Old Powers Die Hard
by: Sylver Rose

A plane was soaring high through the clouds above the city of Angel Grove. On the ground, were the citizens of the city waiting for the arrival of Angel Grove High School skydiving team. The benefit Jump-a-thon was being held to restore the Angel Grove Observatory, due to the terrible weather the city had received. The Observatory was the focus, because of the anticipated arrival of Ryan's Comet, which was coming soon. It appeared to be a success, as the whole city had turned out for the event. Even the Angel Grove Fire Department.

Inside the plane, Rocky Alverez whooped loudly, "Come on, we're out of here!"

"Easy now, Rocky. We know." Kimberly Hart agreed.

"This is so cool." Tommy Oliver called out to everyone. "Forty-five seconds until the drop zone. Are you guys ready?"

"Ready? Life doesn't get any better than this." Ricki Summers said while pure energy flowed through her body.

Ricki is a real intelligent person when it comes to bookwork, but common sense, that's a different story. She pulled stunts before, at school, martial arts class, and even on her bike. And today will prove it.

With a smile, "Billy, I need your help." Ricki said with a quiet voice. Billy walked over to her.

Since the moment Billy and Ricki set eyes on one another, they knew they could never be separated. Even at school. Almost all their classes are together.

"Can you see if my parachute is on correctly?" she asked.

"Everything looks good." He said.

Rocky, Kimberly, and along with Aisha Campbell, Adam Chiang, and Tommy Oliver, also checked their equipment. Everyone put on his or her helmets and goggles. Tommy strapped on his sky-surfing board to his feet.

"One things for sure, Ricki is about to make all of Angel Grove very nervous." Tommy said.

"I'm just an attention getter." She said with a large grin on her face. "I'm not the only person on the face of the earth who has done this. Then of course, they're probably as crazy as me." She laughs.

Ricki loves attention. Where you find a crowd, you can bet Ricki is in the middle of it. Her personality shows it too. Everybody always thinks the bright kids have no personality, but Ricki totally destroyed that stereotype. She's popular with everyone at school, then of course, you can't miss her being the only person with red hair. And she's a real 'wise cracker' too. If there's a comment to be made, most likely she will take it.

"Alright pin heads, The Stealth Eagle is about to fly." Marcus Bulkmeyer, who is known as Bulk.

"Same goes for The Swooping Swallow." Said Bulk's trusty sidekick Eugene Skullovich, who also goes by a nickname of Skull.

Aisha gestured toward the door of the plane. "Well, lead on fly boys!" she said.

Bulk glared at her and pulled open the door. He looked out into the open air and began to feel his motivation sink.

"Uh Bulky, that's a lot of air!" Skull said to Bulk.

"After you, Skull." Bulk said when he turned around and his face, pale shade of white.

"What, are you crazy? This is your idea!" Skull exclaimed.

Kimberly smirked, and looked at Ricki, who as laughing so hard, she couldn't keep her bike up. Kimberly turned back to them and said.

"Uh guys, you might want to put those on." She replied.

She pointed to the parachutes that were up against the wall in the back of the plane.

"It would be hard to be on a parachute team without them." Said Ricki.

"Right!" the two muttered together.

They went over to the parachutes that were in the back of the plane.

Billy looked down at his watch, "Five seconds to the target zone now. Let's get ready to go."

They quickly checked their equipment for the last time.

"Aisha, you go first." Said Tommy.

"Let's do it!" Aisha yelled out of the plane.

"On your tail!" Adam called out when he jumped out of the plane.

"System go!" Billy leaped out.

"Bonsai!" Rocky jumped out.

"Come on Tommy, show them your stuff." Kimberly said as she patted him on the shoulder.

"Hope you didn't have a heavy lunch." Ricki said as she high fived Tommy.

He smiled and slid out of the plane. "Surfs up!" you hear him calling as he free falls.

"Hey Ricki, good luck, you kamikaze." Kimberly said as she backed up to the door of the plane. She gave two thumbs up and said,

"See you on the flip side!" She back flipped out of the plane.

Ricki took a deep breath and kicked off the support bracket that was holding her bike in place. "It's show time." She said as she edged to the door.

"Look out below!" she yelled out.

She couldn't help excited. She did turns and back flips. "Hey look, no hands." She said as she pedaled as fast as she could with her hands off of the handlebars.

Below, everyone was flipping around and just enjoying the ride. Then they formed a circle that Tommy went through on his sky-surfing board. And passing them, was Ricki doing wheelies on her bike.

"Break!" Tommy called out and they all went through the clouds.

Ricki flipped her bike end over end constantly. Then it was time to release their parachutes. They pulled, and all together, seven brightly colored parachutes filled the sky. There was white, red, yellow, black, pink, blue, and silver. They were positioning themselves to land, aiming for a large bull's eye. And then the announcer started to get the crowd psyched.

"And coming in first for the Angel Grove High School team is Adam Chiang, will he hit the target? Yes, he did! Next up next is Billy Mitchell, he's coming in good, yeah both feet hit the target. Now it's Kimberly Hart's turn. Wow! They are hot, three for three. Here comes Rocky Alverez. He's taking another circle around, he did a perfect landing. Aisha Campbell is coming in. Perfect five for five. Coming in is Tommy Oliver. Hmmm, he looks a bit wide. . . he nails it, incredible." The announcer said.

"Can't forget me." Ricki said as she sails through the air. She pointed her bike straight down and did one last flip.

"Our last diver, Ricki Summers, is trying a stunt that no one wants to try. Will she land both tires, we hope so." The announcer said.

Ricki positioned herself and leveled her bike off. Everyone held his or her breaths. The crowd, her friends, and even R.C., which is on the Angel Grove Fire Department Skydiving team. The front wheel landed on the target, then the back tire landed too.

"Wow, she did it! A perfect landing by Ricki Summers. And the Angel Grove High School team was won the Jump-a-thon. Thank-you everyone for being here and helping out to restore the Angel Grove Observatory. And don't forget, Ryan's Comet is coming in three days, so go by the fire department booth and pick up your tickets." The announcer said.

"Way to go! That was great!" said the people who congratulated the teens. To Ricki's surprise, R.C. came up to her and congratulated her and the rest of the team. R.C. is the sole guardian of Ricki. Ricki lost her parents in a terrible car accident several months ago.

"You are one crazy lady." R.C. said.

"I learn from the best." She said while looking sheepishly at R.C.

"Hey, the fire department is putting on a show. Fell free to come by." R.C. said to the teens.

"You can count on us." Billy said. R.C. turned around and walked away.

"Has anyone seen Bulk and Skull?" asked Billy.

"You think they ever got out of the plane?" Aisha questioned.

"Ernie is serving free dessert with lunch, they probably landed on the roof." Ricki commented. Everyone laughed.

Still up in the plane. "Are you two going to jump yet?" the pilot asked

"Uh yeah." Bulk said. "Be the Eagle, be the Eagle." He replied while putting on a pair of goggles, a propeller hat, and his parachute.

"Be the Swallow, be the Swallow.." Skull said, putting on his parachute and a helmet with a rainbow mohawk down the middle.

Together, they jumped out of the plane and they clung on to each other.

"Let go of me!" screamed Bulk.

"IIIII wwaaaaaaannnnnnntt mmyyyyy mmommmmmmmmyyyyyyy!" Skull yelled out as he was falling.

After watching the Angel Grove Fire Department put on their show, Rocky, Tommy, Kimberly, Adam, Aisha, Billy, and Ricki began to walk to the exit.

"What's next?" Ricki asked.

"I'm so filled with energy, I could do anything." Said Rocky.

"Let's meet in front of the fire station and we can roller-blade around the city." Said Kimberly.

"Good idea." Tommy replied.

A few minutes later, everyone was outside of the fire station, R.C. comes out.

"You can't part with that bike, can ya?" he asked.

"I might sleep with it tonight." Said Ricki.

"You're a real comedian Rickland." R.C. said while heading back up to go inside.

Everyone strapped on their equipment and their skates, except for Ricki, who doesn't trust roller-blades. And then they were off, riding around Angel Grove. These teens don't believe in safe paths, instead they were going down the stairs of the local library, and catching air on the speed bumps. Billy gains up enough speed, he somersaulted through the air and Kimberly was right behind him doing somersaults. Then of course, Ricki the attention getter, leans backwards and does a three-sixty turns on her back tire.

"Shortcut!" Tommy yelled out.

Everyone jumped over a concrete ledge and into the construction site. They made through without being notice by the construction workers. Two parachutes landed down into the construction site.

"This doesn't look like the target zone. Where's the free food?" asked Skull.

"You idiot! All you're kicking and screaming threw the Stealth Eagle sense of direction off." Bulk answered.

"Stealth Eagle huh, more like duck!" Skull replied under his breath.

The foreman noticed the two teens drifting down. "Hey, this is a construction site, you shouldn't be here, who are you two?" asked the foreman.

"We are. . . from the Angel Grove Building Inspector's office." Bulk said after he saw the badge on his vest.

"Yeah, and that building is suppose to be over there!" hollered Skull, pointing to the other side of the construction site.

"And what's that guy doing without proper foot protection?" Bulk asked.

"Who's in charge around here, huh?" demanded Skull.

"Yeah, who's in charge, huh?" Bulk echoed.

"Huh?, Huh?, Huh?, Huh?. Bulk and Skull asked the foreman.

Another construction worker called out, "Hey Dan! There's something here you should look at!

"Go ahead Dan." Replied Skull.

He looked over at Bulk, "That was close. You hungry?"

"Ha! Always." Answered Bulk.

While they were leaving to go to the Youth Center, they were obvious to what was going on behind them. There, on top of a mound of rubble, a huge metal plate covered with supernatural carvings was embedded in the ground, in the center of a circle of curious workers.

"What in the world is it?" asked one of the construction workers.

"It sure ain't a water drainage pipe." Replied another worker.

Dan looked at the giant manhole cover. "Get a crane in here, now!" he yelled out.

They put a chain around it, making sure all the locks were secured. "Okay, take it up! Bellowed Dan.

As the lid was removed, a cloud of steam rose to the sky. Then a large, black claw holding a purple egg emerged out of the hole. It glowed with an uncanny light that got one of the construction worker's attention.

"Do you know what this is? He asked.

"I have no idea." Dan responded.

The worker reached out and touched the egg. Giant flashes of energy shot out and threw the worker backwards.

"Joe, are you okay? Somebody call 9-1-1!" Dan cried out.

After a couple of minutes, R.C. and the rest of the Angel Grove Fire/Rescue picked him up, the worker left, and the police officers closed off the site.

After the seven teens went through the construction site, they all stopped and laughed.

"Hey, let's get something to eat at the Youth Center." Rocky said.

"Good one, I feel like having some orange juice." Ricki said.


The communicators that Ricki, Adam, Tommy, Kimberly, Aisha, Billy, and Rocky wore sounded. Halting in a deserted side street, they stopped to check them. It was important to keep these communicators a secret, because they were a vast part of a great secret; these seven teenagers were, in fact, the Power Rangers. A team of super heroes whose true identities had remains a guarded secret and must remain so. Adam is the Black Ranger, Kimberly is the Pink Ranger, Billy is the Blue Ranger, Aisha is the Yellow Ranger, Rocky is the Red Ranger, Ricki is the Silver Ranger, and Tommy is the White Ranger. It is a team that all of Angel Grove had come to love.

"What is it, Alpha?" Tommy asked speaking into his communicator that he and the others wore.

"Rangers, we need you at the Command Center, it's urgent." Replied Alpha five, Zordon's robot helper.

"We'll be right there." Tommy called out.

They stood still, then beams of different colors surrounded each Ranger in their color. Then in a blink of an eye, they were gone.

"Ayiyiyiyiyiyi! The subtronic interface is short-circuiting. I have to find a way to alternate frequency on the modulator." Alpha said as he was running around the Command Center.

Seven beam of concentration light: red, blue, yellow, pink, black, white, and silver flashed into the Command Center that was built in the mountains, just outside of Angel Grove. The light materialized into Rocky, Billy, Aisha, Kimberly, Adam, Tommy, and Ricki.

"Alpha, what's going on?" inquired Tommy.

"A massive surge of evil energy is overloading our sensors. Ayiyiyiyiyi!" Alpha told Tommy and the others.

Zordon, from inside the time warp that kept him alive and in this dimension, looked down toward them. "Rangers, you must act swiftly. The planet is in grave danger." Zordon announced.

"Danger from what?" Kimberly asked with a hint of concern in her voice.

"Six thousand years ago, a morphological being known as Ivan Ooze ruled the world with a brand of unpaired terror. He was on the verge of completing the construction of his ultra weapons, the Ecto-Morphicon Titans, twin machines that plan on taking over the world." Zordon said.

"What happened to him?" Rocky asked.

"A group of young warriors, like yourselves, lured him into a hyperlock chamber and buried him deep under ground. But now, the chamber as been accidentally uncovered. You must return it to the depths before its open and Ivan's released." Zordon claimed.

"The Ecto-Morphicons were buried near the chamber. If Ivan escapes, he's sure to find them." Alpha said in distressed.

"Use extreme caution Rangers, you're dealing with evil that's beyond all imagination." Zordon continued.

Scared to death, the teens looked at one another.

Night fell over Angel Grove and the construction site was guarded by police officers. A burst of smoke appeared by the hyperlock chamber.

"What do I care about some stupid egg?" Rita asked as she appeared.

"This is no ordinary egg." Lord Zedd answered.

"I say we should hard boil the thing." Rita called out.

"I'm with her, I'm hungry!" said Mordant.

"That's because you're a pig!" Goldar yelled out.

"Hey! Hey Kurt! Take a look at this." One of the police officers said to the other one, trying to wake him up.

"No need to wake him. In fact, why don't you take a nap yourself." Lord Zedd said as he pointed his staff at the police officers. A large bolt left his staff and knocked the police officers unconscious.

"I could do that, but I chose not to." Mordant said.

"Zip your lips!" Lord Zedd said angrily.

"After two thousand years of searching, you're finally within my grasp. And now, lets crack this egg!" he said. He shot an energy bolt out of his staff and the egg split down the middle and cracked open. Inside was filled with purple ooze. Rita walked up to it and swirled her finger in it.

"What, you spend two thousand years searching for a tub of snot!"

"Patience motor mouth, watch." Lord Zedd answered. The ooze began to grow and it flowed out of the egg. Suddenly, it turned and took the shape of Ivan Ooze. He stretched and cracked his neck.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the Ooze is back." He said.

"He's so handsome." Rita gasped.

"Why thank-you." Ivan replied as he gazed into her eyes.

"I'm Lord Zedd, sworn enemy to all that's good and decent. It is a supreme honor to finally meet you." Lord Zedd said.

"How can I ever repay you?" responded Ivan.

"Do you recall the name Zordon of Eltare?" he asked.

Ivan screamed and purple lightning shot out of his finger tips.

"I think he's heard of him." Mordant claimed.

"I want you to destroy Zordon, so my evil will once again reign supreme." Lord Zedd commanded.

"I will not only destroy him, I will obliterate his entire legacy. It will be as Zordon of Eltare never existed!" Ivan bolted out.

"Finally, a real man." Rita replied.

"We will leave, so you can weave your evil ways. Let's go Rita." Lord Zedd said as they left in a red flash.

Ivan looked around and began to sniff the air. "What is that odoriferous stench? It smells like. . . teenagers!" he growled.

A few minutes later, the Rangers teleported to the construction site.

"Does anybody see anything?" Aisha asked, as they landed on a heap of rocks.

"Let's look over there." Replied Tommy.

As they ran to the corner of the construction site, they came across the egg.

"Gross!" Kimberly said as she wrinkled her nose at the sight of the ooze.

"I never seen anything like this before and I ate the school's lunch. What do you think Billy?" asked Ricki.

Billy walked up to it and said, "Yep, Kimberly was right, it's gross."

"Not only that, but it stinks and I sat by Ricki when she ate the school's lunch." Said Adam.

Tommy felt someone grab his shoulder, "Hey, what are you kids doing here?" asked the police officer.

Kimberly asked softly, "Um, you haven't seen a morphological being lurking around here?"

The police officer repeated skeptically, "A morphological being? What is that?"

"Yeah." Kimberly said softly.

"Oh wait a second. Did it look something like. . . . THIS?!" The police officer, smirking abruptly changed into an evil-looking purple man.

"Now, that's gross." Ricki said out loud.

"Ah, to kind. Let me introduce myself, I'm galactically feared, globally reviled, universally despised. . . they call me Ivan Ooze." He replied.

"You forgot one, utterly obnoxious." Ricki said sarcastically like she always does.

"You better pack your bags, 'cause we're sending you right back to wherever you came from!" Rocky declared, pointing at him.

"Ah, a teenager with a big mouth. Nothing changed in six thousand years." Ivan replied dryly.

"Obviously you don't know who you're dealing with, Mister Raisin-Head." Kimberly retorted, glaring at Ooze with her hands on her hips.

"Oh really?" he asked, mocking Kimberly by putting his hands on his hips.

"We're the Power Rangers!" Tommy snapped at him.

"Where's my autograph book?" Ooze said boldly. "Ha, Power Rangers! So, Zordon still uses a bunch of kids to do his dirty work. Well, meet my kids."

He creates two pools of ooze that turns into a group of Ooze monsters.

"From this moment forth, the world will cease to exist. Welcome to my nightmare! Bye-bye kiddies." Ivan said as he leaves the construction site.

"He's gone!" exclaimed Rocky.

The Ooze monsters had trapped the seven teens at the edge of a pit.

"What are we going to do?" Kimberly asked.

"There's plenty of room down there." Billy replied, while looking over his shoulder at the clearing below.

"Go, guys!" Tommy said. He quickly attacked the Ooze monsters, so the others can escape to lower ground. Ricki stayed with Tommy and started to front snap kick a couple of Ooze Monsters.

"Man, I got ooze on my new shoes!" Ricki yelled out.

"Come on!" Tommy said to her. They both jumped down and the monsters followed. Tommy and Ricki joined the rest of the team.

"Ah, they followed us. I guess we have to show them who they're dealing with." Ricki said.

Let's take these beasts." Adam said.

"Split up." Tommy called out. Then everyone separated.

Tommy grabbed a broken end of a shovel handle out of a pile of rocks. "Welcome to my nightmare." He said as he use to shovel handle like a staff as he defended himself.

"Ever played kick the can?" Adam asked as he kicked a tin bucket at one of the Ooze Monster to distract him, than ran.

Aisha was struggling with two Ooze Monsters. Each one of them had one of her arms. She crossed her arms and flipped over. Then, outsmarting them, she succeeded in slamming them into each other.

"Kiss and make up." She yelled. Then, still dazed, Aisha threw them to the ground.

Billy kept on front snap kicking one of the Ooze Monsters.

Kimberly was fighting off two Ooze Monsters. She jumped up and split kicked them in the chest.

Rocky back flipped until he ran into the Monster. He round kicked it and swept its feet from underneath it.

Adam ran past Rocky with an Ooze Monster following closely on his heels. He ran to the crane and he threw the door open. "Let me get the door for you!" The door slammed into the Monster's face and threw him off the crane.

Billy grabbed the Monster's arm and flipped it to the ground. Billy dropped to his knees and punched it hard in the chest. Purple ooze covered his fist, looking at it, he shrugged and smiled, "You ooze, you, lose." He commented.

Kimberly was faced with three ooze monsters, she used her gymnastic skills and jumped, and did several back handsprings to get clear of them. Once she had room to move, she did a snap kick at them. One came after her, and she kicked it hard into a pile of rocks.

"Sit down!" she yelled out. She looked around and noticed all of the Monsters. She started to do a back handsprings away from them.

"Right behind you Kimberly." Billy called out, doing back handsprings.

Rocky flipped backwards to avoid the Ooze Monster that was coming after him. Landing, he ducked its kick, then hit it with various punches.

Tommy was knocked backward into a wall. Kimberly and Billy joined him. The teens kept on fighting, but the Ooze Monsters had them back into a corner.

"They got us cornered." Aisha grunted after one of the Monsters threw her into her friends.

Then Adam got thrown and ended up rolling to Ricki's feet.

"Need help?" Ricki asked as she lowered her hand and help Adam up to his feet.

"We can't hold them off." Replied Billy.

"There's too many of them." Said Rocky.

"Let's do it guys." Tommy cried out.

"Right!" everyone said together.

"It's Morphin' Time!" ordered Tommy.

"Pterodactyl!" Kimberly called out while pulling out her Power Morpher and raised it. The power of the Morphing Grid transformed her into the Pink Ranger.

"Triceratops!" Billy morphed into the Blue Ranger.

"Tyrannosaurs!" Rocky morphed into the Red Ranger.

"Mastodon!" Adam morphed into the Black Ranger.

"Sabre-tooth Tiger!" Aisha morphed into the Yellow Ranger.

"Silver Fox!" Ricki morphed into the Silver Ranger.

"White Tiger!" Tommy morphed into the White Ranger.

"Where did they go?" asked Kimberly.

"Keep your eyes peeled." Adam said. Looking around the construction site, but it was deserted; all the Ooze Monsters were gone.

"I guess we scared them off." Ricki said.

"Heads up guys. Over there!"" Rocky yelled, pointing out an empty half-finished parking garage at the other end of the construction site. Through the night fog, they could barely make out the form of one of the Ooze Monsters, running into the parking garage.

"Careful, it could be a trap." Tommy said.

"Right!" everyone called out.

"Let's go." Tommy commanded.

The seven Rangers followed the Ooze Monsters onto the dark and silent building.

"This place gives me the creeps." Rocky claimed.

"I heard that!" Aisha agreed.

"I got a bad feeling about this place." Ricki said.

"Does anybody see anything?" Kimberly asked.

"We need some light." Answered Tommy.

"Right! Activating Power Beams." Responded Aisha. The eyes of the Sabre-tooth Tiger helmet lit up with powerful beacons casting light around the parking garage.

"They got to be around here." Tommy said.

"Activating Power Scope!" Rocky called out. A computerize visor came down and covered the eyepiece of his helmet, complete with an infrared scanners.

"Talk to me Rocko! What have you got?" Tommy asked.

"The readings are all over the place." Rocky replied. He shook his head. "I don't know what these purple creeps are made out of, but I can't get lock them down."

"May I?" Ricki asked Tommy. Tommy nodded. "Activating Sound Sensors!" She called out. Two small flaps ejected out of Ricki's helmet, almost like fox's ears.

"Well, if we can't see them or track them, maybe I can hear them." She said. Ricki turned in a full circle. "I'm picking up movement and they are everywhere." Ricki said.

"Over there!" Rocky pointed into a dark corner, where his Power Scope had detected an Ooze Monster moving behind a wall.

"Head's up, Rocky's right. They are on every level of this place. They're probably right next. . . " Two Ooze Monsters jumped down on Ricki and all the rest of them started to attacked the Rangers.

"Like what I was saying before, next t us. Now, get off of me you purple freaks!" Ricki screamed out as she pulled her knees into her chest and kicked them off of her.

"Let's power up, Rangers!" Tommy shouted out the command.

They spread out over the different areas of the parking garage. Tommy did a flying spin kick and pounded the Ooze Monster that was attacking him.

"You-guy-make-me-sick-sick-sick!" Kimberly yelled, in between the kicks she was delivering to one of the Ooze Monster. Another one came after her from behind, but she managed to grab it and threw it.

A mighty blow brought down Billy, but he got back up and delivered a spinning reverse kick. It hit squarely at the Ooze Monster's face, but it still was standing. Billy front snap kicked it a coupled of times until the monster flipped and landed hard on the ground.

Tommy crashed through a wall and was followed by three Ooze Monsters. He got up and threw another flying sidekick. One Monster swept him up and Tommy landed on his back.

"Back off!" Tommy yelled as he kicked the Monster in the face, which stood over him. "Have a nice flight." Tommy said as did a reverse kick sending a Monster up onto the next level. Two more charged at him.

"Later dudes!" Tommy said as he spun himself up to the next floor. The same Monster that he threw up there grabbed Tommy. Instead, he grabbed the Monster's shoulder and punched him in the chest. Then he lets go another spinning kick and sent the Ooze monster flying into a pillar, splattering all over the place.

Rocky kicked one to Aisha, who threw a series of punches and blocks. Then, with all of her might, she side kicked it and the Monster sailed into a set of support beams. "It's going to be one messy night." She said.

Adam and Rocky flipped off the level above the Monsters. They stood there, staring at their opponents, sizing up their advantages.

"Up and over?" Rocky asked. "Let's do it!" Adam yelled back. They both jumped up and front flipped over the Monsters. More Monsters joined in. Rocky saw two Ooze Monsters coming towards him, he jumped and split kicked them. Adam fan kicked a couple of them, until they turned around.

"Rocky, behind you!" Adam bellowed. Rocky saw a Monster lurking behind a pillar. "Going airborne!" Adam said as he glides through the air. Rocky dropped into a split as Adam scissors kicked the Monster.

"Double whammy?" Adam asked. "Sure!" Rocky replied. Together, they advanced at an Ooze Monster from opposite sides and simultaneously hit it in the head with flying sidekicks.

Billy was fighting a Monster, then it got the upper hand and threw Billy off of the ledge. Billy landed hard against a pillar.

"That does it, Stego-Stinger!" a fine cord came hissing out of the device in his hand, wrapping itself around an overhead pipe. He came swinging back up, "Did you miss me?" he asked as he knocked the Ooze Monster off of the ledge. It splattered against a grate and leaked into the storm drains.

Ricki fought off one Ooze Monster. Then she turned around and found three more after her. "Wooh, you guys don't play fair." She said.

She ran towards a support beam. Picking up speed, she ran right up it, grabbed an I-beam and swung herself down behind them. The Ooze Monsters turned around, and saw Ricki standing there with her hands on her hips.

"That's why I'm the Fox." She said, then she did a spinning reverse kick that sent the three Ooze Monsters colliding into a beam.

Aisha brought a Monster to Kimberly. "Pterodactyl Thunder Whip!" Kimberly caught a Ooze Monster by the ankle with her whiplash. "Have a nice trip!" She flicked the whip, launching the Ooze Monster through the air. "See you next fall!" The Monster slammed hard against the ground. "Buh-bye!" She retracted her whip and said, "Gotta love it!"

Tommy kicked a Monster off a level. Defining gravity, Tommy jumped down and sent powerful kicks to the Monster's chest. Kicking so fast that is kept him in mid-air.

Aisha kicked one in the head and knocked it out. Behind her, an Ooze Monster kicked her into a wall. "Whoa!" she yelled out.

"Hey Billy, Aisha needs your help!" Ricki yelled out before being taken down by an Ooze Monster.

"I'm coming Aisha!" Billy swung down with his Stego-Stinger, knocking down the last six Ooze Monsters in their heads.

"Are you okay?" he asked. "These guys are tough." She replied. ""Let's finished these purple parasites!" Billy yelled out. "You said it!" Aisha answered. They flipped to the next level of the parking garage. The Rangers regrouped on a ledge above the six Ooze Monsters.

"We got a couple of friends we want you to meet." Tommy told them, glancing at the dumpster that was attached to a crane over the Monster's heads. "Ricki?""

"I'm on it Tommy. Sliver Strobes!" Ricki called out. She put her fist together, then pulled them apart. She threw her hands forward and bright flashes of light came from her hands. "Watch the pretty lights." She said as brilliant silver lights encircled the Ooze Monsters, almost blinding them.

"And this is Saba." Tommy said as he tossed his saber up toward the dumpster. An energy beam shot out of the Tiger's eyes, that was on the handle. The beam cut the cable and dropped the dumpster on top of the six Ooze Monsters. When it landed, it left a giant ooze puddle underneath it.

At the command Center, Zordon looked down at Alpha. "Alpha, my sensors tell me that the Rangers were too late. Ivan Ooze is on his way here."

"Don't worry, nobody can either the Command Center without a Power Coin." Alpha said. He turned around and saw a puddle of ooze seeping through the cracks between the doors.

"Well, almost nobody." Alpha watched as Ivan Ooze reformed.

"Gee, pretty fancy. I guess if you invest your money well over sixty centuries, you can buy something really nice." Ivan said with a smile on his face.

Alpha tried to defend the Command Center by side sudo attacking, but it was no good against Ivan Ooze. "Uh oh. ." Alpha said, when he saw Ivan looking down on him and pointed a finger. A beam came down and zapped him, sending his circuits into overload. Alpha couldn't help, but to spin around screaming, "Ayiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi!"

"You still haven't changed Ooze. Still picking on creatures smaller than yourself." Zordon said with disgust in his voice.

"Ahh, put a sock in it Z." Ooze said while walking toward Zordon. "Ten minutes out of the egg and I'm already listening to one of your lectures. You locked me up in your stuffy hyperlock chamber, toss me away into the depths like yesterday's trash. Do you know what it's like to be locked in a rotten egg for six thousands years? It's boring! Not to mention, I've had a charley horse since the Renaissance."

"You won't get away with this Ooze!" Zordon claimed.

"You robbed me of my prime. I was the supreme ruler of the most vile empire in the universe. And now, it's time to pay the piper." Ooze produced a wooden flute and played a few notes on it. After, he played, he pointed the flute towards the computers.

"Oh the things I missed." A bolt of extreme power shot out of the flute and hit the keyboards and monitors, Sparks flew everywhere. "The Black Plague!" He shot down the light columns. "The Spanish Inquisition!" Consoles and equipment were blown to pieces. "The Brady Bunch Reunion!" His final shot blew the circuits and everything blacked out including Zordon.

At the construction site, something strange began to happen. The power of the Morphing Grid started to fade and the Rangers began to de-morph. Saba and Sliver Strobes disappeared, along with the Stego-Stinger and the Pterodactyl Thunder Whip from Billy and Kimberly's hands. Soon the seven teens were back in their normal clothing, staring at each other in confusion.

"Hey, what's happening?" Kimberly asked as she looked bewildered, her expression matched those of her friends.

"We're losing power." Billy said.

"I got a sinking feeling about this, that it's not good." Ricki said, while hanging onto Billy's arm.

"What's going on?" Kimberly asked.

"Alpha, come in Alpha!" Billy attempted to reach the Command Center on his Communicator. "Nothing" he reported.

"Something's wrong." Aisha announced.

"Let's get back to the Command Center. I don't like this." Tommy said.

They jumped down off of the ledge and raced toward the Command Center on foot. When they got there, ooze covered the doors.

"Oh no!" Billy exclaimed. "Ooze!" Adam added.

"Oh man! I'm worried about this guys. Ivan Ooze has been here." Ricki said.

"Lets get it open." Tommy said. With Adam and Billy's help, they managed to pry the sliding doors apart. Once the doors were opened, Ricki let out a big gasp and Kimberly screamed.

Inside, all the computers, equipment, and monitors were nothing, but sparks, broken glass, and smoke. Wires were exposed everywhere. There was no electricity running, leaving everything unseen in the darkness.

"Look at this place." Tommy said in disbelief.

"What happened here?" questioned Aisha.

Alpha was still overloaded and spinning around in circles, running into everything. Billy ran after Alpha and everyone stood there in disbelief.

Kimberly turned around and cried out, "Oh no, Zordon!" Everyone heard her and quickly ran over to see what has happened.

Zordon was lying, motionless, in his broken time warp. Crystal pieces were everywhere.

"Zordon!" Rocky cried out. "What happened to him?" Aisha asked.

"He's outside of his time warp. He's dying. He needs power." Billy answered.

"Rangers" he said softly. "Thank goodness you are safe."

"We got to get you back inside, Zordon!" Ricki burst out. "Billy, you can fix it, can't you? And with all of us, we can do it in no time."

"I'm afraid that's impossible. The power has been destroyed. Its all gone, the Zords, the weapons, all of it. The Power Rangers are no more. It is over. Ivan Ooze has won." Zordon whispered.

"We're losing him!" Claimed Billy.

"Zordon, you can't leave us!" Kimberly cried desperately, with her voice breaking. "Ever since you came into our lives, you've been like a father to us all. . . "

Ricki stood there, staring at Zordon. Seeing all the crystal fragments on the floor, the lights flickering over head. Her mind thinks back to that tragic day when the family was on the way home from dinner. It was dark out and Ricki looked out the back seat window. Then all of a sudden, the car jerked to avoid an on coming car, which crossed the centerlines. But it was too late, the car hit straight on with Ricki's family's car. She felt the impact, thrusting her forward, then blackness. She woke up by the sounds of sirens and unknown voices. She couldn't move her body, it felt like a ton. She tried to call out for her parents, but there was no answers. A pair of strong hands that wrapped around her freed her. She was carried over the ambulance. She could see the mangles metal that was in the roadway. Her tears stung her face as they traveled down her face and into her open cuts. The only pain she could feel, was the pain of not seeing her parents again. Later, she found out that a drunk driver caused the accident. Ever since that day, she never let her anger get the better of her. She was sent to Angel Grove to live with her father's best friend. Then she met some friends and was given the gift to become a Power Ranger. There she learned a lot about herself.

"No matter how smart you are, there's always something to be learned." Zordon told her and it always echoed in her head. He is wise and caring, just like her father was. Now , it's happening again. Her world is falling apart. Just like her father, she sees Zordon laying in broken pieces of life.

"Ricki. Ricki are you okay?" Billy asked her.

"No! It can't be. Not Zordon. It can't be happening this way. Please, there's got to be a way." Ricki said while crying. Billy hugged her and she burst out crying. Billy listened to her as she tells him what has gone on in her past. This is the first time anyone has saw Ricki let out her emotions. Everyone thought Ricki was strong, able to keep her sorrow, anger, and fears all bottled up inside. But she couldn't keep it in any longer.

"Rangers." Alpha announced. "Alpha, are you okay?" asked Tommy. "I'll be fine. There's a power that can save Zordon." Alpha declared.

"What power?" Ricki puzzled.

"It's on a distant planet called Phaedos. It's very dangerous. All who have tried for it, have perished." Alpha said.

"We have to try." Rocky remarked.

"Remember, Zordon's life force won't last long. You don't have much time." Alpha continued.

"How can we get it?" Tommy asked. Don't we need power to be able to teleport?"

"I really hate to say this, but the only energy left I can think of that could help send us to Phaedos are the Power Coins. And since we don't need them, I know someone who does." Ricki said as she turned her head towards Zordon.

"If I download the last plasmatic energy into the teleporter, I might have enough power to get you there. But. . . I won't have any to bring you back." Alpha said.

"Ricki's right. They are no good since the Morphing Grid is destroyed." Billy said.

"Then, we must do it." Tommy said.

"So, what do we do?" Aisha asked while looking around at her friends.

"We have to hope that the Power is there." Tommy replied.

Kimberly came from Zordon's side and faced her friends. "Zordon's life depends on it."

Tommy put his arm around Kimberly and said, "Then lets go."

"All right. I need your Power Coins." Said Alpha.

Adam walked up, laid his Coin down and said, "Mastodon Power."

Then Kimberly goes up and placed her Coin next to Adam's. "Pterodactyl Power."

Billy looked over at Zordon and walked up. "Triceratops Power."

Aisha, wiping her tears away, puts her Coin down, "Sabre-tooth Tiger Power." She walked back and looked at Rocky.

He looked back at her and walked forward. He put his Coin and said, "Tyrannosaurs Power." Rocky looked down at all of the Coins lying there.

Tommy comes up behind him and laid his hand on his shoulder. He puts down his Coin and said, "White Tiger Power."

Ricki looked down at the Coin in her hand. She rubbed the face of the Coin and could feel the imprint of the Fox on it. She took a deep breath and tried to fight back the tears. It felt like the whole world was crashing down around her. She looked up at Billy and he smiled at her. She grabbed tight to her Coin and walked up to where all the Coins were.

She gently laid it down and said, Silver Fox Power." She walked back to where she was standing and Billy gave her a hug.

On the console, the Power Coins formed a circle with Tommy's and Ricki's in the middle. Alpha was pushing buttons, but nothing happened. Then the Power Coins began to glow. Each aurora around the Coins were the colors of the Rangers who possessed them.

After a couple of minutes, the Coins disappeared. "Are you ready, Rangers?" Alpha asked.

"Go ahead Alpha." Tommy said. "We may not have our powers, but we're still the Power Rangers."

"Remember Rangers, Zordon doesn't have much time." Alpha declared.

Alpha pushed a couple of buttons, but nothing happened. The Rangers looked at each other. Then Alpha tried again and they disappeared.

"Oh no, Ayiyiyiyiyiyiyi! Hold on Zordon!" Alpha cried out.

Seven beams of light left the earth's surface and headed for Phaedos.

"I can't believe it! How could he let them slip through his hands. He's no better than the rest of the hired help we have around here." Rita screamed as she left her telescope.

"Give it a rest. "Lord Zedd answered. They both turned around when they heard the door open.

"Hi honey, I'm home." Ivan said as he entered the room.

"You egg sucking, purple pin head. The Rangers are going after the Great Power. I thought you said this guy was the Master of Disaster. He's nothing more than a slime infested jelly donut. . . " Rita was cut off by Ivan throwing ooze over her mouth. Each time she tried to get it off, a bolt of energy shocked her.

"Finally, someone shut her up!" Lord Zedd screamed out loud.

"Your feebleness is staggering. You obliviously need of a vacation. I think circumstances have forced us to choose a new leader. I pick me." He said while laughing.

"Who does this clown thinks he's dealing with." Retorted Lord Zedd.

"The Bogey Man is taking over!" Ivan proclaimed.

"Nobody double crosses Lord Zedd and lives." He said as he lifts his staff and shoots Ivan with a field of lightning bolts.

"Oh stop, it tickles." Ivan said, "Now, it's my turn." Ivan points his hand at Rita and Lord Zedd, a flash left his fingertips, and in results Rita and Lord Zedd found themselves in a snow globe.

"Way to go bone-head!" Rita called Lord Zedd.

"It's getting so you can't trust anybody in this galaxy." Lord Zedd said.

Ivan Ooze holds the snow globe in his hands and looks at it. "Boy, I love snow globes." He shakes the snow globe and you can hear Rita screech. "Earthquake, earthquake!"

In front of Ivan is Rita and Lord Zedd's servants, Goldar and Mordant.

"You have a choice. Either serve me or join the insufferable dingle dorks." He said as he shows them the snow globe.

"Goldar, get us out of here!" Lord Zedd said. "Don't listen to that purple booger!" Rita said. "Don't you dare betray me!" Lord Zedd said.

"We never liked those dingle dorks in the first place." Goldar answered.

"You said it, they stink." Mordant replied.

"So, what are we going to do about those Power Rangers, oh mighty Hennas one?" asked Goldar.

"Ah yes, the Power Rangers. " Ivan stood up from Lord Zedd's throne and began to snort his nose. Then he shot out a purple ooze loogey out of his nose.

"Good distance." Mordant replied. "Yeah." Goldar agreed.

The ooze swirled around on the floor and then formed into crow-like creatures. They let out swalking noises and flapped their wings.

"Shut your beaks. Now my Tangu Warriors, you will fly to Phaedos, find the Power Rangers, and you will tear them apart!" Ivan commanded. They flew out of the window and headed to Phaedos.

When they appeared on Phaedos, they found themselves on a rocky shore near a wide ocean.

"Wow!" Aisha said as she walked along the rocks.

"Oh my gosh, look at this place." Kimberly said breathless.

"Lets start looking." Tommy commanded while walking away from the group.

"I think we should split up." Ricki said. They all split up, going in different directions.

"Hey guys, over here quick!" Aisha called out. Everyone from different directions ran over to see what Aisha found. When everyone got to Aisha, she was bent over something that was on the ground.

"Wooh, looks like somebody had a bad day." Aisha remarked.

"What is it?" Adam asked.

"I think the question is, what was it?" replied Billy. There on the ground, was a decaying carcass of a creature from another place.

"Definitely not the welcome committee, that's for sure." Kimberly remarked.

"I personally do not want to meet the welcome committee, if they do that to the guests." Ricki said.

"Come on guys, we have a job to do." Tommy told them.

"Tommy's right. We don't have time to waste." Ricki said while walking toward some rocks. They walked across the rocks carefully, following the coastline. Not noticing that a robed person, on a cliff above their heads was watching them.

Ricki and Billy led the way, followed by Rocky, Adam, and Aisha. Kimberly and Tommy brought up the rear. At the top of a large rock, Kimberly stopped and stared out at the ocean.

"Hey, are you okay?" Tommy asked.

"I was thinking about Zordon. You know, all we've been through together." She sighed.

"Don't worry." Tommy answered, looking into her eyes. "We're going to find this Power, and then we're going to sent that slime ball, Ivan Ooze, back into the sewer he crawl out of." He put his hand on her shoulder. "Come on."

Kimberly smiled at Tommy and they began to walk together until Kimberly noticed a flock of bird-like creatures flying toward the Rangers.

Tommy looked at Kimberly. "Lets move!" The two of them somersaulted down, off of the rock ledge. "Look out guys!" Tommy cried out.

"Please don't tell me these are the welcome committee." Ricki said as she jumped ahead of everyone. No matter how hard they fought them off, the Tangu seem to multiply.

Billy yelled out, "You know the funny thing about morphing?" A Tangu flew by, but Billy faked it and it ran into a boulder.

"What's that?" asked Rocky.

"You don't appreciate it until you can't do it any mo---". Then all of a sudden, Billy got clobbered by a Tangu and was sent, crashing on some rocks.

"You tackled the wrong guy!" Ricki yelled out.

"Ricki no!" Billy screamed out, trying to stop her.

But he couldn't, instead she ran as fast as she could to catch up to it. She jumped and grabbed it's tail.

"Teach you not to waste our time." She said. She climbed onto its back and made it to its head.

"This is your captain speaking, please put all chairs in the upright position." She said. She covered the Tangu's eyes and it started to fly reckless.

"I hate turbulence." She said while hanging on. The Tangu was headed straight for the said of a rock.

"Wooh, I'm out of here." She said. She jumped off and landed on her feet. The Tangu couldn't stop and ran right into the wall.

"Nice flying there, ace." She commented as she watched it slide down.

"Kimberly behind you!" Tommy screamed. A Tangu grabbed hold of Kimberly by her shoulders and took off with her.

"Tommy, help me!" Kimberly shouted. Kimberly tried hard to get the Tangu to let go of her. "Let me go, Big Bird!" she called out. She grabbed onto its talons and punched them, but it didn't work. Kimberly could see her feet dangling over the ocean.

Down on the ground, everyone else had their problems with the Tangu. "Nothing seem to work." Replied Ricki.

"They're too strong!" Aisha said as two Tangu was holding her down.

"We need our powers!" Adam yelled. Then a robed person jumped down from the cliffs above. She took off her robe and had a firm grip on her staff. Then the Tangu began to attack from all sides. She fought them and then helped the Rangers. She separated her staff into two separate pieces and twirls them up in the air.

Out from the two pieces of the staff came a whistle. It didn't bother the Rangers, but it sent the Tangu screaming. The Tangu that had Kimberly let her go and sent her crashing down hard. The noise was too much for the Tangu; they quickly got together and flew away.

The woman glared at them and the seven teens looked at one another. "That was amazing, thanks." Rocky said while holding his out his hand.

She whipped her staff at him, hitting his hand hard.

"OUCH, hey!" Rocky said while holding his sore hand.

"If you want to thank me, go back to wherever you came from!" she snapped.

Aisha commented, "We can't go back."

"We heard that there is a Great Power here. Is it true?" Billy asked.

"Yes!" she exclaimed. "The ground is littered with the bones of those who have tried for it and failed!"

"Well, we're different. We won't fail." Tommy retorted.

The woman looked at Tommy straight on and grabbed her staff. She took her staff and sweep Tommy's feet out from underneath him. He fell to the ground and she pointed her staff against his chest. Tommy looked up at her with a puzzled look on his face.

"Leave Phaedos before it's too late." The woman said.

"Look, we don't want any trouble, our leader Zordon. . . " Aisha was cut off by the woman's reaction.

"Zordon! Did you say Zordon?" she asked.

"You know Zordon? Who are you?" Kimberly asked.

She looked down at Tommy and removed her staff from off his chest. He jumped up and wiped the dirt off of his white pants. "I'm Dulcea, master warrior of the planet Phaedos. What happen to Zordon?" she asked.

Adam explained, "He was attacked by a cosmic being named Ivan Ooze."

Ivan Ooze is free?" she asked.

"You've heard of Ivan Ooze?" Billy asked her.

She looked over at Billy and said with great anger in her voice. "Ivan Ooze is a monster and if we don't hurry, your planet is doomed. Follow me." She said.

Back on Earth, "Alpha, I'm due concerned about the Rangers." Zordon whispered.

"Please Zordon, save your strength. You need to rest." Alpha said.

"We must try to communicate with them. It's possible I can help them." Zordon claimed.

"Perhaps, if I can find a vertical reflector then, we can make contact through the Viewing Globe." Alpha remarked.

"Please, please hurry." Zordon sighs.

"Ayiyiyiyiyiyi, hold on Zordon." Alpha replied.

At the Angel Grove Chemical Plant, Ivan Ooze and his new servants, Goldar and Mordant were planning a new strategy on taking over the world.

"Taking over the world is one thing, but finding good help to run it for you, that's the killer." Ivan said.

"Want me to make a few calls?" Mordant asked

"No need. I'm going to recruit the parents of Angel Grove." Ivan remarked.

"No offense buzz, but they might find you a little disgusting." Claimed Goldar. Mordant looked at them and belched out loud.

"Oh, and you'll be the experts on that." Ivan said as he grabs Mordant's snout. "You forget, I'm the Master of Disguised."

"How can I forget, I never knew." Mordant mumbled.

"First, I'll turned them into zombies, and then order them to dig up my Ecto-Morphicons." Ivan said.

How are you going to do that?" Goldar asked.

"By showing them the wonders of being wicked. With a little bit of Ivan's ooze." He answered as he flung his arms around. His magic turned on all the machines that were in the plant and started to produce ooze out of them.

"Finally, I get to finish what I started six thousand years ago. Little do they know, my weapons of destruction are buried beneath their feet." He said while laughing. "Get to work."

"Yes, your Royal Highness." Mordant replied.

A couple hours later, Ivan, in disguise, was gathering kids everywhere at a carnival. "Guys and girls. Girls and guys. Gather around and feast your eyes. I promise you all, you just can lose. When you got your supply of Ivan's ooze." Ivan announced.

"What are we suppose to do with this?" a kid asked.

"Show it to your parents. Show it to your friends. When you got your ooze, the fun never ends." He said to the kids.

"This is kind of gross." Another kid said.

"You may heard the phase, looks maybe deceiving. Sure when you try it, you all will be believing. And did I mention, it's free." Ivan called out.

"I'll take some." A kid hollered. A crowd of kids swallowed up Ivan, waiting to get their hands on the ooze.

"Take it home by the boxes. Take it home by the case. If your parents try to stop you, just throw it in their faces." Ivan said.

Back on Phaedos, the teens lead by Dulcea was climbing up rocks. "Dulcea, where are you taking us? Asked Billy.

"You will know soon enough." She answered.

"We have to hurry. Zordon won't last much longer." Tommy added. They walked upon the boulders, across desert plateaus, and even up mountain.

Night fell and they found themselves in a broken down temple. "Amazing!" Aisha commented.

"What is this place?" Tommy asked Dulcea.

"These are the ancient ruins of the Ninjetti temple." Dulcea responded. They walked to the edge, facing the jungle.

"There, beyond the Neola Jungle is the Monolith. Inside waits the Power of the universe. The Monolith is heavily guarded against intruders, No one has ever survived their attempts to reach it." Dulcea said.

"Then, how do we?" Aisha asked.

"You were chosen by Zordon. I have faith in his wisdom." Dulcea remarked.

"Can you help us?" Tommy asked.

"We will call upon the sacred animals of the Ninjetti power." She said as she walked to the center of the temple.

The sky turned dark and Dulcea attends a fire. She removed her pouch from her belt and emptied the contents into her hands. She circled around and saw the teens standing around the fire.

"Deep within each of us is an animal spirit waiting to be released. Close your eyes and look deep within yourself." Dulcea said. Everyone took a deep breath and closed their eyes tight. Dulcea opened her hand and poured the contents in it. She looked across the fire at the teens; she blew the powder into the fire and caused the fire to burst into an inferno.

Gold lights danced within the flames and traveled outward, around the Rangers. A warm glow was felt over Ricki's body. The lights swirled around the Rangers, transforming their clothes into ninja outfits: red, yellow, blue, white, pink, silver, and black. They opened their eyes and looked down at their new outfits, amazed. On each one, was a medallion bearing the image of their animal spirit. Each one of them wore a headband, with gold diamonds set in the center, in his or her respective color. Dulcea came up to them with a warm smile on her face.

"Aisha, you are the Bear. Fierce and unstoppable."

"Rocky, powerful, smart, you are the mighty Ape."

"Ricki, you are inward strong and full of hope. You are the majestic Hawk."

"Billy, you are the Wolf, cunning and swift."

"Agile Kimberly, light as a feather, you are the graceful Crane."

"Adam. . . " She pulses. "Adam what's wrong?" she asked.

Adam looked at her in disappointment. "I'm a frog." He said.

Dulcea laughed. "Yes, a Frog! Like the one you kiss to get a handsome prince." She lowered Adam's head and kissed him on the forehead. Adam smiled shyly.

"And Tommy, you are the Falcon, winged lord of the skies." Dulcea said. "To be in harmony with your sacred animal spirits is to have the force of the Ninjetti. To those who are Ninjetti, anything is possible. But I'm afraid you have to do this on your own."

"You're not coming with us, Dulcea?" Aisha puzzled.

"I wish I could. One step beyond this plateau and I would begin to age as rapidly as Zordon is now. The strength is inside you. Trust it, your sacred animals will be your guide. May your animal spirits watch over you." She said. Then right before their eyes, Dulcea turned into a snowy, white owl and flew away.

At Angel Grove Fire Department, the fire fighters were standing around, talking to one another. Firefighter Mark's son came by and accidentally left his jar of ooze on the table.

R.C. walked over to Mark and asked, "What is that stuff?" Mark took off the lid and sniffed it.

"I don't know. It must be Fred's. This stuff is nasty." They both put their hands in the jar and pulled out some ooze. Without warning, an energy field surrounded both fire fighters and caused them to be in a trance. Their eyes had a purple glow to them.

They got up from the table and left to go outside. Along with other adults, R.C. and Mark walked in a trance to the construction site, in downtown Angel Grove.

At the Command Center, Alpha was messing with wires, trying to get the Viewing Globe working. "There, that should do it. Let's give it a whirl." Alpha said.

A news reporter flashed onto the Globe. "Angel Grove Police have been following hundreds calls of concern citizens as the number of missing parents continue to grow." The reported announced.

Then surprisingly, Ivan Ooze appeared on the Globe. "Hi folks. Ivan Ooze here. Are you bored with your work, are you bored with your life. Come down to Ooze City and let's get sticky!"

Zordon gasped in amazement. "Ayiyiyiyiyiyiyiyii!" Alpha said.

"Ivan's plot is taken shape. I just hope they're not too late." Zordon whispered.

Fred arrived back at the fire department. "Dad!" he called out. No one was in the station. "Dad, where are you? Where is everybody?" He walked outside to see if anybody was out there. He saw some parents walking to the construction site. He decided to follow them.

At the construction site, Ivan was sitting down, watching the parents digging up his Ecto-Morphicons Titans. "I forgot how slow parents are. I thought my Ecto-Morphicons would be dug up by now." Ivan said to Goldar. "Oh Goldie, I'm bored. Let's have some fun. "Hey you!" he called out to one of the adults.

"Dance!" The adult began to dance. "Do the swim." He called out. Then the adult started to do the swim. Ivan and Goldar were laughing. "Ballet!" Goldar called out. Now, the adult started doing ballet moves.

"Hey! Hey boss, they're back." Goldar told Ivan as he pointed toward the sky. The Tangu slowly made their way to the ground.

"Ah, my Tangu Warriors." Ivan said. The Tangu started to swalk. "Hold your screeching. How did you fare?" Ivan asked.

"It couldn't have gone any better. We threw one off a mountain and another into a raging river." The Tangu leader said.

"So, were they destroyed?" Ivan asked.

"Well, we were about to destroy them. . . " A Tangu announced.

"What! You didn't kill them. You call yourselves Tangu Warriors. More like Tangu Turkeys. I should have you stuffed and roasted." Ivan remarked.

"But master, there was this monster with these huge sticks. She kept twirling them around." Tangu said.

"Sticks! Did these sticks make a whistling sound?" he asked.

"More like nails on a chalk board." The Tangu answered.

"Dulcea!" Ooze exclaimed. "Why, that miserable, manipulating, loathsome she-devil of a witch! If she leads them to the Great Power, then everything will be ruined!"

"You want us to take another crack at it?" the Tangu leader asked.

"How about taking another quack at it!" Ooze growled. Bolts of energy shot from his fingertips, turning the Tangu Warriors into a pile of feathers.

"No time to waste. I need to get the Ecto-Morphicons unearthed by sundown.

Fred looked around and saw his dad. "Dad! Hey dad, what's the matter with you? It's me Fred. We have to get out of here." He said as he ran to his side.

But, his dad did not stop digging "Hey you, get back to work!" Goldar screamed at one of the adults. Fred hid behind some rocks.

"Yeah, pick up those rocks!" Mordant replied. "Get your weak backs into it." Said Goldar. "Yeah, I had a weak back. A week back. Ha!" Mordant laughed.

Fred looked around and saw parents of all of his friends and the Ecto-Morphicons Titans. "Feast your eyes on the exo-skeleton of the barbaric Hornitor. The Scorpatron is close by. Once my lovely little Ecto-Morphicon machines are up and running, spreading ooze throughout the world. I will destroy Angel Grove and then the universe." Ivan said.

"We're taking over the world, we're taking over the world." Mordant replied.

At the ancient ruins, Tommy was standing on the edge of the plateau, with a distant look on his face. Kimberly came over and stood behind him. "What are you thinking about?" she asked.

"I'm just getting ready for this. It's going to be a challenge, without our powers. We're just facing whatever's out there as ourselves, using only what we've got." Tommy said.

"Don't worry Tommy. We can get through this, powers or no powers." Kimberly said to cheer him up.

Billy came over to Ricki, who was deep in thought. "Penny for your thoughts." He said.

Ricki looked up at him and said, "I always knew you were a cheap date. All humor aside; I'm really scared. Being the new Ranger on the team, I'm not ready for this adventure. Who knows what we're getting into. What would become of us, if we can't get back?" she asked with fear in her eyes.

"I know how you feel. None of us have been though this kind of adventure. But, we are a team and as long as we work together, we will make it home." He said.

"I wonder how Zordon is doing. And what about Ivan Ooze? Let's just hope we have a home to go back to." She said.

They both hugged one another and walked to the other Rangers. "I guess we can't call ourselves Power Rangers right now." Tommy said. "Since we don't have our morphing powers. But, we're still a team. And we've still got our inner strength, which is what we're going to need. When we face whatever's out there, it's going to be about teamwork, and communication. We have to be careful and use these Ninjetti powers wisely."

"If we're not Power Rangers, then what are we?" asked Rocky.

Ricki grinned and said, "Ninja Rangers!"

"Ninja Rangers, I like it!" The others agreed.

"It's time." Tommy said with a stern voice.

Tommy led the Ninjas down to the plateau and into the Neola Jungle. It was eerily beautiful, deceptively peaceful, forbiddingly mysterious, yet irresistibly intriguing. "This jungle goes on forever." Billy complained.

"We have to keep moving. Zordon's time is running out." Tommy replied. As they made their way further in, they came across a collection of large bones.

"What is this place?" Aisha wondered.

"Looks like a grave yard." Billy replied.

"I wonder what happened to them all?" Kimberly questioned.

"Personally, I'd rather not find out." Adam retorted.

Ricki stoops down and inspected the skeletons. "You guys may not believe me, but this is so ironic." Ricki said while trying to stop herself from shaking.

"What is it, Ricki?" Kimberly asked.

"These skeletons. These are our old powers we called upon. They are just bones, no life to them. It's like they're put to rest." Ricki said as her voice cracked.

"Welcome to Jurassic Park." Adam remarked.

"Very funny, Adam." Aisha retorted.

Billy examined the skull of one of the dinosaurs. As he was looking through it's eyes, he didn't notice it's tail lifting slowly, with a creaking sound. Ricki stood up and turned around and noticed the tail of the dinosaur lifting into the air. "Billy, look out!" Ricki screamed out on the top of her lungs.

He heard her and turned around, just in time to dodge the heavy tail that smashed down, toward him. The entire skeleton came to life and raised its head to attack the Rangers. Aisha screamed and ran for cover along some trees. Rocky grabbed a large bone that was lying nearby and smashed it over the skeleton's skull, and in result, the dinosaur sent Rocky flying into a tree.

"Rocky!" Kimberly bellowed. It charged at Adam, but Adam rolled underneath it. The skeleton charged again, and this time it cornered Kimberly in a ribcage of another skeleton.

"Tommy! Tommy, help me!" she cried out desperately, lashing out snap kicks toward It..

"Hang on!" Tommy grabbed a branch and began to strike at the skeleton, causing it to turn and come after him instead.

When Tommy saw what the dinosaur was doing, he turned and ran right at a tree. Running as fast that his legs can go, he ran up the tree trunk and flipped onto the dinosaur's back. The skeleton bucked and reared. Tommy was about to loose his grip. Ricki become aware of Tommy situation and took it upon herself to help him out.. She climbed up the closest tree and hung on to a branch. When the skeleton came close, she leaped off and landed right on the skeleton's face.

"Do you have any bright ideas, because I don't think this is going to work." Ricki said to Tommy.

"It will work for now." Tommy said as he begins to look around the skeleton's neck.

"Personally, hanging out with Billy is the closest I want to get to a triceratops." Ricki commented as she hangs on to its horns.

Tommy looked closely and saw the crucial bone. "Yo, fossil-head! I've got a bone to pick with you!" he reached down and snatched the bone out of its neck.

"No Tommy!" Ricki screamed. Her cries were useless as Tommy didn't hear her. "This is going to hurt." Ricki yelled out when her and the skeleton went crashing to the ground. Ricki found herself on the ground first and with the skull on top of her.

Tommy felt the skeleton go loose and he ended up sprawled in the dirt.

Ricki groaned, "Thank-you so much Tommy, see if I ever help you again." She said, in a mocking, sarcastic tone.

"Looks like Biology class really paid off, huh Tommy" Billy asked as he helped Ricki off of the ground.

"Let's get out of here before he decided to pull himself together or something." Rocky suggested.

"A brilliant idea." Ricki was dusting herself off. "I guess we have to keep on moving if we ever want to get out of here."

At the Angel Grove Chemical Plant, all of Angel Grove's adults were boxing up ooze or putting together Ivan's Ecto-Morphicons. You, yea you! Show a little energy. And you, get your rear in gear." Goldar called out. "Pick up the pace. We don't have all day."

Fred sneaks into the plant and looks around. He saw the adults doing Ivan's dirty deeds.

"Hey boss, construction complete!" Goldar announced. "Yeah, when's lunch?" Mordant added.

Ivan walked onto a platform above the adults. "Parents of Angel Groves. You have completed my Ecto-Morphicons. Frankly, I'm sick of your ugly faces and your boring personalities. You will return to the construction site and leap to your doom. Bye-bye!" Ivan announced. All the parents turned around and began to walk to the construction site.

"Finally, the moment of truth. Mordant, let the ooze go." Ivan screamed.

"Coming right up." He answered.

"Ooze, give my creatures life! Life, life I tell you!" Ivan said. After the ooze filled the deadly machines, Ivan held his hands out in front and let out a stream of circuit to his machines.

"Excellent! Now my machines will destroy the city.

The seven Ninjas had made their way through the dense jungle and now discovered that they were in a wall-in clearing. Before them, four gargoyles were carved into a rock wall. Another smooth wall rose high above their heads. A waterfall crashed down out of an opening in the rock, into a pool some thirty feet below the ground, where the Rangers were standing. Several rock ledges and an occasional tree were inside the clearing, with vines hanging down.

"Wooh! Guys check this out." Said Rocky.

"Incredible." Adam added.

"Let's go guys. Nice and Easy." Tommy said. They all walked closer to the wall, looking around.

"What do you think?" questioned Adam.

"Wait here." Replied Tommy. He approached the four gargoyles. Reaching out to touch one of them, Tommy decided they do not pose a threat, and turned around to head back toward the others.

"Tommy, look out! Ricki cried quickly as she ran up to him. She dove to one side as the gargoyle he had touched came to life and metal armor covered it and weapons appeared. Tommy whirled around and the gargoyle came after him, slashing its two metal blades wildly.

He jumped back, each time barely being cut by the razor sharp edges. Finally, he managed to flip clear of the gargoyle and stared at the two cuts he received that was in front of his uniform. Ricki got cleared of one of the other gargoyles that came to life. She leaped into the air and jumped back to where her friends were.

"Great! First slime, then bones, now rocks. What's going to come alive next?" Ricki asked. The gargoyles began to close in. "Uh, Tommy I know you're the leader, but I think now is the good time to call upon our Ninjetti power." Ricki said with fear in her voice.

"You got it. The Falcon!" shouted Tommy.

"The Frog!" declared Adam.

"The Hawk!" yelled Ricki.

"The Ape!" bellowed Rocky.

"The Crane!" shouted Kimberly.

"The Wolf!" Billy cried.

"The Bear!" Aisha shouted.

Armed with powers of the Ninjetti animal spirits that they had receive, the seven began their attack on the four grisly gargoyles.

"These guys are made of rock!" Adam yelled, as he fan kick glanced off one of them.

Billy back horse kicked the gargoyle once and hit him in the face. The second time he did, the gargoyle caught it and flung he backwards. "These guys are tough." he said.

Adam round kicked one into the wall. It started to chase to chase Rocky backwards, towards the lake, several stories down. He escaped by faking around the gargoyle. Then it went after Adam. He was being forced off the side of the cliff.

Adam turned around and saw the cliff, "Ever played leap frog?" he asked before he rolled between the gargoyle's legs. Rocky was climbing up a vine, over the gargoyle's head.

"Hang on Adam!" Rocky called out. He jumped on the gargoyle's back and slid off and proceeded off of the cliff. He grabbed onto a root that was protruding from the side of the cliff, knowing that was keeping him from falling into the pool of water far below.

When the gargoyle began to chop the root, he yelled out, "Adam!"

"Hold on Rocky! Lay off of him!" Adam charged at the gargoyle that with a flying kick, that sent it over the edge and into the pool. He leaned over and helped his friend back up, onto the ground.

"Thanks Adam, I thought I was finished." Rocky said. "That's one down and three to go." Adam announced.

"Time for a little rock and roll!" Ricki said, as she ducked a blow from a gargoyle and dove between its legs. She leaped to her feet and kicked it in the chest. It caused the gargoyle to fall back and stumble over its feet. That was enough time for Ricki to find a place to go.

Aisha was being chased and she fell down onto her back and jumped back up on her feet. "Back off bolder breath." She round kicked the gargoyle in the chest and pushed it back. She ran, but was cornered by another gargoyle and backed into a small nook in the stone wall. Her stomach twisted in revulsion as she realized that the small cave was lined with skulls. "Somebody, help!" she cried out. The gargoyle was poking at her with his barb staff and she had no room to dodge it.

"I'm coming Aisha!" Rocky said as he sneak up behind the gargoyle and succeeded in diverging it. Aisha goes out of the cave, just in time to see the stone creature go after Rocky.

"Let's talk about this." Rocky suggested. The Gargoyle ignored his suggestion and doubled its attack. "Guess not!" Rocky backed up toward a wall. He jumped onto a split, his feet supported by two rocks, barely before the gargoyle hurled its spear at him. It rammed into the wall, inches away below him. "Whew, that was close." Rocky said in relief.

Kimberly tripped as she ran up a slope, a gargoyle hot on her heels. She fired a horse kick at it, knocking it back just enough to give her time to get behind a large boulder. "Come on, please roll." She begged it, as she pushed it with all of her strength.

"Hang on, Kimberly!" Tommy said as he grabbed a vine and swung down toward the gargoyle, landing just in front of it. Delivering a hard kick to the chest, hurling it back.

"They're strong, but not to smart." He said to Kimberly. "Let's rock his world." Kimberly replied.

They got behind the boulder and forced it to roll, at the gargoyle.

Adam was not having an easy time with the last two gargoyles that were coming after him. He just barely managed to duck as the last two met and tried to crush him between them.

"Hey, what is this, pick-on-the-Frog day?" he said while laughing. Ricki and Billy heard his call and ran to his aid.

"Hey Adam, need some help?" Billy yelled, grabbing a vine. He quickly started to fasten it over a branch and loosen both ends. "Here catch!" Billy called out, as he tossed one end of the vine to Adam.

Adam grabbed it gratefully. Catching on to their plan, Ricki started to maneuver the two gargoyles into position that Billy and Adam can both attack. "You guys have got to move. The lighting that is here is all-wrong. You need to come over here and you need to come a little closer to this one." She released a series of kicks that force the gargoyles to obey her commands. "Freeze, perfect. You know, you should be in pictures." she said toward the gargoyles.

Adam and Billy looked on and saw what Ricki was doing. When she was done, Adam and Billy started their part of their plan. Billy jumped down, out of a tree. His weight caused Adam and his end of the vine to rise, while his side carried him down to the ground.

"Elevator going up!" Yelled Adam. "Elevator going down!" Billy responded, landing between the gargoyles. He dove out from between them, at the same time, Ricki called out, "Wait! I see some shadows. How about moving back a bit." She fan kicked toward their heads, once again forcing them to move. Just then, the other gargoyle swung his axe a little too late at Ricki and ended up slicing its companion in half.

"Yikes!" Ricki said startled. "Boy, talking about a splitting headaches!" Billy said as he gave Ricki a high five.

Only one gargoyle left. Kimberly and Billy positioned themselves on opposite ledges, with Tommy on a ledge behind and between them, forming a triangle. Ricki was on the ground, in line with Kimberly and Billy.

"Ready guys?" asked Tommy. Rocky, Adam, and Aisha surrounded the gargoyle and backed it toward Ricki.

"Go!" yelled Tommy. Billy and Kimberly swung down on the vines, hitting the gargoyle from opposite sides.

"Go for it Ricki!" Billy said. Ricki concentrated all of her energy into one blow. She fired up an uppercut punch at the gargoyle, with a mighty leap that sent her sailing upwards. The gargoyle flew in the air. "He's yours Tommy!" Tommy leaped off of the ledge and yelled out, "Ninjetti Corkscrew Kick!". With a flying kick that spun him across the clearing and drove into the defenseless gargoyle.

"Eight ball, corner pocket!" he called out, as the gargoyle smashed into the stone wall and crumble into pebbles. Then, unexpectedly, the earth shook. "Now what!" Ricki hollered. "Wooh, what's happening?" Kimberly asked.

With the gatekeepers destroyed, the Monolith began to reveal itself to the Seven Ninja Rangers. The wall that the four gargoyles had been carved into gave way, sliding back to expose a stone with seven sacred Ninjetti animals carved into it.

"The Great Power." Aisha whispered. "The sacred animals." Billy replied. Tommy, Kimberly, Adam, Ricki, Billy, Aisha, and Rocky looked on in awe, as the light that began to emanate from the stone, surrounded them and came alive. Seven shapes leapt out from the stone and floated around the seven teens. They watched the strange dance-like patterns of the shapes moving around them.

"Our new Zords!" Rocky exclaimed. Slowly, the power from the Ninjetti stone enveloped them, turning the flowing cloth of their Ninja outfits into the rigid and powerful armor of their Power Ranger suits. Each of the suits bore a medallion depicting their new animal spirits on it, in place of the dinosaurs and mythical creatures of their old powers.

Aisha cried out, "We did it!"

"Morphers are on-line." Billy announced.

"We got the power." Tommy said.

"Alright!" Kimberly called out while high-fiving Tommy.

"Hold on Zordon!" replied Adam.

"We're on our way." Rocky commented.

Ricki looked at Billy and said, "Don't celebrate yet. We still have to get back home and defeat Ivan Ooze."

"Hey guys, she right." Billy said.

"How are we going to get home?" Kimberly asked.

"Look!" Aisha exclaimed. A white owl flew in circles around the Rangers' heads. Gold powder fell from the wings and gently showered them. Then the teens looked at one another and a beam of light surrounded each Ranger in their colors and teleported through space, back to Earth.

Back on Earth, The Hornitor was walking down the street of downtown Angel Grove, squashing cars underneath its feet. Everyone began to run out of his or her cars, shops, and off of the sidewalks.

"Citizens of Angel Grove. How do you like my friends." Ivan said as he stood on top of the Sky High Tower. Then, on the other street, the Scorpatron started to shoot the cars with its laser, on the tip of it's tail. "The boys are back in town!" Ivan remarked. "Long live the ooze." Goldar added.

In the Command Center, Alpha and Zordon were watching the Viewing Globe. "The Mayor has declared a state of emergency. He asked that the city be immediately evacuated. Angel Grove has never seen this terror before." The reporter said.

"Ayiyiyiyiyiyi! Ivan's evil machines are destroying Angel Grove." Alpha cried out. "Alpha keep trying." Zordon muttered. Night has fallen and the Ecto-Morphicons is roaming the city, causing great disaster everywhere.

"I love the smell of destruction in the evening." Ivan commented to Goldar. "Me too." Goldar added. Ivan smelled the air again, "What is that smell. Inconceivable, the Power Rangers!" Seven rays of color lights landed in the street of downtown.

"Oh man, look at this mess." Tommy said.

"This is Ivan's handy work." Ricki remarked.

"Let's get back to the Command Center." Suggested Adam. A loud thump was heard behind them.

"Wait, what was that?" Billy asked.

"We're about to find out!" Aisha called out. Everyone turned around and saw the Scorpatron walking down the street, heading straight for them.

"Wooh, what is that thing?" question Kimberly.

"Looks like Ivan was busy while we were away." Tommy said. Scorpatron aimed it's tail, shot a beam at a car, and completely destroyed it.

"Wooh!" everyone gasped. Then another thump was heard. "Wooh, what was that." Tommy asked. Then the Hornitor was walking down the street.

"That ones even uglier!" Kimberly cried out.

"We got to stop these things." Aisha said.

"We got new NinjaZords. Let's use them. "Tommy suggested.

"Right! Responded the other six Rangers.

Pointing their morphers, they cried out, "We need NinjaZords Power now!"

"Ninja CraneZord!" Kimberly called.

"Ninja WolfZord!" Billy cried.

"Ninja HawkZord!" Ricki bellowed.

"Ninja FrogZord!" Adam yelled.

"Ninja ApeZord!" Rocky exclaimed.

"Ninja BearZord!" Aisha shouted.

"Ninja FalconZord!" Tommy called out.

They stood in a circle, putting their Coins together. A gold beam shot out of each Coin and a large beam extended into the sky. Then all the Zords began to descend from the heavens above.

The Bear let out a mighty roar; the Frog let out a gentle croak; the Wolf, giving out a guttural growl; the Ape, with a threatening grunt; the Crane, sounding out an airy call; the Falcon, shrieking out a battle cry; and the Hawk, it's majestic outcry echoed across the city.

"Check it out. "Kimberly remarked.

"New Zords." Billy whispered.

"Alright!" Aisha screamed.

"Cool." Tommy said.

"Yeah!" Adam shouted.

"Awesome." Rocky mentioned.

"Wow!" Ricki said stunned.

Up on the top of the Sky High Tower, Goldar and Ivan Ooze looked up. "Oh no, the Zords!" Goldar warned Ivan.

"Zords, smords. They'll crush them like roaches." Replied Ivan.

"Ready Rangers, let's do it!" Tommy commanded. "NinjaZords power up!" the Rangers ordered. Then they flew into the air, entered their Zords, and slid into their cockpits.

"Get ready to rock!" Tommy replied.

"All systems on-line." Billy retorted.

"Activating weapon systems." Adam called out.

"Let's get ready to rumble!" Ricki yelled.

"Nice stereo. "Kimberly remarked.

"We're out of here!" Rocky claimed.

Back on the ground, the parents still under Ivan's trance, were walking to the construction site repeating, "Leap to our doom, leap to our doom!" Kevin ran as fast as he could to the Youth Center, inside is Ernie's Juice Bar, a popular Angel Grove hangout. There, under the influence of the ooze, the youths of the city were running wild, pouring ooze into Ernie's equipment, dancing on the tables, and engaging in all sorts of unruly and destructive behavior. He felt lost and helpless. There were so many of them and only one of him. How could he make them believe him? He jumped on the table and caught everyone's attention with a piercing whistle.

"Hey, everyone! Listen up. You guys think this is one big party don't you?" Everyone screamed out, "YEAH!" "You've all been brainwashed. Ivan has taken over the city and is using all of us in his plans. And he has our parents."

"What are you talking about?" on kid calls out.

Fred answered, "Look, Ivan's evil and if you don't come with me, our parents are going to die. You got to believe me!" The kids tore down the street to the monorail station, as fast as their legs, and in Bulk and Skull's case, their skateboards, can take them.

Leaping the barriers, they got inside the train and managed to get it running. As they rode down the track, they were oblivious to their seven revered heroes' return. "I just hope we get there in time." Said Fred.

Tommy and the FalconZord flew over a section of Angel Grove. "Alright Rangers, I'm over the east quadrant. My sensors are picking up a disturbance. I'm going in."

"Did someone call for an exterminator. I got a lock." He brought the FalconZord down low, aiming its rockets at the Scorpatron. "Rockets away!" But the Scorpatron detected his approach and a blast of power shot out of it's tail, hitting one of the FalconZord's wings. "I've been hit!" Yelled Tommy. "I'm pulling out!" He dropped back to safety.

"We got them now boss." Goldar said, as he put his hand on Ivan's shoulder.

"Touch me again and you'll be chicken wings in the morning." Ivan replied.

"FrogZord in position!" yelled Adam. He hit a button on his controls, and the FrogZord's tongue shot out and wrapped around the Scorpatron's neck. Adam gets out a little laugh. "Being the Frog isn't so bad after all." he thought.

"I got a grip. Yee-haw!" he cried exultantly. In response, the Scorpatron fired at him from its tail. The blast rocked the FrogZord, but did little damage. "Bad move, Sparky!" Adam told it. "You play with Fire, you're gonna get burned!". He pulled the trigger button, and an electrical current coursed through the FrogZord's tongue, momentarily paralyzing the Scorpatron.

"I need back up!" Adam called out. "I'm on my way." Billy responded. "WolfZord approaching target. Keep him tied up Adam. I'm loading hydraulics." Billy said. "I'm losing him!" Adam screamed.

"Alright, here goes." Billy said, as the WolfZord jumps through the air, clamping onto the Scorpatron's tail. "I got him." Billy said, as he was being swung back and forth.

"Ricki here, over the north quadrant. So far, it's pretty quiet. Umm, the monorail seems to be running. It should have been shut down during an evacuation. Oh man, all the adults look like they're in a trance. They are heading for the construction site." She said.

Aisha has the Hornitor in her sights. "Time to bogey with the Bear." She retorted. The Hornitor shot out a ray and hit Aisha. The blast flew the Zord into a building. "I've been hit hard!" she cried out.

"ApeZord locked on target." Rocky said, as he position his Zord on top of the building. He jumped off of the building and landed hard on the Hornitor's back. "Yee-haw, ride 'em cowboy!" Rocky called out in excitement.

"Hang on there, Rocky." Aisha said, as she tried to get her Zord up.

"I'm hanging, I'm hanging." He responded.

Kimberly here, I've got a lock on the Ooze-man." She said over the radio.

"I hear you, Kim." Ricki responded. "I'm coming in to back you up."

"Oh look." Ivan Ooze commented, nonchalantly to Goldar, from top of the tower. "Here comes that cute little Pink Ranger to the rescue."

"Oh, you think she's cute too?" Goldar mentioned.

Kimberly closed in, with Ricki close in behind her. "One order of toasted slime, coming up!" she tense her finger on the trigger and let out a shot.

"You want to play tough, huh?" retorted Ooze, catching her in an energy field.

"Ricki, help! He's got me in some kind of an electromagnetic deadlock, and I can't break free!" Kimberly yelled desperately.

Ricki growled at Ivan Ooze, "That's it! You pick on my friends, that is going too far. You're asking for it pal, and now you've got it coming!" she punched a button on her main control, exposing the HawkZord's razor-sharp talons. Yanking down on her elevation control stick, she steered the HawkZord directly toward Ivan Ooze with a blinding ultra speed. Ooze ducked as the HawkZord swooped over his head.

"So, the Silver Ranger wants to play too?" he smirked. "Well, this one's for you?" He caught the HawkZord in a force field, halting its kamikaze dive swiftly, that it cause Ricki to slam against the controls by force of the sudden stop. "All this technology, wouldn't they put air bags in these things." Ricki called out.

"Someone help! I'm burning up in here!" Kimberly was beginning to struggle for air as the temperature inside the CraneZord rose to high degrees.

"Kimberly, use your thrusters!" Aisha said over the radio.

"Right! Now which button?" she wondered. She found the correct button and press it. The thrusters fired, breaking Ooze's force field on her.

"Thrusters, good idea." Muttered Ricki, who was still in a daze from hitting her control panel. She found her thrusters and fired them, breaking free from Ooze's force field. She turned around and followed Kimberly.

"Ah, I'll deal with you later." Ooze remarked.

Adam's FrogZord was on its own against the Scorpatron for the moment, since Tommy and his FalconZord had been forced to pull back and recover from the blast they might sustain.

"I'm getting air sick up here!" Billy called out.

"My stabilizers have ruptured! I can't hold on much longer!" Adam said.

"I'm heading straight for you guys." Ricki announced. "Look out below! HawkZord coming through!" Ricki yelled, maneuvering her Zord above the Scorpatron.

"Talon deploy!" she ordered and once again, the HawkZord uncloaked its talons. Gliding low, laser fired from its eyes, blasting the ground around the Scorpatron. Ricki brought the HawkZord down low so that the talons scraped across the Scorpatron's back. "Like nail across a chalk board!" Ricki said. The Scorpatron tried to attack the HawkZord, but Ricki jolted on her control stick and took the HawkZord high into the starry sky.

"Hang in there, Billy. I got an idea." She said. Ricki fired her lasers at the Scorpatron's tail, which made the tail come off completely, spewing ooze everywhere. Some of the sticky, purple liquid splattered on Billy's windshield.

"Ah, yeck oozed! Thank-you Ricki, I think." He remarked.

"Sorry about the ooze shower, and you're not alone, I got that slime all over my wings." Ricki said.

Kimberly flew her CraneZord to aid Aisha and Rocky with Hornitor. The Hornitor was bucking wildly, and it was all Rocky could do to keep his grip. At least, he knew the metal arthropod couldn't see where to go, due to he was covering its eyes.

Aisha's BearZord charged at Hornitor, knocking it down. She knew it wouldn't be enough and they need the help of the other Rangers. Tommy's FalconZord flew back to the scene, its battle cry sounded. "FalconZord, back in the game. Adam disengaged. I got a clear shot." Tommy called out.

"He's all yours!" Adam said.

"Alright big guy, lights out for you. Rockets away!" Tommy commanded. Rockets hit their target and blew the Scorpatron apart. "He's outta here." Adam remarked. "Target neutralized. Lets go get the other one." Tommy replied.

"He's too strong. Can't take him down." Rocky screamed. Rocky got flung off of the Hornitor's back Tommy and Ricki flew over the Hornitor. Adam and Billy charged at it in different directions.

"Everyone close in. The street is a dead end!" Tommy called out. Everyone circled the Hornitor with his or her Zords.

"They destroyed my beautiful creature. Now, I'm starting to get angry." Ivan growled. He transformed himself into a pillar of ooze and penetrated the exo-skeleton of the Hornitor, which began to take on his form.

"Oh, I'm gonna be sick." Moaned Kimberly, watching Ivan seep into the Hornitor.

"Does this guy have any manners?" Ricki asked.

"I feel big again!" He cried out. "Go get 'em, booger man!" Goldar yelled out.

"Wooh, somebody call a plastic surgeon." Aisha commented. Ivan noticed the Sky High Tower that Goldar was standing on. He grabbed a hold of it and preceded to pick it up.

"Oh no, I'm outta here!" Goldar said, as he takes flight.

"Now, for a little sword play." Ivan said. He walked over to where the Zords are, and breaks the monorail track in two different places. "

"He destroyed the monorail track!" Kimberly said.

"We need Ninja MegaZord!" Tommy called out. "Right!" everyone called out.

Adam's FrogZord switching modes, converting into the legs of the Ninja MegaZord. Aisha's BearZord locked on, its head slid down, and its arms and legs slid into its body, to form the body of the MegaZord. Rocky's ApeZord's limbs locked in and a hand emerged from one end. It locked onto the BearZord to form the right arm. Bill's WolfZord also retracted its limbs; its mouth supplied appalling jaws of a hand, to form the left arm. Finally, Kimberly's CraneZord landed on top of the BearZord, forming the head.

"CraneZord locked on!" she announced. Her seat slid backwards, out of the CraneZord's cockpit. "Checking out." She said as she slid into the Ninja MegaZord, joining Adam, Rocky, Aisha, and Billy.

"The monorail is in trouble, Ricki and I will complete docking sequence later." Tommy said.

"Activating Ninja Battle Mode." Billy retorted. "Power Sword Now!" The Rangers called out.

"Shall we tango." Ivan said with an evil chuckle.

Inside the monorail, the kids exclaimed, "Look out! The track's broken!" They tried to stop the monorail, but it was unsuccessful and the feel of panic flushed over the kids as the first of two broken sections come into view ahead.

"The monorail is in trouble, Tommy!" Ricki shouted to Tommy.

"The holes look pretty big, you get the second section Ricki and I'll get the first. Let's see if we can bridge it." Tommy said.

"I'm on it, Tommy." Ricki said, as she lowered her HawkZord into the gap in the track.

"Hang on kids. The FalconZord coming in for a landing." Tommy announced. The kids inside the train held their breaths when the train approached the broken section, but released it in relief when they saw that the FalconZord had bridged the gap. In awe, they saw it rise into the sky again.

"Alright, it worked!" Tommy replied.

"Look!" Skull shouted suddenly. "There's another broken section up ahead! And it's huge! This gap has to be at least three times as long as the first." The kids started to scream.

"Never fear, Rickland's here." A silver streak shot through the sky, landing on the track. The kids braced themselves; the monorail train jolted as it sped across the fully outstretched wingspan of the HawkZord.

"Wow! That was awesome!" Kevin shouted. Ricki patched in to the intercom system on the monorail.

"This is the Silver Ranger, is everyone all right in there?" Kevin grabbed hold of the microphone and said, "Yeah, we're fine. Wow, thank-you Power Rangers!"

"Sure, anytime. That's what we're here for." The Silver Ranger replied. The monorail came to a stop and the kids poured out of it, into the station. Together, they raced toward the construction site. In horror, they saw that their parents were walking toward the edge of the pit in a trance.

"Leap to our doom, leap to our doom." They repeated. "We've got to stop them!" One of the girls cried.

"There's too many of them!" protested a young boy. Fred turned around and noticed the Angel Grove Fire Department's hose truck, in the pit. "You guys, hold them back. Bulk . . . Skull, come with me." Kevin said.

They ran down into the pit. Down the street, the Ninja MegaZord was batting Ivan Ooze. Ivan brought his staff back down on the sword, destroying it. "He's destroyed the Power Sword!" Aisha yelled.

"Micro-pressure falling." Rocky yelled out..

"Negative helm control!" Billy screamed.

"Tommy, Ricki, we need your help." Kimberly said.

"Hang tight, we're on our way." Ricki responded. The Ninja MegaZord got a few blows in before Ooze got a firm grip and pummeled it

"First stop, Angel Grove First National" he announced, picking up the Ninja MegaZord and hurling it into the building.

"Hang on everybody!" Kimberly ordered. The Ninja MegaZord crashed through the building with the shattering and breaking of shattered glass, wood, and steel.

"Brace for impact." Hollered Kimberly.

"All systems down." Billy said.

"He's closing in." Rocky replied.

"You guys better get your butts down here!" Kimberly cried out.

"Hang on guys, here we come!" Tommy said, as he steered the FalconZord into position, so that it touched down on the back of the Ninja MegaZord and locked on. The FalconZord gave the Ninja MegaZord a powerful set of wings. While Ricki was in the HawkZord, she flew straight down and locked into place, forming a front shield.

Tommy and Ricki joined the rest of the team in the cockpit of the Ninja MegaZord. "MegaZord complete." Tommy called out. "Okay guys, lets get Ooze out of here before he destroys everything."

"I'll set a course for outer space." Billy said.

"Good idea." Tommy remarked. "Let's do it!" Everyone called out.

The Ninja MegaZord fired thrusters and headed for outer space, with Ivan Ooze right behind them. "Guys, I know a way to get rid of Ivan." Ricki said with excitement.

"Really, how?" Adam puzzled.

"Ryan's Comet!" Ricki answered.

"What?" Kimberly confused.

"I get it. We get Ivan into the comet's path." Billy replied.

"Ka-boom, he's space dust." Aisha added.

"Alright guys. Main thrusters full blast." Tommy ordered. While they were heading for deep space, they flew by the moon, where Rita and Lord Zedd were still in the snow globe.

"Wow, if it isn't that double dealing dough head." Said Rita.

"I hope those Rangers put that lousy, low life out of my misery." Replied Lord Zedd.

Together they cheered, "Go Rangers, go Rangers, go Rangers!"

"We're reaching the comet's coordinates." Ricki said.

"Alright everyone, this is it.. We'll wait here and lure him in." Tommy replied.

Ivan comes screeching across the sky, "I'm going to rip you apart, Zord by Zord." He growled.

"Here he comes, brace yourselves." Said Tommy. Ivan crashed into the Ninja MegaZord, sending both of them flipping through space.

"Micro-pressure in the red. We're imploding!" screamed Rocky.

"Bearing zero zero nine. We're in the comet's path." Billy announced. "We need to break free."

Ivan glared into the Ninja MegaZord and replied, "Have you hugged your Zords today?"

"I practically kissed mine." Ricki commented for the time of the sudden stop she had to do, in results knocking her head into the console.

"Here it comes!" Rocky screamed.

"We got to break his grip." Tommy called out.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures." Ricki said.

"What are you going to do?" Kimberly asked.

"Taking care of business." Ricki replied, while she punched a red glass pane marked 'FOR EMERGENCY USE ONLY'. She smiled inside her helmet and slammed down on the button in the emergency panel.

The Ninja MegaZord's knee came up and hit Ooze right between the legs. After that, Ooze was knocked back, right into the path of Ryan's Comet and exploded in a final burst of slime.

"Watch out, in coming ooze!" Ricki screamed.

"Lets get out of here." Said Tommy, at the same time navigated the Ninja MegaZord back to the Command Center.

At the construction site, all the kids tried to keep the parents from falling into the pit.

"Leap to our doom, leap to our doom." The parents repeated in an ominous lyric. Their children were facing them, pushing and resisting the oncoming adults, as best as they could with what little strength they had. It was hopeless, as they approached the edge of the pit; Skull lifted the platform of the fire truck all the way up so Fred was above the pit.

Fred pulled back the lever, turning the icy cold water on both the parents and the kids. The freezing stream of water broke Ivan's spell that he put on the adults, just before they made it to the edge of the pit. Blinking and confused, the parents were aroused and saw what has happened. Both the children and the parents quickly found one another and made their way out of the construction site.

The Rangers returned to the wrecked Command Center, where a distressed Alpha Five greeted them.

"Alpha!" Aisha cried out.

"Rangers, you made it. But I'm afraid you're too late." He hinted at the shattered time warp. The Rangers raced over and placing their helmets on the edge of the crushed time warp. There, Zordon lay upon the broken crystal that once incased him. They couldn't control their emotions as the sight of the mentor lay perfectly still and now dead.

"This can't be happening." Kimberly choked back her tears as her voice cracks. She closed her eyes and tears gently fell down her cheek.

Next to her was Tommy, head bowed and he was also trying to hold back his tears. Billy covered his eyes with his hand, shaking his head slowly. Aisha sniffled while her hand covered her mouth. And Rocky gulped, trying to remove the knot that was in his windpipe. Adam blinked back his grief stricken tears. Ricki just stood there, shaking her head.

"This can't be happening, not again. I refuse to let him die. I was helpless before, but not now. We all have powers that Zordon gave us. Now, it's our turn to give a little back to him. Remember, who possess the power of the Ninjetti, anything is possible." She said as tears fell down her cheeks.

"That's right, lets do it!" Tommy concluded.

"What?" asked Rocky.

"Maybe our powers can restore this place." Billy said as he comforts Ricki him his arms. They stood in a circle around the time warp, their arms raised, their fingers touching. They all closed their eyes and concentrated on their sacred animal powers they received.

As they did so, their medallions began to glow with a golden light. Their animal spirits came out and met in the middle of the circle that the seven Rangers have made. Gold specks of light showered the Command Center and it began to revive the consecrated place. The computers were put back together and the wiring was corrected. The collapsed light columns stood upright and Zordon's time warp was in working order.

They opened their eyes and gasped when they saw Zordon back in his time warp and very much alive.

"Zordon!" Everyone yelled out.

"Rangers!" Zordon exclaimed.

"He's alive, he's alive." Alpha sang with joy.

"We thought you were. . . " Kimberly started to say, but was interrupted by Zordon.

"Its good to see you too." Zordon replied.

"We did it!" Ricki screamed, as she jumped into Billy's arms.

"Thanks to Ricki for not giving up." Billy said.

"I am pleased that you have found the Great Power and receive your new powers." Zordon said.

"Couldn't have done it without Dulcea." Tommy said.

"You must have powerful friends all over the place." Kimberly said.

"We all believe in one thing, the power of good will always conquered the power of evil." He bellowed.

"And there we were, face-to-face with death. . . " Bulk announced melodramatically to the crowd, at the city wide celebration.

"And death could have used a mint!" Skull added, in front of everyone.

Kimberly groaned, as she dug into her fries. "Can you believe those two? You'd think they were the heroes."

"All that matters is that we know who the heroes are. And do you think anyone is going to believe them? Those guys couldn't even put out a candle without help." Ricki said while laughing.

"Yeah, at least everything is back to normal. And this celebration is jammin'!" Aisha said.

"No more Ooze! What a relief!" Rocky added, sitting back in his chair, while taking a bite of his cheeseburger.

R.C. came over to see Ricki. "Hey R.C., how's it going?" asked Billy.

Almost choking on her cheeseburger, she quickly turned around and smiled at him. "Ah man, this place is a zoo. All I remember was digging up a giant robot, walking to the edge of a pit, getting soaking wet by the hose truck, and the Power Rangers saving the day." He said, while taking fries off of Ricki's plate.

"Well, you remember more than I do." Said Ricki.

"How did you get that bump on your head?" R.C. asked, while looking at her. She turned around to get her drink; she looked at Billy, who's trying not to laugh.

Thinking of a way to get out of this question, she instantly replied, "I really don't remember a thing from these last few days." A young boy, wearing a baseball cap, ducked under a railing beside the seven teens' table. R.C. recognized him as one of his friend's son.

"Hi guys!" Fred announced.

"Fred Kelman! Glad you could make it. This is the kid, who hosed down all of Angel Grove's adults and saved theirs and my life." Said R.C.

"Well, I heard you were the one that was on the monorail. What happened up there?" Ricki asked.

"It was awesome!" He hollered. "The track was broken, but the Power Rangers saved us. The White and Silver Rangers came and bridged the gaps in the track with these fantastic new Zords."

"New Zords, huh?" asked Adam, with an intelligent grin on his face.

"Yeah, these were bigger and better than the other ones. And they made a new MegaZord." Kevin answered.

Billy asked, "They sound pretty amazing." The boy nodded in agreement.

Tommy jumped in; "You were pretty amazing yourself, man. If it wasn't for you, we all might not have parents anymore."

Ricki looked up at R.C., stood up and gave him a hug.

Tommy continued, "You my friend, demonstrated true bravery."

Fred smiled chastely, "I just remembered to stay calm, use my head, and be a leader. Not letting the fact that my dad was about to jump off the edge of the pit." Fred said.

"Hey, we hear you're probably in line to be a Ranger yourself one of these days." Aisha told him.

"Me? No way, that's impossible." He said.

Tommy looked at his friends, who grinned knowingly, "Believe us, anything is possible." He said to Fred.

"You really think so?" he asked.

"Positive." Ricki jumped in.

"But you've got to believe in yourself. The Power Rangers represent the best, and not just in fighting, but using their head. When to fight or not to fight, you'll have to learn that. Think you can do that?" Tommy replied.

"Yeah. Any chance is better than none." He said. Fred thought for a moment. "The Gold Ranger!" he finally decided.

Ricki looked down and away so she could hide a huge grin from R.C.

"Let's see, Fred Kelman, The Gold Ranger! It's got a nice ring to it." Said Fred.

The others laughed. "Yes it does Fred, yes it does." Aisha agreed. A loud noise and a burst of light cracked in the night air, but this time, there is no cause for alarm.

"Come on! The fireworks are starting!" Billy said. "Lets go." He grabbed Ricki's hand and took her with him. Fred, R.C. and the seven teens, stood and watched the fireworks light up the sky over Angel Grove.

In the background, a large sound system, with huge speakers played music that was in sync with the fireworks. As Ricki thinks back to all that has happened to her. Not just the last couple of days, but even months and years that has pasted. How things seem to fall into place. With the loss of her parents, she truly knows what it means by growing up. But she couldn't have made it without her friends. She looked around and saw R.C., the guy who opened his home to an orphan. He is always there for her. Tommy, Kimberly, Rocky, Aisha, and Adam. True friends are hard to come by and she would never give them up.

And by her side, Billy. She found the light at the end of a dark tunnel. Sometimes she wonders how truly lucky she really is. Ricki looked up at the fireworks, glittering across the sky. Billy reached over and gently placed his hand on top of hers. She looked over at him and he glanced over at her. They both smiled at each other and he gave her a soft kiss that would melt any heart.

A radiant cluster of fireworks ignited, to form the words: THANK YOU POWER RANGERS! Fred stood on a table, yelling loudly. Ricki's eyes widen, "Wooh! She said quietly.

Tommy and Kimberly stood together, with their arms around each other; he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. Next to R.C. was Ricki and Billy holding hands, bathing in the glow of the fireworks. Next to Billy stood Rocky, Adam, and on top of their shoulders was Aisha, enjoying the view.

They cheered with everyone who lives in Angel Grove, but no one truly knows the real reason they're happy. Right there in Angel Grove are the heroes that saved the great city from evil everyday. They congratulated each other on what they had achieved together, as a team.

The End... for now