Just One of Them Days
by : Crypt

About a month has gone by since 16 year-old Jenny had her experience with Elgar. She still can't stop thinking about it. She still refuses to admit to herself that she really loves Elgar, but the truth remains undecided.

One day, business called Jenny's father out of towm for a week. Although Jenny could take care of herself, she wasn't considered old enough to stay home alone for that long according to Angel Grove law. So he looked for a temporary guardian. To his disappointment, the only one he could find was a bossy woman named Ursula. He had no choice but to hire her.

"I'll be back in seven days, dearest," the father said to his daughter. "I know that Ursula is a little . . . naggy, but just try to hang on."

"Ursula? That name sounds evil," Jenny said.

"I wish I could take you with me, but . . ."

"I know; duty calls."

"See you in a week." Then he drove off. Jenny went back into the house to await the arrival of her horrifying guardian.

Ursula arrived several hours later. She looked like the average woman, but didn't act like one. Jenny reluctantly came out to greet her. Ursula just stared back at Jenny, looking like she was ready to kill somebody.

"Hi, Ursula," said Jenny.

Ursula started her bossing immediately. "Don't 'Hi Ursula' me, you pompous twit! This is Wednesday; why aren't you in school?"

"School's out for the day," Jenny replied.

"Yeah right. You can't fool me, Miss Weekday Workaholic! I finally get hired, and what am I stuck with for a week!? A stingy, two-timing loser!!"

She doesn't even know me! Jenny thought to herself. Why is she already mean?

She stormed into the house, followed by Ursula.

"You can't even give me a proper greeting, you little wimp!" shouted Ursula.

Jenny gasped in surprise, then locked herself in her bedroom.

"This is gonna be a week of hell," she sighed.

Ursula treated Jenny like a slave; too much housework. To avoid this, Jenny spend most of her after-school hours at the Youth Center with Tommy, Adam, Kat, Tanya, and Justin.. That only lasted for two days.

Come Saturday morning, Jenny woke up at four o'clock and moseyed into the bathroom. She felt fine for the moment, but had a disgusting urge. She got down on her knees and hovered over the toilet bowl. After a minute, she threw up! When she figured she was done, she wiped off her face and went back to bed.

Several hours later, Jenny was awakened by a scream. She sprang out of bed only to find Ursula in the bathroom. Knowing Ursula, Jenny knew she was in big trouble.

"What is all this!?" Ursula demanded.

"I-I'm sick," Jenny replied weakly.

"Is that so? In that case, you can march right out that front door and fight those viruses alone. And . . . if you make anyone else sick, you'll wish you'd never been born!"

Jenny was more than happy to step out of the house. She grabbed a bucket from the closet and marched out.

"Maybe you need a new job," she called.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" replied Ursula. "Well, forget it, Jennifer! You're stuck with me until dear old daddy gets back. Now get out of here before you make me sick! In fact, you've been making me sick all week!"

Jenny left the house without another word. She was feeling weak to her stomach and her legs. Every few feet, she would sit down and sleep for a few minutes. She decided to go to the park where not many people hang out. She climbed onto the picnic table and went to sleep.

Soon, the teens came by and immediately rushed over to Jenny.

"Hey, are you all right?" asked Tommy.

"Oooh, you're burning up," Kat added. "Are you sick?"

Jenny nodded.

"If you're sick, you should stay home and rest," Adam said.

"Can't go home; guardian booted me out," Jenny explained. "I'll just rest here . . ."

"I don't see any harm in doing that," Tommy said. "Well, we'll catch you later."

"Hope you feel better," called Tanya.

They walked off. Jenny drifted off again. After vomitting a few more times, a police-robot-type guy came around patrolling the area. He was called the Blue Senturion. He noticed Jenny and approached her.

"Hello. You look ill. You should rest."

Jenny looked up at him, confused. "I am resting."

"This city often shows an ugly face," said the Blue Senturion. "I will stay here and keep you company."

"That's nice. At least you can't get sick."

"I am the Blue Senturion, defender of intergalactic law. I am programmed to serve and protect the good citizens of this town."

"Cool. Forgive me for not leaping for joy," Jenny said. "Stomach bugs, you know. By the way, my name's Jenny."

She was out again. She buried her face in her arms to avoid the sunlight. A half-hour later went by in which Jenny was completely motionless. The Blue Senturion touched her forehead, which allowed him to measure her body temperature.

"My sensors indicate that her temperature is 104.1 degrees F., which is approximately six degrees above normal human temperature."

Suddenly, Elgar, Rygog, and a school of Piranahtrons appeared from nowhere. Blue Senturion took a fighting stance while Jenny barely opened her eyes.

"Oh man . . ." she whimpered in a small voice, still motionless.

"Auntie D says we have to get rid of the Blue Senturion," Elgar said.

"Hey Elgar, there's your girlfriend again!" Rygog said.

"Huh?" Elgar noticed Jenny on the table. "All right, baby, we meet again!"

"She looks a little sick," Rygog said.

"Look at her! She's pale, she's green, she's dead! You do the math!"

The Piranahtrons felt free to attack. The Blue Senturion stepped up and fought. Still, Jenny remained motionless, for she felt so weak. Rygog and Elgar approached her. Rygog hovered his palm over her forehead.

"She's sick, all right. You don't even have to touch her; you can feel her high fever."

Jenny looked up and recognized Elgar for the first time. She raised her arm, her hand trembling slightly. She sat up and rested her face in her palms.

"All right, cupcake, just take it easy," said Elgar. "I'll gladly see to it that you get better. Will you marry me?"

Jenny just let out a pitiful sigh. "I can't, Elgar; I don't feel good."

"No problem. I know what'll cure ya: an operation! I'll just cut you open and you'll be good as new! In fact, you'll be better than new!"

"Uh . . . not now. I'm sick, Elgar. Maybe when I get better."

"Hmm, what to do?" Elgar wondered.

"Leave her alone!" yelled the Blue Senturion as the Piranahtrons grabbed him.

"Well, maybe I can't cure you, but I can still cheer you up," Elgar went on. "You know, make you feel warm and 'jiggligligly' inside."

"I don't know, Elgar."

"Oh, honey, it pains me to see you like this."

"Excuse me for a second," Jenny muttered.

She took the bucket and leaned over it.

"Whoa, baby," Elgar said as he watched Jenny's digestive system go in reverse.

Jenny wiped the stuff off her face with her sleeve.

"We've got to get those bugs out," said Elgar.

"I can do that myself," Jenny told him.

"Come on, Elgar, leave her alone," Rygog said. "We can't risk making Divatox sick."

"Darn." The aliens vanished.

"Jenny, are you injured?" asked the Blue Senturion.

"No . . . just sick," Jenny sighed as she reclined on the table again.

"I must attend to some business; I will return."

The Blue Senturion vanished. Jenny noticed that the sun was setting. She slept safely through the night. The next morning, she was relieved that she stopped vomitting, but was still weak. She looked around and saw Ursula approaching.

"Oh no . . ." she whimpered.

"I'm not here to make you suffer," said Ursula with a smile. "I'm here to end it. You wait here, missy. I've got a surprise for you at home."

Jenny knew that she wasn't talking about a reward as Ursula left the park. She still didn't feel like running off. Ursula returned ten minutes later.

"Surprise, honey!" she yelled, pulling out a knife.

Jenny instantly sprang off the table. "Ursula, what are you doing!?"

"I'm sending you to join the rest of the angels, you little creep!"

Jenny backed up as Ursula advanced. As Ursula prepared to attack, Elgar and the Piranahtrons appeared behind Jenny. Jenny ran over and threw her arms around Elgar. Ursula lunged with the knife, but Elgar grabbed her wrist.

"Hey, don't let me catch you trying to hurt the little lady," he said.

"What in the world are you?" Ursula asked, putting her hands on her hips.

"Well!" yelled Elgar, mimicking her action. "You don't need to know. All I know is that you're trying to kill the girl I love, and I really don't appreciate it. I really don't mind her not accepting my marriage proposal, but I will not let her die."

"Why don't you try some skin lotion, zit face!" Ursula shouted. "Your complexion would scare a crocodile!"

Suddenly, the Blue Senturion appeared. "Hot it right there!" he yelled. "Hands up; you're under arrest for attempted murder."

Ursula tried to run, but Blue Senturion threw a chain and caught her. Then they vanished.

"Man, Ursula makes Divatox look like an angel," Jenny said.

"Can't have that now, can we?" asked Elgar.

"Elgar, you're evil. Why did you help me?"

"You still don't believe it, do you? Just like you can't make it clear to me that you don't want to marry me, I can't make it clear to you that I love you."

"I just can't believe it," Jenny told him. "Who in their right mind would love me?"

"You should be loved by your own species. Why that person tried to kill you, I don't know."

"Elgar . . . what will you do now?"

"Well, I'm glad to see that you're feeling better."

"I'm better, but still weak. I believe it's safe to go home now."

"Okay," Elgar said. "Are you sure you don't want to marry me? You don't know what you're missing."

"Personally, I'd rather not find out," Jenny said.

"Okay, I'll let you go, but just be ready to deal with me at all times." With that, the aliens vanished.

Jenny sighed and happily went home.

The day arrived when her father was to return home. He was surprised to see Jenny by herself.

"Hey, where's Ursula?" he asked.

"She left about an hour ago," Jenny replied.

"Why? I still have to pay her."

"Don't worry, Dad; she won't need the money where she went."

"Boy, I missed you," Dad said, hugging Jenny.

"I missed you too, Dad."

Jenny had a challenge to face now. She wondered how long she would be able to resist Elgar's proposals. He didn't look like the kind of guy that gave up so easily. She would have to remain firm.

The End

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