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Timeline: A few days after Return to power.”

Zack's Big Date
By Lucas Harrell

“Hi, Angela,” Zack said.

“Oh hi, Zack,” Angela said. Though Zack had always wanted to ask her out, he had never worked up the nerve, and they stayed as they were, good friends. “How’s it going?”

“Pretty good,” Zack said, “You want anything? My treat.” They were sitting down at the bar in the Youth Center.

“Sure,” Angela said, “I’ll have a strawberry smoothie. And thanks.”

“It’s no problem,” Zack said. He gave Ernie their order for two strawberry smoothies. “Um, Angela?”


“Would you like to, I don’t know, go to dinner with me a little later?”

Angela was visibly surprised. While she had always hoped that he would ask her out, she had almost gave up hope on his doing so. “I’d love to,” she said. Then her face fell. “But I’m afraid my parents wouldn’t trust us enough if it was just the two of us.”

“How about I ask Kim and Tommy to double date? I bet they’d be willing to,” Zack said, “That should satisfy your parents, right?”

“It should,” Angela agreed, “How about asking Billy and Trini, too? You know, to be on the safe side with a triple date.”

“Sounds cool,” Zack said, “I’ll run it by the guys, and... Oh, man.” Bulk and Skull came in, wearing stupid looking cupid wanna be outfits. “What are you guys doing here?”

“We’re looking for Kim,” Bulk said, “We’re working at the local singing telegram place, and you know who sent her one, since it’s Valentine’s Day.”

“Well, she’s not around here, boys,” Angela said, “Though, when you find her, can you tell her that Zack and I are looking for her and Tommy?”

“Sure thing, Angela,” Bulk said, “Come on, Skull.”

“You have to give them one thing,” Angela said, “They might be pretty idiotic, but I’ll bet they give that message to Kim before either of us can talk to her.” Zack hated to admit it, but Angela was right. Bulk and Skull had a weird, round about way of doing things that were asked of them politely.

“You have to feel sorry for Kim, though,” Zack said, “Imagine those two belching out a Valentine theme song.” That got them both shuddering.

Tommy was watching Kim go through some gymnastics routines in the school’s gym, where she went when the Youth Center was a little too crowded. When she did one of her famous dismounts, he applauded loudly.

“Thanks, sweetie,” Kim said. Then, Bulk and Skull came walking up. When he saw the outfits they had on, Tommy groaned.

‘Oh, man,’ he thought, ‘They couldn’t have sent those two.’ As Kim was heading towards the showers, Tommy grabbed the two and took them aside.

“I’ve got a feeling why you’re here,” Tommy said, “The telegram place sent you, right?” They both nodded. “Look, no offense or anything, but how about I just pay you and give the flower you have to Kim myself? You can tell them that you went through with your job, and they wouldn’t know the difference.”

“All right,” Skull said, “And none taken. Here you go.” He handed Tommy a small box. Tommy took some money out of his wallet and gave it to them.

“Keep the change,” he said, “A tip, for agreeing to skip the singing part. Not much, but it’s better than nothing.

“Thanks, man,” Bulk said, putting the money in a small envelope he had. “Oh, one more thing. Angela asked us to tell you and Kim that her and Zack want to talk to you at the Youth Center.”

“Thanks, Bulk,” Tommy said. Bulk and Skull left. Kim came out a few minutes later. Tommy handed her the small box. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Kim.”

Kim opened the box, and found a single white rose, her favorite. “Oh, thank you, Tommy,” she said, throwing her arms around his neck and hugging him. “It’s beautiful.”

“A beautiful flower, for a beautiful lady,” Tommy said, “Zack and Angela wants to meet us in the Youth Center. Are you done here?” Kim nodded, and the two left the gym.

When Tommy and Kim got to the Youth Center, they found Billy and Trini waiting for them along with Zack and Angela, who ran the idea by the other two couples. They all agreed to meet at a restaurant downtown. The guys were going to split the bill for the six of them and brought plenty of money apiece with them.

Tommy was decked out in a green tinted dress shirt and pants, along with a tie. Kim had a beautiful spaghetti strap pink floral dress on. Billy had on a blue tinted dress shirt, some dress pants, and a tie too. Trini had on a conservative yet form hugging yellow dress. Zack had on a full blown tuxedo, which he had borrowed from a cousin of his, who hadn’t worn it since his senior prom. Angela had a black ankle length dress on.

“Wow, Zack,” Angela said, “You look very handsome.”

“Thanks, Angela,” Zack said, “You look beautiful.”

“Why, thank you,” Angela said.

“Come on, guys,” Kim said, “Let’s eat.” They opened their menus, to find it was all written in Frence. “Well, it is a French restaurant.”

“Excuse me,” Zack said, to their waiter, who was passing by. “Do you have English menus?”

“Oh geez, I’m sorry,” the waiter said, “I’ve had a busy day, so don’t me. Here you go.” He handed them all new menus, which had the food translated.

“Thanks,” Zack said.

“Drinks?” the waiter inquired.

“Coke,” came the nearly unanimous answer.

“I’ll just have a glass of water,” Kim said.

“I’ll be right back with your drinks,” the waiter said. He left and the gang looked at their menus.

“The amounts on these items far exceeds my individual amount of money,” Billy said.


“He said that the cost of the food items are more than he can get alone,” Trini said, with a smile.

“Affirmative,” Billy said.

“Well, don’t worry, Billy,” Tommy said, “We’re splitting the bill, remember?”

“Maybe your bad memory’s rubbing off on him,” Kim teased. She ducked the playful swipe Tommy made at her.

When the waiter returned, they made their order.

“This was so nice of you guys to do,” Trini said.

“Yeah, I’ve been, like dying to come here ever since it opened,” Kim said.

“Hey, it was our pleasure,” Zack said, “Right guys?”

“Affirmative,” Billy said.

“Yep,” Tommy replied.

They had to wait a while, because like their waiter said it was busy. When their food, they ate quickly because it was almost the time for all of them to get home.

When Zack, Billy, and Tommy went to pay the bill, they were amazed at the large bill.

“Good night, Tommy, Kim, Billy, Trini,” Zack called after them. Tommy was going to drop Kim off at her house. ‘And probably stay the night, judging from the glances they kept giving each other,’ Zack thought. Billy and Trini were going to walk home, since they both lived not too far from the restaurant.

Their friends waved goodbye. Zack hopped into the car he had borrowed from his mom, who was very reluctant.

“This night has been fantastic, Zack,” Angela said, as they went down the road, “We should do it again sometime.”

“I’d like that,” Zack said. When they got to Angela’s house, Zack walked her up to the door. “I guess I’ll see you in school tomorrow.”

“See you then,” Angela said.

Zack wanted to give her a good night kiss, but was very hesitant. “Oh, come here, you,” Angela said, playfully tugging him into a gentle kiss. “Good night.” Her voice was soft and silky.

“G-good night,” Zack stuttered, when he finally found his voice. Angela went inside, and Zack went home. He flopped down on his bed and fell asleep, floating on cloud nine.

The End... for now