by: Sylver Rose

A crisp autumn air blankets Angel Grove, as the summer season is soon to pass. Another school year begins for the youths of Angel Grove High. It's almost time for the holidays and winter vacation.

Sitting in the Learning Center, Ricki Summers and Billy Mitchell are sitting at a table, going over Physic notes. At the computers are Adam Chiang and Rocky Alvarez. Tommy Oliver walked into the Learning Center with his arms full of books. He dropped them off on a table next to Billy and Ricki.

"Hey Tommy, what's all those books for?" Billy asked.

"I have this major report due and I have no clue on where to begin." He answered.

"Let me take a look at it." Billy responded as he left Ricki's side and went over to help Tommy.

Ricki sat there, shaking her head. Katherine Hillard walked in and noticed Ricki sitting by herself at a table. She walked over and sat down.

"Hi there Kat." Ricki said.

"Is it possible that you can help me with something? I'm trying out of a new part in a play, but I need to make up a dance routine." Kat said with her Australian accent.

"You're a ballerina. Making up routines should come natural to you." Ricki responded.

"The problem is . . . " she hesitated. "It's not my kind of music to dance to. It's more like techno." She answered.

"Ahh, I see. Diffidently, not your cup of tea. Sure, no problem. I'll meet you after school at the Youth Center." Ricki said.

Just then, Aisha Campbell walked in with a young guy at her side.

"This is the Learning Center. In here is the library, computer lab, and study hall, if you ever need a tutor." Aisha said to the guy. He looked around with big blue, speckled eyes in amazement.

"Here, let me introduce you to my friends." Aisha said as she led him to the tables where everyone was sitting at.

"Hey guys, I want you to meet Ryan Cruz. He is new to our school. This is Ricki and Kat. Over there is Tommy and Billy and on the computers is Rocky and Adam."

Everyone waved and said hello.

"I know how that feels." Ricki commented under her breath.

"Are you enjoying your first day here?" asked Kat.

"Yes, I am. What a wonderful accent you have. Where are you from?" he questioned.

"Australia. Sydney, Australia." She answered with a sheepish grin.

"Wow! That's cool." He said

"Well, let me finish our tour and show you all the hang outs." Aisha said.

They walked away and everyone walked over next to the table. Billy walked over next to Ricki and replied.

"What a wonderful accent you have. Where are you from?" he muttered.

Trying not to laugh, Ricki fluttered her eyelids and began to mock Kat. "Australia. Sydney, Australia."

Everyone began to laugh. Katherine rolled her eyes up and said, "That's the worst Australian accent I ever heard."

"I think someone has an eye for a new student." Tommy said as he headed back to his table.

"I do not!" she claimed

Adam and Rocky gathered their books and began to walk out of the Learning Center.

"Meet you guys at Ernie's?" Rocky asked.

"You know it!" Tommy called out.

Billy leaned over and gave Ricki a kiss. "See you soon." He said as he left.

A couple minutes later, Tommy left too. Katherine looked at Ricki and replied.

"Do you think he's cute?" she asked.

"Who, Tommy?" Ricki puzzled.

"No, Ryan." She answered.

"I haven't really noticed." Ricki said.

"His eyes were so gorgeous and that smile. Just melts your heart." She said as she dazed out.

Ricki closed her book and stood up.

"Don't forget your CD's." she replied.

Ricki left the Learning Center and walked to the locker she shares with Billy. There, she noticed Aisha walking by her.

"Aisha! Over here!" she screamed.

Aisha looked up and saw Ricki over at her locker. She squeezed her way through the crowd and made it to Ricki.

"Hey girl!" Aisha said.

"Say, are you going to take Ryan to the Youth Center after school?" she asked

"I don't know, why?" Aisha replied.

I think Kat has an eye for him and we are going to be there, practicing for her new production." Ricki told Aisha.

"I'll see if I can squeeze it in, if you know what I mean." She winked at Ricki.

"I can't believe it's been a year since you pulled that stunt with Billy and me." Ricki said.

"Let's just hope we have the same luck." Aisha replied as she smiled.

Ricki smiled back and proceeded to her class.

The year is 2025 and a lot has not changed over the years in Angel Grove. A group of teens gathered together in the park. The park has been changed, but it still holds trees, a lake, and soft grass. But the activities are quite different in the twenty-first century. One small group has their own activities they do that are not so new. They are the second generation to carry down this guarded secret. Like the teens before them, they too are the Power Rangers. They have learned from their past and still take on evil monsters that Master Bitumous creates.

"What a gorgeous day." Said Chasandra Mitchell.

"It can't get any better." Replied her twin brother Will Mitchell. These twins are unseparatable. People around Angel Grove call them 'The Twins'. They are a spitting image of their parents, right down to their hair color and personality.

"Are you guys up for a game of Hoverball?" asked Christian Oliver.

"Ready when you are." Said Dylan Harris.

"I got the equipment. Let do it." Retorted Derek Walsh.

The teens quickly put up the net on its hover board and place themselves on their hover boards. The hover boards floated up about ten feet into the sky. The net was set and everyone was ready to get started. Dylan picked up the ball and served it over the net.

"I got it, I got it!" Christian yelled out as his board carried him over the where the ball was headed. He hit it up in the air and Will volley it over the net.

On the other side, Derek slapped the ball up and there, Dylan slammed it over the net. Neither Christian nor Will could return the ball.

"Point" Chasandra called out.

"One nothing." Dylan said as he served the ball again.

Will caught the ball and volley it over. Derek returned it back over. Christian, with all of his might, hit the ball over the net and couldn't be touch by the other team.

"Good one Christian." Will said.

"Why thank you." Christian said back to him, as he fixed his brown hair.

The game lasted for awhile until an interruption sounded.


They each looked at their communicators and looked around the park, hoping no one heard the musical call. They got off the hover boards and made a dash for a cluster of trees.

"What is it, Eudoran? Christian asked.

"Come to the Celestial Chamber at once. Bitumous is planning something." Eudoran cried out. Eudoran is not like the other guardian and mentor the Ranger's have had in the past. Instead of being confined in a time warp, Eudoran is a free wandering spirit that moves freely through out the Celestial Chamber. No one knows for sure where he came from, but he has been the protector of the Elemental Gems that give the Ranger's their powers.

"At once." Christian replied.

The teens stood together and pushed a button on their communicators. Then they disappeared in a flash of kaleidoscopic lights.

Just inside the Earth's gravitational pull, lays a group of asteroids. On one of the largest asteroid was a large citadel. This Citadel housed one of the vilest sources of evil ever. He is Master Bitumous, keeper of the Anthracites. Bitumous came to this universe to find the perfect planet that has natural resources. The Power Rangers foiled every attempt he tried in taking over the planet.

"This plan better work. I'm tired of dealing with those Power Rangers." Bitumous said.

"Don't worry, I've calculated the location correctly. And the laser is operational." Replied Datum.

The two evil men walked into a room filled with different inventions. They walked until they reached a laser type gun, which stood by a window.

"Once the wormhole is open, then I'll send the Anthracites through it. Once they destroy the Power Rangers in the past, then there won't be any Rangers in the future." Bitumous said, as he stroked the silver weapon.

"Everything is ready. All I need is the word from you." Said Datum.

"Go ahead with it. I can taste the sweetness of victory." Bitumous claimed, as he singled a squadron of Anthracites to get ready.

There, they reappeared at their home base. They looked at the computers and they went through the printouts.

"What's going on?" Chasandra asked while looking at a print out. "None of these figures make sense."

Will walked over and looked over his sister's shoulder at the print out.

"She's right. There is no answer to whatever Bitumous is doing." Will said.

They looked at the Viewing Globe and as dumfounded at what they saw. A beam seems to be coming from asteroid that encircled the Earth and shooting straight into space. The Rangers are clueless on what is going on. Chasandra ran over to the computer and began to tap the keys.

"No way! This can't be happening." She said.

"What, what is it?" asked Dylan.

"As far as I can tell, he's trying to make a wormhole. To where, I don't know, but he's planning something and it's going to be big." Chasandra said with concern in her voice.

"Man, he's really pushing it this time." Will said.

"We got to stop him." Derek commented.

They continued to watched the Viewing Globe, then without warning, Bitumous evil henchmen, the Anthracites, made their way threw space, to enter the wormhole. Anthracites are creatures that are made up of pure energy. They are powerful and strong, but they run short in the intelligent department. They can be easily defeated, but it's usually not easy.

"They are going to the wormhole!" Chasandra screamed.

"What should we do Eudoran?" Will asked.

"Do what you feel will be the best way to come out victorious." Replied Eudoran.

"We have to go after them!" Exclaimed Derek.

"Let's go!" Christian called out.

They pushed a button on their communicators and they teleported through the wormhole.

Back in the present time, Ricki and Kat were on the mats in the Gym. Ricki popped in a CD and placed herself in the middle of the mats. The music began to play and Ricki started to dance. The beat of the music moved her feet and the rhythm moved her body. She was in a trance. Kat just stood there marveling her movements. Ricki sent the place on fire. Everyone in the Gym and in the Juice Bar stopped whatever they were doing and watched Ricki danced. When she was done, everyone clapped. Ricki blushed and turned off the CD player.

"Oh wow, that was so good. How will I ever dance like that? I'm use to slow, flowing movements, not that." Kat said.

"It's all in your mind." Ricki said.

She placed Kat on the mats and put on a slow song. She showed her a few movements that Kat can get the hang of. At the Juice Bar, Tommy, Billy, Adam, and Rocky sat at a table and enjoying some smoothies they just ordered.

"That Ricki is a good dancer." Tommy replied.

"Yeah she is. She's a Ginger Rogers of the nineties." Rocky said.

Aisha walked in with Ryan in tow. "This is Ernie's Juice Bar and Gym. This is the number one place where everyone hangs out." She said to him.

They walked over to the table where the guys were sitting at. They took a seat and watched Ricki and Katherine dance.

"How's Kat doing?" Aisha asked.

"Ricki is very patient. Kat's not use to dancing to fast music." Tommy said.

Ryan just sat there, watching the two danced. Ricki and Katherine was having the time of their lives. They laughed at one another. After a while, Kat started to get the hang of it. She was dancing to a routine that Ricki made up. She couldn't believe that was her dancing. Ricki was so proud of Katherine; she started to look looser when she danced.

After a couple of hours, the two stopped. Sweat was flowing off their foreheads. At the table, Ryan pulled himself away at the sight of Katherine, to look down at his watch. He noticed what time it was and he needed to leave.

"Thank-you for the tour, Aisha. I need to be going. I only live a few blocks away, so I'll walk. It was nice meeting you again." He said as he walked out of the Juice Bar.

"He couldn't take his eyes off of her." Aisha said.

"I can't believe you are doing this again. I thought Ricki and I were your last, you got to stop these blind set ups." Billy said.

"Come on, Billy. They're fun. There's no harm done if I introduce them. Any ways, a birdie told me that someone is interested in him. So all's fair." Aisha said.

The two girls sat down and ordered a smoothie. To their surprise, the Youth Center began to shake. Equipment fell off the walls and smoothies ended up on the floor.

"An Earthquake?" Ricki asked.

"I don't know." Billy responded.

Then their communicators went off. They looked at one another and tried to make it over to the other side of the Juice Bar. It was like walking on a rope bridge, the ground was moving and the teens kept falling over. When they made it, they hid behind a wall.

"I guess it's not an earthquake." Rocky retorted.

"Go ahead Zordon." Tommy said into his communicator.

"Angel Grove is in grave danger. Come to the Command Center at once." He said.

The teens disappeared from behind the wall and ended up in the Command Center. They hung on to the computers and each other so they wouldn't fall over.

"I wish this would stop!" Ricki screamed. Just then, the Earth stopped shaking. Ricki looked shocked at everyone.

"What's going on, Zordon?" Billy asked.

"It seems that a space/ time wormhole as appeared and is causing the Earth to tremble." Zordon answered.

On the Viewing Globe, a black tear could be seen within the sky. Then seven speckles of light came through the opening.

"Did you see that? Something came out of the wormhole." Billy said.

"I don't like the looks of it." Rocky commented.

"They're heading straight for Angel Grove." Said Alpha Five, Zordon's robot assistant.

"I'm with Rocky, I don't like the looks of it either." Ricki said to Tommy.

"Well, there's only one thing to do, ITS MORPHIN TIME!" he called out.

The Rangers pulled out their Power Coins and held them out.

"Black Ranger Power!" Adam morphed into the Black Ranger.

"Pink Ranger Power!" Katherine morphed into the Pink Ranger.

"Blue Ranger Power!" Billy morphed into the Blue Ranger.

"Yellow Ranger Power!" Aisha morphed into the Yellow Ranger.

"Red Ranger Power!" Rocky morphed into the Red Ranger.

"Silver Ranger Power!" Ricki morphed into the Silver Ranger.

"White Ranger Power!" Tommy morphed into the White Ranger."

They teleported to where the aliens landed. They found themselves in Angel Grove Park.

"Do you see anything?" Aisha asked.

Ricki gasped, as a creature made out of pure energy, looked straight at her. She was more amazed then afraid. She wanted to know what they were made of. They produced a brilliant light that blinded the on lookers.

"I think I found them." Ricki commented.

They just stood there. Not one of them moved. The Anthracites looked around and they focus their attention on the brightly colored group.

"I think we're in trouble." Rocky said.

"What are those things?" asked Tommy.

"They seem to be made up of pure energy." Billy answered.

"How do we get rid of them?" Ricki asked.

"That, I have no answer for." Billy said.

"Good, at least I'm not alone on that one." Ricki replied.

One of the Anthracites shot out a bolt of energy toward the Rangers. "Look out!" Tommy screamed. It crashed down behind the Rangers, sending them flying through the air.

"This means war." Ricki said as she put her two fists side-by-side together.

"Silver Sword!" she cried out as she pulled her fist apart and a double edge sword appeared in her right hand.

She charged after the Anthracite who shot at them. Each time one of them shot a bolt at her, she blocked it with her sword. Then the other Rangers went into battle, fighting the Anthracites.

Without the Rangers noticing, five flashed of light landed in the park. They materialized into five teenagers.

They looked on at the Power Rangers who were fighting the energy creatures.

"Do you know where we are?" Will asked.

"This looks like Angel Grove Park, but something different." Derek commented.

"I think I know where we are, we are in the past, and those are the Power Rangers." Christian said as he pointed in the direction of the Power Rangers.

"What are we going to do?" asked Chasandra.

"We have to help them. They don't even know what they are fighting, let alone know how to defeat them." Dylan retorted. Dylan is the quiet Ranger. He thinks before he reacts. He chooses to talk things out before he fights. He's more of a scholar than a fighter is.

" Dylan is right. Let's morph." Christian said.

They went over to a group of trees and crossed their arms in front of them.

"Carbon Power!" Dylan called out. A funnel of fire encircled him for a moment. When the fire disburse, the Red Ranger stood there.

"Chloro Power!" stated Christian. A burst of wind blew forth; taking leaves along with it. Once it pasted Christian, the White Ranger looked on.

"Hydro Power!" Will bellowed. Like a column of crystal clear water engulfed him and then appeared the Blue Ranger.

"Solar Power!" Chasandra belted out. A flash of pure sunlight surrounded her and transformed her into the Yellow Ranger.

"Geo Power!" echoed Derek. Almost like a hand from Mother Earth grabbed hold, Derek turned into the Green Ranger.

Once they were morphed, the quintet left the patch of trees and ran over to where the fight was. They each helped out a present day Ranger with defeating the Anthracites.

The present Power Rangers were in shocked. They didn't know what was going on.

"Who are they?" Kat asked.

"I really don't know. All I know is that they are defeating those creatures and that all that matters." Ricki said as she lowered her sword.

Once the future Rangers was done defeating the Anthracites. They met up with the present Rangers.

"Okay, we have got to talk." Ricki said.

Then suddenly all of the Rangers departed from the park. They arrived at the Command Center. Tommy ripped off his helmet.

"What in the hell is going on?" he shrieked.

All of the Rangers followed Tommy and took off their helmets. They looked into each other eyes. The White Ranger walked up to Tommy and held his breath.

"This can't be. I can't believe I'm standing in front of my dad. He's practically my age. What do I say to him?" Christian said to himself.

"Rangers, this may come to a shock to you, but these are the Power Rangers from the future." Zordon said.

They couldn't believe their ears. They were looking at the next generation of Rangers. They were the same age and believe in the same caused.

"He's telling the truth, dad." Christian said.

The Command Center was quiet. Tommy shook his head, to clear his thoughts, and looked back over at the other White Ranger.

"Did he say what I think he said?" Ricki asked.

"I'm Christian Oliver, you son." Christian said, as he out stretched his hand for a handshake.

Tommy stood there with his mouth opened. He closed his mouth and instead of a handshake, he gave him a hug.

Everyone had a smile on his or her face. Even a few had tears in their eyes.

"He kind of looks like Tommy." Billy whispered to Ricki.

An auburn tinted hair girl walked over to Billy and Ricki. Her twin brother followed her.

"Ricki, Billy may I introduce you to Chasandra Mitchell, the Yellow Ranger and Will Mitchell, the Blue Ranger." Zordon said.

It felt like Ricki was looking into her own eyes when she looked at Chasandra. Billy was in disbelief over Will and Chasandra.

Ricki let out a smile and hugged her daughter. Billy reached out and hugged his son. After they were done, they switched and hugged their other offspring.

"This is a joyous time." Zordon said.

"Ayiyiyiyiyi, I'm so happy." Alpha said, as he wiped is visual receptors.

"But what about the wormhole? We have to fix it or Bitumous will send Anthracites back to Earth." Christian said.

"You know what those things are?" Rocky asked.

"Those are Anthracites. Master Bitumous sent them through a wormhole he made." Dylan said.

"Why were they after us?" Aisha puzzled.

"That we do not know." Christian said.

"I'm being to understand this. If this Bitumous destroy us, then they will destroy the other Power Rangers that are in the future." Ricki said.

"Hopefully, with combined power, we can defeat this creep and his little match sticks." Adam said.

"We have to pair off and share Zords. Ricki, Billy, Chasandra, and Will, stay here and figure out a way to close that wormhole. As for the rest of us, we are going to find away to defeat those Anthracites. Christian, you're with me; Josh, you're with Rocky and Derek you're Adam." Tommy commanded.

"Christian, do you think our powers will work here. Without our powers, we won't have a chance to defeat the Anthracites?" Derek asked.

"I don't know. When the time comes, we will try, but if they don't, we have to find other means to defeat them." Christian said.

Lights flashed and alarm sounded. "Bitumous has sent more Anthracites back down to Earth." Kat said.

"Billy, we have got to find a way to close that thing. We can't afford to get our children killed in this time. We have to get them back in the future and stop this goon from sending us this walking flash lights." Ricki said.

"I couldn't agree with you more." Billy responded.

They all walked over to different computers and began to plug in different formulas that could work on the wormhole.

The other Rangers went back into action. This time, in downtown Angel Grove. Cars were blown up and building were being smashed.

"They're tearing the city apart. We got to do something." Adam said to Tommy.

Tommy raced over and tried to stop Anthracite. It flung out a bolt and sent Tommy crashing down to the ground. Christian ran over and helped Tommy up.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, he just cleaned out my clock." Tommy answered.

"Don't worry, we got them." Christian stated.

Christian gathered the future Rangers together and they stood side-by-side. They held out their arm above their heads and called upon their elemental powers.

"I call upon the power of the air! Wind come to me!" The White Ranger called out.

The wind started to pick up. Trees were swaying back in forth. The Anthracites couldn't keep their footing.

"I call upon the power of the earth! Tremors come to me!" The Green Ranger called out.

There, the Earth started to tremble, causing the Anthracites to fall to the ground.

"Will, we need your help." Christian called over his communicator.

In the Command Center, Will heard his orders and teleported to where the other Rangers were located.

Ricki watched as he teleported. "Be careful my son." She whispered.

When he got to the other Rangers, he held up his arms and called out. "I call upon the power of water! Rain come to me!" he ordered.

Just then, a soothing rain fell from the sky. It was causing the Anthracites to lose power.

Tommy, Aisha, Adam, Katherine and Rocky were beside themselves. They couldn't believe what they are seeing. These were the most powerful Rangers ever.

Back in the Command Center, Chasandra has that twin connection to her brother, she knows she will be needed to help the other Rangers. She closed her eyes and could feel her brother's power surging through him. She opened her eyes and smiled. Without letting Ricki and Billy know she was leaving, she vanished and went to go join her brother's side.

"I call upon the power of the sun!" Heat come to me!" she cried out.

The sun beat down on the surface below, causing the Anthracites to evaporate into vapor. Then there was quiet. The Anthracites were gone. The other Rangers walked over to the Rangers.

"You guys did a great job." Tommy said.

In the Command Center, Billy and Ricki were working away at the computers.

"Did you get anything?" Ricki asked.

"No, I keep getting the same answer. There's got to be a way to do this." Billy answered.

There was no comment from Ricki. She was glued to the Viewing Globe and the sight of the future Rangers using their powers.

The silence on Ricki's part, made Billy worried. He looked up at Ricki and saw her watching the Viewing Globe. He couldn't believe the power these Rangers have. After the battle was over, Ricki and Billy stared at one another.

"That's our kids out there. Doing what we are doing. They have powers that are beyond all reconditions. We brought them up well." Ricki said with a knot in her throat. Billy walked up to her and they hugged. After they embraced, they went back to the computers.

"Hey, I got something!" Billy screamed out. Ricki quickly ran over there and checked out what he had found.

The other Rangers teleported back to the Command Center. Everyone high fived one another.

"Did you guys find anything?" Tommy asked.

"I do believe we did." Billy said as he looked down at a print out that was in his hands.

Somehow, we have to construct a laser, like the one Bitumous has, but use it backwards. I have the instructions to build it, but time is important." Billy said.

"How long do you think it's going to take?" Tommy asked.

"With Ricki and I both working on it, I say about two to three days." Billy replied.

"That's a awfully long time to keep that hole open. Who knows how Anthracites Bitumous will send down." Christian said.

"And what about Rita and Lord Zedd. Who knows what they are going to do if they ever catch wind of this." Kat reminded them.

"Here's another problem to think about. What about us, if you close it we have to go through it before you do. And what about Angel Grove in the future? Is it going to be okay, even though we're not there to defending it? Bitumous could be attacking right now." Derek retorted.

"He has a point." Katherine commented.

"If Chase and I work on the laser with mom and dad, oops, I mean, Ricki and Billy, then we might be able to get it up and running in half the time." Will said.

"It's worth a shot." Christian said.

Back on the asteroid, Master Bitumous paced back and forth, while his master inventor Datum watched.

"Blast them!" Bitumous screamed. He banged his fist against the metal wall.

Nervously, Datum wrung his hands. "Oh sir, I don't know what to say. It was a fool proof plan."

"I know! I just don't know how I can beat those brats!" Bitumous claimed. As he continued to pace, his long black robe flowed behind him.

"Our problem may not be the Rangers we know of, but the Rangers we seek." Datum said sensitively.

Bitumous stopped in his tracks. He glared over at Datum. A flash of light glittered in his eyes. "You know you're right. I got an idea. How long do we have to keep that wormhole open?" Bitumous asked.

"I say about a week. After that, the laser absorbed all of the crystal energy." Datum answered.

"Find out what who's the Power Rangers greatest enemy during the time on the other side of the wormhole. If we can unite, then both Power Rangers will be annihilated. Nothing is going to stop me from getting rid of those Rangers." He called out. His voice echoed through out the Citadel.

"I'll get right on it." Datum retorted as he headed out of the room.

After a couple of exhausting hours, all the teens met up at Ernie's Juice Bar.

"I can't believe how quiet it has been. Something must be up." Derek said.

How is that laser coming?" Tommy asked the four teens that finally made it in.

"It's coming." Ricki replied back. They sat down at the table. For a while, everyone was silent. Thoughts were going through each one's head.

"Since we have this time together, why don't we get to know everybody." Aisha remarked.

"Well, Chasandra and Will seem to know me and Billy." Ricki said with sarcasm in her voice.

"Same goes for Christian and I" Tommy added. The whole group of teens burst out in laugher.

Out of the corner of Kat's eye, she noticed Ryan coming into the Juice Bar. She leaped out of her seat and joined him at the counter.

While the others were introducing each other and talking about different events, Kat was engaging in conversation with Ryan. There was something between them that seem to spark. They spent a while together until Ryan had to leave. When he left the Juice Bar, Kat joined her friends at the table.

"I see you found a new friend." Aisha said.

Kat blushed brightly. "He's sweet."

"So, when are you two going out?" Rocky asked.

"Tonight. . . hey, how did you know." She clamored.

Rocky leaned back and kept quiet. The entire group either shook their heads or chuckled. If you knew Rocky, you would of known how his mind works at times.

"I've been thinking, where are we going to stay the night." Chasandra asked.

"It's only fitting that you can stay over my place. I don't think R.C. will mind. Do me a favor, no mention of the word mom or anything that has to do about the future. He wouldn't understand." Ricki said.

"And you can stay with me Will. I have plenty of room at my house." Billy said to him.

"Wow, we are shacking up with our parents. This is too weird." Will said. His sister giggled at him.

"I guess you are with me Christian." Tommy suggested.

"If you like Derek, you can stay with me." Adam said.

"I guess you're stuck with me Dylan. I hope you don't mind sharing a bathroom with my sister." Rocky said to him. Rocky was able to conjured up a smile on Dylan's face.

"I'm glad we figured out that problem." Aisha said.

"This has been one busy day. If you don't mind, I have to build a laser." Billy said as he got up from the table.

"Wait, I'll help." Will called out. Together, they left the Juice Bar. Once they made it to the parking lot, two flashes of blue entered the sky.

"I guess we should help too." Chasandra mentioned to Ricki. Ricki looked over at her and nodded. They lifted themselves up from the table and exited the Youth Center.

One by one, each teen left the Youth Center and went off in their different direction. Aisha walked with Katherine to her house.

"You like Ryan don't you?" She asked her. "What are you two going to do tonight?"

"We are going to the movies. Then out to dinner." Kat responded.

"You need to tell me everything." Aisha said. They made it to Kat's house and she entered through the front door. She sprang to her room and proceeded to get ready for her date.

The night was growing dark and Billy was still working on the laser inside the Command Center. Will was curious about everything. He looked around and asked Alpha questions. Will walked over to the control panels of the computers. He studied them carefully, when he looked up, he saw Billy working hard. Somehow he knew once the laser was functional he would be sent home in the future. He had so many questions he wanted to ask. As he was observing Billy, he sensed a little bit of Chasandra in him. She always put herself into her apparatuses.

"Hey, it's getting late. Don't you have school tomorrow." Will said. Billy looked up from his work. He sighed and smiled.

"You sound like Ricki." He said as he got up and went over to him. "Come on, we need to get home." He advised. Together, they teleported to just outside Billy's house.

They entered the house and ran into Billy's father. "Hey dad, do you mind if Will can spend the night?" he asked.

"Sure, I see why not. Glad to met you Will." Billy's father said. Will was so nervous he just smiled. He didn't want something accidentally slip out.

They made it to his room and Will crashed on Billy's other bed. "This has been one fast-paced day. I never thought I would be hang out with my dad." Will whispered.

"I never thought I would have kids." Billy replied.

"How did you meet umm, Ricki?" he asked.

"Funny you should asked that, I met her last year. She was in almost all of my classes. One day she went to get out of her desk, but instead she ran into me. Her books flew everywhere. She was too shy to say anything. She just stood there with her mouth opened. She looked so cute." Billy said as he faded into his thoughts.

"And it's been happier ever after." Will retorted.

"You can say that." Billy responded. "What about you?"

"I don't know if I should tell you a lot about me. You are not suppose to know about the future." Will hinted.

"I've seen all of the 'Back To The Future' movies. I understand all of that, I just want to know about you." Billy said.

"Okay, what do you want to know? I'll tell you anything." Will said.

"When were you born?" he asked.

"August fifteenth, two thousand and eight. In Tri-City Falls." Will answered.

Billy looked away for a second and gasped. "Oh my. . . twenty-eight." He cried out."

"Uh?" Will said bewildered.

"Nothing, never mind." Billy murmured quietly.

Will shook his head and said, "Just what Chasandra always says."

"Do you and Chasandra get along?" Billy questioned.

"Sure. Occasionally we bicker, but do you expect from siblings. You and Ricki make great parents. You guys were always there for us. Right down to we accidentally blew up the garage." Will said, trying not to laugh.

Billy and Will stayed up into the wee hours of the morning, just talking. While several blocks away, Ricki and Chasandra were doing the exact same thing.

"I can't believe you are my daughter. I never thought I would have kids. I never thought I would slow down enough to have a family. Come to think about it, I can't believe Billy and I have stayed together that long. I feel so eerie inside." Ricki said.

Chasandra laughed. She looked into Ricki's eyes and swore she was glancing into a looking glass. The same tint of blue. "You can say anything can happened."

"Please explain to me your name." Ricki asked.

"Chasandra Summer Mitchell. I think you were on drugs during my birth. Let's see, Chasandra is from R.C., Summer is from your maiden name and Mitchell is from Billy." She replied.

"I think your right about the drugs. What's Will's name?" she asked.

"William Conner Mitchell. William is from Billy, Conner means falling rain, and Mitchell is from Billy." She answered.

"I'm so interested in the future. What is it like?" Ricki asked.

"There's a lot I can't reveal to you. The only thing you know about is Master Bitumous. He's are arch enemy. When he came into our universe, we were chosen to possess the great power that can stop him. I know it's unfair that we know all about you by the stories you use to tell us right before to tuck us into bed and you don't know anything about us. I want to tell you how big of an inspiration you have been. I want to tell you all about our powers, but like you, we are sworn to secrecy about our identities. I don't want to blow any chances on the future." Chasandra said.

"I understand everything. I'm so proud of you and Will. I'm glad we brought you guys up to believe in good." Ricki said as tears fill her eyes.

Another family get together is happening in Angel Grove. Inside the Olivers' house, both Tommy and Christian were telling stories about being a Ranger.

"So, I see you are carrying on the White Ranger." Tommy said, while making down his bed.

"Yes, I never been more proud when I received the Elemental Gem. The feeling of morphing for the first time is unexplainable." He said. Christian made up a bed for himself and laid down in it.

"Hey Christian, do you mind if I asked a question?" Tommy pondered.

"No, what is it?" Christian answered Tommy question with a question.

"Who's your mother. I know it's a stupid question, but it's killing me. There's something about you that reminds me of someone." He declared.

"Well, if you must know. Her name is Kimberly and I think her maiden name was Hart. Do you know her now?" Christian asked his bewildered father.

"Uhhh, yeah. You can say that." Tommy sputtered.

"Come on, spill it." Christian said.

"Kimberly and I were boyfriend and girlfriend through out high school. But we broke up because she got the chance to go to the Pan Global Games in Florida. I never thought we would see each other again. But looking at you, I guess we did." Tommy said.

"Cool. I can't wait until I get a girlfriend. No one on the team has a love one. Even though Derek has a thing for Chasandra, but Will won't let him had anything to do with her." Christian said while laughing.

While the other Rangers we catching up on their family history, Katherine Hillard is spending a quiet night with a guy she happened to just meet.

"Thanks for dinner and the movie." Kat said.

"It was no problem. I'm glad you could have spent it with me. Would you like to walk?" Ryan asked.

"Sure, I'll be delighted." Kat respond. Together, they departed out of Ryan's car and they walked around Angel Grove Park.

"This sure is a nice night. The moon is so full here. I never have seen it this shade before. It's almost a perfect shade of silver." Ryan said.

Kat let out a little chuckle. "Don't let Ricki hear you say that." She said to herself. "You're right. It's lighting up the whole park." She said softly to him.

Together they walked hand and hand through out the park. Kat's glistening blonde hair shined in the moonlight. While Ryan's eyes were fixed onto her face.

"You look real lovely tonight." He said to her.

"Thank you. How do you like Angel Grove so far?" she asked.

He stepped in front of her and held both of her hands. She looked into his eyes and could feel an attraction starting. He placed his strong hands onto her soft, creamy cheeks and lifted her face up. "Looking better already." He whispered. He gently placed his lips onto her and stole a kiss from her.

After the angelic kiss was over, Katherine let out a serene sigh. She gave him a smile and he smiled back at her. They walked a little bit more until it was getting late.

The next morning the teens got ready for school. They met up at their usual spot. They tried to keep their conversation down so passerbies won't hear them.

"What are we going to do? I fell very uncomfortable being here while some guy from the future is trying to kill us. We're sitting ducks here." Ricki stated nervously.

"I understand how you feel. I'm very high strung too. There is nothing we can do for now. Let's just hope everything will be fine." Tommy said.

"What are the other Rangers doing?" Kat asked.

"Chasandra and Will are working on the laser and the others are standing watch at the Command Center." Billy answered.

"This has got to be weird for them. I hope we can take them back home." Aisha remarked.

"We will, as along as we don't have any set backs." Adam replied.

"I'm still worried about Rita and Zedd. They haven't done anything to us in a while. It's make me very uneasy." Rocky pointed out.

"Oh boy, another thing to worry about. For the first time I don't want to be here." Ricki said.

At that point, the bell rang and the teens headed for their class. Billy and Ricki left together while the other went off in different directions.

Aisha walked with Kat. "So Kat, how was your date last night?" Aisha asked.

"It was good. I enjoyed it a lot. I really like Ryan. You have gotta give me a list of his classes. I can't help, but to think about him all the time." She said to her friend.

"Cupid had found his mark." Aisha whispered under her breath.

The final bell rang and the two girls found their desk along with all the other students in Angel Grove High. The minutes ticked by slowly for the teens. Each one of them looked at the watches or the clock on the wall in their classroom. They wait patiently for each class to end, unknowing what might wait ahead for them. Each class goes by and each teen remain high strung. By the time the last class was here, tension was high and attention in their classes was low.

Then school was over. Each teen hustled out of their class and headed for the parking lot. Finally, all the teens gathered.

"Let's quickly get to the Command Center before anything happens." Ricki said.

They each climbed into their car and drove in the direction of the Command Center. When they got there, they rushed into the building. There, the future Rangers were working on a plan to defeat Bitumous.

In the future, evil Bitumous was working on a plan of his own. He sat on his throne and was deep in thought. Datum stood by his side, waiting for his master's scheme to fall into place.

"Datum, did you find the Rangers' enemy?" He asked.

"Yes sire. I do believe their names are Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa. They master in magic and they have come close to defeating them, but they always fall short." He replied.

"And where do these conjurer live?" Bitumous question his assistant.

"They live in a castle on the Moon's dark side.

"With the help of my army, this will give them an upper hand and while they defeat their Rangers, we can defeat ours. Datum, get a squad of Anthracites ready, we are going to destroy the past." Bitumous claimed.

"As you wish." He responded.

Bitumous leaped off his throne and sprinted into the teleporter room. Joining him, Datum walked in and several Anthracites followed. They climbed onto a platform in the corner of the room.

"Take us the Lunar Castle!" Bitumous ordered one of his servants. The servant bowed and hit a few buttons on the console. In a matter of moments, the wicked mad man and his company left the asteroid and headed to the Lunar Castle of Rita and Lord Zedd.

* * *

"Zeddy, I don't understand why we can't squash those stupid teenagers? We didn't have this much trouble with the other planets we have taken over." Rita screeched.

"I know, I know. Then of course they didn't have Zordon protecting them either." Lord Zedd mentioned.

Just as he finished his sentence, the stranger from the future appeared in the Throne Room. When Bitumous fully materialized, he looked around and become aware of Rita and Lord Zedd.

"You must be Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa." Bitumous responded.

"So if we are, who are you?" Zedd perplexed.

"I'm your answer of getting rid of the Power Rangers." He said in a proud voice.

"And we are suppose to believe you!" Rita called out.

"I'm Master Bitumous and I have the same problem as you do. Where I am from, we too have Power Rangers and they are stopping me from taking over the planet. I opened a wormhole in my time and sent Anthracites to destroy the Rangers from this time. If I demolish them, then there won't be any in my time. The problem is the Rangers from my time have come through the wormhole and teamed up with the Power Rangers here. I thought if we team up, we can exterminate all of the Rangers." Bitumous told the two warlocks.

"You telling me that you're from the future and you want us to team up with you so you can annihilate the Power Rangers. This is too good to be true." Lord Zedd retorted.

"Fine if you don't want to believe me. I'll just destroy the Power Rangers and you along with them. Why need the future when I can rule the Earth today." Bitumous said as he turned around and headed back to his group of Anthracites.

"Wait! Maybe was can work out a deal. You said you can help us get rid of the Power Punks?" Lord Zedd cried out.

Bitumous turned back around and smile in a roguish way.

Back on Earth, a meeting was taking place in the Command Center.

"The laser is about seventy-five percent complete. It needs quit a bit work done to it to get the bugs out of it." Chasandra said.

"So far there hasn't been any signs of Bitumous or Rita and Zedd." Christian implied.

"That's good to hear. We need to come up with a plan and quickly. We need to get you back and deal with that wormhole." Ricki rebottled.

"Well, let's get started on the laser. The sooner we get this thing finish, the sooner we can send you home." Billy stated as he headed for the laser.

Ricki joined him in the corner and together they went over the outline. While they were working, the others went to the park.

At the park, the teens brainstormed about how to defend another attack by Bitumous' Anthracites. They stopped in an empty field in the middle of the park.

"How do you fight against those creatures?" Adam asked.

"Like what you saw before, our powers are base on the elements of nature. The Anthracites are a creation of the elements." Christian explained.

"Here, let me help you. Say each one of us is a primary color and when you mix two primary colors together, you get a different color. Like us, one element may not be enough so we might put two together to get another element. If you mix rain with the sun, you'll get steam." Will interpret to the others.

"Now in your case, I don't know how your weapons work on the Anthracites. They are made up of energy and a bolt from them might depolarize you weapons. And most of all, don't let them get a good grasp of you. They can feed you with enough energy you make you glow in the dark, or soak up all your energy out of your body. Hopefully your uniforms can prevent that from happening." Chasandra stated.

"Thanks for clearing that up with us." Aisha said with a witty comeback.

>From across the field, the Rangers new schoolmate Ryan saw his new found friends. His eyes focus on Katherine as she stood with her friends. He laps in a daze while his mind drifts back at the date they had just a night before. He didn't know why he has the feelings for her. He only met her several days ago, but the chemistry between them was perfect. When he gathered his thoughts, he began to walk over to his friends.

Across the field, the teens were unaware of their appearance. Still going over plans to defeat Bitumous; the teen's communicators went off. They looked at each other and then looked for a secluded place. They ran to the corner of the field and began to morph. Little did they know, but they weren't out of all view. Ryan was still heading for them and was surprise to see that his friends were really the Power Rangers. Ryan stopped in his tracks and was dumfounded. He knows that he holds the secret of the Power Rangers in his hands.

The Rangers disappear and emerged in the heart of the city. What faced them was the worst sight they were thought they were ever see. In front of them were Bitumous, a fleet of Anthracites, Lord Zedd, Rita, Goldar, and a swarm of Putties. Their worst nightmare came true, both group of Rangers' worst enemies have joined together.

"Oh man, what are we going to do?" Aisha asked in amazement.

"The only thing we can do, get rid of them. Let's just hope Ricki and Billy get done with the laser before it's too late." Reply Tommy.

The two groups engaged into battle. Each Ranger fought off the Putties and Anthracites while the others looked on.

At the Command Center, Ricki and Billy were working diligently on the laser. They knew everything was relying on them to finish it. Just within earshot, they heard the alarm going off. They realized the time has come.

"Ayiyiyiyiyiyi! Billy, Ricki, Lord Zedd and Rita had teamed up with Bitumous. The Rangers are in the city, fighting off Putties and Anthracites. This doesn't look good." Alpha announced.

Both Billy and Ricki glanced at one another. They knew that every second counts.

"Alpha, tell Tommy to hang in there, we're almost done with it. If they need us, we'll be there." Billy said.

"Right away." Alpha retorted as he galloped into the Computer Room.

"Come on Ricki, we have to get it done now. There's no time for testing it." Billy explained to her.

Ricki nod her head and concentrated back on the laser. She has to clear all thoughts out of her head and focus on laser.

In downtown Angel Grove, the Rangers continue to do battle with the evil henchmen, waiting to get their hands on the vile threesome.

"What are those gray things?" Christian asked Tommy.

"Those are Putties. They are very annoying. Have your Rangers fight off the Anthracites and I'll have my Rangers fight off the Putties." Tommy proposed.

"That's a good idea." Christian agreed.

There, they broke off into two different groups. Bodies were being flung around. The Rangers dwindled away at their adversaries with mighty kicks and punches. The Putties and the Anthracites were no match for the Rangers. They knew a lot rests on defeating their enemies.

In the Command Center, pressure was mounting. The laser had to be done and done now. They will never have another change to get rid of Bitumous and to send the Future Rangers back to their time.

"All I need is one more minute." Ricki declared.

Billy ran out of the room while Ricki continue to work. Ricki hates working under pressure, but this time she knows, it's important.

"There, I got it. Billy I did it!" She screamed.

Billy ran back into the room. He grabbed the gun and smiled.

"Good and not a moment to soon." Billy replied.

The two teens dashed out of the room.

"Zeddy, those Rangers are destroying my putties. What are we going to do?" Rita asked.

"So mister big shot future man, what is the plan?" Zedd growled at Bitumous.

"This. Datum, show these two prehistoric losers our game plan." Bitumous called out.

Datum came over to his master's side and with clap of his hand, all the Putties and Anthracites were swept into a wind tunnel.

"Oh thanks, you got rid of the Putties for them." Rita screamed.

"Shut up and watch!" Bitumous bellowed.

When the wind tunnel disappeared, a large, glowing Putty stood in its place. The huge monstrosity looked around and set its sights on the Rangers. It cocked back its arm and threw it forward. Out from his hand was an enormous energy bolt. When the bolt hit its target, the Rangers were forced off of the ground and were lunged into the air. They landed several yards away, barely hanging on to consciousness.

"Wooh, what a ride." Rocky said.

"Look at the size of that thing." Derek gawked.

"It looks like they combined the Putties and the Anthracites." Explain Dylan.

"I don't like the looks of it. We better team up and get in our Zords. Billy, Ricki" Tommy called over his communicator "we need you and the Zords."

"We'll be right there. We are just got done with the laser." Ricki answered.

After a few seconds, the sky was filed with NinjaZords. The sight of them gave cold chills down Rita, Lord Zedd, and Bitumous' spine.

"What are those things?" Bitumous inquired.

"Those, I believe, are Zords." Datum responded.

The NinjaZords were just overhead of the Rangers. The Rangers looked up and smiled under their helmets.

Dylan stood next to Rocky. Rocky placed his hand on his shoulder.

"ApeZord!" the Red Ranger called out. The two Rangers leap into the air and entered the Zord.

"CraneZord!" the Pink Ranger shouted.

"BearZord!" Aisha yelled as she entered her Zord.

"FrogZord!" the Black Ranger screamed. Together, Adam and Derek entered the Zord.

"What about us?" Will asked.

Just as he was done with his sentence, both Chasandra and Will teleported. Chasandra found herself in the HawkZord and Will was in the WolfZord with Billy.

"Are you ready?" Tommy asked Christian.

"Ready when you are." He replied.

Tommy called out for the FalconZord and they vanished into the mighty Zord.

From a distance, Bitumous watched on.

"So, they think they can out beat my monster. I'm going to make sure they never see their Angel Grove again. Datum, if situations have it that the Rangers demolish the monster, I want you to close the wormhole. Without them knowing, we'll sneak out of this time and into ours, leaving those pubescence with their past. Angel Grove will be mine." Bitumous said.

In their Zords, The Rangers were getting ready for a fight of their lives.

"Okay guys, its Ninja MegaZord time." Tommy ordered.

Everyone shifted gears and prepared their Zords to unite. Starting with the feet and working up, the Zords connected. When it was over, they met in the cockpit of the Ninja MegaZord.

"Wow, what a view." Chasandra said.

"Let's short out this creep." Tommy commanded.

Each Ranger worked their station of the Ninja MegaZord. The Ninja MegaZord clashed with the evil monster. Each one was exchanging punches and the battle was even.

"It looks like we 're evenly matched." Aisha mentioned.

Then the monster threw another energy bolt at the Ninja MegaZord, causing it to fall back.

"I forgot about that." Tommy said.

The Ninja MegaZord charged at the monster and gave it a powerful blow. The monster fell to the ground and quickly got up.

"It didn't even faze him." Derek implied.

"I got an idea. Tommy, try to force the monster to the coastline. If we knock that monster into the saltwater, it will most likely short out." Christian recommended.

"You got it!" He claimed. "We need the Power Sword."

Within the hands of the Ninja MegaZord, a large sword appeared. The Ninja MegaZord was armed and ready to take on the monstrosity. The Ninja MegaZord fought the monster and was sending in the direction of the ocean, but the monster didn't go without a fight. After a while, they ended up on the sandy beach in Angel Grove Cove. The battle raged on between the two equal forces.

"Now that we're here, let's take care of this ugly thing." Aisha said.

The monster keeps shooting the Ninja MegaZord with its energy. After a while, they both grew winded.

"It's now or never guys. Our energy level is getting low every time we are hit by those bolts of energy." Ricki said.

"Let's give it all that it's got!" Tommy requested.

The Rangers forced the Ninja MegaZord on further. It lunged at the monster, catching it in its arms. The Ninja MegaZord lifted it up, over its head and threw it into the ocean. Once it hit the water, sparks flew everywhere and a sigh of relief came from the Rangers.

* * *

Up on a cliff that over looked the Cove, the evil trio overlooked at their defeat.

"Those Rangers just destroyed our monster. You said you have a plan to get rid of them." Lord Zedd claimed.

"Just a little set back for you, but for I, I already have gotten rid of them." Bitumous said.

With a wave of his hand, both him and Datum changed into a gold orb and floated into the air. Rita and Lord Zedd watched it until it dissolved into the wormhole.

"What are we going to do with two sets of Rangers?" Rita questioned Lord Zedd.

"Let's just hope the Rangers can figure that one out of themselves." Lord Zedd retorted.

When all was said, the two warlocks left the Earth's surface and went to their Castel.

* * *

Out from the Ninja MegaZord, a celebration was going on.

"We did it!" Kat cried out.

"All we needed was a little teamwork." Christian indicated.

The Rangers disassembled the Ninja MegaZord and gathered into their Zords. They all headed to the Command Center until the worse came true. They noticed the wormhole was closing.

"The wormhole is closing. This must be Bitumous doing." Christian said.

"There's gotta be a way to open it back up." Aisha retorted.

"The laser gun was design to close the hole not to open it." Billy mentioned.

They continued to head back to the Command Center. The Future Rangers hung their heads down, for they knew they never going to make it home. It was a somber mood when they got there.

"Hey guys, don't worry so much. There's has to be a way for you to get back home. It may take some time, but there's one out there." Billy said, trying to lift the down spirits.

"Billy's right. I know all of us are sad, but Bitumous has not won until we give up trying. I know we are not quitters and if I stuck here, at least I know we did our best to try to get home." Christian announced.

The teens knew Christian was right. Their feelings change from sadness to hopefulness. They got up and gathered around.

"We have to think of a plan." Dylan replied.

"There's one place I know of that is good for brainstorming." Adam remarked.

"Where's that?" Chasandra asked.

"Ernie's Juice Bar. I get a lot of homework done there." Adam said with a smile.

The teens agreed and they left the Command Center and headed for the Youth Center. When they finally made it there, they took a table close to the corner. Each teen gave their idea on what to do about opening a wormhole. Little did anyone know Ricki was working of a plan in her head. She sat there, drinking her smoothie, ignoring what her friends were saying.

"I understand that this is a bad time to say this, but I have to let you know. Christian, when we get out of this jam and we make it home, I want to relinquish my powers. I feel like a stranger on the battlefield. I don't believe in force and I hope you can find someone to fill my shoes." Dylan said.

"Dylan, you don't mean it." Christian said.

"I've been feeling this way for a while, but I feel it's a chose I want to take. I'm going to miss you guys and I'll still be there for you, but not in a red uniform." He whispered.

"You will always be part of the team." Chasandra replied.

Out from the doorway, a familiar face came through. Ryan came to the Youth Center to try to find his friends. When he saw them in the corner, his heart began to beat hard. He had no idea on what to say to them, but he realized that they have to know that he knows their secret. He walks over to the table and greeted his friends with a smile.

"Hi guys." He said softly.

"Hey Ryan. What's up?" Aisha asked.

"Nothing much." He responded.

"Came here to find Katherine?" Tommy inquired.

"Actually, I came to find all of you." He answered.

Rocky pulled up a seat for him and Ryan sat down nervously.

"Well, you found us, what seem to be the problem?" Adam quizzed him.

"I was out at the park today and I thought I saw you guys there. I went to go over to say hi, but.... " He faded out.

"Ryan what is it. You trembling." Kat implied.

"I saw Power Rangers." He blunted out.

Everyone turned white. They couldn't believe what they heard. Their long time secret was blown. If anyone caught wind of the conversation that the teens were having, the Power Rangers will lose their power forever.

"I'm sorry guys. I had no idea. I didn't mean to cause any problems. If it makes it any better, I didn't tell a soul." He told his friends.

"It's okay Ryan. We know you didn't mean to. Now that you know, what are we going to do about it." Tommy said.

"Another problem to worry about." Derek retorted.

"Not really. I think I found a way to get you home and even before dinner." Ricki said when she snapped out of her trance.

"Uh?" Everyone said in her direction.

"Trust me." She told her friends.

Ricki got up from the table and exited the Youth Center. All of her friends were confused. They have no idea what Ricki was up to. If she is confident enough to believe she can bring them home, then there is no reason to be nervous.

"Now, what about Ryan?" Rocky pondered.

"We are needing of a person to take on the Red Elemental Gem." Christian pointed out.

"But that's another time for him." Will stated.

"Well, what do you think Ryan? Willing to go into the future and become a Ranger?" Tommy asked.

"I don't know what to say. I don't have any family here and since I haven't place any roots down, I see why not." He replied.

"Then we have a plan then." Dylan said.

Dylan walked over to Ryan and held out his hand. Ryan smiled and placed his hand into his. There, they gave each other a friendly shake.

"I'm going to miss you Ryan." Kat said quietly.

"I'm going to remember you always. You guys have been truly great friends." Ryan said to Kat as he gave her a hug.

"Now, I hope Ricki can fix the other problem." Aisha said sarcastically.

* * *

In a small room, within the Command Center, Ricki was working hard on another invention. The door to the room was sealed so no prying eyes can see. Ricki concentrated hard on the plans she drew up. She tinkered around for a while. When the others joined her in the Command Center, they had no idea where she was.

"Ricki must be really busy. She locked herself in a room." Derek mentioned.

"She only does that when she's working on something difficult." Billy implied.

After thirty minutes of pacing back and forth and wondering what was she up to, Ricki finally emerged from the lock room. In her hands was the laser gun to close the wormhole.

"You can't use that, it was built to close a wormhole." Chasandra called out.

"Not any more. I practically had to take it apart, but I managed to alter it to open up wormholes. Just like the one Bitumous did. I even worked out the coordinates to get you back at home and at the right time. We don't want your parents worrying about you." She said.

"Do you think it's going to work?" Christian puzzled.

"There's only enough juice in here do it once, there's no room for practice or error. Like I said before, you just gotta trust me." Ricki answered.

Ricki placed the laser gun on a tripod. She placed in the coordinates through the command box. The future Rangers were about to go home.

"I guess this is the time we say our good byes. Thanks for everything." Christian said to Tommy.

"Don't mention it." Tommy responded as he gave him a hug.

"You guys did good out there, you really made us proud." Billy said to Chasandra and Will.

"You know where we got it from." Will replied. The four teens embraced one another as tears filled their eyes.

"Don't be afraid to look me up." Kat whispered to Ryan.

"I'll let my fingers do the walking." He said slyly.

They laughed and hugged again for one last time.

Time has come for the future Rangers to head home. They have an Angel Grove to defend from evil. They gathered in a corner of the Bay, while the present day Rangers looked on behind the laser gun.

"Don't worry guys, you won't feel a thing." Ricki said with a smile.

She pressed several buttons on the console and the gun fired out of the opening and into the sky. A black tear became visible in the upper atmosphere. Then Earth started to tremble like before. As one group of Rangers waved, the other group waved back. They pressed a button on their communicator and they teleported up into the heavens and through the wormhole. When Ricki saw that they made it through, she switched off the gun.

There, the Rangers stood, looking up into the sky. They just had a glimpse into the future and the future sure do look bright.

The End... for now
This story is dedicated to my quality buds Jerr and Bri,
and never stand in front of an old man going down an escalator.