Disclaimer: Power Rangers in Space and Lost Galaxy, and all its characters, settings, etc. belong to Saban. The nickname Baby Spice belongs to the Spice Girls. I’m only using it for a different character.

What’s in a Name?
by : Crypt

The beautiful city of Angel Grove......is in need of some major pest control!

There was a praying mantis-like creature terrorizing the innocent citizens. Fortunately, C.C. (also known as Speedy Spice) came running to the rescue. The mantis turned to her and threw some kind of metal belt at her. It wrapped around C.C.’s body, pinning her arms down. She stood there, stunned for a moment. She looked down and noticed that the belt had some kind of ticking detonator on it. She gasped......then her expression turned to anger. She began to gather energy in her palms. After a moment, she let the energy travel up her arms, breaking the belt. C.C. raced towards the monster and began beating the crap out of it. She punched it over and over here and there. She grabbed its wrist and flipped it over onto its back. When the mantis stood back up, C.C. began punching and kicking it again.

“C.C.,” a voice called.

C.C. ignored the voice and continued to beat up the monster.

“C.C.,” the voice called again. “C.C., that’s enough.”

No response from Speedy Spice.


C.C. finally stopped and looked up. The city around her disappeared, and she found herself back on the Simudeck. The voice that had been calling her belonged to Andros.

“I think you got him now; come back inside.”

C.C. walked out of the Simudeck where the Rangers and Spices had been watching through an observation window.

“How was that?” she asked.

“I think you went a little too far.....” Spinal replied.

Kathy stepped out in front of the group. “Wow, C.C., you are hardcore!” she cried. “There was this part where you were caught in this metal thing, but then you broke free and you started punching him and kicking him and smashing him and crushing him......”

“Yeah.....I know.....” C.C. sighed.

“Kathy,” Andros called. “It’s your......turn......”

Kathy was already in the Simudeck before Andros could finish the sentence. “Okay, I’m ready!” she called happily.

“Oh....isn’t she cute?” Carlos asked.

Andros began pressing buttons on the Simudeck terminal.

“Andros, don’t forget to.....” Ashley began.

“Don’t worry, Ashley; I know,” Andros said, cutting her off. “Danger level 9 is way too much for little Kathy.” He set the danger level to 2. “Okay, Kathy, here we go.”

Kathy’s environment turned into that of an ordinary home. The room was rather dark. Kathy looked around nervously. There was a typical door with a “welcome” mat under it. The door opened up and in walked a feeble-looking robot.

“I’m going to get you,” it mumbled in its robotic tone. “I’m going to get you. I’m going to get you.”

It approached Kathy like an old-fashioned zombie. When it was close, Kathy saw that it was even smaller than she was. She gave a look of disappointment.

“Andros!” she called, running over to the observation, although she couldn’t see through it. “You turned it down again! I’m just as tough as the others! Please, turn it up just this once! I’ll show -- YOWWW!!!”

The robot had zapped her in the back with its eye lasers. The house environment disappeared, and now Kathy could see through the window.

“See, Kathy, you’re not ready for the higher levels yet,” Andros told her.

Kathy lowered her head in shame.

“Oh don’t worry,” Andros said. “One day, you will be.”

“It’s not fair.....” Kathy sobbed as she dragged herself out of the Simudeck.

“Hmm......she’s so cute when she’s pouty like that.....” Fulgore whispered.

The Rangers and Spices then went to bed. Hallie and Kathy shared a bedroom on a bunk bed, with Kathy on the top bunk and Hallie on the bottom. Carlos tucked them into bed.

“Now, we’ve had a hard day of training, and we all need our rest,” he said. He turned around and started out of the room.

“Carlos?” Hallie called.

“Yes?” Carlos asked.

“Don’t forget to leave the door open for Kathy.”

“That’s okay, Carlos; I’m not afraid of the dark anymore,” Kathy said.

Carlos chuckled. “It’s nice to see you overcoming your fear.”

“Yeah. Everyone knows that you’re the scardiest,” Hallie said.

“Am not!” Kathy protested.

“Okay, girls, goodnight,” Carlos called as he left the room.

Hallie went straight to sleep. Kathy couldn’t sleep at all. She lay in her bed for a few hours with a disgusted look on her face.

“It’s not fair,” she told herself. “I’m just as mean and strong as the other Spices, but they don’t believe me. There has to be a way.....a way to show them that I can be......hardcore!”

She waited for a little longer, just to be sure that everyone else was asleep. Then she climbed out of her bed and silently crept over to the Simudeck. She walked directly to the danger level control and turned the knob from 2 to 11, the highest danger level available. Then she stood in the center of the Simudeck, awaiting her challenge. The environment changed into a flaming city. Before Kathy could see any other sign of danger, something slammed her into a wall. Kathy recovered quickly and ran back and forth to avoid the many monsters that tried to stomp on her. Before she realized it, she had run right into a monster’s mouth. She struggled, trying to hold its jaws open as she heard voices running through her head.

“You’re not ready for the higher levels yet.”

“Everyone knows that you’re the scardiest.”

“Don’t forget to leave the door open.”

Kathy failed. The monster’s jaws finally shut, trapping her inside its mouth. However, it didn’t last. With a burst of energy, Kathy crashed right through its teeth and punched it in the stomach. Then she gave it a fierce uppercut to the chin, knocking it to the ground. Suddenly, something zapped her from behind.


Kathy spun around to see four other monsters standing behind her. She slowly wiped the blood that trickled from the corner of her mouth. Now she was mad! Kathy screamed with rage as she raced toward the monsters and began beating them up. She used her powers to zap one monster’s tail, then she pulled another monster’s horn off its head, then stabbed it through. Kathy continued punching harder and harder until all the monsters were defeated. She jogged down the street, listening to the monsters’ bodies thudding on the ground behind her. She stopped, clenched her fists, and breathed heavily.

“I am hardcore.....”

The next morning, everyone woke up and went to breakfast. Hanim, C.C., and Kathy were playing cards at the table.

“Kathy, do you have a Jack of Diamonds?” C.C. asked.

“Go fish,” Kathy said flatly.

Hanim and C.C. exchanged confused glances as C.C. picked up a card from the deck.

“Whoo-whee, I feel like I’ve improved,” the Cryptkeeper said. “After training all day yesterday, we are ready for Scorpius’ next attack.”

“Yep,” Jenny agreed. “We sure are.”

“Rangers, Spices.....” Deca began.

“What is it!?” Kathy asked abruptly.

“Psycho Pink is in Angel Grove,” Deca announced.

“I’m on it!!!!” Kathy threw her cards down on the table and dove through the pink jump tube.

Hanim and C.C., confused by Kathy’s sudden change in personality, stared at each other. They grinned, shrugged their shoulders, and returned to their card game.

Kathy arrived in Angel Grove, looking for her challenger. She looked around, but everything seemed to be peaceful. What was going on? Where is Psycho Pink? It didn’t take long for Kathy to find the answer.

Psycho Pink snuck up on Kathy and poked her on the back.

“Can’t catch me!” she taunted the little girl. She turned and ran away. Kathy followed.

Psycho Pink ran into an alley. “What’s the matter? Am I too fast for cute little Baby Spice?”

Kathy has had it. She increased her speed and dove at Psycho Pink, tackling her to the ground. Kathy stood over her in triumph.

“Ha! I got you! You’re out, kaput, finished! You were taken down by ‘cute little BABY SPICE!!!!” the little girl screamed.

“Sheesh. Don’t have a cow, baby.” Psycho Pink vanished.

“Hey! Come back and fight, you coward!!!” Kathy shrieked.

At that moment, Andros and T.J. morphed to the scene.

“Kathy, have you lost your mind!?” T.J. cried.

“This isn’t the Kathy we know,” Andros added.

“The Kathy you know is gone!” Kathy declared. “I’m hardcore now!”

“You’re going overboard,” T.J. said.

“That’s not the Spice way,” Andros said.

“Forget the Spice way! I’m doing it MY way! I can handle Angel Grove all by myself!”

“What!?” T.J. cried. “But we’re a team!”

“We look out for each other,” Andros said.

“I don’t mean to burst your bubble, boys, but from now on, I fly solo!” Kathy ran right past them and was out of sight. The two Rangers were shocked.

In the events that followed, Kathy was punishing innocent people for even the littlest crimes. She beat up a slow-poke driver, she beat up a guy who walked in forbidden grass, she beat up another guy who littered, and she trashed a car that was parked in a No-Parking zone.

Nightfall approached. Kathy still hadn’t returned to the Megaship. Instead, she stood on top of a skyscraper, looking over the sleepy space colony. Her face was pure ice, but the fire flashed in her eyes. Something snuck up behind her. Kathy spun around to see Ecliptor, but it was too late. Both were gone in a flash of lightning and thunder.

Later on, Fulgore and Spinal went to Angel Grove to find Kathy.

“Kathy!” they called.

“Oh, where could she be?” Spinal asked.

“Let’s keep looking,” Fulgore said.

“Oh, I hope she’s okay.......”

Ecliptor had taken Kathy to the Dark Fortress and strapped her to a platform similar to the one Scorpius had strapped Jenny to. Ecliptor had some sort of giant laser weapon aimed at her. Kathy struggled violently, but to no avail.

Ecliptor laughed. “Now that I have you, my sweet little Baby Spice, nothing will stop us in our plan to conquer the Lost Galaxy!”

“What plan?” Kathy growled.

“I’ll tell you. My plan to zap you with my laser, causing you to cry out -- just wike a wittle baby -- which, in turn, will cause your friends to run to your rescue, for which I am well-prepared as you can see.”

Ecliptor had laid all sorts of traps around the Fortress.

“That’s the dumbest plan I’ve ever heard!” Kathy shouted. “And I’M NOT A BABY!!!!”

“We’ll see about that.”

Ecliptor fired the green laser at Kathy. The little girl tried hard to keep her screams in.

“I’m.....not.....gonna......cry, you dumb......doodoo brain!” she cried.

“Doodoo brain? That’s it!” Ecliptor shouted. “I’ve had it with your sassy mouth! I didn’t want to do this.....well......actually, I did.”

He turned the knob on the laser weapon from 2 to 11. Kathy squealed, still trying to keep her screams in.

“Yes! Yes! That’s it!” Ecliptor shouted.

Finally, Kathy did scream. Not in pain, but from rage.

“RRRRRAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!” She broke free from the straps and attacked Ecliptor, beating him up the same way she’d beaten the monsters in the Simudeck. She used a variety of punches, kicks, and other powers. With a final blow, she sent Ecliptor flying into the air, then stood triumphantly. Ecliptor crashed abruptly on the floor, where he lay motionless.

Fulgore and Spinal burst into the Dark Fortress. “Kathy!”

“What!?” Kathy snapped.

“We heard you screa---whoa....” Fulgore began. “Kathy, I can’t believe you defeated Ecliptor all by yourself! You really whooped him!”

“Look!” Spinal cried, pointing to the laser weapon. “She took the laser all the way to 11!”


The two Spices approached Kathy.

“Wow, Kathy, we really underestimated you,” Fulgore said.

“And you know what?” Spinal asked.

“What!?” Kathy snapped again.

“You’re hardcore!” Fulgore and Spinal said in unison.

“Me? Aww.....” Kathy giggled. She was instantly back to her old, sweet self again. “Guys, I’m sorry about the way I acted. Ecliptor never would’ve gotten me if I had you guys with me.”

“Team?” Fulgore asked.

“Team.” The Spices joined hands.

Ecliptor woke up. He stood up slowly and fired his eye lasers at the three Spices. They all screamed and fell to the floor. Kathy stood up and turned to face Ecliptor. She attacked him again.

“How dare you attack me and my friends!!” she screamed, punching his face over and over. “Take that, and that, and that, and that!!!”

So Kathy may be cute when she throws a fit of rage. But just because she called Baby Spice doesn’t mean that she’s a baby. Even a little girl can be a devastating warrior.....

The End