Author'ss Note: This fic is a real tearjerker, so you better be prepare with a box of tissues. I like to extend a thank you to the Bayer Company, which produces Midol. I don't think I would have gotten through this fic without a bottle. And even a special thanks to my former place of work. Without out you guys 'letting me go' this fic would have been only a thought. Me mad? What ever do you mean?

A Long Kiss Good Bye
by: Sylver Rose

Half way through the school year and the seniors at Angel Grove High School are starting to get the graduation bug. If not found staying after school, Adam Chiang, Tanya Sloan, Rocky Alverez, Katherine Sutherland, Tommy Oliver, Ricki Summers, and Billy Mitchell can be found in the Youth Center, either they are practicing in the Gym or studying in the Juice Bar. Today the teens are sitting around and enjoying the time they seldom have together.

"I can't believe we are half way through our Senior year and you guys are graduating early." Tanya said.

"We can't help it our college courses gives us extra credit toward high school." Billy mentions.

"We will still graduate with you, it's just we don't need to take any more classes." Ricki replied, as she took a sip of her smoothie.

"Speaking of graduation, I need to head home soon and study for my American Government class." Billy said.

The teens talked and laughed while drinking their smoothies. Doing what all kids do at their age. Not cares in the world, but these teens are special. Behind their fašade, these teens have more responsibilities then most adults have. They are chosen to become the symbol of power and good. They defend Angel Grove when evil strikes. They are the Power Rangers.

Billy finished his smoothie, "I hate to leave you guys, but I need to head home."

"I'm right behind you." Ricki said. Both of them stood up and proceeded to leave the Youth Center.

"Guess who might be coming back to Angel Grove?" Tommy asked.

"Who?" Rocky puzzled.

"Jason Lee. I heard the Peace Conference in Switzerland is about over with." Tommy claimed with excitement in his voice.

"That's so cool! A lot has changed since he was here." Adam said.

The afternoon grew into night. Deep inside Billy's lab, Ricki and Billy are getting ready for their finals. On one side, Billy sits at his desk with his nose buried. And on the other side, Ricki is at a table with cheese puffs and a two-liter of soda.

"I can't believe track season hasn't ended yet. I still have to stay in school for another week after you." Ricki said.

Billy turned around and looked over at Ricki. "It's only a one more week. Hang in there." Billy said to her.

He got up from his desk and walked over to Ricki. She looked up at him as he lowered his hand to her. She placed her hand into his and he gently lifted her up.

"It's getting late, time for bed." He said.

She smiled at him and they walked together into the house.

Next morning, Billy and Ricki arrived at school. They stood at their usual spot, waiting for the arrival of their friends. They chatted with each other until Tommy and Katherine appeared.

"Hey there guys. How did studying go?" he asked.

"Very well. There's not a whole lot to study about in Environmental Science, even though they cram a year's worth of material into a half of a year." Ricki said.

"They got the Senior bulletin board up. Trust me, you guys have got to see it." Katherine announced.

"Our class is close to it. We'll check it out." Billy replied.

After a while, Rocky, Tanya, and Adam walked over to the group.

"Hey everybody." Rocky called out.

"You guys are awfully late." Tommy said.

"My car wouldn't start, so I called Adam to see if he can pick me up. He also had to pick up Rocky too." Tanya answered.

"Man, I hate when that happens." Ricki claimed.

"Well, we better be heading to class before we're tardy. Any more and I'll get detention." Tommy said through his teeth.

The group disburses each heading in different directions. Ricki and Billy walked hand in hand to their class they shared. They walked along until they got to a certain hallway. They glanced at a bulletin board covered with pictures.

Ricki gasped and pointed at a picture. "Look honey, we're voted cutest couple. They even took a picture of us."

"They must have gotten us when we weren't looking." Billy retorted.

They carried on and entered their classroom.

Up in space, you can find a lot of debris. Old satellites that don't work anymore, rocket pieces that have broke away and other useless junk. Needless to say, you can find other things up in space. The Power Rangers' adversaries, The Machine Empire. They make their home up among the stars.

"We have got to get rid of those Power Puffs. They are stopping me from taking over the planet." King Mondo exclaimed.

"Easy now dear, you don't want to blow a piston." Queen Machina replied to him.

"I need a weapon that will suck all the power out of those Zeo Sub-crystals. Once the crystals have been drained, then there will be no more Rangers." Mondo said.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea." Machina agreed, as she fanned herself.

"I must find Klank and have him create me a weapon." Mondo retorted, as he headed out of the throne room.

Back on Earth, Ricki and Billy are getting ready to leave school.

"You got all your study material?" Ricki asked.

"I do believe I do." Billy responded.

Once he closed their locker, they made their way to the outside. They were stopped by a familiar voice that called out to them.

"Hey guys, if your brains get toasted, come down to the Juice bar." Adam said.

"You got it." Ricki hollered out.

Later on that afternoon, school let out and Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Katherine, and Tanya met up in the parking lot.

"Hey, I'll met up with you there. I have something to do." Tommy said.

"Will do." Rocky remarked.

The teens made their way off of school campus and drove to the Youth Center. When they have gotten there, they walked to the Juice Bar and Gym.

"Rocky, want to spar until Tommy gets back?" Adam asked.

"Okay. We'll see who's the better one." Rocky commented.

They climbed onto the mats and began to spar among themselves. Occasionally one of them goofs up and laughter could be heard.

A half a hour later, Billy and Ricki walked into the Juice Bar. They sat down at the table which Kat and Tanya was seated at.

"Man, we needed a break. The smoke alarm went off several times." Ricki said sarcasticly. Everyone giggled.

In a matter of moments, Tommy walked in with another guy. None of the girls recognized him. He has dark hair and is strong built. He was wearing a tank top that showed off his arms. They were solid as a brick and huge. Tanya and Kat couldn't help but to stare. When Billy noticed the gentleman, a smile ran across his face. He stood up and waited for the two guys make it to the table.

"Jason!" Billy called out.

The young fellow looked over at the table and smiled. He rushed by Tommy and made it to Billy. They gave each other manly hugs with a pat on the back. The commotion caused Adam and Rocky to stop sparring and look over at the table. Once they saw who it was, they left the mats and head for the table.

"How are you doing old friend?" Jason asked Billy.

"Doing good. I see Switzerland treated you well." Billy said, as he poked at Jason's arms. They both laughed together.

"I want you to meet my girlfriend Ricki Summers." Billy said, as he pointed to Ricki.

Ricki stood up and shook Jason's hand. He had a firm grip, but not enough to crush her hand.

"Nice to meet you." He said with his dimples on his cheeks showing.

She blushed at him, too shy to say anything to him.

"This is Katherine Sutherland and Tanya Sloan." Tommy said.

Rocky and Adam made it to the table when Tommy pointed toward them. "And you know these two." Tommy added.

They all sat together at the table. Jason kept the group busy by telling them stories about Switzerland and the others telling him about the Zeo Rangers and The Machine Empire.

After a lot of catching up was done, the communicators that they were wearing went off.

"Oh, I know what that means." Jason said. They all got up from the table and headed for the hallway.

"What is it Zordon?" Tommy asked through his communicator.

"Rangers, King Mondo has unleashed a monster at Angel Grove Cove." Zordon claimed.

"You got it!" Tommy answered.

"Jason, you can join me in the Power Chamber." Billy said. Two burst of white light departed the Youth Center.

"It's Morphin' Time!" Tommy bellowed.

"Zeo Ranger One, Pink!" Kat cried out.

"Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow!" Tanya shouted.

"Zeo Ranger Three, Blue!" Rocky yelled.

"Zeo Ranger Four, Green!" Adam exclaimed.

"Zeo Ranger Five, Red!" Tommy roared.

"Zeo Ranger Six, Silver!" Ricki screamed.

They morphed into the Power Rangers Zeo and they teleported to the Angel Grove Cove. The multicolored lights carried the team over to the beach side, where Cogs and an evil monster await.

"He looks like a mean one." The Yellow Ranger expressed.

"Come on, let's go!" The red Ranger called out.

The six Rangers ran over and started to fight the Cogs and the new monster. The battle see saw back and forth, but the Rangers had the upper hand. Right until the Rangers were about to finish the Cogs, a burst of energy blew them to the ground.

"What was that?" The Pink Ranger asked.

The Rangers got off of the ground and dusted themselves off. They looked over at the monster and noticed a large gun in its hands.

"I do believe it came from the monster." The Silver Ranger said.

From within the shadows of the trees, a Ranger came into the battle.

"Who is that?" Asked the Pink Ranger.

"I don't know. I've never seen him before." The Red Ranger replied.

"Where did he come from?" The Green Ranger questioned.

"Who knows, right now he's on our side." The Silver Ranger pointed out.

The monster shot out again, scattering the Rangers. The beam raced between them and hit a sand dune filled with sea oats. Once the smoke cleared, there was nothing left of the sea oats.

"I think we need to stay away from that beam or we'll become toast." The Blue Ranger claimed.

Together, all of the Rangers started to fight the large monster, dodging the gun's rays.

"I'm getting sick of this! The Red Ranger hollered.

When the monster was distracted, The Gold Ranger raced over the monster and kicked the laser gun out of his hands.

"Way to go!" The Silver Ranger called out.

The gun hit the ground and the Rangers ganged up on the monster and the rest of the Cogs. Knowing they were going to be defeated, one of the Cogs destroyed the gun. They knew they would become next week's garbage if the Ranger's get a hold of it. Once the gun was destroyed, they vanished.

"What was that all about?" The Green Ranger asked.

"They didn't want us to get a hold of that gun." The Yellow Ranger answered.

"Hopefully Billy would know what that gun is capable of." The Red Ranger replied.

The Rangers turned around at the mysterious Ranger that was dressed in black and gold. The Red Ranger walked closer to the Ranger.

"Thanks for helping us out." He said.

"I saw you needed help." The Ranger replied.

"Who are you?" The Blue Ranger asked.

"You'll find out." He looked at the other Rangers and disappeared.

Still in awe, the Rangers teleported to the Power Chamber. When they appeared in there, they took off their helmets and ran over to the monitor Billy and Jason were at.

"Billy, can you figure out. . . " Tommy was cut off by Billy.

"I already have. I analyzed the effect that the ray did to the sea oats and they the only hypothesis I can come up with is that the gun seems to have absorbed the life out of living things. Fortunately he hit the sea oats and not one of you. Who would know what the effect it could cause. And as for our new visitor, I have no clue on who he is or where he came from." Billy said.

"I'm just glad that gun got demolished." Rocky replied.

"I bet you King Mondo has plenty of those guns. We better be careful." Ricki suggested.

After everyone left the Power Chamber, they arrived back at the Youth Center to claim their vehicles.

"Billy, do you think you can help me tomorrow with my Algebra?" Adam asked.

"I see why not. I'll meet you after school at the Juice Bar." He said, as he and Ricki left the Youth Center.

They walked the street that carried them to Billy's house. Occasionally Ricki looked over at Billy. Billy didn't even notice her due to he was in deep thought.

"Hey Billy, are you with us?" Ricki asked, breaking his train of thought.

"Yeah, sorry. I just couldn't get that new Ranger out of my mind." He said.

"Tell me about it. He's was so great. We really needed the help. Did you see the way he flew through the air? It was unbelievable. I don't know what we would have done if he didn't show." Ricki commented.

As Ricki rambled on about the mysterious new Ranger, Billy's anger was building up inside of him. It grew and grew at each thought he had.

"Great, now we get some stranger being the new Ranger. I wish I never gave up my crystal. I want to be a Ranger so much that I can taste it. Ricki let me be the Silver Ranger, but that didn't work out." He said to himself.

When they reached the house, Ricki went into her guess room and Billy went into his. He threw himself onto his bed and anger filled up inside.

"I will not allow myself to sit in the Power Chamber while everyone gets all the glory. I'm the brains behind the Rangers and I don't get one single thank you. Now we have another Ranger to mooch off of." He thought.

He grabbed hold of his pillows and threw them across the room. One hit his bookshelf and another hit a lamp off of a table. Billy sat in his room for the rest of the night.

The next morning at school, Billy seemed a little distant from Ricki. She wanted to ignore it, but was unlike Billy to act that way.

"Billy, are you okay? Didn't see you at all last night." Ricki said.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I have a lot on my mind. You know finals and everything." He replied.

Ricki wanted to believe Billy, but she couldn't. She knew something was bothering him. She hated to see him like this. They walked to their class and not a word was spoken between them. When it became time for both of them to leave, Billy's attitude didn't seem to change. When they were heading for the door to exit the school, their friends stopped them.

"What I wouldn't do to be in your shoes." Tanya said.

"How come?" Ricki questioned.

"Because I hate changing for gym. I finally get my hair the way I want it and by the time gym is over, I'm gonna have to redo it." She retorted.

Ricki laughed at her friend and looked around the group of friends. Only one week and a half to go until there will be no meeting in the halls, no leaving notes in lockers, no griping about gym. It's like they're finally growing up. Ricki scanned around and noticed Jason. His eyes were brown like honey. He has a sweet face that could charm any girl's heart. She looked over at Billy, his blue eyes seem to be clouded. He appeared to have lost that innocent smile he carried. It broke Ricki's heart to see him like this.

"Well, we better be leaving. Tomorrow is the big day." Billy said.

Ricki gave a gentle smile as she left in tow. She got the feeling that her friends knew that something is eating at Billy. When they drove off, Ricki was thinking of questions to ask him. She is the closest thing he has and if he can't talk to her, then his not going to talk at all.

They made it home and they prepared to get studying. They laid their books out and they began to study. After a while of silence, Ricki finally got up enough nerve to ask Billy a question.

"Have you turned in your scholarship request form?"

He looked up into her bluish yellow eyes. Inside those eyes showed complete love toward the person they are looking at. Ricki could never keep anything away from anybody because her eyes always gave it away.

"Yes I did. I hope something comes around." He answered.

"I wonder if there's a no parent fund." She commented

Billy was startled at what she said, but realized she was only joking. Billy gave Ricki his trademark smile that Ricki fell in love with. They went back to studying their notes.

"I can't believe they got away. I was sure we were going to get them." Sprocket said, as he walked over to where King Mondo was sitting on his throne.

Mondo was contemplating with many thoughts, which flooded his evil circuitry.

"Honey dear, you need to stop thinking so hard. I can smell your oil burning." Queen Machina suggested to him.

"I want that new Ranger's powers. I don't know where he came from, but his power are ideal." Mondo said, as he walked over to the balcony of the Sky Base.

"What about that new monster that's suppose to have come from Galaxy 812?" Klank asked.

"It will be here in due time. Once I put it in action, the Rangers won't know what hit. Now Klank, I want you to bring down that monster you've been working on. Maybe he can use the absorbing gun and get that new Ranger's power." Mondo bellowed.

"As you wish my evilness. The Rangers are no match for The Recycler. I used all the spare parts I could find and put him together. If he gets destroyed, he can put himself back together. He's inevitable!" Klank called out.

"Good, maybe we can finally get rid of those multi colored tater tots." Mondo said.

At Billy's house, Ricki was about to fall asleep. She rubbed her eyes and tried to focus on her notes. The house was quiet; Billy was sitting across the way at the table. Ricki let out a sigh and got up from the table.

"Hey, I'm going to the Gym to clear my head. Are you going to stay here?" she asked him.

"Yeah, I don't feel like going out." He remarked.

Ricki walked away from the table and headed for her room. She changed into a light gray sport shirt, skin tight, matching exercise pants, and her exercise shoes. She put her hair up in a braided ponytail, to keep it out of her face. She placed a couple of things into her sports bag and zipped it up. She walked out of her room and into the kitchen, where Billy was still seated. His eyes popped out when he saw her. Her outfit snug tightly around her strong body. Every curve could be seen as she moved around the kitchen.

"I'll be back soon. If you need me, you know where to find me." She said.

Billy just sat there, staring at her. He was completely tongue-tied. There in front of him stood the most beautiful lady on the earth. He had to remind himself that she was his girlfriend.

"Uh yeah, okay. You know where to find me." He finally said.

She smiled and walked out of the door. She threw her stuff into the car and jumped into the driver's seat. She started up the car and drove away.

When she made it to the Youth Center, she walked inside and headed for the Gym. She put her bag underneath a bench and began to stretch out. When she was done stretching, she grabbed her bag and pulled out a pair of boxing gloves. She walked over to the large heavy bag. She slipped on her gloves and began to workout on the bag. She punched and kicked it with all of her might.

During her workout, Rocky, Tommy, and Jason walked into the Youth Center. When they made it to Ernie's Juice Bar, Ricki was so focus into her workout, she didn't even noticed her friends. Tommy and Rocky were ordering smoothies, while Jason watched Ricki working out. Besides watching Ricki move with precision, he watched her chiseled body. She was like poetry in motion.

"Hey, is that Ricki over there?" Jason asked Tommy.

"I think it is." Tommy said, straining his eyes to look across the room.

"She's real good." Jason added.

"Don't want to meet her in a dark alley." Rocky commented.

They walked away from the counter and headed for a table. All of the guys sat down and watched Ricki working out.

"She must have a lot on her mind." Rocky said.

"Why do you say that?" Tommy asked.

"I have only seen her work out this hard on the bag once and that's when she gave up her sub-crystal to Billy." Rocky answered.

"How long have they been dating?" Jason asked.

"About a year and four months. I can't believe it's been that long." Tommy said.

Ricki finally stopped working out on the bag. She pulled off her gloves and walked over to her bag. She put them in her bag and pulled out a bottle. She sat down and began to sip her sports drink. Jason got up from the table and walked over to Ricki.

"I think you killed the bag." He replied to her.

Ricki hastily looked up toward the voice and saw Jason talking to her.

"Nothing like a good workout to clear your head." She said.

She grabbed her towel and wiped the sweat off of her forehead and neck.

"I was wondering if you want to spar a little. I saw some of your moves and they look real interesting." He said, while rubbing the back of his neck.

She took a sip of her drink. She stood up next to him and smiled, "Sure, I could use a good challenge." She remarked.

He smiled back at her and together they headed for the mats.

Tommy and Rocky looked on from their table. They were finishing up their drinks so they can join the others on the mats.

Ricki and Jason began to spar. Jason was being a gentleman and attacked Ricki softly. Ricki took advantaged and swept Jason's legs from underneath him. He fell on his back and Ricki walked over to him. She lowered her hand down and helped him up.

"You don't need to be gentle with me. The Cogs aren't that gentle." Ricki said.

Tommy and Rocky made it over to the mats. Rocky was trying to muffle his laughter. Tommy face was bright red from laughing.

"You better be careful. She's cute, but tough." Tommy remarked.

"Thanks for the warning." Jason replied back.

Jason and Ricki began to spar again. At that same time, Adam walked in with his books under his arms. He sat down in the Juice Bar and opened his books.

When Jason and Ricki got done sparring, Adam rose his head up and looked over at Ricki.

"Ricki, do you know when Billy is going to come and help me with my Algebra?" He asked.

Ricki froze up and gasped. She remembered Billy promising Adam to help him after school. She ran off of the mats and towards her bag. She reached in and pulled out a fist full of change.

"I'll call and see. He's probably wrapped up in studying that he lost track of time." Ricki said to Adam.

She raced to the payphone in the corner of the Juice Bar.

"I guess the saying is right. Opposites do attract." Jason said.

"What do you mean?" Rocky asked.

"Billy and Ricki." Jason retorted.

"You must not know Ricki to well. They aren't opposites at all. Tell you the truth, they are very much in common with one another." Tommy implied.

Jason just stood there, shaking his head. How can a beautiful, vivant girl like Ricki have anything in common with his good friend Billy. Jason is the next closest friend Billy has, but things have changed over the years Jason had been gone.

Ricki hung up the phone and walked over to Adam. She sat down next to him.

"Billy is not feeling well right now, he wanted me to tell you that he is sorry he couldn't help you. But instead of him, how about me helping you." Ricki suggested.

Adam smiled and said, "Okay."

Ricki looked over at Adam's notes and his textbook. She grabbed some paper and together they studied.

"I guess I don't know Ricki very well." Jason commented to himself.

After a while, the teens grew restless. Adam and Ricki finished studying, Rocky was exhausted from lifting weights, and Tommy and Jason were more talking than sparring.

"I better be heading home to see if Billy is alright." Ricki said to everyone.

"Yeah, I'm pretty tired myself." Adam added.

The teens got into a group and began to walk out of the Youth Center. By the time they walked into the parking lot, Cogs overran them.

"What are they doing here?" Asked Jason.

"Cruising for a bruising." Rocky answered.

The teens ran over to a group of cars and hid behind them.

"King Mondo must be up to something." Tommy said.

"I'll take Jason to the Power Chamber and met you down here." Ricki suggested.

"Good idea. Zordon, there's Cogs in the Youth Center's parking lot." Tommy called out over his communicator.

"I'll contact Katherine and Tanya." Zordon replied.

"I'll see you guys later, come on Jason. I got to take you some where that King Mondo can't get ya." Ricki said.

They stood next to each other and Ricki pressed a button on her communicator. They disappeared in a silver and white light.

When they appeared in the Power Chamber, Billy was standing behind a control panel.

"Oh Billy, you're here. Are you up to this? You haven't been feeling well." Ricki said in a quiet voice.

"Yes, I'm fine. Go, the team needs you." Billy bolted out.

"And they need you. Thanks Billy." She said back to him.

She gave him a smile and with a wave of her arms, her Zeonizer was activated.

"Zeo Ranger Six, Silver!" she announced.

A silver light flashed through the Power Chamber and when it was gone, the Silver Ranger stood in her place.

"See you later guys." She said, as she teleported back to the parking lot.

She ran over to the rest of the team, each was fighting off Cogs. When they destroy one, two more took their place. Everywhere the Rangers looked, more Cogs were heading for them.

Then a cobalt blue flash appeared. Out from the mist was the Recycler. In his hands was the Absorption gun. The Rangers were too busy to notice the evil monster's entrance. But one Ranger stood out from them. Beyond the perimeter of the parking lot was where the mystical Ranger was watching on. He was watching the battle real close. He didn't want to enter the battle until he was needed.

The Rangers were getting tired, but they dare not to stop. Each ignoring the pain and the stress they put on themselves. The Silver Ranger's focus was on the two Cogs that were in battle with her. When she finished them off, she turned around. Before she could help her fellow Ranger with the Cogs he was facing, a refracted sunbeam hit her in her visor. She looked over to where the light was coming from and strained her eyes to get a better view. When she saw a black and gold figure standing several yards away, she froze.

"He's here!" She thought to herself.

She didn't know if he could see her staring at him, but she felt a powerful present when she looked at him. She broke her attention off of him and onto the Cogs.

The Recycler walked over to the cluster of men and machines that were in chaos with one another. He aimed the gun towards an unexpecting Ranger, who fell within the target viewer.

"Oh which one to hit." The Recycler boosted out.

The Rangers were still fighting the Cogs. They have no idea that one of them is going to become a target.

* * *

In the Power Chamber, Jason and Billy were racing around the computers. Jason glanced over at the Viewing Globe. He caught a monster caring a gun, which was pointing at the Rangers.

"Hey Billy, look at this. You better get a hold of somebody before they get hit!" He screamed out.

Billy stopped and saw what Jason was talking about.

"Oh man, not another one. Tommy, this is Billy." Billy hollered over the communicator.

Tommy stopped what he was doing and answered Billy. "I hear you Billy. What is it?"

"There's a monster with another absorbing gun. He's about ready to fire." Billy told Tommy.

Tommy looked around and spotted the hideous monster.

"Guys, it's a trap! Split up!" he bellowed.

However, Tommy was too late; The Recycler fired the gun into the crowd.

From beyond the parking lot, The Ranger started to get concern with the other Rangers. They were still fighting the Cogs and were unaware of the real threat.

He started to head for the group, then he saw the monster taking aim. He's heart was in his throat. He ran toward the monster with lightning quick speed. When he was only a couple feet away, The Recycler fired the weapon. He gasped and flew into the group. He pushed a Cog in front of the Yellow Ranger. The absorbing ray hit the Cog, turning it into a heap of tin metal. Everyone was stunned.

The Recycler was about to celebrate until he looked back over at the Rangers.

"Oh, which one did I get. Uh, I can't believe it!" he screamed.

The Rangers looked over at the monster and stood ready for another fight.

"Well you better believe it!" the Silver Ranger screamed out.

"Time for me to depart." Recycler said. In a blink of an eye, both him and the rest of the Cogs vanished.

The Rangers looked back over at the Ranger. The Yellow Ranger walked up to him and extended her hand.

"Thank you very much. You saved my life." She said.

He placed his hand into hers and they shook. The Silver Ranger walked next to the Yellow Ranger.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"I am the Gold Ranger. My identity will come in due time." A strong voice said.

"You are not from here. I can feel it." She replied.

"No I am not. There is nothing more than I can say. I must go now." He said.

He walked away from the other Rangers and suddenly disappeared.

"Let's get out of here." Rocky said.

Each one of the Rangers teleported back to the Power Chamber. Ricki was the last one to go. She stood there, staring at the place where the Gold Ranger vanished.

"There's something about you I can't put my finger on. But I will." She said to herself.

Up in the Power Chamber, the Rangers powered down into the teenagers they were once before.

"Ah, the infamous Gold Ranger appeared again." Billy said with a hint of jealously in his voice.

"He sure did come in handy today." Adam said.

"You're telling me!" Tanya called out.

"Okay Billy, what's the scoop on King Mondo's monster? Tommy asked.

"The only thing I could detect was the gun he had. It doesn't look like a threat, but knowing Mondo, you still have to keep your eyes open." Billy replied.

Ricki remained quiet and to herself while in the Power Chamber. Thoughts raced through her head. She is trying to make out what she felt when she encountered the Gold Ranger. She wanted to forget, but she cannot There's something about him that sent shivers down Ricki's spine.

Everyone was leaving the Power Chamber. Ricki walks over to Billy.

"Are you ready to go home?" She asked.

"Go ahead without me. I got a few more things to do." He said without even moving his eyes up to look at her.

Ricki lowered her head and whispered, "I guess I'll see you later."

There was no replied back. She walked to the corner and teleported away.

When she made it to the house, she walked in and headed to her room. There, she stayed in for the night.

The next morning, Ricki was getting ready for school. This was the big day. It was the day to take her final exam. She was hoping she studied hard enough, but one thing stayed on her mind, what was wrong with Billy. He had been acting different ever since the new Ranger appeared.

Ricki left her room and walked through the house to the kitchen. Billy was at the table, eating. Ricki joined him.

"Today is the big day." She announced.

"Sure is. Are you nervous?" He asked her.

"A little. But I'm mostly sad because we no longer have classes." Ricki responded.

They ate for a little bit. When they were done, they looked up at the clock on the wall.

"Well, it's time." Ricki said.

"I feel like I just aged a couple of years." Billy commented.

"Hey, I'll drive. Meet you by the car, I have to pick up a few things." Ricki said as she ran to her room.

When she got in, she went over to her dresser and picked up a necklace her mother gave her before she died. She clasped it around her neck and hurried out of the door. She ran to her car, where Billy was waiting.

"Sorry, I forgot something." She said.

They both entered the car and drove away from the house. Ricki and Billy had taken this same path to Angel Grove High School so many times they could not count. This time it counts more than anything does. Ricki's sport s car raced through the parking lot of the school's campus, looking for that perfect spot. She noticed Tommy's red jeep and Tanya's little yellow convertible. She entered the spot next to them and they proceeded out of the car.

"I'm going to miss this school. I never missed my high school in Tri-City Falls as much as I miss this school." Ricki said.

Billy and Ricki walked together to their locker. They pulled out their last remaining books and folders they had in there. Ricki could feel a knot forming in her throat.

"How can I get so emotional over a locker?" She asked herself.

Billy and Ricki stood there, shooting the breeze with one another.

"Since we don't have school for the remainder of the year, what do you want to do?" Ricki asked.

"I was thinking about a part time job. When summer comes around, I'll checking into Angel Grove University." Billy answered.

Then, like clockwork, their friends joined them.

"Well say your good-byes. This is your final day of being a Triton." Rocky said.

"You sound like we're moving to another hemisphere. We are still going to be here." Ricki implied.

"We're going to miss you guys." Kat said with her soft voice.

"I'm going to miss the all the fun." Billy said.

"I'll be here for another week. I have to finish a few things with the Track Team." Ricki said.

Ricki stood there, reminiscing. Thinking back to when she first met her friends she dearly love. After a few minutes of daydreaming, the calling of her name startled Ricki.

"We better hurry. We got exams to take." Billy said to her hastily.

He grabbed her arm and together they bolted down the hallway to their classroom.

They made it in right before the last bell rang. They place themselves into their desks and waited until class began. The teacher walked into the room and over to his desk. He pulled out two packets and two hall-passes. He walked over to Billy and Ricki's desks and placed them down.

"I need you two to go to the library and take your exam." Mr. Brown said to them.

Ricki and Billy got out of their desk and left the classroom. They walked to the library.

"Good luck Billy." Ricki said to him.

He looked back at her and smiled. They entered the library and sat down at a table. They laid their test in front of them and they began to answer the questions.

Time flew and so did Ricki and Billy. When they were done with their test, they brought them back to Mr. Brown. They left the classroom and headed for their other class to take that exam.

"So, how did you think you did on it?" Billy asked.

"Hopefully good. I knew all of the material, but I have that feeling that I overlooked something." She replied back.

They walked to Mrs. Kim's American Government class. They strolled in and stood by the door. Mrs. Kim smiled and handed them their exam. They knew they could not take it in the classroom because the other students were still taking the class.

"Instead of going to the library, let's sit at the picnic tables and enjoy the great weather." Billy suggested.

Ricki shrugged and went along with Billy's idea.

They sat down at the table and worked on their exams. This time, the exams took a little bit more time than usual. Ricki was stumped on a few questions. Occasionally, Billy looked up and saw her chewing on her bottom lip. He smiled and goes back to his exam. You could hear the scratching of their pencils as they wrote away on the exam. After a while, they were done.

"Man, my brain is toast!" Ricki called out, as she rubbed her eyes.

Billy couldn't help but to laugh. He helped her up and they walked to Mrs. Kim's classroom to return the exams.

"Well, either we can go home and enjoy the rest of the afternoon or we can have lunch with everybody." Billy said.

"Lunch. This will be your last, better relish it." Ricki answered.

They walked down to the cafeteria. They went over to their usual table they sat at. There, their friends were just getting ready to have their lunch.

"How were your exams?" Tanya asked.

Ricki gave her an exhausting look, while Billy answer, "You can say they were pleasantly difficult."

"Billy, only you can find a final exam pleasurable." Rocky stated.

Everyone laughed and began to eat their lunch.

"This school has not change since I left." Jason said.

"What do you expect, you were only gone for two years." Tommy said.

"A lot has change throughout the city and our lives." Ricki implied.

Everyone sat there quiet, reflecting on all the events they had gone through.

"If it hadn't been for the worse of fates, I would have never experience any of my fondest memories." Ricki added.

Everyone held up his or her soda cans over the table and into a toast. "To friendship." They all called out.

After lunch was over, they all stood in a large group.

"We're going to miss you Billy." Tommy said.

"You know where to find me." He told Tommy.

Each one of them gave Billy a hug. After everyone was done, they each left for their next class. Billy and Ricki stood there, waving at them as they left.

"Come on sweetie, let me take you home." Ricki said.

They walked to her silver sports car and entered it. For the last time, Billy Mitchell was leaving the campus of Angel Grove High.

Back at the Sky Base, a booming voice echoed.

"You have one more chance or you'll going to be so blown up, you'll won't be able to get yourself back together." King Mondo yelled.

"Yes you evilness. I will not come back until I completed my task." The Recycler claimed.

"Now go!" Mondo teleported Recycler back onto the Earth's surface.

After school, the teens headed for the Youth Center. To their surprise, Billy was sitting at the Juice Bar alone.

"Hey Billy, what's up?" Jason asked.

"Nothing much. I thought I'll enjoy a good smoothie with my friends." Billy remarked.

"Where's Ricki?" Kat asked.

"I haven't seen her. She was at home the last time I saw her." Billy replied.

"I guess the operation was a success. They finally separated you two." Rocky said jokingly.

Everyone laughed except Billy. Jason noticed something was bothering him.

"Billy, I know something is bothering you. Do you want to talk? Jason whispered.

Billy looked up at Jason and back down at his smoothie. Jason knew it has to be serious.

"If you need me, just call." Jason said, as he left Billy's table.

Billy's mind had been busy this last week. Many situations had presented to him that caused him to change. High school is finished and it's time to head to college. In addition, his deep down passion is gone with the present of a new Ranger. He loved being a Power Ranger. At first, he was not sure, but when things exposed to him, Billy came through. He surprised many people including himself. When he did an unselfish act, by giving up his Zeo Crystal he thought he did the right thing, until now.

Billy got up and walked over to Jason. Jason knew what Billy wanted before Billy could say a word.

"Hey guys, gotta go." Jason said.

Billy and Jason walked out of the Youth Center and headed for Angel Grove Cove.

"What's been eating ya?" Jason asked.

"I just need someone to talk to. I'm so confused," Billy said.

"With what? School?" Jason questioned.

"A long with other things. I do not know what I want to do with my life. I feel like I am trapped here in Angel Grove. Schools done and a lot of things have changed." Billy muttered.

"Sounds to me you're not happy." Jason implied.

"I wish I didn't give up my Crystal." Billy finally announced.

"Oh, so that's it. You feel like you're not important to the team." Jason said.

"Yeah, sort of. I was fine at first until this Gold Ranger appeared. Now I wonder where I'm going to stand. I feel like I need to get on with my life and not wishing for things to happen." Billy said while shuffling his feet in the cool sand.

"You want to leave the team, that's fine. However, leaving Angel Grove, that's sounds big. Does Ricki know about this?" Jason asked.

"She's another thing I was thinking of. I cannot go anywhere with her. If I want to get away from this place, it has to be a clean cut." He whispered.

"Now you're being unfair. You can't drop her like that." Jason screamed.

"I know. I truly love her and I can't see myself without her. This is where confusion sets in. Billy said.

"You are the smartest person I know. You'll figure it out." Jason said.

As they continue their conversation, Billy's communicator went off. Billy looked over at Jason and Jason gave him a friendly smile back. Billy dodged behind some large rocks and teleported.

When arrived at the Power Chamber, he teamed up with the other Rangers.

"What's going on now Zordon?" Adam asked.

"King Mondo's monster is running around Angel Grove with the Absorbing gun. He must be stopped.

"Zordon's right. Let's go!" Tommy commanded.

Billy ran behind the computers and the Rangers teleported to Angel Grove.

When they materialize, they were searching for the Recycler.

"We have got to get rid of this gun and the Recycler." Ricki said.

"I got a gut feeling something is going to happen." Tanya announced.

"Hey guys, over here!" Adam called out. Everyone runs over to see whet he have noticed.

When they ran to his side, he pointed out a dead tree and some dead shrubs around it.

"I don't get it." Rocky said.

"Looks like someone was doing a little target practicing if you ask me. Kat pointed out.

"She's right. I remember this tree being alive." Tommy said.

"We have a trail to follow." Ricki implied.

The seven Rangers head to the direction of the dead shrubs. They found several clumps of dead vegetation. When they hit the last section, the Recycler couldn't be found.

"Keep your eyes peeled, he's around her somewhere." Tommy ordered.

They looked around, each heading in a different direction. They were about to give up until they heard Tanya gasped.

"I think I found him." She said. without gaining the Recycler's attention.

They ran over to the side of the plateau and saw a dull and dirty machine scowling the field. Inside his arms, a shiny gun is glinting in the sun. They all looked at each other and pulled away from the side.

"Let's get rid of this piece of junk." Tommy said.

"Right." Everyone answered hi. With a couple arm movements, the teens' Zeonizer was activated.

"Zeo Ranger One, Pink." Kat cried.

"Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow." Tanya summoned.

"Zeo Ranger Three, Blue." Rocky said boldly.

"Zeo Ranger Four, Green." Adam announced.

"Zeo Ranger Five, Red." Tommy called out.

"Zeo Ranger Six, Silver." Ricki summoned.

When the light show was over, the Zeo Rangers were about to engage into a fight.

"Let's go!" Tommy bellowed.

Everyone raced to the corner of the plateau and jumped off, each landing in front of the Recycler.

"Ah, I see you found me. Now, I can finally get rid of you." The Recycler said to them.

The Rangers raced over to him, but was stopped by a pack of Cogs that appeared in front of them.

"Okay, keep your eyes on the Recycler. Don't let him hit you with that gun." Tommy said.

After Tommy's words of advice, the Rangers attacked the Cogs with everything they had. They destroyed the Cogs and when they were all gone, they headed straight for the Recycler. They knew they had to get rid of the gun before anyone gets hurt.

"Your time is through Recycler." Tommy called out.

"You forget. I still have the gun." He replied.

"Not if we can help it." Ricki added.

The Recycler fired the gun and sent the Rangers scrabbling. When the dust settled, they got back up and pursued him again. The Recycler kept firing at the Rangers, but they were too quick for him.

"We have to distract him to get that gun out of his hands." Ricki said to Tommy.

"You're right. I need to come up with a plan." He said in return.

The Recycler kept firing at them. This time, he had them pinned down behind a rock.

"Well, you better hurry up before he actually gets smart and finish us off." Adam said.

Then, unexpectedly, they heard metal crashing. Everyone looked at each other and then looked over the rock they were behind. In front of them was the Gold Ranger and around him as pieces of the Recycler. They ran out from behind the rock and met the new Ranger.

"It's good to see you." Kat said.

"Yeah thanks. We needed you." Tommy remarked.

During their discussion, they didn't notice the pieces of the Recycler were moving closer to each other.

Tommy grabbed hold of the Absorbing gun. "Thank goodness we got this out of King Mondo's hands. Now let's destroy it."

Before the Rangers could move, a familiar voice interrupts them. When they turned around, the Recycler was standing whole again. Too stun to do anything, they just stood there, staring at him.

"I'm not so easy to get rid of." He boomed.

The Rangers started to move back, but Ricki, who was closer to him, wasn't quick enough. He took one swing of his metal arm and hit her in her helmet. She was sent crashing to the ground.

"Who's next?" The Recycler boasted.

"We have got to save Ricki. She's not moving. She's going to get crushed." Tanya screamed.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of her. You destroy the monster. Use the gun, that might finish him off." The Gold Ranger said.

Before anyone could say a word, the Gold Ranger raced out of the group and toward the Silver Ranger, who was lying on the ground. Before he could reach her, the Recycler started fire at him. The gold Ranger held up his golden staff and deflected the rays. He stood up and held his staff above his head.

"Time for a gold rush!" was cried out.

The field of laser beams surrounded the evil monster, knocking him off his feet. When it fell over, the Gold Ranger raced to Ricki's side and teleported her away.

"Ricki's safe. Time to finish this creep off." Tanya said.

"You got it." Tommy said and held the gun in front of him.

When the Recycler got back to his feet, he looked around for the Gold Ranger.

"Where's that Ranger?" he asked.

"He's gone, will I do?" Tommy said back to the Recycler.

The monster looked over at the group of Rangers and saw the busy end of the Absorbing gun. Tommy fired the gun and hit the Recycler. The Recycler was engulfed in flames and disbursed into many pieces. However, the pieces never grew back into the Recycler. The Absorbing gun took the life out of Mondo's monster.

"That took care of him. Now, lets take care of this gun." Tommy retorted.

Each Ranger pulled out their guns and loaded it. Tommy threw the Absorbing gun into the air and the rangers fired at it, destroying the deadly weapon.

In the Power Chamber, the Gold ranger appeared in front of Billy, Alpha, and Zordon with the Silver ranger in his arms. When Billy found out who teleported there and who he had with him, Billy raced around the control panel and up to the Gold Ranger.

"What happen?" he cried out.

"She's been hurt." The Gold Ranger answered him.

"Follow me quickly!" Billy said nervously.

They ran into a large room filled with tables and medical monitors. Billy gathered up several of his equipment and the Gold ranger was right behind him.

"Here, lay her down here." Billy replied as he pointed to a table.

The Gold Ranger laid her down softly and moved back. Billy removed her helmet. Ricki's long red hair fell around her head. Billy looked at her face and took a deep breath. He grabbed a scanning machine and held it above her.

"Is she okay?" The Gold Ranger asked.

"Everything looks okay." He said while looking at the medical monitors.

Then it hit him; right on, the other side of his girlfriend was the gold ranger. Billy didn't know what to do. His feelings were swapping him. He wants to feel anger towards this new ranger, but he can't. This stranger just saved Ricki's life. Billy looked up at the Gold Ranger.

"She's tough. By the way, thanks." Billy said.

After Billy spoke to him, the other rangers dashed into the room. They took their helmets off and gathered around by Ricki's side.

"How is she doing?" Tommy asked.

"She's fine. Thanks to him." Billy said while looking over at the Gold Ranger.

Then movement came from the medical table. Ricki began to stir around. She opened her eyes and saw her friends looking at her.

"Ah man. Did anyone get the license plate number off that building that just hit me?" Ricki said jokingly.

"Hey girl. You gave us a scare." Rocky said to her.

"It wasn't intentional." She replied.

She looked over at the Gold Ranger. She sat up on the table and rubbed her neck.

"Are you going to stay behind your helmet or are you going to be sociable?" Ricki questioned.

He walked over to the Rangers and over to Ricki. He pulled off his helmet and looked at everyone. Everybody was stunned.

"My name is Trey. I'm from Trifornia." The dark hair stranger said.

"Why are you here?" Billy asked.

"I was looking for someone to become the Gold Ranger. I can no longer be the Gold Ranger and I need someone who is willing to accept this gift." He answered back.

The Rangers looked at one another. They couldn't believe what they heard. Ricki looked over at Billy.

"Billy. How about you?" She whispered.

Everyone looked over at Billy, waiting for his answer. Billy didn't know what to do. He wanted so much to become a Ranger again. His wish finally came true. He could be part of the team again. He smiled and shook his head.

Trey and Billy walked into the middle of the room. All of the other rangers circled around them. Trey held up the golden staff above his head.

"I, Trey of Trifornia, is giving Billy Mitchell the power of the Gold Ranger." He retorted.

A gold aura surrounded the staff. Billy rose his hand to receive the staff and the powers in which are encased in it. When he grabbed hold of it, the room was filled with a brilliant golden light. Everyone had to cover his or her eyes. When the light vanished, they looked back over at Trey and Billy. Nothing had changed. Everyone looked puzzled including Trey and Billy.

"What happened. Why is Billy not morphed?" Kat asked aloud.

Ricki walked over to Billy and scanned him. She looked at the monitor and walked away. Billy knew something must be wrong.

"What is it?" Tommy asked.

Ricki walked over to Billy and placed her hand on his shoulder. She took a long, deep breath and sorted out her thoughts.

"I wish I could say this gently, but there is no easy way around this. Billy can't accept the Gold Ranger powers because of the molecule structure of his atoms." She said.

"Uh? He's bipolar?" Rocky stated.

"No Rocky!" Tanya yelled out as she backhanded Rocky in the stomach.

"What she is trying to say is that I could never be a Ranger again." Billy said with his head down.

"Remember when we got converted into kids and only Billy converted himself back to his normal age. Well you can say Billy gave up his chance to become the Gold Ranger more than he knows. Billy adolescent body was changed into a teenager's faster than it should, so the molecules are forever changed." Ricki explained.

"Sorry I let you down." Billy said to Trey.

"You didn't let anyone down." Ricki comforted him.

Billy got up set and left the room. Ricki looked around at everyone and followed him.

"We still need to find someone for the Gold Ranger." Adam reminded everyone,

"I know exactly who." Tommy said. He powered down and teleported out of the Power Chamber.

Ricki looked everywhere for Billy. She didn't know where he ran off. Then she remembered she didn't look in the Bay. She ran over to the double doors and walked through them.

"Billy, where are you? I know you're here. You can talk to me. I understand how you must feel. Having you life change right in front of your eyes, having your dreams shattered into a million pieces. You are not alone Billy. You are surrounded by your friends." Ricki called out while walking around the Bay.

She looked around at the Zords that were in the Bay. When she turned the corner, she found Billy resting against the Blue Ranger's Zord. She walked up to him and sat next to him.

"I always liked blue." He whispered.

Ricki didn't know what to say. She just sat there, listening to Billy.

"When I first met Zordon, I thought he got me confused with someone else. I had no skills on fighting. Jason felt sorry for me because he knew I wanted to quit, but he showed me I could be like the others." He confessed.

Ricki held his arm and rest her head on his shoulder. She wished she could take all of his frustrations away and show him being a Ranger is not important. Together they sat there, deep in thoughts.

"Billy, come with me. I think you need to apologize for running out." Ricki said.

"Your right. I feel like a heel. I've should not of run out like that." Billy said.

They both got up and walked out of the Bay. They walked together until they got into the foyer. Everyone was standing around in a circle. You could hear cheering and commotion going on. Billy and Ricki walked over to the group.

"I want everyone to meet the new Gold Ranger." Trey announced.

Out of the circle came Jason in the Gold Ranger uniform on. The entire group patted him on the back. Ricki and Billy looked on while they congratulated him. Billy looks over at Ricki.

"Well, someone had to have the power." He said.

Ricki looked into his painful blue eyes and gave him the sweetest smile.

Billy walked up to Jason and shook his hand. Ricki had a lump in her throat. She didn't know if she wanted to cry or be happy. She watched on while the others celebrated. Ricki felt a strong hand grab her shoulder. She turned around and saw Trey looking at her.

"Why are you not with your friends?" he asked her.

"Lives are changing right before my eyes. It's a lot to take in." She answered him.

"You are a good Ranger. I never seen anyone as strong as you." He said.

"Yeah, and you'll never see anyone getting knocked down as much as me." She remarked.

"Where I am from, people cherish who they are." He stated.

"What is that suppose to mean?" Ricki puzzled.

"Believe in yourself." He whispered.

After that, he walked away. Ricki walked with the other Rangers. She stood next to Billy and grabbed hold of his arm.

"I'm glad I could find a strong person to hold the Gold Ranger power. When time comes for me to gain the Gold ranger power, I'll be back. And remember, let the power protect you." Trey said as he vanished.

"Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm tired. I'm heading for home before dinner." Rocky said.

"Yeah, it is kind of late for me too." Kat agreed.

Everyone said his or her good byes and teleported away. All that was left was Ricki and Billy.

"Are you ready to go?" Ricki asked.

"In a second. I'm receiving a transmission on the Viewing Globe." He replied.

Billy pushed a couple of buttons and the Viewing Glob glowed. Appeared was Delphine, the White Alien Ranger from Aquitar.

"Good day Zordon, Alpha, Billy and you too Ricki." She said.

"Hello Delphine. How is Aquitar?" Zordon asked.

"We seem to have run into a problem. One of our pumps is not working and it's not filtering the water we need. Our clean water supply is threatened. We called to ask if Billy could come to Aquitar and try to fix our pump." Delphine replied.

Billy looked around and saw the look on Ricki's eyes.

"Don't worry, it won't take long." He assured her.

"I'll be happy to go to Aquitar and fix the water filtration. Tomorrow I'll should be ready to go." He told Delphine.

"Good to hear. I'll tell Cestro that you are coming. Thank you Billy." Delphine said. And with that, the Viewing Globe went dark.

"Billy, if you need anything while you are on Aquitar, just call and will sent it to you." Zordon said.

"Thank you Zordon. Hopefully it's not difficult to fix." He stated.

Billy walked over to Ricki and stood next to her. Ricki wanted to believe Billy when he said about it won't take him long, but Ricki knows he puts himself into his work.

"I'm ready now. Let's go home and eat. I'm hungry." He said.

Ricki nodded. They pressed their communicators and disappeared out of the Power Chamber.

When they arrived home, Billy floated around the house. His whole attitude changed. Ricki couldn't understand why he would be so happy. She pushed the thought away and took pleasure in Billy's happiness.

The night grew longer and Ricki was about to go to bed. She went inside Billy's lab to find her beau. He was hovering over his worktable, hard at work on a contraption.

"Billy, I'm going to bed. I'm tired from today. My head hasn't stop hurting." She said.

He looked up and grinned. His eyes twinkled and his faced glowed. He placed some of his equipment into a bag and sat it on the table.

"It looks like you're taking everything." She implied.

He walks over to her and held her hand.

"I'm done. Come with me." He said to her.

They walked jointly up the stairs and to Billy's room. He sat her down on his bed and sat down next to her.

"I'm sorry for the way I acted this last couple of weeks. I rather wanted to be alone to sort out some problems I had. I was wondering if you would like to spend the night with me in my room?" He softly murmured quietly.

She didn't know what to say. She was so happy the old Billy was back. A giant smile stretched from ear to ear and she clutched around his neck.

"I'll take that as a yes." He said.

He slipped down the covers of his bed and together they slide inside. He turned off the lamp next to his bed and they fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning, Ricki woke up to an empty bed. She looked around the room and couldn't find Billy. She got out of bed and left the room. She searched the house and his lab. Then her communicator sounded. She raced to her room and closed the door.

"What is it Zordon?" she asked out of breath.

"We need you to come to the Power Chamber." He said in his monotone voice.

Ricki rolled her eyes up and tried to find some clothes to change into. When she found a pair of sweat pants and a shirt, she changed out of her pajamas. When she was done, she teleported to the Power Chamber.

At which moment she set foot in the Power Chamber, her friends greeted her. There they walked to the foyer. When they got there, Ricki gasped at the sight of Billy standing there.

"So, that's where you went." She said to him.

Yeah, Aquitar couldn't wait any longer. Their water supply is getting low. The sooner I get there, the sooner I can fix it." Billy retorted.

"How long will this take? A hour, a day, a week?" Ricki inquired.

Billy bit his bottom lip and did not look at Ricki. Ricki was baffled by the way everyone was acting.

"What's going on? Is there something here I should know?" She asked to everyone.

"Ricki, I wanted to tell you this in the morning, but I wanted you to sleep. I decided to go on with my life and spend it on Aquitar." He said.

Ricki was surprised at what she heard. She felt weak in her knees. Jason ran behind her before she fell. When she got her bearings down, she looked up at Billy.

"Was it something I did?" she asked as her voice cracked.

"No, it's me. Everyone is getting on in their lives and I feel like I'm standing still. You are part of a team. They need you. I want to feel that way. That's why I'm going to Aquitar. I can start something new there. Ricki, you will always be in my heart forever. You are my first and only love. I'm sorry to hurt you this way, but hopefully you can understand." He said.

Ricki swallowed her tears back and tried with all of her might not to fall apart in front of everyone. She had been though this hurt before when her parents died and she learned that crying is not going to solve anything.

"I hope you like your new life. Keep in touch." She said with a smile.

He smiled back and at that, Alpha pressed a button on the control panel and Billy dissolved out of sight.

Ricki felt her heart drop. She wanted to run and hide, but she had to be strong. She cannot have her emotions get in the way of being a Ranger. As Billy is getting on with his new life without Ricki, Ricki must now get on with hers without Billy. She lived without him before and she can do it again.

She felt her friends' hands surround her. She can always count on them. They had been through a lot and this time she's going to have to deal with things alone.

"Are you alright Ricki?" Kat asked.

"It's better to have loved and lost, than to never had loved before." She explained.

They all watched her with loving eyes. Ricki could not help but to turn away. That look now disgusted her. She doesn't need pity from anyone. It's a part of life.

"I'm going to take a walk. Hopefully Mondo will leave us alone for awhile." Ricki said harshly.

Instead of teleporting out of the Power Chamber, Ricki walked right out of the door and climbed down the rocky slope.

She must have walked for several miles since she found herself in the last place where she wanted to be. She stood on the grassy knoll in front of Angel Grove Lake in Angel Grove Park. This was Billy's favorite spot to sit. They had their first kiss here. Ricki sat down and gazed into the lake.

The sky was growing darker and wind started to blow. Ricki could smell the ozone in the air. The air was getting damp and Ricki could feel drops of rainfall on her sorely bruised head. She closed her eyes and let the rain pound on her skin. Her hair began to stick to her face.

Then a gentle down pour came. Ricki was getting soaked. She had enough time to get up and found shelter, but she chose to stay. Her hair grew heavy. She laid back and fell against the wet, soft grass. The rain moistened her dry lips. From the corner of her eyes, you could see the rain fall down her cheeks. Then those raindrops turned into teardrops. As one flowed down, the rain washed it away. Ricki wanted so much to cry hard, but the rain calmed her soul. She lay there while the rain came down and there, Ricki mildly kissed the rain.

The End