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The song in this fic is ĎJust When I Needed You Mostí by Randy Vanwarmer. A sad, touching piece from 1979. Hope you enjoy the fic and watch out for the sequels. Thanks-

Silver Linings
by: Sylver Rose

You packed in the morning and I
Stared out the window and I
Struggle for something to say
You left in the rain without closing the door
I didnít stand in your way

But I miss you more than I
Missed you before and
Now where I find comfort, God knows
Cause you left me, just when I needed you most

You left me, just when I needed you most

Now most every morning and I
Stared out the window and I
Think about where you might be
I written you letters that I like to send
If only you can send one to me

Cause I need you more than I
Needed before and
Now where Iíll find comfort, God knows
Cause you left me, just when I needed you most

You left me, just when I needed you most

You packed in the morning and I
Stared out the window and I
Struggle for something to say
You left in the rain without closing the door
I didnít stand in your way

Now I love you more than I
Loved you before and
Now where Iíll find comfort, God knows
Cause you left me, just when I needed you most

You left me, just when I needed you most
You left me, just when I needed you most
You left me, just when I needed you most

"Thanks for helping me with these boxes Jason." Ricki said as she and Jason Lee carried some cardboard boxes into a small room in the Power Chamber.

"Now that Billy is gone, I have no other place to stay until R.C. gets back." Ricki continues.

"No problems. Are you going to be okay here?" Jason asked.

"Iíll be fine. Iím use to adjusting to new places. Any ways I donít have to go far whenever the alarms go off." Ricki said with a little chuckle.

Ricki knows how to hide her feelings. On the outside, she calm and cheerful, but on the inside, sheís depressed and just wants to be alone. Ricki suffered a huge blow when Billy decided to break up with her and go live on Aquitar.

"Hey, everyone is going to be at the Youth Center, are you coming?" Jason asked.

"I donít think so. I need to unpack here." Ricki answered.

Jason looks into her eyes and can see her pain. He wants to reach out to her, but he knows Ricki needs to be alone. "I guess Iíll see you later. If you need anything moved, let me know."

"You will be the first one on my list." She replied.

Jason left the room and through the sliding doors, Ricki could hear him teleporting away. Ricki took a deep breath and looked around the tiny room. It had a bathroom and a little kitchen in the back. There was just enough room for a tiny closet and a main room she considers her living and bedroom. Ricki started to put together her futon. She remembers back to the bed she used to sleep on at R.C.ís apartment. Once she put on the mattress and the sheets, Ricki took a hard dive onto it. She buried her face in her pillow and began to cry.

* * *

At the Youth Center, Jason walked into the Juice Bar and joined his friends at a large round table. Everyone was puzzled not seeing Ricki in tow.

"Whereís Ricki?" Tommy asked.

"Sheís at the Power Chamber. She wanted to unpack." Jason retorted.

"She is really taking this bad." Tanya implied.

"Billy was everything to her. To have someone you love just get up and leave like that can really hurt you." Adam commented.

"We have got to get her out of there and get her mind off of things." Kat suggested.

"I tried. She will eventually. She just needs some time, thatís all." Jason said.

Jerome Stone comes by the table and places several smoothies in front of the teens.

"Is Ricki and Billy going to join you?" He asked.

The teens looked at one another and back at him. In the back of their minds they knew they should tell the truth.

"UmÖ Billy kind of left and umÖ.. Ricki is tied up right now." Rocky said.

"You donít have to hide anything from me. I used to be a detective you know." He told the teens.

"Billy and Ricki broke up and Billy left Angel Grove because he thought he wasnít going anywhere being here." Rocky finally broke.

"Wow, I would have never seen that one coming. You could never separate those two. Hey, if I give you a smoothie, can you give it to her?" Jerome Stone asked.

"Sure." Jason said in return.

"I hope King Mondo leaves us alone for a little bit until Ricki gets herself back together again." Kat replied.

"We all hope that." Rocky said under his breath.

* * *

"Ah, I see one of our Rangers is heart broken. We should capitalize on this moment. We need a plan to destroy the Silver Ranger."

"Your Highness, I think I might have an idea on how you can make the Rangers surrender." King Mondoís evil side kick Klank announced.

"What is it?" He hollered.

"Get the Silver Ranger while she is alone. Get her Zeonizer and then we can make our own Zeonizers out of the one. They only way the can get it back is either destroy the crystal or surrender their crystals. Any which way, we are going to get rid of the Silver Ranger." Klank explained.

Mondo rubbed his chin and thought hard. The gears in his head were turning. He paced around the Throne Room. "

Thatís a great plan. Iím a genius." He shouted. "All we need to do is attack the Silver Ranger when she doesnít expect it.

"Sheís so blue, I donít think she will know what hit her." Sprocket added.

"Make it so Klank. I want you to keep an eye on her. The minute sheís alone, I want you to attack her. Understand?"

"Yes your evilness." Klank bowed as he left the Throne room.

* * *

In the Power Chamber, Ricki sat on her futon and watched a small black and white television. She wanted so bad to leave her room, but she wasnít ready to face the real world. She knew her and Billyís break up is going to be all over the school and the Youth Center.

"I canít spend my whole life in hiding. I need to get my mind off of things. Sitting in here is only going to bring back memories. Thereís got to be a place I can go without bring back memories of Billy." Ricki said to herself.

She sat still for a while, thinking of places she can go. The park brings back to many memories, the cove is just the same. Then it hit her. She leaped up and ran to the back of the room. She emptied out her school stuff and filled it with snacks and water. She changed into some old clothes and left her room. She teleported out of the Power Chamber.

When she appeared, she found herself surrounded by thick trees and sounds of birds chirping. She took a deep breath and cleared her mind. She walked down a dirt path the went up some hills. She looked around and listened to the sounds of nature.

* * *

"Sire, sire. She left. She left the Power Chamber. Sheís in the forest." Klank said as he ran into the Throne Room.

"What are you waiting for. Attack her!" Mondo ordered.

Klank raced out of the room and ordered a gang of Cogs to follow him down to the Earthís surface. They vanished off of the Sky Base. King Mondo watched as the Cogs wandered the forest, Looking for the Silver Ranger.

"She canít escape on what she is. She will always be a Ranger." King Mondo whispered to himself.

* * *

In the forest, Ricki walked on some more. She saw a babbling brook flowing next to her. She stopped on the bank and looked in the clear water. She bent over and cupped her hands. She placed her hands in the water and took a sip of the water that was in her hands. Everything was peaceful. Ricki was beginning to forget who she was and what had happened to her.

Then all of a sudden, it came crashing down. A loud noise came from behind her. She released the water that was in her hands and whipped her head around. She gasped at the sight of Cogs all around her. She didnít know what to do. Then the fight or flight sense kicked in. She ran away from the scene as fast as her first place track athlete legs would take her. This was the most important race she ever had to win.

She ran between the trees, hoping they canít dodge real fast. The Cogs were coming up quickly. She could hear the crushing of the branches that fell to the ground. Her heart was pumping hard, her breath was heavy.

"Why canít you leave me alone!" She screamed.

She continued to run until she was exhausted. She couldnít run anymore. She stopped and turned around. The Cogs were right behind and catching up. She got into her fight stance, waiting to be clobbered by the Cogs.

Then it hit her. The Cogs grabbed hold of each arm and leg, each pulling in different direction. Ricki tried to fight, but she couldnít take it anymore. Her heart was no longer into battling evil creatures that threaten the world. All she cared about was to be taken off this painful planet.

"Good lassie, you gave up without a fight. That is so unlike you." Klank remarked.

"What do you want from me? Why canít you just leave me alone?" Ricki growled.

"You are a Ranger. Rangers are a threat to us taking over the Earth." Klank responded.

"Is that all you want? You always wanted to kill off the Silver Ranger, now hereís your chance. Iím not going to fight back. Iím tired of fighting back. " Ricki said.

Klank reached over and yanked Rickiís communicator and Zeonizer off of her wrists. Ricki screamed in pain as the evil robot tore them off. Klank motioned to the Cogs and before Ricki knew what was going on, she was dropped on her back and was attacked by the Cogs. Punches flew everywhere, landing on Rickiís unprotected body. Ricki could do nothing but try to block some of the punches and cry in agony.

Klank heard a familiar noise behind him. When her turned around he saw six Rangers glaring at him. Klank raced behind the Cogs and disappeared. The six Rangers came to Rickiís rescue and destroyed the Cogs that were attacking her.

Badly beaten, Ricki could fell herself being lifted into a pair of strong arms. She opened her eyes to how far she could and caught sight of the Gold Rangers helmet. She smiled the best she could and fell unconscious.

* * *

Ricki opened her eyes. She looked around and saw she was in the Power Chamber. She felt safe knowing she was back home. She leaned up and tried to get off of the bed she was laying in. Throbbing shot through her body. She walked into Computer Room where everyone was at. Her friends looked up and ran to her side.

"You should be in bed." Jason said.

"No can do. I canít be in there." She replied to him.

She continued to walk further into the Computer Room. She noticed her wrists were bandaged up. She canít believe she was stupid enough to try to have some time alone.

"Rickland, are you all right?" Zordon said in a deep voice.

"Yes, I am fine. The only thing that hurts is my pride. I thought I can get away from myself, be someone different, but I canít. As long as I hold this, I will always be a Ranger." Ricki said as she held up her left arm.

She looked at her wrist and saw her Zeonizer wasnít there. Then the painful memory of Klank ripping it off her arm came back to her.

"Oh myÖ Klank has it." She whispered. Ricki put her hands over her mouth and started to heave. Jason ran over to her and try to comfort her.

"What is it?" He asked.

"Klank ripped off my Zeonizer. Mondo must have it." She said as she shivered in his arms.

"Not good." Tommy remarked.

"What are we going to do?" Tanya asked.

Just then, the Viewing Globe began to glow. Everyone focused their attention into the sphere. Static showed at first, then King Mondoís faced appeared. Ricki gasped in Jasonís arms.

"It appears dear Rangers that I have something you might want back." Mondo announced.

"Give it back Mondo!" Tommy called out.

Ricki noticed that the Zeonizer was glowing a bright silver color. Somehow they got her Zeonizer to work. If her powers fall into evilís hands, the Rangers are going to be doomed.

"Certainly. I already found the way to harness the Silver Ranger Powers." Mondo stated.

Ricki jumped up. She couldnít let Mondo have her powers. If she canít have them, then no one will. She looked around the Chamber for anything that could help her defeat Mondoís evil plan. Her communicator was gone so she couldnít teleport to the Sky Base to retrieve her Zeonizer. Then an idea hit her.

"I donít think so Mondo!" Ricki bellowed.

She went over the Morphing Grid and unsealed her panel. She pulled out her Zeo Sub-Crystal. She held it up for everyone to see.

"Is this what you want Mondo? The power this crystal has? Iím sorry, but no one can have the power that I possess . There will never be another Silver Ranger." Ricki declared.

From behind a panel laid the Absorption Gun that was used before to take away Rangers powers. Ricki pulled the gun up and displayed it in front of Mondo.

"Does this look familiar? This time this gun is going to aid us." Ricki threw her Silver Sub-Crystal up in the air and shot it with the Absorption Gun.

The beam hit its target and the ineffective Zeo Crystal fell to the hard, metal floor. Everyoneís mouth fell open. Ricki lowered the gun and looked straight at King Mondoís image in the Viewing Globe. Her strength left her body, but she didnít show any affects.

"I canít believe you did that. You destroyed your own Power Crystal." King Mondo said in awe. "There is no more Silver Ranger."

"I will never let my powers be used for evil." Ricki said.

She picked up the sub-crystal and laid it on the computer console. Her expression on her face dropped. The strong, brave face she once had is now a sad and dismal. She walked out of the Computer Room and back into her living space.

"Ricki wait!" Jason called out.

Ricki stopped and turned around.

"Why did you do that?" he asked.

"It needed to be done." She muddled as she turned back around and headed for her room.

Jason grabbed her by her shoulder. He looked into her grief-stricken eyes.

"You have to snap out it. This is not the Ricki I know." He replied.

"You donít know me!" she screamed. "I lost a lot. I lost Billy, lost my powers, and I lost my pride. I donít want to be a Ranger anymore."

With a stern voice, Jason responded, "Youíre right. I donít know you. But the short time I have I notice you are a wonderful and strong person. I would never of thought anything could get in your way. Youíre just like me Ricki, a fighter. Donít let that fire burn out."

"Sorry Jason. I too must get away. My school year is almost up in a week, then Iím going to find another place." Ricki announced to her friend.

She walked away and entered her room. Jason just stood there speechless. There is something in his heart that is telling him something.

"Jase, whatís going on?" Tommy asked.

"I donít know Tommy. All I know the minute I met her I knew she was my type." He replied.

"Hello Jason. The girl just got dumped and sacrificed her powers and all youíre thinking about is your love life. I think your helmet is on to tight." Tommy retorted.

"I know that sounded selfish, but I seem to know how she is feeling. Like thereís a rapport between us. I donít know how to explain it." Jason told his friend.

"Letís leave her alone. Sheís probably regretting what she did." Tommy said as he gestured to his friend.

Together they left the Power Chamber and joined the others at the park.

When the coast was clear, Ricki exited her room and walked over to Zordonís time warp. She looked up at him with sorrow filled eyes. He glanced down at her.

"Did I do the right thing?" she asked in a sorrow tone.

Zordon replied, "Ricki, you did what had to be done. You couldnít watch your powers being taken my Mondo. The Silver Ranger is no more, but her memory will live on."

Ricki looked at the floor. She could feel herself sinking into depression. She never thought she could ever be this sad ever again. Everything is slipping out of her fingers.

"I let everyone down. I became so wrapped up what has happen to me, that I let my guard down. That cost me the greatest price, being a Ranger. I hope everyone forgives me." Ricki whispered.

"They do Ricki. There is no need to put the blame on yourself. Mondo would have attacked no matter what state you were in. Stop beating up on yourself." He said strongly.

"Youíre right. I have to go. I need to relax and concentrate on what am I going to now with my life." Ricki muttered as she walked away from Zordonís time warp.

She walked into her room. She looked around at all of her stuff that was scattered around. She laid down on the futon and slowly drifted asleep.

In the other room, Alpha shuffled around the consoles.

"Yo Zordon, what are we going to do for Ricki?" the robot asked.

" I might know of a person that can help. Alpha contact Triforia. Maybe Trey might know the answer to your question.

"You got it Zordon." Alpha 6 punch several buttons and the Viewing Globe began to glow.

The static disappeared and an image of a young man appeared. He looked around at the image that appeared to him.

"Alpha, Zordon. Itís good to see you. Is everything all right?" the young man asked.

"We have come up with a problem Trey. Our Silver Sub-Crystal had to be destroyed. It fell into evil hands." Zordon answered.

"The Silver Sub-Crystal? Is Ricki safe and sound?" Trey shocked.

"Yes she is." Respond Zordon, " We were wondering if the biparous power of the Gold Ranger is exist?"

"The Silver Power." Trey paused and thought. "No one has claim the Silver orb. The power still lies here on Triforia.

"Are you willing to show Ricki how to harness the Silver Ranger Power?" Questioned Zordon.

Trey responded, "Ricki would be ideal for the power. She has a lot of hard work to gain the power of the Silver orb. I will teleport to Earth and offer Ricki the chance to once again gain the Silver Ranger power."

Zordon agreed and the Viewing Globe went dark.

"It is now up to Ricki to decided." He retorted to Alpha

* * *
At Angel Grove High is once again crowned with teenagers filling the halls. Ricki slowly makes her away through the halls to catch up with her friends that wait in their usual spot. Her eyes glanced up, catching students looking at her and whispered to other people. Ricki didnít know exactly what they were saying, but she knew it was about her. She dropped her eyes once again and made her way through the halls. She walked by lockers and came to rest in front of the locker she shared with Billy. She held her breath and walked up to it. She gently opened it up and looked inside. Still written was a heart with their initials in it. She slammed the locker shut and walked quickly away. Before she knew it , she ran right into Tanya.

"Hey girl, we have been waiting for you. I thought I saw you, but I wasnít too sure." She said to Ricki.

Ricki tried hard not to show any emotions to Tanya. She didnít want her to know that she is still heartbroken. They walked further until they reached the rest of the group.

"Look who I found wondering the halls." Tanya called out.

Everyone looked at Ricki and smiled. Ricki put on a fake smile and greeted her friends.

"Hey everyone. One week until I am out of here." She said happily.

Rocky puzzled, "What are you going to do for the whole week?"

Ricki shrugged her shoulders and implied, "Nothing much. I have my last track meet this week here at Angel Grove High, so I probably sit in the library and become a peer counselor. Tutor people during study hall."

"We are going to miss you. This place wonít be the same without you red hair bouncing around the halls." Adam said in his sweet voice.

"Thanks guys. That makes me feel good. Well, off to the library. Catch you later." Ricki replied as she left the group.

"She seems a little better. I think she might pull through." Tommy informed the group of friends.

Tanya shook her head. "She got you guys fooled. I found her by her old locker. Something in there spooked her. She was on the verged of a break down if I didnít showed up."

"I know something that might cheer her up. Letís all go to her track meet. She needs us to cheer for her." Kat declared.

"Not a bad idea." Jason added. "Itís the least we can do. Right now she feels like she not part of the group anymore now that her powers are gone. She doesnít want to be in the Power Chamber anymore."

"Then itís a deal. We better get going, the bell is about to ring." Requested Rocky.

On that note, the group disbursed and headed for different classrooms.

* * *
In the library, Ricki is behind a table, looking through some old textbooks. Time to slowly creep by. The library is quiet with students doing assignment for class. She lowered her book down and looked at her watch.

"I have to torture myself for a whole week just for a track meet. What was I thinking?" Ricki whispered.

Just then, a young girl walked into the library and wrote her name on a list. Ricki got up from her seat and looked at the list. She placed the sheet of paper back down and went over the girl.

"I see you need help in Chemistry. I think I can help." Ricki said to the girl.

She smiled up at Ricki and quickly grabbed her books. They walked over to the table Ricki was seated at.

"Hi, my name is Ricki Summers." Ricki said.

The smile shyly and announced, "My name is Jessica."

"Well, glad to meet you Jessica. What do you need help in?" she quested the brown hair girl.

"Iím having trouble with ions. I have notes, but I canít seem to remember which element has how many ions." She told Ricki.

Ricki bit her lip and smiled. "Okay, lets get started. Let me see your notes."

The girl pulled out her purple spiral notebook and handed it over to Ricki. Ricki opened it up and looked at the contents inside.

"They easiest way for me to remember stuff like this is flashcards. I know it sounds corny, but it helps." Ricki reached into her backpack and pulled out some index cards. She split up the pile and started to write on them.

After she was done with one pile, she handed it over to Jessica. "Take a look at these while I finished up the rest."

Jessica shuffled through the cards and said each name to herself. You could hear the cards being flipped on the table. Ricki finished writing on the cards and handed them all to her.

"There you go. Take a look and we can see all the ones you know and work on the ones you donít know." Ricki suggested.

Jessica gave Ricki a huge smile and continued to study the cards.

After time passed, Ricki grabbed Jessicaís attention. "Itís almost time for the bell to ring. When you get any free time, look over the cards."

"Oh I will Ricki. Iíll be back tomorrow. Are you going to be here?" She asked.

"I should be. Just come on over." She answered.

Jessica ripped her backpack onto her back and headed out of the door. "Thanks Ricki."

"Youíre welcome." Ricki hollered back.

Time has come for the school day to be over. Ricki gathered up the textbooks and placed them back in the peer counselors' room. She walked out of the library and walked to the doors where her friends usually meet up at. At the corner of her eye, she saw the Senior bulletin board. She looked at it and saw the picture of her and Billy as Angel Grove Highís Cutest Couple. She smiled at the picture and touched the image of Billy.

"I hope you are safe wherever you are." She said to herself.

"Is it true Ricki?" a voice called out to her.

Ricki turned her head and looked at the girl who had addressed her.

"Excused me." Ricki said.

"Um, I heard that you and Billy broke up?" The girl replied back.

"You can say that. We couldnít have a long distance relationship." Ricki retorted.

"Sorry to hear that. You guys were so cute together." She said to Ricki while adjusting the bulletin board.

"Thanks. I also want to thank you Rebecca and the rest of the student console for choosing me and Billy. Too bad Iím not staying for the whole year, but you can, can you save me that picture?" Ricki Requested.

Rebecca smiled at the scarlet curled friend. "Here you go." She takes the picture down. "I have a copy. I can hang it up later. Just between you and me, I donít care what everyone said. Your picture is staying up. Iíll just tell them you are having a long distance relationship. The love you two had deserved to be advertised. I shouldnít take it down just because Billy is out of Angel Grove, Most of us are going to be once we graduate high school."

Ricki looked down at the picture then back at Rebecca. She gave her the warmest smile that she had ever given to someone. "You donít know what this means to me. I thank you a lot."

Ricki waved to Rebecca and walked to the doors. The congregation of her colleagues did not appear when she made it to the door. She turned in a three hundred and sixty degree turn around the spot she stood in. Then a strong hand took hold of her shoulder. She spun around and ran into Jason glowing smile. Ricki let out a gust of air when she finally figured out who it was.

"Where is everyone?" She asked.

"They had to go. We all are going to meet up at the Youth Center. I stayed behind to make sure you got the message." Jason responded.

"I really donít feel like going. I have lots of things I have to do." Ricki said to her friend.

"Let me join you? You shouldnít be alone." Jason protested.

"I like being alone thank you." She retorted.

"Would you like to join me in a movie tonight? I could really use the company. I donít like going alone." He tried to convince Ricki with his heart melting smile.

"Thanks, but no thanks Jason. I really canít." she sighed.

Jasonís heart dropped deep into his chest. He wanted so much to spend time with Ricki and to gain her trust. He didnít want to move to fast for her, but his heart is taking over his mind.

"Can you at least let me carry your books?" He questioned.

Ricki shook her head and handed Jason her two books and a spiral notebook.

"Where am I taking you?" He asked.

"The usual hole in the wall I call home." Ricki said with no tone in her voice.

She wanted so bad not to go to the Power Chamber. How she truly knows how Billy must of felt when she and the rest of his friends paraded around in their Power Ranger uniforms.

They walked a little more until Ricki stopped. "This is fine. I can teleport from here."

"Why here?" Jason interrogated her.

Ricki yelled out. "I can take care of myself. I donít want to make it too far for you to walk to the Youth Center."

Ricki reached for her books from Jason, but Jason unaware turned away. The books fell out of him arms and fell onto the ground. The contents of the spiral notebook emptied out into the earth. Ricki gasped as the picture was out in the open. She didnít want Jason to see she was still hung up on Billy. Jason dropped down to pick up her books that fell out of his hands.

"Oh man, Iím really sorry." He paused when he saw he picture on the ground.

Ricki didnít know what to do. She just stood there while Jason picked up the picture. He pushed himself back up while he glanced to the picture. When he made it back up, he placed he picture in the notebook and handed it back at Ricki.

"I guess I should go." Jason replied as he turned around and headed in the opposite direction.

Ricki felt guilty. Didnít mean to lead Jason on by pretending she was over Billy. She let out a sigh and called out.

"Wait Jason!"

He stopped in his tracks. Her voice was like music to his ears. He turned around and looked into the hurt face of his crush.

"Iím sorry Jason." She said in a soft voice.

"What for?" He tried to pretend nothing happened.

"I lied. I lied to you and I lied to my friends. Iím not okay and I donít want to be alone. Everywhere I go, I get choked up. I canít get over him. I try to put one foot forward, but I end up taking two steps back. I canít do this alone." She answered back.

"Will you let me help you?" He demanded Ricki.

"I donít know if I can." She retorted.

He looked sadly at her and muttered, "Ricki, I have never seen you lose hope in yourself. You have to tell yourself things will only get better."p>

"One day Jason I will learn that, but right now I have to live with the fact that I am alone." Ricki announced.

Ricki turned away from Jason and looked out into the distance. Jason wasnít going to give up on her, but the only way for her to be help is to want help. He turned around and started to walk in the direction of the Youth Center.

"I will always be here for you." He retorted.

Ricki took a quick look at him and shook her head. When she noticed no one was around, she pressed a button on her communicator and vanished in a bright white light.

* * *
At the Youth Center, Adam and Rocky were spending some time going over movements they have learned. Adam faced Rocky, then he dropped down and swept Rockyís feet from underneath him. Rocky fell hard on his back. The loud thud echoed through the Youth Center.

"Adam! I thought we were friends."; Rocky called out as he looked up at the ceiling.

Adam couldnít help but laugh. He gripped his stomach as he began to cry tears of joyfulness. Rockyís ego was hurt more than his back. He started to get defensive while Adam is laughing.

"Knock it off. It wasnít that funny." Rocky stated.

"You shouldíve seen your face." Adam slurred out.

"You should see your face every time you get your butt kicked." Rocky replied.

Finally, Adam stopped laughing and wiped away his tears the flowed down his cheeks.

"Hey man, Iím sorry." Adam lowered his hand to help Rocky up. "I couldnít help, but to catch you off guard like that."

Rocky gave Adam a glare as he got up from the mats. "You better be careful. Paybacks are hell."

Just then Jason entered the Youth Center. Both Rocky and Adam motioned him over to the mats.

"Where have you been?" Adam asked his friend.

"I was walking with Ricki." He answered.

"What did you guys do?" Rocky quizzed Jason.

"What is this, an interrogation?" he said in self defense. "We just talked. She needs someone and I thought I could help her talk. Get her to open up."

"You like her." Kat implied as she joined the group of friends.

The guys leaped at her sound of her voice.

"Donít go their Kat. Like I said, she needed someone and I was there. The end, end of story." Jason proclaimed.

"You can fool yourself, but you canít fool us." Kat said playfully as she joined Tanya at the Juice Bar.

Adam and Rocky looked at one another curiously. "Jason, what Kat saying is true?" Rocky remarked.

Jason turned around and looked at his friends straight in the face. "No, it is not true. I just feel sorry for her. Thatís all."

Jason walked away from Rocky and Adam and went to go work out with the free weights.

Tanya and Kat watched on while eating a plate full of french fries.

"Why did you have to go and tell him that.?" Tanya questioned her blonde friend.

"Someone needs to tell him heís acting weird. How come we are her closest friends and we are not hounding her like Jason is. He barely knows her." Kat replied.

"I know, but did you have to do it in front of Rocky and Adam? I know it very obvious, but he doesnít see it that way. So maybe he does like her, whatís wrong with that?" Tanya pointed out.

Kat sighed as she sipped her juice down. Itís unlike Kat to be jealous over anyone. She and Ricki had spent good times together shopping, riding bikes and taking about the opposite sex. Tanya watched on as Kat didnít speak a word to her. Tanya got up from her stool and went over to Jason, crossing Rocky and Adamís path.

The two guys stopped their movements and watched on. Tanya stood by the end of the bench press machine. Jason saw Tanya standing there, but he didnít want to stop his workout. After a few presses of the loaded weight bar, he placed back on the rack and sat up. Sweat dripped off of his forehead and chest. He grabbed his towel from beneath the bench. Tanya was still present, waiting for Jasonís attention.

"Come over here to harass me some more?" He asked as he laid back down on the bench.

"No, I came here to apologize. Kat had no right to bring me into that assumption. So what you like her, itís none of my business."

Tanya grabbed Jasonís attention. He raised his body up and moved in closer to Tanya.

"Hey, we all are friends here. I donít see the big deal is if you like her. I donít know why we have isolated ourselves from her. You are right, she needs a friend and Iím glad she putting trust in you."

"The problem is Tanya." He continued, "She doesnít trust me. Yeah, I might like her, but no way does she feel the same way. She is hurting and only herself can help her."

"Itís nice to know that they are friends like you. Where were you when I got dumped by Daniel?" Tanya flirted with Jason.

Jason gave Tanya his heart melting smile. She nudged him with her shoulder as they exchanged laughs.

"So tell me the truth, just between you and me. Do you like her? She free for the taking?" She quizzed him.

Jason didnít know what to answer. Heís emotions are confused. The took a deep breath and search in his heart and mind for what he truly felt for Ricki.

"This better be between you and me, this better not be a joke you are setting me up with." Jason retorted.

"No itís not. I just want to know myself. Maybe I can help get her out of her shell." Tanya joked.

"You better not!" Jason screamed. Everyone looked over at Tanya and Jason. They smiled at everyone and pretend nothing happened.

"Yes I do. I donít know what it is. I know I only known her for a little time, but it feels like we are best friends. We just click." He whispered.

Tanya smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder. "You guys would look good together."

With that, she went back over to the Juice Bar and took her seat back down at the bar. Jason followed her with is eyes, hoping she wasnít telling Kat everything they have talked about. Relief came when Tanya grabbed her bag and strolled away from the Juice Bar.

* * *
When the white light faded away, Ricki stood in the middle of Angel Grove Park. She walked over to the swings and sat in an empty one. She twirled around and dragged her feet in the dirt. Her mind drifted back to her talk with Jason.

"I lied. I lied to you and I lied to my friends. Iím not okay and I donít want to be alone. Everywhere I go, I get choked up. I canít get over him. I try to put one foot forward, but I end up taking two steps back. I canít do this alone."

"Will you let me help you?"

"I donít know if I can."

"Ricki, I have never seen you lose hope in yourself. You have to tell yourself things will only get better."

"One day Jason I will learn that, but right now I have to live with the fact that I am alone.

"I really have giving up hope." She spoke softly to herself. "How can this drive me to be this way. I have lost important things in my life only to turn around and found great things to take its place."

Right then, a large crash broke her thought. She looked up as saw a robot monster heading for the park. She got up from the swing and hid in a nestle of trees. She flung out her arms and twisted her wrist only to find out her Zeonizer wasnít there. She looked down at her wrist and saw nothing appeared. She put her arms back down and looked at the monster.

"Iím not a Ranger anymore." She cried out.

Screams filled the park. People of all ages were racing around trying to find a way to get away from the huge maniacal beast. She ran from the trees and down the straightway of the park. She spotted a friend from school trying to pick up his belongings. Ricki went over to his side and helped take hold of his stuff. Right before the monster could break through the iron fence that closed up the park, six columns of bright light emerged between them. Ricki gasped and ran with her friend to a spot where everyone was watching the Ranger fight the monster.

"That was close." The young man said to Ricki.

Ricki was mesmerized by the Rangers. She had never watched the Rangers this way before. She has become a third party. Seeing them call upon the ZeoZords seemed to break her heart. Her Silver Albatross still sat in the Power Chamberís bay waiting for its Ranger to take it out for battle.

"Uh, oh yeah. Real close." Ricki stuttered.

"It looks like you have never seen an monster attack." Rickiís companion announced.

"What? I have seen plenty of monsters. Why do you say that Ryan?" she asked.

"By the way you watch them. It looks like you never seen the Power Rangers fight a monster." He responded.

"Whatever. Itís nothing new with me. The Rangers are going to destroy the monster like they do with all the others." She pointed out.

Ryan gathered up his books, folders, and notepads into his arms. "Youíre right about that. No matter what evil overlord that tries to take over Earth they are always defeated by the Power Rangers."

Ricki looked over and smiled at Ryan. She wanted to watch the battle involving her friends and one of King Mondoís contraptions closely, but she was afraid she will gather attention to herself like she did with Ryan. She slowly waked around the park. The earth vibrated with each clash of metal. She was so used to either watching a battle on the Viewing Globe or being in it herself. The more she watched, the more she could tell her friends needed her help.

"I have got to do something. Maybe I can still get to my Zord in time to help." She thought to herself. "Wait a minute, I can operate the Zord not being a Ranger. Thereís got to be a way to activate the Silver Albatross without the Silver Zeo Sub-crystal."

Before she could find an empty place for her to teleport, the Rangers started to get the upper hand on the evil creature. Ricki watched on as the Zords and Pyramidas converged together to form the Zeo UltraZord. The colossal Zord cast a shadow that covered the entire park. Rickiís mouth dropped in awe. She had never seen the Zeo UltraZord from the outside before.

"They donít need me, they have everything handled. I guess my losing powers wasnít a great lost to the team after all." Thought to herself.

When the battle was over, the metal monstrosity fell into a million pieces and burst into flames. After a few moments of the burst, sirens of the fire trucks filled the air. The crowd in the park started to disband and vacate the park. Ricki watched on and ran toward the Zeo UltraZord. By the time she closed to it, it separated into different Zords. The closest on to her was Pyramidas. She got into view and started to scream.

Inside, the Gold Ranger heard a voice close by. He engaged his Viewing Screen and saw Ricki jumping up and down. The Gold Ranger couldnít stay seated.

"Oh my.." He called out when he recognized her. He raced over to his console and pushed several buttons.

On the outside, Ricki could feel herself start to elevate. A warm white glow covered her and sent her soaring through the air. When the glow dissipate, she looked around and saw she was in Pyramidas. The Gold Ranger raced over to Ricki and laid his hands on her shoulders.

"What were you doing out there?" He asked.

"I was just in the park when the monster started to attack. I had no idea that it was going to happen. When I saw the Zeo UltraZord, I just couldn't leave without knowing if youÖ I mean everyone is going to be okay. That last monster look pretty mean." Ricki said, hoping Jason didn't catch what she said.

"You miss being a Ranger don't you?" He replied back.

"More than anything. I wanted so bad to help you guys out." Ricki said as she looked at her feet. Ricki responded back to the Gold Ranger.

"Let me take you back to the Power Chamber." The gold clad Ranger suggested. "We have to go there and it sure beats walking."

Ricki smiled and took a seat next to her friend. The Gold Ranger took hold of the controls to Pyramidas and together they left the scene of the park. Ricki hung on tight as the mighty Zord flew through the air. She could feel the power the trusters had. She couldn't believe what power Jason had in a Zord.

When they made it back the Power Chamber, the Rangers left their Zords and exited the Bay. They joined together in the Computer Room. Jason and Ricki remained in Pyramidas. She looked around in wonder. Jason lifted off his helmet and smiled at the inquisitive companion.

"You want to look around?" he asked.

Ricki glanced over at him and nodded her head. Jason couldn't help but to flash his dimples at Ricki. He has never seen her so curious before. He showed her around the cockpit and what each control does. They continued further into Pyramidas. Ricki was studying the mechanics of the Zord, until she noticed Jason describing everything to her. How the black and gold uniform snug around his body, how his eyes twinkled as he talked to her, how the light shined off of his hair.

Ricki didn't know what to do. She never noticed anyone like this before except for Billy. Ricki felt nervous.

"I think that should do it." Ricki abruptly said as she lean away from Jason.

Jason was puzzled at Ricki's reaction. He watched her as proceeded to Pyramidas. He followed her through the narrow passageways and when he got close, he grabbed hold of her shoulder. Ricki whipped around and looked right at Jason.

"Ricki, what's wrong? Was it something I said?" he interrogated.

Ricki took a deep breath and tried to gather her nerves up. "I don't know how to describe this to you. Right now I feel like I can open up to you, but when I do, I get too scared and I back down. I guess I'm not ready yet to open up."

Jason removes his hand off of her shoulder. "I'm sorry to hear that. I wish I could help you."

Ricki smiled and started to depart from the Gold Ranger's Zord. Once out, she walked on the cold, hard floor of the Bay and went over to the Silver Albatross. She looked at the Zord she once used to battle evil. She climbed inside and took a seat behind the controls. She rubbed her hands over the console while visions of recent battles traveled through her head. Her eyes began to swell up with tears. She lifted out of her chair and walked around the Zord. She couldn't control her tears as they overflowed her eyelids. She wrapped herself into a ball and sat in the corner while tears spilled down her cheeks. She lowered her head into her folded arms as she wept to herself.

Jason powered down and went into the Computer Room to join the other Rangers. He listened to everyone as the congratulated each one in their part of the battle. They were wrapped up in their re-enactment that they didn't see Jason lost in thought. Jason couldn't help but to think about Ricki's reaction. He was stumped what made her closed up. He thought he finally got through to her.

"What took you so long to get out of the Bay?" asked Rocky.

Jason didn't hear him, but he noticed everybody looking in his direction.

"Something bothering you, Jase?" Tanya asked with worry in her voice.

"No. I was thinking." He answered.

"Is everything okay with Pyramidas?" Tommy added.

Jason didn't want his friends to get on his case about Ricki. He doesn't like to hide things from them or lie, but he had no choice. "I thought I heard a odd sound coming from it. I took a quick look over it, but I couldn't find anything. I'm going to get a few instruments and take a deeper look."

No one question Jason. They just went back to making plans for the evening. Jason's gut twisted as he thought about what he had told his friends. He quickly left the Computer Room and headed for the Equipment Room where they store all the tools they need to fix things around the Power Chamber.

He walked down the hall and he was about to pass Ricki's quarters. He stopped outside of the door and tried to listen to see if she was in her room. He couldn't hear any commotion. He wanted to knock, but he couldn't, not what happen in Pyramidas.

"She needed some space and I don't want to ruin what we already have." He considered to himself.

He continued to walk down the hallway and into the Equipment Room. He grabbed a few supplies and headed for the Bay. He left out of the room and down the same hallway, passing Ricki's quarters. He saw Kat knocking on her door. He walked further until he reached her.

"Hey Jason, have you seen Ricki?" she pondered. "She's not answering."

First Jason seemed uptight with Kat's question. "Is she assuming I know where she is at. I know I made it obvious that I like her, but I'm not hounding her." Then he realized by the look on Kat's face that she was concerned for her friend. Jason looked deep into his gut. Should he tell the truth to Kat and tell her that Ricki was with him on Pyramidas or should he back up his story.

"No I haven't." he whispered.

He didn't meet up with Kat's eyes. He looked down at the equipment he had in his hand.

"Oh, too bad. We really wanted her to go to the amphitheater with us. We were just going to hang out and enjoy the evening air. You are welcome too." Kat said to him.

"Thanks, but I need to find out what's wrong with Pyramidas. Maybe when I get done, I'll met you down there." He retorted as he began to walk down the hallway to the Bay.

He approached the double doors of the ZeoZord's Bay. They slid open and he walked toward Pyramidas. He stopped for a moment when he got a feeling. He looked around the Bay, but saw nothing. He continued to walk some more. He stopped at Pyramidas. He opened a hatched that is located on the side. He put in a recorder and scanned inside the compartment. Something inside of him was nagging at him. He couldn't hardly concentrate on the reading he was getting from the recorder.

"I shouldn't of lied to Kat and everyone about Ricki. They are worried about her. I should go find her." He said in his mind.

He closed up the compartment and put the equipment down on a table. He was stumped on where to look for her. He knew she had to be close. He didn't see her when he left Pyramidas. He was about to leave the Bay when he caught a view of the Silver Rangerís Zord that sat in the back of the Bay. We walked over to it and looked at the dormant Albatross. He climbed up to the entrance hatched and entered the Zord.

Once he was inside the Zord, he noticed that it was dark. It was very tight and hard to maneuver around. He had never been inside her Zord before and kept knocking his wide shoulders on corners. He walked further until he heard something in the distance. I walked softly until the sound came louder. Through the faint shadows he saw Ricki, huddled up in a corner. He didn't know what to do. Ricki was intensely crying that she didn't know he was standing there. Jason reached over and landed his hand on her head. Ricki jumped up startled.

"Hey, it's okay. It's just me." He sighed.

Ricki couldn't stop crying. She tried to speak, but she was hyperventilating. She tried to speak, but nothing would come out. She was so weak, that she hung on the wall for support. Jason raced to her before she lost her grip. He held her in his arms while she wailed in his chest.

"Let it out. You need to let it out." He said to her as he rubbed her back.

She cried harder and punches threw through the air. Jason tried to comfort her with soothing touches and a loving voice. Jason couldn't help but to think with his heart. He tried so hard not to cry himself. He could feel the pain Ricki was going through. Just holding her made him believe he was helping her let out all the emotions she needed to let out.

After a few minutes, Ricki started to ease up on crying. She moved her head up so she could rest her chin on her his shoulder. Tears slowly stop rolling down her cheek. She wiped the moister off of her swollen cheeks. Jason could feel her breathing slowed down. He pulled her away from his chest and looked at her straight in the face.

"Are you all right?" He asked her.

Ricki throat hurts, so she answered by nodding her head, Ricki glanced into his chocolate brown eyes. Her blue eyes were bloodshot and puffed-up.

"Is there anything you want me to do?" Jason continued to ask Ricki questions.

Ricki just wanted the pain to go away. She was hurting deep inside and she just wanted to be back to normal. She turned her head away from Jason and looked around throughout the dark hallway. She searched through her thoughts and finally made a decision.

"Help me." She breathed.

With that, Jason helped her up and enveloped her in his arms. She took hold of his body and embraced him in return. He took her hand and escorted her through the Silver Zord and out onto the Bay. They held hands as they walked into the Power Chamber. She led him to her quarters.

They both sat down on her futon. They looked deep into each other's eyes. Ricki took a deep breath.

"I need to talk. I have been tearing myself up. I can't get over Billy. I have lost a great deal and it feels like I'm loosing control over my life. I have been through some tough time before and I overcame them, but this time, it feels different." Ricki stated.

Jason didn't say a word. He listened to every word Ricki had to say. He could feel her agony, but yet he felt happy that she was finally talking.

"It's like a great pain right in the pit of my stomach." She raised her head and faced him. "Can you help me through this. I need a good friend right about now."

"You have a lot of good friends all around you." Jason replied.

"Don't get me wrong, they are great friends, but there's something about you. You are the only one who has made an effort to help me. I need that now."

Jason smiled and together they talked throughout the night. Ricki talked about her life in Tri-City Falls, the loss of her parents, and her feelings toward her friends. Jason led a caring ear and a few stories of his own. He shared his stories about being the first Red Ranger, his trip to Switzerland, and why he came back to Angel Grove. Ricki began to open up and their rapport began to get stronger. A few times Ricki even laughed at a few tales Jason told her. The night became morning and neither one of them grew tired of the talking they were sharing.

Ricki got up from the futon and stretched out her back. When she glanced over onto a tiny alarm clock she kept beside her bed, she noticed the time.

"Oh myÖ it is five o'clock in the morning. I didn't mean to keep you this long. If you need to go, then go." She announced.

"I'm fine, donít worry about me. I'm enjoying this time together." Jason responded.

Ricki gave a little giggle and went into the make-shift kitchen she had in the back of the room. When she came out, she brought with her two bottles of water and a bag of chips.

"I don't know about you, but I have worked up an appetite." Ricki said with a smile.

She sat back down and they started to chat some more. More time went by as the bottles were emptied and the empty bag of chips laid on the floor, wadded up in a ball. They never knew how much time they spent talking until Ricki started to yawn. Jason was discussing a time he had when he was a freshman, trying out for the football team. Little did he know that Ricki was drifting asleep. Jason, at last, caught one when Ricki took a dive into his lap. Jason couldn't help but sigh at the sleepy red head. He gently stroked her crimson mane as she slept. As he thought on about his feeling for her, he too is taken by exhaustion. He closed his eyes and settled asleep.

Both teens leaped up when they were woken up by a bang on her door. She waked over and answered the visitor that was at her doorstep. When she opened the door, her eyes were not focused to see who was standing there.

"I'm glad you're here. Have you see Jason. Whenever we look for you, we seem to run into Jason. This time we are looking for him and we find you." Tommy said.

Ricki stepped away from the door and Jason appeared. His hair was standing on end and his eyes are bloodshot. Tommy was shocked to see Jason with Ricki. He didn't want to believe Jason would stoop that low to do anything with Ricki. He questioned Jason's feelings toward her, but he knew his good friend would never do anything to ruin a friendship.

"There you are." Tommy replied, trying to hind his feelings. "All of us are going to the mall. Care to join us?"

Jason, shaking the sleep out of his eyes, looked over at Ricki then back at Tommy.

"I see why not." He answered.

Both Tommy and Jason looked at Ricki, waiting to see what her answer is going to be.

"Sounds good to me. Sure beats staring at these walls." She said with a smile.

Tommy couldn't believe the smile she had on her face. He had never seen her smile that big in a long time. "Maybe Jason is good for her. She seems happy." He thought to himself.

Tommy left the doorway and Jason and Ricki entered the room.

"I guess I should head home since I haven't been there all night." Jason announced.

Ricki giggled and tugged on Jason's cowlick that stood up on top of his head. Jason blushed and tried to pat it down as he headed for the door.

"See you in a little bit?" questioned Ricki.

Jason turned around and answered, "I'll be back in a few minutes."

He walked into the hallway of the Power Chamber. Ricki could hear him teleport away. She sighed and went back into the room where she got ready to go out with her friends.

* * *

By early afternoon, everyone met up at the mall entrance. Each teen was excited. Nothing's better than having the afternoon off from chasing evil creatures.

Rockyís eyes caught a view of a weight station in a storeís window. He walked over to the sports store and stare at the window.

"Hey Rocky, need a sponge there?" Tanya asked a rhetorical question.

Rocky turned around to his friendsí laughter.

"Thatís a beautiful machine there." He protested.

Adam walked over to him and laid his hand on his shoulder and led him away from the window. Tanya shook her head and grabbed hold of Katís and Rickiís wrist.

"Come on girls, lets go try on some clothes." She pronounced.

Ricki and Kat were pulled out of the group and forced to follow Tanya down the passageway to the boutiques. Kat looked back and waved good-bye to her friends and Ricki mouthed Ďhelp meí.

The girls departed and the guys were left looking at each other, laughing.

Rocky glanced over at Adam and replied, "You got one tough girlfriend."

"She keeps me in line." He retorted to his best friend.

Tommy and Jason convulsed with laughter while Rocky stifled his chuckle. Adam took a quick look at his colleagues.

"What are you laughing at Tommy? Youíre whipped too by Kat." He revealed.

"Did someone bring a jacket, because itís getting awfully cold in here." Jason joked.

"You have no room to talk bro." Tommy hinted.

Jason looked surprised. "What?"

"I know where you were last night." He grinned.

"Are you two guys going to let us in on the secret here?" Rocky protested.

Tommy smirked and looked at Jason. "Are you going to tell them or do you want me to?"

"Come on Tommy, weíre just friends. Thereís nothing going on between us." The teen remonstrated.

"Hello, remember us?" Adam was trying to catch the two feuding friendsí attention.

"This morning I found Jason consoling Ricki. And it looked like her never made it home." Tommy informed Adam and Rocky.

Rocky and Adamís eyes widen. It seemed that all the air was sucked out of the mall when they gasped. Rocky went over to Jason and nudged his shoulder.

"So, when were you going to tell us big guy?" Rocky flashed a huge smile.

Jason shook his head and proceeded to walk away.

"Was it something I said?" Rocky called out.

"You guys donít understand. Ricki is very nice and all we are is just friends." Jason said.

The group of guys walked together through out the mall. They each looked around in their favorite shops.

"Now that we are on the subject of Ricki, what are we going to do for her tomorrow? It is her last track meet and possibly her last day at Angel Grove High." Rocky publicized.

Everyone looked at one another with a blank look on their face. They wanted to cheer her on at the track meet, but they didnít know that it might be Rickiís last day.

"We should throw her own pep rally. Kind of like a good-bye party, but happier." Adam suggested.

"Thatís a great idea!" Tommy hollered out. "We should decorate the Power Chamber also."

Jason just stood there quietly. He just canít get her out of his mind. The conversation they had last night meant a lot to him. He remembered her telling him about how Billy went to all of her track meets and how loud he cheered for her. Even a couple of times heíll snick out of Debate Club so he could go down to the track and watch her practice. He was her number one fan and it is going to be tough for her not being able to hear his voice cheering her on at her last track meet of her high school year.

"Jason, what do you think?" questioned Tommy.

Breaking his thoughts, Jason looked up at his best friend and said, "That would be a terrific suggestion. We should tell the girls."

The guys walked some more until Rocky and Adam ran off, leaving Tommy and Jason together. They strolled until Jason stopped in front of a jewelry stand. He looked through the glass case until something caught his eye. A beautiful silver lightning bolt charm on a silver chain. The light seemed to dance off of it. A gentleman walked over to the two guys.

"Can I help you?" he asked.

"Yes, may I see that necklace?" Jason pointed to the necklace that grabbed his interest.

The gentleman opened the case and picked up the necklace. He handed it over to Jason, laying it in his hands. He held it up into the light. Jason was speechless.

"Thatís a nice necklace." Tommy pointed out.

"Itís for Ricki. Something to give her good luck at her track meet." Jason added.

Jason put the necklace down on the case and told the salesman with a smile, "Iíll take it."

The salesman walked away with the necklace. Jason laid out some money for the necklace on the case.

"Do you think sheíll like it?" Jason asked.

"I see why not. You should know, you are her friend." Tommy said sarcastically.

The salesman handed Jason a bag which had a box in it that the necklace was placed in. The two teens walked away and caught up with Rocky and Adam.

When time passed, all the teens met up at the Food Court of the mall. They all say down at the biggest table they could find.

"So, what did you buy?" Asked Tommy when he noticed the bags when the girls sat down.

"The basics. Clothes, clothes, and more clothes." Tanya proclaimed.

"Letís get something to eat." Rocky called out to everyone.

"Good idea." Everyone agreed.

Tommy and Kat headed in one direction, Tanya and Adam went together, and Rocky went in another direction. All was left at the table was Jason and Ricki.

"Are you going to get anything to eat?" Asked Jason.

"Iíll wait until someone comes back. I want to save our table and watch our stuff." She answered.

"Then Iíll keep you company. Are you ready for your track meet?" He asked her.

"Iím a little nervous. I canít believe Iím leaving Angel Grove High. I will actually miss that place." She responded.

"I wish you luck even though you donít need it. Youíre probably the best track person out there." Jason whispered. Ricki giggled and blushed.

Just then, Tommy and Kat approached the table. Ricki got up from the table.

"Are you coming?" Ricki inquired.

"Iíll be right there." He told her.

Ricki lest and headed to get something to eat. Tommy nudged Jasonís arm.

"I told everyone about the party. Sheíll most likely stay after a little bit to hang with the team before sheíll heads to the Power Chamber. When we get done with lunch, take Ricki around the mall while the rest of us get stuff for the party." He said under his breath.

Jason nodded his head and left the table to join Ricki.

* * *

The next day, the teens met up in their usual spot. They all started to whisper to one another until Ricki showed up. She didnít notice her friends lack of communication when she approached.

"So big Rick, are you anxious?" Rocky quizzed her as he rubbed her shoulders.

"Iím fine Rocky." She laughed. "It's not like my first meet you know."

"You can never say I donít care." Rocky added.

"Donít you have classes to go to." Ricki called out.

"What do you have planned?" Jason walked up to her.

"I have to help a girl with Chemistry and another girl with Algebra. Everything else is pretty open." She retorted.

Jason smiled at her. Then the bell rang for class. Everyone quickly scattered for their classes. Ricki went to the library and reported in. She sat down at a table and prepared for students who needed help with their studies.

Approaching the table was Jessica. Ricki looked up and smiled at the student. She placed her backpack down and took a seat at the table.

"Are you ready for your big test?" Ricki asked Jessica.

"I think I am." She replied uneasily. "Can you quiz me on them?"

"No problem. Letís get started." Ricki stated. "How many elements have plus four ions?"

Jessica thought for a while and counted in mid air. "Six." She came back with.

"Correct. Can you name them?" Ricki continued.

Jessica looked right at Ricki and began to name them off. Ricki was pleased at Jessicaís progress. Every question Ricki asked, Jessica has gotten them right.

"Okay, last one. Name the elements that have one ion."

Jessica rolled her eyes around and called out, "Francium, lead, cesium, hydrogen, rubidium, ammonium, copper, lithium, sodium, potassium, and all of the 1A elements."

"Are you sure that is all?" Ricki asked.

Jessica thought some more and shook her head.

"You forgot silver." Ricki replied.

"Oh man. I canít believe I missed that." Jessica proclaimed.

"Trust me, itís easily missed and sometimes hardly needed." Ricki smiled. "Well, time is almost up. You did a great job. You better tell me how you did tomorrow."

"Donít you worry about that." Jessica said as she left the table.

The bell rang and Ricki laid back in her seat at the table. Thoughts rolled through her mind about leaving Angel Grove High. Still dazed, Ricki heard someone taking a seat at her table. When her eyes finally focus, she saw it was Jason.

"What are you doing here?" she inquired.

"I think I need help in . . ." Jason trailed off, thinking of something to say. "Anatomy."

Ricki snorted at Jasonís request. Playing along with his game, Ricki continued to ask Jason questions.

"In what?" Ricki tried not to laugh.

"Mostly human." He responded.

"Okay, what part?" Ricki persistent.

"You know, the lungs, kidneys, spleen, epididymis." Jason said calmly.

"Jason!" Ricki squealed.

"I knew Iíll get a reaction out of you." Jason said with a huge smile. Ricki looked around the library to see everyone looking in the direction of the table that they were sitting at.

"You are so evil. Does your teacher know youíre here?" she asked.

"Yes she does. She even gave me a hall pas." He held up a piece of paper. "Now where should we begin?"

Ricki couldnít help but to laugh. Jasonís charm could go right through her defenses. They pretended to study, but all they end up doing was talking. When the hour was up, Jason had to leave to go to his next class. Ricki almost didnít want him to leave.

"See you after school." Jason replied as he left the table.

Ricki watched him as he departed the library. The world seemed so far away. She didnít notice the students that were coming and going out of the library. When he turned the corner and out of Rickiís sight, she just sat there, gazing into space.

* * *

The final bell rang and all the students were heading out of the school. Ricki walked over to the coachís office.

"Hey Ricki, you ready?" Coach Wood asked.

"Of course I am. Letís just hope Stone Canyon isnít." Ricki said with a smile.

All of the girls sat around the coachís office. This was their last chance to see who will be doing each event. After Coach Wood was done with his pep talk, each girl separated.

"Okay girls," Coach Wood announced, "You have one hour until you are needed to report in."

Each girl nodded their head and felt to go down the halls. Ricki walked to a deserted part of the school. She looked around to make sure no one was around. She pressed a button on her communicator and disappeared in a column of white light.

When she reappeared, she was standing in the Power Chamber. It was pretty quiet, too quiet. Alpha was no where to be found. She walked to her room, but was stopped by an unusual noise coming from the storage room. Ricki was puzzled by the noise and proceeded to investigate the noise. When the automatic doors opened, she was taken back at her friends screaming surprise. The room was decorated with streamers in the colors of Angel Grove High.

"Whatís going on?" she asked.

"We are giving you your own pep rally." Kat answered.

Ricki didnít know what to say. She just stood there in the doorway. Tanya grabbed her hand and dragged her into the room.

Ricki couldnít believe her friends did this for her. When Tanya pulled her into the room, Ricki observed a table that was set up with refreshments on it. Purple and orange balloons decorated the table.

"You guys are too sweet." Ricki replied.

The teens joked and laughed while they ate the treats that were on the table. For the first time, Ricki have forgotten all about her broken heart. She knew nothing could take the place of Billy, but it she wasnít going to dwell on it. She didnít want to believe her friends abandoned her because of her break up. Sometimes she pushes people away, but what she really wants is to talk to someone. Sheís will never be able to repay Jason for all the help he has been.

"The party is not over yet." Rocky announced.

He walked over to a table and pulled out a box wrapped in silver paper. He walked over to Ricki and handed it to her.

"This is for you." He replied.

Ricki grabbed hold of the package. She slowly unwrapped it so she wouldnít tear the paper. Once the paper was removed, she opened a flat, white box. She pulled back the tissue paper to reveal a large silver picture frame with a picture of her, Jason, Tommy, Katherine, Rocky, Adam, and Tanya. Ricki gasped at the sight.

ĎItís beautiful. I love it." She whispered.

Ricki tried hard to hind her emotions. She didnít want to let anyone to know that tears were forming in her eyes. Then she heard sniffles and saw Kat rubbing her eyes. Ricki let out a gentle smile.

"Group hug everybody." She called out.

Everyone raced together and formed a tight bunch. You could hear everyone groaning from being squeezed to hard.

Once everyone released their hug, Ricki looked around at all of her friends.

"You guys are too cool. Iím going to miss you." She said.

Silence fell and the room was quiet. They wanted to deny the fact that Ricki was no longer have to stay at Angel Grove High. She completed her courses and already graduated.

"Youíre not going to stay?" Adam asked.

"Thereís no reason to. Iím going to see if I can take some early classes at Angel Grove University." She answered.

"You can always stay and be a peer counselor. You do a great job tutoring." Jason pointed out.

Ricki giggled and walked over to him.

"Iím sorry I have to leave Angel Grove High, but donít worry. You only have half year left." Ricki retorted.

Ricki looked at her watch and noticed that it is time to go.

"Hey guys, I hate to jet. Catch ya later.í She said as she began to leave the room.

"Wait up!" Jason called out.

Ricki stopped in the hallway and turned around. "What is it?í

"I want to give you this." He said as he held out his hand.

Ricki looked down and saw a small package wrap up in stunning tissue paper. She took it out of his hand gently. She untied the ribbon and removed the paper. When she lifted the lid off of the box, she became breathless. She looked into Jasonís golden brown eyes and began to weep. Jason took the necklace out of the box and placed it around her neck. She could feel his strong hands working around her neckline. Ricki wiped her hand around the necklace and felt all of the grooves. Jason grabbed her shoulders and turned her around. Their eyes met and for a second, time stood still. Ricki didnít know what to do.

"Itís for good luck." Jason murmured into Rickiís ear.

"Thank-you." She replied back.

Ricki reach up and embraced Jason. They stood there in the hallway for a few moments before they released. They both smiled at each other.

"I really need to go." She said.

"Need company?" He queried.

"I would like that." She responded

Together the walked down the hall until they walked into the foyer. They held up their communicators and pressed a button that caused shaft of lights to surround them and carried them out of the Power Chamber. When the materialized, they were behind the high school. They walked together to the track field.

"This is my stop. See you later?" Ricki inquired.

"Iíll be up in the stands. Now go, before you get in trouble." Jason commanded as he pushed Ricki to the field.

Once Jason made it to the bleachers, he saw the other teens come around the corner. They walked up the bleachers and sat down with Jason.

"Did you give it to her?" Tommy asked.

"Yes. You were right, she likes it." Jason replied.

As the track meet began, Rickiís friends kept a close eye on her. Every time it was her turn to race, they cheered as loud as they could and sometimes Rocky like to intimidate the other team causing everyone to laugh.

On the track, Ricki could hear her friends cheering for her. After each race, she would look up into the stands and wave to them. Her fellow teammates kid around about her cheering squad. She canít help but to laugh at Rocky, because only he can be a heckler at a track meet.

"Okay girls, we are up by one." Coach Wood pointed out. "This is Stone Canyonís strongest event. Theyíre not so strong in sprints, but they can kick our butts in distance. Now, hereís the game plan for the four-forty. Tina, youíll be first, Cyndi, youíre next, than you Maria, and Ricki will be our anchor. Make sure your teammate has a firm grasp on the baton before you release it. Dropping it will cause us the race. Now, is everyone ready?"

"Yes!" all the girls said in unison.

"Good, now go out there and kick some Stone Canyon butt!" Coach Wood hollered.

The four girls raced over to the track. Tina began to stretch out her legs. Ricki walked over and handed her a metallic purple baton. Tina received it and started to get ready for the race.

"Racers, on your mark." The announcer called out.

Tina squatted down and placed her feet in the starting blocks.

"Get set." The announced continued. "Go!"

The starterís gun fired, sending all the racers running at top speed. Tinaís arms pumped as she raced to Cyndi. Cyndi saw her coming and began to run while Tina outreached her hand to pass off the baton. Cyndi was running as fast as her legs could take her around the track. She didnít want to look back to see where Stone Canyon was at. Her eyes focus on Mariaís hand. When she reached up to her, she slapped the shiny purple baton into her hand. Maria rocketed around the track. Her face was tense and her feet planted firmly on the ground. Nothing was going to stop her. Ricki took her position on the race. Her heart beat in her throat. She eyes concentration on Maria as she turned the corner. Maria was closing in and Ricki reached back to receive the baton. Once that piece of metal touched her hand, she was gone. Her knuckles turned white from her tight grasp on the baton. Her eyes stay focus on the finished line. She can hear the faint cheers of her friends. The voices were pushing her home. When she crossed the finish line, she couldnít stop. She continued to run until her legs wanted to slow down. Once her legs stopped, she walked over to the side of the track and waited to hear the results of the race. But before she could get there, her coach ran up to her and started to scream. Ricki couldnít understand what he was saying.

"We did it! We beat Stone Canyon in the four Ėforty!" he screamed.

Ricki couldnít believe it. The girls huddled up and cheered. Ricki looked up in the stands and saw her friends clapping and jumping up and down on the bleachers.

"Okay, we have one more event. I know you girls are tired, but this is for all the marbles. The eight-eighty will either make us or break us. Stone Canyon was close, but I believe they were testing the waters for this event. We are going to go with the same sequence and remember three simple things. Never look behind you, donít drop the baton, and youíre Angel Grove Tritons." The coach said in his usual go, fight, win tone of voice.

The track girls huddled up just in the infield of the track. Before long, the rest of the track and field athletes joined them. Everyone tried to stay relax. Ricki tried hard not to look up on the score board to see who was first. She placed her hand on her chest and rubbed the lightning bolt that Jason gave her. She looked up into the stands and focused on her friends. They were as nervous as the athletes were. They were seated and quiet. She made eye contact with Jason. She waved and he gave her two thumbs up. She smiled and placed her attention back on the team.

Then it was time for the final race to begin. Tina was walking over to the assign lane. She had the metal baton firmly in her hand. She tried to loosen up, but she couldnít help but to tense up, especially when the girl next to her is from Stone Canyon. Tina couldnít help but to make a face at her friends.

"On your marks." Called the announcer.

"Get ready." He continued.

Tina crouched into the starting blocks, eyes focused, and baton snug tightly in her hand.

"Go!" the starterís gun went off.

Tina flew out of the blocks. Her arms and legs pumped as fast as she could. She was in the middle of the pack, halfway around the track. When she was around the track, Cyndi was ready to receive the baton. The cool metal felt good in the heated hand of Cyndi. Cyndi was completely focus on the race. You could see her jaw clenched, that every time her foot would land, her cheeks bounced. Her blonde hair streaked in the wind. When she made it around the track, she passed the baton off to Maria, who took off like a rocket. Ricki watched her pass two runners as she raced around the track. Ricki took her position on the track. She wiped her hands off so the baton wonít slip out of her hand. Maria was coming down the straight away. Ricki could see the sun reflex off of the purple baton. Then it was her turn to make a lap. She tore around the track. Her cleats dug into the track, pushing her further. Her red hair was up in a tight braid which swung back and forth along her back. Only one more person to pass. When she got closer, she could see the colors of the uniform. Burgundy and gold, Stone Canyon. Ricki knew she had to beat her. She wasnít going to let down her team at their last track meet. She inched ever so closer. Her legs took longer strides. She was down the straight away. No body except her and the girl from Stone Canyon. She could hear the cheering, first from her teammates, then her coach, and then her friends. She was ever so close. She could see the color of Stone Canyonís baton. She gritted her teeth as she sped up. Her leg muscles burned. She could see the finish line no more than ten feet away. Then a spurt of energy. She could hear Jasonís voice calling her to go faster, telling her she could do it. She relaxed and let her body run itself. Before she knew it, she was nose to nose with the girl from Stone canyon. Sweat dripped into her eyes, burning them so she couldnít see. She kept them closed as she raced. Ten feet became five feet. Her muscles stop burning. She could still hear her friends cheering her. Five feet became three feet and there was silence. Not a voice could be heard. She struggled hard to hear cheers, but there was none. Suddenly Ricki felt something broke across her chest. She had to open her eyes to see. She peeked one eye and looked around, nothing. She opened the other and still nothing. Then the cheers came back. Before she knew it, she was done with the race. Tina, Cyndi, and Maria came running up to her.

"You did it girlfriend!" Tina bellowed.

Ricki didnít understand what she was talking about. Looking puzzled, Ricki looked around the track. Her teammates were jumping and down. Her coach was dancing with excitement. The stands were filled with teens screaming.

"We beat Stone Canyon!" Maria yelled out.

"What?" Ricki questioned.

"You pulled ahead right before the finish line. You won the race." Cyndi explained.

Ricki couldnít believe her ears. She looked shocked at everyone. When they made it to the middle of the infield, her teammates congratulated her.

"We really did it." Ricki said.

"Thatís what weíve been telling you." Tina replied.

Ricki let out a huge smile and celebrated with the rest of her team.

Before she knew it, all of her friends were in the midfield, celebrating with her and her teammates.

* * *

The next morning, Ricki was waiting for her friends. This was the first time she made it to school before anyone else did. She was filled with excitement. In her view, was Rocky. She quickly ran up to him.

"Hey there!" She called out.

Rocky jumped back. He couldnít believe that was Rickiís voice that he heard. Once he got a look at her, he smiled and replied.

"Oh hey, what are you doing here so early?"

"Got nothing else to do." She answered.

Just then, Adam and Tanya joined the two teens. Adam was rumbling through the locker and handed Tanya her books she needed for class. Tanya looked at Ricki and smiled.

"Why are you such in a good mood?" she asked.

"This is my last day here in Angel Grove High and I got accepted to M.I.T. university." Ricki responded.

"Oh myÖ" Tanya mouth fell open. "When were you planning to tell us?"

Ricki shrugged her shoulders. "I really donít know. Itís all going by so fast."

"Let me be the first to congratulate you." Tanya grasped Ricki by the neck and gave her a huge bear hug.

Then Jason, Tommy, and Kat joined the group of teens.

"Whatís with the hugging?" Tommy asked.

Ricki and Tanya let go of one another and looked at their friends. They looked at each other and giggled.

"Do you want me to tell them?" Tanya asked.

"I think you should. Itís too hard for me to even think about it." Ricki told her yellow clad friend.

Tanya placed a huge smile on her face. Everyone was puzzled at the news.

"Get on with it!" Rocky blurred out.

"Yeah, whatís the big news?" Kat added.

"Itís kind of good news, bad news." Tanya said to her friends.

"Well." Jason quipped.

"The bad news is that today is Rickiís last day here with us. And the good news is that she got accepted to Massachusetts Institute of Technology." She finally announced.

Everybody eyes widen at the news. They couldnít believe the news.

Jason walked over to Ricki. "I thought you were going to go to Angel Grove University."

"I need to get away from Angel Grove. I have been here too long and thereís nothing here for me. I need to go to a prestige university that is really good in sciences. The college is paying for everything including room and board. I canít pass up on that offer." Ricki answered, trying not to focus on anyoneís face.

She could see the hurt in Jasonís eyes. He was there for her, but instead she chooses to run. She felt like she led him on, believing that he made a difference in her grief-stricken state.

Just then, the bell ran for their first class. Silence fell over the teens. Ricki felt like she betrayed them. She wanted to say something, but nothing came to her.

"See you at lunch?" Tanya asked.

"Sure, why not." Was all Ricki could say.

At that moment, her friends left their lockers and proceeded to their classes. She looked on at Jason, but he never made eye contact with her. She just stood there, looking on as he descended down the hallway. Ricki lowered her head and walked to the library.

Once Ricki got comfortable at a table, her friend Jessica came running up to her. She had a large grin on her face and a piece of paper in her hand. She sat down at the table and pushed the paper in front of Ricki. Ricki picked up the paper and glimpsed at it. A large ninety-eight written in red ink on top. She glanced at it some more and realized it was Jessicaís Biology test that she helped her study for. Ricki lowered the paper back down on the table and gave Jessica a huge smile.

"Iím so happy for you." She replied.

"I couldnít have done it without you." Jessica announced.

"Iím glad I could help. Now, you have to repay me by keeping you grades up. It seems like you got the hang of studying the way I taught you." Ricki retorted.

"Oh I will. I have another test coming up next week. Are you going to be about to help me with this one?" she asked.

Ricki lowered her head. "No I canít." she answered. "This is my last day here."

"How come?" Jessica was puzzled.

"I already received all my credits. You can say Iíve graduated." Ricki said softly to her.

"Are you going to still be in Angel Grove?" she questioned.

"No, I heading up to Boston for college." Ricki said roughly.

"Well, I hope you have a good time and I promise to keep my grades up. "Jessica replied as she left the table.

Ricki couldnít take it anymore and left the library. She placed her book bag on her back and walked out quietly. She walked down the twisted hallways until she found herself in front of Coach Woodís office. She went up the stairs and walked into the room. She looked around, but no one was in the office. She grabbed a piece of paper and began to scribble out a note. When she got done, she placed the letter on Coach Woodís desk and left the office. She sighed to herself and strolled to the exit of the school. The only thoughts she had were the look on Jasonís face when Tanya told everyone that she was leaving. It was the same look that Jessica had on her face.

Ricki stopped at her car and entered the vehicle. Once inside, she started it up and began to leave the schoolís campus. The reflection of the high school appeared in Rickiís rear view mirror. She wanted to look into it one last time, but she never did. And so, the high school gradually decreased in size and vanished into a tiny dot on the horizon.

* * *


Tommy quickly covered the face of his communicator. Everybody else joined him in the corner.

"What is it Zordon?" Tommy asked.

"Mondo released a terrible monster on Angel Grove."

"What perfect timing." Adam clever remarked.

"Letís go guys." Tommy commanded.

The raced out of the school and rapidly found an empty place they can teleported. Each teen pressed a button on their communicator and abruptly, columns of colors took them away.

In the Power Chamber, Ricki watched the battle on the Viewing Globe. She saw that the Rangers have their hands full with another one of Mondoís evil creations. Out of the blue, a familiar noise took hold of Rickiís attention. Once the black column dissipated, a young man stood in the center of the Power Chamber. Ricki smiled at the recognizable face.

"Hello Trey. What brought you here?" she asked.

"I have a favor of Zordon." He replied.

They both looked up at the large floating head that was enclosed in a time chamber. Zordon gazed down at his guest.

"Greeting Trey, itís good to see that you didnít waste any time getting here." Zordon announced.

"Anything for a fellow fighter for goodness." Trey said in his deep voice.

"Are you here to take back your Gold Ranger Powers?" Ricki questioned him."

"On the contrary my dear Rickland, Iím here to give away another set of splendid powers." He said while looking into her deep blue eyes.

"Now, Iím confused." Ricki proclaimed.

"Ricki, there is a legend on Triforia about biparous powers that separate they are strong, but when reunited with one another, the powers are extraordinary powerful." Zordon informed Ricki.

"What does that have to do with giving away powers?" quizzed Ricki.

"The legend is half way true. My ancestors found half of those powers, the Gold Ranger powers and somewhere they are powers to match those of the Gold Rangers." Trey paused. He looked at Ricki and grabbed hold of her hand. "I would like for you to come to Triforia and receive the powers of The Silver Ranger."

"Let me get this straight. There are another set of Silver Rangers powers on Triforia and you want me to go and claim them?" Ricki stated.

"That is correct. Zordon told me the courageous story on how you gave up your powers so that they wouldnít fall in the hands of evil. You are perfect for these powers and together with the Gold Rangers, youíre going to be tough to beat." Trey said to her.

"How do you know that I want to be a Ranger again? I was getting use to the fact that I might be able to have a normal life. I got accepted to a wonderful university and itís a chance for me to leave Angel Grove. "Ricki announced.

"Look at the Viewing Globe and tell me you donít miss being on the team?" Trey pointed to the sphere that sat in the corner.

Ricki looked on and saw the Rangers putting the final touches on the monster. They assembled their Zords together and as a team, they defeated the evil monster. Ricki reflected back to the way she used to fell when they put to an end one of Mondoís monsters. Each time the Machine Empire sends down a monster, the harder it takes to destroy it. Sometime, she doesnít know how they ever survive this long. She turned back around and looked up at Zordon, then back at the Triforian prince.

"What all I have to do?" she asked.

"Itís up to you. I canít tell you what all that has to be done. Itís up to you and your willingness to want these powers." Trey answered.

Ricki combed her fingers through her red hair and thought deeply about the offer that has presented itself to her. Before she knew it, the Rangers enter the command area of the Power Chamber. They were also shocked to see Trey there. Jason could feel a knot in his throat.

"Hey Trey, what brings you here?" Adam asked.

"I was summons here by Zordon. It seems that one of you has proven great pride in being a Ranger." Trey responded.

Jason was having a tough time breathing. He knew that Trey was here to receive back the Gold Rangers Powers back. He rocked back and forth from one foot to another. He wanted to run and hide, but he knew that these powers didnít belong to him. Ricki could see how nervous her was. She slowly walked over to him and laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Thereís nothing to worry about Jase. Heís not here for your powers." She whispered in his ear.

He whipped is head up and glanced into her eyes. She stood up strong and took a deep breath.

"What Trey is trying to say is that he is here to help us." Ricki declared. "And Iím leaving to go to Triforia."


"Why are you going there?" Rocky asked.

"You can say Iím going on a quest. Thereís no reason I can give you at this time. I just hope you accept this." Ricki proclaimed.

"Know what, I canít accepted it!" Jason blunted out. "You are acting the same way Billy did. You are going to run off to some unknown place because you feel like you donít belong. I got news for you, we care about you, I care about you and I donít want to see you leave just because you believe no one cares. Take a look around. You are not the only person here who has been through hard times."

"You donít understand Jason." Ricki responded.

"Why donít you fill us in?" he jested to her.

"You know what, I donít need this. Come on Trey, I need to leave." Ricki said to him.

Together, a pillar of black light surrounded them and carried them out of the Power Chamber. The teens just stood there with their mouthís open.

"Zordon, are you going to let her leave like that?" Jason asked.

Zordon peered down at the teens. He knew that there was a reason why Ricki didnít tell her friends why she was leaving. He kept quiet until a good reason came up.

"It was her decision." He finally proclaimed.

Jason threw his helmet down and stormed out of the room. Each of the teen looked at one another and kept quiet. They each left in different directions.

* * *

On Triforia, the band of black light landed gently among the soft earth. Ricki looked round at the surroundings. She walked a few feet until something made her stop.

"What is it?" Trey asked as he ran to her side.

"I donít know? I just donít feel well all of a sudden." Ricki explained.

"My castle is not to far from here, letís get you there." Trey said as he helped her regain her balance.

"I canít go any further." Ricki said soft before falling unconscious.

Trey quickly scooped her up in his arms and carried her to his castle.

Time passed and Ricki slowly began to wake up. Once her eyes began to focus, she noticed she was in a large room. She was laying on a soft bed with sheer curtains that hung from the bedpost. She lifted her hand and parted them so she could be able to see. She was stunned at the beauty of the room. Soft material covered the bed and the windows. Several pieces of furniture were made up of some dark color wood. Shiny metal decorated every part of the room.

Just then, a heavy door opened and Trey stepped into the room. He turned toward the bed and smiled when he saw that Ricki was awake. He walked softly to the bed and sat down on the corner of the mattress.

"How are you feeling?" he asked as he placed his soft hand on her cheek.

She sighed and replied, "Doing better. That trip sure did a number on me."

"What you experienced is your body reacting to Triforia. Itís called trifurcation. "He explained.

"What do you mean?" she questioned.

"Your soul and body split into three, just like what Triforians do." He simplified.

Ricki looked at him with empty eyes. He placed his other hand on her cheek and looked into her blue eyes.

"Donít worry. Youíll be fine." He comforted her.

"Do you know where the rest of me is?" she asked.

Trey couldnít help but to chuckle. "You are Rickland of Strength. The two others are Rickland of Hope and Rickland of Love. It seemed that you have lost both before you came here and in order for you to receive your powers, you must reunited yourself and become whole."

"Maybe I donít need them. I can live without Hope and Love. They always seem to get me into trouble any ways. " She proclaimed as she got up from the bed.

"I can not make up your mind. But remember why you came here. You are not whole without Love and Hope. You must travel to find your another beings." Trey tried to convince her.

"All I came here for was to get this mysterious Silver Ranger power. Now Iíve seemed to have lost my selves and not I have to find them. Is there anything you came tell me." Ricki said as she walked over to the window.

"I canít tell you much. All I can is that once you find Rickland Of Hope and Rickland of Love, you will be ready to receive the Silver Ranger powers."

"Where do I look?" Ricki interrogates Trey.

"That I canít tell you. You will know once you get started." Trey pointed out.

Ricki didnít know what to think. Her mind was clouded with thoughts and feeling she didnít understand. She gazed up at the deep blue sky and stared at the three moons that gleamed in the sky.

"Those are beautiful moons you have here on Triforia." Ricki whispered.

Trey walked over to the window and stopped right behind her. She could feel his breath blow across her neck. He out reached his arm and pointed to the heavens.

"That moon is named Lerato. This one is named Raja and Kiah is over there." He quietly breathed into her ear.

Ricki stood there for a moment, pondering the fact that she was on a strange world that only one other human was on which happens to be Billy. How would she be able to find her other selves if she has never been here before. But deep down inside, something told her that the answer laid right in front of her. She turned around and looked at Trey. His eyes were focused on the surrounding outside of the window. He lowered his eyes and focus on her face.

"I need to go." Ricki said.

Trey nods his head at her and turned around.

"Will you be able to come with me?" she asked.

"No. This is your quest. The longer you are separated, the longer it is for you to come together. I believe you will succeed."

Ricki smiled and headed for the door. Trey followed and showed her to the outside exit. Before she left his castle, Trey grabbed one of her arms. Ricki quickly twisted around. They looked deeply into each others eyes and not a word was spoken. Ricki let out a smile and turned back around. She walked ahead to the mountainous area ahead.

It seemed she had been walking for hours. Each time she took a step, her feet were buried into the sand. She looked up and saw the light pink color moon Lerato hanging in the sky. It seems that it didnít hang as high as it did before she left the castle.

When she looked back down, she found herself in a house. It was warm and inviting. It had wooden floors, plenty of windows that lighten up the dark colors that decorated the walls. Children Ďs laughter could be heard through out the many hallways. Ricki turned her head and looked over her shoulder when something caught her eye. A boy walked into the room with a telescope under his arm. The boy had striking blue eyes and light auburn hair. Something looked familiar to her, but she couldnít put her finger on it.

"Come on dad, were gonna miss the eclipse." The child shouted.

"Iím coming Will. Go check on your sister." A voice answered back.

A shiver ran up Rickiís spine. She knew exactly whose voice that was. She never thought she would never hear it again.

"Billy." She whispered as she walked closer to the entrance of the hallway.

"You heard dad, Chasandra, get a move on." The child called out.

A pretty girl walked into the room and stood next to her brother. They both had the same features.

"Here, are you happy now?" she wisecracked.

"Will and Chasandra. I remember them. They came from the future to help defeat their enemy that came from a wormhole. But they were older then. I must be in the future, but how did I get here?" Ricki said to herself.

Rickiís eyes broaden when she was an older version of Billy walk into the room. She almost forgot what he used to look like.

"Hey hon, you ready?" Billy asked as he looked in Rickiís direction.

Ricki looked around and saw everyone looking at her. She didnít know what to say. She looked down at herself and noticed she was not in the clothes she was in before she observed Lerato.

"Yes I am. Let me grab the food and Iíll be right there. "Ricki replied.

"Okay gang, letís go outside and set u the telescopes." Billy exclaimed to the children.

Ricki smiled and entered the kitchen. She started to put food in containers when she spotted her reflection in the window. She was herself at least fifteen years older. Her has hair was short and push back off of her face. She looked down at her hands and caught sight of a gorgeous wedding ring on her left hand. She was startled by Billy putting his arms around her waist.

"You need any help?" he asked.

"Sure. You can carry these." She said as she handed him a couple bags of chips and cans of soda.

Together they walked outside to the backyard. Will and Chasandra were looking through their telescopes at the various stars and the moon.

"Hey dad, when is the eclipse going to happen?" Chasandra asked.

"It should start soon." He answered.

Ricki walked across the woodgrain deck that was off the bank of a lake. The trees covered any light that came from other houses. She lit various numbers of candles and walked back over to Billy.

Lovely night for an eclipse." He said to his wife.

"Couldnít get any better." She replied back.

They sat together on a swing. They watched on as their children bickered back and forth about what they could see in the night sky. Then the full moon began to change color and a dark patch slowly began to cover the surface. Billy wrapped his arm around Ricki and together they looked up at the night sky. Ricki felt comfortable. Everything was perfect. She had Billy by her side, two perfect children, a wonderful house, peace and quiet.

She felt a slight wind brush up against her ear. When she turned her head, she saw Billy blowing in her ear. They both laughed at each other. Billy leaned over and kissed Ricki on the lips. It felt like nothing has changed. She could feel the sparks that flew every time they kissed.

"Hey mom, dad. Check this out!" Will screamed

they both pulled apart and looked at what their son was pointing at. There, up in the sky was a pink color moon. Ricki gasped and stood up.

"No!" she cried out. For she noticed that wasnít the Moon, it was Lerato from Triforia.

"It seem to perfect." A voice rang out.

Ricki turned around at the swing both her and Billy was sitting on. Instead of Billy, there sat the image of Ricki.

"Whatís going on?" Ricki asked.

"Iím Rickland of Love. All of this could have been yours if only you believed that you were back on Earth."

"But itís not true. Iím on Triforia and Billy is on Aquatar. All of this is a dream." Rickland of Strength replied.

But it did seem real didnít it?" Rickland of Love got up from the swing and stood face to face with Rickland of Strength.

Rickland of Strength stood there quietly. Thoughts ran through her head.

"I would have done anything for that to be real, but itís not. I miss Billy a lot, but thereís other people who are also care for me." She retorted.

"Like Jason." Rickland of Love announced.

"He probably hates mw right now and I donít blame him. I wish I could of return the feeling back to him that he had for me." Rickland of Strength whispered.

"You still have a chance." Rickland of Love said as she took hold of her. They stood facing one another.

May we never part again." Rickland of Love said as she joined with Rickland of Strength. Once Ricki opened her eyes, she saw a field ahead of her.

Feeling a little bit more energized, Ricki walked through the fields of assorted wild flowers. She could smell all the difference aromas they gave off. A small trickle of water came into earshot. She followed the sound until she came to a stream. She bent over and took a couple handful of water. The water tasted sweet and refreshed her parched throat. When she got up, Ricki saw the reflection of the moon Raja. The brassy gold color danced among the waves. She continued to walk until she hit a wall of tall grass. The was extended above her head and the only way to go past it is to go through it. She raised her right hand and pushed the grass out of the way. When she stepped past the wall, Ricki was no longer in the field, but on the campus of Angel Grove University. She walked further until someone called out her name. She turned around and saw a group of people walking over to her.

"Are you ready for the party?" asked a blonde female.

"Uh yeah, I guest so." Ricki responded.

"Hey girl, are you okay? You look like you seen a ghost." A dark skin guy questioned.

"Iím sorry, I thought I saw somebody I knew. Oh well, whatís the theme for this weekís party at Phi Beta Delta?" Ricki asked with a smile.

"since we won state for the project of detecting carrier waves, we thought the theme should be a Star Trek theme." The girl informed Ricki.

"You have got to be joking Dana." Ricki announced.

"No really, itís going to be fun. Iím going to be a Klingon and Jerry is going as the Doctor." Brian shared with Ricki.

"what about you?" Jerry asked.

"I donít know many red heads on Star Trek so Iíll keep you guessing. " She retorted.

"Come on, letís go." Jerry commanded.

Everyone followed the brunette until they stopped at the fraternity house. They entered and everyone was getting into the costumes. Ricki looked around the room and saw everyone decorated the house like a star ship. Ricki couldnít help but get into the mood. Ricki stepped into the other room to get ready for the party.

"Hey look at me!" Dana screamed "Iím Seven of Nine."

Everyone in the room clapped as she modeled her costume.

"Nice." Ricki commented as she left the room.

Then guest came into the fraternity house. Ricki couldnít help but to laugh at the people who dressed up.

"Say Captain Janeway. How about you and me go to the moon and back in my private shuttle? A guy said to her in a real bad Captain Kirk impression.

"I believe that would be illogical to ask her out." His friends informed him.

"How so?" he questioned.

"Thereís a certain Commander whoís has more experience in this field than you." The Mr. Spock impersonator claimed.

"What! A commander. Quickly Spock, get your phaser ready. I will not let a commander out rank me."

Together the two guys walked away and Ricki watched on and shook her head.

"I canít believe I have classes with these people." She said to herself.

"Ricki, youíre looking nice. Waiting for your Commander?" a girl friend of Rickiís asked.

"You can say that." She giggled."

Her friend looked at her boyfriend and back at Ricki. "Chad and I think you look good." She said.

"You guys look good as Counselor Troi and Commander Riker." She pointed out.

Thanks." They walked off and left Ricki standing in the corner.

Ricki was slightly puzzled at the comment about waiting for her Commander. Hoping that she can remember anything about a guy who she has been dating. The more Ricki thinks, the more things became confused. More people came in and the house was full of people dressed up like Star Trek cast.

Over at the other table, a commotion started between two guys. Laughter filled the room.

"Okay guys, refreshments are ready!" they called out.

Everyone was passing out plastic cups full of the homemade punch. Ricki took a gulp of it and nearly got knocked over. You could here people laughing and carrying on about the state compensation that they won. Ricki was really enjoying herself. Out of no where, a strong hand grabbed hold of her and whipped her around. When she finally stopped, she could feel a mighty kiss on her lips. When she finally realized what happened, the kiss was over and Ricki looked straight at a dark hair guy. She smiled and punched him in the chest lightly.

"You almost gave me a heart attack Johnny." Ricki called out.

"Thatís Commander Chakotay to you." He smiled

"Sorry Commander." Ricki laughed.

Together they walked over to the couched and sat down. They talked about classes, projects, and things they have to get done. Just when everyone was starting to have a good time, the house shook in a violent manner. Everyone grabbed hold of objects, trying not to fall.

"Is it an earthquake?" Johnny asked.

Something in Rickiís stomach told her to go to the window. She grabbed hold of whatever she could to brace herself so she can go to the window. Once there, she opened the curtains and looked around. Here eyes enlarged at the sight before her.

"I think I know whatís causing it!" She shrieked.

Everyone raced to the windows. Outside was a battle of good verses evil. The Power Rangers against Mondoís machine. Rickiís stomach turned. She went over to the door and walked out. The battle was getting worse. The Power Rangers couldnít get the upper hand on this monster. They combined their Zords with Pyramidas and still were getting clobbered.

"Whatís going on?" People asked, but Ricki kept quiet.

Everyone from the house watched on as the Power Rangers took hit after hit by the monster. Rickiís stomach got rock hard. She knew her friends were in those Zords.

"It looks like they have their hands full." Johnny commented.

Ricki held her breath. She couldnít take her eyes away from the battle. She hoped for a miracle, something to help her friends. Just then, a blast came from the evil creature that caused the Zeo UltraZord to fall to the ground. Ricki couldnít help but fall to her knees. The monster pointed its large cannon at the fallen Zeo UltraZord and before it fired, Ricki covered her eyes. Rage filled her body. When she heard the final blast, she opened her eyes and looked up. Ricki above her was a golden moon of Triforia.

"This has got to stop!" she cried out.

Then blackness.

"What are you trying to do to me?" she called out to the wind.

"Donít worry Ricki, everything is fine." A quiet voice sang.

Ricki looked in the direction in which the voice came from. From out of the shadows came a figure. The golden glow from Raja reflected off of the silhouette.

"You must be Rickland of Hope." She announced.

Rickland of Hope shook her head. Rickland of Strength looked over to where the broken body of the Zeo UltraZord once laid.

"I thought you wanted to be a normal teenager." Rickland of Hope replied.

"I thought I did, but then I realized that I am a Ranger and will always be a Ranger until I breathe my last breath and everyone knew they had to sacrifice to become a Ranger. They are my friends and will always be a part of my life." Rickland of Strength said to her counterpart.

"What about me?" Rickland of Hope questioned. "You said you can live without me."

Rickland of Strength bowed her head. "What I said wasnít true. You make up so much of me. Without hope, thereís nothing to look forward to."

Rickland of Hope smiled. She placed her hand on Rickland of Strength shoulder. "Together, we will be one."

Rickland of Hope faded and Rickland of Strength stood alone. She walked ahead, but nothing was ahead. Then a wall of mist appeared. It blinded Ricki for a moment. Once the mist disappeared, Ricki opened her eyed to find herself in Treyís castle, laying on a soft bed.

"Where am I?" Ricki asked.

"You feel unconscious when you got here. Iím glad to see youíre better." He said.

"You mean I never left this bed?" she asked.

"No. You have been out. I knew traveling this far at the speeds we did might have side effects." He pointed out.

Ricki got up and walked over to the window. Outside, Triforians were racing around, garnishing the village.

"Whatís the special occasion?" she quizzed.

"The Full Moon Festival is coming. That is when all of the moons of Triforia are full." He explained.

"Raja, Lerato, and Kiah." She whispered.

"Thatís right. How do you know the names of the moons?" Trey puzzled.

"I donít remember. I just knew them." She replied.

Together they walked out of the castle and entered the village. Ricki looked around at all the decorations that were hanging up. Everyone had a smile on their face. Ricki could feel the energy of the place.

"You have yourself a beautiful village here." Ricki said to Trey.

"Iím glad youíre happy. You seem different since you left Earth." Trey pointed out.

"You can say that I have really found myself here." She retorted.

They walked around some more until it was starting to get dark. Trey and Ricki sat on top of the castle and looked up at the stars.

"Itís weird looking up and not being able to recognize any constellations." Ricki said.

"You miss Earth?" Trey asked.

Ricki sighed and responded, "Not really."

Trey got up and lowered his hand down to her. She took hold of it and he gently helped her to her feet.

"Tomorrow is the Full Moon Festival. There are some traditions that go along with the festivities. Are you willing to participate?" Trey asked.

"I would love to. Please tell me more." Ricki pleaded.

"I can get the finest dress makers to make the proper dress for these festivities. I just need to know one thing." Trey pauses. "Would you like to stay here on Triforia and be matron or accept the Silver Ranger powers and return to Earth."

Ricki was shocked at what Trey purposed. This is a decision was going to stay with her forever. She thought about what she has back at home at Earth.

"Trey, I will stay with you here on Triforia." Ricki declared.

Trey face shined when he heard the news. He cupped his hands around her face and gently kissed her. Ricki accepted his caress and kiss. When they release, they both looked into each otherís eyes.

"We have so much to do. Quickly, get into the castle." Trey said as they walked into the castle together.

* * *


Dusk falls and festivities filled planet. In the village close to Lord Treyís castle, bright color decorations embellished the township. Music filled the air as dancers paraded around. In the center of town, a scaffold was decorated for the Lord Trey and his Lady. The thrones were brightly decked out with fancy wood and jewels. Soft fabric covered the thrones.

In the castle, Trey was adjusting is uniform. His advisor, Titus was putting the finishing touches of his cape. Trey fidgets with his top button on his tunic. Titus comes over and helps him out. Sweat pours off of his forehead. Once Titus latched his button he walks away from his friend.

"You better get a move on, dusk is almost gone." Titus claimed.

Trey took one last look at his uniform in the looking glass and sighed. He walked out of his chamber and preceded through the castle to the foyer. He paced back and forth, waiting for the sight of Ricki.

Up in Rickiís chamber, she too is having problems getting ready. A female sage Kin brought in a gown for Ricki. Ricki was breathing heavily. Kin walked over to her and place her hands on her shoulders.

"You have nothing to worry about. Now, letís get you ready. If I knew trey, heís probably already dressed and waiting on us." Her soft voice soothes Rickiís nerves.

Ricki slipped the gown on and Kin fastened the buttons in the back. The dress hung tightly on her, showing off all of he curves. Once Kin was done, she went to the vanity and grabbed a hairbrush. She brushed her crimson locks. She pulled her hair back and wrapped a scarf in it. Ricki stared into the looking glass. The image that looked back scared Ricki. Kin came back with a small box in her hands. When she opened it up, a majestic tiara sat upon a bed of black velvet. Kin picked it up and placed it on Rickiís head. Then reality finally hit Ricki. Kin grabbed hold of her hand and escorted her to the castleís foyer.

"You canít forget this My Lord." Titus said as he handed him is crown.

"Thank you Titus." Trey replied as he bent down for Titus to place the crown on his head.

"You seem very nervous Trey. Are you okay?" The gentle man questioned.

"This is an important night. I never thought I could find someone like Rickland." He said with pride.

At that moment Kin comes down the hallway. Her face glowed with excitement. She stopped before she entered the foyer. Trey and Titus stood abroad, anticipating the arrival of Ricki. Their eyes focus down the hallway. Then a white speck appeared in the hallway. Slowly the figure came into focus. Trey could feel his palms getting sweaty.

"My I present, My Lady Rickland." Kin announced as she stepped away from the hallway.

Ricki walked closer to the entrance of the foyer. Before she exited the hallways, she smiled at Kin. In exchange, Kin kneeled. Ricki walked further until she was in the foyer. She stopped in front of Trey and Titus. She bowed her head curtsy. Trey smiled and held out his arm for him to escort her. She placed her arm in side his and together they left the castle. They walked down the street of the village. Triforians stepped to the side of the street, paying their respect by bowing and curtsying. Ricki couldnít help but to blush. She never had this much attention even as homecoming queen. When they made it to the scaffold, Trey picked up her hand that was on his arm and raised it to guide her to the throne. She walked up gently and took a sit in the huge chair. Shortly after, Trey accompanied her in his throne. Together they watched the festivities. Eye-catching dancers moved with grace in their vibrant outfits. The moons gave off their natural colors of pink, silver, and gold. Parades flowed by the scaffold. Ricki was breath-taken by the beauty of all ornaments that decorated the village.

Trey got off of his throne and bowed to Ricki. Ricki placed her hand over her mouth and giggled at him. Trey raised his hand and Ricki positioned her into his. He lowered her off of the scaffold and took her to the floor. The place one hand along her waist and the other grab hold of her hand. They looked into each otherís eyes and dance around. Rickiís hair flew in the wind when they sped around the courtyard. Trey smiled as she saw joy in Rickiís face. All of the Triforian stepped off to the side and watched their Lord and his Lady danced. They clapped to the music and cheered when they went by. When they stopped, they cried out their names and applauded. They went back up the scaffold and sat on their thrones.

"I didnít know you danced so well." Trey said to Ricki.

"Youíre not too bad yourself." She replied back winded.

They watched as the ceremonies continued. Ricki enjoyed the parades that floated by with the costumes and ordainments that decorated it. The moon Kiah luminance it silvery light upon the village. While Raja sparkled and Lerato gleamed. When the ceremonies stopped, Ricki became curious when people came up to the scaffold brings gifts and offerings.

"Whatís happening?" Ricki asked Kin

"They are bring you offerings for your betrothal tonight." Kin explained.

Rickiís eyes narrowed. The decision she made is finally here. The choice is made is going to last a lifetime. Ricki started to get nervous and her heart started beating heavily. Kin sensed Ricki distress and grabbed Titusí attention. She motioned to him about Rickiís anxiety. He understood and relayed the message to Trey. Trey turned to Ricki and grab hold of her hand. The feel of his made her feel comfortable. When the last person gave his best wishes. Titus motioned to the castle pages to help with the loading of the offerings. Three gentlemen came to view of the scaffold.

"Farson, Riffan, Tarus, please take these to the castle." Titus compelled.

Just then, two females joined Kin at the side of Ricki. Ricki felt Kin's touch on her shoulder.

"Please My Lady and follow me." She said in a sweet voice.

She turned her head to look at Trey, but he was already off of the scaffold. She grabbed Kinís hand and slowly left the scaffold. They walked to some cliffs that over looked the Sanyu Canyon. Ricki could see brilliant decorations and candles. Ahead of the canyon laid the three moons. Ricki was awe-inspired.

"Quickly, over here." One of the females called.

"Go My Lady. Follow Zaal and Azum." Kin called out.

Ricki went over to where the two girls were located. They were dressing her up with mesh work to cover her face. Kin came over and handed her a crystal chalice with a bright candle inside. She smiled at Ricki and took hold of her hand.

"You have nothing to worry about. Trey will take good care of you." Kin said to Ricki

Ricki smiled and together her and Kin walked to the beginning of the rocky cliffs. Zaal and Azum held on to her train as she walked toward the altar. Fellow Triforians watched as the betrothal began.

Once Ricki made it to the altar, she turned and faced her Lord. She could tell he too was nervous. That made her feel better. She let out a smile and he also smiled back. Titus stepped in front of them.

"The Gods gave us this day. Their treasures they shared with us. Today we are sharing our gifts with them. Our Lord Trey has chosen a matron. Will you, Trey and Rickland join hands."

Ricki passed the goblet to Kin and grasped hands with Trey.

"Will you Lord Trey and Lady Rickland show each other the limitless wonders of this world? Will you promise to share your own discoveries and new perspectives on life? Will you work together to broaden horizons continually and expand the boundaries of your lives? Will you live with each other to the fullest, for all the days we share? Are you are willing to take these words and make them your?" Titus addressed.

Ricki and Trey answered, "I will."

Titus removed bracelets off of a cushion. He placed one on each of Treyís and Rickiís wrist.

"Having found you, I have decided that there is no moment in my life more significant that this one; the moment I offer myself and all that I will become to you as your Lord. May we share with each other, from this day on, the unending joy of growth and discovery together." Trey said.

"I always had dreams of the potential of my tomorrows, believing that anything was possible. Today, as I sat out to live in this world and make a difference in it, it stirs my heart to know that you will be by my side; your hunger for redeeming that promises of our tomorrows is as strong as my own." Ricki replied.

As they stood there, their bracelets enclosed on their wrist.

The Gods accepted this betrothal and today on Lord Trey and Lady Rickland are forever tied.

Trey lifted the veil that covered her face. Trey caressed Rickiís face and gave her the most passionate kiss. She placed her hands on the back of his head and returned the kiss. The wind blew from the canyon and carried Rickiís dress among the waves of air. The Triforians cheered and cried at the ceremony. Once they release their kiss, they walked hand to hand down the rocky path to the road back to the village. Confetti flew from the rooftops, coating the royal coupleís head. They made it to the castle and they greeted their subjects with a wave and a smile. The entered the castle and disappeared for the night.

* * *

Ricki was in the bed chamber alone. She rubbed her wrist where her bracelets were at. She admired the craftsmanship of the bracelets. They were brilliant gold and silver with precious jewels encased in it. At her vanity, she looked into the looking glass while brushing her hair. She got up and went over to the closet. When she looked inside, she noticed all the clothes. She missed all of her clothes she wore on Earth, the short, the jeans, and the tee-shirts. All of it was gone. She grabbed an outfit and carried it over to the bed. Once she got finish dressing, she heard a knock on the door.

"Come in." She called out.

When the door opened, Titus walked in.

"Finding everything okay?" he asked.

"I believe so. I guess these are the royal wardrobe." Ricki asked as she shoed them the outfit she was wearing.

"You are correct." He answered.

"Just wondering. Whereís Trey?" she inquired.

"He had to leave on important business on the continent of Asnee." He informed her.

"Oh." Was all Ricki could say.

"Is there anything else My Lady?" Titus questioned.

Ricki just shook her head. Titus turned around and left the room. She walked over to nightstand and pulled out a book. She sat down and looked at the Triforian sun Tabai. The sun glowed on the pages as she began to write.

Dear Diary-

A lot has happen since I came to Trifornia. I made up my mind that all I wanted was to get the Silver Ranger Power, but instead I choose to stay on Triforia and now I am married to Trey and there is no way for me to go home. I hate to say this, but I really miss Angel Grove. Jason really got to me on what he said. He really cares or I should say cared about me. Everyone did and I treated them like dirt. I feel like I deserted them. I suppose to bring back powers to help them defeat the Machine Empire, but instead I became selfish. I miss R.C. I will probably will never see him again. I can never thank him for taking care of my when my parents died. And I never thanked Zordon. He gave me the greatest give of all. Do not get me wrong, I truly have feeling for Trey, I just wish my friends were here to see the gorgeous wedding we had. As I write this, Trey is out on the other side of Triforia. I really wish he was here so he could show me around and teach me games that people play around here. I really miss shopping at the malls. Eating junk food, that is what I truly miss. I wish for Angel Grove Cove. They have beaches here, but they are not the same. The waves do not make that sizzling noise when they crash on shore. And I really miss the seagulls. One things for sure, the sand is softer here. Kind of feels like cotton. And the three moons Kiah, Raja, and Lerato have Earth beat. The sunsets and the colors they make are not even in a crayon box. I just wish everyone well and my wishes came true. Love- Lady Rickland :does not that make you want to laugh. I can never get use to Lady Rickland.

Ricki closed the book and placed it back in the nightstand. She laid down on the bed and fell asleep. A quiet knock came to the door, but Ricki was in too deep of asleep to hear it. When the door opened, Kin poked her head inside.

"Lady Rickland." She called out, but no answered.

"My Lady, dinner." She summoned.

She walked into the room and saw Ricki asleep on the bed. She smiled and walked out of the room, closing the door behind her.

The next morning Ricki woke up and still no Trey next to her. She left her room and walked around the castle.

"May I help you My Lady?" a young voice asked.

"Yes, I donít know where anything is. Can you show me around?" she asked.

"Iíll be delighted. He said as he held out his arm for Ricki.

Ricki grabbed hold and together they walked throughout the castle. He showed her everything and every room. She was amazed at all the rooms. He showed her the learning wing where young men and women are taught to become scholars and fighters. And he told her how the castle can turn into a fortress when the time comes for battle. Ricki was impressed by the technology. She learned more about where Trey came from and about his family. The young guide told her stories about the Gold Ranger and how much he was an idol during the times of war. Thoughts of Jason flooded Rickiís mind.

"Is there anything else you would like to see?" he asked.

"Yes, please show me where the kitchen is. I havenít eaten in awhile." She answered.

He walked her through hallways until they reached a large dinning area. The most exquisite chandeliers covered the ceiling. A dark color wooden table stretched the whole length of the room.

"Please sit down and Iíll get someone to get you something to eat." The young gentleman said to her.

"Iíll be fine. Iíll just me something to eat." She said in return and went into the kitchen.

Everyone gasped when they saw Ricki in the kitchen. She smiled and walked over to the large pantry closet.

"My Lady, we will be happy you fix you a meal. Just go outside and sit down." A cook said.

"But I can do it myself." She retorted.

Then a young lady showed Ricki to the door. "Iím sorry Lady Rickland, but itís etiquette for us to serve you."

Ricki bowed her head and walked into the dinning room. She took a seat at the large table and looked on to the other side of the room. She waited a few minutes until the young lady came out with a plate of food. Ricki looked down at it and didnít recognize anything on it. She smiled and thanked the young lady. Then Titus caught her eye.

"Titus!" she called.

The advisor walked over to where Ricki was seated.

"Can I help you?" he asked.

"Do you care to sit with me? Iím kind of lonely and I really could use someone to talk to." She replied.

Titus sat down in the chair next to her. Ricki picked up her fork and took a bite of food. When she began to chew, she made a terrible face."

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"Just not used to the food here. What did I just eat?" she questioned.

"That was Nitara root." He responded.

"Can you tell me something? Does Trey always leave here? I was hoping we could spend some time together, show me around the village." Ricki quizzed Titus.

"Heís very busy and sometimes different continent need him." He informed her

"Oh okay. I guess I have to take a trip of my own." Not liking the answer, Ricki picked up her place and began to leave the table.

"You know Lady Rickland, you can leave your plate there." Titus said in his deep voice.

She looked at her place and whispered, "Etiquette."

She put the place down and left the dining area. She remembered how to go to her living quarters. When she got inside She looked around for something to do. Once she looked outside, she saw the village below. She smiled and headed out of the room and down to the village. There she walked around and looked at all the shops. Something caught her eye and she ran across the street. There in the window was the most beautiful drawing set. It had color pencils, chalk, pastels, paints, and different drawing utensils. That was the one thing that reminded her of home. She raced into the store and looked at the kit.

"May I help you?" An older woman asked.

Ricki turned around and looked at the woman. Before she could answer, the older lady caught her breath. She curtsied in front of Ricki. "Iím sorry My Lady."

"Not worry about it, I didnít mean to startle you. I just want to know how much for you art set in the window?" Ricki pointed to the window.

"Please take it. Let it be a gift." The sales woman replied.

"I canít do that, please tell me. I will come back with the money. Itís just reminds me of home." She told the sales lady.

"If it means so much to you, please take it. The payment is letting me have the satisfaction that I am making you feel like youíre at home." The sales lady reached into the window and pulled out the kit. She handed it to Ricki and gave her a huge smile. Ricki placed it in her arms and slimed back at her.

"You donít know how happy I am." Ricki said to the sales lady as she walked out of the door.

Ricki walked to the castle and went straight to her room. She opened the case and looked inside. She couldnít believe the wonderful colors. The first thing she did was to grab the color pencils. She took them all in her hand and went over to the window. Right outside her window was the moon Kiah, Rickiís favorite. She leaned back in her chair and began to draw. Then a knock to the door.

"Come in." she said.

"Itís time for dinner." Kin said as she peeked her head in the room.

"Are we having Natara root?" she asked.

"I believe not." She answered.

"Whoís going to be eating with me?" Ricki questioned as she turned away from the window.

"Lord Trey isnít back yet." She pointed out.

"Can you eat with me? I could really use the company." She suggested to Kin.

"Sure." Kin said as they walked down the hallways and into the dining room.

They both sat down at the large wood table. A young female placed the plate of food in front of Kin and Ricki. Ricki looked at her plate and started poking at her food. Kin was eating when she saw Ricki not eating.

"Whatís wrong?" she asked.

" I really donít like the food. I guess I just have to get use to it." She said as she took a bite of food. When she tasted it, she made an unpleasant look. She quickly washed it down with a drink. Kin tried hard not to laugh.

"You are going to have a rough time living here if you canít enjoy the food." She retorted.

"Tell me about it."

After dinner, Ricki went back to her room. She grabbed her pencils and went over to the bed. She thought about what she could draw. Then an idea struck her and she began to draw. She stayed up all night until the early morning finishing her drawing. When she got done, she folded it up and put in her drawer. In there she saw her diary and opened it up.

Dear Diary-

Alone once again. Trey is still gone and I miss him a lot. Today I got tour of the castle by one of Treyís proteges. He was sweet. I still get the hang of this etiquette. I canít get my own food, which I got to tell you can kill a human, and leaving dished on the table. R.C. would kill me if I ever did that. What I wouldnít do for one of Jerome Stoneís smoothies. I got this incredible art set from a shop today. It has everything. I already used it on a few drawing I did. Nothing much is going on so I past time away by drawing. Hopefully I will have time to go out to the gardens and draw there. Itís so peaceful. I better be going. Rickland Summers.

She closed her book and placed it back in the drawer. She changed out of her clothes and changed into her night clothes. She tucked her self in underneath the softest blankets she had ever felt before and there she fell asleep.

As weeks went by, Ricki has spent most of her time drawing. She had found many peaceful places in the castle where she can draw. She discovered many plant life in the garden. What she waned the most was to see Trey. The last she saw of him was the night of the Full Moon Festival. She reached into her bag where she cares all of her art supplies and pulled out her diary. She leaned back on a rock and began to write.

Dear diary-

You seem like my only trusted friend right now. Trey is still not home and I miss him terribly. I finally know my way around the castle and Iím starting to get used to Nitana root. The nights are quiet and the days are peaceful. Iím learning a little bit about Triforia by Kin. Sheís the greatest. She wouldíve love Earth. Rocky would fall for her in a heartbeat. I hope everyone is alright on Earth. I miss teleporting to the Power Chamber every time my communicator went off. I miss the smell of the Power Chamber Bay. The greasy smell of the Zords, the hums of the Zeo sub-crystals chamber. Oh my I canít believe Iím missing that annoying robot Alpha six. That is the most irritating accent I have ever heard. Itís close to dinner and I better head in before Titus sends out the guards to come find me. Sometimes I love messing around with him. See ya! Rickland Summers.

She packed all of her things and went inside the castle. She placed her bag on the bed and went to the dinning area. She sat in her usually seat and waited for Kin sit next to her. When the plates were passed out. Ricki studied her food. Kin helped her with the names of the food. They played around until Titus made is verbal announcement. Then they would straighten back up and continued their dinner. Once dinner was over, Ricki escaped to her room. There she went through a lot of things she received during the Full Moon Festival. She rummaged through the dresser drawers, chests, and the closet. She found her old clothes that she wore when she came to Triforia. What surprise her most was the necklace the Jason gave her sat on the bottom of a hope chest. Her eyes filled up with tears as she raised the necklace up so the light could catch it. She went over to where she kept her diary and laid the neck in the book. She flew onto her bed and cried herself to sleep.

The next morning Ricki left the castle unattended. She didnít want to wait for Kin to get ready. She went over to the Sanyu Canyon and sat on the edge. She could feel the rays of Tabai hitting her back. She looked out in the distance at the mountains and rivers that laid ahead. Tears fell down her face as the wind blew her crimson locks.

Back at the castle, a black column of light landed in the center of the castle. Titus came up to him and greeted him.

"How is Rickland doing?" Trey asked his advisor.

"She doesnít seem well. Sheís always alone and malversation. She even left the castle without supervision." Titus informed his Lord.

"Sheís just not used to this place. Iím just sorry I have to leave in such a hurry. I really wanted to spend time with her." He said as he walked to her chambers.

He knocked on the door, but there was no answer. Trey looked puzzled at Titus. He knocked again and there was still no answer. He opened the door and walked inside. He could see that she was not in bed. When he got closer to the bed, he saw all of Ricki drawing. He couldnít believe at the pictures he saw. There were pictures of the planet Earth and itís Moon. Pictures of her friends in their Power Rangers uniforms. Pictures of her family and things around Angel Grove like the cove and the park. He smiled when he saw the picture she drew of him. He looked some more at the pictures she drew from around the castle. He moved a stack of drawing when he saw her diary. He opened it and read several pages inside. Before he could close it, a necklace fell out of the book.

"My Lord, do you want me to search for her?" Titus asked.

All Trey could do was shake his head no. He placed the necklace back in the book and closed it up. He got up from the bed and left the room.

"My Lord, whatís wrong?" Titus asked.

"I have to set her free." He whispered.

Titus was confused. "Buy Lord Trey, sheís your matronÖ"

Before he could finish, Trey interrupted him. "Sheís not happy here. She feels like she betrayed her friends by staying here. I gave her the choice to either stay here or take the Silver Ranger powers and go back to Earth."

"But what about the betrothal?" The advisor asked.

"Right now Ricki is somewhere thinking. When she comes back, I will give her the Silver Ranger Powers and asked her what she wants to do." Trey said as he walked away.

Titus couldnít help but to be sad for this Lord. He really thought Ricki was right for him. Titus thought hard on where Ricki might be. I knew all of her hiding spots, but he figured she would be somewhere where no one could find her. He closed his eyes and thought for a moment. He opened and smiled. He walked out of the castle and walked to the cliffs of the Sanyu Canyon. Before he got to the rocky path, he could see her sitting on the edge. He slowly walked the path and sat down next to her.

"Am I in trouble for leaving the castle?" she said in between tears?

"No, Iím just letting you know that Lord Trey is home and he wants to see you." He responded.

Ricki looked up at him and wiped her eyes. You know something?"

He looked ahead, "You are not happy. Please go back to the castle and see your Lord."

She got up and slowly walked down the rocky path. She looked back as saw Titus still sitting on the edge. When she got to the castle, when went into the foyer. Before she got a chance to say anything, Kin grabbed hold of her and put her in a bear hug. Once she released her, Ricki saw Trey in the hallway. Ricki ran to him and embraced him with all of her might. He kissed her on top of her head. Together they walked to the castleís gardens. There he took both of Rickiís hands and looked at her straight her eyes.

"I missed you Trey." She said.

"I have missed you too." He replied back.

"Maybe on your next trip you can take me?" Ricki said with a cheery voice.

"I want to be honest with you Rickland and hopefully you will be honest back. You are not happy here are you?" Trey announced.

Ricki looked at the ground and shook her head.

"Then why do you stay?" Trey questioned.

"Trey, I have feelings for you that I have never felt before. I gave you my word that I was going to stay here and you have given me the moon and stars. I canít back out now." She answered.

"The more it hurts me to say this, but your happiness means a lot to me. I want you to go back to Angel Grove. They need you and they need the Silver Ranger." Trey retorted.

"I canít leave you. We have a bond." Ricki held up her hands to show him the bracelets.

"I know you will keep you vows and I will to you. These bracelets are made up of magic and only death will cause them to open. You will always have a bond me and I with you. Please, go home and see your friends and one day I will go to Earth and see you." Trey declared.

Ricki didnít know what to say. Her heart was breaking, but yet she was happy to be going home.

"What about you?" she whispered.

"I will miss you, but I will live. Even on Nitara root." He joked.

Ricki reached over and planted a kiss on his lips. When they separated, they walked hand in hand back to the castle. Trey help Ricki gather up her belongings but all Ricki took was her necklace. They walked to the back of the castle were Ricki has never been before. Trey reached down and pulled out a staff. Ricki noticed it looked just like the one the Gold Ranger uses.

"Rickland, here are the Silver Ranger Powers. They are strong, but even stronger when you combine with the Gold Ranger. You will share Pyramidas with the Gold Ranger, for now youíre a team." Trey proclaimed.

Ricki reached up and grabbed onto the staff. Then the staff glowed a stunning silver light. It enveloped Ricki, causing her to close her eyes. She could feel herself getting stronger. When the light faded. She was morphed into the Silver Ranger. She took off her helmet and looked at her uniform. It was the splitting image of the Gold Ranger except her colors were silver and white. When she looked over at Trey, she could see the anguish in his face. She dropped her helmet and ran to him. He grabbed her into his arms and squeezed her tight.

"I promise Trey, Iíll be back." She whispered into his ear.

"I will count the days." He said back

They let go of each other and when Ricki went back for her helmet, Titus was handing it to her. She smiled at him as she took the helmet from his has.

"Until we meet again." He replied.

"Until we meet again." She said back.

She turned around and faced Trey. She put the helmet back on and gave him a thumbs up. Then in a silver light, Ricki vanished from the castle and from Triforia.

* * *

Back on Earth, the Zeo Rangers were in a battle with the Cogs by King Mondo. The Rangers were fighting them off, but the more they destroy , the more reappeared.

"This is getting out of control." Screamed the Blue Ranger.

"Tell me about." The Red Ranger answered back.

Then a bright silver light flashed, startling everyone.

"What was that?" asked the Gold Ranger."

"Reinforcements." Shouted the Silver Ranger.

Once she got her bearing down, she starting fighting off the Cogs. She was pulling them off of the other Rangers. All of the Rangers were starting to fight a little harder. The Silver Ranger ran over to the Gold Ranger.

"Itís time for a little heavy metal!" She called out as she lifted her staff up on the air.

"Iím with you!" The Gold Ranger exclaimed as he to lifted his staff up.

When the two Rangers crossed their staffs together, a tremendous ray came out of the top. Cogs didnít stand a chance once they were hit by the ray. Once a few were destroyed, the otherís retreated back the sky castle.

Once the Cogs were gone, the Rangers teleported back to the Power Chamber. As soon as they materialized, they ripped off their helmets. Ricki took hers off as well. Everyone race to congratulate her.

"Welcome home Ricki!" Tommy yelled.

"Trust me, itís great to be back." She replied

"You came right in the nick of time." Adam announced.

"Yeah, we kind of had our doubts about you coming back." Tanya informed her.

"Not a day went by that I didnít think of you." Ricki said with a smile.

Ricki powered down along with the rest to the Rangers.

"I could go for a cheeseburger." Rocky retorted.

"Letís go to the Youth Center. We have to celebrate Ricki homecoming." Kat added.

Everyone cleared the room except for Jason and Ricki.

"You were right on what you said." Ricki broke the silence.

"About what?" he questioned.

"I was just running away. I wanted so much to forget about this place, but I couldnít. It was all I thought about. And I care about you too. I feel back for what I did to you and I donít know how to make it up to you." Ricki informed.

"I can only think of one thing. Please stay here. You can go to Angel Grove University and still get the same education." Jason pleaded.

"You got yourself a deal." She smiled and the shook hands.

"So, what all happened on Triforia?" Jason asked as they walked through the hallways of the Power Chamber.

Ricki rubbed her bracelets that were on each wrist. "More that youíll know."