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Timeline: About a week after Zack’s big date.

Doomsday Comes a Calling
By Lucas Harrell

“Man, this feels great,” Zack said, “We’re back in action, and I even have a girlfriend.”

“Back in action, yes,” Kim said, “But we haven’t seen any action since before we got our rings back.”

“Yeah, makes you wonder what Rita’s cooking up next,” Tommy said.

“Ah, we can take the old witch any day,” Zack said.

“We’ve been lucky so far, Zack,” Jason said, “Our luck can run out at any moment, you know that.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Zack said, “And I say you guys need to loosen up some, and look on the bright side. I’m going to get something to drink. Anybody want anything?” The others all shook their heads, and he danced his way to the bar.

“Boy, since he’s started dating Angela, his mood has sure been looking up,” Trini said.

“Affirmative,” Billy said, “Tactile contact with a member of the opposite sex tends to have that affect on people.”

Before the others could ask her, Trini was quick to translate. “He said that kissing a girl does that to a guy,” she said, grinning.

“Affirmative,” Billy said.

“The Rangers think they have it so easy,” Rita said, “I’ll show them. Finster, make me a monster that will... What’s that?” A huge, asteroid looking object passed between her Repulsascope and Earth. She took a better view. Inside, was a fierce looking creature with sharp looking bone protrusions.

“Then again, belay that order,” Rita said, “I think I’ll use that creature.” She pointed her wand at the asteroid and ripped loose with a blast. It shattered the asteroid and teleported the creature to Earth.

Once there, the creature started going on a rampage. The Justice League tried to stop it, but were easily beaten by the creature.

“This just in,” a reporter said, cutting in on a television broadcast. “Some new monster is tearing apart downtown Angel Grove. The Justice League of America was dispatched to stop it, but couldn’t even dent the massive creature. I think Booster Gold was quoted, calling the creature Doomsday. Where are the Lantern Rangers when you need them?”

As if to answer the question, Jason and the others were quickly making their way outside to morph. “Let’s do it, guys,” Jason said, “IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME. Tyrannosaurus.”


“Saber-tooth Tiger.”



Tommy ignited the spark within him, calling upon his internalized Green Lantern Ranger energy.

The six was quick to morph, then teleported to the site of the battle field. What they saw there was the creature, tearing apart their beautiful city.

“Oh, man,” Zack said, “Let’s do it.” With that, he called upon his super speed boots, moving at the creature at hypersonic speeds. He threw a sonic boom at it first. It seemed to hurt the creature some. Zack then used the speed to try to wear down the creature.

All of a sudden, it caught his hand and threw it away, saying, “Bah.”

“Zack,” Jason cried, jumping at the creature with his sword. It hurt it some, but it was quick to bat Jason away.

Billy and Trini were next, trying their individual weapons and skills. They stayed in a while, but were eventually batted away as well.

“Ready, beautiful?” Tommy asked.

“Whenever you are, handsome,” Kim said. They then brought their weapons together and ripped loose with a blast. The creature took it, seemed to absorb it, then let loose with a blast of its own. It knocked the two way back.

“This thing’s tough,” Jason said.

“No kidding, bro,” Zack said, “It took out the entire Justice League. Now what do we do?”

All of a sudden, a strange cry split the air. A Ranger in a special, fiercely metallic suit of armor jumped out of nowhere, hitting the creature. “So you’re Doomsday, huh?” the person asked, “Frankly, I’m not impressed. Let’s go.” From the sound of their voice, whoever it was a girl.

With that, the Ranger threw herself at Doomsday, pounding away at it. Doomsday fought back, but the Ranger didn’t seem to be fazed, and the special armor she had on easily took the blows without even a scratch.

“Is that the best you can do, Doomsday?” she taunted. She then did a wind up, and knocked Doomsday clear through a building with one punch.

“Whoever you are, stop,” Jason called out. The female Ranger stopped in her tracks. “You’re tearing up the city.”

“I know, and I’m sorry,” she said, “But I have to stop Doomsday, no matter what. It’s my job. I’ll try to lure him out of the city, but I can’t promise anything.” With that, she amazingly took to the air. The Rangers found ways to follow her, and found “Doomsday” still reeling from the blow she had landed on it.

When the woman Ranger spotted Doomsday, she let out a high pitched screech that made the Rangers cover their ears. Then, she plunged into Doomsday, giving it a double whammy punch that knocked it clear out of the city. Then, she took to the air again.

“Let’s follow her,” Jason said, “And prepare yourselves. If we don’t help whoever that was take down Doomsday, then it’ll be curtains for the world.”

Nodding, the other Rangers quickly set on the other Ranger’s heels. She was duking it out with Doomsday. She appeared to be tiring.

“Billy, Trini,” Jason called, “Let’s pull out our secret weapon.” They pooled their energies into one being, who looked remarkably like Superman. The energy being then stepped into the fight, helping the new Ranger fight Doomsday.

Billy, Jason, and Trini were concentrating, so Tommy, Kim, and Zack got ready to join the fight themselves. Zack was quick to recall his super speed gear and started for the two warring factions.

“I think I’ll need some help,” Kim said. With that, she made two bracelets on her arms. “These will amplify my personal strength and endurance. Awesome.” With that, she started for the battlefield.

Tommy concentrated, but didn’t feel enough of the power to give him anything special. An idea struck him just then. He pulled the dragon dagger from the ether and blew six notes. The DragonZord came from the sea and stomped its way onto the battlefield. He then blew the same notes, and missiles flew from the Dragonzord’s hands, striking Doomsday.

The new Ranger was very adept at dodging both Doomsday and the Rangers individual tries to take Doomsday down. She was all over the place. One minute, she was on Doomsday’s back, pounding away at the back of its head. The next, she was using spells of some kind from a small distance.

Jason liked to think that they were wearing Doomsday down, but every time one would knock Doomsday down, the creature would just get right back up.

The new lady Ranger kept at it, though. She kept pounding and pounding away at Doomsday.

And then, the impossible happened; Doomsday finally fell and didn’t get up. The Rangers all let out a huge cheer, glad for it to finally be over.

Jason approached the new lady Ranger. “Who are you?” he asked.

The Ranger had her back to him, then turned to face him. She popped the straps on her helmet and slowly pulled it off, to reveal a stunningly beautiful teenage girl. She had odd points on her ears, and her hair had a strange mostly brown, with a few streaks of blond color to it.

“I am Feril Grimwulf,” she said,” Known in my reality as the Spider Exo Ranger. I was sent here by an entity named Waverider, to stop Doomsday.” All of a sudden, Doomsday’s body disappeared. “Waverider’s sending it to a place that, if Doomsday does come back to life, he will not harm anyone or anything ever again.”

“Good,” Tommy said, “I’m Tommy Jordan. This is my girlfriend, Kimberly Ferris. The guy in red is my friend, Jason Alan Scott. The guy in black is Zack Troy. The girl in yellow is Trini Sur. And the guy in blue is Billy Cranston.”

“It’s good to meet all of you,” Feril said, “But now, I must take my leave of you. I hope to see you again.” With that, she disappeared.

The Lantern Rangers teleported back to the Youth Center, demorphed, and headed inside.

“Man, that had to be the toughest monster to date,” Zack said. The others quickly agreed.

“Does anybody else have the strange feeling that, if Feril hadn’t shown up, we couldn’t have beaten Doomsday?” Kim asked.

“We would have found a way,” Trini said, “We can’t think like that.”

“Affirmative,” Billy said.

“Trini’s right,” Tommy said.

The Rangers put their hands in the circle they made around the table. They held there for a moment, then dropped their hands. They then went their separate ways home.

The End... for now