said as he puckered up his lips.

"I don't think so. Any ways, I'm not the queen yet." Ricki retorted to the babbling fools.

They left the two bullies and went to retrieve their books. Once they got them, they headed for their class.

Time flew by and the school was empty. All of the student body was out on the football field, waiting for the Homecoming Pep Rally to begin. All of the nominees stood on one side of the field, while the football team stood next to them. The cheerleaders were getting the crowd ready by screaming the school's colors.

Ricki and Billy found Rocky over where the football players were. They stood around a talked for a little bit. "Hey Rocky, you know Téa right? Well, she kind of likes you and I thought since you don't have a date yet." Ricki said to him.

"You're sneaky Ricki." Rocky responded.

The pep rally is about to begin. The cheerleaders lined up on each side and held up a banner for the players to run through.

"Nice banner." Billy said.

"Why thank-you." Ricki answered.

The football players ran through the banner and the cheerleaders followed them to the sidelines.

"Good afternoon Tritons of Angel Grove High." The announcer said over the intercom.

After the announcer named the football team, it was time to call out the Homecoming court.

"Thanks to all of the students who voted, we have the results of the voting. For Homecoming King we have, Todd Prichard, Ian Hoffman, Stephan Moore, Benjamin Darnel, and Billy Mitchell." As their names were being called, they lined up along the football field. Billy could hear cheers when his name was being called.

"Next we have the ladies for the Homecoming Queen. Molly Wentworth, Jennifer Brown, Amber Hall, Krista Fernell, and Ricki Summers." The girls stood with the guys when their names were called out. Ricki looked at Billy and smiled, they couldn't help, but to be happy for one another.

After the pep rally was over, the parking lot was busy and it was going to take a while for anyone to get out. Tommy, Kimberly, Adam, Aisha, Billy, Ricki, and Rocky all stood back on the football field and waited for the traffic to thin out.

Once Ricki made it to her house, she leaped in the shower again prepare herself for a night of sheer magic. Even if she and Billy don't win, it was fun being in the limelight for once.

She got out of the shower and got dress. Not in her Homecoming dress, but in normal clothes. She packed a few things up in a bag and headed for her car. She drove off and went straight to the fire station. She pulled all of her stuff out of her car and went inside.

"Ricki, what are you doing here? Don't you need to get ready for the Homecoming game?" R.C. asked.

"I am. I'm going to do it over here. I want you to see how I look before I leave tonight." Ricki said. She dashed into an empty room and closed the door.

Ricki took her time to make sure everything looked good. She wanted this to be perfect for both Billy and herself. She finished with her make-up and her hair. Last but not least, it was time to put on her dress.

She peeled away the plastic bag that was covering it. There it was a beautiful, long sliver and white ball gown. It was covered with silk, glass beads, and pearls. When she slipped it on, and it fell around her slender body, it felt like it was made for her. She looked at herself in the mirror and was glad at what she saw. She truly felt like a queen.

Commotion was going on outside in the station. Ricki could hear a faint sound of Billy's voice. She smiled and made sure everything was in place. She sprayed some perfume on her neck and wrist. She grabbed her matching purse and headed out into the station.

Everyone was talking until Ricki stepped into the hallway. Everyone's mouths dropped including R.C.'s and Billy's. She blushed and walked over to Billy. She turned in a three sixty degree and showed off her dress to everyone. Billy pulled out a corsage out of a box and placed it on Ricki's arm. It was four white roses with a sliver bow in the middle. Ricki almost cried when she saw the corsage.

R.C. left for a minute and returned. He handed Ricki a single white rose from out of the back garden.

"Don't tell Joey I told he's rose off of his bush." R.C. told her.

"My lips are sealed. " she said back to him.

She pinned the rose to Billy's tux jacket. One of the fire fighters pulled out a camera and took several pictures of the couple. Right before they left, R.C. kissed Ricki on her cheek. Her eyes filled up and she tried so hard not to smear her make-up. Billy opened the door for her and helped her into the car. They drove off and R.C. could feel a knot in his throat.

When they got to the school, many people, telling them how cute they looked stopped them. They made it to the field and watched the players warm up. Kimberly saw her friends and ran over to them.

"What a dress!" she claimed. "Enjoy the game."

She ran back to the other cheerleaders and the couple headed for a corner of the field. Time went by and the stadium started to get full. Ricki looked around and couldn't believe how wonderful the stadium looked. Students and their parents showed up and were filling the bleachers. Purple and gold ribbon decorated the field and along the fences. She felt proud of her school and all the spirit it had.

Time has come to for the game to begin. Stone Canyon's team stepped out onto the field and lined up on their sideline. Almost at the same time, Angel Grove's football team ran out onto the field and the crowd went nuts. Fans held up signs and pompoms flowed in the air. They went to the sideline and Coach Wahl gave the team their pep talk.

It was time for the game to begin. The teams took their positions and Stone Canyon was ready to kick off to Angel Grove. When Angel Grove received the ball they ran down the field until they were stopped by one of the other players. The game was close; each team was evenly matched. Right before Angel Grove was about to make a touchdown, Stone Canyon stopped them short. This went on for the whole first quarter. Ricki couldn't help herself, but to jump and cheer for the football team. Billy chuckled a couple of times when Ricki realized she was in a full-length dress and couldn't move like she could in jeans.

Over on the dark spot of the stadium, Angel Grove Fire Department rescue unit sat and two rescue workers sat on, watching the game.

"Man R.C., Ricki looked good. If I could vote, I would put in a thousand votes for her." Said Allen, R.C.'s partner.

"Yeah she does. Too bad I couldn't be out there, walking her down the field." He replied back.

Allen had a smile on his face and left R.C.'s side. He dug through one of his bags and pulled out a little surprise for R.C.

"The half is about over and halftime show will begin. Why don't you put this on and go over and walk Ricki down the field." Allen said as he hands him a bow tie. "

R.C. smiled at his friend and snatched the bow tie from his hand. "You better call me if you need me." R.C. called out.

"It's halftime, who's gonna get hurt?" Allen asked sarcastically. R.C. left the rescue unit and headed for the corner of the field, where the Homecoming court was standing.

It was time for Ricki and Billy to meet up with the rest of the Homecoming court. Ricki had no expression on her face.

"Ricki, what's wrong?" Billy asked.

"Your mom came from another city to walk with you and I really wanted R.C. to walk with me down the field. I really miss my parents. They would never believe me if I told I was in the Homecoming court." Ricki said.

Then a soft hand grabbed her bare shoulder. Ricki turned around and saw R.C. standing there, in his uniform, wearing a bow tie. Ricki couldn't help but to laugh.

"Your escort awaits, milady." R.C. said as he lends her his arm.

"Oh my. . . " Was all Ricki could get out of her mouth before she started to cry.

"Don't cry. You're going to mess up your make-up." Billy's mom said as she wiped her tears away with a tissue.

Everyone lined up on the field. There was an arch made up of wood and ivy, place in the center. They started to introduce each member of the Homecoming court. Ricki was so happy, she couldn't hear a thing. On one side of the field, see could Billy's mom fixing his hair.

"You got yourself a good boy." R.C. said.

Ricki looked up at him and whispered, "Thank you. I think so too."

It was her turn to walk across the field. She had to take little steps, for her dress was too long for her legs to go. She couldn't see anything, because the lights were bright and shining in her bright blue eyes.

"Here we have Rickland Kimber Summers being escorted by her friend R.C. Strickland. Ricki is new to Angel Grove High, but she fitted in perfectly. She's in honor classes and president of the Spirit Committee. And guys, this little lady is taken by of the candidates for Homecoming King. So you better watch out, she holds a black belt." The announcer said.

Ricki and R.C. walked down the field and through the arch. She couldn't help, but to smile. She wanted to pinch herself, just to make sure she wasn't dreaming.

"And now we have William Mitchell. He's escorting his mom Ruth Mitchell. You can find his name on the honor roll each semester and in the Debate Club. He enjoys tutoring in his free time and making sure his girl, Ricki, is fit to be a princess." The announcer said.

You could tell Billy was blushing. He had a sheepish grin on his face that anyone could see. When the two teens were called out, their friends screamed on the top of their lungs.

"And now ladies and gentlemen, time we all have been waiting for. Who will be King and Queen of Angel Grove High." The announcer said with anxiety.

Ricki was nervous. She squeezed R.C.'s hand enough to turn it white. Even R.C. was nervous for her. Billy looked sick. He has never had this much attention being brought toward him. His mother talked him through it and Billy tried so hard to get his mind off of the crowd.

Then the drum rolled. "Ladies and gentlemen, I along with all of the facilities of Angel Grove High, would like to thank all the parents who had come out tonight and helped with this Homecoming year. Without further ado, here is your Homecoming King and Queen." Mr. Caplain said as he pulled out a piece of paper out of an envelope.

"Billy Mitchell and Ricki Summers!" He screamed out. His voice echoed through the stadium. Ricki and Billy just stood there. They couldn't believe it. R.C. pushed Ricki out and Billy followed her. She looked over and ran. He picked her up and gave her the biggest hug. Last year king and queen came over and placed their crowns on their heads. Ricki was handed a dozen roses and a sash. Billy went over to her with his sash on. He led her to the convertible car and helped her in it. He was ushered to his car. Each member of the Homecoming court sat in a beautiful decorated car and was given a lap around the track.

Ricki waved to all of her friends and blew a kiss out to R.C. She was on cloud nine and she truly felt like a queen. When the lap was done, everyone exited out of the cars and quickly dismissed off of the field for the next half.

All of Ricki's friends came up to her and congratulated her and Billy. When the crowd left, Billy and Ricki had some time to themselves. They stood close to the field, watching the game and the twinkle in each other's eyes.

The third quarter was tough. The score was tied and nothing on each side. Ricki would die if the school loses their Homecoming game. Then a filmier number came running onto the field.

"Look, Rocky is in the game." Ricki said as she pointed to the number forty-six.

The third quarter was done and still the score hasn't changed. There's only twelve minutes left into the game and there was no score. The crowd was getting rowdy and the cheerleaders were encouraging them. Every now and then, you can see a roll of toilet paper fly throughout the air.

Each team is going for broke. Time was ticking away. It was close to the end of the game. Angel Grove had the ball and not a whole lot of time on the clock. They inched their way down the field. They were so close to the end zone. Ricki kept hiding her face in her hands every time the quarterback threw the ball. This is it, only a minute left on the clock and the team was on the ten-yard line. The ball was snapped and was handed to Rocky. Rocky flew down the field, as fast as his legs could carry him. He could feel the burning of his muscles, accelerating each step her took. The buzzer went off and Rocky was headed for the goal line. One of Stone Canyon's players stood in Rocky's way. He planted his feet and flew over the player, leaving him looking at the number forty-six flying over his head. Rocky landed on his back, with the football in his hands, in the end zone.

The crowd went nuts. Angel Grove won the football game thanks to Rocky. All the players picked him up and carried him over to the sideline. Rocky kept hanging on to that football and no one was going to pull it out of his hands. Screaming and cheering was heard throughout the stadium. Stone Canyon team left the field with their heads down.

Throughout all the chaos going on in the stadium, Ricki and Billy embrace one another. Once they separated and Billy looked into her eyes, Ricki could only say to herself, "Angel Grove High won the game, rocky got the winning and only touchdown, Billy and I were named Homecoming Queen and King, and my wish came true, R.C. walked me down the field. I would never feel alone with all my friends around. I can feel my parents' sense of pride flow through me. This had got to be one lucky day."