The Spice Club’s Grandest Adventure, Thus Far
written by Mindy

Hanim was walking down one of Angel Grove’s streets. This one in particular was named Magic Lane, and for a very good reason: almost every building is somehow connected with the topic of magic. Magic shops, Gypsy homes, and even buildings where magicians rehearsed their magic acts before going public.

There was one of these rehearsal buildings that caught Hanim’s attention for three reasons: (1), it had a mural of a man with red hair and a mustache. In black letters were the words, “The Great Fettucini, The Greatest Magician Ever!” Hanim chuckled to herself. Apparently, this man has never heard of Ruth.

(2), This was close to where a carnival was set up for the season. This magician sometimes performs in this carnival and makes the best amount of business and money from this carnival.

And (3), there was a van in front of it. A man lowered a trunk in front of an 18-year-old boy. The boy was about to ask the man to help him lift the trunk into the building when the man started his engine and drove off, leaving some dust for the boy to cough.

“Thanks,” the boy said sarcastically. Then, he lifted the heavy trunk onto his back and started to walk into the building. There was an open window that Hanim could look and listen.

The magician inside the building was “too busy” building a house of cards to help the boy. The boy was about to ask the magician for help, when started to walk backwards into a dark room. At the moment of the crash, the house of cards tumbled. The magician gave a sigh, then went to see the boy.

“I didn’t mean it,” the boy stammered.

“Oh, you never mean it, Nicodemus,” the magician sighed, addressing the boy by name. “I bought that trunk and the glassware inside to use for my magic act. Now, half of it is broken! Oh, what am I going to do with you? Every time I give you a simple thing to do, it’s boom this and crash that!”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Fettucini.”

“Enough of your sorrys! Check that new trunk and save what could be used in my magic act. I have a show to put on!”

With that, Fettucini went into another room. He seemed to be talking about the boy Nicodemus, although he was talking to himself. “Perhaps, one day, I will teach you how to make an audience love you. But right now, you’re next to hopeless!”

Hanim noticed a small light turning on. Nicodemus had turned on a small lamp. He started to pick up some large broken pieces of glass, but he couldn’t finish because he was so emotionally hurt. He saw a peculiar book.

It was a green and black book, and a design of a face on it. It seemed to have come from Egypt, but it was hard to tell.

Nicodemus placed the book on a nearby table. He didn’t notice a peculiar glow shining from the face design. “I wish...,” he started. Then, he decided to start his sentence a different way. “I’d give anything to find a way to get people to like me.”

He suddenly heard a hissing female voice. “Anything, Nicodemus?”

“Who’s there?” He got up and looked around. “Who said that?”

“You did say, ‘anything’?”

Realizing that the book was talking to him, he gasped in fear. He began to walk backwards, trip into the open trunk, and fell unconscious after his head struck the trunk’s lid.

Hanim realized that she had to do something, but what? She couldn’t just knock on the door and tell the man that someone, or something, was with Nicodemus. That would be intruding. Even if she could, he wouldn’t believe her.

Hanim needed some Spice reinforcements.

But, unfortunately, most of them were with the Rangers, searching several different planets for Zordon. Several Spices were left in charge of the ship, and the gargoyles were busy fixing their newest invention: the Light Speed Teleportation (LST) System.

Demona and Lexington were standing in front of a large computer-like machine, including a monitor and a control panel. Brooklyn was underneath the large keyboard, trying to figure out what was wrong with it.

“This LST System will be able to teleport any of us to any planet in the universe in a matter of seconds,” Demona said.

“Or, bring us back again, in case of an emergency,” Lexington added.

“We’ll be able to look for Zordon and defeat Astronema and Dark Specter at a much faster pace.”

“We’ve got to get it working first, guys,” Brooklyn said. He came out from underneath the keyboard. “And we still won’t know what will happen until we give it another test.” He went underneath again. “Oh, how come I always do the fixing around here?”

“Because you never complain, Brooklyn,” Lexington said. Both he and Demona giggled.

“Ah ha,” Brooklyn exclaimed. “I think I know the reason why the first test didn’t work. A little gear got loose and blocked the others. I tightened it with a nut.”

It was then that Ruth came with a worried look on her face. “Has anyone seen Rachel and Robyn? I can’t find them anywhere!”

“We’ll help you look, Ruth,” Demona suggested. “We can test the LST Control Panel later.” Both she and Lexington left to search. Ruth helped Brooklyn up.

“That sly Rachel is probably getting herself into mischief somewhere.” Then, they both left and joined the other two gargoyles. Rachel and Robyn came in through a different door.

At their young age of less than a year, they should not be able to be living like 3-year-olds, but because they were Ruth’s daughters and heirs to the Magic of the Universe, they were able to “jump ahead” of life by walking, talking, and behaving like 3-year-olds while they had the voices and bodies of infants.

Rachel and Robyn both had brown hair, darker than Ruth’s. They had Ruth’s piercing green eyes and her instinct on being hasty yet playful. No wonder why Brooklyn is so worried about Rachel getting in trouble!

It was difficult which one was which except for two things: Rachel was “braver” than Robyn; and Rachel likes Cassie and wears pink, while Robyn likes Ashley better, so she wore yellow.

Rachel saw the LST Control Panel. She pulled her twin sister to it. Robyn asked, “What dis ting, Rachel?”

“It not a ting, Robyn. It a ... A what-cha-ma-call-it!”

Robyn giggled at the new word. “You know everyting, Rachel. What it do?”

Rachel thought for a minute. “It make bubbles! Small square bubbles like the small square buttons here!”

“Square bubbles? Ooo, wee! It make square bubbles?”

“In a special color.” Rachel began tapping against some of the buttons. The monitor presented a static.

“Uh oh, no square bubbles, Rachel,” Robyn warned. “Not even round ones. You broke the ting.”

The gargoyles and Ruth heard the noise from the LST Control Panel. They went back into the room and saw her daughters. They were soon joined by Spinal, C. C., Jenny and C. K.

“Rachel! Robyn! What have you done,” Ruth asked. She protectively picked up her daughters and took them away.

“Isn’t it obvious, Ruth,” Lexington asked. “They’ve got the LST Control Panel working!”

“But we still don’t know if it will transport anyone,” Brooklyn added.

“Look,” Spinal pointed out. A white light entered the room and landed on the LST Entrance/Exit Platform. It transformed into four people. Two of them were obviously Hallie and Kathy. The other two were boys, one at the age of 8 and the other at the age of 11.

The other Spices gasped at their visitors. “Oh my goodness,” C. C. shouted. “It brought visitors! What are they doing here?”

“We didn’t bring them,” Kathy insisted. “They just came along.”

“Someone brought us here,” Hallie exclaimed.

“I knew it," Brooklyn accused. “Twin babies’ mischief!” The twins looked shameful.

“What are we going to do about those boys,” Jenny asked. All of a sudden, everyone started talking at once.

“I don’t know.”

“Where did they come from?”

“This has never happened before.”

“Perhaps we could let them stay.”

“Could they be friends?”

“I’m not sure about that idea, you guys.”

“Can we trust them here?”

“Why not?”

“Hey, could we say something,” the younger boy asked over the other voices. “Where are we?!”

“Oh, we’re terribly sorry,” Jenny apologized. They got into a long line.

“We’re the Spice Club,” they all shouted.

“Welcome to the Astro Megaship,” Hallie welcomed.

“C’mon, we’ll give you a tour,” Kathy said, pulling the older boy’s arm playfully.

“Okay,” the older boy said. “But we’re not going to like it.”

Hanim continued watching. Nicodemus slowly regained consciousness, as the female voice mysteriously called his name. “Nicodemus? Nicodemus?”

“Who are you? How do you know my name?”

“I am a spirit, Nicodemus. Your friend. I know many things, almost everything.”

Nicodemus got up. “Everything?”

“I know how you can earn more friends.”

“Really? How?”

“With magic.”

“Magic?” Nicodemus turned to the door that led to Fettucini's dressing room. He was getting ready for his magic show.

The spirit knew what Nicodemus had in mind. “Oh, not his magic tricks. I mean, real magic. Magic that can make you fondest wish come true.”

“You mean, you could use magic to get people to like me?”

“No, but you could. All you have to do is undo the lock.” There was a keyhole on the right side of the book. A key magically appeared in it, and Nicodemus prepared to turn it. Hanim quietly whispered for him not to, but it was too late.

He already unlocked it. The book flew open with magical wind, blowing Nicodemus off of his feet. He landed against a wall, and dropped the key while doing it. The noise was loud enough to send Fettucini into curiosity. “Hey, what are you doing in there,” he asked in a shout.

“I’ve got to stop this,” Hanim whispered.

Nicodemus peered more closely at the book. A yellow face appeared in the center of the open book. She looked beautifully mysterious.

“Nicodemus,” Fettucini called. Then, he acted more concerned. “Nikki? Hey, are you okay in there?” He got up and headed towards the open door. Hanim slipped into the room without a sound and unnoticed by anyone.

“Read this,” the Spirit quietly commanded.

“Ga zworoe,” Nicodemus read. All at once, the open door between the room and Fettucini's dressing room was closed and locked, right in Fettucini's face! “Wow,” Nicodemus gasped. “Did I do that?”

“You can do a lot more,” the Spirit answered.

“Hey, Nikki,” Fettucini called. “Open up; the door is stuck!” He began to knock against the door.

“Read,” the Spirit commanded. “Read!”

“Ish ka bival.”

The knocking suddenly stopped, as Fettucini's voice gradually went slower and softer.

“Go ahead,” the Spirit said. “Open it.”

Nicodemus slowly walked to the door and opened it. Fettucini was about to do another knock when he was caught in sleep, standing up! “Hey, it worked. Your spell worked, Spirit!”

“Well done, Nicodemus! He will be in a deep sleep only long enough for you to take over his magic show.”

Nicodemus was shock. “Me? But I ... I can’t!”

“Yes, you can. You must! Now is your chance to prove that you are an even greater magician than he. They liked him for his magic, so they’ll love you for yours. And I’ll help you.”

“Nicodemus, stop,” Hanim said out of nowhere. Now, she was discovered. “This isn’t the way you would make friends.”

“Who are you,” Nicodemus asked, surprised by her entrance.

“My name is Hanim. A.k.a. Jungle Spice. I’m a Spice Club member and your friend.”

“Friend,” the Spirit asked, knowing what she was up to. “Where was she when you needed her, Nicodemus?”

Before Nicodemus could answer, Hanim faced the Spirit. “What matters is that I’m here now, when Nicodemus needs me the most.” She was, indeed, telling the truth. If Nicodemus was tempted to listen to the Spirit, then all would be lost.

In a rage, the Spirit had wordlessly cast a spell. This transformed her face from a beautiful yellow to a mysterious death green. The spell sent Hanim the a cage, and locked it shut. The Spirit laughed. “See, Nicodemus? Magic can do anything you wanted.”

“Hey, neat,” Nicodemus exclaimed. He was obviously interested.

“Magic isn’t the answer Nicodemus,” Hanim said. “Your feelings can help you find the true answer.”

“Don’t listen to her,” the Spirit said. “There are dozens of children out there, all waiting to see your magic.”

Nicodemus grabbed Fettucini's hat and cape and placed them on. “They’ll love me just like they loved the Great Fettucini! I know all these tricks. And I’m not doing anything wrong, Jungle Spice.” He picked up the Spirit book and headed for the waiting carnival.

“He won’t succeed,” Hanim said, after they were gone. “The Spirit doesn’t care about him or what he does. This spirit was probably sent by Dark Specter himself.”

She slipped her arm through one of the bars and aimed her ring at the locked cage’s keyhole. “Spice Ring, minimum power.” A thin beam of energy struck the keyhole several times, causing the lock to undo.

Hanim was about to leave to stop Nicodemus when she saw something on the floor. It was the key that Nicodemus dropped. She picked it up and placed it in her pocket. *It might come in handy.* She left to find the Spirit.

“And now, the Amazing Nicodemus will pull a dove out of his hat.” About 40 children were in the audience. He removed his hat, and waved his hand to make the trick seem more mysterious. No one noticed the Spirit, who was on a podium next to him. She wordlessly cast a spell.

Water came out of the hat and splashed in Nicodemus’ face. The children went into laughter. Hanim entered just as Nicodemus stepped into a small water puddle, slipped, and fell. The children laughed even louder.

“Stop it,” Nicodemus shouted.

“Oh, I just knew that this would happen,” Hanim sighed.

“They won’t stop laughing,” Nicodemus complained to the Spirit. “Make them stop!”

“Only you can do that,” the Spirit said. She spun her head, causing some pages turned to the right. “Teach them a lesson.”

“A lesson?”

“C’mon, make us laugh,” one of the children shouted. They continued laughing.

“A lesson that they’ll never forget,” the Spirit said.

Fired up in anger, Nicodemus began to cast the spell. “Zinga zot, rattee tot...”

“Nicodemus, no,” Hanim shouted.

“Ka zort deni!” A red light filled the room. When the light vanished, the smiles on the childrens’ faces turned to frowns. The children began to fight each other. Hanim, the only one immune to it all, gasped in shock.

“Now, they know how you felt all your life,” the Spirit said, “without a friend in the world. Now, they feel nothing.”

“Nicodemus, what have you done,” Hanim asked, still in shock.

“Only what they did to me. They deserved it!”

“No, Nicodemus. Please, listen!”

“Quick, Nicodemus,” the Spirit said, flipping a few more pages.

“Mitz, bitz, deritz!” A green tornado appeared on the stage from nowhere. It engulfed Nicodemus and the Spirit, sending them to another area.

The Spirit’s voice was heard, but none of the children paid attention to it. “This is only the beginning, Jungle Spice,” she warned.

“And this is a job for all the Spice Club members,” Hanim declared.

She turned to the cursed children. She knew that there was nothing that she could do to stop the children from fighting. She called her Galaxy Glider and zoomed as fast as she could to warn the others of what happened and what could happen later.

In the dining room, Hallie and Kathy were playing with their new friends, the visiting boys, while Ruth, C. C., and Cassie were watching and eating snacks. The boys are brothers, currently fostered. They thought that they didn’t need anyone after their parents left them. But Hallie and Kathy changed their minds.

The older boy’s name was Tim, short for Timothy; the younger boy’s name is Josh, short for Joshua. They were told who the Power Rangers were after they promised to keep the identity a secret from everyone.

The little kids were playing Frog Hops, jumping over each other. Josh jumped over Kathy, then Tim, then Hallie. After that, Kathy jumped over Tim, Hallie, and Josh. The last person in line always jumped over the others before any of the others continue.

The pattern continued until Marvin suddenly came. “Josh! Tim,” he shouted. “Wait until you hear this!”

Ruth smiled at Cassie and C. C. Then, she playfully threw her banana peel at Marvin’s feet. He slipped on the peel and slid to the children. With a scream, he crashed into them as Tim was preparing to jump over Hallie. Everyone cracked into playful laughter.

“I guess a banana DOES have two purposes,” Ruth laughed. “Food and entertainment.” C. C. and Cassie joined her in her laughter.

“I’ve got great news for you, Tim and Josh,” Marvin exclaimed after he got back up.

But before he or anyone could continue, the alarms blared and Deca spoke. “Warning: Hanim’s Galaxy Glider is out of control. Repeating: Hanim’s Galaxy Glider is out of control.”

Cassie and the Spices got up and left for the bridge, quickly followed by Tim and Josh. They watched the screen. Indeed, Hanim was having trouble controlling her balance as her Galaxy Glider shifted from left to right, from front to back.

Eventually, she lost her balance completely. She used her ring to teleport to the jump tube room, where her Galaxy Glider was retrieved. She ran from room to room, until she reached the bridge, shouting, “Quick! Run for cover! It’s coming! Brace yourselves!”

“What’s coming,” Kathy asked.

Before an answer could be given, the ship began to shake violently. An energy wave had struck the ship, causing it to shake. Steel boards fell from the ceilings to injure the people below them. The floors began to crack, minorly.

Rachel and Robyn began to cry in fear, and Ruth heard them. “Rachel! Robyn!”

She ran to the source, but a large object suddenly blocked her path. The two girls would have been killed if C. C. didn’t use her speed to scoop up the children before a sparking engine cable could fall on them.

The shaking finally stopped. Tim was the first to get up from the ship’s debris. Even though the technology was off-line and debris was everywhere one would step, the ship somehow remained intact and motionless in the space atmosphere.

“Everyone okay,” Tim asked. Kathy came up next. She was trying to remove something from her hair. “And Cassie?”

Cassie got up. “Uh, I think so.”

Ruth was finally able to move the large object from her path. She began walking down the messy halls. “Rachel? Robyn?”

“Here we are,” C. C. called. She was carrying the frightened girls. She handed them to their mother, who tried to comfort them. The Rangers and the remaining Spices came in to check on everybody, and the twins stopped crying when they saw their father. Now, they knew that they were safe.

“Thank you, C. C.,” Carlos and Ruth said in unison.

“Everyone seems to be okay,” Hallie announced.

“Too bad we can’t say the same for the Astro Megaship. And look at our morphers,” Ashley said, lifting her morpher into view. The lid to the number pad was tightly crushed shut. The state of the other morphers were the same.

Everyone looked at the bridge, and assumed that the rest of the ship was in the same way. “Oh no,” almost everyone shouted.

“Everything’s broken,” said Cyrax.

“Faded,” Smoke added.

“Ruined,” Sektor finished.

“Oh gosh,” Lexington said, looking at a handheld device that he made. “The Universal Meter dropped 3 points.” Some of the other Spices gasped.

“A lot of people must have suddenly turned evil,” Brooklyn said.

“What could have caused that,” Tim asked.

“The same thing that caused the Shaking Space Wave to quake the ship,” Hanim said, determined and serious. “A boy named Nicodemus has been taken over by an evil spirit, probably sent by Dark Specter himself!”

“An evil spirit,” Josh asked. “And Dark Specter?!”

“So, what happens when the Universal Meter drops to zero,” Tim asked.

“No one in the universe will be able to maintain, or even know, good and peace,” Marvin warned.

“Evil shall triumph with all of those people and beings with them,” Andros said, thoughtfully.

Aracula hissed and grunted. Only Ruth was able to understand him because of her magic ability. It was necessary for her to translate for him, especially since Deca is currently off-line.

“And the end of the Spice Club,” Ruth asked in shock. Aracula nodded.

“With the entire universe turning evil, they would all serve Dark Specter, and we couldn’t be able to handle that many opponents. I think that’s exactly what this evil spirit has in mind,” Jenny grumbled.

“Oh gosh, I forgot,” Marvin suddenly exclaimed. “I sighted parents at your foster home, Tim and Josh. They want to adopt you both!”

“Congratulations, Tim and Josh,” Hallie screamed.

“C’mon, Brooklyn,” Lexington said. “Let’s warm up the LST Control Panel. Tim and Josh have to get back to Earth in a hurry.” Everyone left the room, except for the boys. They were too shocked to follow.

“Did you hear that, Josh,” Tim asked. “Parents!”

“Yeah,” Josh answered. “I thought that we would never have parents. But, but Tim!...”

“I know, Josh. Our friends, they’re in trouble.”

“Tim! Josh,” Hallie shouted. “We’re ready.” They went into the room where the LST Platform was on standby. “All set?” She began pulling Tim’s hand, but Tim and Josh just stood at the doorway.

“No, Hallie,” Tim said. “We’re not going back to the foster home. We’re going to help you.” Josh nodded in agreement.

“But, you have parents waiting,” Hallie said.

“We made up our minds,” Josh announced.

“You showed us how to express our feelings, and that’s just how we’re going to help,” Tim explained.

Hallie knew what they meant. “Yeah, really?”

“Yeah,” the boys said in unison. Everyone cheered.

Then, Jenny said, “All right. Our first job is to go down to Earth and find Nicodemus. The gargoyles and Ruth’s daughters will stay behind. We can only send five at a time, and for their safety, Josh and Tim will go with the first group. Ruth, Andros, and Aracula, you three go down with them. We’ll follow you.”

Ruth handed her daughters to Demona. Then, Ruth kissed her husband for good luck. After all that was done, she caught up with Aracula and Andros, who were waiting tensely yet patiently.

Hanim stopped Tim and Josh. She removed the key from her pocket and handed it to Josh. “Hold on to this key for me, Josh. Don’t lose it. It’s very important!”

Josh stuffed the key in his pocket. “Don’t worry, Hanim! I wouldn’t lose it for nothing!” Then, the two boys walked onto the LST Platform. In a moment, all 5 turned into a white light, disappeared, and headed towards Earth.

“All right,” Jenny said. “Carlos, Hanim, and Cyberninjas; you’re next.”

But before anyone could do anything, another Shaking Space Wave struck the ship. Another quake occurred. In comparison to the other one, this one was shorter and much less severe. Only one object was damaged, but it was an important one.

When the shaking stopped, Lexington got up and saw what was wrong. “Oh no,” he shouted. “The LST Control Panel is jammed! They didn’t make it to Earth!”

“What do you mean,” Carlos asked, concerned.

“Exactly what I said,” Lexington responded.

“Where are they,” Jenny asked.

“They’re lost, somewhere between here and Earth.”

“What do we do now,” Kathy asked.

“We can’t follow them using the LST System without the Control Panel,” Marvin informed.

“And the evil Spirit said that this is just the beginning,” Hanim recalled. Everyone on the ship heard the Spirit laughing, and everyone assumed that it was the Spirit except for Hanim. She knew that it was the Spirit.

“What can we do,” Ashley asked.

“We can go after them using the Galaxy Gliders,” Jenny informed. “Lexington and Brooklyn will stay here, fixing the LST System. Demona, you were left in charge of the twins, so you will also stay. Our rings still work, so we can keep in touch.”

Everyone nodded. “Let’s go!”

“Good luck, guys,” Brooklyn said.

“Remember, we’re counting on you,” Demona reminded them.

No one had any idea where to find their missing friends. No idea at all. But the cutoff LST Process had dropped Andros, the two Spices, and the two boys right in the middle of a strange, new planet.

When the light transformed into the bodies, they found themselves holding onto each other while Andros, at the top, was holding onto a tree branch high above the ground. “Wow,” he said. “This doesn’t look like the Earth I remember.” He had no idea that the LST Control Panel was jammed.

“That’s because it isn’t,” Ruth clarified. She had her arms around Andros’ waist. The children held onto each one of Ruth’s feet. And Aracula, at the bottom, had his bony hands holding onto the boys’ ankles.

“Woah,” Tim screamed.

Andros was slipping and they realized how high up they were. “I can’t hold on much longer,” he shouted.

Aracula hissed. Ruth said, “Aracula says not to worry about falling; worry about the lioness instead.” Then everyone, including herself, realized what she had just said. Indeed, there was a lioness climbing up the tree trunk.


“What are we going to do,” Josh asked.

“Close your eyes and don’t move,” Andros suggested, unsure. “Maybe she won’t see us.” They did.

A few moments later, Tim opened his eyes again. He didn’t see the lioness anymore. “Open your eyes; she’s gone.”

Aracula hissed again and motioned to look up. The others realized that the lioness passed them and is now approaching Andros! The added weight began to crack the branch that Andros held onto!

The lioness began to speak to Andros. “Give me your paw, slowly.” But the branch broke before Andros could move. A nearby monkey realized what was happening and grabbed the lioness’ tail. It tried to pull her up, but he also fell.

The ground was not hard like on Earth. It was rather soft and fluffy, like a combination of clouds, pillows, and marshmallows. And the planet’s light gravity also made the landing easier.

All of them were helping each other up, and no one noticed the lioness or the monkey. That is, until the monkey lowered himself from a tree branch, supported only by his long tail, and talked behind Josh’s back.

“Hey, they don’t have any tails,” the fascinated monkey exclaimed. Then, he zoomed back up the tree.

Josh instantly went to his brother and said. “Wow; the monkey can talk!”

The monkey lowered himself behind Andros and laughed. He picked up a strand of Andros’ long hair and laughed again. “What happened to all of your fur?” He zoomed back up just before Andros gave an answer.

Andros felt insulted. “We ... we never had any fur!”

“That’s impossible,” the lioness exclaimed in a kind yet firm voice. Now, others realized that the lioness never had the intention of hurting them at all. “Every monkey has fur!”

The monkey lowered himself again. “And who said that they were monkeys? Huh?”

“Well, they were up in the tree.”

The monkey landed on the ground next to Aracula. “I know what they are! They’re lions with hair cuts.” Ruth couldn’t help but snicker at the two animals.

“We’re not lions or monkeys,” Tim said.

“Yeah,” Josh exclaimed. “We’re people. Where did you come from?”

“Why, we live here,” the lioness answered. “Every one of the planet Carrin knows of Mischief Monkey and Leanna Lioness.” The two animals presented themselves as their names were mentioned.

“The planet Carrin,” Josh asked.

“Well, we’re from Earth,” Tim said.

“And KO-35,” Andros added.

Mischief laughed again. “Earth? KO-35? There is no such place! Hee hee hee ha ha ha!”

“There is, too,” Josh fussed.

“Don’t mind Mischief,” Leanna advised. “He loves to laugh at anything. This planet is full of peace, good, and caring. You’re welcome to stay in Carrin for as long as you like.”

“Thank you, Leanna,” Ruth said. “But the sooner we leave, the better. If we don’t hurry, the Spice Club may not be there when we get back!”

“We have to find a way to get to Earth,” Andros started, “to stop an evil spirit from turning all peace into war; all good into evil; and all caring into hostility.”

Leanna and Mischief looked at each other. Then, Leanna turned to their new visitors. She turned away and began walking down a path with Mischief behind her. “C’mon, everybody,” she said.

“Where,” Josh asked.

“If there is a way out of Carrin, then we’ll help you find it. This way!”

At a roller coaster ride designed to look like a castle, Nicodemus made his hideaway. He was casting a spell in front of a large vat of liquids and acids. “There, the spell is cast! Now, everyone on this planet will feel the loneliest feelings I’ve felt!”

“Not quite,” the Spirit answered. The vat made an image of Andros, Ruth, Aracula, Tim, and Josh. The Spirit’s attention was mainly towards the two ordinary boys. “Look! These two small boys still care very much about everyone, except you.”

“But they were to fall under my spell!”

“But the power of their newest friends have shielded them from your spells by filling them with love, good, and caring.”

“Bah, let them go! I’m even now!”

“Are you, Nicodemus? What about all the others?”


“All the others that you have not yet cast your spells on. All the others that still care.”

“I’ve gotten even with the whole planet, and that’s all I wanted.”

“The others will come after you for what you’ve done.”

“Then, what should I do?”

“You must finish it! Go; say it!”

Nicodemus hesitated at first, then recited a special spell. “‘Neebo weebo, tip tap top. Zeebo reebo, zip zap zop!’ Woah!”

A purple cloud appeared at the top of the room. “This spell will seek out the children and bring them to us at any costs,” the Spirit announced.

“But isn’t there another way?”

“No. They must be taught a lesson: a lesson for the children, a lesson for the planet, a lesson for everyone!”

“What do you mean, ‘everyone?’”

“Now, go,” the Spirit commanded. The cloud slipped through a window and headed for the planet Carrin, where the boys were.

“You said, ‘a lesson,’” Nicodemus recalled. “What kind of lesson?”

“Nevermind that! You must now collect the ingredients for your next spell.”

During that conversation, Jenny and her friends arrived on the planet Carrin. There was only one human on this planet. He was a boat owner. They tried to rent a boat from him to travel down the river. Who would have thought that they would succeed by Carlos saying that the lives of his wife and twins are in peril?

T. J. took control of the helm. Cassie was using a telescope she found on the boat to look out ahead from the front of the ship. Hallie and Kathy were in the crow’s nest; Hallie was looking for danger from the water, and Kathy was doing the same for the sky.

“There’s nothing up ahead to tell us where we or our friends are, T. J.,” Cassie said.

A small splash was heard. A moment later, C. C. screamed, “Spice overboard! Spice overboard! Spinal went to sleep and fell overboard.” A small crowd gathered around her.

“Look,” Jenny pointed out. Bubbles popped from the water surface. A moment later, Spinal seemed to be floating, but that’s impossible! Spinal can’t float because, being a skeleton, he could not be able to keep air inside himself.

The head of a penguin came below Spinal’s back. The answer was now clear: the penguin supported him. “Hi,” the penguin said in a sweet, feminine voice. “I think you’ve lost a very cute someone.” She swam to the boat.

“Oh, thank you very much,” C. C. said gratefully. The penguin lifted Spinal into C. C.’s arms. “I’m sure Spinal would thank you, too.”

“When he wakes up,” Jenny added. Some of the others laughed at the joke, including the penguin.

“No thanks needed,” she said. “My name is Coozy Penguin. Helping someone when they’re in need is what warms my heart and keeps me cozy. Sometimes I feel so cozy that I’m active: watch this!”

She went back in the water, but did a spectacular somersault flip, and made a splash so large that some of the water got onto the boat and splashed Zhane, who screamed. He was seen shaking and shivering with a quick sense of cold. “Well, it must work, Coozy. This water is freezing!”

Coozy jumped onto the ship. She was less than a meter and a half tall. Her skin was a light purple with a white belly. Her smile seemed to be her finest feature. “Well, I love it!” Everyone laughed. Everyone felt that Coozy might help, so they unanimously decided to take her with them.

Meanwhile, the spell had arrived and saw the boat. It entered the water and took control of a large, man-eating fish. It swam to the boat and began to spin. It started to create a whirlpool while T. J. explained the situation to Coozy.

“First we have to find our missing friends, and then...” he started, but was interrupted by a jerk at the helm. “Ow! Something’s pulling at the wheel!! Y-ouch!”

“T. J.,” Cassie called. “Why are you turning here?”

“I’m not! The boat’s turning by itself!”

Hallie, hearing the loud conversation, looked at the water. She didn’t see the fish, but she did see the water moving. “We’re caught in some kind of whirlpool,” she shouted.

The fish swam even faster. The whirlpool was becoming even more severe as each second goes by. It got deeper, and the boat was tilted. Kathy and Hallie almost fell out of the crow’s nest! Everyone was screaming. Water splashed in constantly.

“Somebody do something,” Cassie shouted over the other voices. She almost fell out of the boat since she was at the front edge with the telescope.

Someone in a thicket at the river bank heard her scream. “A rope,” a large, female voice from the thicket shouted. “Throw me a rope!”

“Do what she says,” Coozy said.

Zhane tied one end of a rope to the main pole. The river bank was too far away to throw the rope, so what he did was use his telekinesis to guide the rope to the voice. A sudden tug began pulling the boat. It was slowly retrieved from the whirlpool. They were out!

Knowing that it failed, the spell left the fish and went away.

“Oh, Hallie,” Kathy exclaimed. “We’re saved!”

A large trumpet filled everyone’s ears when the boat arrived at the thicket. Although everyone was startled, only Zhane was afraid.

Coozy laughed. She jumped onto one of the boat’s edges. “May I introduce the strongest of all creatures in the entire planet of Carrin: Vastina Elephant.”

A gray elephant emerged from the thicket. Much to everyone’s surprise, it was only 2 meters tall. “Hello,” she said.

Jenny came closer to the boat’s edge. “Hey,” she said. “You’re a lot smaller than you sound.”

“It’s true that I’m not big, but it’s amazing what you can do if you really put your heart into it.” She exclaimed another trumpet, much louder than the first. Suddenly, her face turned a little meek. “Sometimes,” she said with a giggle, “I even startle myself.”

The others laughed.

Lexington entered the room where the LST was. Brooklyn was still trying to fix the Control Panel. Demona was elsewhere, taking extremely good care of Ruth’s daughters.

“Brooklyn,” Lexington called. Brooklyn tried to get out from underneath, but bumped the back of his head when lifting it up.

“Ouch! Ow, ow, ow, ow!”

“The Universal Meter is down to 50. If it reaches zero, the Spice Club is finished...”

“And evil shall triumph with all those careless beings.”

“Any luck fixing the LST Control Panel?”

“I think I used up all my good luck getting this far.” Brooklyn went back under the Control Panel. He came out again, holding something that is round yet flat. “I need something that looks like this.”

Lexington walked forward, looking for something that might help. But before he could take another two steps, he stepped on something, slipped, and fell, sending the object to Brooklyn. It fell on his head, but he caught it in his hand. It was round yet flat, and had a stick out an end.

Lexington laughed. “Well, what do you know! It’s Robyn’s lollipop!”

“Perfect,” Brooklyn shouted with delight. “You know, Rachel and Robyn are going to make fine helpers.” Then, he realized what he said, and finished it. “One of these days.”

A white light filled the room. Another Shaking Space Wave is preparing to strike the ship.

Mischief sat down underneath the leaves of a large tree. His new friends decided to join him. Leanna smiled, knowing that she doesn’t grow as fatigue as they would after such a long journey, thus far.

“You rest there, while I scout on ahead,” she said, continuing to walk down the path.

The others breathed a sigh of relief. Tim and Josh leaned against the tree trunk. The spell arrived at their resting area. It silently entered the tree. It removed one of the branches and made it behave like a hand. It lowered down to the travelers...

“While Leanna’s gone, let’s play a guessing game,” Mischief suggested. “What am I?”

He began to act like a puppy, but he saw the tree moving. He tried to tell them, but kept on stuttering and stammering. His feet went up and down as if they were stepping on hot coal. Andros and Ruth laughed at this strange behavior.

“Gee, I don’t know,” Tim said.

“Look out,” Mischief finally managed to say.

But it was too late; the “hand” grabbed Tim and Josh. They began screaming. Leanna heard them and raced back. They all tried to help free the boys, but most of them found themselves caught by thin, vine-like branches. Only Andros and Leanna remained on the ground.

“Let them go,” Andros shouted.

Suddenly, a cyan blur went past them and raced up the tree. It’s identity was revealed when a cyan blue rabbit stopped running and landed on one of the branches.

“Swift Rabbit,” Leanna shouted in recognition. The rabbit began zooming again. He released the captives by eating through the thin branches. First Aracula; then Ruth; and then Mischief, who went to help Tim and Josh.

Swift tempted the tree to go into anger. When it did, another hand-like branch chased Swift. He ran from one branch to another, knowing that it would follow his path completely. Swift’s goal: to keep the other branches from moving by tangling them with the chasing one. Then, he ran down to the ground.

Mischief was able to release Tim and Josh. They jumped and Andros caught them. Mischief swang down.

“Let’s get out of here,” Leanna said. “C’mon, Swift!”

Finally, Swift spoke in his masculine, spirited voice. “I’m way ahead of you.”

Everyone saw him. He was about a quarter of a mile ahead of them. They all laughed, but they noticed that the tree is beginning to move again. Swift forgot to tangle one of the branches. The tree tried to use that branch to smother them.

They managed to escape it. The spell failed again. It left the tree, and flew to a different area.

“That’s the most unfriendly tree I’ve ever seen,” Swift panted.

“Well, thanks to you, Swift, we’re safe,” Leanna said. “For now,” she added.

“There’s a serious situation we have here, Swift,” Ruth said. “It seems that the evil Spirit is after Tim and Josh.”

“An evil spirit in the planet Carrin,” Swift asked, puzzled.

Leanna nodded. “We’ll fill the information as we go. Let’s get moving.”

The boat continued going down the river. “Vastina,” Jenny said. “Do you think this river might lead us to our friends?”

“Well, it has to go somewhere,” she answered.

Everyone noticed that the river was beginning to pick up speed. Rapids were forming. “Hand on, everyone,” T. J. warned. “We’re going for a ride.” Everyone began screaming, some with fear, but all with excitement.

“Hey, look; a cave,” Coozy shouted. A large cave mouth seemed to be approaching. The river entered the cave and so did the boat. The river calmed down. It was pitch dark inside the cave.

“I can’t see a thing,” T. J. said, trying to steer in safety for the others.

“Steer to the left,” a deep male voice said.

“What said that,” Jenny asked. Everyone gave a variety of no answers.

“Not me.”

“Neither did it.”

“It wasn’t me.”

“Can’t be me.”

“I said it,” the voice answered.

“Who are you,” Hanim asked.

“Don’t ask questions; steer left! Quick!”

“Hang on everyone,” T. J. shouted. The boat suddenly jolted to the left. Some of the people lost their balance.

“Whew,” the voice said. “That was close. You almost smashed right into a big rock!”

“Look,” Cassie shouted. “I see light up ahead.” The boat continued its journey through the cave for a short amount of time longer. When they emerged into the light, T. J. took one look at their newest visitor.

“A raccoon,” he exclaimed. “No wonder why you can see in the dark!”

“My name is Shadow,” the raccoon said. “I can usually see my way through anything.”

Swift was told everything. Now, he’s as determined to help and protect his new friends as Leanna and Mischief were.

A dark object zoomed over them. “Oh no,” Leanna shouted. Ruth and Josh gasped. The spell spun around, and transformed into a large creature with a 6-foot wing span.

“Run,” Leanna ordered. She stayed in attempts to fight the creature, but failed. It chased after Tim and Josh. They ended up at the edge of a very steep cliff. The creature flew towards Tim and Josh, trying to catch them with its claws.

But Mischief climbed up a tree and jumped to the creature. Tim and Josh leaned back to avoid the claws, but slid down the cliff. In fear, Mischief had let go of the creature and swang in a tree. From there, he saw the two boys. They were sitting next to the river’s shore. Where there wasn’t water, there was the cliff, too steep to climb.

“You okay, Tim,” Josh asked.

“Josh, we’ve got to run!”

“Where? We’re trapped!” The creature gave a screech. “And that bird knows it, too.”

The others looked down the cliff. Aracula started hissing. Although Ruth was only talking to him, she was also translating for Andros and the animals. “You’re right, Aracula. Our only hope now is a Spice Ring Stare. I just hope it works, but there are only two of us.”

Aracula hissed again. Ruth’s face became determined. “Right again. We’ve got to try!”

The creature began to charge at the boys. The two Spices did a front stance as if in martial arts. “Spice Club Members,” she shouted. “Stare!” They threw their fists as if throwing a punch. A large beam of energy came out from each ring, and hit the creature. The creature was startled, but easily escaped the envelope of power.

“Cease,” Ruth shouted. “The two of us are not enough.”

The creature began another charge, much more powerful and faster than the first. Leanna and Swift began to slide down as fast as they could. They were going to protect them, but they wouldn’t get there in time!

“Oh no,” Ruth shouted.

Suddenly, the creature was caught in another envelope of power, much stronger than the first. “Look,” Andros shouted. He pointed at the river. There was an unfamiliar boat, but somehow they knew that their friends were on it.

Ruth and Aracula looked at each other. They both knew that their friends were going to need help. “Spice Club Members,” Ruth shouted again. “Stare!”

It took about another minute before anything happened. The creature suddenly exploded, causing a bright light and an extremely loud sound. When they were able to see and hear again, which took several seconds, they no longer saw the creature. It was destroyed.

Everyone began shouting in excitement. They had won, for now. Aracula hugged Ruth, but his foot went over the edge of the cliff. In reaction, both Aracula and Ruth slipped off and fell down to the bottom. Andros followed safely.

“That was magnificent,” Leanna exclaimed. “Your friends arrived just in time!”

The boat stopped by the shore. They lowered a plank between it and the shore. Carlos got off, and guess who he ran to first. “Ruth! You’re all right!” They embraced.

“How did you know that the creature was an enemy,” she asked.

“Kathy found the creature in the sky,” he said. “At first, we decided not to bother it. Then, we heard some shouts and screams. A moment later, we saw the first Spice Ring Stare. After that, we knew that you guys were there, but didn’t know what to do.

“Then, Jenny said that two wouldn’t be enough, but we would be more than enough. We probably wouldn’t have been able to help you if two didn’t do the Stare in the first place.”

“And another thanks to our new friends.” She looked at Swift, Leanna, and Mischief; who all giggled bashfully.

“Did you say ‘friends?’ I know exactly what you mean,” Carlos added, indicating Vastina, Coozy, and Shadow.

“I think things are going to be a lot easier now that we’re together, Leanna,” Vastina said.

“I couldn’t agree with you more, Vastina,” Leanna returned the compliment. She turned to her newest friends. “Soon, you five will be out of the planet Carrin. Then, your journey will really begin.”

Tim and Josh realized something Leanna said. “You’re not coming with us,” Josh asked.

Leanna remained motionless and thought. “Well, yes; if you think that we could help.”

“We’ll be glad to have you along,” Jenny said. “We can use all the help we can get.”

Leanna looked at Swift and Mischief. They both nodded. Leanna turned to her three friends on the boat. They also nodded their heads. “The vote is unanimous,” Leanna said. She ran to the plank and got aboard the ship. “What are waiting for? Let’s go!”

Everyone that was on the shore went aboard the ship. Reunited, the Rangers, the Spices, and the Carrin Animals returned the boat to the man who owned it. Then, they went on their way to Earth via Galaxy Glider.

“They’re on their way,” the Spirit said calmly.

Nicodemus, on the other hand, became apprehensive. “Here?”

“Yes, and you’ll be ready for them.”


“By completing your final spell!”

“Final spell?”

“Yes. When those two boys arrive, they must feel what’s left of caring before they turned evil, kill their friends, and join the war.”

“You don’t mean...?”

“Yes. Everyone must be taught the lessons!”


“Don’t you see, Nicodemus? It’s too late to stop now. You must finish what you started. There’s no turning back!” She began laughing hideously. Nicodemus joined in her laughter in perfect and depraved harmony.

It was hard to believe that a short time ago, the Earth was a place of happiness and joy. Now, without love to keep it alive, it had become a home of fear, loneliness, and hatred. Time was running out for the Spice Club. Nicodemus and the spirit had to be stopped before they cast their final spell.

The Galaxy Gliders arrived on Angel Grove. Everyone was surprised when they saw it, even those who had this place as their home.

“A world without caring,” Leanna asked in surprise. There was as much trash and litter on the ground as there was gloom, hatred, and unhappiness in the world. “This doesn’t look like the Earth you talked about.

“We’ve got to stop this before it gets worse,” Jenny said as she stepped down.

“I don’t think this place could get any worse,” Coozy said fearfully.

Everyone stepped off of the Galaxy Gliders. “Nicodemus and the Spirit must be around here somewhere,” Hanim announced. “We’ve got to find them as quickly as possible.”

Andros had a suggestion. “Since there are 5 Power Rangers, 6 Carrin Animals, and 34 Spice Club Members; I suggest we split up in groups of 2 or 3.”

“I agree, Andros,” Leanna said. “The first ones to spot them, warn the others. Okay, let’s go get them!”

Almost everyone left to find them, but Hanim stopped Josh. Tim stopped for his brother. “Josh,” Hanim asked. “Do you still have the key I gave you?”

“I sure do,” he answered. He pulled it out of his pocket and showed it to her.

“Good.” Hanim glanced at Tim, then looked at Josh again. “Now promise me that you and Tim will stay as far away from Nicodemus and the Spirit as you can.”

“But I want to help,” Josh protested.

“You can help best by guarding that key.”


“If we lose that key, Josh, we can never win.”

Josh stuffed the key back in his pocket. His face became determined. “I understand, Hanim. You can count on me.” He and Hanim smiled. Then, he and Tim ran to find a suitable hiding place.

Coozy, Mischief, and Kathy approached Fetuccini’s building at the moment Nicodemus exited it. Not allowing Nicodemus to know that they have returned yet, they hid in an alley way. They were still within hearing distance of Nicodemus.

He laughed. “Three applecores, one spider’s web, a milkweed pod; my list is almost complete! A few more items, a few magic words, and presto: a world without love!” He ran to the carnival, not noticing Kathy or the Carrin Animals.

“Oh, Kathy,” Mischief said timidly. “Did you hear that?”

“We’d better warn the others before it’s too late,” Kathy responded. They followed Nicodemus to the carnival.

Nicodemus looked into his bag. “Hmm. Let’s see. Applecores, spider’s web, milkweed pod ... huh?” He thought he heard something. He went to where one can throw 3 balls to knock down 6 milk bottles to win a prize. Where the toys were, Lola and Swift were there, motionlessly disguised as toys.

Nicodemus seemed to reach for Lola, but placed his hand between them. “Ah ha! A cigar. I almost missed it.” He placed it in his bag. “Now, one last thing to find.” He left, and the two rabbits sighed with relief.

Nicodemus was still searching for his last object when Tim and Josh accidentally bumped into him. They were still looking for a hiding place. In fear, the boys ran into a Funhouse, with Nicodemus close behind.

First, they crossed a bridge made of several platforms supported by ropes. Then, they went down steps that constantly turned from a stairway to a slide. And last, they went through a spinning tunnel that served as the Funhouse exit. All this time, Nicodemus gave chase.

When Nicodemus came out from the spinning tunnel, dizzily, he couldn’t find the boys anywhere. They were hiding behind two pieces of cardboard, formed and painted like clowns.

As Nicodemus looked around, Coozy was hiding inside a pool filled with cold water. She came into view, splashing and catching Nicodemus by surprise. In reaction, he fired a laser from one of his fingers. The laser missed Coozy by inches! Nicodemus was about to shoot again when Swift ran in.

“Hey,” he shouted.

Nicodemus turned to him, and Swift jumped onto Nicodemus’ face. He tried to hit Swift with his lasers, but he was too fast. Not realizing where he was going, Swift accidentally knocked off the lid of a small trash can. He fell into the lid. Caught in it, he waited for Nicodemus to seal his fate!

Nicodemus was about to destroy Swift when he noticed something on his shoe. “Icky sticky bubble gum: the last ingredient I need for my final spell!” As Nicodemus laughed, picked the gum off his shoe, and placed it in his bag, Swift made his escape.

He heard Nicodemus shout, “Let them try and stop me now!”

Swift arrived at a merry-go-round. It was the rendezvous point for the others. Most of them were waiting. They noticed that he was panting from exhaustion. Lola became concerned for her new friend. “Swift? Are you all right?”

“You bet, Lola! It’ll take more than that to slow me down!”

Kathy looked around. “Where are Tim and Josh,” she asked.

Mischief also looked around and said, “Maybe they’re hiding and are afraid to show themselves.”

“Okay, Leanna,” Jenny said. “You round up your friends and take the Power Rangers with you to find Tim and Josh. Spices, follow me!”

“What are you going to do, Jenny,” Shadow asked.

“We have to try and get through to Nicodemus. We have to stop him before it’s too late,” Jenny answered.

“With a Spice Ring Stare,” Coozy asked.

“That’s right, Coozy.”

Leanna jumped down from one of the horses of the merry-go-round. She looked at the Power Rangers and gathered her friends. “Let’s go,” she said. “We don’t have much time.” The Spices went in one direction, the others went in another.

It was going to take every ounce of Spice Power that the Spice Club could use to succeed. But, as you remember, they were 3 Spices short: Brooklyn and Lexington were fixing the LST Control Panel; Demona and Ruth’s daughters were watching them.

Lexington handed a wrench to Brooklyn and said, “We just need a little more time.”

“That’s the one thing we don’t have, Lexington,” Demona pointed out. A beeping noise was heard. “The Universal Meter has fallen to 5. In no time, it will fall down to 0, and that’s the end of the Spice Club!”

“As soon as the LST Control Panel is fixed, we need to get down there and help,” Brooklyn exclaimed.

A flash of light shined for a moment. Another Shaking Space Wave was activated, and it struck the ship. A large quake occurred! The floors are beginning to show larger cracks! A small amount of debris fell from the roof, and Demona used her body to protect Ruth’s children from getting hurt. The other gargoyles protected everything that was still intact from being damaged.

Time was running out!

Nicodemus was preparing his final spell. “Snorkel razzbo, ca dipple rauze, nelo billow, zing zang zauze. Snorkel nazzbo, ra dipple cauze, nelo billow, zing zang zauze.”

“Good,” the Spirit said. “Now, for the final ingredient!” Nicodemus held up the gum, but he couldn’t bring himself to drop it in the vat. The spirit noticed this. “Quickly! Why are you stopping?”

“I ... I don’t want...”

“You don’t want to? You must! You’ve gone too far to stop! Drop it in!”

“Stop,” Hanim’s voice echoed. Nicodemus was so shocked that he dropped the gum in! The Spirit began to laugh, and the horrible laughter echoed throughout the place. Nicodemus looked around.

A train of roller coaster cars entered the room and stopped at a platform. “Nicodemus,” Hanim shouted, repeating it a few times.

“You’re too late, Jungle Spice,” he exclaimed. An evil infestation entered him. “Too late! The final spell is cast!”

The Spices heard his harsh words, but ignored them. Jenny looked at her friends, standing side by side. “Spices, get ready,” she commanded. “Spice Club Members, Stare!”

A rainbow of lights entered the room as the power of the Spice Rings engulfed Nicodemus. They were attempting to get the evil infestation out of him.

The spell took the form of a white cloud with a jack-o'-lantern face. A part of it behaved like an arm. It knocked Nicodemus out of the Spice Ring Stare, causing the Spices to fall into the roller coaster cars, and they went backwards.

“Now, for the very last two boys,” Nicodemus shouted. He laughed viciously. The evil infestation that was inside him was still there.

Outside, the Spices sat up. For a very quick moment, their minds were blank. “What happened in there,” Hallie asked.

Then, they all remembered. “The Spice Ring Stare didn’t work,” Ruth exclaimed. They all stood up.

“The evil Spirit’s power is too strong,” Hanim said in disappointment.

Then, they saw the Carrin Animals and the Power Rangers, but not the boys. “Leanna,” Jenny asked. “Where are Tim and Josh?”

“We can’t find them anywhere,” Leanna answered in despair.

“Oh no,” Cassie shouted. “Look!”

Another train of roller coaster cars went towards them. Nicodemus was on it, carrying the Spirit in his hands. “Where are they,” he asked in a harsh, rasping voice.

Aracula hissed. Ruth translated, “Aracula says that as long as Tim and Josh still have good souls and peace in spirit, his spell is not complete.”

“You mean, you can still save him,” Shadow asked.

“We can still save him,” Jenny answered, determined.

“But how,” T. J. asked.

“Just feel it,” Jenny said, assuring her friends. “Spices!” All the other Spices joined Jenny in standing side by side. They stood in silence and stillness.

Suddenly, a white light transformed into 5 bodies. One of the bodies carried two others. When their transformation was complete, the others realized that the gargoyles had joined them. Demona was holding Ruth’s daughters.

“Ha! What do you know! The LST Control Panel worked,” Brooklyn exclaimed.

“See,” Lexington asked. “All we need was a little luck.”

Demona saw Nicodemus. “Looks like we’re going to need more than that,” she said.

“Where are they,” Nicodemus asked again. “Where are you hiding the two boys?”

“You don’t know what you are doing, Nicodemus,” Hanim called.

“Where are they?”

“Spice Clubs Members,” Jenny shouted. “Stare!” Despite the appearance that Nicodemus was unaffected by the Spice Ring Stare, they kept on trying. The Rangers just stood, watching, unable to help.

Leanna was thinking about what Jenny said. Then, she turned to her animal friends. “Jenny is right,” she said. “We can help them, and we can do it, but we have to do it together.”

“Do what,” Coozy asked.

Leanna didn’t hear her. “Okay, everybody. Everybody ... umm.” She didn’t know what could be done. Vastina had an idea. She gave a soft trumpet. Leanna smiled at Vastina’s idea. “That’s it! Everybody call!” The Rangers were confused.

Leanna began to roar. Vastina trumpeted as loud as she could. The other Carrins made their natural animal sounds. The Rangers watched Nicodemus. He began to frown. The evil infestation was weakening, despite the Spirit’s attempts to keep it. But the infestation began to leave too late; for the Spices grew tired.

“Cease,” Jenny shouted. As they stopped, most of the Spices were exhausted. Ruth felt faint, fell backwards and was caught by Carlos. The animals’ voices grew hoarse. They stopped constantly to cough.

Nicodemus laughed. The evil infestation was still there, strong and existent.

Suddenly, Tim and Josh appeared out of hiding. They ran a few yards in front of the Spices. “Tim! Josh! No,” Hanim called.

“It’s them,” the Spirit shouted. “It’s the last two boys!” Nicodemus smiled villainously.

“Nicodemus,” Josh called. “We care about you! We used to be like you: we thought that no one cared about us when our parents left us.”

“But we were wrong,” Tim continued. “Now, we want to be your friends, Nicodemus, and to make sure that you’re never alone again. Believe us, Nicodemus, please.” Everyone standing behind the boys were surprised.

Nicodemus was stunned. He listened to the childrens' plea. The evil infestation was leaving again. This time, it only took three words to make infestation’s exile complete. “I ... I believe you!”

“Now, you can’t,” the Spirit objected. “Don’t do it! Stop! They are lying to you. They don’t care. No one cares.”

*So that’s how the Spirit did it,* Andros thought.

Nicodemus frowned at the Spirit. For the first time, he didn’t listen to her. Instead, he began the difficult process to close the book. He succeeded, but he had to put it on the ground in order to keep it closed. Small beams of energy indicated that the Spirit was trying to open up again.

Everyone gasped. If the Spirit would be set free, then this time, all will be lost!

Hanim ran to Nicodemus to help him, shouting, “Josh, the key! The key!”

“I can’t hold it much longer,” Nicodemus exclaimed.

At the moment Josh pulled the key from his pocket, a beam of energy emerged from the keyhole and struck the key. There was a flash of light, and when Josh opened his eyes again, he found that the key was gone!

Ruth was thinking hard on what could be done. Then, she had an idea. She ran next to Josh and cast a spell originated in France.

“Les Bijoux Magique: Création! Une clé!” A ball of energy floated out of her Pendant of Love. The golden yellow color of the energy ball faded, and a key dropped into Josh’s open hands.

Josh walked cautiously to the book and inserted the magical key into the lock. A series of shouts was heard, followed by a loud *click*. The book stopped moving. It remained still, even after Nicodemus and Hanim removed their hands from pressurizing it. They had won, at last!

Nicodemus turned to them and said, “Thank you.” Tim and Josh smiled. Vastina trumpeted in triumph, and Leanna roared in response. The other just cheered.

The Rangers and Spices went to Carrin to bring Leanna and her friends to their home. Whenever either of them would need help, they would turn to the other team for help. The Rangers and Spices decided to move to the Delta Megaship until the Astro Megaship could be completely repaired.

Tim and Josh noticed how Angel Grove was improving to the loving home that it used to be. They assumed that the entire Earth was doing the same as Angel Grove. Nicodemus removed his cape.

“It seems like the Spice Club is saved from destruction again,” said Tim.

“And as long as the Spice Club is with the Rangers, the world and the universe will have warriors to protect it,” Josh added.

“Mr. Fettucini,” Nicodemus realized. He ran to the building, shouting, “I almost forgot! He is still under that sleeping spell that I cast!”

At the moment, Mr. Fettucini had burst through the door. He seemed wide awake and a lot happier than before. “It’s show time,” he exclaimed.

“Mr. Fettucini,” Nicodemus stammered. “I’m sorry.”

But he ignored his apology, because he didn’t remember anything that would ask for one. He said, excitedly, “Nicodemus, I had the most wonderful dream! I dreamed that I changed my mural on that wall, so that’s what I’m going to do! Now, it’ll read ‘Fettucini and Nicodemus!’ So what do you say? Having a part, huh?”

“A part? A part?”

“Oh, all right. ‘Nicodemus and Fettucini.’”

“Oh, thank you so much! You won’t be disappointed, I promise you! You won’t believe it! And I owe it all to the Spice Club, and...”

“To who?!”

“Um, I mean, friends. Friends, Mr. Fettucini. Just friends.”

Fettucini laughed. “Friends! That’s what it’s all about, Nikki, my boy. That’s what it’s all about.”

Nicodemus smiled. Fettucini really does like him, unlike what he used to think. And no matter what happened, he knew that someone will be watching him at all times. And, most important of all, he learned that the best way to make friends is to be a friend, yourself.

Several months later...

Most of the repairs needed for the Astro Megaship was complete. The Rangers and the Spices moved back into it from the Delta Megaship.

Ruth and Hanim were on the bridge, watching the screen. It displayed Nicodemus on the carnival’s stage. This time, he looked more like a magician in his tuxedo than a sorcerer in his cape.

“And now, the Amazing Nicodemus will pull a dove out of his hat.” He casually picked up 5 cards from his hat. With a flick of the wrist, the cards transformed into a dove. The audience applauded.

Nicodemus heard Fettucini cheering for him. Then, he looked at the audience. Tim and Josh were clapping as loud as they could, and they were seen with their new parents.

“Hey, Josh,” Tim whispered. “Aren’t parents great?”

“Yeah,” Josh answered.

Hanim and Ruth decided to turn off the screen. Hanim looked at Ruth. “Ruth, I don’t think you told us what you did with that book when we got back to the carnival.”

Ruth smiled. “The first thing I did was that I removed a treasure chest that I found and kept when I was a little girl. I took the book with me and went to the beach. I placed the book in and filled it with sand. Then, I rented a motorboat and went as far in the Pacific as I was allowed. Then, I threw the locked chest in.”

“What did you do with the key to the book and the key to the chest?”

In answer, she removed a key ring from her pocket. The ring held two keys, one key was the key she created during the crisis. The other looked unfamiliar. “Unless something weird happens to me, we won’t be expecting any more trouble from that Spirit.”

“That was an incredible adventure, wasn’t it?”

“That was the grandest adventure I’ve ever been in.”

“I think that was the grandest adventure the Spice Club has ever been in, thus far.”

“Good thing we finished it in time.”

Thus, the end of that adventure.

The End... for now