The song I used is "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion. This fic contains violent scenes so be prepared. I like to thank my on-line friends (you know who you are) for helping me out and having late night joke telling contests, no matter how the sock fits. (giggle)

Tarnish Silver
by: Sylver Rose

It's a sunny day in the beautiful coastal city of Angel Grove. Today, everyone in town was getting ready for the ten K bike marathon. However, two teens had something else in mind besides having a good time.

"Now listen here Skull. If we win this marathon, Lieutenant Stone will promote us." Bulk said to his sidekick.

"How are we going to win? I can't even ride a block without taking a break." Skull replied.

"Easy." Bulk said as pulled a map out of his bag. "We'll be in the back of the pack and when we get to this point, we'll head off to this path, which takes us through the woods and when we get through, we'll be right in the head of the crowd."

"What about them?" Skull gestured to a group of teens.

"We'll psych them out like this." Bulk turns to the teens. "Prepare to lose."

"Yeah, prepare to lose." Skull echoed back.

Just a few feet away were a group of seven teens are anticipating for the race.

"Yeah, whatever Bulk." Ricki Summers called out as she adjusted her kneepads.

"What a great idea." Tanya Sloan stated as she put on her yellow helmet. "What a way to get the city together."

"I couldn't agree with you more. The animal clinic sure does need the money." Adam Chiang corresponded while reaching for his shiny green helmet.

Rocky Alvarez stood by his bike going over the course with Tommy Oliver. Tommy tied a red bandanna around his head and glanced over at Bulk and Skull.

"Those guys are real confident that they are going to win." He remarked.

"You're telling me. They probably have something up their sleeves." Rocky retorted.

Rocky called out to Adam, Tanya, and Ricki as well as his two other friends to come over and look over the map.

"I do believe Rocky has the right idea by looking over the map to the course." Billy Mitchell said.

Katherine Hillard was fixing her hair when she heard her friend Ricki yelling at her. "Oh come on Kat, no one is going to see your hair with that helmet on."

They laugh together. "My mom and I just love going for a bike ride. We have one of those two seater bikes." Kat said.

Ricki lowered her head and smiled a sad, painful smile.

"What's wrong Ricki?" Billy asked.

"My parents and I used to go bike riding together. We use to ride throughout Tri City Falls. My dad wanted it to be family time since that was the only time we spent together. It was a real stress reliever for them. I really miss those days. Ricki looked up and said. "It's okay, it's not your fault." She smiled.

Billy looked over and noticed people starting to line up.

"Hey, the race is about to start. You can't forget this Ricki." He said as he hands her a metallic silver helmet.

She looked up at him and said, "Thanks."

What Angel Grove didn't know is that these ordinary teens are not so ordinary. They keep the world's greatest secret. They are the Power Ranger Zeo. Adam is the Green Zeo Ranger, Tanya is the Yellow Zeo Ranger, Katherine is the Pink Zeo Ranger, Tommy is the Red Zeo Ranger, Rocky is the Blue Zeo Ranger, and Ricki is the Silver Zeo Ranger.

"On your mark.... Get set..... Go!" (BANG) the announcer sets off his gun and everyone sprints onto the course.

They raced down the streets of Angel Grove. The seven teens were in the middle of the pack. They raced past City Hall and through the city streets. The bikers can see their reflection in the downtown skyscrapers' windows. It was cool out for a spring day; the bikers and the spectators really enjoy the breezes that came from the coast. The teens slowly moved up through the pack.

"Come on guys. We need to get to the head of the group." Tommy announced.

The teens' legs were burning. Their muscles were on fire from pedaling up hills. Did they stop? They wouldn't dream about it. These teens don't know about the word quit. They had fought many monsters, evil empires, and all sorts of magic.

Back behind everyone, Bulk and Skull slowly pedaled their bikes to get to their shortcut.

"Hang on Skull, we're almost there." Bulk sputtered in between breaths.

Skull was practically walking his bike. He's feet weren't even on the pedals. His helmet was on sideways and sweat dripped off his face.

"There it is!" Bulk screamed out.

He leaped off his bike and gestured to Skull where the entrance of the shortcut was. When Skull finally got to the spot, he tried to get off his bike, but instead tripped over the handlebars and fell on top of Bulk.

"Come on, we don't have time to waste." Bulk screamed.

He lifted Skull off him and they grabbed their bikes. They entered the woods without anyone's attention.

* * *

Back at the race, the seven teens finally made to the lead spot of the race. They could hear the crowd cheering at each business they rode past. They pressed heard even faster.

"Come on, they race is halfway over. We are in the straight away now." Ricki called out. "The finish line is at the fire station."

The teens pushed on, keeping a lead from the others in the race. Up ahead, they could see the fire station and the big red truck glistened in the sun. The crowd was already at the finish line, the tape was already up, ready to be broken. You could see the news media standing around, waiting for a quick glimpse of the winner.

Only a few more yards to go. The teens can hear the crowd cheering them on. Each teen lined up their bike, so that their front wheels are even.

"Are you ready guys?" Rocky asked.

"Let's do it!" Tanya hollered.

They pushed their bikes further until the hit the paper streamer the crossed the finish line. The crowd went nuts. They patted each one of them on the shoulders, congratulating them.

"We did it!" screamed Katherine.

Cameras flashed everywhere and reporters scurried to get to the winner's circle.

* * *

Still in the woods, Bulk and Skull continue to carry the bikes through the dense trees.

"Just a few more feet." Bulk said as sweat beaded off his forehead.

Skull was behind, tripping over branches that lay on the ground.

"This better be a good shortcut." Skull called out.

"Oh it is. I don't hear anyone. We are at least ahead of the crowd." He replied back.

When Bulk and Skull finally broke through the plain line of the trees, they found out that their shortcut was a dead end.

"You idiot! We are back at the starting line. We traveled in a complete circle." Skull said as he slapped Bulk's arm.

"How was I suppose to know?" Bulk hollered.

They climbed back on their bikes and followed the bike route.

In the winner's circle, the seven teens stood, waiting to accept the trophy. They each smiled at the cameras and doing interviews with reporters. The crowd watched on as the ceremony began. Within the crowd, evil eyes watched the teens. Now that the awards were given out and the money was donated to the animal clinic, Tommy, Katherine, Adam, Tanya, Rocky, Ricki, and Billy walked off the stage and headed over to the exit.

"What do you guys want to do tonight?" Tommy asked.

"How about a little relaxation." Rocky responded.

"I got an idea. How about a bonfire at Angel Grove Cove?" Ricki suggested.

Like a ghost out of Ricki's past, a voice caught her attention."

"Hello there Rickland." A male voice said.

Ricki whipped around and looked in the direction of the voice. Her eyes fixed on a muscular guy only a few feet away from her.

"Uh, Mark. Hi." Ricki whispered.

"I have been searching for you for you ever since you left Tri-City Falls. I had no idea you were living in Angel Grove." Said the stranger as he reached out and hugged her.

Ricki was real nervous. Her voice cracked every time she tried to talk. Her breathing was heavy and her hands shook like a leaf. She quickly pulled apart from him and took a few steps back.

"Who are your friends here?" He asked.

She looked behind her and saw her friends lined up, they all stood strong, puzzled at the new friend from Tri-City Falls. She looked at them with fear in her eyes, hoping they see it and catch on.

"This is Tommy." She pointed, "Rocky, Tanya, Adam, Kat, and my boyfriend Billy." She said.

Mark's eyes lit up. He made a fist with his hand as she glared at Billy. He plastered on a fake smile.

"It's nice to meet Ricki's friends. I hope she mention me to you." Mark said.

Ricki gasped. She can't believe this is happening. She wanted to run and hide. Ricki's past is filled with unpleasant things and all she wants it to keep them hidden from her new life.

"No she hasn't.' Billy said as he stepped forward.

"Ahh Ricki, you hurt. You didn't tell your boyfriend and about me." He said to her. "I'm Mark Scot, Ricki's other boyfriend."

"You lie!" Ricki screamed out.

"Why would I lie. I was Ricki's first. We were close until her parents died and she left without a trace." Replied Mark.

Ricki wanted to cry. She knows he's telling lies, but how is she going to explain this to the others.

"Knock it off Mark. You know that's not true. Let's go guys." Ricki called out boldly.

Billy wrapped his arm around Ricki and the group left. Ricki was silent throughout the trip. Sooner or later her friends are going to ask what had just transpired. They walked until they reached the Youth Center. They went over to a large round table near the corner of the Juice Bar.

"Ricki, what's going on?" Tanya asked.

"That guy is no friend of mine. When I lived in Tri-City Falls, I had some friends I hung out with. We were very close. Mark was on of the girl's boyfriend I hung out with. He was very sweet and we got very close, too close. Even though he was seeing Mariah, he kept hitting on me. I tried so hard to make him stop, but he kept persisting. I finally told Mariah about Mark, but Mark denied it and made me look like a jealous fool in front of everyone. I never forgave him for that and eventually Mariah and Mark broke up about the same time I had to leave Tri-City Falls to come here." Ricki answered.

"Wow. What a jerk." Kat announced.

"Don't worry, we got you covered. There is no way he's going to harass you again." Tommy replied.

"He's right. You're safe with us." Billy said while trying to comfort her.

Ricki let out a gentle smile, but she knew she couldn't shake the idea that Mark was in town and knew where she was. All she wants is for him to leave town and never to return. So far he lied and started stories about her that she doesn't want anyone to know.

Ricki smiles, "Thanks guys. I knew I could count on you. Now about that bonfire tonight?"

"We each bring something and make it a late night party." Tommy requested. "I'll bring some firewood and some blankets."

"I got the food and drinks." Kat called out.

"I can bring my volleyball stuff." Rocky added.

"I'm bring my radio if someone brings the music." Ricki replied.

Adam pointed his finger; "I got that covered."

"Sounds like we got it covered." Tanya said.

They teens sat around the Juice Bar while sipping on their smoothies. They were going over plans for tonight. Little did they know, but above their heads, the Machine Empire started to make plans of their own for the night.

"Why do those Power Puffs keep getting on my nerves. I can never seem to destroy them. If only there was a monster they can't demolish." King Mondo said.

"Sire, I think I got a plan on how you can defeat them. How about make them evil?" Mondo's evil companion Klank said to the leader of the Machine Empire.

"That was already done before and it was a disaster. Remember Rita and Zedd trying to destroy the first Pink Ranger Kimberly with their evil slave, Katherine. It just turned out that she became a Power Ranger herself. And plus Rita making of the Green Ranger. Tommy just ended up being a kink in my nerves." Mondo yelled.

"But boss, they used magic. We have machines. If we kidnap one of them and plant and mind control device in his brain stem. The Rangers are forced to give up their Zeo Sub-Crystals in exchange for their friend. Only being their friend is on our side." Klank mentioned.

"I like that plan. I'm glad I thought it. Klank get to work. I want to get this plan working tonight. Those pesky do gooders are going out tonight. A perfect time to cause chaos in Angel Grove." Mondo said.

"Yes milord." Klank bowed and entered his laboratory.

* * *

The day was getting late and the teens started to head out of their homes and bounded for the Cove. Rocky was the first one there with his volleyball net and ball. He started to set up the net when Adam and Tanya came over and helped. Next was Tommy with a bundle of firewood and blankets under his arm. Kat was right behind them with a huge basket full of food. Billy and Ricki approached the site where their friends were. Ricki and Billy laid out the blankets around the wood Tommy brought.

"Who's up for a game?" Rocky asked.

"I am." Tommy answered.

"Me too." Adam called out.

"I guess I'm in." Billy said.

"What about you girls?" Rocky asked.

"No thank you. We'll sit here and get dinner ready." Tanya said.

The four guys went to each side of the net. At first they batted the ball around then each game became more physical then the last one. The girls dug into the basket and got out the food. There was fried chicken, potato salad, bake beans, hard boil eggs, and home made cookies. When the guys caught a whiff of the food, they stopped their game and raced over to the blankets. Their mouths dropped open when they saw the food.

Wow, look at this spread." Rocky replied.

"Kat you out done yourself." Billy added.

"Hope this wasn't too much for you." Tommy retorted.

"It was no problem. Sit down and eat." Kat suggested.

Everyone sat on the blankets and put their plates in their laps. Tommy started the fire while Ricki turned on the radio. Soft tuned could be heard while they ate.

After everyone was done, they cleaned up and put the left over food away. They sat around the fire for a little bit until Rocky got up.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to play in the surf." He jogged off.

"That sounds like a good idea. Let's go Adam." Tanya pulled along Adam.

"Would you like to take a walk along the beach?" Tommy asked Kat.

Kat blushed. "Sure, you're sweet." She replied.

He lowered his hand down to her and Kat slipped her hand into his. He gently helped her up and they walked, arm and arm to the coastline.

Billy looked over at Ricki and the same time she looked over at him. They gave each other a smile and gazed into the fire. Ricki whipped her head around a glanced over her shoulder. She didn't see anything and turned back around.

"Are you alright?" Billy asked.

"I have a feeling we're being watched." She answered.

"Try to relax. I know Mark gave you a scare today, but you are safe with the others and me." He told her.

Ricki took a deep breath and laid her head on his shoulder. She loosened up and watched her friends' splash around in the water. Rocky was whooping it up as he doused around in the ocean and sent a smile on Ricki's face.

"That's more like it." Billy whispered.

They sat together; embers flying in the air, just then a Ricki got another uneasy feeling. She turned her head around and looked around the area behind them. Again, there was nothing there.

"Billy, can we going down with the others? I don't like it up here." Ricki asked.

Billy and Ricki got up from the blankets and walked down to where the others were.

"It's about time you joined us." Tanya said. "Are you alright?"

Ricki looked at her and her eyes answered her questioned.

Tanya knew what was going on and looked around at her other friends.

"I don't know why, but I got a feeling someone is watching us. I can't seem to shake it." Ricki told her friends.

"Let's get our stuff together and if Ricki is right, then won't have anything in our way." Tommy commanded.

The teens turned around and proceeded to walk up to where their picnic site was. Before they could reach the site, A fleet of Cogs charged after them. The teens gasped and ran in different directions.

Tommy ran toward the rocks with a group of Cogs on his heels. Right when he got to the rocks, he ran up the side and back flipped over them. He landed behind them and before the Cogs noticed what happened, Tommy gave a spinning reverse kick to a Cog that caused a domino effect.

Adam used his kung-fu movements he practices to attack the Cogs that were after him. He did a spinning sweep and took several Cogs' legs out from underneath them. He sprang back up and stomped on the fallen Cogs causing them to dissemble and vanish. He noticed more Cogs were still around.

Kat and Tanya were back to back, fight off the Cogs who were set upon them. They locked their arm together and swung each other in a circle, side kicking all the metal robots that were around them. After several times around the Cogs were knocked on the ground and destroyed.

Rocky ran along the coastline. There he noticed his volleyball in the sand. He picked it up and threw it at the Cog, knocking it in the head and back to him.

"You need to practice more." Rocky commented.

He looked up and saw more headed into his direction. He raced over to his net and dove underneath it. The Cogs couldn't stop and slingshot themselves into the rocks.

"Oh, that had to hurt." Rocky said jokingly.

The Cogs surrounded Ricki and Billy. Billy somersaulted out of the circle and snap kicked Cogs away from Ricki. Ricki knocked one down and pushed another Cog over the fallen one, making it crash to the sand. She found an opening and did a diving front roll so the Cogs can't get her.

"This calls for some action. It's morphin' time guys." Tommy instructed.

"Zeo Ranger One, Pink!" Kat cried out.

"Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow!" Bellowed Tanya.

"Zeo Ranger Three, Blue!" Rocky called out.

"Zeo Ranger Four, Green!" Screamed Adam.

"Zeo Ranger Five, Red!" Tommy yelled.

Multicolor lights bounced around the beach. A column of power and light enveloped each teen. Once the color faded, The Power Rangers stood, ready for a battle.

"Ricki, why didn't you morph?" The Red Ranger asked.

"I'm not leaving Billy defenseless." She replied back to the leader.

The Rangers looked at one another and proceeded to battle the evil Cogs. Billy looked over at his beau, catching her attention.

"You don't need to do this. You could of morphed." He scolded.

"I don't see you running to the Power Core." She said harshly back to him.

They continued to fight the Cogs until there were no more to demolish. The beach was littered with broken parts, but in a flash, they disappeared. The Rangers powered down and returned into teens they once were.

"That's odd for Cogs to attack at night." Ricki pointed out.

"Mondo must have something up his sleeve." Tommy replied.

"It's getting late any ways, we better be getting home soon." Said Kat in her Australian accent.

"She's right. I'm exhausted from the bike race." Adam said while yawning.

The teens packed up their belongs and headed in different directions.

* * *


"I can't believe you didn't get me a Ranger!" King Mondo scolded Klank.

"I'm sorry your evil highness, I won't let it happen again." Klank whined.

"You ruined a perfectly good chance to abduct one of those power pukes. Two of them didn't even morph." Mondo indicated.

"I'll get one next time, don't you worry, your evilness." Said Klank.

"No more chances. You better not fail!" Mondo growled.

Klank walked out of the throne room backwards, bowing as he walked. "I can't fail the Mondo or he'll put me in the scrap yard for sure." Klank said to himself.

Klank scurried to his lab, where he gathered up material for the next step in the plan. He went through all of the materials that he has collected. In one corner was a large container full of broken pieces of glass. Along the wall were beakers, burners, torches, and wires. Master boards cover tabletops and blue prints leaned in a corner. Potions and chemicals bubbled away on burners near dismembered robots.

"Once I plant this microchip into the brainstem of one of the power brats, pure evil will surge through their brain. There is no way they can resist being evil." Klank called out in a mischievous tone.

Klank looked over a map of the human brain. The marked a x on the chart. "That's where it needs to be embedded.

* * *

The next morning, Ricki walked into the Youth Center for her workout. She went into the mats and shoved her workout bag under a bench. The Gym was busy and so was the Juice Bar. Jerome Stone was bring out smoothie, sandwiches, and ice cream. Ricki could hear weights clanking and music playing over the radio. Ricki stretched out and began her practice her katas. Each movement was precise. Her punches were strong and powerful. Her turns were graceful and refined. After thirty minutes of doing her katas, sweat covered her face and arms. She started up with tai chi. Her breathing was steady as she moved like a tiger butterfly. Ricki was so into her movements, she didn't see her friends Katherine and Tanya watching her. Another thirty minutes went by until her body was completely worked out. She grabbed her towel out of her bag and whipped herself off.

'Hey girl, looks like you had a good workout." Tanya remarked.

"I feel better." Ricki responded.

"We have a table, why don't you come by and sit with us." Kat offered.

"Okay, let me put my bag in a locker." Ricki said.

Three girls walked over to the lockers. Ricki opened one and crammed her bag inside. She closed the door and removed the key from the lock.

"Let's go girls, we have smoothies to drink." Ricki retorted.

They walked through the Juice Bar and approach a table. Ricki laid down her change purse and her keys.

"What can I get you girls?" Lieutenant Stone asked.

"I'll take a Citrus Sparkler smoothie." Tanya ordered.

"I'll have a Cherry Blast smoothie." Said Kat.

"A Very Berry for me." Ricki called.

"You got it and I'll be right back." He replied.

"Have you seen Mark?" Tanya asked Ricki.

Ricki's eyes widen when she heard that name. She glanced up and Tanya.

"Thank goodness no. I hope he got the hint and left Angel Grove."

"I can't believe the nerve of that guy just approaching you like that. Billy looked mad too." Tanya mentioned.

"I have a real bad past and I like to keep it in my past. That guy is a complete jerk and I want him far away from us as possible." Ricki said boldly.

"He seems like the kind of guy who is domineering." Kat said.

"By the way he treated Mariah, he seemed that way. I tried to keep my distance from him.

"Her you go my favorite customers. A delicious Citrus Sparkler for the heavenly spirit. A Cherry Blast for the belle. And a Very Berry for the scarlet goddess." Lieutenant Stone said as he passed around the drinks.

"You are such a flirt." Ricki said the Lieutenant Stone.

The girls sipped at their drinks and gossiping about the lovers. Kat has been seeing Tommy for a while now. She knows she can never take the place of Kim, but she doesn't want to. Tanya and Adam are the newly dating ones. After the baseball game Tanya and now her ex-boyfriend Shawn broke up. Adam saw how bad she was shaken up by it and knew Tanya is very special and if Shawn didn't see it, then it's his loss. He finally asked her out right before a kung-fu tournament that both he and Shawn were attending. Tanya was a good trainer and helped him out a great deal. He knew Shawn's presents there with his new beau might shatter Tanya's feeling. Little did Adam know that she had the same feelings toward him that he had for her. Billy and Ricki have been dating for over a year. Who would have known Billy would have a girlfriend longer than anyone else. Ricki may not look like Billy's type. Her knockout figure and her gorgeous red curly hair are attraction to the male. She's very gifted and second behind Billy in the class. Her personality and her higher knowledge attracted one to another.

When the smoothies were done and all secrets were reviled, the girls decided to leave the Youth Center. Ricki, Tanya, and Kat headed for the doors. Right when they hit the warm air, Ricki noticed she forgot her bag.

"Hey guys, I forgot my bag. See you guys later." She called out to her friends.

They waved back at her and headed for Kat's little white car with pink pin stripe down the side. Ricki waved back and headed back in the doors. She went over to the locker and pulled out the key to it. When she opened her locker she let out a scream. Inside was a dozen roses on top of her bag. Ricki didn't know what to do.

"Is everything okay? I heard you scream." Lieutenant Stone asked.

Ricki put on a fake smile and pulled out the roses.

"Oh yes, I'm sorry. Billy must of sneaked in here and surprise me with roses. He's such a romantic." Ricki answered.

"Let's put them in water so they won't wilt." Lieutenant Stone walked over to the Juice Bar with Ricki in tow. She sat down on one of the barstool and looked around the Juice Bar.

"Please let it be Billy. He's the only one who knows that I am here. But Billy wouldn't hide them this way without at least seeing me. This is not Billy's work. Oh my god, it has to be Mark." Ricki thought to herself.

"Ricki, would you like some water?" Lieutenant Stone asked. Ricki never responded. She kept looking around the Juice Bar.

"Ricki. Ricki, is there something bothering you?" he asked.

Her concentration was broken. She turned back around and her face was pure white. Lieutenant Stone placed a cup of water in front of her. Ricki shivered in fear.

"Ricki, I know there's something wrong. Come back to the kitchen and tell me." Lieutenant Stone said to her.

Ricki smiled and got up from the barstool. She followed him to the back and stood by the sink.

"Those flowers aren't from Billy?" he asked.

Ricki shook her head no.

"Is there someone else?" he questioned her.

Ricki wanted to cry she was scared so bad. Her eyes wield up and her cheeks turned pink. She shook her head yes.

"There's a guy who I don't like here in town. I believe his following me." She gasped out.

Ricki ran over to Lieutenant Stone and grabbed hold of his chest and started to cry. He patted her head and letting her weep. When she finally got done crying, she dried her eyes and walked back to the bar. She spied a glass of water. She drank the cup of water and grabbed her bag.

"Do you need someone to walk you out?" Lieutenant Stone asked.

"No thank you. I can handle myself. Thank you very much." She replied back.

She walked into the hallway when she heard her name called out. Her blood stopped until she recognized the voice. She turned around and saw Lieutenant Stone holding up her wood carved Ricki key chain and her keys. She blushed and walked over to receive her keys.

"You might need these." He whispered.

"I think you're right." She said back.

She walked out of the Juice Bar and out of the Youth Center. She put on her silver wire frame sunglasses and headed for her car. Before she could reach it, she became very dizzy and lightheaded. She started to see double and was having trouble walking. She used other cars to help her to her vehicle. When she got to her sports car, she had difficulty opening the door. When she did, she tossed in her bag and leaded on the roof. There is no way she could drive in this state. She closed her eyes, waiting for the spinning to stop. Then she felt a pair of hand grabbing her shoulders. She opened her eyes and could barely make out the person.

"Leave me alone Mark!" She screamed. "You drugged my drink!"

He didn't say a word. He whipped her around by her shoulder, dislodging her keys from her hand. The keys flew and ended up underneath a car. Ricki was in no condition to fight back. She tried to get herself free, but his grasp was too strong. Before she knew it, she fell unconscious.

* * *

After a short time, Lieutenant Stone left the Youth Center and headed into the parking lot. We walked over to his car and began to insert the keys into the door. Right before he got inside, he saw a pair of keys beneath his car. He reached out and grasped the keys. He took a good look at them and then the key chain looked familiar. They were Ricki's keys. He leaped out of his car and looked around the parking lot. He didn't see anything suspicious. He peeped into the silver car next to his and saw Ricki's gym bag in the front seat. He tried the door handle and it was unlocked. From many years on the police force, Lieutenant Jerome Stone saw the signs and knew Ricki was kidnapped. He raced back inside the Juice Bar. He grabbed hold of the cordless phone and went into the back.

"Is everything okay?" Jerome's assistant Josh asked.

"I hope so." He answered.

Three cars pulled into the Youth Center's parking lot. A red jeep, a yellow convertible, and a blue sedan parked near Ricki's car.

"There's her car. She must still be here." Adam said.

"She didn't say to us she was staying." Kat stated.

The six teens walked into the Youth Center and into the Juice Bar. They sat down at the counter.

"Okay guys, let's split up. She has to be somewhere around here." Tommy ordered.

Just then Lieutenant Stone walked out of the back and saw the teens at the counter.

"Lieutenant Stone, have you seen Ricki?" Billy asked.

With a depressing look on his face, he walked up to the teens. "I need to tell you guys about something."

The group of teens got up and followed Lieutenant Stone into the back. Each of them looked at one another with a puzzled look on their faces.

"Josh, if you see the PD come, direct them to the back." Jerome ordered.

When they made it to the back, the made a circle around Lieutenant Stone.

"What is it Lieutenant Stone?" Kat questioned.

"I have some unfortunate news about Ricki. She came back here to get her bag out of the locker. She opened the locker and found a dozen roses in there. She thought it was you Billy, but after analyzing the situation, she figured out it wasn't you. She said something about a guy name Mark that has been following her. I went out to my car and found these on the ground." He said as he held up Ricki's car keys.

The teens gasped. Billy ran over and grabbed the keys.

"Did you see what happen to her? He interrogated.

"No. I fear she has been kidnap, but I have no clues to hold that statement." Lieutenant Stone acknowledged.

Kat started to cry while the others looked at one another. Billy was starting to get angry. He squeezed the keys into his hand, his knuckles turning white.

Just then, two officers from the Angel Grove Police Department came to the back.

"I hear you have a problem, Mr. Stone?" one of the officers asked.

"We might have a abduction on our hands." Jerome replied.

"Who is it?" The other officer asked while pulling out his notebook.

Billy rose his head up and called out, "My girlfriend, Rickland Kimber Summers."

"Can you please describe her." The officer stated.

"She's five foot five inches. She has long red curly hair and a light complexion. She was wearing a light gray top with a zipper down the front and a pair of exercise shorts." Lieutenant Stone affirmed.

Billy reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. He opened it and took out a picture of her. He handed it over to the officers. The officer took it from Billy's trembling hand and looked at it.

The other officer asked, "Do any of you know who might had done this?"

"She spoke about a guy name Mark." Lieutenant Stone said.

"Mark Scots." Tanya yelled. "I think he lives in Tri-City Falls. When he talked to us, he said he was looking for Ricki ever since she left Tri-City Falls."

"We have a suspect to work with. Do you have any fingerprints of this guy?" the officer asked.

"Ricki's car is in the parking lot. There might be some on it." Lieutenant Stone mentioned.

"That could be a possibility. Mr. Stone, can you direct us to the vehicle?" the officer asked.

"Sure, follow me." He responded.

The officers left the back of the Juice Bar. Jerome turned to the melancholy teens.

"Don't worry, we will find her." He assured them.

They walked outside to Ricki's car. Jerome pointed it out to the officers and the proceeded to check for prints. Billy saw her bag in the front seat. He reached in and grabbed hold of the bag. He opened it up and searched through it.

"What are you looking for?" Tommy asked.

Still searching Billy stopped and pulled out her Zeonizer. This." He said.

The teens' hearts feel deep into their chests. The Zeonizer has a built in tracking device. The teens knew Ricki won't be easy to find now.

"Maybe her communicator will work." Adam whispered to Billy.

"I hope so. Either Mark kidnap her or King Mondo." Billy replied.

"Oh man, I forgot about him." Rocky announced.

"We have to find her and soon." Kat proclaimed.

The officers searched the vehicle and no visible prints could be found. They were running into a problem, without evidence, they don't know what happen to Ricki.

"Do you mind if we take her car to the station and see if we can get fibers or any other evidence from the car." The officer asked.

Billy pondered and whispered, "Yes, but be careful.'

The teens turned around and headed for their cars. Billy's head was down; staring at the silver Zeonizer that was in is hands.

"Billy, let me drive. You are not in any good condition to drive." Adam said.

Billy just nodded. Adam opened the passengers' side door and Billy crawled inside.

"Let's drop off or cars and meet in the Power Chamber. Maybe Zordon and Alpha can help." Tommy announced.

"Got it." Said Tanya and Adam.

The teens took off and headed for their houses.

* * *


"Ah, that pesky Silver Ranger has been kidnap by one of her friends from her past. I should thank him for getting her out of the picture. Her friends will never find her. They think I could have done it." Mondo said to himself.

"Klank!" He called out.

From out of his laboratory, Klank rushes out and headed into the throne room.

"Can I help you sire?" he asked.

"The Silver Ranger has been snatched by another human. This is a good time to send down a monster to capture a anguished Ranger." Mondo said.

"Yes milord. I'll send down the Shockatron." Klank said.

"They will get a charge out this monster." Mondo commented. "Don't come back without a Ranger!"

"Don't worry you highness, I get you one." Klank bowed and left the throne room.

* * *


"Get anything Billy?" Alpha asked.

"No. Her communicator must have gotten damaged in the struggle. I'm getting reading that it's operational, but no message can reached to her or back here. I can't pin point where she is. I have to figure out how to read the signature the communicator is giving off." Billy said.

"Hang in there Billy, I know you can do it." Kat told him.

Breaking the silence of the Power Chamber, alarms went off.

"What's going on Zordon?" Tommy asked.

"Mondo released a monster to cause havoc on Angel Grove." Zordon answered.

"Let's go guys. It's morphin' time." Yelled Tommy.

"Zeo Ranger One, Pink!"

"Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow!"

"Zeo Ranger Three, Blue!"

"Zeo Ranger Four, Green!"

"Zeo Ranger Five, Red!"

In flashed of light, the Rangers disappeared.


"Man, this monsters are getting nastier." The Green Ranger said.

"Let's do it guys." The Red Ranger called out. The Rangers charged at the monster.

Each Ranger pulled out their weapon and attacked the metal creation. Every time they struck it, the weapons bounced off of it. The tentacles of the Shockatron made contact with the Rangers, sending them flying through the air. Once they realized where they were at, they picked themselves up and regrouped.

"I don't think we can beat this thing." The Green Ranger said.

"We can do it if we work together." The Pink Ranger announced.

The Rangers got up and went into battle. They got separate from each other. Each Ranger fighting for their lives. They keep getting tossed around.

"I must get a Ranger." The Shockatron thought to himself. "I can't return without a Ranger."

The Shockatron looked at the Rangers. "Which one do I want?" It thought

Suddenly the Green Ranger charged the Shockatron with his Zeo Power Hatchets. The Shockatron secured him in its tentacle.

"That thing got Adam!" The Yellow Ranger screamed.

The rest of the Rangers tried to free him, but it was no good. The Shockatron teleported to the Sky Base with Adam.


"Did you bring me my Ranger?" King Mondo asked.

"Yes my king." The Shockatron opened his tentacles and the Green Ranger exited the monster's grasp.

"Ahh Green Ranger. Welcome to my Sky Base." Mondo replied.

"Let me go!" The Green Ranger hollered.

"I can't. I have plans for you. Shockatron, power him down." Mondo ordered.

"Yes boss." Shockatron responded.

Shockatron let loose an energy bolt hitting the Green Ranger. The Ranger fell to his knees. He looked down at his hands and saw his Ranger uniform disappeared. His chocolate brown eyes filled with anger.

"What do you want from me?" Adam asked.

"I'm going to use you to get the Zeo Sub-Crystals. How does it feel knowing you are going to cause the end of the Power Rangers." Mondo said.

"I'm never going to help you destroy my friends." Adam retorted.

"That's what you think. Klank!" He called out.

Klank runs into the throne room carrying a syringe filled with an elixir.

"I got you a Ranger, now make him my slave!" Mondo commanded.

"Yes your royal evil lordship." Klank walked over to Adam and poke the syringe into his arm. The elixir took an effect rapidly. Adam became drowsy and he had no use of his muscles. Soon, he became unconscious.


Four colored lights entered the room. When the columns faded, unmorphed teens stood in its place.

"Great, King Mondo has Adam." Tanya cried out.

"Ah man, we're down two Rangers. We have to do something to get them back." Tommy said in a soft voice.

"King Mondo has Adam and who knows how we are going to get him back. Ricki's out there somewhere out there. I think we have a snowball in chance in Florida of finding them." Rocky announced.

"We have no choice. I'll stay here until I hear something. Mondo has a plan, which is why he captured Adam. Hopefully I can find away to locate Ricki." Billy said.

"Billy, you can't stay here alone." Kat implied.

"Don't worry about me. You guys are tired from dealing with the Shockatron. I'll contact you if I hear anything." Billy proclaimed.

"Billy is right." Zordon said in his booming voice. "You need your strength if you have to face Mondo again. Billy, you too need your sleep. I hope you are not planning to make to stay up all night. You are also very important to the team."

"I won't Zordon." Billy murmured.

"We better be going." Tommy said.

Rocky walked over to Billy and replied, "Ricki is strong. She can take care of herself until we can find her."

Billy looked up at him and smiled at his friend. Rocky walked over to Tanya. "Hang in there. We are a team and we don't leave one of ours behind."

Tanya swallowed her tears and hugged Rocky. Tommy laid a hand on Rocky's shoulder. Rocky nodded his head and teleported out of the Power Chamber. Kat comforted Tanya.

"Rocky's right. Mondo's going to pay for this." She said in her soft voice. "I'll take you home."

A yellow and a pink light flashed out of the Power Chamber.

Tommy walked over to Billy, who was punching the keys on the consoles.

"How are you holding up?' Tommy asked.

"I miss her. I should have been there with her. I knew that guy was trouble, but I never thought he would abduct her. I feel like I let her down." Billy said as he began to cry.

Tommy has never seen Billy cry. Billy had been through a lot. Being picked on throughout his freshman year in high school, being turned down by all the females in Angel Grove. That's why he's so smart, he always retreated to books. Everything changed when he became a Ranger. When Ricki came into his life, a whole new side of Billy came out.

"You didn't let her down. We all should have been there. We are going to find her and she's going to be all right. Have faith in her, she's tough." Tommy said to his friend.

Billy wiped his eyes with his hand. He smiles at his colleague. "Thanks."

"We all care about her. You saw how Lieutenant Stone helped. She has touched all of our lives." Tommy replied.

"You need to go home. I'm going to work on a way to locate her communicator." Mentioned Billy.

"You better be getting home soon too. Don't make me check up on you." Tommy suggested.

"I will, good night." Billy turns back around to the computers while Tommy teleported out of the Power Chamber.

* * *

A door opens and crashed into the wall behind it. Mark walks into a room decorated with candles lighting the chamber, parquet wood covered the floor, and beautiful silk curtains covered the walls. Inside Mark's arms laid Ricki's motionless body. He laid her down on a velvet bed. Her red hair flowed over the covers.

"No one is going to find you her my sweet, not even your new boyfriend." Mark whispered.

He reaches over and lowers the zipper on Ricki's top, to where he could see cleavage. He rubbed his hand across her creamy color face. He bends down over her and inches his lips closer to hers. Before he could steal a kiss, a bell clattered.

"Oh, what is it this time. Don't go anywhere." He said jokingly.

He walked through the doorway and closes the door behind him. The sound of a lock buckles behind the door.

Unknowing to the world, Ricki lays there, motionless and oblivious.

In the Power Chamber:

Several hours have gone by and Billy nodded off on a computer console. Alpha walked up and tapped him on the shoulder. Billy jumped and flung his head up.

"Billy, you feel asleep. You need to go home now." Alpha requested.

"You're right. I'll continue it tomorrow." Billy got up from the stool he was sitting on and walked into the middle of the room. He pressed a button on him communicator and he disappeared in a white light.

When he materialized, he was right outside his backdoor. He quietly opened the door and sneaked in. He walked to get to the stairs leading to his room. In the corner of his eye, he noticed Ricki's room she using. He walked inside and turned on the light. He glanced around the room and spotted her stuff. He walked over and sat down on her bed. He outreached his arm and turned on her CD player. A song began to play that caught Billy's attention. Once he remembered it was Ricki's favorite song, he began to sing along.

Every night in my dream, I see you, I feel you,
That is how I know you go on.
Far across the distance and spaces between us,
You have come to show you go on.

Near, far, wherever you are,
I believe that the heart does go on.
Once more, you open the door
And you're here in my heart,
And my heart will go on and on.

Love can touch us one time and last for a lifetime,
And never let go till we're gone.
Love was when I loved you, one true time I hold to.
In my life we'll always go on.

Near, far, wherever you are,
I believe that the heart does go on.
Once more, you open the door
And you're here in my heart,
And my heart will go on and on.

You're here, there's nothing I fear,
And I know that my heart will go on.
We'll stay forever this way,
You are safe in my heart,
And my heart will go on and on.

Billy lay back on the bed and softly fell asleep.


In Klank's laboratory, Adam laid on a metal table. Metal brackets attached to his head bounded him to the table, making it impossible to move.

"Klank, report." Mondo called out.

"Everything is going according to plan sire." Klank notified.

"Very good. Let me know as soon as he wakes up." Mondo commanded.

"Will do milord." Klank responded.

"The Rangers won't know what hit them." Klank said to himself. "By morning, you will attacking your friends and retrieving their Zeo Sub-Crystals for us."

Klank walked out of his laboratory, leaving Adam in there. From the corner of his eye, a tear escaped and rolled down his cheek.

* * *

Morning approached and to different people their worlds and lives will be totally changed.


"A red light filled the room. Tommy walked further into the computer room.

"Billy, you are up early." Tommy said.

"I have to find a way to find Ricki. I believe she's in serious danger." Billy announced.

A few minutes later, their other companions joined the two teens.

"Anything yet?" Tanya asked as she ran over to Billy.

"Nothing yet." He retorted.

"There nothing we can do." Tommy replied.

The four teens sat around the computer room, waiting to hear a sign from Adam and Ricki.


Something in Ricki's mind made her suddenly wake up. She sat up and realized she wasn't anywhere she knew of. She leaped off of the bed and raced over to the door. She looked around for a door handle, but there was none to be found. She tried to plant her fingers in the door crack, but that didn't seem to work. She looked around and ran to the other room she saw. When she entered, the found herself in a bathroom. She searched the walls for a window, but there was none. Ricki knew she was trapped. She looked down at her communicator.

"Alpha, Alpha are you there? It's me Ricki. Anyone there?"

Abruptly, the door opened. Ricki greeted the person at the door. She saw it was Mark who has imprisoned her here.

"I see my princess has awaken." Mark said.

"What do you think you are doing? You can't just kidnap me and keep me in this lavish prison. I want you to take me back to Angel Grove." Ricki demanded.

'I can't do that. I have a proposition to make with you." Mark replied as he carried over a tray full of food.

"There is no dealing with you. Take me home now!" She called out.

"Hear me out. Either you stay here with me or I'll bomb you loving boyfriend's house." He replied.

"You wouldn't." she gasped.

"Let's see 451 Oak Street. Blue house with brown shutters. Your bedroom in downstairs, it's ivory color with white sheets you lay your red head on. Billy's room is right above yours. A light shade of blue with the periodical element chart on the wall. He's has two globes by his desk. And daddy's room is across the hall. Nice texture wallpaper he has there." Mark announced as he walked around the room.

"You are such an animal!" she screamed as she slapped his face.

Mark's eyes glowed with hate when he looked at Ricki. He walked closer to her and grabbed her cheeks. He kissed her and struck her in the face. Ricki went propelling through the air and landed on the bedstead. Her hair scattered across her face as she gaped at Mark, holding the side of her face. Little did Ricki know, but her broken communicator detached and was flung behind some curtains.

"Corporate with me or I'll will make you life here hell." Mark growled.

Ricki watched as Mark left the room and closed the door. Once again, the lock was secured on the other side. Ricki buried her face into the mattress and cried.


"Sire, he has awaken." Klank called out.

Mondo strutted into the laboratory and glanced over at the Klank and Mondo's newest slave Adam.

"It's time give the Rangers a call." Mondo replied,

He went over to the wall unit and started to transmit to the Earth's surface.


All quiet until the Viewing Globe started to glow. Everyone leaped to their feet and encircled the Viewing Globe.

"There's a message coming from the Sky Base." Alpha announced.

"Rangers. I see I have something you want." Mondo said. He stepped out of the way and shows Adam fighting to get away from Klank.

"Give us back Adam!" Tanya cried out."

"Not without a price." He replied.

"What do you want King Mondo?" Zordon questioned.

"Your friend for your Zeo Sub-Crystals." Mondo retorted.

The teens looked at one another. They knew they were stuck between a rock and a hard place.

"In Angel Grove Park at noon." Mondo continued.

"No tricks Mondo." Tommy bellowed.

"I won't. How is your Silver Ranger doing?" Mondo teased.

"What did you do with her?" Billy shouted as he rushed the Viewing Globe.

"I did nothing. She got herself stuck into that mess." He answered. "Oh, by the way, don't forget the silver Zeo Crystal."

The Viewing Globe went dark and transmission ended. The teens walked over to the computers.

"We have to do it. Adam needs us before Mondo gets aggressive towards him." Rocky added.

"How are we going to get the silver crystal out of the Grid?" Kat asked.

Billy ponders a few minutes. "I used the silver crystal, so it should have my pattern in its structure. I think I can get it without Ricki."

"Let's do it. Adam's life is at stake." Tommy ordered.


"Very good. They were fooled to believe their Adam was unharmed. In a couple of hours, we are going to be rid of those Power Poofs." Mondo said with glee.

"Get ready my Adam, you will get me those sub-crystals and rough up those pesky friends of yours."

"Yes my master." Adam said with glowing red eyes.


The door opened and Mark walked into the room.

"Have you made up your mind yet?" He questioned.

Ricki gritted her teeth. "You better harm him. You are already hurting him by taking me."

"Good." He implied. "From the moment I saw you, I knew we end up together."

"You make me sick." She responded. "When my friends find me, you are in deep trouble."

"I assure you Rickland, your friends can't find you here." Mark laughed.

"You think this is funny? It's not!" she barked as she landed a punch in his chest.

Mark doubled over in pain. Ricki dashed over to the door and tried again to open it. Mark came up behind her and seized Ricki's hair. She screamed as he dragged her across the floor.

"I spared your flame's life, but I will not be so generous with yours." Mark kicked her in the ribs.

Ricki screamed. She crawled over to the wall and lifted herself up.

"You think you are a big man, hitting on females. You picked the wrong female to hit around." Snapped Ricki.

Mark gave a smirk and walked over to Ricki. He launched punched toward Ricki's face, but she faked to the left and Mark punched the wall. She glided behind him and elbowed him in the back. Mark fell to the wooden floor.

"You will pay. I will not be gentle." He grumbled.

He tackled Ricki to the ground. He pinned her arms underneath his knees. He wrapped his massive hand around her neck. She tried so hard to show no weakness.

"I can easily suffocate you. Crush your windpipe like a match stick." He squeezed a little harder on her neck, making it harder for her to breathe.

Ricki had to think fast. She curled her fingers and planted her nails into his fleshy knee. He yelped and jumped up. Ricki sprang up and set herself.

"You think you are so smart, you are wrong." He said.

He lunged at her and she blocked the punches he heaved. She wasn't fast enough to catch the other hand wrapping around and making contact with her face. She put her hands to her face and pulled them away. Blood was coming from her nose and bottom lip.

Ricki's inner fire began to get hotter. She didn't picture him as a human. She saw him as one of the evil monster she battled. When went over to the wall and pulled down a tassel that held the curtains together.

"What are you going to do now?" Mark taunting Ricki.

She waited for Mark to make the first move. It didn't take long for him to advance at Ricki. He started to attack her, but she counter blocked all of his moves. He couldn't lay a hand on her. Mark didn't like what she was doing and grabbed a candlestick holder. When went for Ricki again and she blocked the attacks. Mark fell on the floor on his stomach. Playing like he was injured, he tried to get away from Ricki. Ricki let down her guard and he bounced up and struck her on the forehead with the candlestick holder. Ricki collapsed in pain. Mark picked her up and dropped her on the bed. He snatched the tassel away from her and tied her hands together behind her back. There she lay in pain, praying for something to happen.


"It's time." Zordon declared.

The Rangers walked over to the Power Grid. They reach the side that had many panels.

"Let get it over with." Tommy instructed.

"For Adam." Rocky stated.

"For Adam." Everyone said in unison.

Katherine walked over to the pink panel. She laid her hand on the panel. After her touch, it radiated pink light. The panel detached and opened. She reached inside and pulled out her sub-crystal. Tanya took a deep breath and proceeded to the Grid.

"It was great being a Ranger." She whispered.

Everyone smile at her. She pressed her hand on the yellow panel and a yellow light reflected off of her face. The panel unlocked and opened. She put her hand inside and drew back her sub-crystal. Rocky lowered his head and put his hand on the blue panel. A blue light emerged and panel was released. He closed his eyes and extended his arm for the sub-crystal. Tommy walked over to Rocky's side and put his hand on his shoulder.

"It is a lot harder than I thought." Rocky mentioned.

"I know." Tommy replied back.

Tommy placed his hand on his panel and a red light blinded him. The panel unfastened and opened. Tommy put his hand inside and grabbed hold of his sub-crystal. Everyone looked over at Billy. He gazed at everyone and back at the silver panel with a diamond shape inscribed in it.

"Ricki's gone and I'm giving away her sub-crystal." Billy muttered. "Hope this works"

He laid his hand in the Power Grid's panel. After a few moments, nothing happened. Everyone started to get nervous. After a couple more seconds, the panel started to radiate a bright silver light. Everyone breathe a sigh of relief. The panel opened and Billy retrieved the silver Zeo Sub-Crystal.

"We better hurry before Mondo changes his mind." Tommy said,

The teens grouped together and teleported to Angel Grove Park.


Six color columns landed in a patched of trees. They walked in separate directions, looking for any signs of King Mondo or Adam.

"Okay Mondo, we're here. Give us back Adam!" Tanya screamed to the sky.

Just then, a purple hued circle appeared. Out came King Mondo, Klank, and Adam.

"Good, I'm glad to see you're surrendering quietly." Mondo said.

"Just give us Adam." Tommy stated.

"First the sub-crystals, Klank." He gestured Klank to approach the teens with a box.

"Don't do it guys!" Adam screamed.

"We can't man, we need you." Tommy replied as he walked over to the box and placed his crystal inside.

Kat and Tanya walked up sniffling as they released their crystals. Rocky looked at Klank with a stern face as he put his crystal in the box.

"You are going to pay for this Mondo!" Rocky threatened.

"I seem to be missing the silver sub-crystal." Klank pointed out.

Billy walked up to Klank and revealed the sub-crystal. "Ricki may not be here to see this, but I know she would of fight this all the way." He laid the crystal in the box.

Klank slammed the box closed, sealing the sub-crystals inside. The teens experienced a lost in power as they are weakened.

"Now, your part of the deal. Give us back Adam." Tommy growled.

Mondo let go of Adam and Adam stood in front of his friends. Klank and King Mondo vanished in a teleportation opening.

"Hey Adam, it's good to have you back." Tommy said as he wrapped his arm around Adam's shoulder.

"It's good to be back!" Adam muttered that as he hook punched Tommy in the stomach. Tommy fell to the earth.

"Adam, what's wrong with you?" Tanya asked.

"Nothing. I just chose to be on a side who doesn't quit." He replied back to her.

"We don't want to fight you. Let us take you to the Power Chamber and Zordon and figure out what wrong." Rocky replied.

"Since you don't want to fight, I guess I have to hurt you." Adam lunged into Rocky and jabbing in the chest.

"Adam. Knock it off!" Billy shouted.

"I don't quit. You guys are nothing but wimps. I knew the Power Rangers won't last very long." Adam does a combination round kick and a sidekick to Billy.

The girls ran over to the guys and helped them up. They trembled in fear of what Adam might do to them.

"Stop it Adam, you're scaring me!" Tanya cried out.

"I'm tired of being the quiet Green Ranger. I'm going to show you what I'm really made of." Adam claimed. He charged at the girls, but was stopped by Tommy.

"I don't think so." He said boldly. "If you want them, you have to go through me."

"Us." Rocky added as he and Billy stood by Tommy's side.

"I'm not going to waste my energy on you Powerless Rangers." Adam said right before he disappeared.

"That was closed." Billy replied.

"Too close." Kat mentioned.

* * *

Night falls over Angel Grove and Billy is working hard in the Power Chamber.

"I think I got a way to locate Ricki." She said to Alpha.

He pushes buttons on the console and waits for results. He gets no results. Angry by the out come, Billy makes a fist and punched the computer console.

"There has got to be a way to find her!" He shouted.

"Billy, you have to take it in consideration that she might not be able to detect." Zordon advised.

"What are you saying? Do you think she's dead?" Billy softly asked.

"You have to look at all possibilities." The mentor replied.

"No, she can't be. I refuse to accept it Zordon. I'll find away even it takes me all night, I'm going to find her." Billy bellowed.

He sits back down behind the computer keyboards and started go over ideas.


Tommy, Rocky, Kat, and Tanya were sitting at a table, pretending to drink their smoothies.

"There's got to be away to get our sub-crystals back and free Adam from whatever King Mondo has him under." Tanya stated.

"I have never felt this low before." Rocky replied.

"Know how you feel." Tommy remarked.

Bolting from the hallway, Billy ran into the Juice Bar.

"I figured out something." He said,

"What is it?" Everyone asked.

"Be glad King Mondo abduct Adam." He responded.

"Billy, did you hit your head or something?" Tanya snapped.

"King Mondo never got the Green Zeo Crystal. If I figure out a way to morph him, his powers will cancel out. The Zeo Sub-Crystals can not be use for evil. We have to hope Adam can fool them and able to bring back the sub-crystals." Billy explained.

"Great idea. But what about Ricki?" Tommy asked.

"I don't know. I weighed the odds and have to realize that she might not be able to be reached." Billy suggested.

"Are you sure?" Rocky questioned.

"Like what you said Rocky, she's strong and she can take care of herself. Let's just hope we are not to late." Billy answered.

"Come on guys, we got work to do." Tommy said. The teens left the table and exited the Youth Center.


"Adam, you have done well. Now the Power Rangers will not stand in my way. By this time tomorrow, I will rule the world." Mondo claimed.

"I'm glad I could serve you." Evil Adam said as he bowed to King Mondo.

"Klank! I want you to guard the sub-crystals with your life." Mondo ordered.

"Yes milord." Klank obeyed.

"What about me?" Evil Adam asked.

"I can't take the risk. I need you to be ready to go down to Earth and thrashed around your friends." Mondo retorted.

"As you wish." Adam left the throne room and went to the other side of the Sky Base.

"I don't want anyone near the sub-crystals unless I say so, you understand?" Mondo asked Klank.

"I do master of evil." Klank grabbed hold of the box and left the throne room. He walked the metal hallways of the Sky Base until he entered a room. In the center was a podium. He laid the box down on it and hit a switch. A force field covered the box and podium. He stood in front and watched for intruders.


"I think I got something." Billy called out to his friends. With enthusiasm the teens ran to Billy's side.

"What is it?" Tommy asked.

"I figured out a way to trigger Adam's Zeonizer by using Ricki's. Let's just hope when Ricki comes back, she doesn't morph to the Green Zeo Ranger." Billy joked, trying to ease tension. " All I need to do it to synchronize the Zeonizer with the Green Zeo Sub-Crystal. Each sub-crystal gives off a different frequency and the Zeonizer picks it up."

Billy toys with the Zeonizer. He walked up the Power Grid. He pushed some buttons and held up the Zeonizer. He went back over to a table, which held his tools. He worked on it for a while and went back over to his friends.

"I think I did it. Cross your fingers." Billy told his friends.

Billy activated the Zeonizer and the device turned on. A hum came from the Power Grid as the sub-crystal powered up. After a few seconds the Zeonizer shut off. Everyone looked at each other.

"Did it work?" Tanya questioned Billy.

Billy looked over some printouts and checked and the Zeonizer. "What I'm reading, it should of worked. Adam morphed and should be back to his normal self."

"How will we know?" Kat interrogated.

"Only time will tell." Was Billy's only answer.


Evil Adam stood at the edge for balcony, looking down at the tiny blue ball below. Thoughts flood his mind as he stared. He tested the handrail to see how sturdy it was. After a few good pulls, it seemed to be very strong. He lifted one leg over the railing and placed his foot down on the other side. He followed it with the other leg until he was completely on the other side of the balcony. He looked round to see if anyone saw what he was done. Before he could let go, a strong positive power flooded his body. A green light encircled him morphing him into the Green Zeo Ranger. Once the light disappeared, Adam looked down and saw he was in great danger.

"Wooh, I better get on the other side." He replied.

He looked down at himself and saw his uniform. He clapped his hands in joy.

"They did it! I'm cured! Now, get the sub-crystals back. Power Down." He called and the Green Zeo Ranger uniform vanished and Adam resumed.

Adam smiled and waked out of the room heading for Klank's laboratory. Once he got inside, he looked around at the material lying around.

"I need to find something to help me get the sub-crystals back. He circled the room, looking in cabinets, boxes, and on top of tables.

After a while searching, he saw broken shards of glass in the corner of the room. A twinkle danced in his eyes as he grabbed handfuls of glass. He separated the colors into piles.

"This should do it." He said to himself.

He lit a fire and started to melt the glass. Once the glass shards were melted together, he cooled them off and concealed them in his clothing.

Klank tried so hard to keep himself entertained. He's has been guarding the sub-crystals most of the day and grew very tiresome. Just then, Adam walked into the room.

"You are not allowed in this room." Klank announced.

"I only came in here to tell you that King Mondo wants a monster. The Rangers are onto something and King Mondo thinks it might disable the chip you used. I can not go down there if it's true." Adam said sternly.

Klank shook his head. "Those Rangers are getting on my nerves. This will only take a second, stand here."

Adam nodded and took Klank's place. Once the coast was clear, Adam disengaged the force field and opened the box. He removed the real Zeo Sub-Crystals and replaced them with the fake ones he made.

"I did a good job. Pays to take notes in Welding class." He chuckled.

He bundled the sub-crystals together and took off his communicator. He inserted the sub-crystals in the band and teleported the sub-crystals to the Power Chamber. Once they vanished, Adam put up the force field and stood n front of the podium.

Klank entered the room. "There, King Mondo has his monster."

Adam removed himself and walked out of the room. He strolled further into the Sky Base and reached the throne room.

"My evilness. I'm bored. Can I please go down to the surface and start demolishing Angel Grove? Klank has a monster ready and since they're not any Power Rangers to stand in our way, it will take no time to seize the city." Adam replied.

Mondo looked at the human and pondered the thought. "Very well."


"I'm getting a reading. It's from the Sky Base!" Rocky screamed.

Everyone raced to his side. Billy looked at the console. "He's right."

A green streak of light entered the Power Chamber and landed on the floor. The teens encircled the objected that teleported in.

"Oh my... it's our sub-crystals." Kat squealed.

"Adam teleported your sub-crystals back. He must have something planed. Stand guard, Mondo might have caught on to his plan. Be ready for anything." Zordon pointed out.

Each teen picked up their respected sub-crystal.

"I never thought we'll see these again." Billy replied as he held up the silver Zeo Sub-Crystal.

"Let's get this back into the Grid. Who know what's going to happen." Tommy instructed.

"Right!" Everybody agreed.

They walked over to the Power Grid. The panels grew cold as the Rangers placed their hands on them.

"Zeo Ranger One, Pink!" the pink panel with an oval imprinted on it opened.

"Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow!" the yellow panel with two horizontal bars etched on it opened also.

"Zeo Ranger Three, Blue!" the blue panel with a triangle carved into it opened for Rocky.

"Zeo Ranger Five, Red!" Tommy gasped as the red colored panel with the star engraved opened.

"Zeo Ranger Six, Silver!" The silver panel with a diamond print opened for Billy.

Together, they etched placed their sub-crystals in the Grid and sealed the panels. Within a few moments, each teen experienced a great surge of power flowed through them.


Ricki lay motionless, body reeling over the pain. Even crying hurt too much. If she condemned her life being a slave to Mark, she didn't want to live anymore. Hallucinations appeared to her. She saw her friends laughing with Billy joining them. She wanted so bad to be with her friends. She longed for a taste of Lieutenant Stone's smoothies, to kiss the sweet lips of her love, to laugh at one of Rocky's jokes, and most of all, see the warm sunlight of Angel Grove. The door creak opened and heavy footsteps came closer to Ricki.

"My little kitten showed her claws." The voice said.

Ricki tried to look up at the voice. "What do you want? You got me bound, going for round two." She replied with a hoarse voice.

"I bet you are hungry. Haven't eaten at all since you got here. Missing home yet?" Mark taunted her.

"Please leave me alone." She begged.

"I bet your friends are worried to death about you." He replied.

"You are going to pay." Ricki whispered.

"Keep believing that Rickland." Mark said as he left the room.

As Ricki will sink further into depression, a great power filled her body. Her spirit lifted and a fire sparked in her eyes.

"Remember dear Mark, in the end, the good guys always win." She muddled. "I have to find that broken communicator. It should be over there."

Ricki was able to roll herself onto her back. She lifted her legs up and moved her bounded hands into the front of her body. She moved over to the side of the bedstead and lowered herself to the cold wooden floor. She inched her way to the wall where her communicator landed. She searched with her hands on the ground, around furniture, and under the curtains that hung on the walls. After an exhausting fifteen minutes, Ricki felt a cold metal object with her hand. She pulled it out and saw it was her communicator. She placed a firm grasp of it and crawled back over to the bed. She drew herself onto and placed her back toward the door so Mark won't see what she is doing if happen to come in.

"This thing is a mess. I have to figure out a way to get in contact with the Power Chamber." After examining the device, Ricki came up with a hypothesis.

"This thing is trashed. No verbal message can be sent through. I have to find another means of communications to send." She said.


Adam, Klank's newest monster, and a dozen of Cogs emerged from a teleportation void. Adam knew what he must do. He has to keep up with the masquerade until it's time to reveal his true state.

"I can't let them get out of control and destroy the whole city. I hope they got their sub-crystals ready." Adam thought.

"Attack." Adam called out.


Alarms were going off. The teens were stunned at the quick timing Mondo has.

"Rangers, Adam is in the park with a monster and Cogs. Be careful, this could be a trap." Zordon warned.

"Here's the plan guys, we go down there and fight the monster and the Cogs. If Adam still evil then we have to contain his without harm. We'll morph at my signal." Tommy explained.

"Got it Tommy." Kat cried out.

They teleported down to the park.

The four teens landed right in front of Adam.

"Ah, if it's not the Powerless Rangers. Came to watch your city be destroyed?" Adam questioned the group of teens.

"Adam, don't do this. You are one of us, remember?" Tommy pleaded.

Adam tried to keep a straight face, but he broke a couple of times. Tommy noticed and gestured one of his own. Just then, Klank appeared with the box that the sub-crystals were in.

"You guys are defenseless without your precious sub-crystals. Surrender now and we might let you live like how your friend Adam." Klank retorted.

"I don't think that's going to happen, get them guys!" Tommy called out and the teens jumped into battled.

They were knocking down Cogs, demolishing them into scrap metal. When the all the Cogs have been dissolved, the teens charged after Klank.

"My monster will annihilate you all." Klank implied as he motioned the monster to attack the teens.

"We see about that." Adam said. "Zeo Ranger Four, Green."

Adam morphed into a Zeo Ranger and side kicked the monster that was heading for his friends.

"Is that our sign?" Rocky asked playfully.

"Yes it is, it's morphin' time." He bellowed.

The four teens activated their Zeonizer and morphed into the Zeo Rangers. They dashed over to the Green Ranger and battled against the monster. Klank couldn't believe his optic receptors. Adam was no longer evil and the Rangers exist. He opened the box and saw the five sub-crystals that were still in there.

The Rangers made easy work out of the monster and turned back around toward Klank.

"I don't get it. I have your sub-crystals right here." He replied.

"What you have there is sub-crystals I made from melted glass. I replaced them and gave back the real crystals to the rightful owners." Adam announced.

"Mondo is going to blame me of this." Klank retorted as he disappeared.

The five Power Rangers teleported to the Power Chamber. They powered down and surrounded their lost friend.

"Good to have you back." Tommy said as he patted him on the back.

"It sure is." Tanya answered as she kissed him.

"Thanks guys. I thought I was going to be Mondo's servant forever." Adam said.

"What caused you to become evil?" Asked Rocky.

Adam turned around and pointed to the back of his neck, "They planted a chip inside of my brainstem. I can't wait to get it taken out."

"You got it. Just meet me in the infirmary." Billy said.

"Wait a minute, we're missing someone. You haven't found Ricki yet?" Adam asked with a concern look on his face.

The homecoming ended as each face expressed sorrow.

"No." Kat murmured.

Billy grabbed Adam's arm and pulled him to the infirmary. "First things first. Get this thing out of you before Mondo makes you evil again." Billy replied.

After a few minutes of being in the back, Adam and Billy joined the others.

"I'm sorry you guys haven't found Ricki yet. It's my fault you had to get side tracked." Adam said solemnly.

"Adam, it's okay. We haven't given up on her yet. She's out there and I'm not going to stop until I find her." Billy comforted Adam.

"We'll find her." Tommy added. "Anyone hungry?"

"Let's get a bite to eat. Then we can focus all of our energy to finding Ricki." Tanya suggested.

"Deal." Rocky called out.

The teens vanished from the Power Chamber and reappeared in front of the Youth Center. They walked inside and walked into the Juice Bar. Lieutenant Stone saw the teens and raced over to them.

"Any word on Ricki?" He asked.

"No. Not a trace." Billy responded.

Lieutenant Stone pondered for a minute. "Come in here tomorrow morning around ten. Hopefully this will help."

The teens smiled a weak smile.

"What will it be tonight?" he takes their order.

The teens rattled off what they wanted and Lieutenant Stone took off for the back. They sat there quietly, deep within their own thoughts. They knew she's somewhere, no further than arms reach, but they can't get to her. Breaking their thoughts Lieutenant Stone stopped by their table and handed out their food. They started to eat, but Billy looked down at his egg salad sandwich.

"Are you okay?" Kat asked.

"I can't eat knowing Ricki might not had anything to eat. My stomach is tied in knots, worrying about her." He answered.

Everyone stopped eating and looked at their food. Guilt struck everyone.

"I need to go. I think I just ruined everyone's appetite." Billy said as he removed himself from the table. He walked over to the counter and pulled out his wallet. Waiting to pay for his sandwich, he noticed the missing picture of Ricki that he gave to the officers.

"Your money is no good here today."

The voice broke his thoughts. He looked up with a puzzled look.

"Your money is no good here today." Lieutenant Stone said. "Go home and rest. We'll find her."

He smiled and walked away. He exited the building and teleported to the Power Chamber.


Through the night Ricki worked hard, trying to figure out a way to send a message. The night turned uneventful. Coming into the daytime, she continued to work.

"I think I might have something. I might not be able to send a message, but I might be able to send a signal. They can use it like a tracking beacon. I hope someone can pick up this frequency." Ricki said.

She hit the button to start the frequency wave. She heard someone climbing down the stairs, heading for the room she's in. She tossed the communicator over toward the bathroom and put her tied arms behind her back. She placed herself on her stomach and acted like she was sleeping. The door opened and Mark entered the room.

"Rise and shine." He called out.

Ricki squinted and looked up. Once she saw who it was, she put her head back on the bed.

"Just seeing if you were still alive." Mark replied.

"Still hanging in there." She retorted back.

"You are starting to be a bother to me. I should dispose of you soon. You lost your beauty." He stated.

"I see you never had any yourself." Ricki said.

"Your sarcasm is annoying." He grabbed by her shoulders and threw her on her back. "I will not tolerate this from you."

Ricki remained silent. She glared into his dark eyes.

"Run out of snide remarks?"

Once again, Ricki didn't speak a word.

He rose his hand and smacked Ricki across the face. He got up and screamed. "I give you to noon. If you don't treat me better, I shall kill you."

Ricki remained mute. Her wish came true. If no one picks up her communicator wave, she will no longer live a tortured life.


Lieutenant Stone hung up banners around the room. Jars are left on the counter. Posters hung on the walls. Teens filled the Juice Bar up, leaving cash in the jars.

When the six teens walked into the Juice Bar, their mouths dropped open in awe.

"Help find Ricki Summers." banner caught their attention.

Lieutenant Stone spotted them and raced over. "It's the least I can do. The more funds, the more police can find her. I made posters and hung them around."

Billy's eyes filled with tears. He could only wish for Ricki to know how much she is loved by her friends.

"Billy, I know this must be hard for you." A chunky male said. Billy glanced over and saw Bulk with his head down. "I wish we were still detectives."

Skull next to him echoed, "Yeah, we would have already found her by now."

Billy gave them a smile and said, "I know you would of."

They walked further in the Juice Bar. Peers saw Billy and gave him a pat on the shoulder and well wishes.

The teens sat at their usual table and realized there was an extra chair. Rocky immediately removed the chair. Drinks were passed around to each teen.


"Alpha, what is it?" Zordon asked his assist.

"Ayiyiyi. I'm getting a high frequency. I never seen it before on this band." He answered.

"Can you located it?" Zordon question.

"I don't know. I can try." The little robot responded.


The drinks were about empty and time passed by slowly. The only thing that broke the silence at the table was the six-beep tone coming from their communicators. The teens got up and left the Juice Bar.

"What is it Alpha?" Tommy asked.

"I'm getting a strange high frequency wave on a unfamiliar band. I am unable to locate the source." Alpha whined.

"It could be her." Billy gasped as his heart leaped into his throat.

They pressed a button on their communicators and multicolored lights left the Youth Center.

When they landed, they returned to the Power Chamber.

Billy raced over to the computer console. "Alpha was right. I have never seen this kind of frequency. I'm trying to pinpoint the location now."

Billy hunched over the keyboard, punching in different equations and formulas. The other teens left helpless as they watched on.

Time passed and tensions mounted. Nothing was heard except beeping from the computers. Then, all of a sudden, Billy jumped back.

"What is it?" Adam questioned.

"The frequency is on a communicator band. I located it the source, Tri-City Falls." He answered with waited breath.

"Oh my..." Kat replied as she buried her face in her hands.

"Tommy, you and the others get Lieutenant Stone and the police from here and Tri-City Falls. I'm teleporting in and get her." Billy ordered.

"We're on it." He replied.

Billy punched in the coordinates and teleported out of the Power Chamber.


The door opened again. Heavy footsteps came closer to Ricki.

"Time is almost up. No one is going to save you now." Mark said as he lifted a gun into the air.

Ricki stayed calm and quiet. She closed her eyes and prayed. Hoping a guarding angel can free her. She didn't want to die, but she couldn't stand living a life full of torment and abuse.

Mark's heavy boots could be heard as he paced back and forth. He approached her and untied one of her hands. He wrapped the cord around the headboard and tied the freed arm back up. Ricki was now tied up to the headboard. The knots were tight, cutting her skin. Stinging rushed up and down her arms.

"Time's up. What it going to be?" Mark asked.

Ricki closed her eyes and tears flowed down her bruised face. She spoke not a word.

"So be it! Say good-bye Rickland!" Mark growled.

He took several steps away and turned to face the frighten teen. He cocked the hammer back and took aim.

A bright light entered the room. Billy looked around and found the broken communicator. He heard voices coming form the other room. She softly walked to the room, trying not to make a noise. He looked through the door opening and he froze. He saw battered and bruised Ricki tied down to a bed. He's eyes widen when Mark raised the gun and aimed it at Ricki. It felt like he saw running in slow motion. Trying to reach Mark before he pulled the trigger. He leaped into the air and tackled Mark. The gun went off and hit the headboard, right next to Ricki's head. She couldn't believe her eyes; Billy was tried to wrestle the gun out of Mark's hands. Mark was a lot stronger than Billy, and knocked him off of him. Billy fell to the hard floor. Mark got and pointed the gun down at Billy.

"I don't know how you got in here, but you are going to die along with your girlfriend." He snarled.

"Don't do it Mark! If you leave him alone, I'll obey to your wishes! Please don't hurt him!" Ricki cried out on the top of her lungs.

"Sorry Ricki, too late." Mark said as he squeezed the trigger.

"Freeze!" Police yelled as they busted through the door. They rushed the room and apprehended Mark.

"You sir, are in trouble." Rocky commented as the teens came into the room.

Tommy lowered his hand to help Billy up.

"We have got to work on your timing." Billy said as he got up.

Billy ran over and freed Ricki. Once freed, they embraced one another.

A team of paramedics and E.M.T.s came over to Ricki. They analyzed her and did a quick assessment.

"You are a very lucky lady, we're going to take you to the hospital for exams." One of the paramedics said.

"More than once." She retorted back.

They picked her up and carried her to the stretcher. They wheeled her out of the prison she was trapped in. When the sunlight shined on her face, she closed her eyes and soaked it all in.

"What hospital are you taking her?" Billy asked.

"Tri-City Falls Memorial. It's not to far from here." The paramedic answered.

Lieutenant Stone laid his hand on Billy's shoulder and replied, "Come with me. I can take you guys there."


Everyone was waiting in the waiting room. Billy was pacing back and forth while the others read out dated magazines. The door opened and Ricki's doctor came out.

"How is she?" Everyone asked.

"She sustained bruised on her face. A blow to the head caused a deep cut which needed stitches, fractured ribs, lacerations to her wrists, starvation, dehydrated and a bit tongue. All in all, nothing to major."

"Can we go see her?" Lieutenant Stone asked.

"That's all she's been asking. Go ahead in." the doctor said as he pointed to the room she was in.

Everyone walked into her room with a smile. Ricki tried to smile. But was limited due to her bruises.

"Hi everyone. I owe you guys my life." She said.

"What are friends for." Kat replied.

"I can't wait to get home. I really don't like this city." She giggled.

"We have a surprise waiting for you." Lieutenant Stone added.

"What are we waiting for?" She announced.

"Hold down there, you have to stay here for a couple more days for observation." Rocky mentioned.

"I don't like you, get out." Ricki joked.

"It's for your own good." Billy suggested.

"I know, I know." She whispered. "Prisoner in another jail."

Everyone laughed.


Balloons decorated the walls. A 'Welcome Back Ricki' banner hung above the counter. Friends and peers crowded around with party hats on and noise makers. Streamers flowed from corner to corner of the room.

Skull comes running in the Juice Bar, "They're coming, they're coming!" Everyone hid behind the counter.

The seven teens walked in.

"I didn't know what to do..." Ricki stopped in mid sentence when see saw the Juice Bar decorated. He looked up and read the banner.

"Oh my word, you guys." She said as she turned you her friends.

"Surprise!" Everyone called out as they leaped up from behind the counter, catching Ricki off guard.

Everybody crowded around Ricki as wished her welcome home. Then, from the back of the Juice Bar, a tune was being sung.

"For she's a jolly good fellow. For she's a jolly good fellow. For she's a jolly good fellow, that nobody can deny." Lieutenant Stone emerged out of the back with a cake in his arms. He carried it over to the table Ricki was standing at.

"Go ahead Ricki, make a wish and blow out the candles." Billy said.

"I don't need to wish for something I already have. Great friends." She said with a loving smile.

The End... for now